Monarca (2019) s02e02 Episode Script


Time to go.
No, no, wait.
Mom, I don't think I can do it.
- You're just making it worse.
- Just for once listen to what I'm saying.
- Mom, I can't
- You can! Get a hold of yourself, damn it!
We're getting out. We're getting out.
- You have to take responsibility, son.
- Dad, I don't think I can.
You have to do your part,
and we're going to do ours.
Nothing's going to happen to you.
Breathe. Look at me. That's right.
You're gonna be okay. Trust me.
Just breathe. Now let's go.
The minor Pablo Carranza
is appearing voluntarily
to answer the charge of sexual assault
against the minor Sara Sánchez Mondragón…
Don't touch her, dude!
…and in response to the arrest order
issued against him by this office.
Mr. Carranza, your son.
Mr. Carranza, please…
We'd love
to get a comment from you.
Fucking Ana María.
She's only here to get her face on camera.
- She's here for Pablo.
- Oh, please.
It's because of her he's in prison.
- How'd they find out?
- The cops must have told them.
Let's hope that's what it was.
That's a lot of press.
It looks like everyone I called showed up.
It's working.
That's great.
- Mom, what are you doing?
- Just burning old photos of your uncle.
- Stop that!
- Hey!
Mom, come on, sit down.
Remember what the doctor told you.
- What?
- Not to stress out.
Look, I'm fine.
And don't talk about doctors.
The doctors are the ones stressing me out.
- What are these photos?
- They're nothing.
Just old photos I'm getting rid of.
Are there any of Alberto Vela?
Who's that?
Alberto? Hmm.
Don't remember any Alberto.
When you were up on the roof,
you said his name.
Oh, well, dear Lord.
I don't think I really knew
what I was saying on the roof.
Was he the one killed by Papa?
What on earth's gotten into you?
- Your father didn't kill anyone.
- No?
- Of course not.
- I was there. Don't act like I wasn't.
You're being ridiculous.
Why can't you forget about that?
- How can I let it go?
- Besides, it never even happened.
You're telling me how I should
avoid stress, you bring up this nonsense?
You want these photos of your uncle?
Take them.
Do whatever you want with them,
but leave me alone.
I don't want to see anyone.
Morning, partner. Did I wake you?
We good?
We're good.
I'm happy with the trucks.
That Monarca logo is working fine.
Ah, good.
But I was thinking about the future
of our partnership.
And I'd like to launder some money
through your hotels.
No, no hotels.
Don't give me that shit, Carranza.
I'll send you the first
million dollars tomorrow. Got it?
No, no, no, the hotels are off-limits.
Are you sure about that?
I'm sure.
Let me explain something to you
Watch it,
you little punk-ass piece of shit.
Bitch, why don't you try fingering me?
Here, this is all yours.
Living room there.
Refrigerator, microwave, television.
We'll keep an eye on you when we can,
and Cruz here will be watching your back.
Okay, good luck.
I still think I should go and get him.
Ignacio, you're acting like we left him
in Afghanistan.
He's fine where he is in Monterrey.
- He should be here with us.
- This is no place for Nicolás.
This is the house
where they killed my father.
I have too much on my mind right now.
Wouldn't it be good
for him to meet his cousins?
- The rapist, the drug addict?
- Yeah, one of them.
It's no joke, Ignacio.
I don't want him having anything
to do with them or your ex.
- That was more than 25 years ago.
- Tell her that.
I saw her looking at you at the funeral.
Good God.
This mess we're in,
it's gonna take a while,
so I want Nico here with the two of us.
- Why even ask me that?
- Hey.
- Ana, what are you doing here?
- Hi.
- Is Sofía here?
- Yeah, she is.
Mom sent this for her.
She wants her to have it.
I don't think she really wants
to see you right now.
Not after
the disagreements over the shares.
You give it to her then.
No, I'd rather she didn't even know
that we spoke.
The deal we offered Agustín wasn't bad.
A lot of things happened
that you guys don't know about, Ignacio.
What things?
No, I don't have to tell you.
I'll give it to her, from your mother.
What would your goal be
as financial adviser to Monarca?
Implementing a strategic plan
that would restore Monarca
to the position it formerly enjoyed.
Strong financial management
is the key to everything.
Weak finances, no progress.
What do you see
as your two finest qualities?
- Enthusiasm.
- And great perseverance.
Any weakness?
I get nervous at interviews.
Oh, fuck me.
What did you think of Fausto Carranza?
Your father could part the sea,
as far as I'm concerned.
So, VP of mergers and acquisitions
at Goldman Sachs.
You were a consultant
in New York, Hong Kong.
- So who left who?
- Oh, I'm still with them.
But a headhunter I know thought Monarca
might be an interesting challenge for me.
So, tell me, Andrés,
what's your vision for the company?
I was interviewing you.
Don't take this wrong,
but I wasn't a huge fan
of your dad as far as business goes.
He was a legend, of course,
but his methods were a little out of date.
I see.
But when I heard that
you were the new president of Monarca,
- that peaked my interest.
- Let me stop you right there, okay?
That chair you're sitting on,
in fact, this entire building here,
is my father's legacy.
If you thought you could come in here
and play me, suck up to me
and bad-mouth my family,
if you thought that would work,
then you guessed wrong.
So tell me why you're here
and lose the bullshit this time.
Let's start again.
The fun has gone completely out
of the financial markets.
You're not impacting anything
that really matters, just reacting.
I need to be somewhere that's alive,
where there's vision and risk,
where my being there
might make a difference.
I'm offering you celebrities and all
the tequila you'll need for your event.
So what more could you possibly want?
Well, Bruno, I'm sorry,
but if that's the case,
I'll just have to call up Filippo
at Arte Careyes
and tell him
that you didn't seem interested.
That'll be perfect. Absolutely.
I will have it sent over today.
Very wise decision. Bye now.
- Yes, but on the other hand
- Well, guess who got us Fashion Week.
Ximena, this is Jonás Peralta,
the new financial adviser to Monarca.
A pleasure.
Andrés was just singing your praises.
A lot of people don't realize it,
but for any company to really flourish,
it is critical that the financial side
and marketing side work
in perfect sync.
I agree completely.
- Can I have a word with you, Andrés?
- Of course.
Jonás, let me show you out.
- Till we meet again.
- Good to meet you.
- Soon, I hope.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Welcome aboard.
Thank you.
He looks like a model.
I wonder if people
will take him seriously.
Are you sure he's the best choice?
You considered all the other options,
the other candidates?
So do I answer to you?
No, sweetheart, of course you don't.
But I don't want any trouble, Andrés.
And this one smells like trouble to me.
Ximena, congratulations
on getting Fashion Week.
You know what you're doing.
Publishing this book will have
consequences for my family,
and you know that.
I don't need any more excuses, Martin.
Just send me the manuscript
or the deal is off.
All right, okay,
I'll send it over tonight.
- Go, get him! Go!
- Shit!
- Out, get out.
- Okay, okay!
Who you working for, huh? CIA, DEA?
I'm a teacher. I'm writing a book.
A novel about tequila.
Look at me. Look at me!
Novel, my ass.
We know what you're looking for.
Did you think we wouldn't find out?
Who else has seen what you have?
My editor.
In California.
Your family?
My family is in the United States.
They don't know anything about it.
I'm begging you.
Let me go.
It's going to cost the company $5 million
to replant that land.
- We don't have it, Ana María.
- Then we'll have to find it, Fermín.
Agave can take six or even seven years
to get to where we want it.
The only hope we have
of seeing a profit at this time is
to cultivate that land.
We can't just keep all our workers
on pause indefinitely.
We have to show them that we're trying
Ooh, bravo! What a wonderful speech!
So motivational.
Well, I'm here to help cheer everyone up
with what I think
is some truly exciting news.
Do you mind if I finish my meeting,
then we talk?
Ana dear, this is coming directly
from the office of the president.
- Want me to tell him you don't have time?
- No, no, go ahead.
Thank you. Ame.
Presenting a bold new image
for Herederos Tequila.
It killed in our focus groups.
Ximena, what we should worry about
right now is the planting of our fields,
not the logo for our tequila.
Well, you see this logo
is our way of saying we're
a company looking forward to the future,
- not back at our troubled past.
- Hmm.
And I've arranged for Herederos
to be the official sponsor
of the kissing room at Fashion Week.
Don't ask me how.
And just how does that benefit us?
It's called branding,
and that is everything in this world.
What I'm here to do is repair our image,
which is really not the best right now,
you have to admit.
Thus, getting us more clients,
which, by the way, is something
that will directly benefit the distillery.
So there you go.
Now what I need is for your team to
make sure the bottles have the new labels
for Fashion Week.
And what I need is
for your team to handle that
because we really don't have time
for it right now.
Well, sorry.
If you don't like it, then talk to Andrés.
Thanks for your time. Goodbye.
Let's go.
Start digging.
I said start digging!
Start digging.
Get going.
- Ooh, cake's ready.
- Ooh!
- Okay, watch out, watch out!
- Smells burnt.
Now this, ready, is the tricky part. Whoo!
Hey! Hey, come back with that!
Oh! Ahh!
Come on.
Turn around. Turn around!
What the fuck you looking at?
Hi, this is Martin.
I'm not in right now,
but please leave your name and number
and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Have a great day.
We should talk.
Call me when you can.
My mom and I went
to a Pilar Ortega event.
- It was interesting.
- You really went to see that communist?
Communist, Mother, really?
Ma, she may be a populist
and a radical, but
- Oh, she's a populist.
- Well, she is.
And a radical. Her policies couldn't be
more different from Laborde's.
Oh, please.
He is strongly in favor
of protecting individual rights.
- What's wrong?
- I think Pilar's very brave.
She's very ambitious.
More ambitious than brave.
And what's your opinion, Mr. President?
Let's hear it.
As president?
Monarca is a family company,
nonpartisan and free
of any political associations whatsoever.
No! Come on!
This country is getting worse.
Pilar says this country belongs
to the people.
So did Hitler. Watch out.
Rodrigo, what are you laughing at?
You don't know anything about politics.
The poor are poor
because they just don't work.
Come on, that is absolutely ridiculous.
Let's hear you talk like that
when your father comes back.
- What was that?
- This country just keeps getting worse.
It's because the poor are running it,
and they wanna work less and less.
We'd better do something about it.
- Ximena, will you…
- Yeah.
The poor are running
everything and doing whatever they want.
That's why we're going backwards.
That's what's happening.
Come on.
It's as simple as that.
They don't wanna work.
They expect the government
to give them everything,
- and
- You all right?
Lou, come on.
- How is she?
- She's laying down.
"Let's hear you when your father
gets back." What was that all about?
She's just stressed out.
We should get her to the hospital.
- Right, I'll take her.
- No need, we went.
She had a complete physical
a few days ago. They found nothing.
At least nothing abnormal.
Her blood pressure was up a little bit,
so they put her on a new medication.
Said she should avoid stress.
- They check everything?
- Of course.
- MRI?
- Yes, an MRI.
- Her blood, heart?
- Her blood. All of it.
There's nothing.
They found nothing wrong with her.
Our cousin's the one
we should be worried about.
Sofía's just doing what you'd expect.
She's negotiating for more money.
No, she's not.
Of course she is.
Just leave her to me.
Thank you for seeing me.
- Sure, but I don't have much time.
- Well, that makes two of us then.
My father said you have evidence
that could help me take down my cousins.
- I don't know what you're referring to.
- He mentioned something about a blouse.
A small payback
for all that my father did for you.
Look, Sofía, at the moment,
your plans
and my plans are not quite the same.
Tell me.
How did they get to you?
What did they offer you?
I'm sorry. I can't help you.
But you know how much I cared
for your father, so be patient.
Because when I get to where I need to go,
and I will get there, then we can talk.
Now I have to take this.
I don't need Laborde.
I'll just have to find some other way.
Let's go.
What happened?
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm just a little shaken, but I'm okay.
What happened?
I was kidnapped.
You're gonna stop digging around
in other people's business, asshole.
Or else we're gonna tie your wife
and kids to the back of a truck,
drag 'em 'round till their skin starts
to fall off. You got it?
- You have to go to the police.
- No.
We don't know who did this or why.
We're leaving for LA tomorrow, okay?
We're not safe here.
Why would we be in danger?
- 'Cause of Monarca, that's why.
- No, that's not why.
I think you should tell them.
About your book.
- Now is not the time, Ana.
- It's the perfect time.
I'm not discussing this right now.
I'll you tell them if you won't.
The book I'm writing is, um…
…it's about corruption in Mexico.
Drug cartels.
Crooked politicians.
And the Carranza family.
Your mother warned me how dangerous
this would be if I researched it, but…
I didn't listen, and…
I put you in danger, and I'm sorry.
You were writing about our family?
- You knew about this, Mom?
- Yes, he told me just a few days ago.
I'm not writing the book anymore.
I'm done.
How could you write
a book about our family?
- No, listen, I never meant
- What's wrong with you?
- I never meant to hurt you.
- We are the Carranzas.
I never meant to hurt you.
Go on.
No, you're not gonna beat me
into this, okay?
Let's go upstairs.
They're coming back to LA with me,
and that's final.
Mexico isn't the danger, Martin.
The danger is you!
No, not anymore, all right?
I told them I wouldn't publish anything.
- You're missing the point.
- No, I'm not.
- You're missing the point!
- I'm not! I can go back to teaching!
- Oh, teaching?
- Not everything's about money!
Of course not!
It's about your fucking betrayal.
You know what? As a parent, I have rights.
Which you lost
when you sold out my family.
That has nothing to do
with what's going on here.
- Oh, no?
- No!
I want a divorce.
Your father's a good person.
But he made a mistake.
He let his ambition get the best of him,
and he wanted
to publish that book so badly
that he didn't check his sources.
Our family has a lot of enemies.
You know that.
And those people
would say anything to hurt us.
But besides that,
our relationship just stopped working.
It doesn't mean that
we don't still love each other.
We'll still take care of each other.
We'll keep loving each other.
We'll never stop being a family.
How's my baby boy? Mmm.
Here. Come, sit.
How are you doing?
- Is there anything you need?
- No, I'm good.
No one's bothering you in here, right?
- No, there's always someone with me.
- Ah, good.
I've been thinking about Sara
and what happened.
Don't do that. What good does that do?
Why not think about what you'll do
when you get out of this place?
- I worry about her.
- No, no, no. Here, look…
Look, I took a few photos of your room
in the new house.
Look. Isn't it amazing?
Don't you love it? Go on, keep going.
You like the color?
I thought I told you to be careful.
Why did you beat him up?
You told me to make it look real.
Well, you made it too fucking real.
In the bag, you'll find
a flash drive with everything on it.
In 1986,
a hardworking landowner
by the name of Alberto Vela began
to sell agave to Fausto Carranza.
Ten years later, that man's body
was found rotting in a ditch.
A few days after that,
a contract mysteriously turned up
stating that a week before
Alberto Vela had sold all his land,
along with all his agave,
to none other than Fausto Carranza.
Alberto's death
rocked the Carranza household
from the top down.
Cecilia Carranza disappeared
from public life for almost a year.
And her only daughter, Ana María Carranza,
ran away to live in the United States.
Many questions arose
in the aftermath of Alberto Vela's murder.
Why would he sell everything he owned
to the Carranza family?
Why did Ana María run away from home
the very day the body was found?
And why was there never
an inquiry into his death?
Well, yes, indeed, I'm very grateful
to be here as part of Fashion Week.
And I'm very grateful to my wife as well
for creating a brand-new logo for Monarca.
I need water ♪
We need water ♪
I need something just
To wash us down with… ♪
I don't believe it.
Millennials don't know
what it means to work.
So true.
- I'm through with him. I've had it.
- No, no, forget it.
Don't worry, he's fired.
But a lot of the press are here anyway.
We got all the coverage we could want.
- Honey, gotta be more active online.
- Really.
- We should be live-streaming.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- I'm Rodrigo Carranza.
- You're a model?
- Ro!
- Yep.
- Excuse me.
I want you to take this phone
and cover the event for Monarca.
You think
that's something you can do for me?
It's not like filming
your school talent show, you know.
- Can you do it or not?
- Look, I'm 18 and ready to work.
Gimme a chance.
One, two, three, four… ♪
We are the innovators.
The creators of life, of moments.
Our goal,
to make the world a better place.
Our gift,
the nectar of kings, of heritage.
Viva Mexico. Viva Monarca.
Viva Herederos Tequila.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Andrés Carranza,
president of the Monarca group.
Ximena, can I get a shot?
Hello there.
This whole thing is just spectacular.
I agree.
Now I see how Andrés got to where he's at.
Keep it up, Jonás.
Hi, so glad you could make it.
You don't wear the same perfume anymore?
- No, I don't.
- Prado.
- You remember what perfume I wore?
- Some things you don't forget.
Look, I'm sorry for the way I behaved
at Agustín's house.
It was weird. It was out of place.
- Sorry.
- No worries.
I never thought that
we'd end up on different sides.
What did you think?
Your wife?
She's around.
And your husband?
- Around.
- Hmm.
We are getting a divorce.
- What?
- What?
You're glad, aren't you?
- No.
- No? Really?
- Come on. Then why are you laughing, huh?
- I'm really not. I'm not.
- If you say so.
- I mean, he's a scary guy, but…
I'm gonna go look for a drink.
Frida, if you could just grab that bottle
in the center.
And, Luz, can you just give me a little
more profile if you wouldn't mind?
Sorry, ladies,
I have to steal him away for a moment.
Just one more. That's it. Thanks, girls.
Good job, Ro.
You are doing really well.
Really? You mean it?
Yeah, of course I mean it.
I've been watching you.
Well, I'm trying.
What do you mean "trying"?
You know I came here to ride horses.
Ever since that thing with Atila,
I don't really know
my place in the family…
or where I belong.
Uh, talk to Ximena. You can work with her.
- At Monarca? For real?
- Mm-hmm.
You're a Carranza.
You're part of the family, right?
You remember that nephew of Fermín's?
The one you convinced to drink
a shot of tequila through his eyeball?
Who could forget?
I heard he's blind in that eye.
He would have died for you,
the poor romantic.
Never liked the poor or romantics.
Well, we got a lot in common.
Yeah, in your dreams we do.
You were always like that,
thinking you were better than everyone.
I'm that transparent, really?
Okay, why don't I cut the bullshit
and you stop playing the ball-breaker?
Wouldn't it be easier
to sell me your shares
and you go off with your money,
and then we never meet again?
You think I'd ever accept that miserable
offer you tried to force on my father?
No problem. We'll agree on a fair price.
Plus, you can borrow the Monarca jet
to fly back to Monterrey tonight,
no questions asked.
First of all, I'm a partner now, remember?
So the corporate jet
is just as much mine as it is yours.
We'll flip for it.
Second of all, I told you,
I'm not selling my shares.
I've decided that staying a partner
in Monarca would be more fun.
Not as fun as blinding someone,
but close.
You said it.
Nice to see you, Joaquín.
- Hi.
- Hi, Mom.
- Was this your idea?
- No.
They asked if they could stay here
for a while.
Why don't they stay in a hotel?
Their kid's coming too.
You can't put a kid in a hotel.
I'll gonna check on them.
The tie-in with Fashion Week
went even better than we expected.
Our video went viral,
and Monarca is now a trending topic.
And our distributors project that orders
will increase by 20 or even 30%.
So, I think we can say
the rebranding was a hit.
I want the first five million from those
orders going directly to the distillery,
to replant that land with agave.
- Thank you.
- That's good. That's good.
We just got another order.
- Yay!
- Love it!
Mmm! Let's go dancing.
I have an appointment.
- So reschedule it.
- I can't. They're already waiting.
Oh, there's one thing
I need you to sign before you leave.
Bring it then.
Night, my love.
So what is it?
Release for a shipment that got
held up in Customs for some reason.
It's no big deal.
So is this a business meeting?
Should I be there?
Stick to work, Jonás.
Well, doesn't mean
that we can't celebrate, right?
To your vision.
Hmm. I'm more of a bitch than a visionary.
- Okay, well, here's to the bitches then.
- And to those not scared of us.
Till tomorrow.
Is there something else
that I can help you with?
Erase the servers
and not a word of this to anyone.
Of course, Mr. Carranza.
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