Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Parallels and Interiors

What the hell?
Uh, it's Barnes.
I'm I'm getting a really weird
reading out here and
Outpost 47. Yeah.
I need to speak to
Assistant Director Verdugo
Yeah. I'll hold.
- [LEE] Down!
Kentaro, run!
- Come on. Move on.
- Run!
Let's go. Come on.
- At least I tried.
- You could've gotten killed, you idiot.
- Quiet.
- [KENTARO WHISPERING] What do we do now?
We can't fight it.
I wouldn't recommend it.
I think we're in the clear
for the moment.
- Goddamn it! Son of a bitch!
- No, no, no, no, no. [SHUSHES]
[PANTING] My legs are soaking wet.
[SHUSHES] Then we gotta move quick.
[KENTARO] Come on, May.
Get up. Get up, get up.
- Come on. May, you good?
[MAY] Am I good?
I'm gonna die of hypothermia.
Are you happy we came?
Your work is a bold statement.
Why this?
Why now?
[PERSON] House lights!
You hesitated.
It's a complicated question.
And you've had months to
come up with an answer.
comes from a place you don't
feel comfortable talking about.
To me it's just intuitive.
I respect your process.
But if buyers are going
to plunk down money, good money,
they want to know what they are getting.
Who they are getting.
don't buy the art
they buy the artist.
I know, Kimi.
I'm sorry.
You have two hours before
we open the doors
to figure out an answer
that makes me believe you.
We both have a lot at stake tonight.
[KENTARO] Hey, Mom.
"Kentaro Randa's assertive
exploration of parallels and interiors
invites the viewer to challenge
their assumptions about identity".
Who knew my son was so provocative?
I'm not.
Everyone's going to love it.
It wouldn't be very "provocative"
if everyone loved it.
I'm proud of you.
So is your father.
He hasn't even seen it.
He will tonight.
He's coming straight from
the airport. [CHUCKLES]
I'm going to get some air
before everyone wants to meet
the "provocative" new artist.
you've worked hard for this.
You deserve it.
There are snacks.
just take my picture?
[IN JAPANESE] I saw you.
[KENTARO] I was taking a picture
of my poster for my show,
and you walked in front of it
gawking like a tourist.
Sounds pretentious.
You know what would be
incredibly respectful is if you
- Deleted.
- Thank you.
Is there a reason you don't like
your picture being taken?
It's a very nice picture.
Are you hitting on me?
Just being honest.
Is this really you?
Is there wine?
It's cheap. Bad. Pretentious.
Pretentious wine.
Do you like whiskey?
I like expensive whiskey.
You're in luck. Japan has
some very expensive whiskey.
- I know a place.
- Now?
But don't you have a show?
Um, I'll make an entrance later.
I'm Kentaro.
I'm May.
[KENTARO] May. May.
Where are you going? Slow down.
Slow down? [PANTS]
Unless you want to add a set of toes
to what you already owe me,
you need to speed your ass up.
He's right, May. Conserve your energy.
Wet legs, you're gonna
be fighting hypothermia.
[KENTARO] We gotta get you dry.
No. Even if there was anything
out here to build a fire with,
we can't sit still with
that Titan on the prowl.
- You still think it's out there?
- [LEE] Hell if I know.
[MAY] What are you ta
What happened to your
centuries of experience now, huh?
It's a Titan, May.
They're like snowflakes.
Never came across two that were same.
Okay. Well, maybe there's some info
on these precious files of yours.
Go to hell
- and take your life's work with you.
- Hey. Easy with these.
Now come on, May.
[CATE] Once the sun goes down,
the temperature's gonna
drop by the minute.
We've got no food, no shelter.
No Du-Ho.
[SIGHS] Where the hell are we going?
Northwest. We head for the coast.
Greater probability
of running into people there.
- I think I saw something from the plane.
- [LEE] What?
[STAMMERS] Saw what?
Some kind of structure.
Looked like a big golf ball.
It had to be man-made,
like a building or settlement.
All right. All right.
Did either one of you see it?
But May did.
What? No.
No. You said you saw something.
I didn't see anything.
[IN JAPANESE] You're taking their side?
you're pissed at me?
No. This has nothing to do with you.
This is about me freezing to death.
I'm trying to save you. Will you just
Trust me.
[SOTA] Password.
Sota. It's me, man. Kentaro.
[SOTA] Who?
- [SOTA] Password.
This place is a dump.
[SOTA] Hurry up!
She didn't mean it.
[CHUCKLES] Prove me wrong.
[IN JAPANESE] And you're
too easy to mess with.
You've proved me wrong.
[IN JAPANESE] May, this is Sota.
Owner. Manager.
[CHUCKLES] Guilty of all charges.
You have your own bottle?
You are as pretentious as I thought.
That's how it works here.
- [IN JAPANESE] But maybe we can do better.
Oh. Okay.
So, you're a successful artist.
I designed the lighting here.
- What? No way.
- Yeah.
So, he lets me pretend,
and even open early for me.
What do you do?
Uh, computer shit.
It's not nearly as interesting as art.
How long have you been doing it?
Since I was little.
But as a job, I guess, since tonight.
What? Like What do
you mean? [CHUCKLES]
- Like, tonight's your first show?
- Yeah.
Don't you feel like you should be there?
Um, I'm letting the suspense build.
- It's all part of the act.
- Oh. Part of the act.
Is this part of the act?
W-What do you mean?
The secret whiskey bar and you,
the artist, next big thing.
[IN JAPANESE] Does he bring other girls?
As a bartender, I can't say.
- [CHUCKLES] Asshole.
I didn't say it was a bad act.
I mean, as far as acts go.
This isn't an act.
I judge an artist based on their art,
not on a suit and a haircut.
Why isn't this stuff in the gallery?
[KENTARO] These aren't for sale.
You're definitely more
than just a haircut.
Kimi sent me to her stylist.
People buy the artist.
I mean, sure.
Rich pricks who have
more money than good taste.
Why don't you tell Kimi what
pieces you want in the show?
It's her gallery.
- She was taking a chance on me
- Chance on you?
Like, out of the goodness of her heart?
Come on. That's bullshit.
People don't give other people a shot
unless there's something in it for them.
That's pretty cynical.
That's life.
You should probably go.
The, um The rich pricks are waiting.
Come with me.
Not really my crowd.
Mine either.
[CHUCKLES] Get used to it, hotshot.
Wait. [GRUNTS]
Now you can go.
Somebody has to say it.
I don't see any buildings.
It must be behind those hills.
[SIGHS] Must it?
- Kentaro, we agreed
- You all agreed.
[LEE] You got passion, kid.
I'll give you that.
- Stop treating me like a kid.
- [CATE STAMMERS] Hold on.
I know what I saw.
- [CATE] No, no, no.
- [LEE] What?
Over there.
- [LEE] What? Where?
- [CATE] Right there. What is that?
[LEE] Oh, yeah. I see it.
I don't know. Lights on an oil rig
maybe, or a local settlement.
[CATE] Point is, it's out there, right?
- We follow something we can all see.
- Yeah.
You don't know how far that is.
That Titan can catch you
before you get halfway there.
Whatever I saw is closer.
- Yeah, if it exists.
- [MAY] Okay. Kentaro.
Look, you have a brilliant imagination,
but now is not the time to use it.
I'm going.
Alone if I have to.
Oh, my God. You obstinate asshole.
- So, what? You wanna die to prove a point?
- Do you?
- No.
- [LEE] Stop. Stop. Please, stop.
You think you saw something?
Yeah. I know what I saw.
Then go, and don't stop until
you find it, and then get help.
We'll do the same.
Good luck.
We're all gonna need it.
No. No. We can't just let him leave.
He's made his choice, Cate. Let's go.
[VERDUGO] Dr. Barnes, I understand
you have something for us?
[BARNES] Yeah. Hold on.
Sharing my screen now.
- What are we looking at here?
- Radiation.
Specifically, gamma rays
in the 30 exahertz range.
- Where is this radiation coming from?
- That's the crazy thing.
You only see these kinds
of spikes from pulsars.
Supermassive black holes
from outer space.
- But not this?
- No.
This was coming from the earth.
Where exactly on the earth?
Well, the detector that picked
it up is an old model,
it's pretty much an antique.
- They're pretty finicky.
- I'll note it in the next budget request.
- Where?
- It was a rhythmic pulse,
well, like like a pulsar
but as far as I know, there
aren't any pulsars in Alaska.
Thank you, Dr. Barnes.
Send us everything you have
and we'll get an analysis team
out to you right away.
Wait, wait, wait!
That's not the big thing.
The last time anyone
saw readings like this
was right before the last
emergence event.
From Janjira and Yucca Flats.
Before G-Day.
[MAY, ECHOING] Kentaro!
Is that you?
[CATE, ECHOING] Kentaro!
[CATE] We shouldn't have let Kentaro go.
[GRUNTS] He won't survive the night.
He just needs to hang on
until we get help.
- Come on, May, let me carry that bag.
- No. Stop. No!
He wants something.
She's getting delirious.
Few more steps, okay?
Think of how warm it'll be
when we get there.
Blankets, hot coffee.
- Whiskey.
[CATE] What? We're back at Dad's tent?
- How did this happen?
[CATE] We're walking in circles.
Uh, Titans have odd effects
on their surroundings
and how we experience them.
The cloud we flew through, this place,
it's stranger than you think.
It's stranger than anybody knows.
If we don't warm her up,
she's gonna die.
We can all die if that
Titan's still here.
Well, I'm not leaving here without her.
We are not losing another person.
It is.
Tell me why you don't wanna go
to your gallery opening again.
Why does it matter to you if I go?
Well, it doesn't.
But I don't think you should be ashamed
to take credit for what you do.
What do you do?
I just brought you here
and bared my artist's soul.
You haven't told me shit about yourself.
I told you. I do computer shit.
- Computer shit?
- Yeah.
Yeah, okay. Come on.
I'm from Tacoma. Tacoma sucks.
So, I came to Japan.
Japan is cool.
Is that better?
It's okay. You didn't make Tacoma suck.
So, you can stay as long as you want,
or you can come with me?
This is your party. [SIGHS]
I've already seen all the best stuff.
Can I see you again?
- Give me your number. [CHUCKLES]
- This is your phone?
Yeah. I like a physical button.
- [KENTARO] Um, you need to
Ignore it.
Try not to break anything.
[CHUCKLES] How would you tell?
Hello? Hey.
[SIGHS] I'm traveling.
For work, yeah.
No. Look, you you
gotta stop calling me.
I [SIGHS] I'll call you
when I'm back, yeah?
Okay, you too.
Yeah, bye.
Beautiful. [SHIVERING]
- This shit is so beautiful.
- [CATE] May.
Stay with me. May. May.
Oh [STAMMERS] My legs are burning.
Like pins and needles?
More like swords and daggers.
- That's really good.
Your nerves are waking up.
You don't have frostbite yet.
Good bedside manner.
Hey. If anything happens to me,
just get in touch with my sister.
Her name is Lyra.
No. Let's not go there.
She's the only only
person that I can call.
I'm gonna I'm gonna
give you her number.
I'm sure Kentaro knows h
No. He doesn't know shit.
[LEE] Hope you're not talking about me.
[SIGHS] Compliments of Du-Ho.
Crackers and chocolate.
How's she doing?
[LEE] All right. Her pants are dry.
[GROANS] We're gonna
have to stoke that fire.
This is nothing but kindling. I mean,
it's not gonna last very long.
And who knows what's
in your dad's papers.
I mean, it could tell us
what he was doing here.
Theories, discoveries, where he went.
Let it burn.
Get your gear on! We gotta
move! Come on!
Get back to where we hid before.
- Come on.
- May!
- Go, go, go, go, go!
- [LEE] Wait, wait. Stop. Don't move.
[CATE] It could be anywhere. Listen.
I can't run from that thing anymore.
We may not have to.
This morning, Outpost
47 registered readings
I consider noteworthy.
Dr. Barnes.
- [TECH 1] Oh, my God.
- [TECH 2] What?
That can't be right.
These readings mirror, uh
The gamma-ray flare
before the San Francisco
Call it what it was. An attack.
Well, what do you suggest?
Full mobilization?
- Try out your Titan warning system?
- [TIM] Uh, excuse me. [CLEARS THROAT]
- [BAGHERI] Create a worldwide panic?
- Better than a thousand dead.
- Or 10,000.
- Excuse me.
[BAGHERI] We don't know if these
creatures have malevolent intent.
- [TIM] Excuse me!
- Quiet down.
[SHUSHES] Tim, you have something?
We can't dismiss Bill Randa's files.
Now, look, Lee Shaw was there.
He knows something that we don't.
- That's why he's going after the files.
- Quiet!
Uh, most of you all don't
know me, and if you do,
I'm the troll from the basement that
you try to avoid in the break room.
It's fine. It's not like I work here
for the after-work karaoke anyway.
Your point.
[SIGHS] I thought that we were here
to learn everything we can
in any way that we can
so no one else has to lose
another loved one in a Titan event.
And I would've thought
that a bunch of people
who signed up to study giant,
atomic-powered monsters
would be a little bit more
open-minded about it.
[LEE] We may be knocked on our asses
but we're not done yet,
'cause now we know how our enemy works.
- We do?
That Titan didn't go after us,
it went after the fire.
Didn't go after Kentaro, it went after
that burning airplane engine.
That's how it's tracking us.
It's drawn to the heat. Oh, my God.
Then why did it toss that airplane
like a chew toy [PANTS]
and come chasing after us?
Because my brother tried saving
our asses by shooting a flare at it.
And after the flare, we
were the warmest things.
And this is how we beat this damn thing.
We dangle the biggest, brightest,
hottest object we can in front of it.
Never been so thankful
for a full bladder.
Aviation fuel.
Gonna light this thing brighter
than Times Square on VJ Day.
Uh, what? What day?
We build a bonfire. We feed it.
And then while that Titan's
absorbing its heat
[GRUNTS] we hightail it to the coast.
I'll carry you if I have to.
May, just a little further, okay?
We're gonna make it.
I'm not.
Sooner or later you're gonna
have to ditch me, okay?
Yes. And if the time comes,
you ditch him too.
Save yourself, Cate.
One of us has to make
it out of here alive.
[VOICE, ECHOING] Who's there?
- Hello?
- [VOICE, ECHOING] What are you doing here?
Are you real?
[VOICE, ECHOING] I thought I was alone.
So did I.
[VOICE, ECHOING] You shouldn't be here.
Don't leave me!
Wait, Dad!
It's me!
I did sell a few pieces
but Kimi dropped me anyway.
"It's a huge opportunity", you said.
"You're so talented".
"You can do this".
"I believe in you".
That's what you said that time.
How the hell
would you know
if I was ready or not?
But I didn't want to disappoint you.
So I couldn't face you
How was I supposed to know
I'd never see you again?
I wouldn't have missed this for anything.
Everybody loved it.
Your mother loved it.
[DISTORTED] I loved it too.
I'm proud of you.
Are we really doing this?
[LEE] It's a funeral pyre, Cate.
Du-Ho always wanted to go out
in a blaze of glory.
I'm just pouring one out for the guy
who loved getting one over on me.
First night we met, brother,
I I couldn't believe
how you were drinking me
underneath the table that night.
- [LEE] And then I realized
- every time you took a shot
- Do you hear that?
- Shaw. Shaw! It's
- all you really
- Go! Run!
- May!
Hey, big boy! Big boy! Over here!
Oh, Jesus. No. Where is it? No.
- Help! Help! Help!
[GROANS] Need a shield
to ride a rocket ship.
Dinner time, you son
of a bitch. [GRUNTS]
May, come on.
You can do this.
The chopper! Let's go.
- [CATE GRUNTING] May! Come on!
- [MAY] Oh, shit.
[CATE] I got you!
- Come on, hurry!
- [CATE] Kentaro!
- Let's go!
- Kentaro?
- [KENTARO] Come on. Go.
- [LEE] Go. Go.
[LEE] Pick it up!
They said the signal was so weak,
they almost didn't hear me
on the emergency channel.
I never thought I'd thank someone
for abandoning their family,
but here we are.
Dad was there. Before me.
- Just like at his camp.
- How do you
Someone had to fix
the radio that I found.
Left a mess of shavings behind.
He made it out.
He's alive.
[MAY] Thank you.
No. No, no, no. Oh, goddamn it.
Damn it.
[TIM] Colonel Shaw!
It's an honor to finally meet you!
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