Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

The Way Out

I know what this is.
[CHUCKLES] You think
you can intimidate me
with all this secret
"black ops" bullshit?
Good luck.
[YELLING] Where is Colonel Shaw?
I know you guys can hear me!
[IN JAPANESE] I want to
talk to someone in charge!
My father is
Hiroshi Randa!
I can still count to ten
on my toes. [SIGHS]
You're very lucky we rescued you
when we did.
You didn't.
- Kentaro did.
- What were you doing out there?
I assume you were following
the data on our stolen files.
We couldn't recover anything.
Maybe you're not as good as you think.
But a smart girl like you
would have a backup, no?
- Out there in the ether.
- Shouldn't you be off
chasing big, scary monsters
or something?
You know, there's one
not too far from here.
We have a team in place.
They've never seen
anything like it. [SIGHS]
You know, traditionally, when
someone discovers a new species,
they get to name it for themselves.
But we have a dilemma here.
Should we call it
Titanus May Hewitt?
is it
Lyra Mateo of Tacoma, Washington?
That picture doesn't
really look like you.
It's not crazy to think
we could help each other.
Like I said, it's always good
to have a backup, no?
The Randa children know nothing.
W-Wait. Hang Hang on a sec.
No, no, no. That-that's-that's
N-No, they they are
Hiroshi Randa's kids.
They are Bill and Keiko
Randa's grandkids.
We're treating them
like they're criminals.
Says the man who tried to abduct them.
Okay. Mistakes were made.
She's a schoolteacher, okay?
No record. The son is "an artist".
What about her?
[AGENT] This one is interesting.
From the way she swept her apartment,
she knows how to disappear.
What is she hiding from?
Unclear. There's no
outstanding warrants.
No one seems to be looking for her.
At least, not officially.
So, what do we do with them?
This organization is in their blood.
We-We can teach them who they are.
You don't mean recruit them?
Monarch is their legacy.
Legacy hasn't served people
well around here, has it?
You end up dead or close to it.
Well, he's right about one thing.
They're looking for something.
It has to do with their father.
So, fine, it has to do with Monarch.
And I guess they're not
going to give up, right?
So I say we put them on a long
leash, see where they lead us.
What about him?
He's my problem now.
Why don't you guys go ahead
and come on out? Um
Please do watch your step
though. It's slippery.
New and clean.
And, uh, plane tickets, money, phones.
Courtesy of Monarch.
I'm, uh, very sorry about all of this.
- Prick.
- Asshole.
I'm genuinely sorry for your loss.
Aw. Thank you, prick-asshole.
What do you think?
That you're on some,
uh, righteous crusade
to uncover the truth, huh?
Wake up!
You stuck your noses
in shit you don't understand.
You are goddamn lucky to be alive.
So take your shiny new
passports and go home.
I've already used what
little influence I have
to cover your asses this time.
Don't expect it to happen again.
- How was that? [SIGHS]
- You're learning.
"I'm sorry for your loss".
Like they care.
Clearly not. Basic economy.
Hey, what time is this flight boarding?
- That's a ways from here.
- Mm-hmm.
How did you enjoy your time in Alaska?
I didn't. And that'll be reflected
in my Tripadvisor review.
Two stars tops.
Wait, wait, wait. You're leaving?
Yeah. You heard the man.
We have lives to get back to.
What life?
In Tokyo? The one you said I destroyed.
I have to do
Stop it. Is there a bar
anywhere, somewhere?
It's not open yet.
One star.
Excuse me. Just
- What about Colonel Shaw?
- What about him?
Everything he said turned
out to be true.
He knew our father was still alive.
No. No, he did not. And neither do you.
- But we don't know that he's dead either.
Not anymore.
I'm not stopping. I need to
know what happened to him.
Okay. So what now?
Monarch may know how to find the Titans,
but they don't know how to find Dad.
I already searched his office an
Not the one in San Francisco.
Backup family. Backup office.
Worth a shot, right?
[CATE] I'm assuming you
have a copy of the files
in the cloud somewhere, May.
Y'all can have the files.
- But they could get you killed.
- [CATE] Or you.
We can't split up.
[CATE] We need you.
How's it going, Lee?
Deputy Director Verdugo.
I should have known.
How is the view from the almost top?
Almost high enough.
Well, you're young.
Life's long.
[VERDUGO] The Randa boy
had that film on him.
I'd never seen it.
We stand on the shoulders of giants.
[CHUCKLES] It's kinda funny.
I mean, feels a little more like
you're sitting on them, you know?
Weighing them down, doing
what Monarch does best.
And what's that, Colonel?
Absolutely nothing.
And traipsing around the globe
with Hiroshi Randa's kids,
that's doing something?
Those kids have already
survived more situations
than half the people you got
working in your field out there.
And you nearly got them killed.
Oh, they're a lot tougher
than you think.
Mmm. Not so much.
They're scared. They're gullible.
- Chatty.
- [CHUCKLES] Stop.
They don't know anything.
I made sure of that.
And you already know it.
[VERDUGO] You ever think
Hiroshi had a reason
for not telling his kids
what he did here?
Maybe he didn't want this life for them.
I have thought about that,
actually. Quite a lot.
I'll ask him when I see him.
I'm assuming you don't
mean in the afterlife.
You're not going anywhere.
And you're not getting
anywhere, are you?
Deputy Director.
You say he helped found Monarch.
But that was in the '50s.
Forties actually, though
he came a few years later.
So he should be, what? Ninety, at least?
How does he look like that?
There's rumors of a mission
gone bad. But it's classified.
Who is he now?
How did he go straight
from an old folks home
to finding a Titan no one in the
entire organization knew existed?
What does he know?
And don't tell me it's all in the files.
Probably is. [CLEARS THROAT]
The car will be here in ten minutes.
[ANNOUNCER] Attention, all passengers.
In uncertain times,
when unspeakable disasters
strike without warning,
the lucky might survive
- but the smart will thrive.
Straata Secure Homes is a below-ground,
multi-level luxury living galleria,
offering titanium-forged
subterranean safety
from our violent, unstable world
But who wants to live
in a custom bunker?
Tech bros. Only ones who can afford it.
[SIGHS] You good?
Not how I thought I'd make
my first trip to the States.
What? Feeling lost?
Unsure of what you're looking
for, what you're gonna find.
You know, that's how she must have
felt, landing on your doorstep.
Damn it.
I'm sorry. What kind
of car did you order?
- Who is this?
- It's James.
- [CHUCKLING] Hey, welcome home.
- What are you doing here, James?
I told Mom we'd be fine.
But we're not fine.
Oh, hello.
I'm James, Caroline's work friend.
Pleasure to meet you.
These are my friends not
from work, May and Kentaro.
- [JAMES] Welcome.
- Hey.
Uh, hop in.
I got us a car.
- Cancel it.
- I don't wanna cancel it.
I told Mom we'd take a ride-share.
Uh, she insisted.
And, uh, it's my pleasure. I'm
here already. So grab your coat.
Grab your coat.
She's okay. Let's roll.
Hit the road!
[JAMES] FEMA tried relocating people,
but most didn't wanna go.
Hard to walk away from
San Francisco real estate.
Is it true they're selling tours
of the destroyed city?
They did. Before the
military walled it off.
"Trauma tourists", getting
off on the disaster porn
or trying to prove it was all
a government conspiracy.
Sick freaks.
My mother tried signing up for one
to find my father.
[JAMES] Get over there.
- [JAMES] Good?
Yeah. Thanks.
Take care of yourself.
Tell your mom I'll see her tonight.
Welcome back.
He seems very American.
We're gonna go on a walk.
Yeah. Uh, just give you guys
some time alone first.
[KENTARO] Good idea.
You can break it to her gently.
Like I did with your mom?
- Wow. Cate, you're back.
You're back. [CHUCKLES]
Oh, hey.
And you've brought some
friends. [STAMMERS]
Mom, this is May and Kentaro.
[CHUCKLES] I'm Caroline.
- Hi. Pleasure.
Nice to meet you.
Wow. So you both come from Tokyo?
- Yeah.
- [CAROLINE] Which part?
Because my husband used to
travel there a lot
Mom, this is Kentaro Randa.
You asked what I found in Tokyo.
You must be so tired,
having come from so far.
Why don't you come on in?
Oh, my gosh. [CHUCKLES]
I'm so sorry for the mess.
James and I James
is my work friend
um, we collect people's
personal items from the ruins.
And it always seems I'm
bringing work home with me.
[CHUCKLES] Please have a seat.
Um, you know, people are so funny.
They never ask for money or valuables.
They always seem to be
asking for these things.
Their personal memories.
- Mom, stop.
- Oh, wait, let me help you.
- I got
I got it. [STAMMERS]
[CATE] Why don't you
guys wait in my room?
It's down the hall on the left.
What the hell is going on?
Quite a lot, actually.
You know what I mean.
Inviting him in to get settled
like your husband's secret son
walks in every day.
[CAROLINE] What do you expect
me to do? Throw him out?
Have a hysterical breakdown?
Go for it. I wouldn't blame you.
[CRYING] Cate.
Cate, uh [SIGHS]
Your father was never really all here.
And when you found that lease,
I thought maybe that you could [SOBS]
find out if he was having
an affair or had a girlfriend
So you sent me there.
- But
- You pushed and you pushed
because you wanted the truth,
but you were too chickenshit
to go yourself.
Don't talk to me like that.
I only wanted what
was best for you and
- And this was it?
- Yes. Yes.
I pushed you.
What was I supposed to do?
You spent all day, every day,
wasting away in that room of yours.
You wouldn't even try
any support groups
Because pottery classes are gonna
bring my kids back from the dead.
You couldn't even lift a finger
to help yourself.
It was my choice.
And I wasn't going to sit around
and watch my daughter kill herself.
[CATE] Fine. You wanted
to get me out of my room.
Give me something to live for.
Mission accomplished.
We're going to Dad's office.
What? Why?
To find what else he was hiding from us.
We don't even know if there's
anything left of his office.
Well, you can get us
into the city to find out.
No, not into the red zone.
The military has it cordoned off.
They're arresting looters every day.
Some of them even get shot.
So they're getting in.
We'll go in with them.
Hey there.
Hey. Where's Colby tonight?
- Kid's got the flu.
- Again?
Here you go. For your troubles.
[CAROLINE] We don't
wanna hold your line up.
- [GUARD] All right, open it up.
[GUARD 2] Hey!
[GUARD 2] Get these folks moving.
They're good to go.
- [GUARD 3 THROUGH RADIO] We're good to go.
- [GUARD] Roger that.
[GUARD] All right. We're good.
- [GUARD] All clear.
Hope you get a day off tomorrow, Carla.
You deserve it.
[CARLA] Good to go.
[GUARD] All right. Let them through.
How can anyone believe this is fake?
It's easier than waking up
every day and thinking,
at any moment, the same
could happen to you.
[CAROLINE] All right.
This is as far as we can go.
The guards make sure that
everybody we bring in
comes out with us.
If they catch you, they'll
assume you're looters.
No questions, no excuses.
You understand?
[CAROLINE] And we need
to leave by morning.
All of us, together.
We'll be here at 8:00.
At 8:15, they close the gates.
Mom, we get it.
[CAROLINE] I hope so.
[VERDUGO] Yeah, I didn't like what
they did to you [INHALES SHARPLY]
after everything you sacrificed
for this organization.
I think you mean that.
Did you lift any fingers
to do anything about it?
I did what I could. It wasn't
my day to run the company.
[GRUNTS] Still isn't, apparently.
You went decades between
escape attempts.
Why start raising hell again now?
The world is on fire. I decided
to do something about it.
Do you wanna help?
[SCOFFS] I'd like to think I am.
We have the smartest people
on the planet working on it.
- Colonel, you can stand down.
"The smartest people on the planet"
have had 60 years to prepare for G-Day.
"Let 'em fight".
That's the best they could come up with?
What if Godzilla had lost?
What's hiding in Bill Randa's files?
Nothing you don't already know,
and everything you don't wanna believe.
Word games.
- Is that what it's gonna be, Colonel?
You think you had it rough,
playing shuffleboard and
trimming your bonsai trees?
I never said I had it rough.
I got pretty good at bocce ball
I swear to God,
I can bury you deep or
I can bury you shallow.
Your call.
Bury me?
Who's playing word games now?
And wasting time none of us have.
Monarch is wrong.
And has been
for a long, long time.
Were you not listening?
They shoot looters.
I'm eating the evidence.
Even if a building looks undamaged,
the attack undermined the foundations.
So sometimes you'll hear one
just suddenly collapse.
- Let's go.
[CATE] I used to grade papers here.
- [MAY] Was this your neighborhood?
[CATE] Yeah.
It was our favorite little coffee shop.
- Hi.
- I needed this. [CHUCKLES]
I needed that.
[FRIEND] How long have
you been waiting for me?
I was up and out by 5:30.
Trying to dodge Mrs. Yee.
Mmm. Yeah, of course.
It's the first of the month.
It's turning into a real cat and mouse.
She's got all my escape routes covered.
You know, you're paying a fortune
for an apartment that you're never at.
And it's cheaper to live with two
rather than one.
Look, you don't you don't
have to choose between
your Ethiopian dark roast
or food every day.
Haven't you learned your lesson?
Haven't you?
Why don't you tell Mrs. Yee
that you're putting in your notice,
and that you'll be out
by the end of the month.
So it begins.
[STUDENT] The teacher's
coming. Teacher's coming.
[CATE] No phones in class.
[STUDENT] I told you guys.
Where is everyone?
They stayed home.
Their parents are scared of
the giant monsters.
Mine aren't.
My dad said it's a hoax
to burst the real estate balloon.
All right. Phones away.
Chad's father's probably right.
This has to be a prank of some kind.
Everyone okay here?
- Cate?
- We're fine.
Today's lession: Don't believe
everything you see on the Internet.
We're monitoring the situation closely.
Make sure their phones are charged
and they all know their
family reunification plans.
We'll let you know if we
decide to close the school.
Ms. Randa.
Are they coming here next?
- It's like a cat lady's fantasy island.
Or a cat man's.
Oh, uh, my uncle is a cat man.
- O-Oh. Cool.
We should keep moving.
[GUARD] Yeah, I'll check it out.
Over there. Over there.
[GUARD] Who's there? Come
out where we can see you!
- Where's this one headed?
- North, towards the Golden Gate.
- Come on in. Come on.
- Come on.
Eva, come on. Just leave it. It's okay.
- How can I help?
- It's up to you.
I'm staying with the kids in the gym
until they get picked up.
You go ahead. I'll be right there.
The mayor said shelter
in the BART stations.
Yeah, and we will
if the parents don't show up.
I don't know where those
fools think they're going.
They're only letting buses
across the bridges.
Cate, are you chaperoning this one?
I can take it if you want
to stay with Dani.
[GUARD] You're in violation of
a federal order. Come out slowly.
[GUARD] Yo, come on out!
I know you're around here.
I got this.
[GUARD] You got movement?
[GUARD 2] Just more goddamn cats.
Think we should start shooting them.
- [CHUCKLES] Come on, man.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm serious.
You all right?
Oh, yeah. We'll be there in no time.
This way.
Anyone know a good song?
Get out of my way.
Tastes so good! This is it.
these cheesy commercials.
He'd make his serious,
time-to-listen-to-me face
and then do something so silly.
Yeah. Yeah.
What is the secret ♪
Of the triangle shape? ♪
The secret of deliciousness is ♪
I'm not going to tell you! ♪
- Tada! ♪
remember the Arnold ones?
[GUARD] Hey! Come here! Come here!
[KENTARO] Go, go, go!
[MAY] Down here.
- [GUARD] All right.
[SERGEANT] Go around.
[GUARD] This way.
- [GUARD] They went this way.
- [KENTARO] Help me.
[PERSON] Oh, my God! [SCREAMS]
[MAY] This way.
- [SERGEANT] I heard two!
[GUARD] They're down here. I'm with you.
[GUARD] Let's go.
[GUARD] No trespassing
in the secured area.
Hey, you! Get 'em!
- Get on the ground!
[GUARD] You people can't
be living down here!
- Stop!
[SERGEANT] Let's check over here.
Come on.
- Which way?
- [CATE] This way.
[MAY] Let's go.
- Hey, hey, hey.
[GRUNTING] Come on.
Keep going. Like this.
No. You You go ahead without me.
[KENTARO] Cate, we need you.
We're going together or not at all.
Yeah. Come on, you can do this.
You've come this far.
- You got it, yeah?
- We'll have to try another way.
- There's so many ways.
- One of them goes through.
- No, you don't know that.
You can't know that.
We're gonna die down here.
[IN JAPANESE] You'll be all right.
I'm sorry, Cate.
But you are strong.
You'll be all right.
that's more important than us?
I'll just go ahead and find a way out.
Just go. [SIGHS]
Dad! [ECHOING] Dad!
Do you wanna sit down?
Give me this.
Breathe with me. [CHUCKLES]
No, I can't.
Bullshit. Yes, you can. Come on, Randa.
- In.
- Out.
Good job. One more.
- In.
- Out.
Can you feel my hands?
Look at me.
Don't see anything else but me.
You're not that late yet.
Are you moving? [CHUCKLES]
No, I'll go. It's fine.
Emily, come on.
Cate, I didn't learn my lesson.
W-We were good. You just
You don't want good.
I don't deserve this.
I don't think anyone deserves this.
No, I mean that anyone
would do shit for me
when all I ever do is let 'em down.
I hate him for leaving.
But how am I any better?
You didn't let me down when I
was freezing to death in Alaska.
The only way out is through.
- I found a way up.
- What?
Just follow the cats.
- [KENTARO] What floor is it on?
- Dad loved a view.
[CATE] Okay.
Hell, wouldn't it be funny
if there was nothing left
behind this door? [CHUCKLES]
[SIGHS] Hilarious.
At least we know where to look.
What? No, no. There has to be something.
the sun's coming up.
So, let's just remember,
we gotta get out of here soon.
That's not being helpful. Be helpful.
I don't know your dad like that.
I used to think this had something
to do with his satellite work.
What do you mean?
The orbital arcs of satellites
are sine waves.
These pathways
they're something else.
You listened to Dad when he was
talking about that satellite stuff?
I teach science to middle schoolers.
They ask questions.
Let me see the files.
[CATE] These These points
They're like constellations.
But it's not a star map.
It's a world map, but he's
hidden the continents.
Give me that.
What are you doing?
Can you hold that up over there?
Why are we doing this?
My first art installation was
about projected images.
How putting one image on another
can reveal something completely new.
Yeah, I remember.
San Francisco.
This must be the path he took.
Yes, this is this is it.
This is what we wanted. High
fives all around. We gotta go.
So, you and James.
Are you guys
He's waiting for me to be ready.
I'm sorry for what Dad did to you.
Thirty years. You wasted
your life on him.
No. No, I
I could have found out
that he was cheating on me.
I could've asked.
I could have gone to Tokyo.
But I didn't wanna know the truth.
I liked having a part-time husband.
But that meant that you
had a part-time father
and you deserved more than that.
Dad didn't die in Alaska.
He worked for some secret
organization like the CIA,
but for Godzilla.
I'm gonna find him.
So, how are you feeling?
Like, for the first time
since my father disappeared,
maybe everything isn't shit,
you know? Is that weird?
I've recently updated my definition
for weird. So, I don't know.
I'm gonna call my mom.
Okay. Remember the rule.
- Nonspecific.
- Yep.
I wanna go home. Tell
me what I need to do.
Smart girl. I'll be in touch.
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