Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Terrifying Miracles

For you, Doctor.
[CHUCKLES] I'm supposed to wear this?
No, no, no. You're supposed to eat it.
I thought you might be hungry, so I
picked you up some along the way.
Yeah, you're supposed to wear it
[CHUCKLES] A little torqued
up, Doc, huh?
Well, this dress prevents breathing,
and these shoes prevent walking,
and I'm expected to impress men
who can't remember my name
and would just as soon shut us down
as turn our work into weaponry.
Why isn't Billy here?
- Are you kidding me?
He'd look terrible in that dress.
[CHUCKLES] Look, this
is only one night a year
- [SIGHING] All right.
- okay? So, we say hello,
say thank you to the people
who are footing the bill,
- and then we can go on our merry way.
- Right. Okay.
- Exhale.
- Smile.
And, uh
- Oh. Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Have a drink. [CLEARS THROAT]
- Yes.
Or th-three.
Ha, Captain Lee Shaw.
I ever tell you about
this son of a bitch?
- [COLONEL] Unguided missile, this kid.
I I pulled him out
of a a bar brawl.
- He was all busted up, bloody knuckles.
[COLONEL] But potential.
Real potential.
Hmm. I saw great things
for you, didn't I?
Yes, sir.
Do you remember what I told you
to do to succeed in this man's army?
- You remember, Leland?
- Definitely. Definitely, sir.
You said to, uh, only punch
sailors and marines from now on.
That's what you said.
Now look at you.
A captain with the future
of Project Monarch in your hands.
We're excited to hear more about
this mysterious Project Monarch.
[LEE] Outstanding.
I think that you'll find our work
vital to not only American security
but global scientific superiority.
And I'd like to introduce you
to the brains of our outfit,
Dr. Keiko Miura.
- Pleasure to see you again, Doctor.
- General.
Thank you, Captain.
- Miura? Japanese name, yeah?
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Now,
she's one of the good ones.
"One of the good ones".
- Puckett
- General Puckett.
- is a major asshole.
- Hey, you gotta keep your voice down.
Hey, guys like them,
they are old-fashioned.
If we ever find another Titan,
those old-fashioned men will blow it up
- or march it into Red Square.
- Kei.
- [SOFTLY] Yeah.
Have you ever heard the expression
"To a hammer, the whole
world is a nail"?
Well, this is a hardware store.
Yeah. Well, in my country,
we have a saying,
"The nail that sticks up
gets hammered down".
Not you.
No, you're gonna change their minds,
as old-fashioned as they may be.
'Cause it's what you do.
It's who you are, Kei.
You are a
force of nature.
Come on.
The things I do for Monarch.
- What are you doing?
- Dipping you.
They're watching.
You could be one of them, you know.
Maybe Maybe General Puckett's right.
Being career military
might not be so bad.
More nights like this.
A life like this.
A house.
Barbecues in the backyard
with the neighbors.
- Sunday luncheons with the girls.
- Yeah.
- Kids.
- Kids.
Do you know what my favorite
thing about children is?
Never afraid to say "I don't know".
Everything, every day,
is an adventure and a mystery.
They devour the world.
Wanna know what my favorite
thing about children is?
Making 'em.
It's a, uh It's a slow elevator.
Captain Shaw?
Urgent message for Captain Lee Shaw
- No.
- from Bill Randa.
No. Don't do this to me.
Maybe next luau, soldier.
I'm Shaw.
[CHUCKLES] The things I do for Monarch.
Help me up?
- What's, uh
- This is the old man, yes?
Change of plan.
[IN FRENCH] Colonel, your dossier
says you speak French.
If this is true, clear your throat.
Excellent. Count to six, then drop.
[DUVALL] Another Titan
emergence is coming.
You think you know how to stop it,
but Monarch disagrees.
Why do you know more
than the finest physicists,
geologists, and zoologists on Earth?
Don't know more [SIGHS]
but I got a good idea
about what's going on.
Didn't do enough about that
when I had the chance.
Figuring I was making up for that now
or die in the trying.
Why not share what you know with
Monarch? Surely they could help.
They've known everything for years.
I've been telling them for years.
They just don't believe it.
- Why not?
- Because I'm crazy.
Just like wild Bill Randa
and his crazy kid Hiro.
I mean, it's amazing, isn't it?
How anyone who disagrees with
them has gotta be just crazy.
What about you, mademoiselle?
My sister, Sandra.
She worked in Japan.
Some of us came to Monarch
saying "Never again".
I meant it.
And there are more who feel like me,
waiting for someone to show us how.
- [DUVALL] I think it's you.
Does that make me crazy?
I think you and I
have a lot to talk about.
Hey. Sorry for interrupting
your big whatever-the-hell-it-was
- but I think we got a live one.
- Visual confirmation?
A guy thinks he saw it but isn't sure.
- Sounds squirrelly
- What kind of a data are we
- So Sorry, Doctor.
- Beg your pardon, Captain.
Okay. Um,
hey, I don't know how you do
what you do, Kei,
but I know that when
the little squiggly line
shoots off the top of the page like
that, it means something.
The only other time I've seen
isotopic signatures like this
was in the Philippines.
It's what led us
to the wreck of the Lawton.
So, this is a Titan?
It's not definitively not a Titan.
Okay, that's definitively not an answer.
If it's not one of our bogies,
then what is it?
The three most beautiful words
in the English language:
I don't know.
- We need to get to Japan.
- Yes.
We're presenting our budget proposal
to the committee on Friday.
- You heard General Puckett.
- Oh, Puckett?
Titans don't care about
budget meetings, Lee.
That's because Titans don't
have to sing for their supper, Kei.
But you know who's got
a beautiful singing voice?
- Perfect. We'll divide and conquer.
You stay and deal with
the hardware store, and
No, no, no, no. I'm not letting you
go on a Titan hunt alone.
- Or Or you. Both of you.
- [BILLY] Okay. Um.
Either You know what I mean.
We need money to hunt Titans,
but we need to prove Titans
exist to get money.
Look, for the good of Monarch,
something's gotta give.
[SIGHS] It's in the middle
of the Sahara.
Not the middle-middle. More like the
- North-middle.
- Yeah, of a giant desert.
We got Dad's map.
[SIGHS] Nut up and pack a sun hat.
How are we even gonna get there?
[LEE] Get where?
- Mom?
- Shit.
- Mom?
- Cate, your mom is fine.
She's out throwing pots
with her boyfriend,
if that's what they're calling it
these days.
- [KENTARO] How did you escape?
- [LEE] Ah, you know me.
A little help from the outside,
sometimes from the inside.
What's she doing here?
[LEE] Well, Michelle's dancing
on the side of the angels now.
Pretty respectable dancer too.
We can use her help.
Something's coming.
G-Day times a hundred.
Maybe times a thousand.
I think your father's trying
to stop what's coming,
and I got a pretty good idea
how he's gonna do it.
Only way to know for
sure is to find him.
Mm-mmm. She tried kidnapping me.
She threatened my mother.
On Monarch's orders.
But she's not taking orders
from Monarch anymore
because she's with us,
and you can trust her.
Besides, she's our ride.
Now all we need is a destination,
which is of course where you come in.
[VERDUGO] Cell phone
data tracked them here.
We just don't know what
they were looking for.
All right, Columbo. Dazzle me.
I know you meant that as a burn,
but, uh, I actually love Columbo
and it's maybe the nicest thing
anyone's ever said to me.
You need friends.
- I have friends.
- Not Internet friends.
So, why'd they come here?
What were they looking for?
Okay. Okay.
So, Hiroshi, he, uh [STAMMERS]
he he rents the office
with the million-dollar view, right?
But he sits with his back to it.
So he can stare
at whatever was here.
[VERDUGO] What is it?
This pattern.
It's familiar, right?
These holes.
There's holes?
What did Hiroshi do to get
exiled from Monarch?
His file is sealed.
He wasn't exiled.
Misuse of government assets.
He kept retargeting
deep-space satellites
to look at things they
weren't supposed to.
- Like what?
- Like Earth.
Well, what do they normally look at?
Electromagnetic spectrum.
Cosmic radiation.
Gamma rays.
That's what Barnes detected
coming from places it shouldn't.
Yeah. From Earth.
I think I know what
they were looking for.
Everything that Bill Randa studies,
he puts in his files.
Research expeditions,
monitoring outposts.
And these files become Monarch.
Single holes,
these are all places Monarch has
or ever had boots on the ground.
This This is Outpost 4, and 15, 47.
these clusters
I bet if we pull the data
on where Hiroshi was
redirecting the satellites,
we will get a perfect match.
- [PERSONNEL] Operations.
- Get me Collins in data culling.
I need to pull some satellite logs.
Yeah, I'll hold.
G-Day minus two:
Godzilla emerges west of Hawaii
at this cluster,
heads towards the mainland.
Gamma ray spike, right?
After G-Day, Godzilla swims west.
Another spike.
But Hiroshi flew north to this cluster.
Another gamma ray spike
where we found Shaw, his kids,
and that new Titan.
So they're looking for their father.
So, where are they heading now?
If we think of this as a-a subway map,
and-and these are the stations,
we just need to find
the next stop on the line.
Now, it looks like Hiroshi recorded
three more gamma ray surges.
Here, in Central Asia.
And What would that be?
Vietnam, Cambodia?
And here.
Good work.
Yeah. Well, you know, that
was the thing about Columbo.
He was always right too.
- [COLLINS] This is Collins.
- It's Verdugo.
We need to redirect our satellites
to the coordinates
Tim will be sending you.
Get Dr. Barnes on the line.
We're looking for gamma ray spikes.
I think I'm in love.
[IN JAPANESE] Doctor Suzuki?
[IN JAPANESE] Pardon us.
Doctor Miura!
My apologies for not
anticipating your arrival.
Oh, my apologies as well.
The locals are too scared to bring
my mail or messages anymore.
- Oh.
- Even my assistant ran away. [CHUCKLES]
Welcome to Monster Island.
He said, "Welcome to Monster Island".
Yeah. I got that part.
Someone should have a talk
with the board of tourism.
[KEIKO] So there's an error
in the tracking system?
You misunderstand.
- No, but if the data is accurate
- [SUZUKI] And it is.
- Then it means physics are wrong.
- Wrong.
I prefer "incomplete".
Theoretical physics are riddled
with contradictions and impossibilities.
Hence the "theoretical" part.
- Yes. Still
- But the data suggests
that whatever is out here generates
gamma radiation at cosmic levels.
So [CHUCKLES] I constructed that.
A gamma radiation simulator.
The more signals I simulate,
the more radiation whatever
is out there generates in reply.
So I call, it responds.
This clever man has made a Titan phone.
- Or
this lunatic made Titan bait.
I prefer her version.
We're in the right place.
Put in a lot of miles with you
Randa girls over the years.
Wouldn't have made
it this far without you.
That makes two of us.
This wasn't part of our deal.
When do I get to go home?
Circumstances have changed.
I'll keep my word.
Yeah? When?
As soon as we make it out of the desert.
Good seeing you, Scotty.
What's going on?
Well, there's no more roads
where we're going from here on out.
No, I mean him.
I don't want anything to do with
an armed Monarch goon.
Ex-Monarch goon.
[SIGHS] All the apples in the
Monarch barrel aren't bad, Cate.
I mean, mademoiselle here
isn't the only one fed up
with the way things are being run now.
The Colonel is starting a movement.
We're not here to start
a movement, okay?
- [CATE] Okay?
Are you mad he got us some help?
From one of them? Yeah.
[IN JAPANESE] Why can't you trust him?
I think we're searching for Dad,
turns out there's some
Monarch business in the way.
I'm sorry everything is
tangled up together, but yes,
all these roads lead to one place,
but you're the ones with the map.
I could have taken it anytime I wanted,
but I haven't done that, have I?
All right. If this is where
you want off,
just understand that the consequences
will be on your heads now too.
Consequences. [SCOFFS]
What consequences?
Thousands, maybe millions of lives lost
that your grandparents and father
were trying to save.
L-Let's go.
If you wanna bail, we can bail.
[SIGHS] But I wanted
to call it a day in Alaska,
and then someone said,
"Nut up and pack a sun hat".
Only way out is through.
Thanks for your help.
[BILLY] Shaw?
Leland Shaw? Shaw, do you read me?
Billy. Billy. Billy, I read you. Over.
Lee! Great.
The fish are biting, buddy.
So it's the real deal?
It's as real as anything else
in this goddamn circus.
Billy, uh, how's Keiko?
How's Dr. Miura?
I'm gonna drop a line at 0400 hours.
Set it up, see if we get any nibbles.
Billy, I asked you how [STAMMERS]
Exactly what kind of fish are
we talking about here, Billy?
A big one.
Wish you were here, pal.
[PUCKETT] What do you got,
a dinosaur there?
All right. Well, I'm gonna call it Dave.
You know, I don't recall
receiving your RSVP
for my family cookout, Captain.
- Sir.
- Oh, stand down, Lee.
We're in my backyard, for Chrissakes.
- Hot dog?
No, thank you, sir.
My people are in the field
and they need me, sir.
No, we have men for that, Lee.
We call 'em the army.
Not the army, sir. Just me.
You wanna sleep under the stars?
Be a cowboy?
I see great things in your future, Lee.
But you gotta sit at the grown-ups
table if you want 'em.
It's called building a career.
- Monarch is my career, sir.
- Then stop treating it like a job.
In every military organization,
there are generals
and there are soldiers.
I understand that, sir.
You could've fooled me.
Now, you have a choice to make
and I trust you to make it.
But understand that what you choose
will affect choices I have to make.
You make the wrong choice
and I will act accordingly.
But you make the right one,
and you get to run Monarch your way.
- [LEE] This is it.
- [KENTARO] You sure?
Well, I'm I'm sure this is
the spot on the map,
but what that means exactly
only your dad can tell us.
But [SIGHS] yeah.
I-I think it's just over this ridge.
- [LEE] Where?
- You see? There.
Is that
[GASPS] Well, I'll be damned.
- He's alive.
Dad! Over here, Dad! Dad!
- Dad!
- [WHISTLES] Up here!
- Dad!
Reading's flatter than
hammered shit, Suzuki.
I thought you said turning this thing on
was like ringing the dinner bell.
My father used to say,
"There is a reason they
call it fishing, not catching".
[CHUCKLES] My pop said the same thing.
Have you ever seen one?
For certain?
A Titan.
Yes, we have.
They are terrifying.
[IN JAPANESE] Miracles
should be terrifying.
Don't you think?
something's coming.
No, it ain't coming from the water.
Didn't think you were gonna
make the party.
- Wouldn't miss it.
- How'd the serenade go with the bigwigs?
Wait, I thought that was today.
It is today.
Oh, uh uh, hey, uh
This is, uh, Dr. Suzuki
and, uh, he made a
- A gamma radiation simulator.
- Yeah.
Oh, that's great. That's great.
I can't wait to hear all about it.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, it's a device that
actually simulates gamma radiation
- Hey, Zook, um
- and it's not just
you know the only thing worse
than being a third wheel?
Being a fourth. Let's walk.
[SUZUKI] But four wheels
are intrinsically stable.
That's why a car has
four wheels. Cars
[LEE] Now, now, wait
a minute. I think he
I think he's waving us off.
- [KENTARO] Why? What's going on?
- [LEE] Oh, no.
- [CATE] What is he doing?
- [LEE] No, no, no.
We gotta get out of here!
Come on, we gotta move! Now!
- Now! Move! We need to go now!
Kentaro, we gotta go!
- We gotta go now!
There they are! That's them.
[LAUGHS] Columbo, baby!
Take us down.
[KEIKO] You weren't supposed to come.
My place is here with you, Kei.
- You need
- What?
Your protection?
That's my job.
No, your job is to protect Monarch.
Without you, there is no Monarch.
Tell me that's not why you're here.
For me.
You know we can't do this.
We can try.
How long before either of us
makes a decision
based on what we want to do
instead of what Monarch needs?
You don't trust me.
I don't trust either of us.
If we can't put the greater good
before our own desires,
we risk losing everything.
I don't care.
- Yes, you do.
It stopped.
The device.
It stopped. [GASPS]
[LEE] Where is it?
Oh, my God.
We didn't kill it.
Jesus Christ, we didn't kill it.
[MONARCH PERSONNEL] Wait, don't land.
The hell is that?
Oh, my God.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Get us out of here!
Pull up! Hey! Pull up!
- Pull up!
[MONARCH PERSONNEL] Brace for impact!
[CATE GASPS] Did you see?
He saw me.
Yeah, he did.
- We cannot keep them in the dark.
- Why not?
Look, I know how you
feel about Puckett
- [SIGHS] Puckett.
- but this changes everything.
I don't agree.
The most powerful weapon
this country's ever created
could not bring that thing down,
so we can't keep that to ourselves.
- So we tell them and then what?
They build an even bigger weapon
- and try again.
- Kei
[KEIKO] And if that doesn't
work, an even bigger one.
And if they can't find Godzilla,
maybe then they'll find
somebody else to use it on.
I wasn't supposed to go after you two.
And I certainly wasn't supposed to
come back empty-handed,
so I need something
We need something,
anything that I can put
in front of Puckett
so we can get our asses
out of the doghouse.
[SIGHS] All right.
- All right.
So let's get our shit together, yeah?
I'll try and go sell this to Puckett.
Gentlemen. Doctor.
Just going over some
of your field reports.
wild stuff in here.
Who the Uh, what's going on?
In the Navy, we call it
"change of command".
During Captain Shaw's
unauthorized absence,
General Puckett handed
operational command and control
of Project Monarch to me.
I'll expect a full report and accounting
of your little field trip
on my desk by end of day.
What have you done?
[CATE] Did you find anyone?
[LEE] No one survived the crash,
and we're running out of time.
We need to find out
where Godzilla is going
before Monarch does,
so we need to move now.
- This is gonna lead us to him.
- That map belongs to us.
No, this map stays with me.
So we chase Godzilla, then what?
More people die? We can't stop him.
Stop him?
Jesus, Cate. I'm trying to help him.
Oh, my God. You're insane.
What I am is done debating. [SIGHS]
But if you come with me,
you'll know everything.
- I promise you.
- No.
The only place we're going
is after our father.
I'm out.
I'm going with them.
[STAMMERS] I'll leave you
plenty of water and food.
You won't need it 'cause civilization
is just ten klicks that way.
You go now, you'll be
there long before dinner.
[IN FRENCH] Allons-y.
think he was waving us away?
I don't know.
He just took off.
Maybe he was running from Godzilla.
Or trying to lure him,
you know, away from us.
At least we know he made it this far.
And so did we.
[CHUCKLES] He's alive.
So we keep looking.
[KENTARO] How many klicks have we gone?
[SIGHS] No idea.
How are we gonna go from here?
We don't have any money or phones.
How are we going to find Dad
without the map?
[CATE] Well, someone always seems
to have a backup of her backups.
You wouldn't let us down, would you, May?
It was a joke.
No, I can't do this anymore.
This is my fault.
- [CHUCKLES] What do you mean?
- Seriously. No, I sold you out.
- What?
- Just hear me out, okay? [PANTS]
A couple of years ago,
I pissed some people off
and I let some people down,
and so I had to run.
And then I ran to Japan
and I lied about my life
and my name, who I was.
And I was living nice and-and quiet
until Monarch figured me out
when they picked us up.
They left a deal on the table,
and they said that if I told them
where we were,
I could go home and I
could get my life back
and I could be with my family.
[SIGHS] And so, yes, I sold us out,
and I'm the reason that they found us.
"The only way out is through".
- Look, I have money.
- I don't want your goddamn money.
Listen, I have a lot of money.
And I never touched it because
the wrong people could find me.
But I don't care anymore.
It doesn't matter.
I can get us wherever you wanna go.
Go to hell.
Cate, I'm sorry.
Cate. [SIGHS]
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