Money Heist (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 Can I have a decaf, please? "Hello, this is Marivأ­'s answering machine.
When you hear the beep, you can leave a message.
" Mum, I've just finished.
It's Excuse me, do you have a phone charger? No.
Do you want to use mine? 20 HOURS INTO THE ROBBERY -Really? Don't you mind? -No, no.
Are you sure? Thanks.
I have to make a couple of calls.
-It's all right.
-Thanks a lot.
SATURDAY 6:25 AM Mum, I've just finished, I'm on my way.
"Superintendent Sأ،nchez, leave your message.
" This is inspector Murillo.
I know it's late, but I wanted to tell that, if Intelligence is in charge, due to I don't know which type of diplomatic interests, I'm not going to be your figurehead while those thugs force their way there.
So I feel obliged to resign.
Good night.
Good morning.
-You're welcome.
Excuse me, but you're It's you "I started telling the story of a kidnapping, because everybody will remember those days of siege in the Fأ،brica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.
The streets downtown were closed, all TV channels broadcasted live for 24 hours, the police burnt their academy manuals and they didn't know how to eat that pie in the sky of those poor wretches trying to print their own money, but many other things happened and nobody remembers them, things that changed us all to the point of not knowing who the bad guys were and who the good guys were.
" Excuse me, when you negotiate with those people, do you give them what they want or do you just have a chinwag to buy some time or? -Well, don't answer me, I just -Every case is different.
Sure, I'm sorry.
But But well, yes, we try to calm things down and buy some time.
"In fact, we were the ones buying time, the sentence time is money had never been better used.
A lot of money.
Every hour we printed eight million euros, 1,400 sheets of paper money from which we cut 140,000 50 euro notes.
Everything was so calm during the hours of dawn that it seemed the plan was going smoothly.
The Professor was our Big Brother, controlled the police radio and 18 cameras, so if somebody wanted to fuck us, we'd knew it well in advance.
We took turns to watch the hostages, the entries and of course the production.
After only 20 hours there the presses had already spit 52 million euros, so at that point we all thought it was possible.
But all that calm was just the dead calm before the storm, things were going to screw up so much we would be on the brink of losing the game.
And if you ask me why, I'll say it's due to a simple love story.
After all, love is a good reason to make everything go wrong.
" I'd like to ask you a favour.
May I? "There's movement, everyone get ready.
" Deputy inspector, they're opening the doors.
"There are seven men, armed with M-16s, sir.
" Don't do anything, all right? -It's a unique opportunity.
-Don't do anything.
Take off your mask.
I'm begging you, please, not to shoot.
My name's Mأ³nica Gaztambide.
She's a hostage.
I'm just here to read a statement.
I'm speaking on behalf of the robbers.
We're 67 hostages, all of us in perfect health and well cared of.
There are no victims or wounded.
We're all dressed alike and it's impossible to tell us from the robbers, so any attempts of assault -could cost the lives -"The Dalأ­ with the megaphone -is giving her orders.
-The one with the megaphone is a robber.
" "I request the green light, sir.
Target at range.
They're coming in, last chance, sir.
Last chance, sir.
They're coming in, I repeat, they're coming in.
" No, don't shoot.
Don't shoot, do you hear me? Let them in, let them go back in.
Do you hear me? Let them in.
"As we have just seen, the robbers have read a statement where they said they regret having hurt the police officers.
" It seems the hostages are in perfect health "and the assailants do not intend to use violence.
" "My daughter, I know you don't like Paula sleeping in your bed, but she insisted and I didn't want to argue with her.
Don't get angry.
" We're locked up and we really don't know how long this could last, but as long as they don't blow my head up, I'll take care of you.
As long as you don't try to trick me, or communicate with the outside, everything will be fine.
From now on we're getting organized.
We're giving you some tasks so you don't feel down.
-What's your name? -Pablo.
Do you do any exercise? Yes, I'm the athletic captain at school.
Step forward, captain.
Step forward.
Man! Arturito.
-Did you sleep well? -Well, yes.
Tell me, are you good at DIY? No, no, sir, I'm totally hopeless.
In fact, when I have a flat tyre, my wife changed it.
Are you telling me you don't have a drill? -No.
-Think carefully what you say, because I have a fucking lie detector right here.
Let's see Second chance.
Are you good at DIY? -I hold my own.
-Step forward.
Would you feel better if we brought you an anxiolytic? -Yes, please.
-Very well.
-Does anyone else need medication? -Me.
I'm diabetic.
-Come with Sonsoles, please.
-And me.
I'm taking sertraline.
Anyone else? Me.
I'd like to ask for an abortion pill.
You said you don't know how many days we'll be here and I'd like to sort this out as soon as possible.
You'll get it today.
You, come with me, I'm taking you to Mr Romأ،n's office, you'll be more relaxed there.
I also have a request.
Yes? I'd like to erase a picture from the internet.
I'm sorry, that's not in my hands.
I've been tricked, they took me to a toilet and they got a picture of me naked.
And now my parents, my teachers, all the media are seeing it.
You can record a message, a video, so they calm down, and we'll send it.
All of you will be allowed to record messages for your families.
Nairobi, come on.
Come on, tough guys, your hands behind your head and move to the left in a row, sticking your chests out as if you were the national team.
Move, athlete.
Do you see this dotted line? You're going to break the concrete not going one centimetre away from it, as if it were a cut-out for children.
There are 48 metres downward until you get to the sewer pipe.
The shift will last three hours.
And when you finish your shift and you go back with the hostages, not a fucking word about what we're doing down here.
-Any questions? -No.
That's good, that means I was clear.
Come on, let's get to work.
You, put on the hearing protection -and take the hammer.
-I've never used one of those.
There's a first time for everything.
And be careful.
You wouldn't be the first one to lose a foot with that.
-"Dad, mum, I'm fine.
" -In Spanish, please.
Hi, dad.
Hi, mum.
I'm fine, they feed us and I've slept in a bag.
Mum, this is not awful, okay? There's no violence.
"Mum", mum.
I guess you've seen the photo I uploaded on the internet.
I didn't upload that photo and it doesn't have to do with the kidnapping, it was a classmate who tricked me and I can't.
Do not give so much importance to this photo.
It's It's just like when you go topless on the beach, you know? Nobody cares.
I don't go topless on the beach.
And I don't kiss with boys in the toilets of a museum.
When my arm was put in a cast it was the most exciting thing that happened to me this year.
A kidnapping is more exciting.
Well, think about what you're telling your parents, okay? And calm down, I'll wait for you.
-You're serious.
What's wrong? -Why the fuck do you care? I'm just a child, the bedtime hobby of the last five months, right? The silly guy with the badge.
I said you were a child and that I never would be with you so that you didn't get a bullet in your breastbone, because I don't give a damn if it's me who gets it.
You don't believe that, you didn't do it for me.
What's the matter with you all? Since I came here you're always making scenes.
They've turned on a phone.
It's Alison Parker's.
Hack it.
You know what's up? I'm sure you waited for us to get out of Toledo to start with all this fucking shit that I'm a child.
She's trying to log in in her profile.
Come on, come on.
If I was your fucking gigolo, just tell me.
You were my fucking gigolo.
You were everything.
-I'm inside.
-Record it.
I don't want to go on with this conversation.
You have the fucking nerve to tell me you're mourning for your boyfriend, right? You didn't seem to be mourning when you asked me to push you against the wall.
I didn't see the rosary among your fingers.
If you ever talk to me that way, I'll smash your face.
Change to selfie camera.
Hey, what the fuck are you doing? What the fuck are you doing? -No, no! -Fucking hell, give me that! Hold on! It's offline.
Stop it.
Double the pixels.
We've got him.
-They're going to kill us.
-But what are you saying? -They're going to kill us.
-Hush! And then they'll run away using the tunnel we're making for them.
-It'll be a slaughter.
-Shut up, you don't know anything.
Think for a while, huh? Do you think they are so stupid as to let us free so we go to the police station to recognise them? Think, jeez.
-We're fucked.
-Two times they've told me I'm a dead man.
-Look what's under the canvas.
-Huh? Look what's under them.
I'm not staying here waiting like a guinea pig on my knees to be killed without doing anything.
Look under the canvas, see if you find weapons at least, come on.
Hello? "You call me at 6 in the morning and leave a confusing message where you talk about being a figurehead, thugs and empty words.
Well, I'm not bearing that in mind.
" You resign and leave a robbery with 67 hostages inside.
"I'm phoning you so you can fucking tell me that you won't be in charge of the case.
" I will be in charge of it.
Raquel, there are things which are above you.
"National Security, the Foreign Office, the CNI" But, remember well, you're the only person I know "who can solve this without violence.
" Thanks, superintendent.
And now go back to that tent and take the lead.
We have the face of one of the robbers.
-I'll cover you, come on.
-No way, no way.
Put your gut into it.
What's the matter, captain? -No way, no way.
-Weren't you the captain -of the rugby team? -Athletics.
Hurry then.
There are containers.
-It's petrol.
-Jesus! -And ammunition.
-Holy shit! What's that? Are they drugs? This is heroin.
It's heroin, man.
Jeez, leave that right now, it's the fucking plastic explosive.
Leave it, come to dig, come to dig.
Can anybody tell me why that machine -isn't working? -We're resting.
You'll rest when I tell you.
Or when it's your turn.
Okay, we'll go back to it right now.
Inspector, please.
Inspector, is there a conflict between Intelligence and the Police? Were the negotiations cancelled because of your family situation -after your complaint for ill-treatment? -What? That's all, okay? -How does that scum know that? -I don't know.
You're already back? -Have you got a minute? -Sure.
Colonel Prieto.
Look, I've been a bit nervous these last hours, but I'd like our relationship to be a little smoother.
I think both of us can contribute a lot in this crisis.
I appreciate your "mea culpa.
" So here I am, completely at your disposal.
But I want you to know, before there are any misunderstandings, that I'm a married man.
Raquel, Raquel.
A male, not older than 25, we recorded him with Alison Parker's mobile phone.
Identity? We're on it, facial recognition are checking the PERPOL.
-I want to see the whole video.
-Play the image.
We couldn't record more than six seconds.
Stop it there.
It looks like a Makarov.
No, it's a Strizh 9mm, it's also Russian.
It's rare to see them here.
Tell the judicial police to question all the informers from the East in control of the black market.
-What's that on the wall? -Telephones.
Play the images of the back camera.
What do the labels say? Enlarge.
The hostage list? They're their phones.
Recognition can have his identity -in an hour or two.
-No, we're not waiting so long.
Don't you find striking such a special connection? "I was just about to call you, at this very moment.
" Well, considering I'm the negotiator and you the robber But we shouldn't allow this crime interfere with our relationship.
Don't know about you, but I see this as a chance.
-"A chance for what?" -To get to know each other.
"I assure you that if we had met in a bar, you wouldn't have paid any attention to me.
Tell me, inspector.
" Have you ever faked an orgasm? No.
Please, inspector, I beg you, don't lie to me.
Think about it, please.
Maybe yes, maybe I've done it.
Look, men are programmed to ejaculate within the shortest time.
"Women, to last the longest time possible.
" And that small feature of nature sometimes is solved with a fake orgasm.
And that's nothing but a small swindle.
A lie.
"Such as last evening's intervention, with three elite corps.
Inspector, I'm begging you not to lie to me, you'll put at risk innocent people.
" I won't.
And now tell me, why did you want to call me? Look, we need food and some medication: insulin, sertraline, albuterol, an abortion pill -"and anxiolytics.
" -An abortion pill? Requests from the hostages.
We all have personal problems, don't you think? -You'll get those requests.
Civil Protection will make the delivery, in transparent bags to avoid hidden weapons.
And now tell me, -you phoned me to" -So you surrender immediately.
I've got images from the inside, "I've got the identity of one of your men.
If I keep on pulling the thread, I'll know the identity of the rest of the gang.
" Inspector, I think "I'm offering you a deal with the public prosecutor.
" I can lower your sentences from 16 to 8 years, if you get out of there right now.
"Nobody has died and that gives me a little margin.
" I don't think it's a fair deal, we lose out.
"You've already lost.
" Look, in the rare event you get out of there, your faces will be in the news, "police stations and borders.
You're left without a plan B.
" -"Then we'll activate plan C.
" -You think I'm bluffing, right? Frankly, yes.
I'll tell you something so you see I'm not lying: "you've got 67 mobile phones attached with velcro on the wall.
" I give you one hour to accept my offer.
"Listen, inspec.
" We must call the police and guide them through the assault.
There's a phone in my office, in a coat that's hanging -"from a hanger.
-No way.
" -Listen, you've had 40 seconds -You go! I can't, I can't.
You know what'd happen if there's somebody there? -They'd shoot me.
-Just like I want to hear that machine working, jeez! -I don't want to say that again! -Sorry, sorry, we're sorry.
-He's very tired.
-I can't go on.
-I can't go on.
-I'm going to die, I can't go on.
-Come on, get out of there.
Get out and rest.
"Hello, Professor?" They have an image of all the phones on the wall.
There are no security cameras there, right? "No, of course not, only the one we set.
" So it was one of the hostages.
You missed a phone, so find it -or we're screwed.
-"Give me permission to punish him.
Either we block them with panic or they'll keep on playing the heroes.
" -What punishment? -"An exemplary punishment.
-His execution, for example?" -No.
Find that phone.
Are you really going to abort? Sorry about what I said yesterday, Mأ³nica.
It was out of place, I was an arsehole.
I've never been a very brave guy, you know? I've spent all my fucking life doing what the others wanted from me, never what I wanted to do.
And I needed to be in a situation such as this, jeez, with guns and bullets, to realise what I really want.
And I'm going to think about me.
Me and you.
And that baby you have inside.
I love you, Mأ³nica.
I love you so much, that I know.
You're the best that's ever happened to me.
I want you to continue with the pregnancy and I want you to let me be his father.
We're going to have a baby.
And I want to form a family with you if we get out of here.
What do you mean, if we get out? -They're digging a tunnel.
-What? Yes, they have a lot of plastic explosive and petrol containers.
-Stand up! -It'll be a slaughter.
There's one way: contact the police and guide them in the assault.
I've got a phone in my office, in the coat.
I don't know how to get there.
-I'll go.
-No, no, no.
There's always a hero who thinks he can save the others.
Who thinks nobody will notice that he's plotting a strategy to contact the police.
Congratulations, because one of you made it, recorded an image from the inside and sent it to the police.
"Anأ­bal Cortأ©s, born in Getafe.
" He's an alarm expert, worked for two years in security companies, he's associated with the robbery of a mansion in Geneva.
He's got a warrant issued by the Interpol.
So I'd like to give him the chance to step forward so you can all thank him.
And also give me that phone.
He must have visited the Casa de la Moneda to study the alarm systems.
Check the hard drives of the security company.
With a bit of luck, maybe he went there with some other gang members.
Undress him.
-Come on.
-Are you sick or what? Pay attention.
Come on, take off your shirt.
-Come on.
-It was one of you.
I don't know who it was.
Denver, undress her.
You recorded a video in the phone room, right? -What's up? -I can't breathe.
Let me go with the girls.
Let me go with the girls! Berlin, I'm taking her away.
-Berlin, Berlin.
-What's the matter now? I know what happened.
I got distracted for a while and I saw Alison trying to erase the fucking photo, that's all.
A mistake, that's all.
What's up, have you got an attention deficit? Because if you're one of those children with problems, I should be the first to know.
I haven't got any problems.
Tokyo came in, all right? And we argued, that's it.
-It won't happen again.
-Now I see.
One more time, it all comes down to a sentimental reason.
You don't know how much you remind me of myself.
I was 18, she was 44, she was my French teacher, -I was outstanding.
-I don't know what this is about, -Tokyo isn't 44.
-She's 15 years older than you.
And when you're young and you're with a woman who's halfway through, everything seems even better.
They've got the experience teenage girls don't have and they're even more grateful than the ugly ones.
My teacher gave me her mature flesh every time as if it were my fucking birthday.
You know why? Because with you they savour the lost youth, before tumbling down the slope of age.
Of course Of course there's a small difference between your love story and mine.
In my case, I wasn't in a robbery with hostages, endangering my mates' lives.
"An assault to the epicentre of money, the most outstanding robbery ever.
Bizarre robbery calls international attention.
" What do you think? Do you want a coffee? Jesus, we have an officer in the ICU, 67 hostages, a lot of guys armed to the teeth and for the reporters this is something colourful.
I don't care about the headlines, what worries me is that they have too much information and that doesn't help us.
Are you okay? I'm going out for lunch.
I'll be back in 15 minutes.
All right.
Listen, the inspector is coming out.
"Move the paparazzi away.
" Leave the boxes on the ground and go back really slowly.
"I've got a phone in my office, in the coat.
" It's very hot here.
The medicine.
I'm going Hey! May I? Sit down.
Sit down! The medicine is here.
Hand them out.
-I'm going to sit down.
Come outside.
Come outside.
You may think what I'm telling you is bullshit.
I don't think abortion is a very good idea.
"The kidnappers have been locked up in the Fأ،brica Nacional de Moneda.
" They're not leaving that place, right? Those people, I mean.
You must be desperate to do something like that, right? That's what makes them so dangerous.
No, but they don't want to hurt anybody.
Well, that's what they said.
So they wouldn't be armed, don't you think? Sure, I guess you're right.
But you don't try to rob the Fأ،brica de Moneda y Timbre with a slingshot, right? "The assailants were surprised by a patrol while they were trying to escape with bags of money and they shot the two officers who tried to.
" The bill, please.
And? Do you know how many they are? Because in some places they say they're seven.
-Excuse me.
Hello? "Raquel, the boy was at the museum.
" How long ago? "Three months ago, the cameras got him as part of a guided tour.
" Was he alone? "No, you were right, he was with someone.
Listen, we have the identity of another robber, they sent you his picture from judiciary police, you should receive it right now.
" Ah! Ah! -Where have you got it? -What are you talking about? -Where is the recorder? -But what? It's a coincidence you're here every day -asking me questions.
-I don't know -Who do you work for? -Pardon? -Who the fuck do you work for? -I'm not a journalist, my name's Salvador Martأ­n, look my wallet.
Antonio, please.
-What's the matter, Salva? -I don't know I know him, he comes here every day.
You need dough for the baby, right? -Yes.
-No, no Yes.
Listen, this is a robbery, you may get something for you.
No, not really.
Hide this in your underwear now.
20,000 bucks, you can buy nappies for him -until he leaves university.
-It's not that.
It's really not that.
I appreciate it, but Give me the pill and I'm going back inside.
So what's up? -He'll screw up your life.
-Pardon? Your son.
It's better he screws up your life rather than any of these motherfuckers, or me.
-Are you going to screw up my life? -Life gets screwed up very easily.
One day you're working smoothly, four lunatics with Dalأ­ masks come in, one of them goes crazy, he shoots his gun and fuck off.
This screws up your life.
Not a baby.
What do you know about what screws me up? What do you know? My mother wanted to abort me.
But first she had a snowy spliff with the horse she had to sell to pay the abortion.
And the municipal police arrested her in a shitty portico.
I was born among the jail, the drugs and the police.
And what do you know? Because it seems your job is not one adventure after another, and when you go out it isn't a party, either.
-Or do you do "kilates"? -Pilates So I was right.
And you go for a drink on Friday.
Fucking shit, girl, another plan screwed up due to the baby.
Who do you go out with? Where are your friends? I'll tell you.
At home, with their babies.
Do they look screwed up? No, right? What crazy thing do you do that you can't do with a baby? If his father is an arsehole and he misses it, that's better, all his affection for you.
Do you know how much he can love you? What are you doing, Denver? I'm giving her the pill to abort.
What's up? Does she need you to put it in her mouth with a little water? Abortion is a private thing, right? Women decide, but not in front of everybody.
Anyway, I'm I'll think about it until we get out of here.
I'm glad you want to continue with the pregnancy.
Now go back to the office with the others.
Did you just come from a stag party? Or were you going there? "That wasn't the first time Berlin put his hand in the knickers of an honest woman, but it'd be the first time he'd take it out so soon.
Maybe Mأ³nica would have preferred him to let himself go, follow his instinct and forget about the phone that had rung between her legs, but it wasn't so .
" Denver.
What will happen with our authority when I tell the others? "Even Berlin could distinguish pleasure from duty.
" Kill her.
You heard me.
Let's see.
"For the first time I realised there was something that had always been wrong in all my love affairs.
They had always taken care of me.
But this time it'd be different.
" What's up? Jesus, Tokyo, Tokyo.
Tokyo! Jesus, go and find Berlin.
"Listen to me.
If anybody touches him again," I swear to God that the next shot will be against Helsinki, Berlin or against you.
You're out there, free, while we're risking "our fucking lives in this mouse trap.
" What? "Helsinki, put the gun down.
" What are you doing? Helsinki.
Put the gun down.
Don't do it, please.
Why did you have to get that fucking phone? Sorry.
Why the hell did you have to trick me? Tokyo Rio, don't! Where do you think you're going? You did more than enough today.
Do you know what will happen if I don't kill you? -They'll kill me.
-No And then they'll kill you.
So now what? "I wasn't even listening to my shouts, I only wanted to write a fucking love letter.
While the guns and the gazes were pointing at me, reality fell like a concrete slab and I knew the five months during which I had believed in something were over.
" Your love story has fucked up your escape plan.
"They've got you.
" "And Rio too, the police know who you are.
" "You're in every news programme.
" For fuck's sake.
For fuck's sake, man.
Come on, man.
Come on, man.
Ah Ah On your knees.
Don't look at me.
Don't look at me.
-Don't fucking look at me.
Don't fucking look at me.

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