Money Heist (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 And then they'll kill you.
You're dead, anyway.
For fuck's sake.
For fuck's sake, man.
Come on, man.
-On your knees.
Please, don't kill me.
SATURDAY 12:30 PM Don't look at me.
Don't look at me.
-Please, don't.
-Don't fucking look at me.
Don't fucking look at me.
What the hell was that? 26 HOURS OF ROBBERY What happened? Calm down, Jesus! Calm down.
Have some fucking strength, or we won't get out alive, right? You have to give it some balls.
Shut up, shut up.
-Shut up.
Tell them you killed me and you got rid of the body.
-I'll hide.
-Where the fuck will you hide? In vault 2.
I've got the fingerprint.
Nobody will get in.
I'll hide.
Tell them you killed me.
-Tell them.
-There's not a single drop of blood.
-There's not a single drop of blood.
-Shoot me here, come on.
-Shoot me in the hand.
-Don't talk nonsense.
-Shoot me.
-For fuck's sake! -In my shoulder.
-The shoulder? Shoot me in the shoulder.
The shoulder is so close to the lung.
I can't do it.
In my thigh, it bleeds a lot.
I've seen it.
My brother got hurt with an iron and he bled a lot.
Come on.
Bite my hand if you want.
Okay, okay.
-Okay, okay.
-No! Two shots Have you got bad aim or do blondes get you nervous? If she grabs your knee and begs you not to kill her, it's not easy.
Why didn't you kill her? You're a fucking bastard.
You don't want to stain your hands with blood, but you stain mine.
If you ever touch me again, you're dead.
There's a coal boiler in the basement.
Put her inside.
Later you'll clean all this.
Paula? Paula, honey! Where are you? Where are you, Paula? Paula, honey! Paula "Now I don't live in Almazأ،n.
I live in Madrid.
The bus that goes downtown is number 21.
I've got two daughters.
The keys are in a drawer in the hall.
I live with Raquel and Paula.
My brother is sick.
The keys are I've got two daughters.
Raquel is Paula always has her way.
Paula's father has got a restraining order.
Never let Paula go with her father.
" Hello? Professor, the one hour term I gave you has finished.
I need to know if you're going to surrender.
When you were a child, what games did you play in the playground? With the jump rope, "hitting the can, the donkey.
" I played ladybirds too.
I was very good at that.
"I played cops and robbers.
" Is it familiar? Some of us played cops and had to catch the others and when they got you, they got you, but I don't remember a single child in that playground who surrendered before he was caught.
Children in the school playground do not risk going to prison for 8 or 16 years.
You're right.
You're absolutely right.
That's why I asked my mates.
"We voted, and you know what?" We're enthusiasts.
Finally we've decided to go for the zero years in prison.
"Hello, it's Raquel.
I can't answer right now.
If it's something urgent, leave a message after the beep.
" A lot of people are suffering.
What do you plan to do? Take paper and a pen.
"I need a lorry" a 3-axle one, with a trailer for 18 tonnes, two more tankers, with propane gas to escort it and the ship Malaika with flag from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
Is it familiar? It's the one seized nine months ago with 2,800 kilos of cocaine.
It's docked at Ferrol's military port.
It'll won't be easy to get the green light to your requests, due to logistic issues, safety issues.
Imagine this: a building collapses and there are 67 people inside.
How many arrangements do you think they would approve to save the lives of those innocent people? Inspector, let's be clear.
You only have two choices.
One: to punish us.
Two: to save lives.
And I'm afraid you can't choose both things.
"You have a new message.
Mum, I've just finished.
I'm on my way.
To call back, press 1.
" I'm going to promise you one thing.
If you refuse to punish us, I'll give you those 67 hostages in perfect health, when we are in international waters.
And I assure that's not the first choice I had.
I hate the sea, the fish and the sand on the beach.
"But life don't always give you an easy way out, don't you think?" "I got a message from my daughter this morning, from that phone.
I don't I'm Raquel Murillo's mother.
And I can't locate her.
Please, do you know where she is? It's urgent.
" We're bringing that lorry to get them out of that mouse trap.
It'll be easier for us in the open field.
Let's get the vehicles ready with narcotic gas.
-They're not coming out.
-How do you know? They opened that vault, but they didn't want the money.
They waited for the police.
They shot.
"They dropped two bags, coincidentally open, dispersing the notes in the street.
" -So? -They wanted to pretend they were trapped to win two days of negotiation.
But they're inside on purpose.
With a Browning machine gun, red overalls, masks and everything.
They triggered the alarm two hours after they had come in.
"Once they had opened the safe vault.
" They used the money as the excuse for a common robbery, but it wasn't casual.
They came in when the ambassador's daughter was there.
"That's why that man speaks without hesitation.
He's in control, because he knows everything goes according to plan.
What plan is better than going out with the eight millions of the safe vault? They're printing their own unmarked money.
-It's here, right? -Yes, wait.
Be careful.
-Why isn't it working? -The finger isn't clean.
Has it got delayed opening, like the other one? No.
-Come on.
-You can't come in.
-I've got a phone call for inspector Murillo, Raquel Murillo.
-It's urgent and private.
-It's urgent.
-Go ahead.
-Stretch your arms.
Come with me.
-An incoming call in the repeater.
-Record it.
It's recording.
"A civilian is going towards the command post, he's with Almansa.
He wants to see the inspector, a private and urgent matter.
" Excuse me, inspector, but I've got your mother on the phone.
I guess you phoned her from my phone.
Excuse me.
I think it has to do with your daughter.
-Hello? -"Darling.
" -Mum, what's up? -Stop recording.
-"Paula has left with her father.
" -What? -"He told me it'd only be a while.
" -Mum, what did you do? -"They haven't come back yet.
" -Alberto has got a restraining order.
He can only see Paula every 15 days and he can't get in the house.
-"I know, darling.
" -Stop recording, jeez! -We can't.
-Then turn down the volume! "I couldn't" Mum, mum.
-How long ago did they leave? -"Two hours, I think.
" Okay, wait for me there.
-What a mess have you got here, huh? -Almansa, take him out, please.
The shots you heard were caused by a situation with the police.
It was caused by a hostage who didn't follow my rules and tried to contact using this phone.
And I wonder If I have Miss Gaztambide's phone Whose is this one? Is this tune familiar to any of you? What has happened? What are you doing? We've all heard the shots.
I've asked you what the hell has happened.
Not here.
We said no victims.
She had a phone.
What should I have done, give her some lashes? Scare her, not kill her.
Cut her an ear, like in the movies.
If she had given information to the police about how many and where we are, now you'd be the one having been shot.
But you'd keep your ear.
Who shot? Denver.
Too much hot blood.
The Professor said we wouldn't spill blood, -those were the rules.
-Well, there has just been a change concerning hostage control.
Understood? Calm down, the public opinion is on our side and that's not going to change.
When they notice there's a hostage missing, we won't be here.
We'll be far away.
Does the Professor know that? Huh? Does the Professor know you've broken the first fucking rule of the plan? Are you telling me about the rules? You, who due to your affair with this jerk almost killed an officer? We must call the Professor and tell him.
Call him, Rio.
He doesn't answer.
You can't look out and control everything 24 hours a day.
You must eat, sleep, go to the toilet.
That's why I'm in charge here.
We'll only get out of here if we're professional.
Can you tell me what the heck is going on here? I could hear you from the outside.
Berlin has ordered the execution of a hostage.
Who did it? Your son.
"A thief is, by definition, an inveterate optimist.
They always think everything will be all right, but the first who realised was Moscow.
He was one of those men who are honest, who give confidence, take care of you and tell bad jokes.
I felt tenderness towards him.
" What are you listening to? Great music.
Do you know how music was invented? -No.
-On a train.
There was a father and his son, whose name was Patxi.
The boy was very worried to know if the train would stop at their village or not.
Besides, the child was a real pest.
And he kept on saying: "Will it stop, dad?" And his father: "It will, Patxi.
" "Will it stop, dad?" "It will, Patxi.
" And what about Denver and you? Relatives and artistic duo in robberies? Yes, just like the Sacapuntas Duo, but with burglaries.
"That afternoon Moscow told me how he had dragged his son to that crazy robbery.
" My son shouldn't be here.
But when the Professor told me about the plan, I dragged him with me.
Hey! There.
Give me a hug, jeez.
You really like the food in prison, right? -Don't touch me, they're gases.
-Gases, sure.
And the saturated fats they give us to eat there.
-Give me a cigarette, come on.
I've got it ready.
How are you? How's your life? Fine.
Here I am.
-What's the matter? -What do you mean? -I'm excited to see you, dad.
-Don't try to fool me.
It's the sixth time you come to pick me up and you've never looked that way.
What the fuck is up? I've fucked it up.
What the hell did you do? He had lost 800 pills.
Of someone called Pole, a shitty dealer from Alcorcأ³n.
It seems they had been stolen from his car.
And he's got a boss.
That motherfucker is a lunatic.
And they break your nasal septum, they break you a leg So everybody knows you stole the drugs to the wrong man.
Dad, the deadline is finishing and I haven't got the dough.
I swear to God I haven't got it, they stole it from my car, I didn't sell it or anything.
I didn't take those pills, drugs make me ill.
So, not to have his meniscus broken by a baseball bat, you said: "Let's make him print notes.
" He's already done all the bad works: fur shops, savings banks, vans And now turn for a big one.
If everything goes well, I'm taking my son to a country whose name we can't even pronounce.
Without Poles, without pending cases, to start from scratch.
But of course, with mojitos and beaches.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
-Boy, don't you see I'm washing the floor? -I left my notes to study.
-You left your notes Come on, beat it.
-Don't be a pest, let me do it.
-Will you? -Dad, I have to study, -I left my notes.
I'm coming.
-Beat it, come on.
Come on.
Come on, go away.
Moscow! Stop.
For the last time, go back to your position.
What are you going to do? Shoot me? And then who? Everyone? Are you staying alone in this mouse trap? Son.
Have you killed that woman? Dad.
-I can't breathe.
Dad, what's up? What's up? Dad, is it a heart attack? Are you having a heart attack? Dad, no, no.
It's an anxiety attack.
Lie him down.
Lie him down.
-Dad, dad.
-That's it.
"Lying on that floor full of blood, Moscow knew there'd be no caipirinhas or any country they couldn't pronounce.
He hadn't taken Denver there to save him from something, but to sink him in a hole from which he'd only get out arrested or with a bullet in his chest.
" Excuse me.
The shot we've heard before Is anyone hurt? Calm down, all right? Nobody was hurt.
Okay? We only shot to dissuade an intervention.
Just that.
You've heard that.
Stop thinking weird things about those shots, okay? These people are robbers, not from the jihad or anything similar.
-Honey, I'm sorry.
It's a rollercoaster.
Well, which is the other one, where you get wet? -The spinning boats.
-Oh, yes, the boats.
Your mother.
Mummy! We've been at the amusement park.
It's so cool.
Of course, honey.
Mum, can you go upstairs and leave the teddy bear in her room? Sure, honey.
Come here, love.
You've violated a restraining order.
Turn around and stand against the wall.
Raquel, I'm her father.
You can't keep me away from Paula.
You've violated a restraining order.
Turn around and stand against the wall.
You've already screwed up my life.
Isn't that enough? -I said stand! -What are you doing? Really? Are you pointing at me with your gun? Hello? "Raquel, it's Salva.
I'm calling you from the cafeteria.
Look, this is urgent, you took away my phone.
Raquel?" Dad.
How are you feeling? I'm cold.
-Cold? -Yes.
-Bring a blanket.
-And some sugar, whatever.
-Come on, Helsinki, go get some sugar.
You're like a built-in wardrobe.
Don't know what happened to me.
It's because I spent the whole morning digging the tunnel.
And I only ate one of those shitty sandwiches.
Now rest, dad.
You know what would do you good now? A good stew, one of those you like.
-With chickpeas and pork.
The blanket, come on.
Relax, Moscow.
Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Now relax, all right? What are you doing here, dad? God! I wake up at 4:00 A.
and you're not in bed.
Nothing, jeez, I couldn't sleep and I went out to look at the sky.
The sky The sky is huge, right? Where must all that end? -What's up? -Nothing.
-Do you know why I left the mine? -Of course I do.
Due to that shit that was eating your lungs.
-The "syphilis.
" -The "syphilis", right? -What's up? -You're fucking brute.
-That's what I said.
But it wasn't that.
I left it because I suffered from claustrophobia.
-You? -Yes.
I couldn't stand being in that hole.
So I started with robberies to make a living.
And I ended up in prison.
Locked up, like my whole fucking life.
Are you okay, dad? You sound strange.
Not strange.
I'm fucking great, here, in the countryside, in the open air.
I wasn't born to be over a barrel.
-We're fucking great, dad.
And it'd be greater when we leave this place.
You know one thing? Fuck the Maserati and they gyms.
You know what we're going to do with our millions? We're going to buy an island.
So you can sleep in the raw among the palm trees.
In a hut.
One hut for you, another for me.
-No sleeping together like here, -because you snore too much.
-What are you saying? I don't snore, kid.
Dad, you snore like crazy, believe me.
-Do I snore? -You snore a lot.
-I don't snore.
-You sound like a trombone, dad.
Put it in.
One second, okay? There.
Let him rest.
Finish cleaning the toilet.
And then swap your position with Helsinki and watch the hostages.
I'm sorry.
I'm a mess.
No, really, don't worry.
I don't think I have any calls.
Let me see.
Look, not even a single WhatsApp.
See? I don't Excuse me, it's not my business at all, but is everything all right with your daughter? I stole your phone, I frisked you, I almost arrested you, but you're still worried about me? Well, you took the phone accidentally.
It was due to the nerves.
And the frisk was Well, it was funny.
What can I say? It was exciting.
"The recorder.
Where's the recorder?" -My arm was here -I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-Antonio was petrified.
Anyway, then he invited me.
So we're at peace now.
-Everything's fine, thank you.
I'm glad.
In the end, we worry a lot about many things and we shouldn't give so much importance to things.
In the end Well, actually nothing's fine.
Everything is quite bad.
Fucking awful, I'd say.
God Excuse me, but I No, the emergency was my ex-husband had taken my daughter and Well, he's got a restraining order for ill-treatment.
I brought you some things to treat you.
-Does it hurt a lot? -A bit.
Let's apply the tourniquet better, okay? -Okay.
-Let's see.
Let's see.
I think we should take out -Yes.
Shall I help you? Slowly.
Come on, almost there.
Okay, okay.
Jeez! Okay, okay.
Careful, careful.
Okay, that's it.
Oh, my God.
I think we should take the bullet out.
No, no.
No, there are muscles, bones and such.
-You'll make a mess.
-I'll do it carefully.
-How are you taking it out? -I take it out and -You can't take it out with that.
-It's better out than inside.
Some people have bullets and they're okay.
I've seen it on TV.
And pieces of glass It's all right.
-Okay, okay.
-Leave it there.
We'll cover the bleeding and see how you progress, okay? -Yes.
-Calm down.
Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Just like when we were kids and played that Operation game Okay.
I brought loads of antibiotics.
Painkillers, muscle relaxants Everything.
Won't that be bad? I hope it doesn't have contraindications.
Well, it can't have more contraindications than a bullet.
I was thinking of the baby.
You're right.
Okay, okay.
I'll read the pamphlet and see what we do, okay? Let me see.
"Read this pamphlet carefully before you start taking the medicine.
Keep this pamphlet, because you might need to read it again.
If you have doubts, ask your doctor or pharmacist.
This medicine has been prescribed and Okay.
Have you got more noodles? Not noodles.
I have some rice.
It's all right.
Moscow, what are you doing? Hey! What the fuck are you doing? Tokyo, what's up? -I don't know.
-Don't open the doors! Moscow! -They're opening the doors.
-Get ready.
-Come on, come on! -In your places.
Don't move! Snipers.
-"Alpha 1 positioned.
-Alpha 2 positioned.
Alpha 3 positioned.
" On the floor! Everyone! On the floor! Now! I have a shot.
-In three, two, one.
-Dad! -Cover your face! Cover your face! -Let me out.
-They're not wearing masks.
-"They're wrestling.
" -No, dad.
-I have to get out.
-Record it.
-"I can't see their faces.
" -I have to get out.
-Out? Why? "Sir, I have a shot.
" It's my fault.
You shouldn't be here.
You shouldn't have killed anyone.
-"Waiting for the order.
-Have I got the green light, sir?" -Let me out.
-You want to turn yourself in -so you can be the patsy.
-"We don't know if they're robbers.
Have I got the green light, sir?" -Let me out.
-I didn't kill her.
-Let me out.
-I didn't kill her.
She's hidden.
"The doors are closing, sir.
Three seconds.
-Doors closed.
-Don't shoot.
" Jesus! -Let me out.
-We're getting out, dad.
Outside, so you can breathe fresh air.
-I need some air.
I'm so sorry that you had gone through Through an experience so Well, if you need some kind of help, I can give you A phone always at your disposal, a bodyguard with glasses I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have joked about something like that.
-I'm a jerk.
-No, don't worry.
I apologise.
But I see you and And it doesn't fit.
It's not what I imagine when I think about About what? A battered woman? Because I've got a gun, right? Listen, the reality is that it doesn't start with a smack.
In that case, nobody would be with a violent man.
It's the other way round.
You're You fall in love with a charming and intelligent man who makes you feel the centre of the universe.
And when he asks you to change your profile picture and use a picture of your daughter, you think it's tender.
And when he tells you not to wear a miniskirt to work, you think: "I'm a woman who works in a men's world, he's actually protecting me.
" And then one day he raises his voice -You don't have to tell me.
-Yes, yes.
I need it.
Look, it's like It's like going down steps little by little.
Like in those horror films where somebody goes down to the basement and everybody thinks: "Don't go downstairs.
Don't do it.
" But you do it.
That's where I got the first slap.
And then the second, and the third And finally I got the divorce.
Didn't you report him? No.
He was a police officer, the most popular guy in the station, and I just wanted to lose sight of him.
I guess I was ashamed to sit down in front of my boss and tell him about a year and a half of humiliation and blows.
I've got a 9mm HK in my holster, but I really don't fucking know how to take care of myself.
Don't say that.
But the real drama came some months later.
Because my sister fell in love with him.
They started going out, and travelling.
And then I reported him, late and without evidence.
Because I didn't want my sister to get into that hell.
Do you understand? But, sure, I only seemed to be a pathological jealous woman making a fake complaint.
"See? The inspector didn't report him back then but she does now he's with her sister.
" But, Raquel, the police or the judges must believe you, it's impossible not to believe you.
Raquel, now I've felt the emotion and the helplessness.
There must be someone who can help you.
Who's going to help me? -Me.
Sorry, I don't know how I could help you, but Thanks.
There's movement in the building.
They opened the door for a few seconds and there was a brawl.
-We think it was with a hostage.
-Let's go.
Listen, I want you to know this is not a threat, but a personal favour I'm asking you, not as a robber.
I want you to put on the masks, the hoods and to get out to the terraced roof without any signals or silly things.
Only for 10 minutes, okay? You go out, have some fresh air and come back, all right? What do you want, to distract the police? The police is already distracted, so leave them alone and don't ruffle any feathers.
We're bait.
They're using us as bait.
-What's that? -They're throwing us to the wolves and meanwhile they'll escape using another door.
We're getting out due to humanity, because one of our mates needs to breathe, and I won't tell you again.
Don't move.
What fucking world are we living in? Nobody's willing to do anything for anybody, right? One of us has an anxiety attack and you only think that you're a bait.
Nothing's gonna happen.
Nothing's gonna happen, because I'm going out with you.
Why did he have an anxiety attack? Due to shots.
It was the shots, right? It was the shots.
Who did you kill? Who did you kill? Open your mouth, Arturo.
Open your fucking mouth, Arturo.
Open your mouth.
Now raise your left hand if you're going to keep on fucking around.
If you're going to keep your mouth shut, raise your right hand.
Denver, stop it, now.
Stop it.
Stop goofing around, please.
-He wasn't a hostage.
-Why do you say that? Because, unless they're Gandhi's disciples, they'd never let a hostage get so far without shooting him in the back.
One of them wanted to turn himself in.
Now, dad.
Breathe some air.
You don't need to do this for me.
I remember when mum left, you had trouble breathing, you went out to the balcony to try to do it every night.
So, it doesn't matter, you're going out there, breathe some fresh air and when you're calm, we'll get back.
Everyone with the masks and the hoods on.
Arturito, close to me.
Here Condor 3 calling the command centre.
Movement on the roof.
Suأ،rez, the snipers must be ready.
-"It's a big group.
" -Everyone in position.
"Maximum attention, we have visuals.
They're moving.
" -Dad, calm down.
Look, it's a fucking great day.
-It's very sunny, huh? Breathe and relax.
"It's a big group.
They keep on walking on the roof.
They're moving towards the edge of the roof.
" -Hello? -"What's going on?" -Why are they on the roof? -Moscow went out to have some fresh air surrounded by hostages with fake guns.
As you know well, I'd never have allowed this crazy thing, but right now my mates are convincing me -it's a good idea.
-"I don't want any further improvisation.
" Keep me posted of everything.
"They keep on walking.
They're getting to the edge.
" If you don't start having a cool head, forget about the millions, Acapulco and the garden full of children, because you'll screw all up.
You only have to do one thing: be professionals.
Doesn't this seem professional to you? -Precious.
-No, not precious.
A fucking note better than the ones in the bank.
They can't even trace it.
A work of art.
-And you know why? -Enlighten me, Nairobi.
Because it's been made with care.
I'm a professional.
But I don't know what to do when your father has the heebie-jeebies in the middle of this mess.
Are you a robber before a son? Huh, Berlin? Before a human being? For a shithead like you maybe yes, but I don't know.
-Didn't you kill that girl? -No.
-Tell me the fucking truth.
-I didn't! Berlin caught her with a phone, ordered me to kill her and I had to shoot her, -I had no choice.
-You're talking about Mأ³nica.
You're talking about Mأ³nica.
-What are you doing? -What did you do to Mأ³nica? Go back to your place.
This is not a courtesy call, Professor.
If you want me to be frank and not hide information from you, you should do the same.
Everybody has the right to stretch their legs.
"Don't you think it's solidary of me to let the hostages go out to breathe?" I assure it's not my intention torturing or scaring them.
"I only want to return them safe and sound" as soon as you give me what I requested.
That's all.
"I repeat, they're armed, take cover in the operation.
I request instructions.
" -What did you do? -Go back to your place.
-Tell me where Mأ³nica is.
-Go back.
-"Something happens.
-I request instructions.
" You killed Mأ³nica, Jesus.
She was innocent.
-Here Condor 1.
Visual of the targets.
-"I request the green light.
" -On your knees.
-What? -She was pregnant.
-Fucking snipers.
Let them think we're hostages.
Your hands on your head.
Don't play with me, stand up.
I'm talking to you.
-"Something happens.
-They're bending down.
" -They made them kneel to execute them.
-"I need a command.
" There are snipers.
On your knees, there are snipers.
Everybody down.
Go back to your place.
-"A lot of movement on the roof.
-Condor 3 here.
" One Dalأ­ is aiming with his gun at another.
-"I can see it clearly.
-I request instructions, sir.
" -I need authorization.
-"They're still on their knees, sir.
-I'm waiting for instructions.
" -Give me the green light.
-They're running.
-I have a shot at the kidnapper.
-What the fuck are you doing? -There are snipers, jeez.
-On your knees.
-"They're aiming.
" -Give me the green light.
-"They're going to execute them.
-They're going to shoot.
-I request to open fire.
" Put down the gun! "They're going to kill them.
" Green light.
Condor 3, open fire.
-"Target's down, sir.
-Target's down.
Target's down.
We have visual.
" He's the manager of the factory, Arturo Romأ،n.
-Stop the fire.
-Condor 3, stop the fire.
All units, stop the fire.
We've shot a hostage.

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