Money Heist (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 -"I'm waiting for instructions.
-I have a shot at the kidnapper.
" -What the fuck are you doing? -There are fucking snipers.
-On your knees.
-"They're aiming.
" -Give me the green light.
-"They're going to execute them.
-They're going to shoot.
-I request to open fire.
" Put down the gun! "They're going to kill them.
" Green light.
-Condor 3, open fire.
-Behind you.
SATURDAY 06:00 PM Good! Good, Mr Torres.
Very good.
But now let's change the series, okay? Let's change the letter, all right? Another country, yes.
Don't complain.
Come on.
Helsinki! Come down, hurry up.
-What have we got? -He's seriously injured.
Hurry up! You killed her, motherfuckers.
Hurry up.
Water, water, please.
Water, please.
Arturo, hold on tight.
Rio, Rio! Alcohol, alcohol.
I need you to take your hand off -Raquel.
"Ex-employees of the paper money factory have revealed the identity of the man hurt by the police.
It's Arturo Romأ،n, the general manager of the factory, who has just been hurt by the police forces, while he was on the roof with the robbers.
The events took place after 32 hours since the beginning of the kidnapping.
" 32 HOURS OF ROBBERY I need to talk to my wife, please.
I need to talk to my wife.
"They say that when we're at Death’s door we're finally able to see our life with clarity.
And Arturo Romأ،n, losing blood on a table, was waiting for that: Death's clairvoyance.
To find out once and for all who the love of his life had been.
Laura, the woman with whom he had shared 14 years of holy matrimony? Or Mأ³nica, his secretary and lover, with whom he had felt young again? Unfortunately, the only certainty Arturo had at that moment was that, if they didn't take out the bullet, he'd kick the bucket before solving the enigma.
And, frankly, our first aid courses weren't a guarantee for living.
" Inferior cava.
Right renal.
Right pulmonary.
This is the heart.
Subclavian, right and left.
Internal jugular.
External jugular.
And in red the main arteries.
Hey, stop, stop.
Let's see.
Do you want us to learn medicine this way, with two markers? If anyone is shot, he can't go to a hospital.
You have to manage inside.
-It'll be fucking suicide.
-Shut the fuck up.
One thing is to lock ourselves up in that mouse trap.
-Another thing would be that we die.
We're asking you to learn how to take out a bullet.
Don't start with "the epic tales about the outskirts".
It's not that hard.
You get the pliers, take out the bullet without screwing it up.
-That's all.
-The shot already screwed it up.
If they shoot me, take me to the hospital.
The answer is "no.
" Well, I prefer being lame and free rather than with excellent health but in a cell.
Nobody will go out.
Anyone of you is a clue and a thread that can be pulled.
If somebody wants to resign, this is the moment.
He will stay here during the robbery and then he'll leave.
Will the lesson last long? My willy is shrinking like Helsinki's.
Hey! What did you say about my willy? -Enough.
-Do you want to see my willy? Please.
Come on, get dressed.
Let another one lie here, please.
-Mr Willy.
-Come on.
Come on.
-No? No, no -Well, there we go.
-Well -Come on, Nairobi.
-It's all right, isn’t it? -Come on, Nairobi! So sexy! -She's black.
-Sexy, sexy.
-Go on.
-Wow! Okay.
Let's see what you learnt.
This is the carotid "And so, playing doctors, I found out Nairobi was more interesting than she seemed.
" The heart.
The aorta "And, although nobody knew anything about anyone," The abdominal aorta.
"what I never had suspected was that Nairobi had a son.
Or a daughter.
As it seemed by her C-section scar.
" -What are you doing? What are you doing? -Hey, hey! -Where are you going? -What's up? What are you looking at? -What's up? -Calm down.
You're going to eat that marker.
-What's up? -She's a bit of a lesbian.
Don't know what the fuck she’s looking at.
You're the lesbian.
Your nugget was as hard as a sugar cube.
As a sugar cube? I'm going to Stop it! "And that's where our friendship started.
" Raquel, the Ministry on the phone.
What shall I tell them? Raquel? What shall I say? -Raquel! What shall I say? -Pardon? -They'll ask who gave the order.
-I gave the order.
Tell them the wounded man is a hostage.
-And hang up the fucking phone! -He looked like a robber.
I asked for the green light.
I insisted.
Inspector, I assume responsibility with you.
Inspector, the ambulance is ready.
Let's talk to the kidnapper.
"Preparing the communication with the kidnapper.
" We had to make a decision.
They were It seemed they'd execute them, we had to decide, there was no time.
Silence, please! Professor? "You fired upon the hostages.
One is between life and death.
I guess that's why you’re calling.
" I've got the ambulance to evacuate the injured man.
Nobody's getting out of here.
-That man is bleeding out.
-"Due to the bullet you shot.
" Will you let him die? "Let me get a medical team there.
" Professor, listen.
I know it was my mistake, "but if a hostage dies, it'll be as awful for you as for me.
Believe me, in less" than five minutes public opinion will know that that man died because you didn't let us come in and save his life.
"Two surgeons and a nurse with surgical equipment.
-Let me know when they arrive.
" -Thanks.
"I also have something to ask you.
" The injured man wants to talk to his wife.
Of course.
Locate Mr Romأ،n's wife.
When can the medical team be here? By helicopter from La Paz, 10 or 15 minutes.
-Bring them here.
Now! -Okay.
Places everyone, come on.
Please, places everyone.
Excuse me.
Can you drive? Yes, yes.
I need to get out of here, go for a drive.
Hey, Raquel.
What's up? I have to think.
Don't look at me like that.
I'm not leaving you alone.
Where the fuck is she? That bitch has escaped! Let's see I'm coming.
There we go.
Tell me, my child.
"Will you be able to come here tonight?" -I don't know, mum.
-"But why? What's the matter?" Mum, it's I'm I made "a very big mistake at work.
" My child, your work is very difficult.
"Come on, tell me, there's nothing" that still seems so serious five minutes after being told.
I was drinking wine with "I like that.
With who?" Do I know him? No, mum.
I don't know him either.
The thing is When I came back to the tent, there was a very serious situation, "a risky one, on the roof of the factory and I thought one of the hostages was in danger," so I gave the order to open fire.
And an innocent man was shot.
I've seen it on TV, my child.
-"Now I don't know what to do.
" I don't know whether to phone his wife, give a press conference, resign I don't know what to do, mum.
Well, first of all, relax and don't blame yourself.
"They're there with masks and guns," locked up, all jumbled up.
You only wanted to protect the hostages, right? "Honey What if you had saved somebody's life?" What? You wouldn't be phoning me, right? "Well, and now I" wouldn't know that you meet strangers "and have a drink with them.
" God! I I don't meet strangers.
My child, we have so little time in this life Okay, mum, but that's not the question now.
The question is I'm in a critical situation at work.
Honey, send that work to hell.
"Why don't you tell them you want to stamp passports? This way you may have some fun.
Heavens!" "Or do you think in the future you'll be holding hands with the kidnapper" in an old people's home? You won't, my child.
But maybe with that stranger "Don't laugh, I know what I'm talking about.
I’ve been" a widow for 20 years and Time doesn't stop, my child.
And it doesn't go back either, you know? -Getting in the perimeter.
-I'll think about it, mum.
If you see it's late, go to bed, all right? Fine.
Listen and you go to bed "with someone too.
" RACHEL LIKES A STRANGER -What the fuck do you want? -I don't know.
I saw that earlier and And it drew my attention.
I didn't know what it was.
-Okay, I forgive you.
Okay, see you later.
What are you doing? Beat it, will you? I don't want any chitchat.
How old is he? Your son.
He's seven.
Where's he? With his father? With his father? Not with him.
He's never been with his father.
We don't know anything about his father.
What's his name? Axel.
His name's Axel.
It means "axe.
" -Axe.
-And he's an ace.
-Right Just like his mother.
That child is a survivor, you know? He has survived everything.
He's like a cork in the middle of the sea, he doesn't sink.
That's the way he is.
When he was three I had to take him away from my mother's house because her husband gave him anisette when I wasn't there, because his sobs bothered him.
So I took him away.
Only the two of us, not needing a family.
Me and him.
And we were fucking great.
But I screwed it up.
One day I had to go to get pills to sell.
And And I left him alone.
For five minutes.
I'd be away five minutes, right? And he made a mess with the fucking Spider-Man.
I piss on Spider-Man! Because he wanted to be a superhero.
He climbed everywhere.
He climbed very well.
And he got to the terrace through the window.
There he took a chair, went on the chair and shouted: "Mummy!" "Mummy!" He was three and a half.
Sure, five minutes later we had a police patrol, the firemen Everybody.
They caught me with the pills, with a record, without a job.
And to prison I went.
So my child started moving from one foster family to the next, from hand to hand.
And I got nothing.
Nothing, huh? I wasn't allowed a single visit, a single call Nothing.
Then I was released from prison and nothing happened.
They didn't give him back to me.
-Have you seen him again? -They won't let me.
But I know where he is.
-Really? -He's in the Canary islands.
He's with a family who owns a hotel.
He's fine.
Are you going to go and get him? I'm taking him and that's final.
To the other side of the world.
I'm telling you one thing.
In this robbery nobody's going to screw it up, me or anyone, if somebody makes a mess of it, I'll destroy his life.
Of all the plans all these people have, yours is the best.
And I'm telling you another thing Do you like tequila? It's 4:03 am.
There's a lesson early in the morning.
Plastic explosive.
It'd be great if you were rested for the class.
-We couldn't sleep.
-Go to bed.
-The three of us together? -Each of us to their bed.
The pyjamas look really good on you, Professor.
And you And you with the lights.
That guy really turns me on, he really turns me on.
-He really turns me on! -Really? I can't tell at all.
Can you notice? -A lot.
-Let him notice.
What a racket, man! Jesus Mأ³nica.
Hey Hey.
-What are you doing here? Are you crazy? -I wasn't feeling very well.
I think it's the medicine, it got me sick.
The medicine.
That will be it, the medicine.
Yes, child.
That'll be it.
Oh my, you're boiling like a kettle.
She must get the hell out of here.
-I'll help you.
-Wait, wait.
Could you leave me alone -for a while? -Yes.
What do you think? She's not feeling very well.
She looks bad.
If we don't take that bullet out bullet, she's fucked.
Dad, calm down, all right? She'll be fine.
Why did you fucking shoot her? Because Berlin was going to kill her.
I had no other choice.
Son of a bitch.
If he wants to kill somebody, he should pull the trigger, not you.
We came for a robbery.
Not to kill people.
Or to save lives.
We're fucking wretches, jeez.
-Of all the people -Dad, calm down.
Calm down.
Mأ³nica, have you finished yet? Yes.
-Let's go.
-Raquel, wait a second.
I want to talk to you.
I want to infiltrate the medical team.
Somebody's getting in, but not you.
There's always someone better than me for everything.
Raquel, I'm a firearms expert.
I can get there and, at a glance, know how many they have, what type and if they're fake or not.
We can know who the robbers are.
You're right.
You'll come with me and cover the doctors.
Now I'll tell you what we’re doing.
I heard a shot before.
The police.
They shot a hostage.
-A hostage? -Yes.
Who? Who? Who did the police shoot? The manager of the factory.
Arturo? Did the police kill Arturo? No.
They didn't kill him.
-Is he okay? -Yes.
Is he alive? -Is Arturo okay? -He's fine.
-Are you sure? -Sure.
-Is he okay? -A surgeon is coming in.
With his team.
He'll have surgery and will be saved.
-Is he having surgery? -Yes.
You must tell him I'm alive.
You must tell Arturo.
-Do you hear me? -Nobody is telling anything.
Because you'll be fine and he will as well, okay? Come on.
Let's have a look at the wound.
Calm down.
He is going to blame himself.
I took the phone because he told me to.
And that now I'm dead because of him.
You must tell him I'm alive, okay? And his son too.
Are you pregnant? Very well.
-Give me a pen, please.
When? Thanks.
أپngel! I've decided to get our officers inside the building.
I'll do it by taking advantage of the medical intervention.
I celebrate these decisions you make during ambulance rides.
But my presence here responds only to the government's wish that there isn't a violent outcome.
Wow! The CNI officer has suddenly become a pacifist.
Weren't you the one who wanted to get the tanks in there? I wanted to catch them by surprise.
Finish with this soon.
But now the priority is zero victims.
So I advise to negotiate and wait.
It must suck a lot being here all day believing you're the best, not having to make any decisions, right? Like being in a hostage crisis talk show.
Inspector, I'm not going to bite because I understand at a certain age hormones take over inside.
-I know it because of my mother.
-Where are you going? As you'll understand, I have to inform about all this.
Of course.
So far the kidnappers have always been ahead of us.
Everything was planned.
Except this shot.
It's the first thing not according to plan.
And we must take advantage.
The only way to get in without being detected by their cameras is to advance along this tube in the subsoil that leads straight to the basements.
It's the ventilation nozzle.
It was added seven months ago to release the heat from the presses.
It's a work in progress.
-They probably won't know it’s there.
-I need two of your men to get in there.
Officer Garcأ­a Lobo, here, and I'll go with him.
Deputy Inspector Rubio "will go with the two surgeons and will get in as a nurse.
" "At 06:15 pm the medical team will come in.
According to the head of internal medicine the surgery won't take more than 30 minutes.
" But they can go on exactly until 7:00 pm.
When the doctors go out, there'll be a big number of kidnappers to watch them.
That's when Suأ،rez and Lobo will get in through the subsoil.
"They'll get to the basement’s catch basin dressed with red overalls and Dalأ­ masks.
" They'll infiltrate among the hostages.
We'll only be successful if we do it like clockwork.
Inspector! -Arturo Romأ،n's wife is here.
-One moment, please.
Suأ،rez, get moving.
Take care of the doctors.
And be careful.
Get the operation ready! What happened? Is my husband okay? Your husband is conscious and stable.
He was shot by mistake.
-Shot? What do you mean? -He's injured, but alive.
Calm down.
Calm down.
The kidnappers allow us to get in a surgical team and he'll have surgery immediately.
Sorry, but I wasn't even listening, sorry.
Calm down.
Everything's gonna be all right.
-Sit down, please.
-Can you talk to him right now? -Yes.
Take this.
Almansa, record it! We must take that bullet out right now.
You do it, dad.
You're more cold-blooded.
Where's the surgical kit the Professor gave us? -There's a scalpel there.
-Berlin's got it.
I don't think it’s a good idea to ask him for it.
The surgeons! Go and steal their tools.
-Wait! Wait! Give him the note, please.
I'll clean the wound now, okay? Relax.
You're going to be fine.
-"Hello?" -Professor, Arturo Romأ،n's wife is here.
Arturo! What's your wife’s name? Laura.
What a beautiful name.
Well, you can talk to Laura.
Wives are good for moments like these.
They're comforting.
Nobody remembers his wife when you're in front of the disco, high as a kite, but If you have a problem, an accident or you're simply scared, things change.
Are you thinking about your secretary right now? Huh? Yes? No.
But who can think about lovers with babies who could be aborted -or simply nothing? -Spare me the speech, will you? Listen to me.
If you say something weird, I'll give you the coup de grace and your wife will hear it live.
Understand? Inspector! They're turning on a phone.
We must tap that phone.
I want to see the selfie and main cameras.
There, there.
"Hello, darling.
" Arturo, darling, how are you? Fine, fine.
I'm fine.
-"It was a clean shot.
" -There's no image.
No selfie or main cameras.
They've covered them.
"They're letting some surgeons in.
" I know.
Look, I've I've been thinking about you and And everything we did wrong.
Don't think about it, darling.
Not now.
"Not now.
" Besides, it's my fault.
I know we're not fine.
We haven't been fine for some time.
I've neglected you and our children.
I've been selfish.
I promise all that's going to change, you hear me? "I promise that's going to change.
For 10 years you've been saying you want to see your sister in Australia.
" Take the opportunity so the kids can learn English.
And see kangaroos.
"That's the first thing we'll do when we go out.
" I owe you that.
I'll do it for you.
Because I love you so much.
All these years wasted, chasing Thinking all that mattered was money and the status and "But you're the only important thing.
It's always been you.
" Since the day I met you.
I swear there are times when I try to remember that day "And I wonder what the hell you saw in me, Mأ³nica.
" Laura.
You just think about getting out of there.
"Just think about that.
I love you.
" I love you, honey.
Are you okay? Calm down.
You're really experienced, Arturo.
Your secretary with the belly Laurita waiting for you in the 4x4 with the children.
You, surrounded by money, are a legend.
Berlin! The doctors are outside! You must excuse me.
-Do they all know what they have to do? -They do! Of course they do! Are you ready? Well, they're ready.
Mercedes! Are you ready? -Yes, sir.
-I want her out of here.
Rio, take her to an office.
Put on your masks! And with me! Rock and roll! Come in.
Leave everything on the floor.
Close the door.
Move forward.
Your hands on your head and legs apart.
We're frisking you.
Get him out of here, please.
"Listen to me.
" One of the nurses is an undercover cop.
-Which one? -"The one with glasses.
You know what you have to do.
" -Perfectly.
Let's get to it.
-Berlin! It has to be a fucking precision work.
I know.
People! The one with glasses is the cop.
They'll come in.
Maybe during an assault, during an emergency It could be the Red Cross guy or the pizza guy, but it's obvious they’ll try to infiltrate someone.
And that will be our chance to try and give them a Trojan horse.
Do you know what that is? -I don't know, but it rhymes easily.
-No! -The Trojan horse -Was pretty hoarse! Shut up and focus, Jesus! Sorry.
I'm sorry.
The Greeks were at war with the Trojans.
One day the Trojans found in front of their city a wooden horse, a huge wooden horse! And, out of vanity, they thought it was a surrender present by the Greeks.
So they opened the gates and they put it inside.
But they didn't know that horse was hollow and full of Greek warriors.
That night the Trojans lost the war.
And that's exactly what we are going to do.
When they try to get in thinking they're winning the battle Leave all your metallic objects on that tray.
If you have weapons, microphones I also advise you to let them there.
We're going to track any type of radiofrequency.
Take off your shoes too.
And now lie down.
On the ground.
Very well.
Like cockroaches.
Stand up.
Put on your shoes.
Take only the glasses.
You're going to need them.
"Now yes Welcome.
Take your things and come with me.
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