Money Heist (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 -Yes? -"Inspector.
It's Suأ،rez.
We’ve found something in the CCTV footage of the museum.
-It's important.
" -I'm on my way.
SUNDAY 8:35 AM -Here you are.
-Thanks, أپngel.
We've reviewed the hard disk of the surveillance cameras Listen, listen, Raquel, I'd like to apologize for last night.
I hadn't slept for 48 hours, I had a few too many glasses of wine.
-I don't want you to think -أپngel, don't worry.
It's fine, okay? 46 HOURS OF ROBBERY Look, Suأ،rez has found a break in the case.
It's the surveillance footage of the day Anأ­bal Cortأ©s y Silene Oliveira "visited the museum.
" -Look closely at the items they put on the tray at the entrance.
Zoom in as much as you can.
There, stop.
Enlarge it.
Those are car keys.
"Of a Seat, an old one, in the original key holder.
Presumably between 1989 and 1996.
We have the date and the time they entered," and the car model which they drove.
We'll canvass the area.
Security cameras, car parks, shops, banks, "car park tickets from regulated parking areas, everything.
" Rule out.
"The other file, scroll up.
We have to find that car at any cost.
Go through it.
We've got it.
" It's an Ibiza from 1992.
" Those keys and that car will take us where it all began.
-Shut up.
-Here are the car keys.
Nairobi and Rio get changed to go to the museum.
Me? Really? -You.
-To the city? But, don't send me with that kid, send me with a real man, with Helsinki.
Why don't you send me with Helsinki? Yes, Helsinki prefers the hairy chest type.
Wasn't you and I who were going? Check the CCTV cameras against the sketch from my previous visit.
We need to confirm the location, the angles and the objectives.
Come on, change your clothes.
Helsinki, a queer.
My goodness! But you like men.
War, prison I see, I see.
Women, no.
You don't like them, do you? -Wasn't it me who was going with Rio? -I've changed my mind.
Have you? What's happened? Nothing, I've changed my mind and period.
What's happened? So, you don't trust me or what? Have I done anything? What the heck have I done? I haven't done anything, have I? It's not that.
Did anything happened? My mother? A heart attack, I'm very sorry.
-When? -Yesterday.
I've decided that you won't go to the museum to avoid you from being tempted to go and say your last goodbye.
I'll stay with her.
Someone else can go.
I don't need to say goodbye.
I already did it.
The last time we talked she wanted to turn me over to the police, so that woman was no longer my mother.
tell me what I have to do with Berlin.
Shall I throw him to the dogs or shall I shoot him dead? "You're the boss.
" I'll take care of that.
Pass me on to Helsinki.
-It won't be the police? -Come on, here you are.
" -Yes? The photograph you gave me of the cube of scrap is of the Ibiza, isn't it? I'm saying this because I'm looking at it closely and it looks to me that the colour of the paint it's not exactly the same.
Me leave car in the wreck yard.
Helsinki, the photograph you gave me is it of the Ibiza? No.
"Other car," but they said: -"It would look like that.
" -I gave you 1000 euros, 1000 euros to pay them and they would turn the car into scrap before your eyes.
What did you do, did you keep the stinking 1000 euros when we were going to do a 2000 million heist? 2000 million, flying money and 1000 euros, money in my pocket.
"Me locked up, no work, five months in Toledo.
" and family Me send all the money to my family.
If for you 1000 euros, not important, for me very important.
Important, Helsinki.
That car is a loose end and from that end they can start pulling, and find something.
We inside here leave many loose ends, "you outside there only one".
All right.
Tell me, at least, if they didn't turn the car into scrap in front of you, you wiped the fingerprints off.
-Helsinki, what are fingerprints? -Fingerprints.
Yes, Professor, yes.
-What does “fingerprintsâ€‌ mean? -No I don't know.
"Did you clean the steering wheel with ammonia, the gear shaft," the windows, the dashboard, the whole bloody car? Yes.
This I didn't do.
Pass me on to the kidnapper.
Sleeping does you a lot of good.
You're starting really fast up this morning.
Thieves are caught by chasing them, and we're too passive.
Where is my pencil? Let's tighten the screws on them.
"Good morning, Professor.
" How is Mr.
Roman after his surgery? Well.
Resting and, the best of all, no high temperature.
"I thought you'd forgotten me, Inspector.
Quite the opposite, actually I think of you all the time.
I see, that sounds like a fantasy.
We should keep exploring that path.
If you're going to ask me, what I had for breakfast, if I had a morning orgasm "or I like foreplay, I'll tell you it isn’t about that," but yes, it's a fantasy, a fantasy with handcuffs in it.
I put them on you and I take you to the police van.
Well, it's a fantasy after all.
Surely, later on if you want, you tell me yours during a conjugal visit.
"Listen to me carefully: I'm going to break the news to you.
" Firstly, the ship you were asking for, the Malaika, is at the port awaiting trial, so it still belongs to the ship owner.
That's no excuse, Inspector.
The police can request authorization from the judge to use that ship in the pursuit of an act of crime "as long as, the sentence hasn't been passed," so you can a ask for permission to use it, especially in this matter of such relevance.
Don't tell me you haven’t done it.
I can see you also know about laws.
Well, just an amateur.
I enjoy reading judicial sentences.
"You'd be surprised how fascinating it can be.
" All right, I'll bare it in mind now that I'll have time for it.
I will be released from the case.
"We're at a dead end.
" Too many hours have passed and, as you'll understand, my superiors can't wait any longer.
If you really want to negotiate with me, release eight hostages.
Eight hostages, and they have to be underage people.
Why should I do that? Because it's your turn to show me a gesture of goodwill.
If you want to have some credit, free those hostages.
If not, they'll assign another inspector to the case, "someone with a different approach and different objectives.
" I'll give you an hour to think it over, not a minute longer.
That man doesn't want the Malaika.
Why do you say that? Why ask for a ship that it'll take him five days to get -if he can have any other? -To see who has a longer dick? Inspector, I don't know why, but get them that ship and get them out of there.
He's idea is to exit from somewhere else.
-Tell me.
Tell the Underground Unit to canvass the sewerage system within 500 metres.
Old tunnels, drains, any whole.
-Come on, start working! Hey! You! -Listen! -I finally find you! I was trying to go to the main entrance.
Let me down! Please, let me down! Please! No! No! Please! Let me down! Please! I'm in the boot! "Salva.
-Salva?" -Yes, hello.
Salva, it's Raquel.
No nothing, I'm here at the Hanoi "having a drink and, well, as I can't see you around" and it's become quite usual bumping into each other here, I thought that you may fancy a coffee -or have a break -"Well, I'd" love to, but the thing is I'm not in Madrid right now.
-Salva, are you okay? -No, sorry, the thing is as I'm not focusing on my driving, a lorry almost crashed into me! Anyway, sorry, I won't interrupt you any longer.
"No problem, I'll see you around.
And If you get back early and fancy having something to eat today Sorry, Salva, what.
" The thing is, yesterday I told my mother about you and the woman is a bit hippy and eccentric, and you see, she goes and says, out of nowhere, that perhaps I should brighten up my life a little and we should get to know each other more, nibble.
Don't misunderstand me, will you? Nibble She meant have a bit more social life, -that's why I told you about having lunch.
What? What, yes? Ah, it sounds great! -"Dinner, better?" -Perfect! -It sounds great.
-Okay, fantastic then.
-See you later, then.
-Bye, ciao! Ciao, see you later! Please! Let me down! Let me down! You don't smoke? Fine, fine.
It won't be me the one to harm your health.
You are okay here, aren't you? All together.
Not sensing the horror, the shooting, the blood, the surgery I must come more often.
It's difficult out there.
Last night I phoned a friend.
I told him how difficult it is to maintain order and harmony in here.
I told him that I had to kill, that I gave the order to kill a woman.
If you don't put the dead bodies on the table, you're not respected out there.
And, you see, I could feel the emotion in my friend, his distress, his breathing, his panting and his grief.
He He wasn't here, he hadn't met that woman either, Mأ³nica Gaztambide, and for a moment For a moment, I though it would be great to feel what my friend feels.
Feel that kind of emotion, that grief, that remorse, but not I couldn't be moved.
How dreadful, isn't it? I'm bothering you with my nonsense, you'll have to excuse me.
You're having an anxiety attack, aren't you? She's only a bit nervous, but it'll go away soon.
I'm sure it will.
Come with me.
Silvia, give me your hand.
That's good.
No No "Spasiba.
" I came in because in the car, here and forgot something very important in the boot, very important.
Very important.
Very important.
You jump the fence.
Now, you tell police.
We can come to an agreement with money.
How much money? A lot.
I have a lot of money.
That's not a lot of money.
For God's sake I don’t have any more.
Look in my wallet.
Me count to five and let dog loose.
Do you understand? -What are you doing? -I'm mounting the cells to put the explosives in the entry ways.
Did Berlin ask you to do it? The Professor, a deterrent, so they can see it from the tent.
And what's that? That bastard, had some sherry here and I'm finishing it off.
Fuck! Boss, the CEO position suits you very well.
Sit down, please, Ms Tokyo.
I can see you were late this morning.
I'll have to report you.
I'm terribly sorry, sir.
If I If I show you a breast, you won't fire me? A tempting offer, that's for sure, but you'll have to offer me something else.
I know how you feel.
-Rio -I'm here, inside this hole, and I start to think how I got here, and I can't remember.
I remember one day I was asked to hack a security system, and it turned out to be of a mansion in Geneva, where nothing was left behind, not even the carpets.
I wasn't even there.
But, fuck, hacking a security system is far more fun than being the IT in a company.
So, I didn't give it a second thought.
For me it was a game, and now my parents are not there anymore.
My mother is gone, too.
But it's a little different, isn’t it? My parents are still alive.
I could have been a legal guy.
I was good at what I was doing, I could earn my living.
I could have had an ordinary life, meet an ordinary girl, have ordinary friends I wasn't like you.
I don't know what to tell you.
I think I need your door.
-Which door? -The door you told me about the day we went to see the museum, the day we heard your mother had died.
Cameras 12 y 13 have changed their lens.
Now they have a wider range of vision.
Camera 14 remains the same.
It points into the hall.
We can leave now.
And why should we go? One day we can do a bit of sightseeing, kiss in bars, -on the street -On the street? Don't kid me.
Someone may catch you.
No, not on the street.
Follow me.
I feel as if I killed her.
She was so pretty She's died of grief, of absence, of all the trouble I was in of my fucking crappy life.
She only wanted to protect me.
She loved me.
She loved me to bits.
And if she wanted to turn me over to the police, it was not to see me dead on the news.
When I was a little girl, I knew that, at her side, nothing wrong would happen to me.
The problem was when she wasn't there.
And your father? There's no father.
My mother worked in a suitcase factory.
And when we couldn't make ends meet, she would work the night shift.
And as she had no one she could leave me with, she left me alone.
I was really scared.
How old were you? Eight, nine.
A bit younger than you now.
The thing is that my mother came up with a trick.
She draw a door on the wall of my room.
It was a magic door.
And, if I was scared, I could open it and she would be behind it.
And when she left, did you open it? She told me that I could open it only once.
Only once in my life, whenever I need it, but only once.
So when I was scared, I used to think: "You can still hold on a little longer.
A little longer.
" I used to think that the next day I could feel more scared and feel more alone, and need the door.
I would have opened it the first day.
I never opened it.
You are the strongest person I know, the most incredible one and And what? -And what? -And Damn! The car park.
A parking ticket? What's this? Yes, the regulated car park ticket from, an Ibiza of 1992.
"Two streets from here.
Check the date and the time.
It's the same day the robbers went to the museum.
" Good job, أپngel.
Run the registration number through the database.
I'll be the most expensive fine in history.
"It'll cost them loads of millions of euros.
Put me through the robber.
" -"Inspector.
" -Professor, I need an answer.
I want those eight hostage, the underage people.
Write down the names the ones that are coming out.
Pablo Holgado, Silvia Moreno, Abraham Salmerأ³n, Ignasi Castell, Magdalena Ribot, Rocأ­o Huertas, Jessica Sأ،nchez -y Alicia Villanueva.
-What about Alison Parker? She's one of the girls of Brighton.
"I want her on the list.
" I can see you're aware, Inspector.
"You know as well as I do that Alison is a queen of hearts -in this house of cards.
I can't do it.
" -It's a prerequisite that she comes out.
I'll make you a proposal: Alison in exchange for the life of those eight people.
Sorry, what did you say? "I'll give you Alison Parker" and no one else.
We both know how important she is both for you and for me, "so if you want her to come out, she will come out alone.
" -I have to consult it.
-"You have one minute.
" Phone him and tell him, that Parker is coming out.
-I'm not willing to make that decision.
It's unethical to make a choice on a hostage's life "when you can save eight peoples' lives.
As much as you, and your ethical codes, believe the opposite," this is a matter of state.
And the first thing will be getting the ambassador's daughter out of there.
I'll take all responsibility.
Put me through the robber again.
So what? Alison Parker.
Are you sure? "You prefer saving Alison Parker's life to saving eight students' lives?.
" -Yes, I'm sure.
-I see.
Now, I have to think it over, I wasn't expecting that answer from you.
"Give me an hour to think it over.
" All right.
I'll expect your phone call.
If I don't phone you, you'll know anyway which decision I made.
-What did he mean by that? -I don't know, but look, the Ibiza's been deregistered for ten years.
No insurance, no owners no taxes.
-It's off the grid.
-"Attention everyone.
Come, please.
" Come closer.
What would you do if you had to make a car disappear with no trace? -Set it on fire.
Search for reports of burnt cars, both municipal and from the Guardia Civil.
" Sink it.
Look for any news of a car found inside any swamps, rivers or wherever.
-What else? -Dismantle it, sell it in parts.
-Burry it.
-Sorry? You dig a whole and you burry the car.
I saw it in a film and it works.
Anything else? What's the legal way to make a car disappear and erase any trace of it? To make a cube of scrap from it in a wreck yard.
"Priority: search in wrecking yards, scrap yards, and similar places.
" Raquel, it's Sunday, they’ll be closed.
I don't care.
Get the owner out of his house if necessary.
Hurry up! Relax.
Nothing is going to happen to you.
You'll be safer here, more isolated, you won't find out about things that will make you sad.
I'm feeling better now.
Can I go back with the others? Aren't you listening to me? It's better for you to stay here.
I'll have to bind you, because you'll be alone, But you'll be better here.
I won't hurt you.
That’s it.
Let's sit down.
You don’t want to stand? Look, how dirty you got Where have you been? -Let me go back with the others, please.
-Calm down! You don't understand? It's them who are scared now "it's them.
" Girls, she's coming back.
She's coming back.
I'm sure they’ll take her back now.
It's a little girl, they won't do anything to her.
Rest now.
-What will we do with so much money? -I know exactly what: I'm going to get hold of a clear sky blue colour Maserati.
-It's this red car.
-How long has it been here? I don't know.
I don't know well, boss is not here today.
Ah, really? Your boss told me you know all the cars that are brought in.
How long? Around 20 days.
-Who brought it? -Foreigner.
From east Europe, not Russian.
Go and bring the gloves and call CSI.
Tell them we've got the car.
I understand that the man who left the car showed you his ID.
You issued an invoice for the purchase of the vehicle, didn't you? -Ticket.
-"Da, da.
" Maybe.
-What do you mean maybe? -أپngel, go to the office and see if you find something, will you? Yes.
"no comments about the leak, a conversation in which Inspector Raquel Murillo negotiates with one of the kidnappers, supposedly the ringleader.
" "Inspector.
" You! You! See who that man is and what's he doing here.
"The Inspector had checkmated most probably.
But even at that moment of desperation, the Professor had kept an extra ball that was starting to be on all the radios.
" "The spokesman in the shadow has described as deplorable and shameful that diplomatic relations take precedence over the life of eight Spanish adolescents.
We remind you of the content in the recording.
" -Hello.
-Tokyo, listen to me.
"The Professor had ordered me to leak the conversation with the Inspector.
A conversation that placed the Spanish Government in a very awkward position and the Inspector herself.
" -"All right? -Alison Parker.
Are you sure? You prefer saving Alison Parker's life to eight students' lives? Yes, I'm sure.
" "Perhaps because Berlin had called him 'softie' and had decided to bang his fist on the table and punish all those who were against him.
" "The decision to release Alison Parker, the daughter of the British ambassador, instead of eight Spanish youngsters, has been with no doubt a controversial decision.
" "Or simply that leak started to make us into heroes in the eyes of the general public, but Raquel was like a hound dog.
" "the British ambassador's daughter, Alison Parker.
" "And she had picked up a scent, and one she wouldn't lose, because that scent was -of the head of the operation.
" -Stop, Police! "The Professor himself.
" Nothing.
-What are you doing here? -I wasn't stealing.
I -What the heck is that smell? -Ammonia.
I wasn't stealing.
"The Professor had become a wretch of a human being to escape, but his performance wasn't ended and more was yet to come to avoid checkmate, and then he did it.
" You can go.
It was him.
It was him!
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