Money Heist (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 SCRAPYARD CLOSED NO TRESPASSING "That Sunday, Raquel Murillo missed for just a few seconds, the chance to see the Professor's face.
And that was the last face needed to complete the jig puzzle of the kidnappers and move to the last part of the case.
She already had Rios's face.
She was about to have Berlin's.
The Professor had anticipated that Raquel would eventually get those photos.
Like a pack of cards he was sorting out little by little so the Inspector was busy playing with the cards.
His face had to be the only one she would never obtain.
But he wasn't so anonymous, so unknown.
His face was going to start being drawn like a hologram in the police protocols.
The loose end had left him at very high risk.
And now, if the Inspector played her cards right and obtained the Professor's face, the game would be over.
Checkmate would be irreversible.
" SUNDAY 12:06 AM -"Alison Parker.
-Are you sure? Do you prefer saving Alison Parker's life to eight people's lives? Yes, I'm sure.
How coldblooded she can be, she didn't hesitate.
When someone is capable of making a decision that way, unhesitatingly, one is speechless.
" 50 HOURS INTO THE ROBBERY "That the life of eight Spanish teenagers is less worth than the life of an English girl is outrageous.
Alison Parker is Spanish, she has dual nationality.
Taking into account that the main thing is the hostages, we should think carefully about Inspector Murillo's role.
I don't think she is ready for a matter of this calibre.
She's had an extensive career in the police force.
A psychologist, a criminologist What more could you ask for? She has vast experience.
The problem right now is that Inspector Raquel Murillo has just pressed charges for physical abuse.
" -Paula! -"What's this got to do with? It has to do from the point of view of her being emotionally affected.
Probably, she's under medication, she's unstable" She has just talked to her father.
Paula, love, Why don't you tell mummy what daddy told you? Come on.
If I want to live with him and with my aunt.
And what did you say, darling? That I will.
Darling, but you know that if you move in with your dad, -we'll see much less of each other.
-The same as now.
You're never home.
Look, Paula.
Mum doesn't want you to move in with your dad because Because your dad isn't good and has hurt me a lot.
You understand? Dad is good.
No, darling, your dad isn't good.
That's not true, dad told me.
He told her that it's a lie.
I mean, that you go round talking nonsense.
-I want to live with my aunt.
-But, honey.
Look, your aunt Marta is a knucklehead.
I shouldn't be saying this because I'm her mum too.
But her head is made of rag, like your rabbit Eugenio.
Don't turn the child against her aunt, please.
Look, darling, You know what we're going to do? We're going out for a hamburger.
Would you like that? With ketchup? With ketchup with fries.
And when I finish this job, we're going to the Canaries.
To the beach, a girls' plan.
Fancy that? If it's a girls’ plan, I’m in.
Come on, let's go.
And chocolate ice cream too.
Chocolate ice cream, all right.
You want chocolate ice cream.
"The questions about this heist, which put us on tenterhooks, are accumulating.
Who are the kidnappers? Is their plan to stay inside? Do they want money or to protest against financial institutions? How long can they stay in there without the police deciding to go in?" Why won't the police go in? Because we're going to lock the door from inside.
See how she gets pissed.
They won't come in because no one in Spain will want them to.
Do you think they're going to hold a referendum? -Okay.
-Let's see.
Year 2011.
A group of young people start to occupy the Puerta del Sol, the most emblematic square in the whole of Spain.
And more than 20,000 people end up gathering there.
15-M, no? That's the one.
If we had been told, any of us, that 20,000 people would camp on the Puerta del Sol for a month and no police officers were going in, we would have never believed it.
We'd have said that it’s impossible.
But it was that way.
And the police didn't go in.
Why? Because Spain as a whole stood by those youngsters.
But those youngsters had tents and we have guns.
-Somehow different.
-That's true.
But politics is politics.
Money is money, isn't it? Sangria is sangria.
No, no, in Serbia, because of this, police come in.
-"Yibeli", friends.
-Don't do that! "Yibili, yibili.
" Man! What a pig! We'll be the Resistance trapped in this rat hole the same way they were the Puerta del Sol Resistance.
And Resistance always has people's support.
-And if that doesn't work -You have your own audience, don't you? No, sorry, go on, go on.
Thank you.
If that doesn't work, the police will know we have assault weapons, will know we have explosives.
No elite unit will be able to tell the difference between hostages and robbers.
No Home minister will order the entry, no one.
Why not? Because there are underage people.
SPANIARDS, SECOND-CLASS CITIZENS Choosing Alison Parker's life over those eight adolescents' life was your decision.
You told me that the Intelligence Service would assume the consequences.
Go out there and tell the press that it was you and your friends in CNI.
The Intelligence Service cannot make those statements.
But don't worry.
The President's Office is aware of this.
You have full support from the Government.
Look, I couldn't care less about the Government's support.
I care about what my daughter and my mother think and not what the President thinks.
Inspector, it was never those people's intention to release Alison Parker nor the eight underage people.
It's a trap.
If you allow me, I'll tell you one thing.
When this is over, no one will remember it.
It's It's like Spain’s football team.
It doesn't matter how they do at the beginning of the World Championship.
If you finally get them a happy ending, you'll be the country’s hero.
If it ends up in a long string of dead people, we'll be screwed up all of us.
I'm sorry for my mistakes.
And you can fully count on me.
But if you want me to quit Suأ،rez, I want everyone working.
I want the forensic tests results on the Seat Ibiza now.
And the report from the Underground Unit.
Where is that report, hum? And, above all, Mr Prieto, I want the Intelligence Service to tell me how the hell those robbers are going to come out.
I have a question, Professor.
How are we coming out of there? -Through a tunnel.
-That's your master plan? The police will find that out in a couple of minutes.
This is the Fأ،brica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre seen from above.
As soon as you enter, you will make the hostages break the rocks, right here.
In the boiler room in the basement.
It's exactly 13 metres from the sewage system.
13 metres? At that distance, any GPR system would detect us, wouldn't it? True.
A GPR system has a 15-metre range.
Or instead, they will use a seismograph that will detect the vibration from the jackhammer.
So, they'll think we'll be escaping through here.
But we're not going to leave through there, are we? No.
We'll exit through another tunnel.
A tunnel that they won't be able to see.
Because it is 26 metres from any other drain and, mainly, because it's already there.
We just need to make a hole in order to open it from here, from vault number three.
Who made that tunnel? -I had it built five years ago.
-No Once you make the hole to connect the tunnel to the factory, you'll find 486 metres already excavated to a hangar that has already been prepared.
-I take my hat off before you.
-And your knickers.
But all the surveillance cameras the ground has also been sealed, hasn't it? That's right.
There's a first layer made of steel and a second one of reinforced concrete.
Besides, no pneumatic drill can be used there.
It has to be done by hand, thermal lance, and circular saw.
How many metres? 16 centimetres of steel.
80 centimetres of reinforced concrete.
Finally, soil.
Six metres seventy, in total.
-It's a hell of -A good hole.
Hey, And how long will it take you to make that hole? 10, 12 days.
The time we'll be inside here.
Say around 200 million euros printed per day.
2,400 million.
Yes! -Come on! -Professor! The CSI has confirmed traces of ammonia and alcohol on the dashboard, upholstery, windows.
That is, the whole car.
"The lab's chemical report revels that those products were used" a few minutes just before we got there.
What makes us believe that someone related to the gang was there almost at the same time as us.
-"What about the homeless man? -No trace of him.
" We have viewed the traffic surveillance cameras and shops nearby, but nothing.
"However, there is some good news.
" They were able to isolate one finger print on the button you found inside the Ibiza.
"The owner has previous charges.
They are sending us the file.
" Attention, listen up everyone.
I need you to leave the tent for a few minutes.
Everyone, except Detective Rubio.
It'll only take a few minutes.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
And except the CNI.
Could it be a coincidence that the guy, "the homeless man, got to the wreck yard before we did? No, it wasn't a coincidence.
" There is mole amongst us.
What are we going to do about it? Find him.
The police file is here.
Everything is okay.
You rest.
Stay still.
Everything is okay.
Everything is okay.
I'll be right back.
It's okay.
No infection.
Very good.
There's no problem.
40, a problem.
6, no problem.
Me, in the war, look after many men.
Man looks after man.
No problem.
Everything is fine.
Everything is fine.
Mأ³nica, hey.
How are you feeling? Better.
What are you doing here? It's my sleep turn, but I just wanted to know how you were doing.
It's hot in here, huh? Yes.
It feels as there wasn't enough oxygen.
If you want, you can rest here, I'm fine.
I'm fine just sitting down for a little bit.
Yes, yes.
Andrأ©s de Fonollosa.
He has a detention warrant.
Jewellery shops, vans, auction houses.
White collar thefts.
No exit stamps in his electronic passport.
Most probably he has a fake one.
No record of any family or friends either.
The regular informants don't know who he is.
No address, he isn't on any census or registry.
"I can only think of talking to his cell mate.
They shared the same cell in Soto del Real prison.
Do that.
Start the paperwork to bring him into the tent.
" Wait, wait.
" That's not everything.
The interesting thing comes from the forensic psychiatry department.
Shall I read it for you? We are before a narcissist, egocentric "with delusions of grandeur.
" I've gathered you here to tell you a little about how things are going on.
And to put an end to some rumours.
He shows an absolute lack of empathy.
Rumour has it, Ms.
Mأ³nica Gaztambide has passed away.
This rumour is not good.
Rumours create uncertainty, anxiety.
That's why I would like to explain it all.
It is true, Ms.
Mأ³nica, your colleague, has been executed.
"An eccentric man, with tendency to megalomania which makes him unable" to differentiate evil from good.
But I also want to share with you some other news.
Good news.
Because the truth is that this heist is going very smoothly, on the fast track.
"He has a great sense of honour" and he has a pathological need to make a good impression.
Especially, on strangers.
Therefore, I want to thank you, I must thank all of you who are doing your best and collaborating.
Especially, one person.
Mr Francisco Torres.
This gentleman has been printing banknotes for 27 years.
And today, today he's beaten his own record.
Because, after 40 hours, he's printed Tell us how much money you have printed.
311 million euros.
Say it louder, with pride, For everyone to hear it.
311 million.
311 million euros! 311 million euros.
He, alone! Well, with my colleagues' help, that is.
He's also a humble man.
Thank you, Mr.
Torres, thank you.
Thank you everyone.
Torres, do you know what you are? You are the fucking hostage of the month.
Yes, let's give him the round of applause he deserves.
For Mr.
Torres! Come on! Come on, so he can see how fond of him we are! You are a champion.
-So he can feel it.
-Thank you! And now some more good news, I would like you to welcome how he deserves, and a big round of applause that he will never forget, Mr Arturo.
The CEO, who is finally out of danger! Thank you, Paco.
Can I have a word with you in private, please? I want you to leak everything you can about this individual to the press.
What for? -What for? -Yes.
That bloke is turning this into a fucking show.
As he was in a film.
Let's see what Spain think about him now when everyone sees that an eccentric is holding -a lot of adolescents hostage.
I doubt you'll win the people's opinion over by saying that the kidnappers' leader is an eccentric.
"This country loves eccentric people.
You'll need more.
" Trafficking in women.
An unsolved pimping case.
"Something people can't forgive.
" Don't do it.
Raquel, don’t do it, don't be so low, don’t do it.
Leak it.
A pimp.
In an on-going investigation for trafficking in women from east European countries, some of them, underage girls.
"Released for collaborating with the police.
On top of that, a snitch.
I like your style.
" I'm going to the agency to prepare everything.
No, listen to me, Raquel.
Are you sure about this, aren't you? We're going to defame a person.
Defame a person? -Yes.
-Yes? Look, أپngel, my name is on TV talk shows, in the international press as the biggest bitch.
And, casually, my ex-husband has taken this opportunity, at this time of glory to ask my daughter if she wants to move in with him.
Do you know what that means? He's going to sue me for sole custody of my daughter, that he'll speak to a judge to tell him: "Your honour, that bitch is not fit to raise my daughter.
" "'And, besides, the kid wants to live with me'.
Hey, hey, no judge will grant him sole custody" -not to someone who physically abused you.
-But not even my mother believes me -Do you think a judge will believe me? -I believe you, Raquel.
I believe you.
I can testify for you.
-Testify? -Yes.
What will you testify? -You haven't witnessed anything.
-What the hell! Aren't we going to defame Fonollosa? Here, everyone defames everyone.
Damn! Your husband, the first.
So, I say that I saw the bruises.
That is, underneath your mini skirt, huh? But I never wear a mini skirt, أپngel.
It's the same, for god’s sake.
And, at the same time, I can declare about that night we spent in the mountains.
Again, it wasn't in Cercedilla, it was in Miraflores.
"Excuse me, Inspector.
" Can I come in? What's the matter? We come from the wreck yard.
We have questioned the Russian man.
"Nikolai Dimitrevich, the guard.
A man asked about his car an hour before you arrived.
" He spoke Russian to him.
According to the person's description, "this man could be the same person who spoke with Almansa.
The homeless man.
" Bring in the Russian man.
"He can look through the files of delinquents from eastern Europe.
" And I want a sketch.
"I want all the files of all the Russians who have been questioned, arrested or accused, okay?" There is software that helps draw up a sketch here in the tent.
"The image of the Professor was so unknown like an undone jigsaw puzzle of 1,000 pieces.
But a witness was going to put all the pieces together.
And Raquel, who had never believed in sketches, was going to have the key to the whole investigation.
" Fuck.
And Alison.
I'm sorry I tied you up so tightly.
But, damn, you also stuck a rifle to my head.
What did you expect me to do? Despite being the ambassador's daughter, you're a bit rebellious, aren’t you? Not really, it's been the second crazy thing I've done in my life.
Ah, is it? And which was the first one? Taking ballet lessons behind my father's back.
Blimey, what a crazy thing to do! Watch out, you start by dancing and end up involved in some fishy stuff, say the violin.
And later, going to a rave, My father has chosen everything for me.
The school, the university studies Even the house where I'll study the post grade in Diplomacy in Oxford.
"Alison, this piece of cutlery is for fish.
Alison, not that glass.
Alison, you will sign up for chess.
" And the same for everything.
And to piss him off, you take up ballet dancing.
I chose ballet dancing because my father hates ballet.
And volley ball was on Saturdays.
And on Saturdays I can't do anything without him knowing.
Take your toiletry bag and up you go in a line.
What were you talking about? Nothing.
Something about Oxford.
I heard you.
No, about my life.
About my father being bossy.
Are you inviting him to the embassy? Who? Rio.
Don't you like my boyfriend? No.
I love his smile.
Don't you? No.
I've seen you looking at him, why are you lying to me? Rio is cute, isn't he? Yes, well.
You see? You like him.
It's fine, admit it.
Yes, I do.
Yes, he's with me.
But I'm not a fierce bitch that goes around biting when she feels insecure.
If you like playing, we'll all have to play, won’t we? Off you go.
How long have you been in there? Three sexual assaults, six intoxications with narcotics, exhibitionism A total of 38 years in prison and still pending for trial, true? What did you bring me in here for? You shared the same cell with this man.
Do you remember who he had contact with? With no one.
Fine, but he must have some relatives.
-I don't know.
He didn't mention.
Are you telling me that he didn't mention anyone in seven months? What's the matter? I asked what the matter is.
Did he say anything about his home? -No.
-No? His neighbourhood, his home town, I don't know, somewhere he was thinking of going back to.
I don't know, he didn’t say anything.
I think you don't quite understand how this works.
I need you to tell me something.
Do you understand? A clue to help us.
Think, please.
There's something.
What? I won't tell you for nothing in return.
I've been in prison for four years.
-I need something in return.
Let's see, don’t piss me off.
-This isn't a film.
No, no.
You tell us something and then, well, we'll see, we’ll come to some arrangement.
You start talking and I'll give you a candy.
-Did you hear me? -أپngel, أپngel! Relax.
Look here.
I'll sign a form requesting the board of Soto for you to be released on parole.
But under two conditions.
The first one is that you give us the information now.
If the information is good, I'll tell you the second condition.
But you have my word that I'll obtain the parole for you.
He used to inject himself some medicine each day.
I have his infirmary records here, but it doesn't mention any medical condition.
Yes, I know.
It was something he kept as a secret.
Something degenerative.
Do you remember the name of the medicine? Retroxil.
How did he obtain it? I don't know if you are aware that in the prison it's very easy to smuggle anything in.
Inside your anal cavity.
And now tell me what's the second condition.
That you volunteer to undergo a chemical castration treatment.
As soon as you ask for it, I'll sign the form to be released on parole.
-No? -No.
Suأ،rez, take him away.
-Come on.
-You gave me your word.
-You fucking bitch! -Come on.
Find out what Retroxil is used for.
Track any strange purchasing patterns in all the pharmacies during the last six months.
If that guy injected himself that every day, "he has had to get himself a big stash before going in.
" Only you.
We can't trust anyone before we find the mole.
All right.
I brought the Russian guy in, Inspector.
I sent for you so you can recognize the man from this morning, in the wreck yard.
Do you think you could recognize his face? Can you do a sketch? Perfectly.
"Tell the others they can come back in.
Come with me.
" Look I'm very concerned about my pupil, Silvia.
Because she is a particularly fragile girl.
And I think she would feel much more protected with the rest of the group, do you know? With her mates.
What subject do you teach in the school, miss? -Me? -Yes.
I teach -Philosophy, Ethics.
-Philosophy? -Yes.
-How nice.
History of religions.
-And Well, some workshops.
-What kind of workshops? About environment, sexual education.
What an important task, isn't it? And as you're an expert, you may be able to help me to solve a problem I have about sexuality.
You see Actually, I would like to explain my theory to you.
May I? Yes, sure.
Tell me.
I came up with it because of jokes.
You know that for a joke to be funny, there has to be some truth and some pain.
Ah, really? No, I didn't know.
-How curious.
It's that way.
Do you know the one about the headache? No.
The husband arrives home.
"Darling, I brought you an aspirin.
" And the wife says: "But I haven't got a headache.
" "Then let's fuck.
" Have you notice the amount of jokes that portray the male figure always trying to break down the female to obtain sex? And the woman, always obliged, as if she didn't like it.
Do you think that's the truth? Don't you have the same appetite for sex, miss? I understand we do.
Perhaps, not as frequently, don't you think? It could be.
But tell me, Silvia, can I take her with her? Ah, of course, Silvia.
Look, stand up a moment, please.
Come with me.
Look, there she is, Silvia.
You see how relaxed she is? Hello! Hello.
Say hello, miss.
I'm sure that it’ll make the little girl happy.
What's the matter, Nairobi? You are on TV.
It's been a pleasure, miss.
Come again whenever you want.
We'll talk about Ethics.
Take her away.
Come with me.
I think this nose.
How is that identikit coming up? Well, he and I concur with the same features.
-"We'll have his face soon.
-Very good.
" "Those words made the Professor embark on something he had never imagined he would do.
Look for the police to save his own skin.
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