Money Heist (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

1 There's no butler to wash your hands here.
You're the only who’s been released, and we're staying here.
-She's getting cocky.
SUNDAY 4:40 PM Who do you think you are? Daddy isn't here.
-Look at us in the eyes.
-Look at us in the eyes.
54 HOURS INTO THE ROBBERY I'm sure that tit stuff granted you a lot of fans.
-Don't move, eh.
-Don't look at me daringly.
-We're here because of you.
Isn't enough for you to screw eight people? -You don't stand a chance here.
-Enjoy this.
-Don't touch me! -Relax, will you? -Cut it out! -Hey! That's what you learn in private schools, all against one? How brave of you, isn't it? All of you as a pack attacking the poor girl.
You are the bravest one, aren't you, athletic boy? The one who has the biggest balls, true? Let's make sure.
They are like quail eggs, like quail eggs.
How does a quail sound? Let's see, how does a quail sound? I don't know much about birds.
Then, how does a hen sound? Louder.
Very good.
Helsinki, take this brats away and this one, first.
Come on, the blonde one, move along.
Come on, you too.
Wait, wait, wait.
Are you okay? Could you give me another one? No, darling, this is not an outlet shop.
Take it off and start rubbing.
I might as well take the opportunity, too.
It's been over 50 hours, going upstairs, downstairs, printing money And I'm starting to need a shower.
Do you know what your problem is? Your problem is that you don't know how much potential you have, do you? You must have done it really bad to be the loser in your class.
But you can still be the ball queen.
It's not that difficult, it's like in those American movies where the loser takes off her glasses and all of the sudden bum, she is a bombshell.
No, I don't wear glasses.
Yes, darling, I know you don't wear glasses.
But there must be something you can do, isn't there? Dancing.
Well, brilliant.
And what kind of dance, what can you dance? Classical and contemporary ballet.
I see.
Something else.
Some other stuff you can do.
Hunting? With guns? Fine, wow.
Gosh, and you look so innocent.
That's more frightening, because what you have to do is to make those suckers see what you are capable of.
Show them you're not scared.
You have to patiently wait for the right moment.
Then you pretend you have it in your sights and do something that says: "My name is Alison Parker and I'm the fucking boss.
" You say it, repeat it.
Look at yourself and repeat, say it, say it.
Say it, go ahead.
My name is Alison Parker and I'm the fucking boss.
No, but properly, mean it.
Believe it, look into your eyes.
Look at yourself, the super female you are.
Repeat it.
My name's Alison Parker and I'm the fucking boss.
Who are you? -The fucking boss.
-Who are you? -The fucking boss! -Who are you? -The fucking boss! -Who are you? The fucking boss! Has anything been sent in? Excuse, I need to make a private phone call.
Can you turn down the audio? And don't record it, won’t you? -Hello? -Hello, Salva, it's Raquel.
Sorry, is Is it a weird moment? No, no, absurd, in fact, I was doing some work-out on the mobile bench.
-Mobile bench? -"Well, yes, it's" a machine I use to well, to work out.
Well, I'll make it quick, I just wanted to ask you if you've chosen the place where to have dinner this evening.
Honestly I haven't yet.
You see, each time I read an online review of a restaurant I'm feeling more like meeting up at the usual place, at the Hanoi.
It sounds great.
"And we'll leave experiments for some another day.
" Say at 09:00 PM, is it okay for you? Say 09:00 PM, it sound very good.
"I have some more relevant information on Retroxil.
" Listen up everyone, I need you to leave the tent "again, it'll take only five minutes.
" Don't you think you're being a tiny bit paranoid? Do I have to remind you that there's a mole? It doesn't have to be a police officer.
A lot of people come in and out of here.
"I don't know, the paramedics, the Metropolitan police.
" Even that friend of yours from the cafأ© was in here.
What have you got? As I told you, Retroxil is a medicine used to treat Parkinson disease, some experiments are being carried out for some muscles dystrophies, such as Helmers' Myopathy.
It's administered intravenously.
As it's made to order, they know exactly where all patients live.
And I guess all the pharmacies will always place the same order for the same sick people, -"won't they? -Correct.
But there has been an unusual demand in Toledo.
" These last five months, have a look, the distributor dispatched enough medicine to treat 40 sick people.
And there aren't 40 sick people in Toledo.
-No, there are three in the whole of Castilla-La Mancha.
Where are those pharmacies? All of them are in around Illescas, about 35 kilometres away.
"Where was the last purchase?" Look, here, in Palomeque, on 18th October.
Just three days before they went inside the Fأ،brica.
Ten packages of the medicine were purchased.
Get and authorization from judge Andrade "and go to that pharmacy, alone.
I want you to get hold of all the lists" of purchases.
And, I don't know, see if you can find something.
-Please, don't talk to anyone about this.
-Sure, I won't.
By the way, Raquel.
I don't you want to think that, because of what I said to you yesterday, Mari Carmen and I are not good.
In fact, this very same morning well, we made love.
" -How wonderful, isn't it? -Yes, yes, yes.
You can all come in now.
Arturito, I have a nice surprise for you.
You see, I want you to know that I I respect any option.
I even have a brother who is homosexual, he lives in Sitges and Well, he still hasn't talked about it openly but the whole family thinks he is.
He does Pilates and Actually, it's a door I would rather not open.
To be honest.
What door you speak? Not understand.
This is nice surprise I'm telling you about.
About door we speak another day.
Helsinki, leave them on their own, they'll need to talk.
I thought they had killed you.
I swear I knew, I would see you again.
And, that's what gave me the strength even at those moments I was fighting for my life you were there, you never went away.
I love your neck.
Your hair drives me crazy.
This has never happened to me.
I promise you that I'll get you out of here, my love.
They're coming in, aren’t they? Play the one of the girl.
"My name is Ariadna Cascales and I'm fine, physically and mentally.
We have been treated well by the kidnappers and I have nothing to object to.
" It's today’s news report next to the hostage.
-"A kiss for my family.
" -What's the problem then? The IC people have analysed the video recording.
It seems they have used an editing programme.
Are you telling me that in 40 minutes they had enough time to use special effects? We think they have overlaid the footage of the news report onto an old footage.
The quality of the recording is not good enough to accept it as a true proof of life.
They have lowered the quality to 240 and it's been done on purpose.
It's a bad symptom.
The shooting in the Fأ،brica is hitting the headlines from every TV news report in this country.
The press demands at least a press note.
And the President's Office wants us to go in.
-I need more time.
-And I need a facelift, but they want us to go in now.
Give me a couple of hours.
If in two hours I haven't obtained those proofs of life, then we'll go in.
"Manipulating those proofs wasn't an intelligent move.
I would rather say it was" -stupid.
-"Please, Inspector," we can't minimize our relationship to these blunt messages and to insults without a 'How are you, how was your day?' You go straight to the point, don't tell me you’re like that.
" Look here, quite frankly I have no time for nonsense.
"Well, 15 seconds more, will not change our lives.
Tell me.
" Let's say you meet someone and you sleep with him, "are you one of those who gets up in the middle of the night and" leaves not even remembering his name? Do those things fulfil you? As a matter of fact I would love to do it.
"Yes, but I've been programmed to do" other things first, such us, I don't know, chat, laugh, talk about my life, have a coffee, go for a walk, go to the cinema, go dancing "Without that order of things honestly, I don't see myself sleeping with someone.
" -Call me old fashioned, if you want.
" No, no.
In fact I share the same priorities, but I would add one: going to a karaoke.
"Call me weird, but" I can't help it, I like it, I love it.
But, I don't want to waste your time.
-Tell me.
-"It's very simple.
" Those proofs of life are of no value, so we have no option but to go in.
"And we can either do it to watch peacefully or to free those people" with gas and the whole artillery.
"Hold on a second, let's see if I have fully understood.
" -You're asking me to let you come in.
-"You choose:" either I send in the tanks or you and I have a coffee and you show me that all the hostages are alive.
I would be delighted to invite you in.
I don't know if we’ll get to the karaoke thing, but I can't refuse.
-Raquel, I won't let you go in there.
-I give the orders here, not you.
Right now, there's more work out there than in here.
Also, you're the only person I can trust.
Well, gentlemen, ladies.
We're going in.
Lift your arms.
Go ahead.
Your legs.
Where is the Professor? He asked me to excuse him, but, due to discretion reasons, he can't be present.
Bear in mind that his face is not hitting the headlines, as ours are.
She has no guns.
Rio, it's your turn, do the honours.
You'll excuse us, but "we have to be conscientious.
" Raquel.
It's said that the Police are not dumb, but sometimes they look like it.
Did you really think -you would sneak in a micro? -And did you think that my people wouldn't make sure I was safe? Tokyo, frisk the Inspector again, but this time, do it with a little more enthusiasm, as you know how.
You've left me gob smacked, the cops using cutting-edge technology, a perianal microphone.
Get rid of this.
Have you finished? Come with me, if you'd be so kind.
"At that moment Rio freezes.
Thunderbolt, as his mum used to call him as a child, when he spent the summer afternoons running.
She used to say he'd be an Olympic champion, but he swapped sports for video consoles and plans in the open air for risking ending up in prison.
" Judge Andrade, it's Detective Rubio here, from the robbery with hostages in the Fأ،brica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.
I'm calling you because we need a search and seize warrant of a pharmacy in Toledo.
Yes, we're following a lead on one of the robbers.
We have the feeling that someone is passing them information from outside and I would ask you for your absolute discretion, please.
Okay, alright, much appreciated.
Good bye, bye.
Raquel is not here.
No, in fact, I just came to have something to drink.
"This way, the siege laid by the police onto the gang of robbers who last Friday, -broke into the Fأ،brica Nacional" -Excuse me, how's that matter of the hold-up going? Because I heard that there was some shooting and it seems that it will go on for a little longer.
-No, no, it's about to end.
-Ah, really? -Yes.
-Then I'm glad it is, I'm very happy because My goodness, I can imagine how awful it must be for those poor people, the hostages, I mean.
Let alone, for you.
-Do you work close to here? -Yes, just round the corner.
As Raquel told me you were unemployed.
The thing is two months ago, I lost my job and now I'm trying to run -my own business.
-I see.
-Well, a small business, it's -An entrepreneur.
And what kind of business? Cider.
-No way.
-Organic cider.
-My mother was from Oviedo.
-Really? Yes, yes, yes.
I make it myself in a workshop I have over there.
I, instead of nursing my mother's breast milk, I nursed cider.
Yes, my grandfather owned a field of apple trees, a small field.
And, so, I started working on it.
-And the workshop is near here? -Yes, very near.
-I would love to taste it.
-Sure, done.
-One day I'll bring you a bottle.
-Thank you.
The Professor told me that he has ordered a coffee.
It's decaf.
We don't want you lose any sleep.
Let's start with the proofs of life.
Go ahead! For appetizers, we have here Arturo Roman, CEO of the Fأ،brica de Moneda y Timbre.
Is it your intention to make me see all the hostages one by one? Correct, so you don't lose track of them.
Arturo This lady is Raquel Murillo, the Inspector who ordered you to be shot.
But don't be frightened, she has been thoroughly frisked and she's disarmed.
Please, treat him delicately.
Arturo is actually a very sensitive man and he's been a little traumatized.
How are you, Arturo? I'd seen better days.
I wanted to say sorry on behalf of the Police and my own, of course.
It was a terrible mistake and I hope you get better soon.
-The next one can come in.
-No, don't be impatient, please.
After we've had the courtesy to let you talk with all of them.
I'm sorry, but I can’t be here the whole day.
It's a pity, I was starting to have get my expectations high.
I've got a pair of scissors.
Sorry? I took them out of fear, but having them puts me in danger.
What are you talking about? What are you doing? Hide them, you'll get us in real trouble.
I don't want them.
-I'll drop them right here.
-Put them away.
-I don't want them.
-Give them to me, give them to me.
Move along with me.
What were those shots? Please.
They'll kill us all.
One after the other.
"One after the other, that's how all the hostages would talk to the Inspector.
" Would you say the way you'd been treated is good? I can't complain.
"The way children queue up to talk with Santa at a shopping centre.
" -Have you been able to sleep? -I've been able to rest.
She reminds me of my aunt.
Although my aunt's dead.
Did you finish your coffee? This next one I quite like, he's extremely quiet.
Don't you dare say anything about the gunshot, right? -Mأ³nica? -Yes.
Are you all right? Well, I'm a bit dizzy.
Because I'm pregnant.
Sorry for asking, but was it you who asked for an abortion pill? Yes.
It was me, yes, but I have changed my mind.
I don't know whether I’ll get out of here.
If I do, I don't know if I would be fit to look after this baby, but I'd like to continue with the pregnancy.
You will.
No matter how tough things get, children always turn out OK.
The problem comes when they grow up.
If I know about something, Inspector, it's about women and children, so the mum to be should not worry, she'll be well looked after.
Next one, please.
Mأ³nica, are you all right? Were you also taken to talk with the Inspector? -What did she say? -If I was fine, if I was getting enough rest.
And they asked me -not to say anything about the wound.
-They want a proof of life.
-Luckily, we're all well.
-No, not luckily, no, quite the opposite, if the proof of life failed, they'll realize that something isn't going well.
They won't have any other choice but to come in.
Listen to me, Alison.
Only you can get us out, you have to disappear while the proof of live is taken place.
-There's a hidden safety box.
You only have to get into it and lock it from inside.
-There's a sequence of numbers.
-But I can't do that.
You are their safe conduct, if you don't show up at the proof of life, they'll have no choice but to come in for you.
You have to do it, it's very easy.
-29175232, can you do it? -29137 -2917 -29137 -29175 -Arturo, leave her alone.
Leave her, can't you see we don't stand a chance? -I've been shot, you -Everything will be fine, take my word.
I've got hold of a pair of scissors.
Listen up.
If they attack you, -use them to attack back.
-What are you saying? -Take them with you.
-I don't want them.
I've been told your wound opened up.
I tried not to limp so they wouldn't notice and one of the stitches came out.
Are you okay if I have a look? Okay.
Does she have to get undressed? How do you expect him to cure me if I don't? Can you see those doubloons there? They were found inside a Spanish sailor's stomach.
Apparently, the captain found out that he was stealing part of the cargo they were carrying from the Indies.
He made him swallow all the coins he had skimmed, one by one, until he drowned.
Can you imagine us applying the same punishment? We would end up like a six-door built-in wardrobe, wouldn't we? You're very funny, Inspector.
I didn't come here to tell jokes, Fonollosa.
I still need to see four police officers, eleven members of security and three adolescents, one of them, Alison Parker.
Please, you have to release the pressure, do not be impatient.
Dessert is always kept for the end.
Right, but the dessert is taking very long and I'm worried I'll get indigestion.
I want to see Parker now.
She's getting ready.
You know what adolescents are like, they always like to look at their best.
I think deep down it's due to that insecurity that certain women have throughout their whole lives.
What's wrong with the dogs? Helsinki is taking them out of their cage.
Stand up.
Cheer up, your boss has come to see you.
Come on, stand up.
"In that silence, Inspector Murillo could hear the machines working at full capacity making banknotes and she realized we had deceived her, that the shooting had been a sham and that going in to the museum had only contributed to give us two more hours during which she had been off-guard.
And we had made 16 more million euros.
The Professor was right, in this heist, time was precious.
" In our first lesson I told you that, somehow, it won't be stealing.
We won't be stealing anything that belongs to other people, will we? Right.
I lied to you.
Because there is something that we'll be stealing, we'll be stealing the Police’s time.
We'll put some cheese in the trap, they'll take the bait and we'll lead them to a dead end.
And they won't be able to focus on their main goal, which is to get us all out of there.
And when we have their time and their attention, we only have to prolong it.
Stretch it, like if it was chewing-gum, meanwhile the machines are working relentlessly.
They're no fools, at some point they'll realize that all this is a game, that it's nothing but a manoeuvre to distract their attention to keep printing money.
Even then, they won't be able to do anything, because it's their duty to solve a robbery with hostages avoiding any casualties.
"It looked easy.
Perhaps with another inspector in charge, but Raquel was a woman in a men's world, a single parent in the middle of divorce, a woman who had coped with her husband's abuse.
And there, in front of Berlin, she felt comfortable, like a teacher in front of her rebellious pupils.
And she wasn't going to stand idly while he was playing her for a fool.
" I've applied skin closure strips, so you don't need to be stitched up again.
And this, are you a surgeon now? Did you at least wash your hands, didn't you? Of course I did, Arturito, to punch you smelling of "Eau of fuck yourself.
" I'm getting dizzy, if I could go back to where I was before, -to have a rest and -Yes.
Listen up, Alison, this is not negotiable.
I need you to do it, I need you to do it for all of us.
Do you want everyone to beat the shit out of you, -your class-mates? -What do you know? What do I know? I've seen how they laugh at you, how they whisper behind your back, I've seen them.
I've seen how they treat you, as a fucking loser.
And you can change it all, today, now, it's in your hands.
You have the possibility to change your fate, but you have to stick to my plan, okay? Can you say that you are in generally good health, then? Yes, you could say that.
Helsinki, please, take him to his chambers.
Very well, I've seen all the hostages except Alison Parker.
I believe it's her turn now, isn’t it? What will happen otherwise? Will you handcuff us? Hey, please, ladies, quiet down.
It's a bit early to take the mud and the bikinis out.
Look, since I have been in here, I've only heard you say stupid things.
I expected something more profound from a man who has only How much, seven months to live? What is she talking about? -What the fuck is going on? -He suffers from Helmers' Myopathy.
A very aggressive degenerative disease, with a life expectancy of 14 to 25 months.
His muscles may have already started to weaken, what translates into spasms, trembling of his hands.
Haven't you noticed that it's becoming more and more difficult to hold your gun? I've put my foot in it.
I though there were no secrets amongst you, that you were friends.
I want to see Alison Parker.
Can I go to the toilet for a moment? Please, it's quite urgent.
"Condor three, any movement? -Main entrance clear.
" Mr Berlin.
Can I speak to you? I wanted to tell you that I'm feeling much better.
I'm less nervous and would like to go downstairs with the other hostages.
Are you not well here, any complaint? No, I'm well, I’m very well.
That's why that I think I could help with some tasks -you are assigning to people.
-Tell me, Ariadna, -what could help with? -Anything, whatever.
Cooking, breaking the ground I believe you're building a tunnel or.
Can you come a bit closer? Break stone with those hands would be a crime.
Besides, we already have people for that task.
We also have people to print, to move the coils As a matter of fact we have people for everything.
Last night you took Silvia away and we heard gunshots.
I can't stand it any longer, please, I need to get out.
Anguish, stress, anxiety.
Me, for instance, right now, I know for sure that I won't be getting out of here alive.
I, at your age, also thought I could conquer the world, that I wasn't going to look back in my bloody life and that I'd never regret anything.
But one day you come to a sudden stop.
And it'd be better that you come to a sudden stop because you have been fired from work or that your flat has been foreclosed.
And not that the SWAT are shooting.
The problem is that in my case I came to a sudden stop because of a gunshot.
To be more precise one I saw with my own eyes to my boyfriend's heart.
Go out there and tell everyone that I can't feel anything.
And that they can come in to get me, shooting.
"Units in alert for intervention, sir.
" -Why the hell is she taking so long? -"Awaiting instructions.
" When Mussolini was being defeated in World War II and a huge black cloud stopped him from being able to think, he realized that the only thing that could boost his stamina was sex.
He had a prostitute living in a room next to his office.
He would pop in from time to time so she would make him feel happy again.
I can help you solve your problems.
Do you think I could be with a woman who would come to me against her own will, if I could feel her disdain, is that it? I truly want.
Try me out.
Try me out, Mr Berlin.
I don't even know if I wish to be with you.
Why should I take a liking to you? Why don't you dance a little so I can see you? Dance.
"For Ariadna, to have sex with the leading kidnapper was the most certain way to save her life.
But what she didn't know is that she wasn't in danger yet.
That was as desperate as innocent Alison's attempt to escape, that had the fucking nerve to try to run away from Nairobi.
Perhaps that's what desperation gives, the nerve.
And an absolute determination to hold on to life like two vicious bitches.
" Holy shit! Alison! Alison! Alison! -Hello, Salva.
How are you doing? -Fine.
You see, I was in the neighbourhood, and Anyway, I saw you coming in and I said: "Is it Salva?" And yes, it's you.
Do you mind if I come in? -Now? -Yes, please.
Sure, come in.
Come in.
What a nice place you have here.
Sorry for bothering you, but I'm looking forward to tasting that cider that you promised me.
Of course, mate, right away.
Thank you.
I told you I was an amateur, not a professional No, not bad, not bad at all.
To be fair, a little bitter.
One thing.
How are things with Raquel? -You're seen each other, aren’t you? -Well, let's see, seen each other, as such, not really, we are I mean We've talked sometimes and now we're going on a date, -that's true, but -Sure.
And we have some affinities, specially on my side.
I regard Raquel as a woman with a lot of charisma.
In fact, we hardly know each other.
If you're going to give her this brew, you'd better improve it.
If you give her three glasses of that, she'll have a running stomach.
It wouldn't be an ideal date, would it? Sure, sure.
Thank you very much for the advice.
It must be because you left there the apples to dry.
-Really? -Yes.
That spot is very damp, no? Silene, without that microphone they don't know whether I’m okay or not.
SWAT units 2 and 3 in alert.
-Nine minutes.
-In position.
-Perhaps, you should have a heater? -Well, they may rot.
You should find other spot.
I have to leave to avoid a massacre with or without proofs of life, do you understand? Sit down.
Four minutes.
Am I fucking making myself clear or not? Sit down.
Alison, Alison, Alison.
There are 10,000 square meters here.
Who knows where the heck she is? Excuse me.
Hello? I'm going to phone the Professor, keep looking for her.
Is it ready? Good.
Has the judge signed it? Okay, that's perfect.
I'm on my way there.
Thank you.
You'll have to excuse me, it's the call of duty.
What a shame.
-Don't you want to take a bottle with you? -No, thanks.
I don't bother with it, anyway, who uses a land line telephone? Yes.
Second floor, office 17, inside the safety box.
-Stupid kid.
-No! -Alison, are you okay? -Yes, yes.
We have no time, if there's anything, give it to me.
Weren't you in a hurry? Hurry up then.
Rio, with me.
How are you, Pilar? Did you find anything? -Yes, there was a fingerprint.
-And? And there's no match with any fingerprint of the police officers -that drive it.
-What do you mean there's no match? -Did you run it through the database? -Yes, I did, no matches, this fingerprint is not in any base -in Spain.
-I see.
Do me a favour.
Compare it against the fingerprints on this coffee spoon, right? When you have the results, call me, it doesn't matter what time it is.
-Thank you.
-Where does the coffee spoon come from? -Alberto.
Have you obtained the kidnapper's cutlery? No, it comes from somewhere else, a hunch to be discarded.
You know that we can't analyse anything that has no seal and with no registration of the origin.
I ask you this as a special favour for me.
Damn, you keep your cards close to your chest, Angelito.
We know more about the robbery from TV than from you.
Don't worry, when we have the results, -we'll phone you, right? -Thank you.
How's Raquel? Is she moving on? Yes, she's moving on, slowly.
Dear colleagues, after long consideration I wanted to say sorry for not being completely honest with you.
The Inspector was right.
I have a degenerative disease.
Quite tough.
And I'm living on borrowed time, but it isn't my intention to make you feel sad and let alone that you feel sorry for me.
After all, it's a disease that one in 100,000 people suffer.
And that makes me a very special person.
What I want is to ask you to celebrate with me.
We'll all die.
Cheers to that.
Because we're alive.
And because the plan is going smoothly.
To life.
And to the plan.
"Anأ­bal Cortأ©s is the weakest link in the chain.
That micro wouldn't be undetected in any frisk.
That's why I said to the Science Unit to place a message inside.
" And how do we know the boy has seen the video? "Hello, son.
We've hired a very good lawyer and he's got you a collaboration deal with the authorities.
" Anأ­bal Cortأ©s turning himself in would mean that our plan is working.
"We have also spoken to the police and say that if you turn yourself in and agree to collaborate in the investigation, the judge will give a reduced sentence.
You'll be in prison less than a year.
We're doing everything we can from here so you can be well when you get out of here, because you shouldn't be there.
Think about it, please, Thunderbolt.
Think it over, you can back out, darling.
Thunderbolt, it's not too late.
" -Tell me, What's wrong? -"Are you coming home for dinner?" No, I don't think I’ll make it for dinner, I have something to do in a pharmacy.
-"I'll wait for you, i don’t mind.
" -No, darling, it's not in Madrid, it's in Toledo, in a town, in Palomeque.
I'll phone you later.
Help, please, we have just been robbed.
It's okay, I’m the police.
He only wanted the lists of purchases without prescriptions, the accounts, the inventory and the purchases book, too.
"And as it happens in chess, there are times that, in order to win, you need to sacrifice one of your pieces.
In this case, one of the most valuable, our horse of Troy.
The Professor had placed أپngel in a hairy situation when going to that pharmacy, a situation that would send him down to hell.
" Raquel, listen up, there was a guy that arrived at the pharmacy before me.
No, I don't know how it could have happened, only you and I knew about it.
"And that's how it happened.
With a heavy heart, when old good Angelito snooped around the hangar, the Professor decided to sacrifice him.
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