Money Heist (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

1 SUNDAY 7:02 PM 57 HOURS INTO THE ROBBERY The pharmacy has been robbed.
"They took the record books.
I have no idea how it's happened.
Only you and I knew about it!" "Do you know that moment you tie loose ends that you didn't want to tie? It's painful, isn’t it? You're there with your long time partner and you think: 'What a fucking bastard'.
" I'm on my way there.
"Or: 'What a bitch'.
You refuse to believe it, but you know there's a betrayer.
And it can only be you or your partner.
And أپngel knew it wasn't him.
Raquel was trying to find an explanation to that, but when explanations don't come alone, there's always someone willing to push you a bit.
" I'm old-fashioned and still believe in the good and bad guys.
And I am completely sure that you are of the good ones.
Could you stand up for the detective? Because I wouldn't.
"أپngel thought nothing worse could happen, but it could.
Sure it could.
When you hit rock bottom, there's still something before the edge of the abyss.
" Soil! What's the matter? What's the matter, Moscow? We have it! We have it, mate! "It wasn't dark yet that Sunday evening, when we were in a very euphoric mood.
We had found soil and Nairobi had the printing presses working at full capacity.
There was over 400 million euros.
We had sealed the entries with explosives.
And had the feeling of being inside a bunker.
It was our ten minutes of glory.
" Who wants the sound of the sea? This is like poetry for our ears.
This is the heart of the world beating right here.
400 MILLION EUROS Because we're making it beat.
Because the world moves because of this.
What's all this celebrating you're doing here? What’s the matter? What's wrong with you? Hoorah! "Undoubtedly, that was the happiest moment for us inside there.
Then, we relaxed.
" Don't move.
Do you want to comb your hair? Thank you.
Do you know how we say back home "two men make love"? We say "comb inside".
With all the medication I have an upset stomach.
-Could I use the toilet? -Sure, mate.
Thank you.
Jacinto, it's Arturo, can you hear me? Jacinto.
Mr Arturo.
You're alive.
I was convinced you had been shot.
I didn't sleep a wink.
We are in the basement with the boilers, chained like dogs.
We're locked up with the four police officers.
We only come up here to use the toilet.
Listen up, Jacinto.
I've got a pair of scissors and I can get hold of more tools.
Screwdrivers, a hand saw, I don't know.
I can give them to you in two hours.
-Have you got a watch on you? -Yes.
Make up any excuse.
Try to make them bring you here again, in two hours, from now on.
Remember, the second on the left.
I'll leave them there.
What will we do with a pair of scissors and a hand saw? Those people have explosives, M-16, and all sorts of things.
67 people's lives are in your hands.
Believe me, it will work out fine, and in a few hours no more nightmare for us.
All right.
Move, move.
Yes, yes, coming.
The pictures sent by the kidnappers show explosives connected to photoelectric cells.
They have been placed in all the entries, even in the underground ventilation ducts.
-What kind of explosive are they using? -The bomb squad think it's C-4.
But I can see they're more orange, so we sent them out to the scientific support branch to be verified.
-Who in the scientific branch? -We sent them out to Alberto.
There's no other inspector in the scientific brunch who does the same job as my ex-husband? It was sent out to Alberto because he's the best.
It's a direct order from superintendent Sأ،nchez.
I see.
-What do the scientific branch say it is? -They think it's P-4.
Very similar to C-4, British origin, and that the connexion is perfect.
They're making it difficult for us, aren't they? "Alison!" I think it's time I had a friendly chat with Alison Parker.
There's an incoming cell phone call from inside the building.
Record it.
It's from Jun Li, a hostage.
"It's Anأ­bal Cortأ©s.
What do you want?" To help you, Anأ­bal.
In order to do so, we need you to help us get inside the Fأ،brica and get the hostages out in the least aggressive way possible.
There's plastic explosive in all the entries.
Yes, coming in is no problem, but we need an ally.
"An ally who can tell us where the robbers are at every minute.
" I see, and why would I sell my partners out to you? They will tempt you with a better future, a prison sentence reduction, that in one or two years you'll be out.
If you help us, you'll be eligible for parole, a reduction in you prison sentence to two years.
"You'll have a new future ahead of you by the age of 22.
Think it over.
" Divide and conquer, that's the motto.
It worked for a small town in Italy to take control of the whole world.
It worked for Napoleon later, and now it's working for the Police.
They'll use the slightest contact to tempt any of you.
After 48 hours inside the pressure will start sinking in, anguish, negativism.
And it will be then, when they'll try to aim for the weakest link.
"There isn't weakness in us.
There is in those outside.
" "It's not too late, honey.
" By the time they attempt to contact, you'll have committed six or eight crimes, at least.
No judge can guarantee you walking free, none.
Once inside, the only one who can guarantee you being free it's me.
Anأ­bal, listen to me carefully.
"The judge guarantees you being free in a very short time.
" Okay, let's square up the numbers, inspector.
Let's see, aggravated robbery: from two to five years.
"Hostage taking and setting conditions for the release of four escort police officers: 40 years.
" Hacking the alarm system, computer crime, we're talking about six months up to two years.
Public order offence for breaking in the Fأ،brica: one to six years.
And with the hostages It's much more difficult.
67 hostages.
The law says that it can be from six up to ten years for each kidnapping.
Then, it's the point-blank shooting at the police on the first day: from six to eight years for each officer.
But they were wounded too, which is an offence causing injury "an aggravating circumstance that adds eight years for each injured police officer.
" We are talking about, if we have a tough judge, 723 years the prosecution will ask for.
The shortest sentence you can be offered by the judge and the prosecution, without using the penal code as toilet paper "It's 173 years.
Don't let them fool you.
" The penal code is the rules of the game of any country.
No one can break them, no one.
There's one thing we can actually agree with.
The presidential pardon.
Tell him yes.
You want me to ask the president for a presidential pardon? No, I want you to ask the president to be on TV and in front of the whole Spain, say that if any of the kidnappers decide to cooperate to end this crisis, the possibility of offering them "a pardon in exchange for their cooperation will be studied.
First, the president will be in the news report.
" -He's bluffing.
-"After that, I'll consider the option -of being a fucking rat.
" -Very good, we'll do it.
But for that to happen we need a gesture of goodwill from you.
Tell us the name of the Professor and how many robbers there are inside.
I think we have to go along with him.
"Come on, Anأ­bal, give me a name and a number, and I can assure you you will have a future again.
" Okay.
A name and a number.
"Get a piece of paper and a penâ€‌.
My bollocks 33! What a son of a bitch.
Attention, we cut off all communication with the Fأ،brica.
What the hell did you do? You screwed up any chance of buying us some more time.
They didn't buy it, okay? I could hear the bloody murmuring, for fuck's sake.
Let's see, who do you think you are? You had to execute, not decide.
Or change the plans, fuck.
And that murmuring thing, what the heck is it? He heard the conversation and if he says she wasn't buying it, it means she wasn’t.
We have been messing around with the bloody inspector for some days.
So it's not his fault, okay? Are we clear? That's right.
She wasn't going to phone the president, or the TV, or her fucking mother.
You and your things.
You, assholes.
"Despite his great performance, Rأ­o knew, the whole time, he wanted to accept the deal, freeze time and get out of there as if nothing had happened.
" Would you have liked to accept the deal with the police? You know that all this won't end well, don't you? Do you know what life imprisonment without a possibility of parole is? That's what I’ll get.
I killed a security guy and some months later I broke into here, and I shot a police officer.
And you look so demure.
Do you think a judge will believe in my reintegration? No.
I trust the Professor.
I fully support him.
You didn't answer me.
Would you have liked to accept? Well, really what would happen if we got out of here? Would we stay together? Would you be trying to give me my badge back all the time? You're talking about betraying your friends.
My friends? My friends who have names of cities? Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Denver My friends with cities' names are ass-kicking.
And I'm going to tell you something.
You'd better hide away if you accept the deal, because if I see you, I'll shoot you in your temple.
I've just spoken to the security guard.
I saw him in the toilet.
He says that they are penned up, 11 security guards and 4 police officers.
They are our last chance.
I'm not hungry, thank you.
-Are you sure? -Yes, thanks.
Our last chance, how, if they are penned up? We have to give them arms at all costs.
And also, obtain tools and pass them on to them.
Which tools do you want to steal? Drill bits, hammers, screws, anything.
You saw what I saw, they've got and arsenal down there.
We have to take them and leave them in the toilet.
Look, Pablo, I can't do this on my own.
All right? I need your help.
When this Slavic gorilla escorts me for a walk, -I need you to distract him.
-Me? Yes, he has treated my wound, he doesn't take his eyes off me, he helps me to walk.
Then you distract him.
And I'll steal the tools and whatever is needed.
It's over.
Arturo, relax.
Take care of your wound.
I'll come later.
Come on, those in the tunnel, here.
-Those at the printing press, there.
-Don't talk about the plan to anyone.
It's only for us.
The fewer we are, the more chances we have to succeed.
We'll help the others from outside.
Arturo, I'll be back in a minute.
Come in.
And sit down.
I called you in to see what can be done about your pupil.
She ran away and we found her hiding inside the safety box.
Why do you think she's so rebellious? It might be, perhaps, rebelliousness of virgins? -What are you talking about, virgins? -Nairobi.
We can see it in many species.
Virgins are rebellious, because they haven't been broken in.
I say this with all my respect.
It's like what happens to mares, not until they are broken in, not until you ride them, they can run off, kick someone, they are completely unpredictable.
You must have heard of that concept, haven't you, miss? How old were you when you lost your virginity, Mercedes? Mercedes.
There's no problem, you can say it, please, we're here, among friends.
Well, eh I, you see, come from a very small town in Soria.
When I was 24.
And weren't you aware, before that, of that virginal rebelliousness? I don't really know.
-Think about it.
As a matter of fact, before losing it, I ran away from home and went to the Medinaceli festival, three times.
-I don't know if that’s -That's it.
Exactly that.
Here you are.
Intense "Volluto" with sugar.
Thank you.
Medinaceli festival.
And you, Alison? Are you a virgin? Yes.
So what? I'm not scared of you with those nutty speeches.
You won't do anything to me, you know why? Because I'm not just a hostage.
I'm a safe-conduct.
This is it.
The rebelliousness of the virgins, here it is, no doubt.
Ariadna, darling, please, can you pass me that small red folder? -Coming.
Let's see what we have here.
Your aunt Becky, volunteer in a small village in Mali.
Here we have your cousin Elsie, looking very beautiful in Kings College.
Brian, it's the brainy one in the family, in Wellington.
And here we have several photos, whose? Your sister Lis, just next to you, in La Moraleja, she goes to the same school as you.
However, I think she doesn't have your same temper.
A girl from your social status I'm sure has no idea how much a hit man costs to hire, do you? We can find a decent one for 30,000 euros.
However, to shoot your aunt in Africa 10,000 euros can arrange it, 10,000 euros.
Your family's lives are in your hands.
When I told you to make yourself heard, I should have said what's most important is to choose the right moment.
Call to monitor, Berlin.
-Everything well here, and in there? -"Everything in order.
" Brilliant, then the next phone call in six hours.
Inspector, the underground unit have found oscillations on the seismograph.
They are working with heavy machinery.
Indeed, they're building a tunnel.
We need to bring in a GPR, now.
See if we can find out where they are building the bloody tunnel.
I'm on it.
Let's see, listen all up.
Those who are not essential here may leave.
Essential means those who are doing something now.
The rest of you can go and have a rest.
And have a shower, please.
This is beginning to smell of deep police.
I rectify.
Please, can you all go out for a moment? I have to relieve you from the case, I'm sorry.
I think all this will be clarified, but, right now, I can't trust you.
You cannot trust me.
The thing is that you and I knew about Toledo, Raquel.
You and I.
What the heck are you talking about? I am not the betrayer.
So it's only down to you.
What a nerve! They knew we were entering the museum wearing the masks at the same time you knew it, and they knew we were going to the wreck yard, and they knew about the fucking pharmacy.
Yes, it can't be anything else, huh? -What thing? -Who knows? A phone call, a telephone, a fucking microphone.
-Only you and I knew about the pharmacy.
-And you didn't tell anyone, have you? No? "Not even that weird guy from the cafأ©.
Did you say anything to him? -What? -To him, your shoulder to cry on.
A guy shows up here yesterday, and you tell him about your whole life.
As if you were new in this.
" And you don't suspect him.
He's been inside here, Raquel, he's been inside the tent.
Have you checked him out? Because I have.
Have you done your bloody job? He has a workshop, that fellow, nearby.
He says he makes cider.
And everything is covered by thin canvas, who knows what he'll be covering.
-Don't tell me you have followed him.
-Yes, I've been following him.
He doesn't do any cider or any bullocks.
He makes rubbish cider from a carton and pours it into a cauldron.
And there's rubbish all over, fucking hell.
He has a car which is just scrap, and sleeps in a bunk bed surrounded by wheels and oil stains.
It smells like a chemist cooking meth and I don't know what the heck he cooks.
He is dodgy, Raquel, he is.
And you suspect me, I'm the only suspect.
Me, me, me! How much will they pay you, one million? Two? Look here, Raquel.
Listen carefully.
Bugger off.
Suأ،rez! -Suأ،rez! -I can't believe it.
Handcuff him and take him away.
Calm down, inspector.
That's not the protocol.
-Yes, yes it is, Suأ،rez, handcuff me.
-Bugger off the protocol.
-Handcuff me.
-Handcuff him and take him away.
If you want, I can call Internal Affairs, but, for the time being, no one is going to handcuff no one.
I've been 15 years with you.
With me? No.
You've been getting close to me to see if I fall for you.
Always fucking Cercedilla in your mouth.
Always "I'm leaving Mari Carmen.
" And your fucking womanizer's jokes.
And now, that at last, I say no to you it happens that Mr Pervert Pimpin here has turned into a betrayer, a betrayer.
What did you sell, أپngel? Our friendship? This operation? Look here, leave right now.
"Do you know what â€کcollateral damage' means? It's a term coined during the war in Vietnam by the American army, when they didn't have the guts to talk clearly about killing civilians.
But it's sometimes used to take the blame off you, like a boomerang.
And that was what was about to happen to the Professor.
" Hurry up.
Faster, faster, hurry.
Hurry, faster.
Take a couple of bags and clean this crap.
Dinner is next.
I managed to steal a few things from the tool box.
What things? Some saw blades, some screwdrivers, files.
What are you doing? Hide it away.
In 35 minutes, ask to be escorted to the toilet.
Go in the second loo on the left.
Take the tools and you duct tape them under the lid of the loo, inside.
They will get there in about 40 minutes, All right? It can't be.
Me? Me again? I have stolen all the tools.
I'm loaded with scrap, fuck.
And you want to hand it to me here? Do your part and I'll do mine, mate.
"Raquel? Is there anything the matter? Are you all right?" Well, I'm here alone and bored in the cafأ© and and a little disappointed, if I'm honest with you.
Excuse me, I don't quite understand, disappointed? I was meeting up with someone for dinner.
My first dinner out in eight years "with someone who wasn't my family, I mean.
But I think he stood me up.
" And won't it be that you were 36 minutes early? "It's possible.
The truth is I’m a very impatient woman.
" Sorry, Salva.
Excuse the joke, no I just wanted to make sure you remembered about our date.
"The truth is being stood up horrifies me.
" I wouldn't know what to do, how to get out of here if you didn't show up.
I guess I'd stay here in my high heel shoes and on my own and drinking pints until they told me to leave.
-"No, embarrassed to death.
" Don't worry.
I'll soon be with you with those pints, in five minutes.
"See you very soon.
" See you very soon.
"When you're close to me, I can't even breathe.
" Breathe then.
In nine months you will not be able to breathe.
"It's a joke, isn’t it?" -Tell me it's a joke.
-It's not a joke.
-No, it's not a joke.
Monica, I'm, technically, I'm sterile.
"You must be Shiva, the fertility goddess.
" Shall I phone my wife, and the kids, and we all go to celebrate it.
I told you that we had problems, not that we were breaking up.
I brought you a menu, you'll be blown away.
Look, a sandwich that Well, I have eaten it a couple of times and I'm still alive, so more or less Some biscuits, that I took the gluten free ones, because I thought you might -be gluten intolerant, as many people.
Perhaps, these better.
A chocolate pastry, because I like them very much.
Ah, well, and Some sweets.
Do you want some? "Hello, Raquel speaking.
I can't answer your call right now.
If it's urgent, leave your message after the beep.
" Raquel.
Raquel, it's أپngel.
Listen, I'm asking you to reconsider.
Look, I can understand your rage.
I also overdid it, but Blimey, this is not the first row we have had, you and I, is it? Look I'm probably an asshole or whatever you want, but but I'm not the mole.
I'm not the mole, for fuck’s sake.
You'll screw my life up, Raquel.
You'll screw my life up, damn it.
Give me a call.
What do you think about, on the morning before a robbery? You get up and, what's on your mind? I don't know.
You get up there, at dawn, "you smoke, talk about nonsense.
" What on earth are you doing smoking so early? Here we go, said the pot to the kettle.
-How are you? -Fine.
And you? Nothing extraordinary.
A lot of courage is needed.
I say it because I think about that kind of things, you know? About people who are on death row or those guys that go in a rat hole, shooting around.
-It's not that bad.
It is.
A very cowardly person is telling you.
Look at me, with a married man to avoid failure or being dumped.
-You're no coward.
-I am.
-You're not.
-Yes, I am.
You stole a mobile in the middle of a robbery.
You insisted on me shooting you in your leg.
You stood firm before Berlin who is crackers.
And you had the guts to grab me by the neck and kiss me and fuck me.
You need to have a lot of guts to bang a loser wearing a Dali face mask.
You are Nikita, the secretary version.
Actually, the morning of the heist I was scared to death.
"A fucking crazy thing.
" -What? -All this stuff, dad.
This guy He may look very clever, but -I don't know, it’s crazy shit.
-No, it isn't, no.
At least he knows what he's talking about.
I started to doubt everything.
-I don't know what I’m doing here.
-You're with me.
But the thing is that everyone is an expert in something.
So, the woman that fakes the banknotes.
You that You are a wizard at what you do, but I I haven't done anything good in my life.
But he's a really good guy.
He told me he needed me and here I am, meeting the most beautiful girl in all this crazy stuff.
One minute.
"These are the tools we managed to steal.
Get undressed and tape them to your body with insulating tape to take them to the basement, and untie yourselves.
Cut the ducts in the boilers room and anything you can use as a weapon.
At 9 PM they'll take your dinner down.
Take that chance to disarm your captors and escape.
We'll meet up at the warehouse, hidden behind the coils.
I'll try to take as many hostages as possible without compromising the plan.
One second.
Thank goodness that I showed up.
As your date has stood you up Yes, yes.
I don't know what would've happened to me if you hadn't showed up.
And your date, were you particularly interested in it or? No, not anymore.
What a shame.
What a shame.
Fine then, let's see if I’m any good.
I'm sure you are.
Good, that makes me happy.
But I have something to confess that we both are in danger, because if I have another one of these, I may start to hum "muأ±eiras".
And we'll have a problem.
I'm sure you look very funny.
When will we start addressing each other less formally? When you look at me under the table.
Come on, Salva.
Have a peep.
Look at me under the table.
I warn you that if you're going to do like in "Basic Instinct", I might need something stronger, because I'm a little conservative.
Salva, listen to me.
I don't want you to make a scene here.
I'm quite sure that you're hiding something in that workshop where you supposedly make cider.
So either: you willingly take me there or we wait here until I get a search warrant, but I'm warning you it could take a couple of hours.
So you choose.

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