Money Heist (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

1 "Hello, it's Raquel.
I can't answer your call right now.
If it's urgent, leave your message after the beep.
" Raquel, Why the heck you don't pick up? Huh? After 15 years with you, besides you, like a fucking fool.
And not to get closer to you, no, no.
Because of our friendship.
Because of love, do you hear me? Because of love.
-Go in, please.
-No, you go first.
Come on.
SUNDAY 9:45 PM What's this? A warehouse.
And these plastics? They're just plastics to protect from the coldness.
60 HOURS OF ROBBERY I'm not frightened.
Keep walking.
Switch the light on.
And don't do any foolishness.
And you, what did you do before this? You haven't always been a robber.
-I've done a lot of things before this.
-What things? Mainly sales rep.
Also in the chemical industry, security guard in a car park and I dance in a disco, too.
-What? -Yes, there, no shirt, with a lot of birds inside a cage dancing away.
-But, like untz untz untz? -Untz, untz and whatever they play.
Samba, twist, rock and roll, you'd be amazed.
What, really, I'll be amazed? Let me be amazed then.
Let me see how you dance.
-Here? -Come on, dance for me a little.
Give me a minute.
Listen, I'd been very close to breaking up with everything, to ditching Mari Carmen for a bitch that not even Prieto would fuck.
Do you hear me? Yes, you're a bitch, a selfish and obsessive bitch.
A fucking bitch! Fucking bitch! A cunt licker, a frigid, for fucking sake.
A fucking frigid.
Raquel, it's me, أپngel, again.
I'm sorry, I didn’t I didn't want to call you "bitch", really, I'm sorry.
You'll ruin my life.
I don't know what I’ll do if I’m dismissed from the police department.
I don't know how I’ll cope.
You'll destroy me.
I know I told you I was unemployed, but This cider thing isn't a job as such.
It's basically a project.
I don't know whether it’ll work or not.
And, honestly, I don't know what is on your mind.
I don't know if your partner saw something illegal.
It's true that some nights I sleep here, on the bunk beds, and I have no certificate of habitability.
I don't know if that’s what he saw or that it has to pass some kind of inspection.
I don't really know.
The cider.
Can I taste the cider? Sure, of course.
"It was quite obvious that the Inspector would want to get in in the Professor's little corner.
And for a bunch of euros is easy to rent a filthy warehouse and turn into the perfect set for the performance.
Being willing to believe or not was up to the Inspector.
" I'm sorry, Salva.
This place is lovely.
I feel very very embarrassed for pointing my gun at you to force you to bring me over.
The truth.
I would have rather showed you something else.
I mean, some other thing as you call it, as in "Basic Instinct", I don't know.
I'd feel much less stupid and embarrassed than I feel now.
And To think that I almost sent my ex-husband over Your ex-husband? Yes, I know he's a fucking jerk, but he's the best in the whole Scientific branch because, obviously, they had described this place as if it was a drugs lab.
-I'm sorry.
I almost I almost make an even bigger mistake.
I want you to know that I'll never pull out my gun again.
Or frisk you, or have any doubts about you.
Good, good.
About you, Salva.
About you.
I think it's time to treat us less formally, isn't it? -I couldn't agree less.
-I agree.
-Me too.
-"أپngel, is it a good moment?" -Yes, tell me, Pilar.
I have the results of what you asked me.
I analysed the fingerprint from the car and the one from the coffee spoon and bingo, they're a match.
The person who touched that spoon is the same one who forced his way in the car.
That's awesome, Pilar.
"It's awesome.
I’ll call you later.
" "The voice mailbox of the number you have dialled is full.
" Fuck.
It's time.
The guards must be untying themselves by now.
At 10:30 PM they'll come out of the warehouse.
-Do you know where it is? -Yes, right here.
Listen, can I tell someone? Five or six mates.
-No way.
Are you mad? -But why? Do you want to screw all up before we start? Three people already mean a great risk for the plan, four would be extremely foolish.
-We'll help them from outside.
-Three people? And who is that third person? Mأ³nica Gaztambide.
She's pregnant, we need to get her out of here.
I see.
-Where the heck are you going? -To find her.
And what about me? I stay here? How do I get to the warehouse? -I can't go in as I please.
-Sort out your own problems.
Don't fuck me.
What I have to do is worse.
Quite worse.
I have to convince that guy to take me over to Mأ³nica and then get rid of him.
Are you going to kill him? What I'm not doing is staying here waiting like a lamb to be shot.
A man has to do what a man has to do.
What's the matter? I'm still not feeling well.
What's wrong, Arturo? You want some more tablets? No.
I wish my problem was solved by taking an aspirin.
No, no.
It's not that.
You see, earlier on, when I saw Mأ³nica Gaztambide, and realized she was alive, she was fine, I went to pieces I think I didn't react as she expected.
The thing is that, later on that colleague of yours, Denver, escorted her downstairs, wherever you are keeping her, to have a rest, and I felt the urge to speak with her.
I felt a very strong urge.
Man helps man in love.
Yes? No problem.
It's fine, Arturito, fine.
-Let's go.
-Thank you.
"And while our first defeat was approaching, the master mind of the operation wasn't there, because as brilliant as he was he only had two eyes, and at that particular moment they were set on the Inspector.
" What? Nothing.
What? You were looking at me.
I don't know, like this, with no glasses on, you look like a different person.
Like Superman and Clark Kent.
So, you like me with glasses.
No, I didn't say that.
I'll put them on right now.
It's kind of weird to sleep with your glasses on, but it's fine.
It's fine.
I usually take them off, but today Today is a special day.
Better? The thing is I can't stay the night, I’m sorry.
I don't know, I want to wake up at home with my daughter, drop her at school.
-So she can see she still has a mum.
"Hello, it's Raquel.
I can't answer you right know.
If it's urgent, leave the message after the beep.
" "Raquel, it's me again.
" Call me, your voice mailbox is full.
We have him, listen, we have him.
"We have the guy who is helping them from outside.
" But you still got at least seven or eight hours to drop your daughter at school.
I mean If you are there at 12 AM or at 1 AM or at 7 AM That should be early enough, shouldn't it? It's Salva, Salva, Salva, the one that makes cider.
He was in the wreck yard, he threatened the Russian guy, for heaven's sake.
I'm sorry.
I'm not staying.
Hey, and that piano over there? Do you play the piano? He's using you, damn.
His fingerprints were in the patrol car.
He's got closer to you to learn about the investigation.
He's using you, Raquel.
Is it your wife? No.
Mأ³nica isn't the loud type.
It must be one of your colleagues.
Don't stop.
For heaven's sake, Arturo, what the heck are you doing here? "Arturo at last had had a heroic gesture.
Instead of escaping alone, he'd decided to rescue his princess.
But it backfired on him.
Because princesses have their own lives too.
" What's the matter, Mأ³nica? "And their own secrets.
" -Was that savage raping you? -He wasn't raping me.
Don't speak nonsense.
"We've always heard stories about husbands catching their wives with their lover.
But when Arturo caught his lover's lover he forgot all about his escape plan.
" Arturo, man.
"He only heard one word.
" -I'm fine.
-Breathe, breathe.
Breathe deeply.
Put your clothes on, darling, and leave, please.
-What? -Put your clothes on.
-And leave, please.
-I'm not leaving.
Take her out, leave me alone with this guy.
What do you want to do? Let's not get things out of hand, Arturito, these things can be discussed.
I won't leave.
I told you to take her away, for fuck's sake.
Get her out now and leave me here alone with this scum.
Yes! You and I, yes, here.
Now, you and I.
-Please, please.
-Everything's okay.
-What will you do? -It's fine.
-I said no.
-It's fine.
-What are you going to do? -It's okay, leave.
-I want to stay.
Leave, everything is fine.
Let's go.
You have a lot of nerve taking advantage of a defenceless and wounded woman.
Let's see if you have what it takes to fight me, son of a bitch.
You'll get hurt, Arturito, be careful.
-Stop! -No, I'm a hostage.
-I'm meeting Arturo Romأ،n here.
-Where is Mr Romأ،n? I don't know, he told me to be here at 10:30 PM.
Let's go now, please.
Let's wait for Mr Romأ،n.
We still got two minutes.
She's pregnant, did you know? She's carrying my baby.
Mine! I don't think my son would like you go knocking on his door.
Arturito, you're asking for a smack and something else.
Stop it now.
I'm going to kill you, son of a bitch.
Who is laughing now, hey? I can't hear that stupid laugh.
You tried to kill me, with a pair of blunt-tip scissors, Arturito? Sorry.
I didn't mean it, I swear.
It's this damn stress that makes me get it wrong all the time.
Forgive me, I'm sorry.
You're stupid.
-Don't hit me! -Give me a fucking reason Look at me.
Give me a fucking reason, to not smash your head this very instant.
Give me a fucking reason.
-They're escaping.
-What? They're escaping, 16 hostages, now.
And I know where through.
No more time, gentlemen.
Let's go.
Stop! Plastic explosives.
16 hostages are escaping through the loading area.
Tokyo, go and get Nairobi.
Rio, Denver, get Oslo and Helsinki.
What's wrong? -16 hostages are trying to escape.
-For fuck's sake.
And we're going to stop them.
-Ready? -Ready.
Let's go! For fuck's sake.
Let's go, let’s go! Take cover, take cover! -Has everyone taken cover? -Yes.
Off I go.
Attention! Explosion inside the building.
I want communication with the SWAT team, now.
Teams 1 and 2, go to the area of the incident.
Go, go! Priority: rescuing the hostages.
Assessment of possible entry.
Click on the camera in the loading area.
That's the one.
"Attention, there's some movement.
There are people walking out.
We have got a clear shot, I repeat, clear shot.
" They're hostages.
They're hostages.
"We have visual.
We await confirmation.
" "You know when there's gridlock after a road accident is not due to the accident itself.
It's because the other car drivers stop to watch.
They can't help it.
Because deep down we're as basic as a mosquito attracted to light, as any insect that tries to escape when you cage it.
And Inspector Murillo isn't much more complex, anyway.
" Can I have a white coffee with extra coffee? "That's why she was there, washing her armpits and smiling stupidly at the mirror, as his partner was fighting for his life.
" Confirmed, they're hostages, confirmed.
Rescue protocol.
"I want a clean retrieval.
" Move forward! -Let's go.
-Let's go! We need to get them out of here.
Come on, we need to get out.
Come on! -Move fast, quick.
-Come on, come on.
Move, come on, get out! Medical team, ready.
I want all the hostages here.
Come on! -Come on, come on.
-Come on.
You'll be fine here, move.
Please, back off for one second.
We continue the massage.
Clear, again.
"We have inside visual.
" -He's wearing a face mask of Dalأ­.
-It's a robber.
Right conditions to go in.
-"We are waiting for orders.
" -SWAT team, ready.
We're going in.
"The world could collapse around her and she was only thinking of nothing, the way you feel when you've just had the best shag of the century.
But there's always something that takes you back to reality and it's no usually in a placid way.
" "Witnesses there are talking about a big deflagration inside the Fأ،brica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, and that between 15 and 16 hostages managed to escape.
Their identity is yet unknown.
Apparently, they have not been seriously injured.
And, the latest news.
Detective أپngel Rubio, one of the officers in charge of the crisis with hostages, has been involved in a severe car accident on the M-506, from Getafe to Pinto, in Madrid.
His vehicle skidded off the road and has rolled over several times.
The detective is receiving medical attention and it's yet unknown how his physical condition is.
There were no other vehicles involved in this car accident.
It is also unknown whether the accident was due to mechanical failure or distraction.
" Mari Carmen, I'm sorry.
أپngel's things.
What happened? He had been drinking before the crash.
I spoke to the police.
He phoned you 16 times.
What happened? What did you say to him? Nothing, I didn't I didn't answer his calls.
I was in an operation.
Tell me what happened between you two, please.
أپngel flipped his car.
He invaded the opposite lane.
And he swerved as if he wanted to put an end to everything.
A friend of his, in the traffic branch, passed on to me this video.
Tell me.
Why did my husband try to kill himself? I don't know.
-Things were not going well at work.
-At work? I've been waiting for seven years, seven years waiting for that one day he would stop being in love with you.
And now the only thing I hope is that he wakes up.
Yes? -Nairobi, are you all right? -I think I have a temperature.
Let me see.
No, you don't seem to have a temperature.
Perhaps it was the barbecue.
I'm not feeling well, either.
Then lie down here.
There's plenty of room.
Mr Professor, I won't bite you.
Is it me or there's some tension in the atmosphere? -Tension, you think.
It might be the four months we have been confined here or or the temperature or or that you're attractive.
Don't you find me attractive? Well Nairobi, there's no doubt you're a woman with a lot of temperament, you're a racial woman, a striking woman, no doubt.
And I, of course, I'm sensitive to those stimulus, surely I am .
It goes without saying.
But those kind of relationships are not allowed, interpersonal ones.
I see, but I'm not actually asking you to marry me, Mr Professor.
-I know, but really, I can't -A quicky one.
Okay, fine.
I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings, but, really, we can't.
No, you can't hurt my feelings.
As a matter of fact, I think you're the man who’s treated me the best in my entire life.
You and your plan.
Tokyo told me that the plan wasn't your idea.
But you didn't tell her whose idea it was.
The most important person of my life.
I was a sick child, you know? And a sick adolescent.
So I was bedridden in hospital for many years reading, reading extensively.
My father used to tell me stories, used to tell me about the plots of films of robberies he had seen.
What a character.
Wasn't him? Your father, instead of telling you "Ugly duckling.
" One day he told me about the plot of the most extraordinary film ever made.
"Did you know that money is made by a machine, right?", he said.
And I told him I didn't.
"And that machine is in a place called â€کMoney House'.
And with a plan, a master plan, it has to be a master plan, don't you ever forget it, someone could gain their way in and make as much money as they wanted without stealing from anyone.
Do you understand?" That day he was shot multiple times at the doors of the Hispanoamericano bank.
He didn't tell me about the plot of any film.
He was narrating his own robberies.
You could make your dreams come true without hurting anyone.
Move! Move! "Sir, there's some movement inside.
-They're closing the entrance.
" -Covering fire.
Covering fire! A pole! We need to get some poles to make a buttress.
Hurry! And Oslo! Find Oslo! Remove that.
Dad, I can't, I can’t.
Damn it! Helsinki! Helsinki! Helsinki! Dad, dad, get that! I'm going to check on Helsinki! Cover me! Covering fire, be ready.
Three, two, one! Fire! Fuck! Helsinki.
Help! Where, where? Where? -No, no, no.
-The vest stopped the bullet.
You're not wounded.
SWAT teams, we throw smoke and we go in.
Through the flanks, we're going in.
Covering fire, now.
Throw the smoke at my command.
Now! The SWAT have thermal imaging equipment.
That smoke will block only our sight.
Take it away.
Come on, Moscow! -They're coming in.
-We have to put the plate back.
Covering fire.
Three, two, one, fire! Fucking shit! They're getting in! They’re almost here! They're getting in! They’re here! -Cover me, cover me, cover me.
-Where are you going? I'm coming.
Take cover! A machine gun! Everyone take cover.
They're using big calibre.
Close, close! Fuck! Come on, come on, come on! Help! A drill! Come on, hurry up, Berlin.
Quick! -Where is Oslo? -I don't know, haven’t seen him.

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