Money Heist (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

1 SUNDAY 11:40 PM "Why didn't you call me, huh?" Why? "Where the heck were you?" Where the heck? 62 HOURS OF ROBBERY Wounded man! Wounded man! Help me! "What happened?" Helsinki, what happened? Hostages, escape.
Strong whack, brain injury.
Denver, did you know about the escape? Which hostage did the escape? Which hostage did the escape? Arturo.
He told me, but I didn't get there in time.
Oslo is not well.
He's badly injured.
No, no.
Not badly injured.
Not badly injured.
He just needs rest and medicine.
Time for medicine.
-Why has he got his eyes opened? -I, now give medicine.
Anti-inflammatories and heparin.
And go to sleep.
And tomorrow, Oslo better.
Moscow, you don't worry.
Oslo and I have had worst colds than this one.
Worst colds.
"Oslo's eyes never twinkled, but now it was how we looked all of us, sad and absent.
Hope is like dominoes, once one falls, the others follow.
And the hostages noticed we were fucked.
" Last night we heard the shots.
Anyone injured? I won't shut my mouth.
-Sit down.
-One of my pupils is missing, Pablo Ruiz, and I want to know where he is.
Sit down.
I said sit down! Your pupil escaped with a group of hostages.
They blew up a charge and fled.
You don't have to worry about anyone.
They're all fine.
What's that freak doing? Madam, sit down and stop clapping your hands.
Sit down.
Sit down, now! Madam, sit down.
To the ground.
To the ground! For fuck's sake, everyone to the ground, damn! To the ground! Sit down! Fucking hell, to the ground! Make them stop.
Stop! Stop! I said, stop! Everyone sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down, please.
Well, look.
No, Moscow.
-What? -First, open eyes.
Look where shoot.
Hold gun.
Relax elbow.
-But, you wear thongs, don't you? -I'm not going to wear knickers.
-I'm not wearing, I left it at home.
Then neither will I.
-With a bare cock you rob.
-Don't’ be dirty-minded.
-Bare cock.
-The hostages Quiet.
What's the matter? As time progresses the hostages will stop being compliant.
When they see there are no releases, that there isn't any progress, their survival instinct will make them do something.
And what will they do? The Numismatics people will do like de Bruce Willis? Something of that sort, Nairobi.
They'll try to escape.
Or they'll escape.
-That's possible, it can happen.
We're armed.
At that point, the other hostages will stop fearing us.
If that happens, it's extremely important to regain control and, in that case, we'll do it using empathy, creating an atmosphere of much more solid trust than the one we've had until to that moment.
Trust and M-16, don't go together, do they? Then we'll have to find things that bring us closer to the hostages.
Let's see.
What unites people, huh? Football.
Football is a good example.
But there's something that unites people ever more than football.
Sex? Yes, sex brings people together, but in couples.
-Or not.
There's There are, well There are threesomes and even foursomes -and even structures of group.
-Structures? But it goes without saying that there's no room for that -in our plan.
-Ay, sorry, guys.
Thank goodness.
With my luck, if we organize an orgy, I'm sure I’ll have this one behind.
But, Professor, what unites more than sex? What unites us? All of us, I mean.
Well, I've become very fond of you all, but, honestly, money.
And we might not have other things, but we'll have loads of money.
I've been giving it a lot of thought about how to turn our hostages into our business partners.
And, well, I've come to the conclusion.
Money or freedom.
Have you ever thought, I mean like in fantasy, of putting price to yourself? I'm telling you I'm in.
Think it over, Mr Torres, you've got two hours.
I have nothing to think over.
I'm talking about the pain, the pain we're causing you.
I'm working here better than I've ever worked in my whole life.
What would be a hostage's minimum salary? I thought of a million euros, Just like that, tax free.
You won't fool me.
-I know perfectly how this works.
-Really? You know how hard it is, and you know that your profession is something that's in your blood.
I've never had a boss like you, Ms Nairobi.
It's that or the second option.
-Which is the second option? -Leave just like that, with nothing.
Like I'm telling you, but empty handed.
How will we get a million euros out of here? Hidden inside our underwear? You give me the address of a first cousin's of yours, a friend, and I'll make sure you receive an envelope with your money in five, or six months -after getting out of here.
-Think it over.
It's different to raise a son with a million under your mattress.
So Freedom or the money.
One million.
There was a camera, at the toilets entrance.
And in this corridor I think there was another one.
So you say that apart from the building cameras, they installed some more.
Yes, those ones were different.
We were digging a tunnel for them.
It was in the basement.
There was a lot of ammunition.
Enough for a war, there were boxes full of bullets, chargers, explosives.
Yes, these three were part of the gang.
They were eight, two of them foreigners.
Could you say if any of them was the Professor? Their names were city names.
-She is Tokyo.
-This one was Rio.
He was the least dangerous of them.
He was watching Alison.
Was Alison in a different place from the rest of the hostages? Yes, sometimes she was taken apart.
One of the foreigners is injured or dead.
We hit him on the head with a pipe.
Oslo was his name.
If you'll excuse me, you can have a rest.
You may have a coffee or something to eat.
-Lobo, escort him outside.
Have a sit.
These are أپngel's glasses.
They inserted a microphone in them, a Keylock 20-10 with an audio range of 1,500 metres.
They must have done it when he went in with the paramedics.
أپngel is not a traitor.
I know what's crossing your mind right now.
But you were just doing your job.
Any of us would have done the same.
All the evidence pointed at him.
I was also wrong.
Raquel, it's me again.
Phone me, your voice mailbox is full.
We have him, listen, we have him.
We have the guy who is helping them from outside.
Yes, it's Salva, Salva.
Salva, the one that makes cider.
He was in the wreck yard.
He threatened the Russian guy.
For heaven's sake, he’s using you, damn.
His fingerprints are in the patrol car.
He's got closer to you to learn about the investigation.
He's using you.
To return the phone call press.
" "Hello, it's Raquel.
I can answer you right now.
If it's urgent, leave your message after the beep.
" "The voice mailbox of the number you have dialled is full.
" أپngel was phoning me all evening, But I didn't pick up his phone calls.
Sixteen phone calls.
He phoned me 16 times.
And I didn't answer the phone.
Raquel, it's أپngel.
Listen to me, I'm asking you to reconsider.
Look, I can understand your rage.
-I've also.
" -Unplug the loudspeaker or turn it down.
"the first row we've had.
I must be an asshole or whatever you say," but I'm not the mole.
I'm not the mole, for heaven’s sake.
"You'll ruin my life, Raquel.
Phone me.
" Why the heck you don't pick up? Huh? After 15 year with you, "besides you like a fucking fool.
And not to get closer to you, no, because of friendship.
" Because of love, do you hear me? "Because of love.
I'd been very close to breaking up with everything," To ditching Mari Carmen for a bitch that not even Prieto would fuck.
"Do you hear me? Yes, you're a bitch.
" A selfish and obsessive bitch.
You're a fucking bitch, a fucking bitch.
A cunt licker.
"A frigid, for fuck's sake, a.
" "How many punches can you take before falling on the canvass? If you are Raquel Murillo, many.
But there's something wrong in being good at rolling with the punches.
" "Attention, inspector Murillo is approaching the front wall.
" "If the punches don't cease, you'll end up falling down the same.
And when you fall down, it'll be as all the punches were received at the same time.
" Raquel! -Raquel! -Raquel! Raquel! "Murillo stopped hearing, stopped thinking.
She just walked on.
It was an empty body searching for all that to end.
" Raquel! Come! Let's go, let’s go! Excuse me, I didn't quite understand.
-I said I want -No, no.
Wait, before you give me an answer seriously, I want I would like to you to take into account a couple considerations.
The first one is You must consider that you and I have a relationship.
And the second is that freedom carries a lot of un unexpected situations, risks and terrible things, perhaps, that for me, personally, are scary.
Do you know that eagle chicks fall off before the right time and crash on to the rocks? That makes me scared.
Or baby rabbits, leverets, that are in their dens.
They see the sunlight, and come out, and a wolf breaks their neck in one bite.
That makes me scared.
No, Ariadna? Because Perhaps now, at this particular moment, leaving is far more dangerous than staying.
And I wouldn't like that anything bad happened to you, Ariadna.
I don't want you to become distressed, either.
I don't want that.
I’ll give you two hours to think about it.
I must leave.
I'm pregnant, I need to see a gynaecologist, well, also the orthopaedic surgeon.
Or whatever doctor you see, I don't know which specialist I have to see for a bullet wound in your leg.
It'll be the internal medicine doctor, won't it? I don’t know.
Let's see, what’s wrong? The million euros is not appealing enough? -With that money you can leave ever after.
-It depends.
If the wound becomes gangrenous and I end up limping If that happens, we'll think of what to do.
You don't need to expect for the worst.
I should think.
Besides, you're very well here, aren't you? You've got your own bedroom, Mأ³nica Gaztambide's Presidential suite, or not? You might even miss us if you go.
Why are you insisting on me staying? You won't have fallen in love, haven't you? It's not true.
Listen, look at me, are you serious? -So what if I am serious? -Let's see.
-You can't fall in love in 60 hours.
-Well, in 60 hours.
In 60 hours I shot you, I extracted the bullet.
You found out you were pregnant, now abortion yes, abortion no, shall I break up with my boyfriend.
You have sex with me.
If you give 24 more hours, I might ask you to marry me.
And then 24 hours later, we get a divorce.
What the fuck does time matter inside here? -In the end time is something that -All right.
All right, what? I'll stay.
But to get married and that you'll have to give a little more time.
I don't know, 16 minutes or so.
RAQUEL'S UNKNOWN’S TELEPHONE Hello? Sorry to phone you again.
It's Raquel’s mother.
As the other day you were so close to my daughter, you see, I have an urgent message from detective أپngel.
"And I can't get through to her.
Are you near her?" Not now, but I'll be seeing her in a moment.
"If you tell me, I may be able to talk to her.
" Thank you ever so much, because it seemed important.
What message? I'll read it for you.
Yes, "we have him, we have the fucking guy "who is helping them from outside.
It's the guy that makes cider, the one who was in the wreck yard, the one who threatened" the Russian guy", one second.
"His fingerprints were in the patrol car.
We have him.
I'm on my way to the tent and I'll tell you everything.
" Have you written all down? Yes, don't worry.
-"I'll take care of it.
" -Well, thank you very much again.
-"Thank you so much.
" -You're welcome.
"The Professor had built a plan down to the last millimetre.
Each movement of the police, any possible mistake from his gang, the hostages' behaviour, each variable, everything, And then, when he thought everything was under his control, he found out that it wasn't so.
It would have never crossed his mind that to avoid the whole plan going down the toilet, he would have to kill.
Kill the mother of the woman he was falling in love with.
And, of course, no one is prepared for that.
" What did you give me? An intravenous sedative.
Have you already spoken to the hostages? What did they say? So far they've confirmed that they're building a tunnel.
We're going to locate the exact position.
And what we already know, that they are armed up to the teeth.
You're the most qualified person to lead this operation, but it's high time you had a rest.
Don't worry about anything.
The superintendent is on his way to substitute you.
So you can go home for a few hours.
You have to sleep.
Can I make a phone call? Sure.
"Salva, it's Raquel.
" Look, I need you to come over to get me out of here.
This is the worst day of my life" and I have to get away from this tent, from this city.
Salva, are you there? I can't, there’s something I have to do.
Sure, sure, I understand.
"To phone like this is a bit.
" -Good morning.
Can I help you? I'm Salva, your daughter’s friend.
-We spoke on the phone.
-Yes, yes, of course.
Come in, come in.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Come in.
He's not reacting.
I don't want to be pessimistic, but I'm afraid his brain injury has caused irreversible damage.
What? Are you a neurosurgeon? We don't know.
We must take him to a hospital.
He might still have a chance to be cured.
No one leaves.
Do you hear me? With hole or not hole.
-You know what the Professor said.
-I couldn't care less about the Professor.
Where was the Professor when the 16 hostages were escaping? Where was he when they smashed Oslo's head? We open the doors, call the police and let the paramedics come and take him out.
What the fuck are you talking about? The rules were clear, no one goes out.
We all agreed, Oslo too.
16 hostages have escaped.
The rules have changed.
The hostages don't know what's happening here, Oslo does.
And so, huh? If he can't even speak.
Even if he could he wouldn't betray us.
Damn, let's vote.
This isn't a nice democracy.
It isn't, no.
We open the doors and we let Oslo out.
No one is leaving.
Oslo isn't leaving.
Me speak with Oslo before entering.
Wound doesn't matter.
Death before prison.
You understand? Yes.
Me take care of Oslo.
I must say, you have a beautiful house.
Thank you very much.
Raquel is not at home.
Poor her, she works so hard I was having a coffee.
Would you like to take one? -I wouldn't like to bother you.
-It'll only take me a few minutes.
-Ah, then, thank you very much.
-Very well.
Have a seat.
"There are 10,000 ways to kill an elderly woman, but the Professor was no hit man.
He was more of a chess player for whom the world of crime was too big.
So he chose a cleaner and more intelligent option.
Pour 2.
5 milligrams of dioxin into the old lady's coffee, wait until the cardiac arrest occurred due to the drug and vanish.
" Any sugar? Yes, please, three spoonful.
You have a sweet tooth, haven't you? So have I.
But I shouldn't.
"Three sugar spoonful and one of dioxin.
In 15 minutes time she would have a heart attack.
In 30 minutes Raquel would find her mother's body.
In an hour, a coroner would authorize the removal of the body as it was a cardiovascular heart attack.
No signs of violence, the victim's age, the door closed, inside her home.
There would be no autopsy, and the Professor knew it.
" Thank you.
"Clean and simple.
" My daughter didn't come home last night.
Was she with you? Well Well, actually, she was.
Yesterday we met.
Did you make love? Well Actually we did.
I'm glad.
Sorry for prying into your life, but I'm really glad.
My daughter desperately needs to be loved and someone to make love to her.
And a man who is a good man.
And you seem a good man.
I can see it in your eyes.
Excuse me.
I've dropped it.
As we get older we become clumsy Excuse me.
Oslo won't speak again.
I'm very sorry, it’s -It's very tragic.
-You knew about escape? No.
Denver tell me.
You knew about escape.
Know as such, I didn't know.
I could hint something, and I told Denver to help.
They hit him with this pipe behind back.
Oslo friend.
Me and Oslo, together in war, peace together, robberies together, prison together.
Oslo friend.
You understand, Arturo? On your knees.
Did you really think we wouldn't try to escape, that we wouldn't defend ourselves, that we would stand there watching how you killed us, how you tortured us, how you raped us? One and a thousand times I would do it again.
If you're going to do it, hit me hard, because if you don't kill me, I might kill you afterwards.
I came to work as any other day without harming anyone, only to fulfil my duty.
Who do you think the good guys are, Helsinki? You? Finish quickly, please.
Bring me over the dustpan and the mop, they are there, in that corner, please.
Thank you.
I'll do it.
"I don't live in Almazأ،n now, I live in Madrid.
I have two daughters: Raquel y Laura.
I'll never go to an old people home.
Raquel is a serious woman, but she loves me very much.
" Excuse me? "We have him, it's the cider guy.
His fingerprints were in the patrol car.
" -Do you mind if I make a phone call? -No, of course not.
"Raquel, it's me again.
Phone me, your voice mailbox is full.
We have him, listen, we have him.
We have the guy who is helping them from outside.
Yes, it's Salva, Salva.
Salva, the guy who makes cider.
He was in the wreck yard, he threatened the Russian guy.
For fuck's sake, he’s using you, damn.
His fingerprints are in the patrol car.
He's getting close to you to know about the investigation.
If you wish to hear the message again, press 1.
To delete it, press 2.
To save it, press Message deleted.
There are no more messages.
" No one is answering.
Salva? But what are you doing here? This was the thing I had to do.
The only thing, I left your garden in a really bad state.
Isn't he adorable? He's already told me you made love.
-What? I didn't say anything, she must have suspected it.
Time to eat.
-Would like some pudding? -Well, I'll have to taste them.
If there as tasty as this soup.
It's the best one I’ve ever tasted -in a very long time.
-Thank you.
Darling, don't play with your food.
You're hardly eating anything.
It's that job.
It makes her very stressed.
-The kidnapping, have you heard about it? -Yes.
You're telling me.
I follow it constantly, I'm following it in the press.
It's terrible what’s happening.
I'm all worried.
There was some shooting inside yesterday, huh? Wasn't there, and some explosions.
No, I really those people armed to the teeth Who knows, any day, some horrific thing will happen.
"There was shooting yesterday.
Armed to the teeth.
They have at least three M-16.
A Browning ground machine gun.
Retroxil, is a medicine.
In Toledo there has been an unusual demand.
" -Where was the last purchase? -Here, in Palomeque.
18th of October.
Excuse me, I have to make a phone call.
But, darling Every day the same.
Suأ،rez, put me on speakers.
Connect my mobile to the loud speakers.
We have communication with the Inspector.
-Turn it up.
-Well, listen up everyone.
I need you to look for "all the rural estates where hunting is allowed" within 100 kilometres distance from the pharmacy in Palomeque.
I want a map of Toledo now.
Look for a map, -perimeter of Palomeque.
-"If they bought the medicines there," it means that they were close.
Fuck, how didn't I realize sooner? Because they need a place where they could organize it, where they could prepare their plan step by step.
They had to do target practice before entering the Fأ،brica, somewhere where the shots and detonations wouldn't raise any alarms.
I want some units canvassing the perimeter of Palomeque within 100 kilometres, I want them now.
It must be a 100 hectares rural estate.
Look it up in the land registry.
With a house in it.
-Suأ،rez, call me when you find something.
-I will.
You heard her.
We have no time to waste, let's get them, okay? That estate, those units.
I want it all, I want it now.
Yes? Are you all right? Yes, a bit tired.
Come in.
And dazed too.
They had to inject me a sedative and, the truth, I'm not used to.
I see, I'm not very clearheaded today, either.
You'll excuse me, Salva, but I need to lie down.
I need to get some sleep.
Sure, sure.
It's the time now to make a decision.
You have to choose between being accomplices and getting a million euros or being upright people and leaving.
Freedom or one million euros.
If you stay with us to see the end of this, you'll receive, at home, 20,000 banknotes of 50 euros, in an air-tight bag like good ham.
Those who want to leave, please, cross the line.
What will we do with those who choose their freedom? You'll take them downstairs to the Fأ،brica basement and lock them up there.
I know it's terrible, but precisely those are the ones that could actually try to rise up another rebellion.
And I need to protect you.
Why can't I choose to leave? Because you're our top hostage, darling.
Really? Do we need to explain it to you? Move aside, you're in the way.
Okay, time is ticking.
Now or never.
You can either cross the line and leave or stay with us and your million euros.
Very good.
Those wanting to leave, put your hands on your head.
Move forward, through the door to the loading area.
"What the Professor had gained was to divide the hostages into those who would become our partners and those who could still complicate things.
At least that's what we thought.
Yes, Suأ،rez.
Inspector, we have a rural estate.
It matches perfectly the description.
-Where is it? -"Near Palomeque", the small town where the pharmacy is.
It's 640 hectares "and it's a private hunting land.
There's a house too" big enough to plan a heist of that magnitude.
-How did you find it? -"A neighbour in the area saw a group of youngsters on the evening of San Juan.
"They didn't look like hunters, but all through the summer -he heard explosions.
" -Explosions.
Yes, explosions.
He doesn't quite know what they were, "but he's sure they weren’t hunting rifles, not with cartridge .
" I send units to the area and arrange for an intervention team -"for a possible armed intervention.
" -Very good.
Send me the information to my mobile.
As soon as I can I'll head there.
Lobo, we have the all clear, we're setting off.
Units 1, 2 and 3 ready, now! Salva, look, I'm not feeling well.
Can you drive? -Yes.
-I need you to drive me to a place.
Everything starts tomorrow.
I want you to promise me one thing.
If things go wrong, you'll run away.
You won't be waiting at the hangar.
Nothing will go wrong.
You know, as I do, that everything could go wrong.
I'll only go there if you promise me that, if things are shot to hell, you won't let them catch you.
I won't promise you that.
Either you promise me now or you won't have a captain in charge from now on.
You already know me.
Nothing will go wrong, Andrأ©s.
We're the Resistance, aren’t we? "The Professor's whole life revolved around just one idea: Resistance.
His grandfather, who had resisted next to the partisans to defeat the fascists in Italia had taught him that song.
And later on he taught us.
" Six kilometres straight on, and after the first diversion on the right.
Salva, can you drive a little faster.
You won't be fined being with me.
You're driving at 40 km/h.
Yes, true, I'm sorry.
I'm a bit dense today.
Wait for me here.
On the left side and on the right side too.
No one comes in without wearing a suit.
Whoever is not essential here stay out of perimeter 1.
"Is it clear? It's clear.
" We hit the jackpot.
There's DNA of every type.
"I want the photographers and the Scientific branch in.
Take photographs of everything.
" The whole house has to be raided, every single corner.
"We are on the first floor.
There's an attic.
It’s amazing.
You won't believe what we’ve found.
" Inspector.
You have to see this.
The whole thing is on the walls.
Timetables, photos, maps.
The whole fucking plan.
We have it, sirs.
"Their time is over.
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