Money Heist (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

1 Attention all units Searching the living room Searching the top floor.
The west room seems to be a classroom.
There are desks and a whiteboard.
No human presence.
ROYAL MINT (CAMERAS) DIRECTOR CHRONICLERS - STAFF (SHIFTS) Inspector, there is something else.
I only want forensics in there.
You got it.
The kitchen and bathroom are full of remains.
Come with me.
What's that? Looks like fish.
Inspector, the purchase records they stole at the pharmacy in Palomeque.
They were in a drawer.
The person that helps them was here.
Less than 30 hours ago.
Put surveillance on all adjoining roads.
Attention, cut all roads within a ten kilometer radius.
Suspect may be near, I repeat, suspect may be near.
Units on their way, informing Traffic Control.
The inspector started secreting adrenaline and cortisol.
Her heart rate and blood pressure increased.
Like a lioness, moments before hunting a gazelle.
She was excited as she felt her prey closer and closer.
We have a match for one.
They belong to Silene Oliveira, known as Tokyo.
Raquel couldn't help but wonder if those clues were actual leads or another dead end.
This doesn't make any sense.
Raquel was right.
The Professor had meticulously planned to lead the police to Toledo, leaving an Oscar-worthy crime scene, littered with DNA from people unrelated to the robbery.
What wasn't in his plans was returning to plant the prints of the ones the police had already identified.
Berlin, Rio And me.
Also, throwing them off with anchovies and the pharmacy records.
He intended to lead Murillo to a dead end that would make her waste three days.
Three very productive days for us.
Since money prints at eight million bills per hour.
Especially with the help of the hostages.
Come on, girls.
I need this counted in half hour, okay? What's up with you? Wake up.
Look, everyone else is smiling.
Let's get to work! Work brings you dignity, damn it! Made into accomplices, they hoped to one day receive a million euros by mail.
You are coming with me! Something didn't add up.
Between those walls there was nothing they didn't already know.
The Professor thought it would take her three days, but it took the inspector 50 minutes.
Call Alberto, get him over here quick.
Alberto, your ex-husband? He's the best forensic inspector.
Call him.
Attention, headquarters.
Operating unit three one five, Toledo estate.
Inspector Murillo requesting the presence of Inspector Vicuña at forensics.
Raquel, it's Julia, Paula's teacher.
Just to let you know that Paula's father picked her up from school at lunch.
He said it was a family event.
I'd like to meet with you, not regarding Paula, she's doing well.
But her father wants to go out with me after class and I'm not quite sure how to deal with it.
- You can't be here.
- I know the inspector.
- Who? - Raquel.
- Salva.
- I'm sorry, I just wanted to say goodbye.
- I apologize for this mess.
- No.
You're working, don't worry.
It's okay.
I'll take the road we came in on.
The village will have a bus to Madrid.
Is there any car going to Madrid now? The first load of evidence leaves for Canillas in a half hour.
I don't want to trouble you.
I'll catch a bus.
The main road is straight down here and to the right.
- I saw a bus stop.
- Yes, there's one Salva, it's no problem.
We will give you a ride.
HOUR 80 OF THE HEIS It's time.
We still have one minute until six.
Well, given the circumstances, you can take your punctuality and shove it.
Third call with no answer.
That's 18 hours with no news from the Professor.
We know what that means.
CHECK-UPS CYCLES - PROTOCOL We'll do check-up calls every six hours.
What if you don't call us? Or if you don't answer the phone? Well, if anything comes up, you wait for the next call, until we complete a four-call cycle.
Twenty four hours.
And if we haven't made contact with you in 24 hours? Then, it will almost certainly mean that I've been arrested and interrogated.
We don't know anything about the police either.
I'm sure something is going on outside.
What do we do? Well, we still have one call left to complete the cycle.
At 12:00 am.
What cycle? - The fucking mousetrap cycle? - Denver, relax.
The Professor must be tying up some loose ends.
There's nothing to worry about.
For now, we keep watching the hostages and printing money as usual.
- I'm going to rest up.
- Are you kidding? We're stuck in this mess and you're going to go fuck? Tokyo, please.
- What? - There's no need to be vulgar.
First of all, it doesn't suit you.
Second, if I had to choose one of you as a partner, hedonistically speaking, it would be you.
What happened to carpe diem? The plan fell to fucking pieces, is what happened.
And maybe you don't care because you're terminally ill, but I do.
I'm leaving.
Son of a bitch.
- Another one.
- You are actually fucking a hostage.
Which one? That poor girl that you have running around like a fucking errand girl? Not "poor girl".
Her name is Ariadna, Nairobi.
And yes, we get along.
The day we got here, Ariadna was shaking in a way that I recognized.
Her fragility, her gentleness awoke something in me.
What a load of crap! There is nothing more despicable than fucking a hostage.
Being with a hostage isn't that bad either, is it? What's the matter? You can accuse me of being good or bad at fucking, but never of fucking at gunpoint.
So what? Yes, I'm in a relationship too.
With Monica Gaztambide.
- What are you saying, son? - I saved her life.
And she hugged me and kissed me.
I didn't force her into anything.
It was love.
What do you mean "love"? You idiot! - Don't you know about Stockholm syndrome? - No, Nairobi.
I guess I don't.
But if she has a syndrome or illness we'll get over it together.
No! You won't because it's you who is causing it! Stockholm syndrome is when the hostage develops feelings for the kidnapper.
She's scared as hell! But you're fucking ignorant and you think it's love.
What is wrong with you? - What is wrong with you all? - Enough! We are not exactly Nobel Prize winners.
We have to stop bickering amongst ourselves.
We're in a critical situation.
No, we will be if the Professor doesn't call in six hours.
Then we'd put Plan Chernobyl into action.
The Professor didn't say anything about that.
What's Plan Chernobyl? If all goes well, you'll never find out.
So, please, let's be patient.
Okay? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to clear my head.
Salva, do you think I should drop the case? Like, say that I'm not well and take leave.
Give up.
That's a very personal question.
That's why I'm asking you.
We've slept together.
You've already met my mother.
I mean that it's a question only you can answer.
Only you know how you feel about it.
I feel that this is too much for me.
If someone else was in my place Don't do that, Raquel.
If you're at the head of a case like this, it's because there's nobody better than you to manage it.
I don't know.
In the tent When I spoke with that guy, the Professor who I negotiated with, I felt useful.
Even if I had to answer questions like - "What are you wearing?" - "What are you wearing?" But, I don't know.
Here on the field, I feel like Like he's stronger than me, I can't beat him.
I don't know.
All those people working.
Thirty guys from forensics.
I don't know which way to go.
I feel lost.
I'm sorry, Salva.
It must be getting late for you.
Not at all.
Inspector Murillo, Forensic Inspector Vicuña is here.
Would you come? Sure.
Hello, Raquel.
Thanks for calling.
It was very professional of you.
How is Angel? Still in a coma.
No news there.
This is Salva, a friend of mine.
More like my current partner.
Inspector Alberto Vicuña.
Salvador Martin.
Salvador Martin.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
I'm glad you're with her.
I won't bother you.
You won't even know I'm here, but you'll have to fill me in.
What's that? Four hundred sixty thousand euros.
A little stash in case we get caught.
To start from scratch, you and me.
When we get out of jail.
I'm going to hide it here.
Behind our tile.
I'll make a hole and seal it up after.
In a few years we'll come back and buy a condo inLa Manga.
That is if the euro still exists.
Shit, you're right.
You're not going to start again about breaking up, are you? Wait until we get arrested and do it with a letter or something.
Listen to me.
Things are going to get real ugly.
I won't sit and watch, I'd rather join the bloodshed.
I know.
But not you.
I need a favor.
When the party starts You will turn yourself in.
You'll wave a white flag and turn yourself in.
It'll make things easier for you.
When things get complicated I'll be with you.
When the party starts I'll be with you.
No matter what.
And you know what? I only wave the white flag whenReal Madrid wins.
So now what? Let's fuck? Okay.
Not a good time? Party time, then? Party time.
Hey, come on.
Did you know about that syndrome? Stockholm syndrome? Yes, I had heard about it.
I never forced her, I swear.
I just brought her food and She wrapped her arms around my neck.
She tried to kiss me and wouldn't let go.
I swear we kissed for real, I even started dancing in front of her.
Look at her When have you had a girlfriend like that? I had Vane.
- Vane? - Vane was pretty.
Vane was neither pretty nor smart nor good.
You were from the same world and had things in common.
And what world is that? A shitty one, right? Look at her closely.
Look at her! First of all, she's a civil servant.
That means she studied a lot.
Second, her last boyfriend was the General Director of the Royal Mint.
And third, she's incredibly pretty and refined.
She's out of your league, son.
She's in the Champions League.
- We're more in the regionals.
- Alright, that's enough, that's enough.
I get it! I'm a loser.
I have to think like a loser.
And dream like a loser.
I get it.
Don't move! She said don't move, damn it! Hands on your head.
Hey! What's going on!? This is very strange, and no one's calling.
So if they're gunning us all down, at least we'll find out on TV.
Right? It's okay.
Monica Gaztambide, you're up.
In the first inspection, we found the prints of eight people.
There's DNA in cigarette butts, gum, toothpicks, even in a yogurt.
More than 100 items of classified evidence and counting.
Looks like they wrote out the plan on the blackboard.
We're trying to reconstruct it.
They left us their plan in writing? Yes, well That's the question.
If this a contaminated crime scene, or some lazy effort to destroy evidence.
They got into the Royal Mint and Stamp Factory, I doubt they are lacking in effort or intelligence.
None of this is worth shit.
Angel is ahead of you with the prints he found.
- What prints? - He didn't tell you? He got hold of a personal item, a teaspoon.
It had the same prints that we found in the police car.
Angel found someone from the group, or was about to.
If there's anything here, I know where to find it.
Anything they really wanted destroyed, they must have burned in here.
It's the safest way to destroy something.
It's what anyone would have done.
But there are only ashes in here, and not many.
Ashes that used to be lumber, coal But also documents, photographs A paper that, when burned, loses most of its material.
The fire creates a wisp of hot smoke, that raises those paper particles through the chimney.
Sometimes those particles stick to the rough brick of the wall.
If there's anything, it's in there.
Let us get to work.
Gandia, bring the goggles and the infrared camera.
Come on, girl, I'm in a hurry.
Move it.
Get to work.
Turn around.
- You're serious today.
- No.
Stop! You'll make me spill it.
Right, you're going to spill it.
I mean it, Monica.
What's the matter? Have we run through our 60 hours of love? It just so happens that you're my hostage So we'll see about that when this is over.
What? What's the matter? Come.
Am I missing something? Maybe you haven't noticed because you're here against your will, but you have a syndrome.
- What syndrome? - Stockholm syndrome.
You fall in love with The son of a bitch that kidnapped you.
You're losing your mind, treating me like I'm your boyfriend.
- It's a mental thing that doctors treat - Listen.
That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
Of course you'd say that, you've got the syndrome.
- Denver, it's not like that.
- What if you saw me on the street? What if I had ask you for change for the slot machine at a bar? Would you have noticed me at all? Be honest.
I didn't think so.
That's it.
You go your way I'll go mine.
And that's it.
Do you have feelings for me? - I'm not suffering any syndrome.
- Denver.
Do you have feelings? Yes.
But what I feel is real, it's not because of Stockholm.
But you I can't let you lose your mind.
I can't.
I can't do that to you.
What's on your mind, green eyes? I want to know everything about you.
Every day you've lived, every smile, every tear.
Every happy moment.
You're a wonderful mystery to me, Ariadna.
For instance Let's see.
Your first kiss.
Do you remember who it was? What was his name? Raul.
Raul must have felt like a lucky man.
Like Neil Armstrong, walking on the moon.
First times are special.
But the last times are beyond comparison, priceless.
But people Don't usually know it.
You see, I have six months left to live.
Or four.
Maybe even less.
And one of the few things that I really care about right now Do you know what it is? To know That I will live in here.
In your mind.
Inside this beautiful head.
Something happened.
Something serious.
Excuse me, where are the officers that were going to Madrid? No one is leaving at the moment.
I see, then I'll have to walk to the main road.
Can I just say goodbye to the inspector? Come with me.
Are you sure you want to do that? You should take it all with you.
Tomorrow these will no longer be memories, just Evidence against someone under an arrest warrant.
Besides, nostalgia can be seductive.
It is hard to let go of the memories because we think That they really are happy moments, but They're not.
And what we will do tomorrow requires us to think about the present.
Not the past.
That was your father.
That's all that matters.
We're doing it for him.
More than 50 troops have moved to the Toledo estate, including the Chief Inspector, the General Operative Sub-director of Special Operations and forensic agents, who continue to work in the house where the heist may have been planned.
The Professor was arrested.
They're interrogating him in the house in Toledo.
Although the judge declared secrecy, forensic police may have found evidence that confirm the presence of at least three Damn it! Shit! They cut off the signal.
We're screwed.
They don't want us to know.
And that means they're coming in.
We can sit here for five hours, or fucking start Plan Chernobyl, which sounds better to me.
Plan Chernobyl is for desperate situations, and I don't think this is the most desperate we can take, is it? It's a plan in which you'd lose the money.
I have no desire to give it up.
Do you? Will you give up everything you fought for, Tokyo? Guys, they have the Professor.
There won't be a tunnel in the hangar, because the fucking GEO will be waiting.
We're fucking trapped! He will call within the next five hours.
I still believe in him.
I'm not big on democracy, but suddenly I feel like voting.
Who still believes in the Professor? Helsinki? I believe in the Professor.
I believe what I see.
And what I see is that we can't count on him.
I'm with Tokyo.
I entered under certain rules, and the rules have not been broken.
I trust the Professor.
I vote to get out of here, now.
Being a multimillionaire doesn't suit me.
Alright, Denver.
Three and three.
Nairobi, your call.
You break the tie.
I have a very good reason to be with the Professor, and unless he's dead, I'll believe in him until the end.
I'm with Berlin.
Raquel, Raquel, sorry to bother you but It's getting late, and I'm taking this to Canillas.
Look, I was just going to catch the bus for Madrid.
I can give him a lift.
What? Well, actually it works for me.
Let's go.
Don't judge him.
Helsinki did what he had to do.
What soldiers do in war.
What we do with animals to stop them from suffering.
Not in hatred, but as an act of compassion.
Put it down.
I too did what I had to do.
Not in hatred, but as an act of compassion.
After all, what's more human than the fight for survival? Subtitle translation by Andrés M.

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