Money Heist (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Put it down.
MONDAY 6:32 PM HOUR 81 OF THE HEIS Raquel is looking great.
That's good.
You know, after a breakup things can be complicated until both parts get over it.
I'm glad too.
Raquel really is an extraordinary woman.
Yes, certainly.
If she and our daughter are well, then we're all good.
Is it hot? I can turn on the AC.
The temperature's fine.
It's me, I'm feeling a bit a bit rough.
You had coffee from the caterers? That crap shouldn't be allowed.
I guess I did make that mistake.
I had three cups and besides, I have this thing.
It's a colon thing.
It's nothing serious, it's this bacteria that well, it makes me have to go to the bathroom more often than usual.
It's a bit embarrassing, but I didn't want to go number two at the crime scene.
Do you want me to stop? If you don't mind.
It's no problem.
I'll pull into the next gas station.
Actually, it'd be best if we just pulled over now.
Look, we could stop here.
- There? - Yes.
- Of course.
No problem.
- Thank you.
Are you alright? Yes, much better.
You wouldn't believe some people.
I'm ready when you are.
Suarez, come here for a second.
I want you to examine Angel's car.
We already did.
It's part of procedure.
And did you find anything unusual? The brake fluid hoses were clogged, but that doesn't mean anything.
What do you mean? It could have been tampered with.
It could be, but it isn't usually the case.
Brake hoses get clogged, parts break It's what happens when a car rolls over twice at 170 km/h.
- I'm sorry.
- Wait, wait.
Did he say where he got the teaspoon he gave you? No, he didn't.
I have to get back to work.
Suarez, when did Angel arrive to Toledo? Yesterday, right? Yes.
But It's possible that he found it here, that he came to this house before us.
I don't know.
Maybe he took it from the bar in the village or from the pharmacy.
Maybe he suspected someone and wanted to make sure Raquel! Take it easy.
That won't help.
Only Angel knows where he got the spoon.
Angel and the guy who's helping them from outside.
The same guy who was listening in on our calls and tried to kill Angel by tampering with his car.
She just said there's no proof of that.
Angel had a lead.
And they tried to murder him.
And they'll try again if he ever wakes up.
What are you trying to say? This time, we're setting the trap.
I was thinking about what you said, about wanting the best for Raquel.
What? Well, I don't believe it's true.
If it were, you wouldn't be fucking her sister.
That's none of your business.
I'm sorry, but I think it is.
When I heard about you I thought: "this guy must be head over heels in love to get himself into a mess like this".
Falling in love and fucking your wife's sister.
But when I found out that you were hitting on your daughter's teacher Your daughter's teacher.
Then I understood.
You're one of these guys who shares his intelligence with his cock and muscles.
Someone disturbed who has to wear a social disguise.
The worst is that Raquel has to see a psychiatrist, when it should be you.
Of course you won't, you don't realize how messed up you are.
Motherfucker? Me? Piece of shit.
Get out of the car.
If I get out of the car I'll beat you so hard, you won't know what day it is.
Get out of the fucking car! Do you know what this is? My meds.
Days to live.
It's unbelievable how something so valuable is kept in such a fragile container.
Right? You haven't taken very well losing the elections.
You should work on that.
I won't sit around waiting for them to kill me, just because we fucking voted on it.
Stay if you want.
But you don't get to decide for us.
That's it, you can go in peace.
No problem.
I'll keep you in my prayers.
I have spent some truly wonderful days with you all.
Tokyo, get to it.
They're coming for us.
Tell us about Plan Chernobyl, or I'll break your whole stash.
You're going to torture me by breaking little bottles? Oh, Tokyo.
So mature for some things, and so childish for others.
You should consider something more convincing.
Like cutting off one of my limbs.
But I'm so high on opiates that I might not even notice.
Give me the gun.
Tell us what Plan Chernobyl is.
You don't have what it takes.
You don't.
Is there something you want to say now? I'll show you.
You're going to get hurt.
There goes number two.
Son of a bitch.
What the fuck are you doing? We're playing Russian roulette, Nairobi.
Come back later.
Damn it, Tokyo! Have you gone insane? What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to get us all screwed? You're going to fuck up the plan.
All on your own.
I'm fucking up the plan? You can't, can you? You can't stop and think for once.
Brainless piece of shit! I may be brainless, but your plan to go find your son is absolute shit! What the hell are you saying? The last time he saw you, how old was he? Three? - He doesn't remember you.
- Shut your fucking mouth.
- He won't remember.
- Shut up.
He won't recognize you.
He already has a mother, and a father.
For him, they are the real ones.
- You don't know shit! - What? - You don't know shit! - I know that you had him and abandoned him to get fucking pills! You know, I can't hear you very well.
Get a little bit closer to the door, or, better yet, just open the door and say it to my face! Fake bitch! You missed your chance to be a mother.
Face it.
That's enough! Hey, Tokyo.
This is getting a little out of hand.
Don't you think? Didn't you say "no matter what"? This is it.
Son! Listen to me! Come out immediately! - You're getting into really deep shit.
- Deep shit? What does it matter? Everything has fallen apart! Look, forget about the Stockholm thing.
We rushed to conclusions.
We are not doctors! Please don't don't blow it.
Do we come out? No.
- Maybe we can still vote - No! We already did.
Come on.
Come on, finish it.
If this is the end for me, shoot.
Come on, Tokyo! I'm terminally ill.
You won't be cutting short my hopes and dreams.
But if you're trying to scare me, keep in mind that after blowing my head off, you'll be the scared one.
I'm the only one that knows the plan.
You won't know how to get out of this death trap! It's all of you who are playing Russian roulette! Go on! Get on with it.
I'm sorry, Alberto.
I got carried away.
Please forgive me.
You're under arrest for assaulting a police officer.
Don't move! Stay there.
Romero, I have a detainee.
Assault on a police officer.
Take his prints and lock him up.
Sit here.
I'll be right back.
Rest in peace.
Whenever you're ready.
Rest in peace, Oslo.
The quietest one.
And the unluckiest.
I would come next.
I earned it.
While the others were on a break, Berlin gave me what I deserved.
Clearly and irreversibly.
You look like a birthday present.
You're only missing the bow.
What are you going to do to me? Ration your energy, Tokyo.
Are you going to kill me? No.
I won't kill you.
I won't torture you either.
Son of a bitch.
I hate you.
Let me ask you something.
Why does this have to be the end of something? Couldn't it be the beginning of a beautiful friendship? That's how it all began.
The beginning of the end of the heist.
Of the days in confinement.
Of my love for Rio.
Of everyone's dreams.
Of my freedom.
Who is it? I can't see her face.
It's Oliveira, sir.
We've got her, sir.
Why the hell have they turned in one of their people? Everybody at 20 yards.
She may be carrying explosives.
She's got explosives! Security perimeter! Bomb hazard protocol, I repeat, bomb hazard protocol.
It could be a trap.
On the floor! Perimeter! She might be carrying a bomb! Tell her to take off her jumpsuit.
Take off the boots and the jumpsuit! Take off the boots and the jumpsuit! Do it fast! Take off the boots and the jumpsuit, now! The t-shirt.
Lift up your t-shirt! Restrain her.
On the ground.
Get on the ground! Hands up.
Let's see your hands! Hold your fire.
I repeat, hold your fire Nobody touches her.
I want her alive! Tokyo.
Tokyo! Don't move! Don't move! Fuck! We're risking three things.
Getting killed, getting wounded, getting caught.
Today we're going to talk about that last one.
What do you do if you get caught? Kick them in the nuts? Always keep in mind the golden rule of the heist: Buy time.
Buying time and, indeed, exhausting every possible way of doing so.
Oh, my stomach! - Let's go! - I can't breathe.
You messed me up, damn it! Sir, the detainee says she's in pain.
She's saying she can't breathe.
Requesting medical assistance.
Okay, get her to a doctor.
Copy that.
Oh, it hurts.
It hurts a lot.
- Just a little further back.
- Damn! You lied to us.
You said "no personal relations", but Berlin calls you by your name.
Because that's your name, right? Tokyo, tomorrow we may see things in a different I won't see anything tomorrow.
I got into this because I trusted you.
Because you were going to be our guardian angel.
Guardian angels don't lie.
My name is Sergio.
Sergio Marquina.
My father was a heist man.
He was killed in a shootout with the police outside a bank.
It was him who had the idea for the heist.
Of all the people on board, you're the one with the shortest fuse.
And there will come a time when you think that everything's falling apart.
That everything is going wrong.
That you're all alone.
But I promise you that won't happen.
I have it all figured out.
Besides, I'm a lucky man.
You're a lucky guy.
Tokyo, I won't fail you.
Always remember that.
The worst that can happen when you're leading a heist is, first: Getting arrested for beating up the inspector's ex-husband.
Take his prints and lock him up.
Second: The police asking you for your ID.
- ID.
- But only have a fake one.
Third: That they take your fingerprints.
And worse, that they match the ones found on a patrol car that is part of the investigation.
Empty your pockets here.
Fourth: That they take your belongings.
Especially when you have the keys to the hangar where you set up and through which they will escape And a flask with poison Those are meds for my heart condition.
It's called Digoxin.
That you were going to use to kill the Inspector's mother hours ago.
Come with me.
Sit here until they take your statement.
from the Royal Mint, a few moments ago the kidnappers have literally thrown out a person who was gagged and tied to a stretcher.
The person has been secured by the Police Tactical Unit forces and identified as Silene Oliveira, one of the kidnappers who was still in the factory, and is currently being tended to by medical services within the security perimeter.
Tokyo lost her mind.
She couldn't take it.
It's not easy.
But I didn't have a choice.
Hold hands.
We're all risking our lives here.
It wouldn't kill you to hold hands.
When you have a wound, the platelets come together to close it.
If they don't, the body will die.
We are wounded and we must unite.
What are you talking about? - Rio.
- Who do you think you are? A preacher? The leader of a cult? Will you fly to space holding his hand? Rio.
- You need to calm down.
- No.
I won't calm down! You sent Tokyo to prison.
And you have the nerve to ask me to calm down.
She's my girlfriend.
My girlfriend.
And you ruined her life.
It's your first love.
Summer is over, you say goodbye to Suzanne in the French Riviera.
It seems like the end of the world.
Shut your fucking mouth, you fucking psychopath.
You have no idea what you're saying, okay? Anybody still sane? Moscow.
Do you think this is right? Son.
She lost it.
We all saw it.
There are rules here.
We voted and she didn't accept it.
And then she lost it.
You realize this is bullshit, right? Of course I do, man.
But she played Russian roulette on Berlin.
- What do you think? - Nothing happened, damn it.
But it was close, this close! Wake up, kid.
Open your eyes.
Tokyo lost it and we can't have a bomb like that in here.
I can't believe it.
You're all on Berlin's side.
You're all with a psychopath! We're not on Berlin's side.
We're all on the Professor's side.
The Professor? He's under arrest.
We all saw it on TV.
He won't call.
He won't wait on the other side of the tunnel.
Now you'll say that there are two hours left for the check-up call, right? Great.
Because it's the last one.
What will you do when he doesn't call? I'm not going to stick around to see it.
We've seen hostages go.
Tokyo is gone.
I guess it won't matter if I go too, right? You know it matters, Rio.
But it's your decision and we respect it.
Okay then.
Is someone coming to shut the gate? Wait.
When you leave take this and wave it over your head, so that they see you're coming peacefully.
There are snipers and I wouldn't want anything to happen to you.
Give me a hug.
I want you to do well.
Never stop believing in love.
It's beautiful.
You must trust, trust, trust! Empty your mind in order to think clearly.
Do it.
Let yourself go.
Let yourself go.
That's it.
He needs to rest and he'll be fine.
Kill Berlin.
Kill Berlin.
Kill Berlin.
Kill Berlin.
Those were the only words in my head.
But there was no way.
Try as I might, I couldn't think of a way of ruining Berlin's life that didn't also harm Rio.
I could tell them how we planned to escape, or where the hangar was.
But any revenge would also fall upon Rio.
My little Rio.
Fuck! Son of a bitch.
Look who's here, Mr.
Miss Tokyo.
Do you usually interrogate women in underwear? Why did they turn you in? Well, shit happens.
Why did they tie you up? I didn't see eye to eye with the person in charge.
I tortured him and he didn't take it well.
I want you to know that your money is still secured.
Just like I found you once, I'd find you when you get out of jail and you'd have it.
I mean that we carry on with the plan.
Because in the worst case you get your money after a few years, and in the best case I try to get you out of the joint when things have calmed down.
Carrying on with the plan means not talking to the police, or to the judge, or to other inmates, right? - That's it.
- I'll bite, chew and swallow my tongue before I rat on anyone.
Well, it's an effective method.
It's a bit rough, but it's effective.
I was going to suggest something a bit more subtle.
Being interrogated is a game of skill.
Like flying a kite that can crash at any moment.
With your right hand you release the thread of the truth.
How many of you are in there? Eight.
The same ones that planned the heist in Toledo.
And how long did it take you to plan the heist in Toledo? Five months.
When the kite takes off, when they believe you're telling the truth, when they're certain they can get something out of you, you pull on the thread with your left hand, stopping the kite.
You stall them.
Are you wearing underpants, Colonel? I've always thought that army guys like to let it hang.
- Am I wrong? - "Let it hang".
Why the hell is this girl not wearing any clothes? I apologize for that.
Glad to see you again, Miss Tokyo.
This time we'll be pragmatic.
I ask and you answer.
Who is the Professor? Subtitle translation by Andrés M.

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