Money Heist (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

Why the hell is girl not wearing any clothes? I apologize for that.
Glad to see you again, Miss Tokyo.
This time we'll be pragmatic.
I ask and you answer.
Who is the Professor? Are you the one who hits cops? MONDAY 7:30 PM I'll read you the penal code.
Section 550.
Assault on a police officer.
HOUR 81 OF THE HEIS Punishable with one to four years in prison.
And we'll try hard to give you all four years.
Could I please speak to my lawyer? Sure.
Speak all you want.
You'll need to.
But I need my phone.
That's where I have his number.
They confiscated it with the rest of my belongings.
Wait there.
Don't move.
I feel sorry for the girl.
Because between the asshole cops and these guys, I prefer the kidnappers.
They've really done a number.
We'll see how it ends.
I know how it ends.
With all the kidnappers gunned down.
Okay, that's it for today's class.
I'm starving.
Remember I told you that we had some things to set up? Yes.
Well, the time has come.
Some bachelor's pad you've got here, Professor.
Is this where you bring the chicks? Let's get to work.
We have a lot to do.
Shit, Professor.
Who made this mess? Well a company.
This looks very amateur.
Okay, I did it myself with tutorials from the internet.
Some crappy tutorials, am I right? That's why you're here, right? Well, that's it.
The voice modifying software is installed.
To talk to the police you simply press MS.
To contact the museum, zero.
And that's it.
The program changes your voice when you contact someone.
- Can I test it? - Yes.
You're speaking with the heist man.
Can you select a male one? Okay, sorry.
Son of a bitch.
Okay, shit, fine.
That's it.
Try it now.
You're speaking with the leader of the heist.
Good, that will do.
Now we have to go on the black market web.
- To buy some illegal goods.
- On the deep web.
The deep internet.
What it is that we're doing now? I disabled the firewalls and the Wi-Fi and we're entering via Ethernet.
I'm also diverting all data traffic with a VPN via the TOR browser.
Okay, well continue.
They've got it all.
Rifles, grenades, rocket launchers.
It's like an outlet store for USSR weapons.
Look, a tank.
We could enter with a tank.
Like the A-team.
With C-4 - Do you know what a Browning is? - Yes, of course.
We're going to buy a Browning machine gun.
Assault rifles, handguns and ammo.
Oh man, a V750 SAM missile! That's a beast! Imagine entering the factory with that.
You open the doors and boom! A V750 SAM missile pointed straight at the cops.
Boom! You blow them to bits.
How cool would that be? Besides, it's cheap.
60 Bitcoins.
That's like 150,000 euros, give or take.
Why did you take Rio off the plan? Tell me.
I don't owe you any explanations, but I don't think he is ready.
You're wrong.
Are you sure? You've been months working with him.
You know him and you know how deeply immature he is.
He doesn't realize what we'll do.
Out there the bullets are real, no extra lives - like in video games.
- Rio knows what he's doing.
It's my responsibility and I will not involve a child.
I'll pay him for his time, but he's out.
He's the best at what he does, you know it! That's why you chose him.
He's a fucking wiz! So what if he's a weird genius! Are you an example of maturity? Are you? Are you normal? Is it normal to arrange your shirts by color? Look at you, who buys your clothes? Your great-aunt Gertrude? And this? - What's this? - Origami.
It's an ancient art, don't What's the matter? Are you afraid I'll break your paper dolls? Welcome to Jurassic park! Help, the dinosaur is eating me! What's the difference between this and playing video games? It's not your decision to make.
Yes, it is.
If Rio is out, I'm out.
Because I'm not mature enough either.
Well Maybe we are all immature to some extent - and that makes us all a little - Special.
Maybe that isn't an obstacle.
Maybe it's a virtue.
I'm sure it is.
But don't tell me.
Tell him.
He's behind the door.
Thanks, Professor.
I promise you won't regret it.
Thank you.
RECENT CALLS - Hello? - I need to speak with Inspector Raquel Murillo.
It's urgent.
Who's calling? It's a private matter.
Inspector Murillo.
Emergency call.
Take it.
I won't move.
Private matter.
- Who is it? - Raquel.
Thank God.
It's It's Salva, I'm calling from the police station.
I'm arrested.
I'm accused of assaulting an on-duty agent.
Your ex-husband, specifically.
What? I'm handcuffed and they're talking about a four-year sentence.
Wait What police station are you at? I'm in Canillas.
Don't worry.
I'll be there as soon as I can, okay? Thank you.
Let's continue.
You were about to tell me about the Professor.
You'd look prettier with short hair.
Your cut makes you look like a mom.
I feel like chopping it all right off.
Because I'm here, just waiting for you to do it.
Look on the bright side.
You don't have to live on the run anymore.
Now, you get a fresh start.
You want to know how it all started? The Professor picked me up in a red SEAT Ibiza.
While the police were setting me an ambush.
No, it was before.
A boy.
His name was Miguel.
He pulled my panties down in front of the class.
Can you believe they kicked me out instead of that six-year-old prick? That's when it all started going wrong.
Is it true, what they said? That you beat up a cop? You have to say it was a fight.
If it was just you who hit him consider yourself fucked.
Because you look fine, honestly.
Excuse me, can I use the bathroom? Watch him.
I didn't sign up to be anyone's nurse.
Nor to put up with speeches or fucking therapy sessions.
I didn't say anything earlier to avoid fucking up the group even more.
How nice of you, to worry about the group.
You know what I'm worried about? The Professor, Berlin.
He's not around.
Just you.
And he's the head of all this.
And that's why he mapped out a perfect plan.
The plan we'll follow.
Step by step, without straying from it! You already have strayed from it! You turned Tokyo in.
Tokyo will get her share if she behaves and stays quiet.
Bullshit! If she was arrested, not rolled down the stairs to the lions, like a dog! And because she's pissed off, she's probably talking.
And the GEO are probably in the hangar, digging another tunnel to get in here.
I'll add it to the suggestions box.
But, unfortunately, as you saw with Rio, it will be useless.
Because this is a patriarchy! - What does that mean? - That I'm in charge! And if you don't want to end up like Rio and Tokyo, I suggest you take a chill pill.
What's the matter, Nairobi? Did you and Tokyo sync your periods? You and I are alike.
I don't think my life is as exciting as yours.
No, I don't either.
It must be difficult being a woman in the police force.
It is also difficult among heist men.
We're very few.
That's why we have to fight and speak up all the time.
Right? Isn't it exhausting? Silene.
You're trying to waste my time.
And you're ruining your chances of a reduced sentence.
Every minute you waste costs you a year.
Look, now you're young and pretty.
You have a good body.
In 12 years you'll still look good.
With some interesting little wrinkles.
But if you get out of jail in 24 years You will have gone into menopause.
And that must be pretty shitty.
Right, Prieto? I know from his mother.
And I'm not talking about the hot flashes.
I'm talking about feeling like you lost something important.
Something deeply yours, vanished forever.
Your life.
Do you really picture me in a garden raising a family? Changing diapers? Please! Look.
I'm giving you one last chance before I call the pre-trial judge.
If you don't talk, it's goodbye.
You go to pre-trial detention.
Losing all extenuating circumstances.
In other words, ten to twelve years of your life.
So think about it before you throw it all away.
Do you want some advice? Sure.
Think of a nice place.
Of a time in your life when you were really happy.
Take a deep breath.
Tokyo! I can't.
Of course you can't.
You're all drugged up.
It's a hypnotic sedative.
Relax and enjoy.
Go back to sleep.
How am I supposed to sleep? I can't stop dreaming about Tokyo.
Tokyo is a fucking bitch.
What? Do you know what she did with my only hope? When did you last see him? How old was he? Three? She chewed it up, and spat it in my face.
- He won't remember you.
- Shut the fuck up.
- He won't remember, or recognize you.
- Shut up.
You know what's the worst part? That she's right.
She's right.
I was going to kidnap a child who doesn't even know who I am.
I was going to kidnap a child who doesn't know who I am.
Now I don't even know what to do with the money.
I mean, maybe not now.
But in a few years, you go find him and and you explain it to him.
You say, "Shit.
Look, I'm your mother.
I live in Jamaica and I'm loaded.
and if you want to hear the rest I'll buy you a plane to come see me".
Besides, you're young.
You have ovaries don't you? You can have another one.
You're right.
Five minutes, not one more.
It sounds so easy.
Would you give me a child? Would you do that for me? Of course.
How do you want it, blond or brunette? I'm not joking.
If I get out of here, I'm going to need a reason to live.
Look, Nairobi, what can I say? Having a baby to have a reason to live doesn't sound like a good plan.
No? Besides, I'm with Tokyo, you know Hey, I'm not asking you to marry me.
I'm just asking for a little sperm.
Two thrusts and that's it, pregnant.
You're so handsome.
And you're smart.
And that cute little smile.
This is how easy it is.
Don't move! It's that easy! Trading one child for another, what's the difference? In the end all that matters is having a reason to live! Fuck! And you say Tokyo is crazy.
You're worse.
- Where are you going? - To hell! No.
Don't move! No.
We have to fuck over Berlin without turning ourselves in.
I'm really sorry, honestly.
I screwed up, I'm sorry.
- What did that animal do? - No.
It wasn't entirely his fault, I I talked about what he did to you.
The abuse, the thing with your sister and - Shit.
- I'm really sorry.
It's not like me, I don't know what came over me.
I got so angry.
I swear, I'm not violent.
I have never hit anyone.
I prefer to calmly talk things through Self defense? Well, I'm no Mohammad Ali, but I have my pride.
And I gave him his share.
But my body feels like a punching bag.
- I think he won.
- Let me see.
Jesus! I'm calling a doctor right now.
Don't worry.
- I'll take care of it.
- Thank you.
I tell you I have a boyfriend and you find the time to beat him up? He hit me! I didn't even touch him! Withdraw the complaint now.
Remove the one you filed against me.
This will help you a lot in the trial we have pending.
I mean the fact that you also beat him up.
He left me unconscious! He's Chuck Norris with glasses! Save the nonsense for your lawyer! - This won't help you with custody! - Raquel I didn't do anything.
- I didn't touch him.
- Really? Come with me.
I'm Inspector Raquel Murillo from headquarters.
I want to know who took this man's statement.
And why you haven't called a doctor, since he's been beaten by this agent.
Open your shirt.
He would like to file a complaint for abuse of authority.
File a report of the injuries.
You're all witnesses in court.
I don't know how he got those bruises, I swear I didn't touch him.
The victim has bruises on his chest, ribs and abdomen.
Clear signs of a beating.
Is someone writing down the statement? Raquel! Okay.
Drop it.
I'll withdraw the complaint.
Very well.
Then he'll withdraw his.
Remove his handcuffs! Where are his belongings? I am not one of these conspiracy theorists, but having my prints and personal information out there is Yeah.
Where's the report you filed on his arrest? Let's go, Salva.
I had never felt so lost.
I had nothing left.
I had to decide whether to rat out my team and try for a plea bargain with the judge.
Want to say something? Could someone please make me some fried eggs? Fuck.
I've been eating garbage for four days.
Tokyo, I won't fail you.
I have it all figured out.
Besides, I'm a lucky man.
Always remember that.
Tokyo, I won't fail you.
I can't do this anymore.
I've done 30 boxes like this one.
They don't care that I have a gunshot wound.
Not to mention the scars we'll have after this, especially the psychological ones.
Having to come to work every day and reliving it all.
It's going to be hard on all of us.
Some of us might even suffer from post-traumatic stress.
I'll be the lucky winner.
I don't know what could be worse than losing everything.
I've lost everything.
And money won't make up for it.
Not by far.
Regarding the one million euros How funny.
Trusting them while they locked us up like livestock.
Will you shut up? - Excuse me? - Shut the fuck up.
Alison, please.
I'm tired of listening to him whining.
If it's so bad, do something.
I also used to complain.
About my parents, or the school where I was bullied.
I kept putting up with it.
- Enough is enough.
- Well, honey, it's normal to feel hopeless.
Quite the opposite.
It may have fucked up your lives.
But it has opened my eyes.
I realized that we are what we eat.
And I'm not eating anymore crap.
So I'm leaving.
Alison, don't be foolish.
I'm your guardian and I'm responsible for your safety.
- So, while I'm here - You're here for the money.
You might be okay picking crumbs off the table and being accomplices to these scumbags, but I'm not.
Besides, it's not that hard to get out of here.
Get out of here? How? I'll hurt myself.
They'll take me somewhere else.
And I'll escape.
No, no and no.
Don't you dare do that nonsense.
Mercedes Let her explain.
I've seen it more than ten times since we've been here.
They press the button and the door takes only four seconds to open.
Four seconds and you run.
That's all it takes.
That's more than enough time for them to gun you down.
We'll see about that.
What's up, hostages? Do you sleep well thinking about your million? Well, keep dreaming.
Nobody's going to give it to you! It's a lie! Just like no one has released your colleagues, the ones who chose to leave instead of the million! No! They're locked up two stories below you! That stupid idiot.
Chained to a pipe! It was a ploy! To keep you calm, like sheep! Working for us but wearing a smile.
Because here you always have to wear a smile! Am I right, Mr.
Andres de Fonollosa? We don't want any long faces, do we? Are you done? We're not going through the hole you're digging, no! We're going through one that leads into the vault! That's high treason.
Let's go.
Any news? She hasn't said a thing.
Miss Tokyo has no interest in cooperating.
Let me ask you.
Did agent Rubio mention anything about a teaspoon? A teaspoon? No.
Why? Angel sent it to the lab before the accident.
The fingerprints match those of the guy who broke into the patrol vehicle to threaten the Russian.
It's the person helping them from the outside.
- And who the hell is it? - I don't know.
Seems to be the same one who tampered with Angel's car to cause the accident.
But only Angel knows that.
And her.
Tell me one thing.
Are you keeping quiet for all of them or only for Anibal Cortes? You seem very much in love in these pictures.
How about I offer you a two-for-one special? Like a happy hour.
I'll offer him the same deal I offered you.
Mitigation, remorse and cooperation.
As long as the information you give helps us to put an end to this nightmare.
We're talking about a third of the sentence.
That's impossible.
We have enough crimes to do several lifetimes in prison.
No judge can promise that.
Let alone you.
I don't know what you've heard.
But if you show remorse, cooperate and help save 50 lives I assure you that any judge will be benevolent.
Anibal Cortes has no record of violent crimes.
- He would be out in five years.
- 24 years old.
Like he's just graduated.
I think it's a better plan than ending up like your last boyfriend.
Don't you think? It was a bad idea to talk to the hostages, Rio.
You better turn me in like Tokyo, tied up nice and good.
Because I'm not staying quiet.
I trust Tokyo.
But you're a snotty little child.
It's a shame.
What a paradox, Helsinki.
Tokyo will stay quiet to protect him.
And yet you're going to disappear without her knowing.
What are you going to do? What you've been screaming for.
I'll execute you.
You have, indeed, lost your mind.
I can't let you leave, nor can I let you stay.
What you told the hostages has sentenced you, so I won't flinch.
Okay, maybe a little.
That's it.
It's important to face death with humor.
It's not that those of us who do reckless things don't care about the consequences.
We care as much as anyone else.
Butwe can't see them until it's too late.
We only see them when they're right in front of us.
Last words? You can still learn from your mistakes and stop being an ass.
Look at this, Helsinki! This boy has just wizened up! If you had lived longer you could have been Paulo Coelho's successor.
Too bad.
The world is going to miss out.
Berlin! - What the fuck are you doing? - Put the gun down! The time for allegations is over! Democracy has only brought trouble.
And I've just sentenced him.
Enough crap, we're all on edge! Berlin, let's not screw it up more.
Berlin, we can't screw each other over.
Go down there.
You had better lower the gun, because if you don't you'll be in pain.
I found your painkillers.
What will you do, Nairobi? Break them one by one, like Tokyo did? Well, since I'm on my period, maybe I will.
Us women are so nosy, right? And we have such a bad temper when rubbed the wrong way.
Son of a bitch! Berlin, you have a missed call, dear.
It's okay, man, it's okay.
All right.
You've chosen.
Poorly, but you've chosen.
Take her away.
And with that clarity I saw myself, at the trial, in prison, and I knew the inspector was right.
It wasn't worth sacrificing myself for a plan that had already failed.
The Professor's plan.
And even more so since I thought he had deceived me.
Sergio! His name is Sergio.
Wait! Let her talk.
The Professor is Sergio Marquina.
And the heist was his father's idea.
And who is the person on the outside? Inspector.
They're calling from inside the factory.
Inspector, how are you? How's your day going? I think it's going well.
I was a little worried about you.
I thought we weren't going to speak again That something terrible had happened to you.
I thank you for the concern, Inspector.
But I'm a lucky man.
Never forget that.
I just called to say hello.
Continue interrogating Tokyo She has a lot to tell you.
When you finish give me a call.
I'll be right here.
What do you have to tell me? They kicked me out to give you a message.
We have a hydrogen bomb in there.
Seventeen megatons.
We're setting it off tomorrow, at 12:00 PM.
I'd like to speak to a priest.
I need to confess.
Very well.
We'll request unconditional isolated detention.
Write the report and emphasize on her lack of cooperation and remorse.
Send her to the nearest prison.
Lobo, take her.
Check-up call.
- Everything is running smoothly over here.
- Smoothly? Smoothly as in Tokyo being interrogated? As in you're about to execute Rio? Berlin, what are you doing? Professor, it's Nairobi.
Berlin is indisposed.
So from now on, I'm in charge.
Let the matriarchy begin.
Subtitle translation by Andrés M.

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