Money Heist (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

Check-up call.
- Everything is running smoothly over here.
- Smoothly? Smoothly as in Tokyo being interrogated? As in you're about to execute Rio? Berlin, what are you doing? Professor, it's Nairobi.
Berlin is indisposed.
So from now on, I'm in charge.
Let the matriarchy begin.
If we took a photo of this moment it could be my last memory of the Royal Mint of Spain.
Leaving a string of mistakes inside, a weakened group, and only one with the guts to pull their weight: Nairobi.
What I mean, Professor, is that this is out of control.
The situation is critical.
Tokyo played Russian roulette with Berlin tied to a chair.
Berlin turned her in.
And then, Rio deserted and Berlin almost executed him like some fucking Vietnamese firing squad.
Helsinki suffocated Oslo.
He killed him? He was a vegetal.
Helsinki says he would have wanted it.
As you can see, this is a fucking disaster, so I have no choice but to take control until things get back on track! Ask him what the hell he was doing with the police.
I was at the house in Toledo, it was part of the plan.
Professor, we need to know what situation we're in.
MONDAY 09:00 PM There are some loose ends, I'm not going to lie.
HOUR 83 OF THE HEIS I'd say it was the biggest loose end of all.
Assistant Inspector Angel had discovered the Professor.
He had his fingerprints and was in a coma waiting to wake up and reveal it.
The Professor was living on borrowed time.
As was everyone else.
The situation in there isn't much better from what you say.
Look, you do what you have to do, I'll fix things in here in the meantime.
I'll put the call through, probably from the tent.
Before I get to the point I need to clarify something.
What do I call you now? Professor? Sergio? Or Mr.
Marquina? I'll always be the Professor to you.
That's how we met.
You'll always be Inspector Murillo to me, even if you become my executioner.
Remember the first time you made love? Of course.
One doesn't forget that.
Well, this is my first time in the world of crime.
And no matter what, I will always remember it fondly.
You're an enthusiast.
And this world needs people like you.
I hope that when you get out of prison you'll help the country progress.
Because the truth is that Where did it happen? What? The first time you made love.
In a tent.
That's wonderful.
That's a good place for a first time.
The sounds of the countryside, the lights Yes, that was right.
The rest was, let's say experimental and brief.
Okay, Professor.
I'm calling to inform you that Silene Oliveira is going into provisional custody without bail tonight.
What did she say to make you angry and skip the 72-hour custody? She was trying to be smart.
There's something I don't get.
Why do you let go of your people instead of the hostages? There have been discrepancies in the group.
- Nothing else.
- You're against the ropes.
- And you know it.
- I admit you're winning, but this is only one battle.
It's nothing compared to the war.
He still teases you, with a riot on his hands? He's a rock star.
Salva, how are you doing? How are you holding up? Well I never thought tying my shoelaces could be this painful.
Those bruises could use some care.
A nurse.
That's a very suggestive proposal.
I'd love to look after you, but It would have to be at my place.
I want to see my daughter and I know that's not the most romantic date.
I can't think of a better date.
When you spend years obsessing about something, that something is your whole world.
A perfect world.
But now the plan was not only the Professor's.
It belonged to all of us.
And we were all screwing it up.
For once, the Professor felt weakened.
And crawling into Raquel's arms seemed like the best refuge.
The only one possible.
Now you're a hostage too.
What's the matter? They tried to kill me.
They almost did.
Why did they want to kill you? They turned Tokyo in.
I was going to turn myself in too.
Alison! Leave her.
She's lost her mind! If Tokyo shows up, who knows what could happen.
You heard him, she's been kicked out.
This could actually be good.
- Good for what? - To get out, damn it! For good! Is it that hard to understand? They have locked up our colleagues when they had promised them freedom! Some of us have been truly humiliated.
They've ruined my relationship and my future paternity.
And regarding the money that they promised us, it's all a lie.
A fucking sham! He confirmed it! How long are we going to stay and do nothing? The thieves are weakened now.
No one can argue.
And if we don't seize this opportunity, we'll be letting them escape.
We have to finish them off! Muster up all the dignity, the courage, the wild animal we carry inside! We must do something.
I don't know steal a gun from them.
What? What are you saying? Where are we going to get a gun? Swapping one of theirs for a fake one.
If you manage to get one of the fake weapons you could swap it.
Then one of them will be unarmed and one of you armed.
Oh, hello, dear.
- Mom, what are you doing here this late? - Mommy! Sweetheart.
Come here.
Come here.
But wait a minute.
Tell me, what are you doing up so late? I wanted to see you before going to bed.
Me too, baby.
Why didn't you tell me? I would've made dinner.
You came for dinner, right? Yes.
Dinner and sleep, actually.
Right? Are you dating? Oh, dear.
Well, uh.
Yes, right? Kind of.
But have you asked her? Actually, I haven't.
But we kissed, which is almost the same.
Come on, Paulita.
Let's go.
You have school tomorrow.
No, don't worry.
I'll tuck her in.
Thank you.
Did you really hit him? Well yes, I did.
It infuriated me to think he'd hurt you.
I don't like violence.
Never have.
I know it's wrong and you can defend yourself.
- It's not my bussiness, but - Salva.
I'm glad you hit the jerk of my ex-husband.
I should have done it myself.
Even if it's wrong to say so.
Well sometimes what's wrong is the only choice.
I'm speaking from experience.
I'm glad you're here.
Okay from now on I need everybody closing bags.
Non-stop! You won't mention the lies? Arturo, drop the Gandhi crap or you'll eat shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Besides, I guarantee you that I haven't lied to anyone.
Nairobi is in charge now.
So everyone get packing! Nairobi has a heavy hand for a woman.
Berlin, we're sinking.
The most important thing is to get out of here alive without making any more mistakes.
You tell me.
Are you with me or against me? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, - catch a tiger by the toe.
- A tiger by the toe.
Well, I'm going with you, Nairobi.
Until the end.
I'm going to abide by your coup.
And I'll even confess that I am turned on by the idea of serving a woman who is a goddess.
You better pray to this goddess, because she's got your morphine.
Don't forget.
That's the office where they keep the fake guns.
- So? - So one of us has to get in there and take a blank gun.
And which one of them will you switch with? Denver.
He's the dumbest one.
- And who will take his gun? - Must be Monica.
- When he calls her in for treatment.
- And why would she do it? It's a suicidal risk.
Because that thug shot her.
He's got her in a den and he took advantage of her fear and desperation to screw her a few times.
And apparently now he left you.
I'm sorry.
But that's what happens.
Sometimes we want to change our lives.
We get our hopes up.
But no heist man will take you with him.
I'll go get the gun.
Do you have copies of the office key? No.
What is Plan Chernobyl? Plan Chernobyl is a desperate but beautiful plan.
Consists in releasing the cash in balloons from the roof, popping the balloons with gunfire and causing some wonderful rain.
- Calling the media, radio, television - Like the Christmas Pageant parade, but with 50 euro bills.
That's Plan Chernobyl? Thousands of people picking up the dough, spreading chaos among the police.
A billion euros rain.
And us vanishing amongst the frenzied mob.
Very nice.
You know the Professor, an idealist.
He cares more about the message than the money.
And I didn't say it because we must respect the timing.
Wish me luck.
Torres, in my office! Come in, Mr Torres.
Let's see could we increase the printing rate? Well, it's possible.
But it would be very risky.
If it gets stuck, it would take us three to four hours to fix it.
Calculate the production rate increase.
Okay, Miss Nairobi.
Get up, Torres.
God damn it, get up! What are you doing? None of your bussiness.
Act like I'm not here.
Walk to the door and don't lock it.
I'm sorry, but I'll have to report you.
If they find out I've seen you, I'm done for too.
Look idiot! I have a gun.
Don't you dare report me or you'll be the first to go.
Okay? Excuse me, Mr.
Arturo, but that's one of the fake guns.
You left the bag open.
Listen to me.
Listen because I won't say it again.
When all this is over, and it will be in a couple of hours, at best, you're going to come back to your crappy job.
And I'll be waiting for you the next day with a fat layoff and a disciplinary file that will make you shit yourself.
You'll be fucked up until you retire.
Okay? You have three daughters, right? And two of them have been unemployed for seven years, if I recall correctly.
So it's up to you.
- Miss Nairobi.
- What is it? We would increase production by two million every hour.
Do it.
And the technical stops will be every six hours.
Because that's an extra two million.
Very well.
I'll get this off the ground.
Mark my words.
Anything troubling you? No.
I'm worried it's been the best night of my life.
You've already won me over, no need to exaggerate.
It's true.
But I wasn't planning on it.
I hadn't anticipated it.
Oh, you hadn't anticipated it? Do you anticipate everything? Well, let's say I'm a man who picks out the clothes he's going to wear the day before.
A man who became obsessed with making the best cider in the world.
And and I studied it all.
Acidity, fermentation Every possible reaction of each ingredient.
Year after year, after year.
And you can get one bad apple that ruins the whole barrel.
Salva, you're really into cider, aren't you? It was my father's dream.
And he died before he could fulfill it.
He He wanted to make twenty four hundred barrels.
I understand the homage but Why don't you make half? Or half of half, and then focus on your own dreams? Let's go away.
I wrap up this cider thing in a few days, and we'll go to the Caribbean.
Well, I I don't have the cider, but I have a mother, a daughter, - and a heist to solve.
- Well, we take your mother and your daughter with us.
Can you imagine raising your daughter on a sunny beach? Raquel I don't want this to wear off.
I don't want to ignore this this desire to feel alive that I've never felt so strongly.
You would cross the ocean with a mother, a daughter and a grandmother? Right now, I would.
I have a plan B.
It's so crazy that I can't imagine myself doing anything else.
Finish with the heist.
Do what you have to do.
And then we go.
Everyone listen up! We're going to solve this heist in 24 hours and get back to our lives.
We've neglected them enough.
Call Chief Sanchez.
I won't let anyone else get killed, destroyed, or caught.
Nairobi, listen.
Coming as far as you have is epic.
I give you my most sincere congratulations.
Listen, I'm going to get you out of there.
Before they catch you all.
Get Lobo and the rest of the UCO here.
What do you have in mind? I'm starting to think that the man outside is the real brains of the operation.
He drew a trail of clues to lead us to the estate in Toledo.
But I think I know how to catch him.
First, we'll get the hostages out of the basement.
Thank you.
We don't have enough people to guard the hostages.
Besides, we promised them freedom.
So let them have it.
We'll release them, but give me an hour.
It's a very big spectacle for such a small audience.
I'm going to release 11 hostages, under one condition.
I want a reporter and a camera to cover the news from the inside.
Live news feed.
Look, I'd love to help with your propaganda but I can't force any civilian to go in there.
- You know that very well.
- True.
You're right, Inspector.
You don't have to force anyone.
Just suggest it.
I'm sure many reporters will volunteer for an interview like that.
- I'll think about it.
- Of course.
Think about it.
But remember I record these conversations and the last time you refused to release hostages it wasn't taken very well by the public.
But, of course, take your time.
Son of a bitch.
Let's talk about something else.
How can I explain - Do you like soccer? - Oh, yes, soccer.
Professor, in my country soccer is big.
Well, imagine a soccer match.
- Again with soccer? - Nairobi, listen.
A match in the World Cup.
And Brazil is playing against Cameroon.
- Who wins? - Easy! Or rather who do you want to win? I'd say Brazil wins.
But I'd root for Cameroon.
- Cameroon.
- Yes.
Cameroon, for sure.
- Cameroon, all the way.
- Look, by instinct, human beings always, always sides with the weaker one.
The underdog.
So if we show the world our weaknesses, our wounds, that we are on the verge of surrendering.
It will produce a a shudder.
I think any guy who isn't Brazilian would go for Cameroon.
- Even some Brazilian guys.
- Or Brazilian girls.
Yes, or Brazilian girls.
Okay, gentlemen.
To Cameroon! How does that soccer chant go? Cameroon, Cameroon, Cameroon! Cameroon, Cameroon, Cameroon! Cameroon! We move on to plan Cameroon.
We'll release the hostages in the basement.
And we're going to get a reporter and a camera to record it.
We'll need someone to be interviewed.
And my suggestion is you, Rio.
I understand your anger, but we need you.
You can do it without a mask, you're empathetic.
You think I'll go out on TV? For Tokyo to see me from jail, with a big smile, doing an interview as if nothing had fucking happened.
Now I'm a hostage.
Don't count on me for anything.
Fuck it, I'll do it.
I'm a natural crybaby, you can tell just by looking.
You're no crybaby.
You make others cry.
I'll do it.
If I don't have to talk too much, I'll do it.
You could, but no.
I'll do it with a mask.
With a mask? On a live interview? What are we now? ETA? Jihadists? No, no.
This interview has to be done open-faced.
So all of Spain can feel our eyes, our breath.
So that they can understand the pain and a little bit of the sorrow.
You want to do it.
But you know what the problem is? If there's someone who I've never seen feel pain or sorrow it's you, Berlin.
Tokyo's gone.
Rio doesn't want to do it.
Don't look down on someone who's good at his job, Nairobi.
I can be a good master of ceremonies.
He's right.
He's good at acting.
Very well.
You'll do it.
HOSPITAL BLUEPRINTS ENTRANCE An interview in exchange for releasing 11 hostages.
I don't know.
It's more justifiable.
We'll be criticized on every front, but we have to accept it.
Let's take the credit and sell it as a display of transparency.
You can sell it however you like.
But what about the other thing? The operation you want to set up in the hospital.
In exchange for what? On what evidence? A plate of fresh anchovies? On the evidence that they have a guy outside who keeps messing with us.
Angel caught him, and they tried to kill him.
- It was no accident.
- Inspector, we all read the forensic report on the accident.
And there's no evidence of an attempted homicide.
Don't forget he was driving under the influence.
You want evidence? Let's set up the operation.
Let me leak to the press that Angel, the only one who knows who he is, will wake up from his coma.
And I guarantee you, before five in the afternoon, he will be in the hospital to kill him.
But we'll be there to catch him like cat and mouse.
Are you asking me to fill a hospital with undercover agents, like some police comic strip? We should focus our efforts on the factory.
What about the reporters? What if they end up hostages too? That interview is a smokescreen.
A trick to make us waste time.
Let's, for once, be the ones who set the trap.
Can't you do it with ten? Twenty.
Monica Gaztambide, you're up for treatment.
Let's go.
If you take off the jumpsuit, maybe I can treat you.
Can you turn around? Since we're not together anymore, right? No problem.
Can I? Wait.
How's the wound? It hurts a lot.
And it stings.
We'll get only one chance.
I want him alive.
No one fires unless under extreme danger.
First thing we'll do is taking Angel to some place safe.
To do this, we'll set up a room on a different floor.
Once we've moved him, we'll leak the news of his recovery.
And the target will soon be on the move.
It will bw essential that everyone is in position.
I want everyone to get deep into their role.
This is a very complex operation, so we'll need extreme concentration.
We'll have access to the surveillance cameras.
I don't want anyone from security on the floor.
Not even hospital security.
No police cars in the vicinity either.
We'll roll out the fucking red carpet into Angel's room, where Lobo will be waiting instead.
And agent Balmaseda will take Mari Carmen's place.
They'll be there, ready for a welcome surprise.
And remember, we're looking for a middle-aged male.
You'll be 20 agents and he'll be alone.
He won't escape.
Did you do it? It's loaded! It's loaded.
Stop packing the bills and stash what you can.
We're out of here! Stash them.
Quick! We're going now.
This has lasted too long.
Piece of crap.
Let's go.
Fifth day of the heist.
One hostage and two officers wounded, an explosion, hostages escaped, and now Channel 6 cameras are about to enter the place that the whole world is watching.
Reporters heading for the entrance.
We must remember the historical impact of this moment.
TV channels from all over the world are broadcasting our signal Cover them until securing entry.
the first time a TV crew goes live on They're opening the doors.
Attention escorts, stop at the bottom of the stairs as requested.
special at the Royal Mint of Spain.
A crucial moment.
In a minute, we'll witness something historic A Channel 6 reporter and cameraman will enter the site of the heist.
This is as far as the police can go.
From this point on the reporters will be on their own, unprotected.
We've never seen such a thing.
All over the country, streets are empty.
Return to your posts.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- I'm Andres de Fonollosa.
Thank you for being here.
Can you put this on, please? We're already receiving the signal.
We're going live - Raquel.
- inside the factory.
Fonollosa, I have to ask why did you allow a team of journalists to broadcast live from here.
This is a decisive moment for all of us in here and we needed you here to record it and to make it public.
Please, come with me.
This way.
That's Andres de Fonollosa, a familiar face to the police.
Bank robber, informer, and convicted for human trafficking.
These are the 11 hostages that are going to be released.
There they are.
I recognize Manuel García, Alfonso Martínez, and María Cornejo.
Looks like they will let them go.
We're all nervous Medical services ready.
like kids waiting for the school bell to ring.
I want to thank you all.
For the courage and bravery you have shown.
And and you, especially.
You and your child.
You've proven to be a strong woman.
Why have you decided now, after five days of captivity, to release hostages? Five days? It's hard to believe it's been a few days, isn't it? You see We confess that this is a very hard time for us.
The situation is critical.
We have no other option but to surrender.
That's why you're here.
This gesture is the beginning of the end for everyone.
Helsinki, it's time.
You can go.
Thank you.
Snipers ready.
Assault Team 1, keep your distance.
Copy that.
We'll release hostages in order to negociate the conditions for our surrender.
Have you decided to surrender? We are aware that we lost.
Open the doors! Eleven released.
We're watching it live.
They're coming out.
At last, good news at the Mint Factory.
There they are.
It's an exciting moment.
It seems like the heist men are giving in.
But there are more headlines, big ones.
Fonollosa has admitted that the situation is critical, that they have no alternative but to surrender.
His literal words were: "This is the beginning of the end, and we are aware that we lost".
I don't know if you've ever seen a corpse.
For some of us it's also a first.
You've come here to tell the truth.
Here it is.
This is the truth.
We've been beaten.
We've been defeated.
It's important that you confirm it, please.
He doesn't have a pulse.
He's dead.
The hostages who escaped hit him in the head.
He died within a few hours.
Maybe to the people out there, this man is just a thief.
But to us, he was a companion and a friend.
Nobody prepares you for that.
It's one of the reasons why we decided to release hostages.
Some of us here thought we weren't going to make it out alive.
But I never thought it would be him.
You mean, there were people in the group willing to sacrifice themselves? No.
Not at all.
We're simple people.
We have gone through hardship of all kinds.
Like anyone else.
Including terminal illness.
And we have had to take desperate actions like these in order to leave something for our families.
For our loved ones.
As a matter of fact, I have a degenerative disease called Hellmer's myopathy.
The police knew it.
That didn't stop them from spreading lies about me.
I'll tell you something, I may be a thief I have always been.
I've robbed banks, jewelry stores, I've broken into mansions.
But I have never sold anyone.
I've never sold a woman.
I'm not a pimp who traffics.
Or rapes minors.
I'm not.
Ask the police, when you leave, in which files are these cases.
You mean the police have lied to the public? The police lie! They lie to the public! They've lied to my friends.
They've soiled my family name.
I'm a thief.
But I have every right in the world not to be defamed.
I have the same right as anyone to die in peace.
With dignity.
I can't go on.
Please, cut.
That morning we were a trending topic worldwide.
People went silent in cafeterias and in taxis.
Fonollosa says the police are lying.
That they have been lying about his past.
And dares them to come up with legal files.
We were the Cameroon team barefoot against Brazil.
And everyone was rooting for us.
We're now going to our news colleagues, Cristina Saavedra.
Go ahead.
Breaking news: Deputy Inspector Ángel Rubio could wake from his coma.
He was kept in an induced coma after a car accident.
The Deputy Inspector suffered an accident on road M-506 when his car crashed into a construction booth in one of the lanes, causing it to roll over multiple times.
Professor, did you see us on TV? Nairobi, I want you all to be one, like a rowing team.
Tell Rio that, as captain of the ship, I'll get Tokyo out of jail no matter what.
Yes, sir.
That's more like it! Put Berlin on.
Me? Yes, you.
Thank you.
Hello? Deputy Inspector Rubio is waking from his coma.
What are the odds of that being true? I don't know.
That's elementary police work: saying he's waking from his coma to lure you in.
That doesn't even work on sitcoms.
And what if it's not? He's the only one who knows who I am.
The only loose end.
What room did they put him in? Room 119.
It's a trap.
There's a 90 per cent chance it's a trap.
Ninety nine percent chance.
Ninety nine percent.
But are we going to leave one percent to chance? No, you'll have to make sure.
And if it isn't a trap, finish him off.
Enter a hospital in which, surely, there'll be 50 police officers waiting for me? Sergio, think, damn it.
You spent half your childhood in a hospital.
How do you walk into a trap and not get caught, knowing that the cavalry is waiting for you? That would be by making the cavalry run away.
Subtitle translation by Andrés M.

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