Money Heist (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

1 In concentration camps, respect is a given.
Well, here's it's going to be the same.
You're going to dig the tunnel until your hands bleed! At night you may cry in pain in your cot, but you will keep on digging! You'll be on shifts without rest.
Otherwise, an epic punishment awaits you.
Just like your leader.
A man who will kill if he betrays us again.
Who will kill if he ever yearns for freedom again.
Whose sweat, kills.
A man of explosive nature.
Now they're going to be scared of you, Arturo.
Although we've always known you're "the bomb".
You're an outcast, so you'll stay here, secluded.
Helsinki and everyone else, to the tunnel! Come on, let's go! Let's go, quickly! Seismographs detected unusual activity underneath the factory.
The kidnappers have increased the digging pace of the tunnel.
They'll finish it soon.
TUESDAY 05:41 PM How much is left? HOUR 103 OF THE HEIS Two meters, according to the GPR.
Two and a half meters.
Where are they exiting? We think right here.
In a drainpipe 15 meters behind the building.
Attention, everyone.
I want you all ready.
Warn underground units.
I want 20 men guarding that drainpipe now.
You know what guilty people do when they are taken to the crime scene? They don't stop talking.
About weather, politics, they make jokes.
Because they're nervous.
They can't stand the silence.
But you you don't say a thing.
What do you want me to talk about? Who are you? Sergio Marquina.
Sergio? Salva, the Professor? The person who has kept all the police, the CNI, and the Special Forces in check? The man I've been talking with on the phone for five days, who I told what clothes I wear and even what color my orgasms are? And which one are you? Why aren't your fingerprints in the national ID database? I stopped renewing my ID before they went digital.
When? More than twenty years ago.
That opens up a world of possibilities, doesn't it? Because no one is going to report the disappearance of a man who doesn't exist.
It will make it easy for me to burn your corpse.
Is that what you want? To kill and burn me? Yes.
I sure do.
Look perhaps as an inspector, I shouldn't tell this to the person who organized the heist at the National Mint factory.
But as a woman as a woman who has spent years being afraid of everything, everything, who trusted someone, someone who knew how fragile and vulnerable she was, who's been fooling her from the fucking beginning! Then it wouldn't be that far-fetched, don't you think? You could have you could have approached me, coaxed me, planted a bug on me.
A fucking bug, goddamn it! But no.
No, you couldn't.
Yesterday we were dreaming together.
Talking about the future.
The future! Who the hell are you? What are you, some disturbed fuck? It was all planned, Raquel.
It was all I'm sorry.
It was all planned out except what happened between us.
I don't know, I broke my own rules.
What? I didn't consider that variable.
What the hell are you saying? - What variable? - Falling in love with you.
You really think I'll let you go on with this crap? Son of a bitch.
That I'll sit back while you lie to my fucking face as if I were a 15-year-old girl? I'm not lying, Raquel.
I fell in love.
Say it again.
Say it again.
I dare you to say it again! Raquel.
I fell in love with you.
I'm so sorry.
05:46 PM Berlin, I need to talk to you.
Of course.
I'm the boss again, I need my pups to feed me.
What exactly did the Professor say? about Tokyo? He said he would try to free her.
And how the hell is he going to do that? Rio, he's not doing it himself.
Who is? The four Serbs who dug the tunnel five years ago.
They're the wildcard for extreme setbacks.
- When? - I don't know.
You feel her absence, right? Those who stay always have it worse.
Instead, she will be broadening her experience, enhancing her senses, entertained.
Would you take the deal from the cops? What does it matter? What would happen if we got out of here? Would we stay together? Betraying your friends.
My friends with city names? Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Denver.
I think my friends with city names are really cool.
And I'll tell you something.
Try to hide if you accept the deal, because if I see you, I'll put a bullet in your head.
Women are quicker to move on.
You should know, just in case.
Tokyo is hot-headed, but she'll be back and we'll be together.
I know it.
Of course you will.
I've always thought that.
If you betray us and leave, and you need to call me when you're sorry, because believe me, you will be, you can call me at Alison's number.
I'll keep it on.
The cops will be listening but who cares.
ACTIVE SIGNAL REPEATER Suarez, Alison Parker's phone has switched on.
Try hacking it.
Sealed camera, sir.
They're not calling or sending anything.
PAINTING AND RENOVATIONS - What the fuck are you doing? - God damn it! This is convoy 727, we're getting hit! Base to convoy, we did not copy that, please repeat.
They've got jammers.
God fucking damn it! My guardian angel had not forsaken me.
And I felt like I was on the haunted house ride.
It's a bomb! What the hell is going on over there! They set an explosive! A dark tunnel where you don't know when you'll be startled.
- We're fucked! - Shut tup! But how fun! What's going on? What the hell is going on? Let's go, they're shooting! - Shut the hell up! - We're fucked, Perez! Shut up, goddamn it.
Let me think! Zero! Stay alert.
No, stop.
Put the guns down or I'll shoot her.
Put the guns down or I'll shoot her.
If you shoot the girl, you die.
If you shoot me, you die.
If you let go of the girl, you live.
If only every decision in this world was that easy, right? Rio.
Rio! I noticed you didn't agree with what Helsinki was doing.
You're not like them.
You're a good boy.
I have a son your age, you know? The eldest.
He's a good boy too.
Help me, please.
I want to see my son.
I found this machine to make passports.
- No - Monica, listen to me.
You can do whatever you want.
What if you change your mind? It would be great for you to have a new one.
Besides this is real.
Is good stuff.
I know.
I work here.
- It's easy.
We make it - No, really.
if you don't want it, toss it, or keep it as a souvenir.
It's just two minutes.
- Let's do it? - Okay, fine.
Is it plugged in? - Yes.
- Okay.
What name do I use? - Agata.
- Agata? - What's the matter? - It's a porn star's name.
Agata is a hot chick's name.
If you were ugly, I would say, - Felisa or Maricruz - Maria! - Maria Fernandez.
- Maria Fernandez? That's not a name.
Nobody's believing that.
Trust me, - I know.
- It's discrete.
Agata sounds expensive.
It's classy.
Use Agata.
Here you go.
Write "born in Madrid" and whichever year you want.
- We're making a passport.
- I see.
In case in the end, she runs or comes with us.
Who do you think stole your gun? Let's go outside.
I'm calling from the National Court.
The convoy with Silene Oliveira was expected 15 minutes ago and it's not here.
We haven't heard anything.
Keep me informed.
Gomez, I need two units on Oliveira's route to the courthouse.
She hasn't arrived.
I need to know what's going on.
Put this on.
Only contact the Professor.
He'll say what to do.
Never in my life had I felt so free.
But that time, the Professor's plan wouldn't work.
I know I let the pressure get to me, I was wrong, but please, I don't deserve this.
Please, I'm asking you, if there's any dignity left in you, please.
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
Help me.
Help me, please.
We're coming in.
Take your food and sit down.
One meter between each one.
Come on.
That's it, just like that, joyfully.
Helsinki, say hello to little Arturo.
Something doesn't make sense.
They said that if I sweat too much I would blow up, and yet here they put me, locked in this god-awful heat.
- In this dreadful heat - It's best if you stay calm and quiet.
It doesn't make sense.
- What? - The bomb, that's what doesn't make sense! You think they are going to risk me tripping or sweating, blowing up the whole plan? No No, that would be insane.
- They don't work like that.
- Shut up.
They're trying to psychologically terrorize us.
They're trying to scare us.
This isn't real.
- It's a bluff.
- I don't want to know, so shut up.
I'm taking it off.
I'm going to take it off, I can't take it.
It's okay.
- If it was real we wouldn't be so close.
- Stop and sit down! Who are you to tell us what to do, brat? It's your fault that we're all locked in here! - My fault? - Yes, your fault.
You are the director and eight morons managed to slip in like they owned the place.
Is there any mint in the world that has been robbed? Just this one, right? Congratulations, you've made history.
Now, please, don't blow us up, and sit down.
Sit down.
Headquarters, do you copy? The van was hijacked.
- There's no trace of Silene Oliveira.
- Copy that.
Wait for instructions.
Attention, we have a fugitive! Initiate Operation Cage! He wasn't there.
He wasn't there.
He had arranged it all.
He had saved me.
How could he not be there? On that October afternoon after I escaped they deployed Operation Cage.
It might ring a bell from terrorist threats.
They cut off all the exits to the city at once.
Everything collapses and you're trapped.
You can only hide.
My problem was that my hideout was the hangar.
And the person who had to let me in was the Professor.
But I was never too good at waiting.
What's that? The only truth I know about you is that you're a professional liar.
And call me paranoid, but you won't lie to me again.
I can guarantee it.
Do you think I don't know that? That I'm an idiot? Of course she stole the gun from me.
But changed her mind, otherwise I would be in a fucking box with Oslo.
She helped you.
That's great.
But you don't have to make her a passport or take her with you.
What if I want to? What if I want to live with her and raise her son? You're going to be fucked enough to be carrying more burdens.
Not a burden.
It's a girl who loves me and a child, who is innocent.
- It's a mess you shouldn't get into.
- If I do, it's my choice.
Sometimes we try to help others and end up sinking ourselves, damn it.
If I sink, I'll swim, like always, Dad.
It's not like that, dammit! I know, I tried to help your mother every damn day of my life.
Where's this shit coming from now? Mama abandoned us.
Where's this shit coming from now? We abandoned her.
She was going to be the end of us.
I put her in a clinic in Barcelona.
It cost 200,000 pesetas.
And in less than 24 hours she showed up at my hostel - high as a kite on smack.
- What did you do? It was the fourth time.
I'd lost my savings.
What the fuck did you do? She wanted to buy more.
I put her in the car and dropped her off at a roundabout in Martorell, next to a place where they sold smack.
I didn't wait for her.
I went to pick you up to move out.
You left my mother at a roundabout? That's why I got you into all this mess.
Because I don't want you to live the life I lived.
I want you to be free.
- I want you to start from scratch.
- You don't abandon a mother.
You get her clean.
You had me believe she was a bitch.
I thought maybe I was to blame for her leaving.
It was her or us.
I won't break your skull because we need you to get out of here.
When we get out, you and I are nothing.
Two strangers.
Denver and Moscow.
Did you finish the passport? Yes.
Denver, are you okay? It's fine.
I used Agata in the end.
I drove nowhere, frantically.
In a fraction of a second I knew where to go.
The problem was that it was the most guarded place in Spain.
Take a deep breath.
Are you nervous? No, I'm fine.
You see those lines? Every one of your lies will draw some ugly curves due to alteration in blood pressure, heart rate, breathing.
So don't lie to me or I'll know.
Sergio Marquina.
Place of birth.
San Sebastian.
Did you know you would destroy Angel? Yes.
Was it you who caused his accident? No.
Was it your idea to rob the Royal Mint? No.
Whose was it? My father's.
He died before carrying it out, so it's kind of a homage.
The fucking apple story.
The fucking organic cider story you told me in bed yesterday was the story of the heist? And I listened to you like an idiot.
You've been mocking me since the beginning.
I was not mocking you.
Look at the polygraph, please.
Look at it.
My father had a sick child, not a goddamn penny.
What would you have done? He spent his time thinking about robberies to pay for a hospital in the United States.
Out of despair.
To save my life.
My life.
Because nobody, nobody helped him.
And when he tried, he was shot to death at the doors of a of a bank.
That's the truth.
I guess there are many ways of understanding what is fair.
Did you think I was an easy target because I was an abused woman? Yes, I did.
When you leaked to the press my refusal to release eight hostages in favor of Alison Parker, did you know I was going to be publicly lynched? That you were going to destroy my career in front of my mother and daughter? Yes.
You slept with me just because - I'm the inspector in charge, right? - No.
You slept with me because I'm the inspector - No, no.
- Stop lying to me, dammit! I'm not lying.
I have to believe you have feelings for me? You don't have to believe anything.
Raquel, it's what I feel.
I didn't expect it.
It happened.
And it happened to you too.
It happened to you too.
Why are we here if not? Huh? Why am I not in prison? What the fuck is this? Are you the crazy woman from Misery or what? It's something that we're both feeling.
Both, do you understand? It happened to both.
Yes, Suarez.
Inspector, Silene Oliveira has escaped.
- What? - Going to the courthouse.
She asked to testify before a judge.
The convoy was hijacked by people, apparently eastern European.
I've initiated Operation Cage.
I hope they haven't left Madrid.
Ask the judge immediately to issue an international arrest warrant.
Cut off roads, ports and airports.
I want patrols on every border.
Tokyo escaped.
Was it you who freed a murderer from a maximum security prison while held here? Actually, I left everything ready before meeting you at the cafe.
I apologize for receiving you like this, but I just got here.
Radko, I'm so sorry about your brother.
You got it all planned in detail, right? Raquel, I've told you everything.
I've come here without resisting whatsoever.
And if I let you interrogate me it's because I wanted to be honest with you.
I can't take it anymore.
- The lying.
- Shut up.
- I didn't want to hurt you anymore.
- Shut up! - This is a relief.
- Shut the fuck up, dammit! I won't listen to you anymore.
From now on, anything you have to say, you say it directly to the judge.
Get up.
Get up, dammit! Move, move.
Move! Keep walking.
- I'm very sorry, Raquel.
- Keep walking! I'm going to shoot you.
I'm going to Have you heard the expression "to enter the lion's den"? It's a call to Alison Parker's phone - from an unknown number.
- Trace it.
- Yes? - Rio? It's Tokyo.
It's Silene Oliveira.
Record! Locate the call! Where are you? Wait! They can hear us.
It doesn't matter.
This is a love call.
And the police enjoy love.
Listen to me.
Remember the door my mother used to draw when I was afraid? What door is she talking about? Yes, love.
Of course I remember.
- What about it? - I'll cross it.
I'll cross the door to heaven, because my guardian angel isn't around.
In one minute.
I love you.
I love you too.
What the hell was that about? It sounded like a goodbye.
Unauthorized vehicle entering the perimeter.
Come on, everybody to your stations! Hey, you! It's her.
The door The door Shit, the door! Hey, hey! Attention! It's Silene Oliveira! Tokyo is back! Tokyo is back! On the ground! We have to open the door, dammit! Shoot the target, shoot the biker! Attention, fire.
Let's go! No! We have to cover her! Kidnapper in range, fire.
Dad, look out! Take cover, behind you! Fuck! Fuck! Moscow! Moscow! Subtitle translation by Andrés M.

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