Money Heist (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

Tokyo is back! Tokyo is back! On the ground! Everyone on the ground! We have to open the door, dammit! Shoot the target, shoot the biker! Attention, fire.
Let's go! No! We have to cover her, dammit! Kidnapper in range, fire.
Dad, look out! Take cover! Behind you! This is fucking crazy.
What is? All of this, Dad.
It'll work out this time, I'm telling you.
This time? It has to work out.
- We deserve it, right? - Of course we do.
Help, help! - Please! - The first aid kit! The fucking first aid kit! Cover the wound! - Look at me.
- It's a scratch on the side, that's all.
On his side.
There's no exit hole.
The bullet's inside.
Nairobi! - I'm here! - For fuck's sake.
He's bleeding out.
Don't worry, son.
I've got loads of blood.
I've eaten lots of blood sausage.
Okay, hold him in place.
- Berlin, morphine.
- Relax.
- Here we go.
- Ready! I'm starting a line for him.
- Okay, here.
- Let me, let me.
Come on, come on.
Pull this, Denver.
Wait, wait! I'm starting a line for him.
Breathe slowly.
Breathe slower.
- His pulse is shooting up.
- Gauze! That's it.
Relax, Moscow.
Moscow, relax.
Listen, you're going to be okay.
Right? You'll be okay.
- Yes.
- Right? It's okay, Moscow.
It's okay, Moscow.
They put three bullets in him, Rio.
Three bullets.
TUESDAY 07:35 PM HOUR 105 OF THE HEIS - Son of a bitch.
- Raquel.
I broke free.
I could have escaped.
I could have killed you, Raquel.
You didn't believe that polygraph either.
Look, this proves that I'm telling the truth.
You just fucked up with this act of love, because I'm putting you away for 80 years.
Get up.
Hands on your head and turn around.
Don't move What the hell are you doing? Don't move.
Don't move! I said don't move! Hands on your head! Not a single step more.
Raquel, I'm not stopping.
You're going to have to kill me.
Fuck! Son of a bitch, my phone! Three bullets! They put three bullets in his stomach! We must call a doctor.
There's nothing we can do.
It's time to keep a cool head, Tokyo.
I'm not just thinking about Moscow.
- I'm going to call the Professor.
- The Professor is gone! I've called many times.
He's not in the hangar.
I don't know where he is! - We must call Inspector Murillo.
- We can't do it! You know.
It's not part of the plan.
What plan? You know what my plan was? To kill you.
But Moscow is the one dying.
So don't tell me what's not part of the fucking plan.
This is Colonel Prieto speaking.
I'd like to speak with Inspector Murillo, please.
The CNI has taken charge.
Colonel, It's Fonollosa.
I'd like to ask what you're wearing but no time for chit-chat, since you just put three bullets in our man.
I want a surgeon in here.
Do you know what I want? For you to stop fucking with me.
You pulled Silene Oliveira out of a police van and got her back in the mint.
You placed explosive devices that, thank God, didn't work.
Do you really think can make requests? Look, it was a clean rescue on our part.
You guys started shooting.
It would be nice of you to help save this man's life.
Listen carefully.
If you want to save him, bring him through the main door, unarmed, and an ambulance will be waiting for him.
We're not turning our man in, Colonel.
Then you'll have another corpse on your hands.
Have you tracked down the inspector? We're working on it.
SAN GABRIEL HILLS 12 LOT SPECIAL DARE TO DREAM OF YOUR NEW LIFE Helsinki, how does it look? It's not a shot in the leg.
The stomach is a bad area, Moscow.
Very bad.
We need a surgeon.
Honestly, how much time do we have? Hours.
Twelve, thirteen.
Without a surgeon there's nothing we can do.
How many times was I hit? Three, Dad.
Three times.
Some mess I've got down there.
- What? - They won't send in a surgical team.
But we have an ambulance out there to take you to the hospital.
You can tell them that they can go fuck themselves, because I'm not going back to jail.
That hole it's almost finished to get to the other side.
That's ten hours of work.
Get digging.
I'll hang in here, okay? Hang in there, Dad.
I'll open that tunnel even if I have to headbutt my way through.
People, we're getting out of here.
There was a shootout.
What happened? Moscow is full of holes.
Three gunshots.
Where? In the stomach.
I don't think they hit his liver.
I don't know about the rest.
How is it looking? Fucked.
But Moscow says he won't go out.
That we can finish the tunnel soon.
I have the Serbs here.
We're going to start digging from this side too.
And I'll find the Ukrainian doctor.
Anyway you have to get out as soon as possible.
I've been discovered, Andres.
I don't know how long before the police show up.
Any news? What's the matter? What's he doing here? Someone will tell me what is going on? Did you know Sergio Marquina, the Professor, is Salva? The mastermind of the heist.
The man you've been seeing at the bar for five days.
I found out a few hours ago.
You got a call from that man.
He called from the station in Canillas, where he was in custody.
Minutes later you arrived.
You made a scene to get him out of there, and destroyed his fingerprints.
I didn't know who he was.
The evidence you destroyed identified him breaking into the police car to threaten the Russian in order to avoid the facial composite.
The man who erased the fingerprints on the car found in the junkyard from which Angel took a teaspoon that proved him guilty before having a fatal accident.
You took him to the gang's house in Toledo, right? You put him in my car, where I kept the only legal evidence I found in the house.
The paper from the fireplace and the evidence disappeared.
Apparently after leaving Inspector Vicuña unconscious, and when Angel did his job and reported his suspicions, you dropped him from the investigation.
And to top it off, while destroying your partner, you were screwing the leader of the gang.
First of all, that man can't be here.
He has a restraining order.
So if he's not 500 feet away from me in five minutes, I'll have him arrested.
I didn't know who he was.
And I'll prove it.
I can tell you where he's hiding.
TUESDAY 10:15 PM THREE HOURS SINCE THE SHOOTOU What the fuck did you do? You left my mother at a roundabout? You had me believe she was a bitch.
It was her or us.
I won't break your skull because we need you to get out.
When we get out, you and I are nothing.
Two strangers, Denver and Moscow.
Fuck! Can anyone tell me what the fuck this is? Please, not like that.
We said little rolls of a million each, please.
Max it out, dammit.
We'll keep printing bills for a few more hours.
Then stop the machines and erase the logs.
I want everybody working to the max! We're getting out of here! That's right.
I've been told of another very good place at the Federal Reserve.
Come here a minute.
How's Moscow? He's stable.
We still have a few hours, don't we? Should we start making 500 euro bills? The 500 euro bills are for Russians and tacky people.
I'm not Russian.
Do I look tacky? My tastes might be questionable but Berlin, are we printing them or not? 100 and 200 euro bills.
Torres! Torres, stop the machines, change the plates, and start making 100 and 200 bills.
Yes, ma'am.
You like to jump puddles from one stone to another and every time you step a stone sinks.
You're leaving dead bodies by the roadside.
Was it your idea or your boyfriend's to rob the armored car? Well, now your boyfriend is dead and so is your mother.
I'm sure you knew the pain you were causing your mother.
I thought I'd never see you again.
What's the matter? He told me.
I leave dead bodies behind wherever I go.
Berlin kicked me out and I came back.
And I've put everyone's lives in danger.
I just had to come back, didn't I? And now the dead body is Moscow.
Moscow isn't a dead body, okay? He'll make it.
and we'll get out of here together.
I'm a black cat that curses the people it crosses.
You're a black panther, my black panther.
How are you? Right now I'm fucking great.
You have no fucking idea how much I love you.
No fucking idea.
I love you too.
I have missed you.
Let's start getting the money out of here.
Come on, come on! The ones in other room, too! Ariadna, Ariadna.
Not you.
Put that down.
Denver! Listen, Denver, you have to stop.
- It's pointless.
- What? Put the pick down and convince your father to turn himself in.
He has to get to a hospital.
He can't wait.
This tunnel is the only way out and I'm leaving with my father.
You know why? Why? Because when we get out of here you won't be wearing a red jumpsuit anymore.
You'll be dressed in white, gorgeous.
And I'll be waiting at the altar.
And I need him to be there by my side, and to see it.
For him to grab me by the shoulder and get goosebumps, okay? I'm not stopping.
I'm not stopping.
So, shall we do this? Let's do this! - Let's do it! - Let's go.
Just a bit more! - Just a little more, dammit! - Just a bit, Rio! Less than two meters! Have you thought about my proposal? A short but passionate love story in a tropical country.
And a proper inheritance.
Eight hundred million euros that go to you.
That's the least important part, Berlin.
I like the idea of going away with you but it makes me sad because you're going to die.
You'll make a gorgeous widow.
We have to get married.
Right, Ariadna? I've never done it dressed in white at night.
How about on a beach, under the stars, in a wild ritual with lots of light, and lots of fire.
Would you marry me, Ariadna? I'm sure some people think that living with a dying man is boring and they're wrong.
It's the opposite.
It's going all in.
Driving without the safety belt on.
Riding a motorcycle without a helmet.
Scuba diving without an oxygen tank.
Letting go of the reins for good, no limits.
What about babies? What do you think? Some mini Berlins running along the beach.
Just kidding.
So the address you gave us is where Mr.
Marquina supposedly set up his operations center.
In that cider bar, right? Yes.
What's this? It's a warehouse.
There's nothing in there.
A beat-up car, junk.
But no sign of an operations center.
Are you sure about the address you gave us? Of course I am.
I was there.
What were you doing there? Making love.
Our first rule was no names, no personal relationships.
The Professor had envisioned a heist with no attachments, but when I saw him there, smiling at me, I realized that he was the closest thing to a father that I had ever had.
What's so funny, big guy? Your bright ideas.
Escaping just to come back to the factory.
You know it.
Dressed like a cop and everything.
Like James Bond.
That must have really pissed them.
He's shaking.
He's white as the snow in Stalingrad.
He's got a pulse of 35.
He needs a transfusion.
Get the plasma.
- Moscow.
- Come on.
- Over here.
- Moscow.
There we go, you're with us.
It's okay.
Are you okay? It's okay, you're with us.
You're right here with us, okay? WEDNESDAY 07:02 AM 11 HOURS SINCE THE SHOOTOU How's the tunnel going? We're really close.
Hey, dear.
Why don't you get some rest? - Alright? - Alright.
Let's go.
Here you go, keep working.
I'm afraid she can't answer the phone.
She's investigated for collaboration in the heist and obstruction of justice.
But surely you already know that, I mean, since you have such a special relationship.
We know who you are, Salva.
Or should I say, Sergio Marquina.
So there's no need for you to use that GPS voice anymore.
Colonel Prieto, We have a man dying here because of your gunfire.
If you don't send a doctor in now, you'll have signed his sentence.
The only one who signed his sentence is you.
His and that of all the people whose lives you're destroying with this heist.
Including your friend, the inspector.
How can you bear having that on your conscience? Look, if you want to chat about our conscience, we can do so later.
But right now we need a doctor.
There will be no "later", Mr.
We know you're close.
And we know the location of the three antennas that recorded your calls to the inspector over the last five days.
We'll search every house.
And when you least expect it, we'll be knocking on your door.
So stop complicating things and surrender.
Like I told the inspector, surrendering was never an option.
I'll be here waiting.
Not everyone is letting us into their homes.
Many people are on their side.
They're heroes on TV.
We're the guys who want to catch them.
Call Judge Andrade and request a search warrant.
We can't bust into 10,000 homes.
The antennas cover an 850-meter radius.
We have to narrow it down.
Fine, we'll narrow it down.
But call Judge Andrade and request a search warrant.
I see you've got it all under control.
I don't understand what I'm doing here.
- Am I under arrest? - No, you're not under arrest.
You're being investigated.
Okay, then I'm leaving.
Before you leave, turn in your badge and your gun.
Tap my phone if you want! Wait, wait.
You go ahead, I'll get you a new jumpsuit.
Why did you sabotage the escape plan? Because of Denver? You hit Arturo because you two have something.
- Monica, did he force you? - No.
Why are you with him? Because I love him.
Because I love him, I know it may sound ridiculous.
You might think it's crazy but it's real.
It's real, Ari.
It's the first time someone has looked me in the eye and is honest.
He really loves me.
And you you're with Berlin? Just for survival.
I thought they were killing people.
And that they had killed you too.
I thought I was saving myself.
Come here.
Berlin disgusts me, he makes me sick.
And now the asshole thinks I have feelings for him, that we are living a love story.
He wants me to marry him when we get out, to take care of him.
- He's sick.
- I know.
And are you going to do it? It'll only be a year.
I don't know, we're going to travel the world.
Living like kings.
And going to fancy places and that's it.
Thousands of people accept these proposals every day.
Ari But is it worth it? I'm going to keep all of his money.
He fucked up my life, Monica.
I take four tranquilizers a day just to be able to bare his presence.
He raped me.
He raped me.
When he's by my side and he can no longer move, when he has only me, I'll tell him what a son of bitch he is for all he's done to me.
The calls made by the suspect over the last five days were recorded by these three antennas, located here, here and here.
except the one he made from the Canillas police station.
You were right.
It's a wide radius.
Gomez, ask telecom to triangulate the signal to limit the suspect's area of activity.
Everything would be easier if Angel was here.
He's the only one who knows the exact location of the hideout.
The inspector was at the edge of the abyss, balancing herself to avoid falling into it for good.
Thinking about how ridiculous it was to have gone from inspector to suspect in a couple of minutes.
And she decided to do what her mother had so often told her to do.
Chase after the bad guys.
Subtitle translation by Andrés M.

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