Money Heist (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

Look, Paula's markers, with chewed up caps, like you used to do.
Thanks, Mom.
Give me one.
So, on the day of our first date I arrived 25 minutes early.
I called him and he said he was heading out right then.
See you soon.
We met here, at Hanoi.
He walked there and it only took five to seven minutes.
Pity, for once you land a good guy Why do you want to know how long it took? To know how far away from the cafeteria he was.
In that time frame he could have traveled 500 meters at best.
More or less.
His hideout is in this area.
He took one of these streets to get to the cafeteria.
I'm sure one of the surveillance cameras taped it.
I have to narrow it down.
Give me another one.
I'll get the recordings from that area to figure out the route he took.
Are you sure of this? Mom, I'll find him no matter what it takes.
Be careful, dear.
We have a badly injured man.
Three gunshots in the abdomen and it's been a few hours.
Where is he? I don't know how long before I get him out.
And listen, the police are tracking me down.
Is it safe for them? They already know and they agreed to their part.
Yours would be ten million.
I need abdominal laparotomy gear, a medical ventilator and surgical equipment.
Can you get it? I'll take care of it.
Inspector Murillo.
I need the footage from the cameras from October 23rd.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Did you find out anything yet? I'm starting to draw the route he took to the cafeteria.
Look, that narrows the area down to this triangle.
If he went to Hanoi this way, His hideout is very close, in this area.
I have to go out again, Mom.
The bulk of the calls were made from this area.
So the Professor must have used these streets.
Check the surveillance tapes from this area.
Get the judge to issue a warrant.
This is headquarters I told the kid.
Told him what? What I did to you.
That I abandoned you at that roundabout in Martorell.
I went back to that roundabout, because I dreamed that you were cleaning windshields at that stop light.
I took the car and drove.
Hours and hours, because I wanted to fix my mistake.
Don't speak.
- Rest.
- I showed your picture to everyone who passed by.
And now your son told me he hates me.
Your son adores you.
No matter what he says in the heat of the moment.
I know he doesn't hate you.
Well, I deserve it.
I took his mother from him.
No, you did great.
You have a wonderful son.
And that that's thanks to you.
I did what I could, honey He came out a little nuts, didn't he? I have never been as happy as the day I met you.
If I have to go to some place now, I'd like it to be that one.
The village festival.
And dance with you, together with the lights.
With the colorful lights.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- What are you doing? - Listen! Do you hear that? It's them! - It's them.
- How much is left? 30 or 40 centimeters.
Come on.
Let's go! Hey! Hey! Professor! We're here! They're here.
They're here! Hey! They're here! They're right there! One more! One more! Professor! You're going to get ink on the wall, dear.
Mom, where are your car keys? That car hasn't been used for a long time, dear.
Well, it's about time we take it for a spin.
Professor! Denver! Monica, tell my father to hang in there.
We're almost there! - Denver.
- We're almost done! - Go back up.
- What? - Go back up.
- Not now! - Listen, Denver! - I'm not - Denver! - What? Go back up.
You need to go back up, now.
I'm not going back up now.
Denver, stop! I'm not going back up now! No! We're so close, Monica.
I know.
You have to go back up, now.
Do you understand? Look at me.
If you don't go up now, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
Go up.
Go up.
Hey! Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on! I'm here, Dad.
Just hold a little longer because we're going to make it.
Right, Rio? We're digging like crazy.
We already hear the Serbs on the other side.
Don't worry.
Dad - What? - That That thing I said about hating you I could never feel that for you.
I can't hate you, okay? It's okay.
Don't worry.
You did what you had to do with Mom.
But I can't hate you.
Yes? I'll give you 300 million if you keep him.
This guy's a headache.
I brought him here, but now I'm going on vacation.
Of course I will.
Take care of him.
I haven't introduced myself.
Agustin Ramos.
And it's been a pleasure.
I love you.
I love you too, Dad.
So much.
And I'm not letting you go.
Rio, bring all the explosives we have left.
I'm blowing up that tunnel.
If you blow the tunnel you'll bury us all.
But Dad You have to carry on.
And remember - Remember what? - "No rear-view mirrors".
But I don't know if I can I love you.
I love you too.
I love you too.
It was for the absence of your lips That I cried for the first time And I cursed having met you For not being able to stop loving you You, my wife I wished to make And without love, I searched for luck I pulled out a gun And fate brought death Maria, my life, my love I promised That I'd return But I will not return I was caught by the police Maria, my life, my love I will not stop Loving you The hugs that I lost You will not see me again All the shops in the area said the same.
Inspector Murillo has seized footage crucial for the investigation.
Indisputable evidence that she's collaborating in the heist.
Activate the intervention protocol.
Gather your best men.
What about the hostages? And Alison Parker, or the international protocol? What about public safety? Colonel, they have large caliber guns, entrances loaded with explosives.
The hostages wear jumpsuits and masks, like the thieves.
Impossible to tell them apart.
It will be a bloodbath and you know it.
And what do you suggest? Let them get away, holding hands with Inspector Murillo? Yes.
Let them get out and catch them outside.
Do you know where public safety has led us? You want me to tell you? To us being the laughing stock.
Not only of Spain, of the whole fucking world.
The world's newscasts follow this story as if it were the World Cup.
Do you want to be on TV with the headline: "The idiots in the police let an escaped prisoner re-enter the Royal Mint factory riding a motorbike".
A motorbike! Do you like being the goddamn foo? Excuse me I didn't ask for your opinion.
The government has given the order to intervene.
They have been in there for 125 hours, and if by chance they were to escape it would be a disgrace to this country.
- Excuse me - What? The State Prosecutor's Office issued an arrest warrant for Inspector Raquel Murillo.
She is under search and arrest.
Shall we close it? Just like that? We should say a few words or something.
Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven.
Thy Kingdom come.
What? You skipped a part.
After "hallowed be Thy name" comes "Thy Kingdom come.
" What the hell does that matter? If you're going to pray, do it right.
You think God is checking if you're saying it right? Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
There are moments in life where you should be able to have a remote control so you could stop it.
Even if just for five minutes.
But some things happen with irreverent obscenity.
And there's nothing you can do.
On the one hand we had just buried Moscow.
On the other, we were opening the path to our freedom.
SHOP AVAILABLE WEDNESDAY 03:35 PM HOUR 125 OF THE HEIS - Where is he? - In the warehouse.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Come here.
The one with the phone.
You can call her Stockholm if you want.
It can't be all tears, can it? Go on then.
Nine hundred and eighty four million euros.
Nine hundred and eighty four million euros.
Nine hundred and eighty four million euros.
Nine hundred and eighty four million euros.
Colonel, we are ready to go in.
There's news from the tunnel.
The GPR shows that they are close to the sewer system.
We have a special operations unit in the sewers.
Entering the main drainage channel.
Target distance 300 meters north.
Copy that.
Standing by.
We'll carry out this operation together.
We'll use an enveloping tactic, flanking them to force them into the hole.
In other words, a fucking sandwich.
We'll push them from the inside so that they come out and catch them at the sewer bend.
They can't go back for cover.
We've got them in a mousetrap.
Now we have to find Inspector Murillo and her little boyfriend.
Come on, go, go! - Squadron! - Sir! - Ready? - Yes, sir! Everyone moving the money.
- We need to get out! - Very well.
Assault units are getting ready to come in.
We'll get on it.
We're already in.
Son of a bitch! Helsinki this won't be the last you hear from me, I swear! When I get out I'll sue the shit out of you, for cruelty, torture and crimes against humanity, motherfucker! Little Arturo, we're going to the tunnel.
Your very important mission.
Yes? It was fake.
It was fake.
Stand up.
Turn around! Now you're coming to the station.
And don't fucking move or this time I will shoot you.
You know why? Because I've gone for a little walk in the countryside and I've had time to think and I regret not shooting the biggest son of a bitch that I ever came across in my life.
Raquel, please.
I'm not killing you because I want you 30 years in prison.
And there, you get to ask whoever the fuck you want what he's wearing.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Don't move! Don't move! Stay where you are! MOSCOW.
MAY 1, 1964 He was born on Labor Day.
On every birthday since he started working at the mine he said all the arrangements were made for his party.
A good picket.
And the rubber bullets were his gifts.
This year it was real bullets.
I guess if you're born on the wrong side, you die on the wrong side.
What's your name? - No, Monica.
- I need to know your name.
Because I'm leaving here with you.
Through the back door, the tunnel, or holding a machine gun.
But I don't want to be away from you.
And if I have to learn to shoot, I will.
Besides this child this child is going to need a father.
Come on, tell me your name.
This is the Underground Unit, making our way down the sewers.
- What's that noise? - Stay still.
It's the metro.
Line 6.
It's right above us.
Come on, people! Keep it up! Let's make sure the magic lasts until the very end! In there, we'll have satellite radio and video signal in order to avoid frequency jammers.
The bomb squad will open a gap in the cargo door.
300 grams of thermite explosive.
You know what that means.
So Lobo, Ruiz, you'll provide cover fire, if necessary.
The rest of us will enter in line, no one stays behind.
Come on, come on, come on! Gentlemen, there's going to be a ruckus in there, so we'll have to be united.
Together! - Understood? - Yes, sir! The only instructions are not to open fire if they wear a mask.
Of course, we will open fire in response to anyone shooting at us.
The only instructions are that there's no order for any of them to come out alive.
Is that clear? Is that clear? Yes, sir! We're ready, so let's go get them! Go, go, go! Rio, - Rio, are you there? - Yes, Professor.
- I encrypted the frequency.
- How long can it take to decode it? Two hours.
Set the explosive charges.
Pass the intercom to Berlin.
Right away.
Come, please.
What's the matter? I don't feel well.
What's wrong? I feel pain in my chest.
May be an anxiety attack.
Do you want a tranquilizer? It would have been easier for me too if none of this had happened.
It was the only actual crack in an otherwise perfect plan.
A plan no longer perfect.
You know why? Because even if this all goes well Even if it all goes well, I'll be I'll be fucked.
Because I won't ever see you again.
You think it was in my plans to fall in love with the inspector? I don't want to hear more.
You don't want to hear? Why don't you want to hear, Raquel? Because I'm a bad guy? You've been taught to see good and bad guys.
But what we're doing is okay to you when other people do it.
In the year 2011, the European Central Bank made 171 billion euros out of nowhere.
Just like we're doing.
Only bigger.
185 billion in 2012.
145 billion euros in the 2013.
Do you know where all that money went? To the banks.
Directly from the factory to the pockets of the rich.
Did anyone call the European Central Bank a thief? No.
"Liquidity injections", they called it.
And they pulled it out of nowhere, Raquel.
Out of nowhere.
What's this? This is nothing, Raquel.
It's paper, you see? It's paper.
I'm making a liquidity injection, but not for the banks.
I'm doing it here, in the real economy.
With this group of of losers, which is what we are, Raquel.
To get away from it all.
Don't you want to get away? Angel is calling you.
Does this mean he woke up? If he's awake, they're going to He'll talk and they will be here in five minutes.
Okay, I'm going to answer it.
And you'll speak.
But no nonsense, please.
You'll answer it and you're going to verify if he's awake, okay? Please.
No, no! Don't answer it.
Don't answer it.
My phone is tapped.
Do you have another one? Who is it? Raquel.
Raquel Murillo.
Angel woke up.
He didn't want us to call anyone before he talked to you.
I'll put him on.
Raquel, how are you? Don't worry, come on.
Take it easy.
Come on, Raquel.
- How are you? - Me? So high I can't even feel my ass.
Listen, I saw on the TV that you've you've been replaced in the investigation.
Don't tell anyone I woke up, okay? I need you to come see me first.
Colonel, we've picked up a phone call to Murillo's number.
But there was no communication.
Locate the call immediately.
Get the owner and the antenna.
You have to let me go talk to Angel.
If I don't go, in 15 minutes he'll tell the police where you are.
And I can stop him.
- It's your only chance - Please.
It's about your perfect plan not falling apart.
Please, let me think.
There's nothing to think about.
I'm with you.
A minute ago you were screaming and biting me like an animal.
Can I trust you? Come.
Come closer.
Subtitle translation by Andrés M.

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