Money Heist (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 9

Stop the machines and erase the logs.
Remove the hard drives, we're taking them.
There's little left to reach one billion.
We just need to print and cut some sheets.
How much time do we need, Mr.
Torres? Eleven minutes.
You're rounding off the numbers, Nairobi.
What do you think this is? A TV game show? Go pack your bags, I'll take care of the money.
I say I'm leaving with a billion, - so I'm leaving with a billion! - I say "stop", so you stop! Do you know why I'm in charge? Because you've got shit for brains.
You want to stay in this mousetrap to reach the billion? You know who that reminds me of? Of a mother who leaves her child, a baby, to go sell pills.
Of course, she gets caught and loses the child.
Under my command those things don't happen, Nairobi! No, of course not.
Under your command we plan weddings with hostages.
Will you get married on the beach dressed in white? Since you know everything, do you know what she feels for you? You make her sick! I heard her in the bathroom.
The only consolation she has left is that she'll keep your money.
To put up with you until you drop.
And when you're dying, say to your face how every time you raped her, because you're raping her, she would go to the bathroom to throw up.
That's all she has left.
To spit on you upon your deathbed.
That's what you have turned her into.
Torres, shut down the machines.
Miss Nairobi? Shut down the machines, Torres.
Colonel, we have the phone call made to Raquel.
It was made from Angel's phone.
- What? - Deputy Inspector Rubio.
Call the hospital and find out if he woke up.
If so, send three men quick.
That bitch could show up there any minute.
Timers and cells set.
This will keep the police busy for a while.
They'll have to deactivate them one by one.
What's your plan tomorrow? Tomorrow? Tomorrow I'm going to be sailing on a cargo ship.
Sunbathing with my titties out.
With your titties out? To avoid tan lines.
So you'll be there with your titties out with all those lonely sailors who haven't seen a woman in three months? You think I can't defend myself? Or do you want to defend me from the peeping Toms? It's not that.
That journey will be our last one.
And I don't know what you're going to do at the end.
I don't know if you'll take off on a jet ski with guns blazing or what you're going to do.
So I want you to stay put.
With me.
In my cabin.
We just hit a brick wall.
Hold this.
Make an opening in that wall.
It leads to the sewer.
That's where we'll exit through.
Did you see all those bombs? Fuck.
Twenty years of my life.
Twenty years.
Jesus, give me the sledgehammer.
We're 200 meters from the outlet.
Estimated time, six minutes.
Let's go.
Copy that.
We'll report any seismic movement.
Berlin, stop the chain right now.
Nairobi, we're leaving.
- There's still money left to pack.
- We've got excess baggage.
People, it's been a pleasure robbing you, but it is time to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.
Doctor Sanchez requested in room seven.
- How are you doing? - Well, here I am.
I'm glad you pulled through.
I think I owe you an apology.
You don't need to apologize.
Although you did call me a schmuck and a clown.
It's the most humiliating thing I've been called in my damn life.
I haven't been able to rest peacefully in the coma.
I'm really sorry.
Why did they discharge you from the case? Because they think I'm with the heist men.
And are you? - No.
- But you had a relationship with that guy.
And are you in love with him? I'll give you the hangar's location.
It's where he controls the operation from.
In case you want to clear your reputation, solve the case and beat them.
I know where the hangar is.
But I won't tell them.
Why not? Because I don't know who are the good guys or the bad guys are anymore.
- Don't move! - Hands up! Put your hands up.
There will be laws on our island, you know? We'll have to be nudist.
Except me, I can wear a loincloth.
Go set explosives in the warehouse, will you? Tokyo! Move! Move! My gun! Take this one, dammit! What the fuck do we do? Fucking riot shields! We must hoot at their feet! Cover me! Sons of bitches! Lobo, damage report! They've hit several agents, sir! I'll cover you! Evacuate the wounded! Evacuate the wounded and go on! If we get out I'll put down my weapon.
- I swear.
- You mean it? Not even an air rifle at the fair.
Come on, get them! Besides, we have to get things for our island, right? Curtains, couches Our island? Sons of bitches! Go, go, go, give them hell! - Fuck! - Lobo, now! They're coming! Let's go! - Fuck! - Let's go! Let's go! Go! Go, go, go.
Fuck! - Move! - Let's go.
- Hold your ground.
- We have to reach that door! Hold your fire! Don't shoot! - Anibal.
- What? - Stay covered.
- Give me your badge.
The engagement badge? Now! Hold your ground! Hold your ground! - I love you! - I love you! Here I go! Now! Tokyo! Tokyo! Tokyo! - Tokyo.
- You're under arrest! Don't move! - Rio! - Don't move! - Rio.
- No, don't shoot! Move away from her! - Hands up! - Rio, get down! Shit! Shit! Run, run! Lobo, Ruiz! Are you holding up? Ruiz, fuck! Evacuate Ruiz! Rio! - Denver! - What? Go get the Browning.
Meet us in the vault! Okay.
- Go! - Let's move! We're under attack! Get in formation and move! Let's get them! Yes, sir.
I'll put him on.
The CNI has taken over.
It's Colonel Prieto.
Angel, how are you? Well, I've seen better days, to be honest.
Hey, I'm curious, why did you call Inspector Murillo first? Because we're friends.
Don't screw with me.
Why did she come to see you? She came because we're friends.
She humiliated you in front of the team, almost ended your career and your life.
So drop this fucking friendship bullshit.
I'll repeat the question, Angel.
Why did you call Inspector Murillo? Because she's my friend.
You were at the hideout of the Professor.
I know you took a teaspoon and turned it over to forensics for analysis.
Give us the address.
I don't remember anything.
- I don't remember a fucking thing.
- Right.
You know that hiding information is an offense of concealment.
You may end up sharing a cell with the heist men, or with your friend.
Give us the address.
Prieto you sure know how to treat a guy who just came out of a coma.
Let's go! Nobody stays behind! Let's go! Everyone put your masks on! - They're inside.
- Take the Browning to vault three! Denver's on it.
What about the hostages? - We hand them over.
- Everyone mix! Mix, scramble and on your knees! Let's go! Well, not everyone.
Ariadna is coming with me.
Let's go, Helsinki! They're in the museum.
Hands up where I can see them.
All of you, hands up! - Don't shoot.
- Don't shoot, we're hostages! Everyone, masks off! They're hostages.
They're hostages, get them out.
Now! Prepared for rescue protocol.
- We're freeing hostages.
- Suarez, we're sticking to the plan.
Go to the basement.
We must get them out through the tunnel.
You, with them.
The rest with me, to the basement.
Let's go! We've got Parker.
Get me the ambassador.
Do a headcount and identity check of the hostages.
Colonel, we're making our way down the sewer.
What the hell is that? Move in the TEDAX unit.
The basement is full of explosives.
Can you defuse it? Yes, but I'll need time, sir.
The detonator could be close to the RDX.
There may be tripwires.
We are detecting movement in the tunnel, sir.
Closing in on the target.
- They're on the other side of the wall.
- Five of the robbers.
There are six of them.
It's them.
They're about to exit the hole into the sewer.
Underground agents ready.
- They're closing in on you.
- Copy that.
We've got you, motherfuckers.
In six seconds, five, four, three, two, one.
Don't move.
Hold your ground.
Hold it.
Hands up! - Down! - Don't shoot! - Don't shoot! - Turn off the light! Don't shoot! I'm Arturo Roman! They're hostages, hold your fire! Confirmed, they're hostages.
No! I may not have always been able to read women.
Maybe because of my ego.
But with you it's different.
I know exactly what you feel.
I know that even without money, you'd come with me anywhere because you're madly in love.
- Isn't that right? - Yes, of course.
That's why I want you to know that I love you too.
Berlin, hurry! And the little time we have left is going to be like fireworks.
A wonderful toy.
Wonderful toy, Helsinki! Nairobi, how's that going? The trench is in place, just the last batch of money left.
Helsinki! Let's go! Let's go, hurry.
Colonel, they have another tunnel.
- What? - They're taking the money to the vault.
We saw them.
They made a hole in the ground and they'll take it out through it.
Come here.
There are four vaults, two on each side of the corridor.
Can you tell me which one it is, or point it out on the map? Vault number three.
Are you sure, Alison? Yes.
Do you copy? - Copy, sir.
- Change of plans.
Vault 3.
Top priority.
Repeat, top priority.
That's where their tunnel is.
Roger that, Colonel.
To vault 3! Go, go, go! Do you know where that tunnel leads? They don't know, but I do.
To the hangar where the fucking Professor works.
That's their escape route.
Bring in Inspector Murillo, now! Gomez, get Inspector Murillo here, immediately! Will you get your son when you get out? No.
Not for now.
I'm out of a plan.
We can share a flat.
Let's get out of here.
Now! - They're in the basement.
- Let's go! Get out now.
- What about Denver? - On his way to the hangar.
Get out! That's an order.
Berlin! Let's go! They're coming down the stairs.
They're almost there.
Okay, copy that.
They know where we are.
Get out of here.
- It's now or never.
- Helsinki, take Nairobi.
- I'll hold the fort.
- What do you mean? I said go! If they enter the tunnel, we're all dead! What are you doing? Someone has to stay in the trench.
- No.
- Yes, they're hot on our heels! - Well, we're all leaving together! - Nairobi, You said I was sexist, right? Well then, women and queers first.
- Let's go.
- I hate you! Come on! - I hate you! - Come on! Come on.
Everyone at their stations.
Wait! Hey.
Where are you going, honey? We had agreed that we would stay together to the end.
No! Berlin, please.
No! Let me out! Let me out, damn it! - Stay still! - Fuck you, bastard! Bastard! You son of a bitch! You and I are the resistance.
You're a sorry sight.
Where's the hangar? I don't know.
Not only do you know, but you know that I know you know, so let's spare ourselves this part.
Heavy fire, take cover! We must go back.
No, Nairobi.
There's no time.
Let's go.
Ariadna, load it! Load it! Now! Load it, come on! This is a lawsuit for legal custody.
And it was presented by the hero of the case, the officer who identified the leader of the operation.
Your ex-husband.
Hang in there! - Load! - Now! We're Romeo and Juliet! We're Bonnie and Clyde! We are the Lovers of Teruel! He's requests full custody of your daughter.
And if a judge finds you guilty of the charges held against you, it will be automatically granted.
And if he is indeed the abuser you say he is, your daughter will be in trouble.
Load! Now! You son of a bitch, motherfucker, fucking bastard.
Intelligence can drop all charges.
I'm Intelligence.
But don't ask for more guarantees than my word because the offer will be gone if the kidnappers get away.
And that could happen in a few minutes.
Let's go.
So choose, your daughter or a guy you didn't know just last week.
Lobo, we can't contain that machine gun! We have to take it out! Hand grenade! Load! Now! Take cover! Look out, let's go! Come on, take cover! Go! Take cover! You're here.
You're finally here.
Where's Berlin? He stayed inside.
- What do you mean? - The GEO's were on us and he was determined to cover the tunnel.
He saved our lives.
Formation! Surprise! It's him, get down! You don't have much time left.
Not only will you lose your daughter, you'll be throwing your life away.
Give me that address.
Give me that address! 33 Alcantara.
33 Alcantara, everyone over there! Andres! Andres! Professor? Fire! I'm a little busy now! Enter the tunnel.
Negative! Andres, we're going to blow the tunnel.
Get out.
They're closing in, it's too late.
Move forward! Leave now! I'm not leaving without you, you know that.
Clip! Move forward! Old age isn't for me.
Imagine me drooling or losing sphincter control? No.
That takes courage.
I prefer this.
Get out, please.
Sergio! Don't give me that.
You promised to not stick around if things got ugly, and they did.
Helsinki, blow the tunnel.
No, no.
Get down! Helsinki, it's an order.
Soldier, blow it! No.
Don't do it! Helsinki, it's an order.
Soldier, blow the tunnel! - Professor - No, Helsinki! I love you, little brother.
Don't forget it.
Professor! Helsinki! Andres! Andres, please! I've spent my life being a bit of an asshole, but today I think I feel like dying with dignity.
No! Let's go, give him hell! Professor.
Open! Fonollosa is down.
I repeat, Fonollosa is down.
Professor, listen.
We must keep going.
We must keep going.
We must keep going.
Colonel, units headed to 33 Alcantara.
300 meters from the target.
Change your clothes.
Turning onto Alcantara street.
We've reached the target.
We're inside the hangar.
Search the area.
Melero, Sanz to the left.
Ribero, with me.
Melero? It's clear.
- Sanz? - It's clear.
- Ribero? - Clear! Confirmed, Colonel.
There's no one here.
The hangar is empty.
WEDNESDAY 06:28 PM 128 HOURS END OF THE HEIS 1 MINUTE EARLIER 2 MINUTES EARLIER 5 MINUTES EARLIER 7 MINUTES EARLIER Professor! Professor! 365 DAYS SINCE THE HEIS It's been one year since the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain.
Considered the greatest robbery of all times remains unsolved.
Just like the unknown whereabouts of the heist men, who got away with over one billion euros.
Although the authorities condemned the heist, the public still thinks their actions were legitimate a protest against the established order, which generated polemic on social media.
The most well-known case was that of Chief Police Inspector then, Raquel Murillo, who left the force after controversial statements to the media, in which she disapproved of the way the National Intelligence Corp handled the crisis.
Let's leave.
Let's take off to some country in the Caribbean.
It's just that, it's so crazy that I can't see myself doing anything else.
Pick one.
If it's important, you can use mine.
Subtitle translation by Andrés M.

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