Money Heist (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

We're Back

1 A Netflix Original Series Madrid 77 days until D-Day He's here.
Come on! Come on! We're 15 minutes late.
Come on! - Just a second! Only the brows.
- Please.
There's no time.
Hey! On the stage.
For the last two and a half years, many of you have called me a hero.
- Hero! - So brave! No, you are wrong, I am no hero.
I'm just an ordinary man who was brave enough to refuse to kneel before the terrorists.
That's why That's why I can be here today.
My dignity remains intact.
Meanwhile, those rats are still hiding in their holes.
Guna Yala Islands Some people like those kidnappers.
- No way! - Yes, believe me.
They find them funny.
And I keep wondering is a criminal funny? - No! - No! Can a terrorist be considered a hero? No! How about the so-called Professor Robin Hood? - No! - No! Helsinki the beast from the Balkans, kept me suffering for 24 hrs with an explosive to my chest.
Can he be anyone's idol? - No! - No! I just hope he feels guilty for what he did, every single minute of his pathetic life.
Pampas Argentina I rushed the so-called Denver, with just a a pair of blunt scissors.
He had an M16.
Suicidal? Maybe, but as a result, the first hostages could escape.
However, in exchange, he took what I loved most.
Mónica Gaztambide.
- Forget her! - My lover! Yes, I've also made some mistakes.
I've also been one of the unfaithful.
One of the selfish and despicable.
As a result I lost everything.
Nowadays, every single morning, I wake up and think of whatever happened to my son.
Java Indonesia Move over, you idiot! Fuck you! And your rotten bananas! I love you! Life Life is lost if you don't make your mind up and you let yourself go with the flow.
I was a hostage, but we have all been hostages to something.
Yes! To face that, you need to make up your mind.
I make up my mind! I face my problems! Repeat with me! I make up my mind! I face my problems! I make up my mind! I face my problems! I make up my mind! I face my problems! I make up my mind! I face my problems! Guna Yala Beach Pelican Island 77 days left until D-Day My name is Tokyo.
Remember me? The Caribbean.
For over two years, my life has been a romantic movie.
We fish our own food.
Naked, wild But with some luxury.
And all of this is about to get fucked by one simple thought that's about to enter my head.
We've been here for more than two years.
Two years in paradise.
Paradise is wonderful when your life is dull and full of traffic jams so you go there sometimes.
You need a change of scenery, don't you? And I'm not a part of the plan am I? We had a good run.
Rio I need to get out of here.
I need the hubbub.
I need people.
I need not to know where I'll be tomorrow.
I get it.
I'll also leave.
An adventure will do us both good.
It may be for a bit, but I can't be sure.
Best to say it's forever.
In case we want to talk.
It's a satellite phone.
I bought it on the black market with Helsinki.
- Rio - It's unregistered.
Turn it on every three days, at 6:00 p.
If either of us needs to call, turn it on for five minutes then off again if there's no contact.
Okay? My number is on the back.
0118876546E32/47 I love you Come on It's going to get dark soon.
Rock on.
Rock on.
I can behave like a good girl for a while.
But little by little, my naughty side starts to come out and eventually, it explodes.
And when I turn into a Sputnik, three days fly by.
Panama 74 days left until D-Day They zip by so quickly that you forget the only important thing you have to do.
Searching Satellite Europol The Hague Tokyo, pick up Shit, Tokyo, turn it on.
Shit! Rio's position traveled from the Guna Yala islands in the Caribbean, to Europol in one second.
Then from Europol to the National Intelligence Centre in 50 seconds.
Hello? Less than a minute later, Prieto was awake.
- Prieto.
- Colonel.
Europol has located Aníbal Cortés on an island in Panama.
Contact the Panamanian police now! Mine reached them even faster.
Target is out of town.
The phone was secure, but the Libyan seller wasn't.
Eagle to Fox 1, we're taking off.
Hey, Rio.
That's her.
Hey, Tokyo.
It's Tokyo.
Police is on the way.
Sorry about the delay.
How are you? I'm here.
Three days watching time pass by on this fucking island.
Police is in Cinta Costera.
Come on, come on! I can't take it anymore.
I can't stand the Gunas' food.
For fuck's sake, I grew up eating pizzas, burgers, fries, sausages That's what I want.
I don't want to be with these guys! You can't even make them laugh! Police is entering the Torrillo neighbourhood.
Come on, come on! I wanna party with you and dance and get wasted until our pupils look like a raccoon's.
That's what I want, Tokyo, fuck! Even if it's just a date.
So you want a date? Of course I want a date.
Then pick a city.
And I'll be there.
Rio de Janeiro.
- Shit! - What? - Patrol boats.
- What? Patrol boats! Run, Tokyo! They found us.
We are about to reach the plaza.
Alpha team, through the alley.
Back! Surround the building! A cop is not a friend! Alpha team through the passage! Don't stop! Come on! Eagle to Fox 1, we can't see the target.
Moving forward.
Cubeta, go through the Bodegón Alley, in La Corrala del Muerto.
Come on! Come on! Cubeta, she's inside the courtyard.
We are surrounding her.
I got you, bitch! Bravo 2 in position.
Bravo 1 in position.
- Ready.
- Go, go! - Lower your guns! - Lower your guns! Easy.
Lower your guns.
It's not her.
- Shit.
- Fuck.
That way! Go, go, go! Come on, go! Guilty.
That's how I felt while thinking about every happy moment.
I had shared with Rio since we got free.
Edge of Portugal's territorial waters three years left until D-Day Ladies and gentlemen, 200 nautical miles.
We just made it into international waters.
There you go! Hell yeah! We're rich! Rich! Professor! Come on! Rich! Finish the champagne.
We need new guidelines.
Professor Come on.
We have 10 million now.
Do you think we're going back to school? We've managed to escape, but now comes the most difficult part.
Staying alive.
Don't open them yet, wait until you're on your own.
- What's this? - Safe houses.
Every couple has one.
So you and Helsinki will stick together? Of course.
You'll be under protection and surveillance.
So, Interpol's reach will be very weak.
- Not now, Denver.
- I didn't do anything.
Open them when you're on your own.
I'm the only one who should know your whereabouts at any given moment.
What are those numbers for? Each number belongs to a continent.
A continent on which you might find yourself in need of help.
Commit them to memory.
Colombia 72 days left until D-Day These are phone numbers.
In an emergency, call the number that corresponds with your location to speak with your handler.
The handlers are sleeper cells that will bring you to me safely.
Hello? My name is Tokyo, and I'm looking for my handler.
Not joining them? In a moment.
What about you? What about me? Where are you going? I hope you won't ever need to find out, Miss Tokyo.
But that day came.
Thailand 62 days until D-Day I imagine the same happens in every paradise.
In the end, someone bites the apple and everything goes to shit.
Let's go.
Go in.
They'll come for you.
It took me 11 days to reach the temple where my handler left me.
After an oil tanker, two cargo planes and who knows how many buses Miss Tokyo.
my guardian angel appeared.
Welcome to Thailand.
I don't think I've ever been so happy to see somebody.
Professor Have you heard from Rio? Mom! Mom! Palawan 62 days left until D-Day Mom! Mom, are you okay? Are you okay? Are you cold? Let's get out of the water.
Come on.
Yes, yes What happened, Mom? It's okay, darling.
Grandma was just My mom was fully dressed in the water again.
The water felt so good Raquel.
How did your trip go, darling? Pack your bags.
What's going on? Tokyo's here.
Raquel, Raquel Until we know for sure what's happened, you must take your mother and your daughter to Mindanao.
And even though this place isn't safe, you're going to stay.
It's for the best.
Because you have to fix a problem for Tokyo.
On your own.
If you are thinking of hiding me so she won't see me, you'd better think again.
- What's that bitch doing here? - Calm down.
She's one of us now.
Put it this way.
I changed sides.
You know who changes sides during a war? - Traitors.
- Tokyo - The lowest of the low.
- Tokyo! You know what happens with those rats? They can change sides once, twice, a hundred million times.
- Tokyo, please - She'll betray you! She'll betray you as she betrayed them.
- That won't happen.
- Why not? How can you know? Tell me! - I know.
- Really? - And I'm absolutely sure.
- Sure? Down in your pants? If the Professor tells you I'm one of you, then I'm one of you.
Is that clear? Nice smack you delivered.
We're not going to get along like that, Inspector Lisbon.
My name is Lisbon.
Well, after this touching reunion, let's go have some tea.
- Hands up! - Get down! I told you to get down! Hands behind your back! Don't move! How long ago was that? Eleven days.
Where did you get the satellite phones? When we split into two ships, we were in port in Casablanca for 24 hours.
He bought them on the black market.
From a Libyan.
In Casablanca They were unregistered.
Of course they were.
Not only that The vendor sold us out for the reward money.
Professor Are you completely sure Rio's been caught? He'd have rung his handler like you.
Don't you think? But nothing's been published.
He was arrested 11 days ago.
It's the best news the government can announce.
Why would they keep it secret? It's a bombshell.
How long can they keep him hidden? Seventy-two hours.
Where's he being held? They're not torturing him, are they? I don't know, Tokyo.
I don't know.
Of course he's being tortured.
In any democratic country, there's a backyard for playing dirty in case things turn nasty.
And we've made things very nasty for them.
Well, you did.
They can't torture him.
It's the 21st century.
Sure they can.
At a height of 35,000 feet, above any jurisdiction, on the CIA flights or in Guantánamo.
Even Spain had terrorist commandos.
Are you fucking kidding me, Tokyo? Were you born yesterday? Professor.
We need to get Rio out.
Are you listening? We need to rescue Rio.
Did you buy any more phones? Yes.
We have to gather everyone.
Professor! Professor! Tell me you're going to save Rio.
How, Tokyo? We don't even know what country, prison or goddamn hole he is in.
We know nothing.
Professor! Professor! I'm so happy to see you.
So happy.
- Miss Gaztambide.
- You can say "Mrs"! We got married! Balinese rites, an elephant and everything.
Tokyo! Tokyo! Tokyo! Tokyo! Do you want to come with me? Professor! Professor! Slow down, Helsinki! Slow down, this is not funny! Helsinki! Asshole! My dress! What's up? Nobody is going to hug me or what? Let's toast in silence.
Don't wake the boy up.
Say it with an Argentinian accent.
Hey, boludo.
Listen to me, congratulations.
The worst Argentinian accent I've ever heard.
For real.
- Your house is so beautiful.
- It feels like heaven in here.
- Where's Rio? - He knows.
Rio isn't coming.
He's been arrested.
When was that? Seventeen days ago on a Caribbean island.
It hasn't made the papers.
He's in some shithole, being tortured.
How did they find him? He used a satellite phone.
Was he in danger? No.
There were rules.
No Europe.
No phones.
What the fuck are we doing here? For safety reasons.
Safety reasons, what safety reasons? Rio didn't know where we were.
Guys We must help him.
Let's see What the fuck are we doing here? Do you really think we're going to rescue Rio? Yes, Denver.
That's exactly what I think.
Jesus Christ You made me cross the world with a small baby to tell me that shit? Are you smoking opium in Asia, Professor? Please, sit down.
This isn't a fucking video game.
You're not my boss.
Sit down.
You owe me your fucking life! Do you understand that? You owe me all this.
That fucking backyard and even that fucking sea because you can't bring my dad back.
Got it? Listen, I have a son.
I fucking swear I won't let him suffer as much as I did.
Ask him yourself if he wants his daddy to get riddled with bullets.
He's being plunged into a bathtub, with a bag around his head.
- Do you understand? - Sorry but that's his fucking problem.
That face you're looking at is the same face your dad was looking at while you were trying to dig the tunnel.
She didn't leave his side, not for a second.
Tokyo was there.
Rio made a mistake.
But you also made some mistakes.
You dragged your dad to the rooftop.
You two could have been killed.
But the gang was there.
Helsinki, you took the car to the scrapyard, but didn't crush it.
We fixed it.
The gang was there.
You stopped the machines late, Nairobi.
And the police came in.
And you could escape through the tunnel because Berlin stayed to hold them back.
He gave us the seconds we needed.
The gang was there.
The one not here now is Berlin.
Neither is Oslo.
Nor Moscow.
No way She's one of us.
I made a mistake.
I lost control.
But the gang was there.
Now Rio has made a mistake, like we all have.
I can't ask you to feel what I feel, but I feel truly responsible that some son of a bitch is giving him electric shocks while he hangs from his ankles.
I'll go! You're not going, Nairobi.
Because if you're going, I'm going too.
Here we go again.
How are we going to rescue Rio? With a robbery.
That's what we're good at.
A robbery? That's how we'll rescue him? It will begin with a robbery.
But But we're really going to defy the system.
This time we won't be those guys who kidnap people to make their own money.
We'll be the guys who take a stand.
The guys who say, "Enough is enough.
" What they're doing to Rio is a declaration of war.
And we are the resistance.
Right? What are we going to rob? The gold.
Gold? Not just gold.
The gold.
The only gold that matters.
The national reserve of the Bank of Spain.
That's a big one, isn't it? Never bigger.
And that idea just came to you now, looking at the sunrise? No, it's not my plan.
Your father's? No.
It's not my father's.
Florence 5 years left until D-Day Andrés.
Little brother.
Welcome to Italy.
A country with art, class where people are stylishly dressed.
Unlike you.
You look like a travelling salesman.
Follow me.
I'm taking you to my humble abode.
I've got so much to tell you.
This is "the humble abode in the country" you were going to rent? You begin a search for a house with two bathrooms and a garden, and end up renovating a monastery.
I know how to break into the Royal Mint.
Through the door? The back door.
On the truck with the with the spools of paper.
Andrés, there's people here.
Don't worry, we don't cross paths.
They're the perfect neighbours.
- They're monks! - Cistercians.
They live in one wing, we're in the other.
Besides, they swore a vow of silence.
They swore to remain silent.
Not before a gun, or a judge, but before God Almighty.
Much more interesting, isn't it? And what did you tell them? That I'm an intellectual in need of austerity and solitude so I can write a treaty on theological philosophy.
Did they believe you? I also paid for the refurbishment so they didn't have to turn this beauty into a hotel.
They don't need anything else.
They adore me.
Sometimes I even sing Gregorian chants with them.
Watch your head.
Andrés, do you sleep in a cell? I intended to.
But I fell in love with this chapel.
It's wonderful, isn't it? Sergio, my dearest friend.
Long time no see.
Come here.
What's all this? Do you remember the plan to rob the gold from the Bank of Spain? It's amazing.
We can obtain up to 90 tonnes of gold from there.
We found the answer.
And I think you'll love it.
It's the most intelligent piece of civil engineering since the Panama Canal Wait a minute.
I've told you a million times: you may get the gold, but, Andrés, there's no way you'll leave the Bank of Spain alive.
Those are just insignificant details.
The gold comes first.
We'll deal with the people after, okay? - What do you mean "insignificant details"? - Let's think about it later.
Don't you think I look a bit different? - Well - I have to tell you about a woman.
Look at this little cutie.
Let me introduce you to Tatiana.
Yes, she's really pretty.
She's madly in love.
A goddess.
The Professor never imagined that one day he would have to make that suicidal plan his own.
Welcome Back Okay.
Most of you know the rules, but since there are some new faces, we'd better review them.
First of all, no personal relationships.
Well, that rule's been The second rule is: no first or last names.
Let's get down to business.
How are we going to break into the Bank of Spain? By making a racket.
MADRID D-DAY Nowadays, wars start with bombings.
Ours did as well.
That day, 140 million euros poured out over Madrid.
That was our way of saying "We're back.
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