Money Heist (2017) s03e02 Episode Script


1 A Netflix Original Series Madrid D-Day Remember the Chernobyl Plan? It was a desperate plan from the previous job.
It involved collapsing Madrid with a shower of bank notes to escape among the turmoil in case everything went wrong.
The plan was intended to create chaos.
And that was exactly what we needed now.
Do you want to answer it? Hello? Wait, zeppelins? I'll be there in eight minutes.
The zeppelins are programmed to fly to certain GPS coordinates, and only then will they open their hatches.
Afterwards, they will fly in circles within a radius of 250 meters and they will release wads of money every 40 seconds for 50 minutes.
This at a height of 300 meters, like manna falling from the sky.
In total, we'll release 140 million euros.
It's going to be expensive to venture into the lion's den, huh? You We have all been called Robin Hoods.
It makes sense that part of the loot ends with the people.
This message goes to all of you who believe that this mask is a symbol of the resistance.
We need you.
The State has declared war against us.
A dirty war.
We have decided to stand up to them.
The police have arrested one of us in a foreign country.
You can't sleep? Aníbal Cortés.
Come with me.
Let's go get some more coffee.
It's been almost two months since that happened.
No legal proceedings have been initiated.
No extradition has been requested.
No defense lawyer has been provided.
He's kept in captivity somewhere unknown.
And most likely he's being tortured.
We demand the immediate end to this illegal detention and that he be brought to justice in a way that respects all legal safeguards.
The State has begun this war.
And we shall not hide.
We shall fight, blow for blow.
And this time Callao Theater we're going big.
Furthermore, this is a game of chess.
We're moving pieces that will force the intelligence agency to move theirs.
And Prieto will only be able to do one thing I want the army in the streets! They expect us to run after those balloons, but it's the biggest distraction tactic we've ever seen.
Raise alert to Level 5.
If they have the fucking nerve to announce they're stealing again, they'll find everything under protection.
Shit! Whoever strikes first has time on their side, but whoever has to defend against that attack won't have that much time to think about it, so Prieto will have to improvise his strongest defense on the fly.
The PM just gave us the green light.
I want Madrid full of soldiers.
I also want LMVs, armored cars Armored cars, fuck! Armored cars! There's nothing wrong with my mouth.
There lies our ruse.
Coming! Martín.
May I? Palermo, Spain 2 months left until D-Day Want a drink? The job was amazing.
I'm glad you're alive.
However, if you stay outside, hidden like a rat, your chances of survival increase.
- I was the most exposed during the job.
- No.
Don't bullshit me.
Whoever faces the bullets is the most exposed.
- How many times were you shot at? - I'm not here to argue.
Quite frankly, I couldn't care less why you're here.
Three years later and here you are.
So, I'll tell you why you didn't go into the Mint.
Because you're a coward.
And because you had him do the dirty work.
Your brother.
A job always involves unknowns.
You know that.
Unknowns? Let me be really clear.
You didn't go in and a third of your group died, you son of a bitch.
A third of your group died and you did nothing, for fuck's sake.
I'm as sorry as you are What the fuck are you sorry for? You son of a bitch! Andrés wouldn't have died if I had been there.
I'd have gone in and gotten him out! No matter the fucking cost! Even if I had to blow up the whole building! I wouldn't have let him die! But you did! Who the fuck do you think you're talking to, one of those idiots from your group? I know you well, Sergio.
I know what you're like.
He was my friend.
Someone indispensable to me.
He was my other half.
Look into my eyes and tell me you never considered that.
That, if need be, he would let himself be killed.
Tell me that when you thought the plan out, you son of a bitch, you never considered your brother's death.
I didn't consider my brother's death.
Not once.
He was my life.
I'm sorry.
It's not really your fault.
It wasn't your fault.
It wasn't.
How are you? All right.
Hanging around with Johnnie Walker sucking down pills, eating canned food.
But I'm all right.
I found the formula.
Have you locked yourself up and been listening to music all this time? I can listen to music from my youth and travel there.
To the shabbiest music bars of Buenos Aires.
I dance and swing like before when pain didn't exist.
Dance with me.
Come on, don't be an ass.
Dance! There you go.
Try this.
Why are you here? To ask your permission.
I'm going to steal the gold.
I'd tell you it's in my brother's memory, but the truth is I need to do it.
And I won't do it without you.
- Denver, not now.
- No, it's got to be now.
Because I'm not going in if we don't fix it.
Grab your M16 and do what you have to.
I didn't mean what I said.
It was 3:00 in the morning.
I'm a loudmouth, forgive me.
But to stop talking to me for three days Things are starting to move.
Can you hear me? Copy.
- Can you? - Hold on.
Try again.
What are you wearing, Inspector? Let's do it.
With money to invest in R&D, you can achieve wonderful things.
Three weeks prior to the job, we were inside both the CNI's and the police's mobile phones apps like WhatsApp.
We could activate their mics, cameras and GPS.
Islamabad Pakistan It took less than an hour to take over the defense staff's telecommunications.
Rio's job was now done by 65 Pakistanis.
They didn't look like they went to parties in Silicon Valley, but they were geniuses.
Thanks to them, we had access to everything.
Three hundred twelve.
Top priority for the following forward lines.
Second Squad, First Company of Brunete: the Congress of Deputies.
First Squad, Second Company of Cuatro Vientos: the Royal Palace.
Third Squad, First Company of Paracuellos: the Senate.
First Squad, Seventh Company of El Goloso: Moncloa Palace.
First Squad, Sixth Company of BRIPAC: Bank of Spain.
Bank of Spain BRIPAC Attention.
Yours is the First Squad, Sixth Company of BRIPAC.
Ladies and gentlemen, ours is the First Squad, Sixth Company of BRIPAC.
One-six, BRIPAC.
You have 17 minutes.
We have 16 minutes and 45 seconds! Warm heart, cool head.
Come on! BRIPAC! Sixth company! V-I? BPAC VI Do I need to say again that there's no time left? Move! All ready in 7 minutes! Hurry the fuck up! 3 days left until D-Day Stop shaking your leg, you're going to wake Cincinnati.
Cincinnati is very quiet.
But I'm not.
So, I'll tell you straight out: I don't want you to go into the bank.
We have a fucking baby.
- Calm down before - I'm not calming down.
I'm not calming down because I haven't slept for three weeks.
We are no Bonnie and Clyde, Mónica.
You're a management secretary, not Rambo.
Shit! - Denver - What? I'm ready to go in and I will.
Ready to do what? To be here, camping with the Professor? At the summer camp of crime! - Listen to me! - No, you listen to me, Mónica! I've been preparing since I was a child.
I'd go into the street with a ball and they'd just take it from me.
And what did I do? Fight.
And the next day, it would happen again.
And the next, and the next By the time I was 9, no one dared to step up to me.
You can't learn that in a day.
And you can't leave a kid here with some monks.
I'm not leaving my kid.
It's only going to be for three days, not forever.
What about breastfeeding him? Breastfeeding him? The kid already eats steak! - You're taking away his breast milk.
- No! Helsi, are you awake? Yes, awake.
You're his mother, for fuck's sake! I can't sleep with Jesus Christ watching Christ is watching those two.
Listen to Denver I'm done with him.
Shut up! And listen to me.
I am a mother.
But I'm also your wife.
- And I'm a robber, too.
- No, you're not.
Having a kid doesn't mean I have to renounce the other two.
Same as you.
You're a dad, but you don't even consider sitting it out.
We may not be Bonnie and Clyde, but I learn fast and I don't flinch.
I prepared and passed my exam for the Royal Mint in six weeks.
What's that got to do with it? There are no exams for robbery! The office girl is gone.
Mónica Gaztambide is gone, Denver.
She stayed back at the Royal Mint shooting at the police to save you, Tokyo and Rio.
So, don't tell me I'm sitting it out to warm up baby bottles, because I am more of a robber than any other motherfucker.
Fucking sexist.
- Don't leave me alone.
- Hey! Are you all right? No, I'm not all right.
Can't blame you.
I heard it all.
That ass talking about breastfeeding and all.
- You're part of this gang.
- Mónica, you didn't get what I meant.
She got every single thing you said.
You are a real caveman! - Go to bed! - I'm not talking to you! - Go to your cave! - Are you all right, girls? What happened? The patriarchy is fucking unbearable.
The patriarchy? Patriarchy, that old model with its macho chauvinism Speaking of that.
Do you know what the real patriarchy is? What? It's hanging here! What the fuck is wrong with you! It's 3 a.
Relax! Go and do the dishes! You're not sexist, you're just an asshole! Go to your room! Go count your pubic hairs! Me and my dick and my dick Do you know what time it is? It's 3 a.
Tomorrow morning we need to practice with the thermic lances, at 3580 degrees Celsius.
I think you should rest.
Go to bed.
Mónica, please, come with me.
Sorry, Professor.
We had a fight I was going to sleep with Tokyo.
42 minutes past H-Hour Are you all right? Nervous.
Well, calm down because this is like playing chess.
More like the World Chess Championship, so It's going to be a long match.
The opening One battle and two opposing strategies.
And then checkmate.
Here, on this side.
See if you can feel it.
Another one.
Like a tiny kick.
Every time I have some coffee, it goes crazy in there.
Now, tell me about the carrier.
I don't know anything about any handler.
You don't? Yes, you do.
Put the mask on.
I don't want to.
Either you do it or I get Osman to do it.
Come on Another little horsey ride.
Let's see if we start remembering.
My ankles are so swollen.
There they are.
Motherfuckers! I was overwhelmed by all those people insulting us.
I'd have liked to lean out the window and shout: "I'm Tokyo, one of you.
We are Dalí" This mask has become a symbol.
Across the whole world.
Whether for those resisting, indignant or skeptical it doesn't matter.
What really matters is that it has inspired many people.
Look at that.
This is a demonstration against corruption in Rio de Janeiro.
Buenos Aires, Argentina, several women's rights marches.
The G20 Summit in Hamburg.
Liberty, Equality and Resistance They have filled entire stadiums.
This is France.
Saudi Arabia.
What I'm trying to explain to you is that we have inspired many people to fight with us.
All those people are now one of us.
Don't you ever forget that.
And there they were.
The Professor had put on the mask, called all the Dalís out and the Dalís had responded.
They planned it all out on social media and WhatsApp groups.
And they shouted what we needed to hear the most.
"You will never walk alone.
" Enough But that was mere poetry.
The real action was about to begin then and there.
Traitors Bank of Spain 47 minutes past H-Hour Come on! Move, move! - Step back! Everyone! - Let's all stay calm.
Come on, come on! Don't move! Nobody moves! The real convoy is on its way.
It's five miles away.
Five miles only takes six minutes.
They only have six minutes to make it.
Hail Mary.
Fuck off.
You must answer, "Full of grace.
" We're in a holy place.
You can be such an ass Good afternoon.
May I? Of course, Sergio, of course.
Thank you.
I've been studying the two plans, in depth.
I compared both.
And I must say that The Royal Mint is difficult, really difficult, but possible.
Even sensible.
But to break into the Bank of Spain is crazy and, most importantly, impossible.
- It may seem impossible - It is.
And this seeming impossibility makes it very pretty.
It seems impossible, but Palermo, fill us in.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Bank of Spain.
We go 10 meters under the floor, 20 30 40 And here she is.
The vault.
Forty-eight meters underground.
The vault is completely airtight.
Why? Because it can be flooded, ladies and gentlemen.
Damn ingenious Spaniards.
You must be a perverse son of a bitch to think that out! - Show some respect.
- It's a compliment.
It's great.
It's a masterpiece.
Unique in the world.
They channeled two streams into the chamber with the gold.
Twenty-eight miles of reinforced pipes underground.
- Why? - So that in case someone touches this door the chamber gets flooded in less than 20 minutes.
You touch the gold, and you explode like a toad, you drown, man A marvel! Everything is so discouraging that nobody expects anyone to try and break in.
That's why it'll be all right.
Actually, it's very simple.
If we use talent and science.
The best minds in engineering in physics, in fluid mechanics Can you imagine them preparing for a job? Excellency applied to robbery.
But how on earth are you going in? There is a unit of the Civil Guard, 20 private security guards.
The governor's bodyguards.
And the place has strategic importance.
The army would be there within minutes.
It's hard to get in if you're dressed as a thief, yes.
But, Sergio, imagine there's chaos, and you're the one everyone is expecting to save the day.
And it's so easy to create chaos, brother.
Let me tell you they will greet us with their arms wide open.
Civil Guard Captain Garrido, First Squad, Sixth Company of BRIPAC.
Lieutenant Alcázar.
We're ordered to safeguard the building.
I want all those people out.
We need to widen the security perimeter 150 meters from the bank façade.
And open the back doors.
There's a convoy on the way.
Ladies, we're going in.
We've received orders to coordinate, but not to allow a convoy to enter.
Sir, the convoy is approaching.
I shall not give that order to my men.
Stop that convoy.
They're pulling us over, girls.
I request immediate entry.
Give me your radio.
Staff Headquarters.
Lieutenant Alcázar speaking, Civil Guard unit.
I urgently request access confirmation for the BRIPAC squad into the Bank of Spain.
What the fuck is going on? This is Lieutenant Colonel Castro.
Alert Level 5 has just been declared.
I repeat, Alert Level 5.
From now on, the army will be in charge of the defense within the Bank and its perimeter.
So, start coordinating your men and follow Captain Garrido's orders until Colonel Cerceda arrives, do you copy? Yes, sir.
Let's widen the security perimeter! I want all those lowlifes on the other side of the street.
Let's clear the area until the squad arrives.
Get the tear gas ready! And let's get the tear gas ready! Let them in.
Authorization confirmed.
Now we're finally in.
Do you know what aikido is? Yes, an AC.
No, those shitty thin chocolate sticks: neither a snack nor an appetizer.
Using the enemy's force to your advantage.
We alone can't break into the Bank of Spain.
The enemy's force is much greater than ours.
So we shall apply aikido.
How, aikido, Professor? Whatever we're not able to do will be done by the Civil Guard, the Spanish Army and the bank's private security.
They will ensure that no one comes closer than 150 meters from the building.
We'll find out the exact number of hostages in the building.
How many people are there in the building? The security staff will provide the numbers.
Three hundred and sixty-seven.
I want all 367 people here in three minutes.
We'll place charges on façades and windows, in broad daylight, in the street and unseen.
How? Thanks to the smoke the Civil Guards will throw to clear the crowd.
Evacuation protocol.
I want everyone down here in three minutes.
Move! - This is not an evacuation drill.
- Now.
Evacuation protocol.
We'll take the clients and employees out of the building, following a strict protocol.
How? Let's proceed with the evacuation.
I want everyone down here right now! Evacuation protocol.
Proceed in an orderly manner.
The Civil Guards and the security staff will raid the building, office by office, and will evacuate everyone in less than three minutes.
Aikido! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Come on, hurry up! They'll help us get in all the material we'll need for the job.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Please, I need you all to keep calm.
We will evacuate the building in two groups: Group 1 and Group 2.
And they will escort the spare hostages out.
They will all leave together and will rid us of a problem.
Aikido! Group 1, out now! - Don't move, don't move.
- Back off.
Come on.
Move forward, move forward! Go, go! Move forward, move forward! Go, go! Move forward! Don't stay there! Move! Everyone out! Don't stop moving! Go to the end of the street! Move, move! Move! Keep walking! Move forward! Come on! Move, madam! Then, when everyone is where they have to be, we'll just need to push a button.
And I'll push that button.
There's no turning back.

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