Money Heist (2017) s03e03 Episode Script

48 Meters Underground

1 A Netflix Original Series Stop Fraud Traitors They're attacking the bank.
They're attacking the bank.
Seal off the building! I repeat, seal off the building! Red protocol, sealing the doors.
I repeat, we're sealing the bank doors.
Everyone, put on your vests.
All of you! And then the Bank of Spain will be sealed.
Even when sealed off, the building is very big, Professor.
Too many windows, not enough men.
We can't defend the whole thing.
Good point, Helsinki.
A really good point, but this building has its own secrets.
This is the part of the Bank of Spain that interests us.
The structure is covered with concrete walls and steel sheets 180 centimetres thick.
From the outside, it is a true safe.
From the inside, it's an impenetrable fort.
Once red protocol is activated, nobody, and I mean nobody, will be allowed to go in or out for one hour.
That's the time we need to obtain a key piece for stage two of our plan.
What piece? The Governor of the Bank of Spain.
He'll be in his office, escorted by five personal bodyguards with a poor sense of humor.
I call that the ghost train.
Everyone knows something weird is going on and things will jump out, but no one really knows from where.
Governor, sir, I'm Lieutenant Lorenzo.
You must come with us.
We need to evacuate you immediately.
Thank you, Amanda.
For now, I'm not leaving my office.
It's a direct order from General Salas Núñez.
- It comes from above.
- I received it, but I'm not following it.
I'm not leaving the Bank until the last employee has left.
So, if you want to protect me, you'll have to sit down and wait.
Coffee, anyone? Amanda, if you please.
Come in, come in.
At that moment, I wondered what Nairobi might be thinking.
I only had one thought my mind: to draw my gun and rain hell down on them.
Get some rest.
Take a seat.
May I ask what regiment you belong to? We're airborne sappers from BRIPAC, sixth brigade.
With demining missions in Mali, Lebanon, Afghanistan.
There were five bodyguards.
We had two guns each, so we could each take out two men.
It was still one too many.
Very risky business.
By the way, how do you deactivate an anti-personnel mine? It depends.
There are many types of mines and each one has a different mechanism.
There are the Green Parrots, the Butterfly, the PMF1 Some are activated by methods that would defuse others.
Some explode due to movement.
Some explode when being opened.
Some even explode when you get too close to them.
May I go to the toilet? By all means.
You can use mine.
Excuse me.
Amanda, if you please.
This way.
The worst are the Russian.
The Professor had prepared us for any event.
But let's be honest.
Theory is one thing.
The actual action, another.
Go! Move! You'll be safe here.
Nothing to worry about among writers and poets.
Stay calm.
Hands in the air.
Like this.
Like in a robbery.
Come on.
Very good.
Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Palermo.
And I have two pieces of news for you.
Good and bad.
The bad one is that the Bank of Spain is under attack.
The good one We are the attackers! Keep calm! Keep calm! Keep calm! Everyone, keep calm! VP13.
VP13? They have an electronic fuse controlled by a seismic sensor.
Touch them and you're fucked.
Afghanistan was full of them.
I see you're well trained.
Sir, do not move.
Are you OK, Lieutenant? Lieutenant! Governor, sir Now you must come with us.
Get up.
Come with me.
What are you doing? Don't move.
Guns down! Don't move! Don't move! Well This doesn't look good for either of us.
Let's call it quits.
Quits? You think we've reached a draw? You won't shoot the governor, but I'll do this bitch in.
I'll do it.
Gandía! Release the girl.
Calm down, Amanda.
It's okay.
- Gandía, release the girl.
- No.
I don't want anyone harmed.
That is an order.
Gandía, release the girl! I'm going with them.
And I don't want you to do anything.
That's right.
I don't know what you want, but there's no way out.
Then we stay.
Fire! Shit! What the fuck! Shit! What just happened? What just happened? - Shit! Okay - What are you doing? They're going down.
We need to go up.
- We're going down.
- Going down? If we stay here, they shoot us.
Better to get out.
Let's gate-crash it, Tokyo style.
Shit's about to hit the fan.
Now you belong to our wonderful hostage family.
We'll enjoy some days of complete disconnection.
Take the masks and put them on, please.
Put the fucking masks on! So that nobody feels inclined to be a hero, hand in your mobile phones to my mate, Denver.
Let's do it this way.
Raise your hands if you're parents.
We'll tag your mobile phones in red, so you can make one phone call a day.
Where's that coming from, moron? Because I say so and I'm the hostage coordinator.
Did you take a course? Are you daddy of the year? Hand in your mobile phones now! What about this white strawberry? Oh, my God! You're such a snob, Tokyo! He's such a cutie.
What's his name? Ask his father.
No, come on! The love of my life seated here wanted Cynthia when we thought he was a girl.
However They misread the ultrasound.
- Why? - I only had the first one done.
Do you remember where that was? - Yes.
- In Sulawao.
- In Sulawesi.
- Sulawesi.
- Sulawesi.
- That one.
It looked like a filthy bike garage.
Unbelievable! And we never went back.
They took a bullet out of me during the war in a tractor garage.
- You never told me that, cub.
- For real.
- Where? - In the ass.
Wanna see? - No - No! Show them your pet, come one, Helsi.
- No.
- Come on! Show them your pet, come on.
- Huh? - They're family.
Check this out.
I have a new No way! Don't look! What are you doing? - It can talk.
- Hey, big man, want me to train your bear? I'm good at training animals.
- Did you prefer a girl or a boy, Mónica? - We didn't care.
We didn't care.
You love him or her, not matter what comes out, right? It's a boy.
What? A boy? It's a boy.
It's a boy! It's a boy! It's a boy! A boy! Boy! Boy! It's a boy! Boy! What can I say? I was happy.
It's a boy! You could hear him screaming: "It's a boy!" So that's it! From Cynthia Cinthy Cincy-nati.
You're insane.
It's pure logic.
He's got a city name.
Like the whole family.
This family.
Right? It's okay, my love.
My little boy.
- To him.
- To Cincinnati! - Well wishes! - Here, here.
Cheers! To everyone! Come on.
I want to thank you for what you're doing.
In Rio's name and in mine.
- Thank you.
- To Rio! To Rio! Cheers.
We're doing this for Rio, Tokyo, but also for all of us.
Right now, they think they can only win.
Chasing us like animals and prying us from our holes Torturing us.
Violating every human right.
Anything goes.
If we hide like rats, they'll strike again.
One by one.
There's only one way to avoid it.
To face them.
In this world everything is weighed on a simple pair of scales: what you can win and what you can lose.
And right now they think they have nothing to lose.
And when you think you have nothing to lose, you get stronger.
Well we will show them how much they have to lose.
Where's the governor? Where is he? Palermo! We have a problem.
Take it easy.
- Tokyo.
- Take it easy.
On the count of three, shoot and duck.
One Two Guns down, you rats! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself.
I'm Palermo and I'm the one in charge of this robbery.
So, please, aim at my chest.
I'm your most valuable target.
Aim at her! At her.
Okay We have a few seconds before all the shooting starts, so let's talk about anatomy.
Human beings have two eyes.
And unlike chameleons, their eyes are located in the front of the head and are fixed.
This is clearly a handicap for you in a shoot-out.
Shoot and your girls will be dead.
I'm talking to you, Gandía.
I know that you go to the firing range every Sunday, that you like reading about armaments.
You've been waiting your whole fucking life for this, to be a hero.
Let me give you some advice: think of Marisa, imagine your son Juanito's angelic face and put your fucking gun down very slowly.
At that moment, the Professor realized that this job would be very different from the one at the Royal Mint.
This one didn't come from his head and he hadn't had the time to make it his own.
Had he had a rewind button, he would have pushed it right then.
But he didn't have one.
Are you okay, Tokyo? Say something! Are you okay? Go check on Palermo! We fired all our bullets at their vests, following the Professor's instructions.
- Help Palermo! - But we were too late.
Wake up! Where's the governor? We have to get him out of here.
Find a stretcher! Everything's gone to hell! His eyes are full of glass! Shit! Help me! Move! Up against the wall! Against the wall! Come on! Move! Come on! Hurry up! - Come on! Hurry up! - Move! - Almost there.
- Careful.
It's okay.
Painkillers! Calm down.
I'm taking this off very slowly.
Slowly Easy Very good.
Open your eyes now.
Come on.
Very good.
I can't keep them open for too long.
I can't.
Can you see? I can't see shit.
What's happening? Shit.
How about the light? As if I were in Maracanã Stadium.
Does that mean anything to you? You think you're an eye doctor now? He needs an ophthalmologist! Call the Professor.
I see the glass.
Stockholm, first aid kit number 4.
- The surgical one.
- OK.
Hurry up.
- What are you going to do, Tokyo? - I'm going to remove them.
- Really? How? - With tweezers.
I wouldn't do that, Tokyo.
Call the Professor and release three hostages - for an eye doctor.
- Denver! - Shut up and leave! - Okay.
Listen to me, Palermo.
My hand is steadier than a Swiss watchmaker's.
I'm getting that glass out.
Do you know why they use lasers for eye surgery? - Yes.
- For just a tiny detail.
Eye operations need to be precise to the micrometer.
Check this out, Denver.
Tokyo wants to use the same tweezers she uses to trim her jungle down there.
Come on! Nonsense! Say it again.
Say it again.
How was it? I'm sure your peach down there is all silky.
Now say, "I will never mention my colleagues' pussies ever again.
" I will never mention my colleagues' pussies again.
I didn't get that.
- I'll never mention your pussy, bitch.
- Fucking great, Palermo.
At your service.
We'll deal with my eyes later.
- Denver, on my right.
- What's up? Give me your arm.
You're my second in command now.
- I'm your damn guide dog now? - Silence! - Tokyo! - What? We have 14 tons of steel below.
Tell me Nairobi is with Bogotá.
That's right.
Let's go.
What are you doing? Are you going to tie us up like dogs? I'm not.
We're all family here, in case you need to take a piss.
I'm going to kill you.
Governor, I beg your pardon.
I'll hold onto this for you.
Your attention, please.
We have placed 460 kilos of explosives on doors, windows, at every entrance and exit, so in case anyone tries to escape Boom! They would do so in pieces.
It's not worth it.
We must all stay here together for a few days, that's right, but during all this time, we will protect you all.
And you will protect us all.
How wonderful! And now, whenever you want, you can take the masks off.
Now! How's that? How are you? Now that we can see each other, let me introduce you to Mr.
He's going to pick four volunteers.
My name is Bogotá and I came to do the hard part of the job.
We're going to work in over 65 degrees Celsius.
It's going to feel like a fucking crematorium.
We'll be doing shifts of 12, 14, 16 or 24 hours.
As many as you can handle.
Who's in? Name! Agustín.
- Agustín Montero.
- Why are you here? I was exchanging currency.
Step forward.
Congratulations, you're our first volunteer.
Miguel Talanilla.
From Murcia.
- Okay.
- What do you do, Miguel? I intern at the Operations and Systems Department.
- Unsuitable.
- Unsuitable.
Next! Name.
Why are you here? Alfonso.
I have I had an appointment at the Public Debt Department.
Step forward.
Congratulations, you're our second volunteer.
Next! Name.
Why are you here? Amanda.
I'm the Governor's secretary.
Come on, next! Name! Matías Caño.
Suitable! Step forward.
- No, ma'am.
- Don't "ma'am" me.
You're our next volunteer.
I'm no volunteer.
Can you see this finger? This finger points at the volunteers and it is pointing at you over and over again.
So, please, step forward because you're now a volunteer.
Ma'am, I'm no volunteer.
What was your name? Matías Caño.
What? Matías Caño.
Okay, Matías Caño.
You're coming with me right fucking now.
Let's go.
Move! Come on! Go to the elevator! Don't move! Go in! What was that about? Are you stupid? What the fuck was that about? To seem more credible.
More credible? Do you think you're fucking Anthony Hopkins now? I had to act like a hostage, right? You're joking.
From the producers of "Coming with me right fucking now," coming soon to a blacksmith workshop near you.
I think I did a good job.
It went smooth.
I'll slap your face smooth.
Six years! Six fucking years working with this guy and six times I've wanted to slam his head against a wagon.
My dears.
In the next few minutes, even your balls are at stake.
Sergio! The CNI has arrived.
Get them bugged.
Colonel Tamayo.
- Time of explosion.
- 12:04.
We heard shooting and they put explosives everywhere.
- How were they detonated? - We're not sure.
Plastic explosive, RDX.
Flawlessly made.
They're bluffing.
It doesn't seem like it.
They're at the front, the roof, inside I studied them.
They wouldn't blow it up.
Respectfully, they're capable of anything.
I take a piss and nothing happens.
They're scum.
- Listen to me.
- Please! Alfonso.
How are you doing? I'm fucked big time, Luis.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
You're in charge.
Don't worry.
Get some rest.
Call her.
I sent her to interrogate Aníbal Cortés.
Call her.
Gentlemen, we know everyone here.
I'm Colonel Tamayo, Intelligence.
I'm in charge here.
First, I want the queen bitch here.
Get me Alicia Sierra.
Get her on the phone now.
Back to work.
Get me Inspector Sierra right now.
It's her.
Inspector Sierra, you've got a phone call from Colonel Tamayo.
Talk to me.
Alicia, Tamayo here.
Get something out of him? Nothing that can help us, Luis.
Send him to his mommy, to fix him some soup.
He's gone limp from all the drugs and chats.
Put him on a plane and come with him to Madrid.
You've got work here.
Let me be part of this, Luis.
Tell me you want me to get the fucking shepherd and his sheep out of the bank.
Fuck, yeah I'm so happy, my water could break! I feel uneasy in front of all this beauty, but I've got some pretty unpleasant news.
I've been diagnosed with mom's illness.
How long? Three years.
At the least.
You know how alarmist doctors are.
In the end, it'll be six.
Or seven.
Like a stray cat's life.
We'll call it all off and find a treatment abroad.
First, there's no cure.
And, secondly, I enjoy stealing much more.
Do you want to risk spending the time you have left behind bars? If a painter told you he had three years left to live, would you ask him to stop painting? Andrés, please Look.
Would you have told Michelangelo to stop sculpting his David? No.
Of course not.
You'd have said: "Forza, Michelangelo! Continue doing your passion.
" A painter? A poet? It's the same thing.
"Gentlemen, continue creating beauty.
" And this job, Sergio, is an apologia for beauty.
It's our masterpiece.
Sixteen minutes and 15 seconds.
Sixteen minutes and 15 seconds.
That's what it is.
The moment you touch that door, the vault will be flooded.
Sixteen minutes and 15 seconds.
The time it takes the water to reach here.
Either we make a hole and weld the interconnection tube in that time, or that's it, we all end up in prison for nothing.
For breaking a door.
But that that's not going to happen to us.
And that's not going to happen to us because Bogotá.
What are we? The fucking best.
What are we? The fucking best.
No Not like that.
You can't melt a 14-ton door like that.
What are we? The fucking best! What are we? The fucking best! What are we? The fucking best! That's much better! Grab your lances! This is not a door.
This is butter.
And you You're going to melt it down.
Burnt butter! Take your positions! Come on, Sergio.
Don't be mean.
Imagine it.
Imagine it.
You can do it.
Imagine it with me now.
A 14-ton steel door.
And right there, the best blacksmiths in the world.
Ready? Tick-tock! Now! The moment we touch that door, water will pour in; 7,500 liters/minute.
Tick-tock! Come on! Hurry up! Don't stop! Once it's full, you'd be crushed if you opened that door.
But we're not going to open it.
We're going to penetrate it.
Bring the ram! Go! Now! Tube! Go! Lead the way! In the 16 minutes it takes the vault to fill up, we'll play Jacques-Yves Cousteau.
One, two, three.
Push! Ready! Without opening that door, a welder will go in.
Okay, we're ready.
Our fate is in your hands.
The oxygen comes first.
- Let me be.
- What are you doing? - I've got time! - What the fuck? Put your oxygen on, Bogotá! Shit! Why? Why the hell does someone always have to be the hero? There's always someone who has to play the hero! And right there, with water rising by the second, begins the real fantasy of the new millennium.
Welding a small interconnecting chamber to both sides.
With water rising by the minute, it's better than a Bond movie.
Not even James Bond could weld the antechamber in such a short time.
Exactly! That's why we'll hire the best welder in the world.
If the water level is over the welding, or this welding isn't perfect the water will push with such pressure that we'd need four or five days to get him out.
So, he'd die! He'd die! But what robbery is without risk? Go! Don't waste time! Anyway, brother, let's not think about that just now.
Come on! Just one more minute! Just give me one more minute! Who would imagine that? Who? I'm going in.
An interconnecting antechamber.
Just like a bathyscaphe! So then, my dearest brother, there come the bubbles.
You used to love ocean documentaries.
Well, now comes your most wonderful moment.
As the flotation levels out Bogotá! You're alive! you turn around see the bubbles sparkling bubbles, because of the gold ingots, and bursting against the roof.
You'll think you're in the Space Station.
But you aren't.
You're in the vault of the Bank of Spain.
There floating It'd be like entering a sunken galleon in the middle of the ocean.
Ninety tons of 24K pure gold.
What do you think? It's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.
I told you! Compay! Guajira guantanamera Guantanamera Guajira guantanamera Do not leave me in the dark To die like a traitor Do not leave me in the dark To die like a traitor I am good and good as I am I will die facing the sun Facing the sun, brother.
I want to die on a beach.
When the judge comes to pick up my body, I want him to say: "That bastard!" Guajira guantanamera Let's dance.
Guantanamera Guajira guantanamera Dance with me.
My babies Look what I brought.
Look at these little earrings I've found.
Would you look at that? Golden! Sweet gold! That's right!
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