Money Heist (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

Boom, Boom, Ciao

1 A Netflix Original Series No, no.
I am not getting inside there.
Take the bottle.
That's a mousetrap.
We won't get out of there.
That's our entrance.
We'll do it through hard work.
What the fuck is that smell? They must have thrown pesticide in there, bleach and toxic substances for humans.
I'm not going in.
- It's just water.
- Yes, toxic water.
Sit down, come on.
I'll sit down, but I won't go in.
Let's go.
It's easier to train in a swimming pool, but our job isn't in a fucking pool.
It will be a lot harder than this.
And way scarier than getting in there.
I'm not afraid.
You're shitting your pants.
And it's because you're a father now.
I agree with you there, Bogotá.
You were so reckless before, and you can't do that anymore.
In the past, when shit happened, I was the only one fucked up by it.
You know that.
Now, I don't want to do certain things.
For example, getting inside a cistern.
I don't want to.
Do you know what it means to be a good father? I don't know anymore.
Behaving in the exact same way when you weren't a father.
Of course, and leave the after-party still high in the morning.
If you like to get high on Wednesdays, you have to keep doing it.
Come on! You have to, or you will end up hating your son.
And that would really make you a bad father.
Believe me.
Oh, my God.
Do you know what you can do, Bogotá? You can write a novel.
How to be a father without getting clean.
You don't have kids, do you? I have seven.
- Wow.
- The next one will come with a prize.
This is Emilio, the oldest.
He lives in Venezuela.
Julián, he's in DF.
He is growing a mustache.
He calls me "dude".
This bastard's a riot.
Erik, in Iceland.
Hanna, in Finland.
She's a beauty.
Drazen in Montenegro.
He's fucking dull.
Yaris, in Thessaloniki, a real character.
Bad-tempered as hell, but she's an artist.
She lives in Odessa.
And the next one with a prize.
Sometimes I'm embarrassed for you.
Hey! I take care of all of them.
But I don't stop being me.
Do I go to their school plays or the games of whatever sport they play in Iceland? No, I don't.
But I do randomly show up after six months and I don't ask them for anything.
Not even a hug or their love.
But they jump on me and cover me with kisses.
Why? I don't know why.
Because I'm their fucking father.
Their father.
You can't deny your own DNA.
If you were a robber, you're still one.
And if you used to risk your life, keep risking it.
My babies, my babies Look what I brought.
A sweet set of earring for myself.
See? Golden, golden! Sweet gold! You want them for yourself, don't you? - Give them to me.
- Here, here.
You've never seen anything like it.
Let's go to work.
We're not done yet.
Open the door for Bogotá.
Come on.
The worst is in the past.
Now the fun begins.
You look hot in that neoprene.
What? Your butt looks smoking hot in that tight suit.
What's going to be real tight is the skin from your balls.
Rude fuck.
I am not laughing.
Why do you talk to me like that? Why? Here on this job, I am your boss.
Yes, boss.
I'm sorry.
Let's not disrespect each other.
Change the bottle! And you Hurry up, come on! I want those ovens working ASAP.
And the smoke extractors connected.
We're going to melt all the gold from the fucking national reserve.
And you! The lance and the bathyscaphe.
Absolute priority.
And don't ruffle my feathers again.
Hurry up, gentlemen! Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Enjoy yourselves! Let's earn our sandwiches! Come on! The first time I heard one could make fire underwater was in the Monastery of San Giovanni.
I thought it was as improbable as the fact that I was there, listening to Gregorian chants.
But when I was told it was possible thanks to the oxygen bubbles covering the fire, I thought it was a beautiful way of blowing up what we went there for: A safe in which no one could have gotten into with all those gold bars.
They entered by impersonating the First Squad of BRIPAC's Sixth Company.
The real one arrived a few minutes later.
Well, fuck me They got us good.
They have everyone tapped.
We have to take out everything that can be bugged.
Anything that can connect to a network and our phones! Colonel, let's think about it.
The procedure is to do a sweep.
They can't have everything bugged.
They can hijack whatever they want.
They have a billion euros! Do you know the budget of UIT? Sixteen million.
And the whole CNI? 282 million! 282 million against a billion.
They could tap into the intern's phone! We only have proof that they've intercepted communications These guys even have pictures of your dick, Ángel! They even have pictures of that mole you have on your balls.
Do you want to say hi? I'm sure they have your mic activated.
Colonel Tamayo, the usual procedure is to do a sweep.
Everyone, pay attention! Don't turn on any device that hasn't been in a box for at least six months.
Not even an Olivetti.
There are no secure networks, not even the army's or the ministry's.
Total blackout.
And I want all your phones in this bin.
Now! If you want to call your mommy, go to a pay phone.
In less than a minute, we'll be blind and deaf.
Come on, your turn! He has just fucked us up good.
He's skipping all the protocols.
It's illegal to confiscate phones without a court order.
Damn! This changes everything.
Our techs will analyze them and return them to you - as soon as possible.
- Let me think.
Antoñanzas, didn't you hear me? I'm deleting some private things.
It will only be 30 seconds, sir.
For God's sake! We all know you're seeing Marisol.
Twenty seconds.
Alert level 5.
The CNI's security system is down.
The defense staff's been bugged and the computers infected with an unknown virus! The last thing UIT is going to do is read the chat you use to jerk off.
Give me your fucking phone! For God's sake! I want a screen with the time that's left before the bank's security gates open.
Come on! You! Done.
The gauze.
We're almost done.
Palermo, it's urgent.
It's Tokyo.
How is Palermo? Operational, sir.
They've found out we have them tapped.
We have to accelerate everything and remain calm.
Calm? You can be calm because you're in the van.
We're surrounded by Spain's army here.
We don't know when they will enter.
We don't know through which entrance.
Has Bogotá started? Yes.
He's been down there for a while.
Drilling that door will take longer than an hour.
Maybe more than two.
Professor, how much time is left? - Fourteen minutes.
- What? He fucked us and he knows it.
I would try another move.
I even have doubts about Prieto.
But Tamayo is going to skip all the protocols.
What does that mean? It means they're going in as soon as the doors are unlocked.
Then we have no option but to use the dolphin.
Right? Exactly.
Do you have it? Yes.
Flipper is here with us.
Colonel, radio frequency waves are coming in and out of the bank.
Short wave signals.
I want to hear them.
What the fuck is that? It sounds like an encrypted radio system.
Once inside, the big question is: How will we communicate with each other? Palermo.
Boom! A bomb's just exploded.
We're all dead.
Laser sensors.
Technology is wonderful, isn't it? Internet and hidden or replicated IP addresses.
With the money we have, we could buy a satellite in Kazakhstan.
But that would only take us to one place.
The shittiest place.
You fight technology with technology.
In this, the government can win, but there's something in which they can't compete with: Time travel.
Made in England.
With these devices, the BBC broadcast from Great Britain to the whole world.
Short wave, ladies and gentlemen.
No technology can inhibit such a frequency.
We'll talk through here.
Everyone could listen in on us with that.
Yes, Nairobi.
Every moron with a walkie-talkie will be able to hear us.
But will they be able to understand us? Absolutely not.
Computer encodings.
In the broadcast and in the reception as well.
These encodings won't be easy.
We will put in 2300 layers.
They can bring 200 million Chinese ball-busters, and they'd still never decode it.
"Come Creator Spirit and in our hearts take up Thy rest come with Thy grace and heavenly aid.
" We'll have them there erasing layer after layer.
Cursing our mothers.
A hundred brainiacs who are desperate.
A waste of public funds for nothing.
Because with every call we make, we add 2300 more layers.
A call and a code.
A call and a code.
If it's a coded system, then decode it! Bring the whole tech research unit.
They have to start working now! Very well.
In two minutes, I want everyone with the vests and masks on.
We will give you guns, too.
Fake guns.
Don't get too excited.
Amanda, right? - I'm - Miguel.
You know my name? Well, you told the robber before.
One day, I saved your Tupperware.
I don't know if you remember No.
I really don't.
Put the vests on now! Come on, things are going to get tough.
Don't put it on! What? Don't put it on.
You all, don't put the vests on! They want to use us as human shields.
It's true.
Don't put it on.
We found him.
The smartest kid in class.
The overachiever.
- No, I am not.
- You aren't? What's your name? - Miguel, Miguel.
- Miguel, Miguel.
Miguel, I'm Mr.
Yes, Mr.
I'm Miguel.
Miguel, do you like movies? No, sir.
I watch TV shows.
Get with the program, because we're playing "Guess the Movie.
" Put the vest on! Give me that.
It's backwards, Miguel.
You're going to put this on, too.
If you don't, I will hurt you.
Hurry up! Good.
I am going to take seven steps.
Then I will shoot.
If you guess the movie before I turn around, maybe I won't shoot you.
Denver Miguel is a robot.
Okay, Miguel, I will give you another clue.
I am also a robot.
It's WALL-E.
I come naked from the future, Miguel.
- No, no, no.
- No.
- WALL-E? Are you calling me WALL-E, Miguel? No, Mr.
I'm the Terminator.
Hasta la vista, baby.
The show is over! Come on.
Form two lines.
Quickly! Come on.
Come on, the masks.
Put the vests and the masks on! Who the fuck forgot to turn off their phone? I'm sorry, it's mine.
Hidden Number Yes? Good morning, Colonel Prieto.
I'm the Professor.
I hope you're feeling better.
Hello, Professor.
I'm sorry for taking you away from the dentist in such a way.
I hope I'm not bothering you too much.
You are never a bother, Professor.
Colonel, help me, because I'm a little bit confused.
Are you in charge of the operation? Or is it Tamayo? Colonel Tamayo speaking.
From now on, I'm in charge.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Negotiation On this occasion, we'll be the ones making the calls.
Never them.
And we'll do it with phones, but they won't be able to track our calls.
Why? Because we're going to travel to the past.
I had that one for five years and I only had to charge it once.
Second-generation phones.
No Internet and especially no GPS.
With these phones, we will only make one call.
Only one, no more, to an external collaborator.
- Marseille.
- What? The mute guy isn't coming? - I'm not mute.
- Like your rat that makes these sounds: It isn't a rat.
Her name is Sofía.
Marseille will have two terminals.
On the first one, he will receive my call.
On the second one, he will call the only number in the telephone's contacts: Colonel Prieto's.
These two phones will be our firewalls.
But efficient.
The police can pinpoint the phone that's emitting the signal when the call is being made, and only then.
There's no technology capable of tracking two mobile phones stuck together in a box that are constantly on the move.
Besides, without GPS or Internet, the only thing they will have is the antenna that connects to that phone when the call is placed.
An antenna that's located in the center of Madrid.
Right under their noses.
That's the only thing they will have.
That means they have nothing.
I'm sorry, but we don't know each other, so I would like to ask you a question.
Are you in love? I've been married for more than 17 years, something uncommon nowadays.
That's the irrefutable proof of my love, - Professor.
- Yes.
I see.
However, and excuse me again, I don't think you are.
Because when someone is in love, life becomes rose-tinted.
Everything looks beautiful and one turns into a kind of teddy bear that smiles constantly.
Someone in love doesn't shout or insult his co-workers so rudely.
That's why I asked.
I know you've been listening to us, you piece of shit.
Colonel, think about the last time you made love.
Look, Professor, you can go to hell with these bullshit conversations.
Colonel, you've just joined us, so allow me to remind you what the first lines of CNI's handbook say about hostage negotiations.
They literally say: "Listen attentively to understand the kidnapper's psychology.
Show empathy towards them and let them know that you understand their feelings.
" Do you know what? I think you're blind and deaf now.
That's why Prieto's phone rang a second before he was going to leave.
I'm starting to think you're really screwed, Professor.
This isn't the paradisal island where you probably spent your days after the Royal Mint robbery, am I right? How did the escape go? How is Murillo? Hello, Colonel Tamayo.
Colonel Prieto.
I imagine you're also there listening.
Okay, do you have them there? Don't lose them.
Hello, Raquel.
How are you? We miss you here in the tent.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry for leaving like that, without a goodbye.
How are you? Well, you know me.
I always keep fighting.
And how is Mari Carmen? Mari Carmen She left me.
It took her too long, don't you think? I'm very sorry, Ángel.
Colonel, the antenna is on Princesa Street.
Fuck me! They're so close.
Raquel, what the fuck are you doing? You're throwing your life away.
Look This is my new life.
And do you know what? It's a thousand times better than the previous one.
Do you think you're living in a movie? Listen, Raquel.
Movies end, and not always with a happy ending.
You know I'm going to go after you, don't you? That's nothing new.
You've always chased me.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Colonel, are you still there? Listen, I am going to call you in one hour.
By then, I will have released five hostages.
This time, we'll do things right.
In an hour, I will be smoking a cigar in your name in the governor's office.
Colonel, I'm recording this conversation.
It sounds like you don't care about the hostages.
If it's recorded, I am going to give you some advice, so you won't forget it.
Take your mask, your machine gun, and get ready.
Because all hell's going to break loose on your heads.
What do we know about that phone? They must have made the call from an old phone.
It was impossible to access its geolocation, but the conversation connected with two antennas.
On Princesa and Callao.
What does that mean? It could be because there's a high concentration of people in the area or they've been on the move.
Are you telling me that they were on a walk while they were talking to us? I want all available units deployed and checking everyone's IDs.
Colonel, we're talking about more than 400,000 people.
People must be spending the bills they threw.
And the absence of background noise may mean they weren't calling from the street.
Maybe it's a basement or the metro tunnels.
It's impossible to know for sure.
Four hours.
Look at you, you look so innocent like this.
I want a son like this one.
And these guys? - What the hell are they doing? - I don't know.
I think they're breaking records.
Let me tell you, I think he has to be really weird as a boyfriend.
What's wrong? Nothing.
You're having second thoughts, don't you? Do you want to turn back? We need to perfect the plan.
At least, for four months.
- Four months? - Four months.
What are you going to say to Tokyo? That the next time she sees Rio, he'll be a vegetable? We can't help Rio with a plan that doesn't work.
It doesn't work? We've studied it together.
It's a perfect plan.
No, it isn't.
It isn't.
Do you know what's wrong with you? You've become an egomaniac.
You don't trust the plan because it isn't yours.
It's your brother's plan, but he did trust you.
Why did you want to join the robbery so badly? Why are you so anxious about it? You're like those people who quit smoking and then start hating tobacco and the smoke and people who smoke, and they become the biggest Taliban against tobacco.
That's happening to you with the police.
You hate the police because they destroyed your life, because they tried to take your daughter away, because there's an arrest warrant issued against you and you want revenge.
And you aren't thinking about Tokyo, Rio or Berlin.
You're thinking about yourself.
And if that's the case, then I don't think you should be part of the plan.
I need more time.
07:48 - 07:47 - 07:46 Get better, I will take care of this.
- Hello.
- This way, please.
Of course.
At your service, inspector.
You know them.
In the absence of Fonollosa, alias Berlin, who do think could've taken charge? Why? What do you mean? Why do you care? If we kill whoever is in charge first, we may not have to kill all of them.
Did I answer you? Denver.
No doubt.
He's the most seasoned.
Moscow's son.
- Denver.
Believe me.
- Are you sure? Absolutely.
I know them well.
Look, Helsinki is a war criminal.
He only knows how to obey orders.
Nairobi staged a coup inside the Mint and took power from Fonollosa.
The Professor would never put her in charge.
And Tokyo? Tokyo She's too unstable.
It was her fault that Moscow died.
Tokyo couldn't be in charge of anything.
Listen to me.
It's Denver.
What was that? To see if you would come talk to me.
It worked.
You're not fine, Denver.
I know.
I know I'm not fine, but not because all that shit you told me about being sexist and all that.
It's something else.
What's wrong? Come on, tell me.
- I know how this ends.
- No.
- No, this doesn't end in any way.
- They killed my father.
And you know it.
And it happened because she wanted a grand entrance with a motorcycle.
Right, Tokyo? He was a good man.
And he acted like a father in front of 200 policemen with an M16 and no vest.
And they killed him.
Do you know what I'm saying? If you're here, the same will happen to me, because I am not cold-blooded.
If I have to stand in the line of fire to protect you, I will.
I don't care.
Because you're my family, Mónica.
You're my family.
And that's why I didn't want you here.
Do you understand? Step.
Step, step.
Well, I will take care of the Browning.
Very well, Helsinki.
Good luck.
Let's go inside.
You, too.
You don't know what you're doing.
As soon as I touch the door of that chamber, the security system will flood it in a few minutes.
It will be flooded? No.
More than 100,000 liters of water will crush you.
More than 100,000 liters of water, Nairobi.
Did you hear? I hope you took a course on snorkeling.
You're wrong if you think you're dealing with an idiot.
I know where you're taking me.
And why.
And let me tell you, I won't do it.
Let's go.
Put this on right now.
Get out of line.
No, I can, I can.
My hands are strong.
Get out of line, please.
And the rest of you, keep working! Thank you.
I watched the other robbery, glued to the TV.
I know you all.
Sit down.
Helicopters, take off.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hurry up with those sacks.
Don't stop.
If something goes wrong, then we will find ourselves in the worst-case scenario.
In which they will start the assault before we can open that little door.
And opening that door would take a lot longer than the first one.
And only he could do this.
A minimum of two hours.
Two hours.
If we haven't opened it before they enter, then We're dead.
But we have a solution.
There's always a solution.
We have this small baby.
A dolphin.
Well, we didn't have more divers.
We're calling him Flipper.
Do you remember Flipper? The trained dolphin that clapped.
He saved lives, too.
If necessary, he will have to save ours.
The governor of the Bank of Spain is the only one who can open that door in three seconds.
With this button, we balance the jacket's buoyancy.
I will do it.
Don't press it or you will end up stuck on the ceiling.
Hey! Are you here with us? We have an emergency respirator.
Hopefully, we won't need to use it.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me! Once inside, you'll notice the change of pressure.
Don't get scared and above all, don't stop breathing.
Yes, but we have a problem.
He won't do it.
His entire biography says he has principles.
Everyone has principles.
The governor has to ask himself: "What's more important, my principles or my life?" We're running out of time.
Let's go, let's go.
Governor, any questions? I'm not going in.
I think you are.
- Get into the bathyscaphe.
- Now.
Assault teams in position.
Armored units waiting.
Gentlemen, two minutes and thirty seconds.
02:30 02:30 - 02:29 02:29 - 02:28 02:28 Okay.
Hasta-la-vista-Baby's line follows Stockholm.
The rest come with me.
You heard her.
Come on, fast.
Fast! Fast! Come on, come on, come on.
To the end of the room.
- Fast.
- Come on, come on.
If I put your mask on myself, you won't be able to take if off for the rest of your fucking life.
Put it on, Governor, put it on.
No? - Free diving, then.
- Release me! I'm not going in.
He is 60 years old - and has coronary heart disease.
- Well, man better for us.
Exactly, the coronary heart disease, the bathyscaphe, the 20 atmospheres Just thinking about all that will give him an astonishing lucidity.
This whole plan depends on the decision of a man.
And I'm pretty sure he will decide not to do it.
Do you know when he will have his ultimate moment of lucidity? Once he gets into that flooded chamber and realizes he can't escape.
Once he decides his life depends on us opening that door or closing off his oxygen.
Sergio, if you had to choose between your decency and your oxygen, what would you pick? He won't go inside.
He will.
We'll have to push him a little bit but he will.
You fucked it up, peanut.
Matías, the bolt cutters.
They cut so fucking well.
Tell me the code or you will count bills with your fucking stumps.
Fuck, Governor.
What a brave idiot.
- Oh, my God! - Denver! Denver, what the fuck did you do? For God's sake! Someone tell me what's happening! Grab this.
Governor, Mario.
Fuck me! Fuck's sake! What's up, Nairobi? He lost consciousness.
For God's sake! One hundred thirty beats.
He's going to suffer a heart attack.
- How much time do we have left? - One minute and 20 seconds.
That much? Matías, the first-aid kit and the staples.
We have to close the wound.
- Quickly! - Denver! Cover his wound, fuck! OK, OK.
Hurry up, Denver! What if, for any reason, he decides not to open that door? There are always risks.
Brother, please.
What would life be without risks? Brother, that's what makes life exciting.
If something goes wrong, we will always have the C-4.
Be careful, brother.
Go, go, go.
Come on, without fear.
Fuck! Without fear.
Fast, fast, fast! Pulse at 150.
This guy is going to explode.
C-4 inside there? Also called RDX, or popularly known as plastic explosive.
You're crazy! Well, it's unpredictable.
Uncouth, even, but exciting.
Even the river is going to tremble.
Gentlemen, we're going in.
We know the priority target, but we have the green light to fire on any member of the gang.
The presence of at least a hundred hostages is confirmed.
blocked-off streets and the whole country looking at the Bank of Spain.
A special operations unit has been deployed and armored cars and assault vehicles have been seen driving around.
And for a few minutes ago, helicopters have been heard overhead as well.
- 00:52 - 00:51 Ten milligrams of diazepam.
For fuck's sake! Come on! Come on.
A blast wave at 50 meters underwater, liberating a pressure of 40 atmospheres, not even God knows what can happen there.
Denver, remind me to beat you up as soon as this ends.
Fucking idiot! A small big bang, but that's how life starts.
No, it isn't going down.
Give me another.
Please! Please! - 09 - 08 Okay, okay.
- 08 - 07 - 07 - 06 - 03 - 02 - 01 - 00 It's true that it could damage part of what's inside the safe, but it will open it for sure.
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