Money Heist (2017) s03e07 Episode Script

A Quick Vacation

1 A Netflix Original Series - Good morning, daddy.
- Good morning, queen.
- Wanna fuck? - Yes.
You do, too.
Come look at this.
Look out there.
They're Brazilians.
We haven't seen a Brazilian boat in a long time.
The last ones that came were Puerto Ricans or Guyanese people.
No idea.
They look friendly.
The CIA, FBI, and Interpol also have agents that look friendly.
Come on, man.
They're tourists.
You can see it in their faces.
My love.
We need to socialize.
I'm serious.
Couples need a social life.
They go to parties, they go to the movies, they dine out.
They don't hang out with Kuna Indians or play beach tennis every day.
- No.
- No, what? No.
- Please, come on.
- No.
No way.
Tokyo, it's a safety measure.
Hey! Hey! Hello, my friends! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio! Aníbal Cortés is walking towards the Bank of Spain.
The Spanish police are handing over one of the most wanted fugitives in the world.
It's been 44 hours since the beginning of the robbery and the police yield, handing over Cortés.
He's the presumably tortured man.
The Professor's gang is together again.
Rio is at the bank's door.
It's your turn.
Helsinki, - green light.
- Move forward! Hostage exchange at the Bank of Spain You're so handsome! So handsome, with a tie and all! It's the only nice thing the police did for me.
I can imagine.
You're so beautiful in the red jumper.
How are you? - Better.
- Yes.
What the fuck are you doing in the Bank of Spain? We came to get you.
Everything is over.
You're going back home, friends! All of Spain is with you! Brave! You're so brave! Don't worry.
You're with me now.
Let's see what Suárez can tell us now.
There he is.
Suárez, easy! - I want to go back in! - Calm down.
Give me more men! Explosives! We were so close! I'm going to kill them! - Calm down, please! - Tamayo! What's that idiot doing? It's Arturo Román.
The Royal Mint's former director.
Close the doors! That fucker! Don't shoot, don't shoot! I'm unarmed.
I'm Arturo Román.
Arturito? A big applause! Come on! You're Arturo Román, aren't you? Of course.
I read your book.
You're fucking crazy! You could be out there, living the good life, but you're here, in the fucking lion's den.
Do you know what a ruckus you've raised out there? Give Helsi a big hug! You may be a war nutjob, Helsinki, but you're a sweetheart! - Hi! - Hi! What should I call you? Mónica? No, Stockholm.
Brother! What did you smoke to come back here? The life of a millionaire is very boring.
Thanks, man.
That you're here, after everything you've lost, means a lot to me.
Little one! - Little one! Let me give you a kiss.
- How are you, beautiful? I couldn't be happier even if I had given birth to you.
You're all fucking great.
Yes, we're great, but the one who pushed us forward was your ugly girlfriend.
- If it wasn't for her - Stop that.
You'll have to excuse me, but it's my turn.
I will be back shortly.
How are you doing? Positive for halothane.
But there is no trace of any other substances.
We're fine.
I'm glad.
They won a battle, not the war, so cheer up, for fuck's sake! Everyone, hear me! This operation never happened.
- Understood? - Really? Not even a Burkina Faso commando would do what we have done.
Show a little bit of respect.
This isn't going to escalate.
There are no victims, we've gotten 40 hostages out, so let's think about it positively and let's move forward.
Yes, yes, I'm positive.
Very positive.
The problem is we never learn the lesson.
That guy is like Einstein, and our four GEOs broke into the Bank through a toilet.
We did what was necessary.
What did the Navy Seals do during the search for Bin Laden's? What did the Russians do in the Dubrovka Theater? Exactly what the handbook says.
How long did it take for us to make this decision? Twenty minutes? Because that guy had years to decide how to respond.
Every move we make, he knows how to counteract it.
These operations are always risky.
Unless you want to enlighten us with a riskless proposition.
Not one, at least three.
Antoñanzas, give me a donut.
- You look beautiful.
- I'm Stockholm.
Stand here.
Lift your shirt.
Raise your arms.
Why did you come, Arturo? They could've shot you.
I don't care.
I stopped caring about my life when when I lost everything.
Laura left me and took the kids with her.
I live in an apartment that has a kitchen in a closet.
I eat canned tuna.
And the boxes from the move are still in the hall, but Well, I'm getting over it.
Little by little, Arturo.
I know I was horrible to you and my wife.
I admit it.
I think about Laura constantly, but Not as I much as I think about you.
I always think about you.
About you and about our son.
Because he's a boy, isn't he? Yes, he's a boy.
Put the jumper on.
I know I've lost you, Mónica.
But I don't want to lose my son.
You lost him the moment you said you weren't his father.
Put the jumper on, please! But what did you expect? Do you know how hard it is for a married man with three kids to hear: "Look at the test.
My son is yours.
" I was scared! Yes, I was scared shitless.
Who doesn't get scared with something like that? But it was only three minutes.
Three minutes.
The time it took for those terrorists to come and start shooting at everyone.
I'm asking you, please, don't judge me on those three minutes.
I know I don't have any right to appear out of thin air and ask you to let me be the father of my son.
I know.
But I want to see him, that's all.
I don't know.
To touch him and know how he is.
And I swear I don't care where he is.
I can go to Brazil, Romania, Burma, Thailand wherever.
He's my son and I want to meet him.
You may have the right to meet him, but I don't know if I'll be able to do it.
I will try, okay? Thank you.
Thank you.
Some things never change.
What? Look at what you do to me.
- Really, Arturo? - Look how hard you make me.
This is the effect you have on me.
Remember when we did it on my desk? You can't have changed that much.
Touch me again and you're dead.
You disgust me, Arturo! You disgust me.
Disgust? I disgust you? Shoot! Shoot me here, because if you don't, this is the only face your son will see.
You and Denver will go to jail for a long time.
Arturito Junior will never know who his mother was.
But he's going to call me Dad! Me! His legitimate father! That's why I came, do you get it? My son's name is Cincinnati.
And you won't see him in your fucking life! Helsinki, can you finish here? Arturito.
Calm down.
You know, a man takes care of a man.
Come on.
Take your clothes off.
This was the happiest moment of the robbery.
It may even be the happiest moment of my life.
But happiness is a lightning bolt.
An exhalation, and then, you fall.
When you've touched the sky, the fall is colossal.
We were all plunging into an abyss, even the Professor.
First thing, we're making the same mistake we did in the previous robbery, which is trying to catch the Professor.
He's a professional deceiver.
We have to change strategies.
We need to focus on what we know is inside there.
The gold.
If we figure out how they plan to get it out, then they will only be able to negotiate their surrender.
And to do that, we will interrogate every hostage! Not even God gets to go home.
I want to know if they're working.
How are they working? For how long? When? And especially Who are these two? Because the new members are the key to the plan.
And most importantly, the reward.
Because they are giving out bills.
We're the state, don't we offer anything? I want the biggest reward in the history of the Western world.
Tamayo, what's the cost of a tip that'd solve this? I don't know.
Three million euros? Is there a better offer? - Three million and half.
- The bidding is open! Martínez.
- Four million? - Four million? - Five million! - Fuck, yes! Antoñanzas? Six million.
Suárez, can you offer more? Six million going once, going twice Eight! Eight.
They will eat our pussies.
If we round that amount up, we're talking about ten million euros.
And that amount of money would convince any Spaniard to sell their mother.
Ángel? Tell me some good news.
- We have something.
They were seen.
- Yes! A local Civil Guard sounded a warning bell.
We've narrowed down the area as much as possible.
The radio signal indicated they were moving.
They're around here.
- Where are you? - Aracena, Huelva.
In a warehouse or something.
There's a van.
They've been here, Colonel.
It looks like they abandoned it in a rush.
Do you think it could be a trap? No, I don't think so.
I'm going inside.
There's nobody here.
Wait, wait.
Fuck, Colonel.
This is like a telecommunications headquarters.
There are screens and radio devices everywhere.
I need the forensic team and a UIT unit.
They had an accident yesterday and some farmers helped them.
They've confirmed their identity, Colonel.
Good, Ángel.
You can count on the army, the police, and fucking everyone.
The hunt begins.
I have you, asshole.
I have you.
Give me a helicopter.
I will lead this hunt.
Let's do it.
Inspector, they're talking to the Professor.
Rio, I need you to answer me as precisely as you can.
Where were you held hostage? In a cell.
A very small one.
As small as a coffin.
I couldn't even sit.
I was always on my feet.
- How many days? - I don't know.
I lost count after four or five days.
There was no natural light there.
Rio, can you keep answering? Yes.
What did they give you to eat? Some kind of lumpy paste.
Likely made with flour.
And coffee.
A lot of coffee.
Thirty, forty, fifty coffees a day.
I was all hyper.
Sleep deprivation.
Do you think the coffee had any other substance? Maybe.
It tasted horrible.
But I was drugged up.
While interrogating me, they forced me to inhale some gas.
I don't know what the fuck it was.
But then at least, I could get out of the cell.
And sometimes I could even sit.
Did they allow you to get out of the cell - to do anything else? - Not even to shit.
They left me there for hours after I'd pissed and shit in my pants.
I don't know.
Did they allow you to wash yourself? The closest thing was when they hosed me down.
How was that, Rio? First, they hang you naked from chains.
Then, they use a pressure hose on you.
"If you want this to be over, just tell us where the Professor is.
" That's what Alicia said constantly.
I swear to you, Professor that If I'd known where you were I would've talked.
Anyone would have, Rio.
Anyone would have.
You were scared for your life, weren't you? I knew we weren't in Spain.
When the wind's direction changed, I could hear the call to prayer from a mosque.
I was completely sure that they were going to shoot me and bury me in the desert.
Every day.
I woke up wondering if that day was my last day.
All that is over, Rio.
I need you to tell me exactly what happened when they took you out of there.
They put me on a plane.
And when we landed, they put me in a car.
And they took me to a military hospital.
And how did you sleep there? I have never slept so well in my life.
They gave me a shot of something amazing.
And I didn't open my eyes until this morning.
Alicia woke me up.
Well, what? Where is my red jumper? If they hand Rio over to us, they will probably implant a mic on him.
So if we suspect anything, the key words will be "quick vacation".
Rest a little bit more.
Take a hot bath.
You deserve a quick vacation.
A GPS beacon in a tooth implant.
A mic hidden in the fat tissue, in the skull, anywhere.
It doesn't matter the cavity, we will teach you how to extract it.
Any volunteers? Not me.
I can't.
Dopey, you're scared of the scalpel.
I have principles.
I'm against animal cruelty.
But you're a soldier.
You kill people.
What's the problem? I don't get it.
People are one thing, animals are another.
I love animals.
The animal activist killer.
Can I believe in whatever I want or are you going to tell me? About loving animals? - Yes.
- Well, yes.
I'm going to tell you.
If you really love this pig, slit it open and take the chip out.
And with all your love, you eat it.
I won't open a pig up.
- I will do the same thing with a doll.
- No, Marseille.
A doll won't work.
We have to open real tissue.
This is the closest thing there is to a human.
I was in a war.
With a dog at my side.
He was always with me.
People ran away.
The dog stayed with me.
Since then, I promised myself - I won't open the pig up.
- Open the fucking pig! You're a hitman.
Stay away from me! Push me again and I will slit your tissue open from top to bottom.
The scalpel.
- You both, out of the room.
- Me? It was his fault.
He doesn't want to slit the pig open.
Get out.
- If I go out, I will beat - Now! Very well.
- The fucking pig.
- These guys Let's continue.
I don't care who does it, but we have 15 minutes to locate the chip and start the surgery.
Tokyo, until we do surgery on Rio, you all need to lead a normal life.
Lead a normal life while robbing the Bank of Spain? They can't suspect we know.
You have to talk to Rio about whatever you need to talk about, unaffectedly.
Talk about how much you have missed each other and do what feels natural.
Are you suggesting I should sleep with him? Because what Rio needs is a hug.
Not a good fuck.
The police know you're a couple and you haven't seen each other in months.
It's crucial they think they have access to your privacy, so they won't suspect anything.
They will do what they have to do.
Really? Was that really necessary? They held that poor boy for two months without any sleep in a hole, shitting and pissing on himself.
He thought he was on death row and now you use him like this? It's the perfect time to get a fundamental advantage, Raquel.
Fundamental in this whole war! To control the mics and beacons they may have implanted in him.
If they need to fuck, even if they aren't in the mood for it, they must.
You didn't even realize Tokyo didn't answer.
You're complaining more than she is.
The problem is that I am here.
Isn't it? And you would rather do this alone.
Like a lone wolf.
So let's be clear for once.
What's happening? Sergio, look at me.
What's happening? - What's up? - I feel like I am betraying the gang.
What? I'm disrespecting the robbery.
My brother could mix a relationship with all this, I can't.
I find it impossible.
I can't, Raquel.
I'm a chess player.
Bobby Fischer would've never faced Spassky with his girlfriend at his side.
I am nobody's girlfriend.
I'm here because I know the police a lot better than you and a lot better than anybody in this gang.
You know about protocols and negotiations, just like I do.
I beat you at this game, Raquel.
You beat me at this game? I must be stupid.
I thought we were in love.
My mother and my daughter are in the Philippines.
The police are looking for them.
I didn't ask you to come.
This is just revenge, isn't it? Since the Philippines.
Since those nights you woke up dreaming about your brother.
And Rio is just the perfect excuse to avenge Berlin.
Isn't it? But do you know what? You've already fucked up my life.
Don't say anything They've implanted you with a mic Follow my lead What color do you think my underwear is? Burgundy.
And you don't always wear them.
What? Bingo.
Antoñanzas, is something going on? No, sir.
We're going to do surgery on you Rio and I were always honest while fucking.
But you don't always want to hear the truth.
Tokyo I can't be with you.
I thought a lot about it and I realized I've always followed you like a lapdog.
In that cell, I learned that I'm strong.
I was afraid before.
I was afraid of a life without you.
On the island, after three days I was out of my mind.
It's a shitty feeling.
I don't want to be like that again.
Tokyo, you need this.
- No.
- Yes.
I'm sorry.
I really am, but I don't want to live on your roller coaster.
That's how my fall started.
Suddenly, I felt like an oil tanker that reaches the end of the world and plunges into the abyss.
And while you fall, you can only look up and see how what you loved the most becomes smaller and smaller.
If I had known that was going to be our last fuck, I wouldn't have allowed it to reach its end.
I haven't loved anyone like I've loved you.
And that's not much, I'm 22 years old.
But it will still be true when I'm 70.
Rio, don't leave me, please.
Please, don't leave me.
Do you hear me? Don't leave me.
Don't leave me.
You will move on to someone better than me.
You're very hot.
- And you're rich.
- No.
And in some years, we will meet again.
And I will be with two or three kids and grocery bags.
And you will be in a stunning convertible with a hot black guy, a Brazilian.
And we will drink wine and laugh about this.
I want to go back to the island with you.
Please, no.
Colonel, a drone has located the Professor.
- Does it have a signal? - Yes.
Put it on the screen.
Colonel Tamayo speaking.
Do you copy? Get closer.
Emergency Yes.
Get closer.
Get closer.
Closer! - Are you ready? - I'm ready.
No, no.
Go up, fuck, go up! I want to see what exit he takes.
Locate the end of that road.
I have to talk to you about the escape protocol.
Take those stupid pajamas off.
- Yes.
I think the protocol can wait.
- No, tell me about it.
Take it as some kind of job training under pressure.
Very well.
Point one.
If we're located, we'll have twice the opportunities if we separate, and we have to do that very fast.
Be careful.
If they catch you, I'll kill you.
A very good point one.
And point two.
Point two? I am not hearing point two, Professor.
Point two.
In the emergency bags, we have to bring money, a camouflage net, a thermal blanket, - a gun.
- A gun.
And water to survive at least 72 Seventy-two hours.
What's the name of point two? You give everything a name.
In everyone's mind, there's a fixed idea, which is the fugitive runs away.
But we won't run away.
We'll stay there.
We will stay still, whatever happens, within a 500-meter radius of wherever we are detected.
- The epicenter.
- The epicenter.
Very good.
We will be a few meters away from them, but they won't see us, provided that we hide during the first four minutes.
How are we going to hide? Seven or eight meters off the ground.
At the top of a tree.
We will use the same hiding technique as snipers.
A perfect camouflage.
The class is over.
Raquel, you should be in position already.
I know, but I have a problem.
What's wrong? There are soldiers.
I won't have enough time.
Stick to the plan.
Raquel! There they are! Get closer.
Shit! I want the forensic team there! We've caught them in their undies, gentlemen.
I'm sure that ambulance is full of evidence.
Come on! Raquel, I'm two kilometers to the west of the epicenter.
There are military officers everywhere.
Did you get to the top of the tree? - No, I had to improvise.
- What? There's a farm 400 meters south from your position.
That's the first place they'll check.
- I don't have any other option.
- Raquel? The Ministry of the Interior has just announced the biggest reward in history.
Ten million euros for any information that helps capture the Professor or dismantle the robbery.
Public support is one of the police's biggest worries Every hostage says this guy took some hostages to help him.
He said they were going to work in more than 65 degrees.
They're melting the gold.
Melting the gold? How? Fuck, Sierra.
What have they set up in there? A fucking forge? An industrial oven is smaller than a dishwasher.
They went into the Bank with army trucks.
Fuck me! They're melting the national reserve! Why? To get it out, it makes the extraction easier.
They can shape it any way they want.
They can pass it through a drain or get it out in their zeppelins in the form of gold grains.
I don't know.
Let's go forward with your plan.
We're going after the gold.
They won't even get a grain out! Gentlemen, they must be around here.
Make the dogs smell the samples we found in the van.
Look around the whole forest! Leave no stone unturned! Every building you find, search it thoroughly! Okay? Let's go!
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