Money Heist (2017) s03e08 Episode Script


1 A Netflix Original Series They think we're academics, not thieves.
Why are you so pessimistic? How long have you known her? Tatiana.
How long? Why does it matter? Love can't be timed! Love is to be lived.
You can't risk the entire plan for a woman.
That's the first rule.
Andrés, the first rule: A job can't be poisoned by an amorous relationship.
It's not that hard to understand.
You're so cute.
A loose end, just one, will cost us our lives in there.
Inside, our lives are at risk.
You need to understand that.
Dying is a possibility.
- No, only if you make mistakes! - No.
That's the funny part.
You're heading into absolute chaos and you insist on being in control.
Chaos doesn't exist in a perfect plan.
For God's sake, of course chaos exists.
Chaos always intrudes on life.
You don't need to make mistakes to get killed.
How long do I have to live? Three years.
What mistake did I make? What mistake did I make? None.
It happens.
And you can't prevent it.
What mistake did Dad make? He must've made mistakes to end up dead.
No, it's simpler than that.
A police patrol that was too close.
Or someone saw him enter, or his weapon jammed.
Brother, you're clever.
That's life's mystery.
That's why it doesn't make sense to live like you do.
- How do I live, Andrés? - Without Tatiana.
What I mean Without enjoyment.
In the end, that's the only thing that matters.
We're here.
At every step.
Because some day, something will go wrong.
It may cost your life or even something worse.
And on that day, you can't think that you are guilty of something you couldn't control.
Do you understand? That's life.
Enjoy it until the party is over.
Tamayo, I need the Emergency Military Unit.
Seville's detachment isn't enough? No, I'm in a 170-hectare forest with 183 houses to search.
Farms, huts, wells, and a search perimeter I have to expand 20 kilometers every hour.
Madrid needs to come immediately.
I'll talk with Defense.
They'll go.
- Suárez, let's go to those farms.
- I'll take care of it.
Let's go! Marseille is on his way here.
- Okay.
- How are you? Very scared.
And very angry.
And surrounded by chicken shit.
I'm sorry, Raquel.
I'm very sorry.
I really am.
Look, I am I'm quite old and you're my first love.
I don't know how to do this.
I don't know how to talk about this.
I only know I need you in my life.
I've held on to everything you've taught me.
Like cooking together in our filthy boat.
Swimming fully clothed in the ocean.
And that Van Morrison guy is really good.
He is.
I really like him.
Raquel, everything is better because you're with me.
Because I'm in love.
You could've told me before that you were in love.
I'm telling you now because I don't know how to say it to your face.
Forgive me because in our earlier argument, who was really talking was the maladjusted one who doesn't know how to enjoy life, the Professor.
But Sergio, I Raquel, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
I feel really ridiculous here.
While a hen stares at me.
Hens bring luck.
I don't know where.
Definitely not in the Chinese zodiac.
After what you've told me, I think I'll be able to endure three hours.
We'll talk again in 15 minutes.
Frequency 144.
Over and out.
I brought that champagne bottle to drink with Rio.
While I was dancing, I realized there are two kinds of people.
The ones who break up with you and need to wish you the best.
Like, "Take care, be happy.
" Rio is one of those.
Then there's the other kind.
We're a little bit more of a dick.
I'm sorry.
If you want, I can wait outside.
At this point, being shy doesn't make sense.
Rio, I wanted to say You did what we should have done a long time ago.
Not a long time ago.
We had a lot of fun together.
And you're fucking crazy, but you haven't headbutted me yet.
Yeah, we had our fun.
Good times.
But it wasn't enough.
The wave swept us away.
What wave, Tokyo? What fucking wave are you talking about? The robbery.
The pressure.
Being millionaires.
Hello, Denver.
I didn't hear anything.
- See you later.
- Where are you going, Denver? - Don't go, don't go.
- What? Rio, did you know I almost hooked up with Denver? Tokyo, what the fuck are you thinking? - In Toledo.
At that party.
- What are you talking about? You were drunk.
Yes, of course.
He was drunk.
You were drunk.
I was drunk.
Moscow came into the room and ruined the moment.
What I'm saying is that what we had was something casual.
Anything could have happened that day.
And now I wonder the same thing you do.
How could have we wasted all this time together? Thank you.
Rio, we didn't even kiss.
Love is like two people on a seesaw.
When one goes up, the other goes down.
The balance is always fucked.
Thanks to time, monotony, or because of people like me.
The ones who only know one way to get rid of pain: by giving it back.
Rio had a microphone and a GPS beacon.
Everything was extracted.
No problem.
Did you isolate the chips? Of course, dear.
They're in the little box, tuned in to the sweet sounds of sleep.
The police have been taking notes on snoring for quite a while.
It's time to give them something else.
Let's do the Alcatraz Plan now.
Maximum urgency.
The Alcatraz Plan? Sergio, what the fuck is happening out there? We're in an extreme situation.
It's possible that, at some point, Lisbon and I will be under such pressure that it could overwhelm us.
We'll have the army on us.
The police as well.
Things may go wrong.
But, in that case, we'll have the Alcatraz Plan.
If Lisbon and I see ourselves in a critical situation, we'll need the biggest possible distraction tactic.
The objective is that the police will need to look in two places at the same time.
And there's only one thing bigger than capturing us two.
Capturing us all? You escaping is the greatest bait we can create.
They'll go mad.
Any news? Colonel.
The seismic sensors indicate movement.
It's possible they're digging with industrial machinery.
Bernardo! You've studied that subsoil to the point of exhaustion.
Tell me.
Is there any possible way they could escape through there? I would say no, sir.
It's a very remote hypothesis.
Remote or impossible, Bernardo? We'd be talking about an engineering job with tunneling machines, - more than 100 meters underground.
- So, Bernardo? We can't underestimate them.
They could dig the Channel Tunnel and we wouldn't notice.
- How many men are down there? - Twenty-five men, sir.
Only 25 men? Were there budget cuts or something? Bring 50, 100 for every square meter.
I want an officer by every puddle.
They can't take a step without being spotted.
Get it together, Bernardo.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Bring me an expert who knows every stone underground.
I want georadar, engineers, whatever! Fuck everything! Come on! What were you doing in there? I was on a hike and I got lost, sir.
I came here to rest.
I'm sorry.
And you hide in a chicken coop? Well, I knocked on the door to the house, but nobody answered.
And those spikes? Climbing.
There's no mountain here.
Or ice.
Do you think I'm stupid? I know who you are.
Raquel Murillo.
I'll tell you the truth.
- Don't aim at me! - Calm down.
- Don't! Put down your gun.
- Calm down.
What's your name? - Put down the gun! - Your name.
What's your name? Tell me your name.
- Justino.
- Justino.
Justino, calm down.
Look at me.
Now you have two guns aimed at you.
And you You have a shotgun that kills birds.
You can hurt me.
But if you shoot me, you're dead.
So, put the weapon down.
Put it down, Justino.
You don't have a chance.
If I were you, I wouldn't risk my life.
They've asked for citizen cooperation.
And they're offering ten million euros as a reward, ma'am.
Put down the guns.
Don't move! - Don't move! - Step back! Drop your weapons.
- Step back! - Calm down.
Step back! - Quiet, Justino.
- Step back, I say! Stop it, Justino.
Drop your weapons.
- I know this game, you don't.
- Do you think this is a game, ma'am? You're police.
I've seen you on TV.
You aren't going to shoot.
But we can.
You've trespassed onto our property.
And you have to have great aim with both hands.
This rifle is for big-game hunting, not for birds.
This makes holes.
Drop the fucking gun! Okay.
Let's do something.
Okay? Don't move.
What if we start negotiating? Wow, so pretty.
So pretty.
Very pretty.
And it's warm here.
Here it is.
Hey! What are you doing? Nairobi! Nairobi! - What - We're both single now.
I see.
We can go buy kittens.
What happened? Nothing.
We We broke up.
- Things break.
Love breaks.
- Come here.
Hey, guys! - Come on.
- We came here with the cavalry Tokyo! And then he shits all over me.
The oven! - Listen to me.
- What? Go upstairs and drink some coffee.
I'll come up later so we can talk.
- Not coffee, then I'll throw up.
- Yes.
Then throw up.
- No.
- Yes.
Throw up.
What? I'm going to take a bath.
What bath? You're drunk as a skunk.
Yes, I'm going to take a bath.
I need the water and being inside the darkness.
- Floating! - Relax! Let's go upstairs, the two of us, so we can talk.
- A little bit.
- Sure.
Because you're in love with the gang's fatty gay.
But I I had a good love story.
I'm going to take a bath.
Radio! Denver.
Come downstairs immediately to pick up Tokyo.
- Hello, handsome! - Let her be.
She's funnier this way.
Shut your face hole, Matías.
If she wants to dive, I'll teach her.
Go back to work or I'll beat the shit out of you.
Okay, okay.
Wow! These ovens are at 1500 degrees Celsius.
- We can't babysit drunks right now.
- The alpha male.
What a buffalo you are, Bogotá.
- Stop messing around.
- Oh, I know.
You like Nairobi.
You like her ordering you around.
Stop messing around.
Then let's do something.
If I can't swim in water, let me swim in gold like Uncle Scrooge.
Denver, you again? Denver is here again.
Take her upstairs.
Tokyo, what the fuck are you doing? What the fuck are you doing? You're putting us at risk.
- I'm sorry.
- You're fucking sorry? We're here because of you and you're drunk.
If you aren't going to help, at least don't get us killed.
So, fucking stop it now because all of us have suffered.
I'm pathetic.
I'm not surprised he broke up with me.
Listen to me.
We came here to rescue Rio.
Didn't we? That's why we came.
Not to save your relationship.
And you got it done.
Because you're an amazing woman.
But you need to move on.
But I can't.
You think you can't.
But you can.
Repeat after me: "I will move on - because I'm the fucking best.
" - I am No, no, no.
Tokyo! - What's up with you? - I don't know.
Okay, but I'm sorry.
No harm done.
Okay? - Okay.
- No harm No.
We aren't doing this.
Okay? - No.
- Stop that.
- I beg you.
- I won't do anything.
- I won't do anything.
- Okay.
- You stay put.
- I will.
That's not what I mean! No.
We're going up.
Hey, hey.
Stop right now.
I'm not joking.
You wanted it before.
Get out.
Get out.
Oh, my God.
They will try to put at least a mic and a GPS beacon in Rio.
And we'll use it to our favor.
In the Alcatraz Plan.
So, they'll think we're fleeing.
To make them feel that we're fleeing.
It's much more powerful.
Stop, Helsinki! The seismic sensor isn't emitting any signal now.
There's the hole.
Adding sound effects to their fear is the biggest generator of paranoia ever.
We can make them believe anything.
The gallery.
- Hurry, call Palermo.
- Gallery? Is there any gallery at that depth? No.
There's none.
It can't be.
There must be something.
Look for it! - There isn't any gallery under that point.
- Find it! Listen.
An escape is tension.
It's emotion, it's darkness.
It's the cavity's echo, the subsurface humidity.
They have to feel all of that.
And they will.
They're in a flooded gallery.
Turn the volume up.
There's an echo.
Where's Nairobi? She's not done melting.
Tell her to come down.
We have enough.
We're leaving now! Can they melt 90 tons of gold - in two days? - No.
That's impossible.
Engineer, is it possible or not to melt 90 tons in two days? They would need 150 or 200 ovens.
I have to do some calculations.
Technically, it's possible, but Improbable.
If they did probable things, they'd be out robbing savings banks.
They'll question their ears so much that they'll need confirmation from another sense.
And that's when the gang's new member would come into play.
Be good, Sofía.
It's your turn.
We'll put the geolocation chip in Sofía, and we'll get her ready while we keep bombarding them with sound.
What the fuck is that? It sounds like a four-stroke engine.
An engine? It could be an outboard motor.
With a recoil starter.
Who gives a fuck about the recoil starter? They're leaving.
They're leaving! And they could only think one thing because there's a clear precedent.
And they won't like it.
It's Chapo Guzmán's modus operandi.
The Altiplano jail escape.
I'm here.
We're all here now.
What is that? Carts.
Carts! And then it will be time to unleash the madness.
We will release Sofía.
Satellite confirmation.
They're moving.
At what speed are they moving? Eighteen kilometers per hour.
Fuck, at that pace, they'll be in Alcorcón in 30 minutes.
What's up, Ángel? Tamayo, I need the Emergency Military Unit.
- It's urgent.
- Urgent? Fuck, no.
They're taking the gold out through a tunnel.
The national reserve, on carts propelled by outboard motors! The Emergency Unit stays in Madrid.
We'll inhibit the mic's signal so they'll only have the satellite.
Then they'll have to follow us blindly to where the GPS indicates.
Wherever Sofía goes.
We've lost sound.
The signal is out of range.
They're going very deep.
Call the underground unit! And I want a detachment outside the sewer.
Deploy units now! Suárez.
We only have two farms left.
We're close.
Gentlemen! We're leaving! Forty meters.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
We have them, Bernardo, we have them.
Thirty meters.
You're next to them, Bernardo.
Next to them! Come on! Fifteen meters.
They're at the other end of the corner.
They stopped.
Let's go.
Seven meters.
Five meters.
Bernardo! Three meters.
- They're here.
They're here.
- Bernardo, what's going on? What? - Where are they? - They're here.
A meter and a half away.
What's that? Colonel.
It's a ferret.
It's dressed as Dalí.
Those fuckers.
Those fuckers.
Cutting off visual communication.
This news isn't that bad, Tamayo.
Read the situation.
Really? Enlighten me.
They're faking an escape.
It's an extreme distraction tactic.
He's fucked and he wants us to look elsewhere.
You're stressed.
Aren't you? But I assure you, he's on the verge of collapse.
It's all part of his fucking plan.
Yes, but he isn't the only one with plans.
It's the moment to hit them where it hurts the most.
We have to attack.
Go straight for the heart.
Break them from the inside out.
I know how to do it.
How? It's already in motion.
All of it.
I have money.
The police do, too.
Ten million.
Are you sure you've heard my name on the news? - Of course we're sure.
- Because they're offering ten million, but that's for the Professor.
And that's not even true.
All the rewards have small print.
We're farmers, but we aren't stupid.
They've said it on the news, on TV.
I've been a police agent and I know rewards are never paid.
Tom Lee, a businessman from Michigan.
He gave crucial information about Bin Laden's whereabouts.
They were offering $25 million.
He's still trying to claim it.
I'm not lying.
You can look it up online.
I can offer you money.
And a lot more than what the police are offering.
How much? What do you think about 15 million? Fifteen? Alert everyone of any movement.
Everyone, be alert.
Perimeter covered.
Watch the windows.
Copy, sir.
Watch the third floor.
West side.
What a bitch.
Come here.
You're the biggest piece of shit on earth.
We came here to rescue you and the first thing you do is break up with Tokyo? Denver, that's a personal matter.
It's not fucking personal.
Tokyo is a time bomb.
You knew that.
Ask her for forgiveness.
Ask her to be your girlfriend or to marry you.
Whatever the fuck you want.
And once you get out of here, break up with her.
But not here.
Maybe you could grow up some.
A pregnant woman with a teddy bear is coming.
Did anyone call the circus? What the fuck is happening? Watching left side.
Entering high security perimeter.
Everything's in order.
Perimeter covered.
Roof and upper floor? Affirmative.
She's crazy.
We have to get that bear.
We're on it right now.
I'll do it.
Nairobi! - Stop, Nairobi.
- What? We have a protocol.
What's gotten into you? Nothing.
The volunteer.
I have him.
What are you looking at? Come here.
Come here.
We're going out there to get a teddy bear.
But won't that be dangerous? It's not dangerous.
Stop! Don't do it, boy.
Don't try to be a hero.
It's not worth it.
You know perfectly well that it's a trap.
You can't send him out.
This is practically suicide.
You're condemning that boy to certain death.
Damn! You're sending him to the slaughterhouse! It could be explosives! If it were explosives, I would send you! Shut up! Come.
It's your moment.
We've talked about this.
Remember? Hey, listen to me.
I believe in you.
I believe in you.
Be calm and composed.
Amanda is watching.
Come on, hurry.
Come on! Masks! Rio! They're opening the doors, sir.
Hostages with fake weapons, sir.
I can see them, Antoñanzas! I can see them! I'm a hostage, don't shoot! I'm Miguel Fernández Talanilla from Totana, Murcia.
Intern at the Systems Department.
Be careful with the masked ones.
There could be thieves among them.
Understood, sir.
We're alert.
Waiting for orders.
He's grabbing the teddy bear.
The bomb is inside.
Mission accomplished, Mr.
Very well, Miguel.
Now, give it to me.
Be careful with any sudden movements.
Take it to the X-ray.
I can go out for any exchange, Mr.
There's a phone here, but there's no bomb.
- There's another thing.
- Open it, Helsinki.
The phone.
You bitch! The fuck do you want? To make you an offer.
Go to hell.
Where do you think you're going? Did it strike a chord Let me go.
What the fuck is happening here? I don't know what the fuck is wrong with her, but I want her here.
Now! Go! - No.
- What? - I'll go.
- No, you won't.
I said, I'll go.
Between the police and the thieves, I trust the police.
These thieves have dumped 140 million euros on the center of Madrid.
Do you really think we don't have 15 or 20 to give you in exchange for your help? Yes, but that's dirty money.
- The police's money is legal.
- It's legal.
If you hand me over, you'll be outcasts.
As soon as they have me, they'll disappear, but you won't.
You'll be on every TV.
The couple that handed Lisbon over.
They'll hate you.
Everyone here loves us.
Do you know why? Because we came back to rescue a friend who was being tortured.
And those torturers are the same who are offering you the ten million.
So, think it over.
And take the money.
You'll have it in two hours.
And nobody will ever know about this.
I give you my word.
It's the police.
The police are here, Justino.
That's your son's bear, isn't it? It doesn't smell like him anymore.
They did it to hurt you.
I know.
And now I'm really fucked because the only thing I want now is to smell my son.
I'm a bad mother.
No, Nairobi.
You were the mother you could be.
And you paid for it.
You paid a lot.
And you're still paying.
You don't know shit.
Do you know what I did with this bear? I'm so ashamed that not even Helsinki knows about it.
When they called me to buy drugs, I took my son to the park.
I dressed him up.
He sat in his chair.
And I gave him his bear.
And inside the bear, his mom hid pills cocaine heroine and whatever else I needed.
That's how I took my kid to the park.
I used him as a mule.
So, they took him away from me.
And they were right to do it.
I've brought your son here.
- What? - Axel.
He's here with me.
That's not true.
It is.
He's in front of me, one meter away.
He's as funny as ever.
But he's nine.
- What do you want to be when you grow up? - A cook.
- What? - A cook.
What? A cook! - He wants to be a cook.
- You're lying.
I'm gonna hang up.
Don't hang up.
I have something to offer you.
But first of all, I'll show you I don't lie.
I don't trust bitches like you.
I don't either.
Come, Axel.
Let's do something.
I'm going out there with him.
And you will see that what I'm saying is true.
Then we'll talk.
I have something important to tell you.
- Permission to shoot? - My son.
- Shoot.
- Nairobi, get out of there! Nairobi.
Don't touch it.
No! Help! Help! Come here! Please, hide me somewhere.
You have to hide me.
Hide me somewhere, please! Twenty million.
I have two million in my bag.
Once I'm out of here, I'll give you the rest.
- I swear.
- Don't listen to her.
There's no time, Justino! Stop! Stop that! Calm down.
It's a radio.
I want you to hear this.
It's Lisbon.
I'm surrounded.
I need to give 18 million to some people so they'll help me.
Is it possible? Of course.
We'll give it to them as soon as possible.
He never betrays his word.
Neither do I.
Twenty million.
Do you accept? They have dogs.
They will find her.
We will go to jail, Justino.
We have the trapdoor.
I can cover it with manure.
- The dogs won't smell her.
- There's no time! - Please, Reni.
- Please! No.
Help, please.
Nairobi! Nairobi, please.
Hold on! Nairobi.
Let me do it.
You have to hold on, Nairobi! I'm really fucked, Helsi.
The bullet's inside.
It's inside.
That's good, that's good.
We'll get it out.
Gauze! Gauze! Give me the gauze.
They must be busy playing doctor now.
- We'll go all in.
Won't we? - It's time.
Gentlemen, launch the attack! Armored units, go.
We're going to knock down that damn gate.
Let's go.
They're going to hide me in a basement.
Stop there! Raquel Murillo is inside here! She's talking to the Professor.
- Delta.
- Drop the gun! Easy, easy.
- Is it inside? - Yes.
It's inside.
- Morphine! - They got me good.
It ripped me apart.
Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon! Against the tree! - Against the tree! - I didn't do anything.
- Please.
- Sierra, do you hear me? - Yeah, talk to me.
- We have Murillo.
She's talking to the Professor.
What do you want me to do? - Don't move! - No, Justino, no.
- Don't move! - Hide me.
Don't move! On your knees! I'm going to give you morphine to get the bullet out.
Hold on.
Hold on.
- Morphine! - Morphine, here.
Justino, help me.
I can't.
Velasco, Solana, come with me.
The rest, surround the house.
Police! There's nothing to do now.
Guys! Guys, guys, guys! They're coming with fucking tanks! Fuck! Police! Police! - Put down your weapon! - Hands where I can see them! Hands on your head! Sir, get out of here.
Why are you sending him outside, Suárez? - Don't go, Justino, don't go! - She's dangerous.
I order you to leave.
- What are you going to do? - Suárez.
I'm handing myself over.
I'm unarmed.
What are you doing? Velasco, take this citizen outside! - What are you going to do? - Justino, don't leave.
Don't leave! What are you going to do? - Justino! - Against the tree.
Against the tree! Don't move! Suárez, I'm not a threat.
You're the biggest threat, bitch.
You sold us all out, traitor! Suárez, put down the gun.
Where is the Professor? Raquel, tell them you'll give me up.
Buy time until I can get there.
Raquel, tell him.
Where is the Professor? I don't know where he is.
Raquel, I'm on my way.
Where is the Professor? I don't know! Are you sure? Because I'm only going to ask you once more.
Get out of there! Get out of there! I don't know where the Professor is.
I don't.
Wrong answer.
I'm on my way.
Get out of there.
Get out of there! It was self-defense.
Do you understand, Solana? She shot first.
Take the weapon.
Clean the fingerprints.
Put it in her hand.
Professor, it's Palermo.
Get ready for immediate intervention.
As soon as we knock down that gate, we're going in with all the troops.
Professor, it's Palermo.
Do you copy? Professor, it's Palermo.
Do you copy? Sergio! Are you there? Sergio! They've executed Lisbon.
They've taken down Nairobi here.
A sniper.
It's really serious.
- Hold on.
- Yes.
I saw my son.
Just now.
He's fine.
He's fine.
He's fine.
Palermo! Palermo! They're coming with a tank.
They're going to knock down the door.
We're being attacked.
Palermo this isn't a robbery or a challenge to the system.
This is war.
Act accordingly.
Sir it was an honor to be under your command.
DEFCON 2! Denver! Come! Ready.
When he turns 18, give him the money and tell him who his mother was.
- Swear it to me.
- Yes.
Look at me.
You will do it yourself.
Okay? You are going to get out of here and you'll do whatever you want.
- Helsinki! DEFCON 2 now! - Palermo! Not now! I'm with Nairobi now, Palermo.
I'll go! Sir, we're ready for the assault.
Now! Attention! Clear this area.
Two groups, two corners.
Now! On your knees with your hands on your head! Come on! Come on, Rio.
Come on.
In position.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Gates! Fire! The Professor had fallen for his own trap.
The ear's ability to elicit paranoia.
That's the card Sierra had played Pretend to execute her.
He'll be listening.
to destroy us.
Then, it was war.

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