Money Heist (2017) s04e01 Episode Script

Game Over

this is war.
Act accordingly.
Everything can go to shit
in a split second.
The moment you feel
death creeping in,
you know nothing will ever be the same
and that you need to try your best
to survive.
Nairobi, hang in there!
Hang in there. Hang in there, Nairobi.
Come on.
Let's go!
We all have snipers aiming at our hearts.
But the true terror arrives
when that bullet doesn't hit you
but takes out someone you love.
Hurry up!
Saline, Rio.
Almost done.
The Professor was feeling
that terror the most.
Two words that should never go together
collided in his heart, love and death.
That made him freeze up.
As he ran through the woods
he couldn't stop thinking,
They've killed the woman I love.
But Lisbon was there.
She wasn't gone.
The shots of her fake execution
had sounded real enough to the Professor.
Our mastermind was losing his head
like never before.
And along with him,
we were losing ours.
Pulse 155 and rising.
Blood pressure 85/40. It's dropping.
- We need two units of blood and saline.
- Nairobi.
Stay strong. I'm here.
In the tent, Tamayo felt what I felt.
We were staring death in the face.
A dry mouth. The taste of metal.
Tightness in the chest
and pain in the temples.
But until it was game over,
we still had everything to play for.
Blood at 30°C, ready for transfusion.
It's here.
The bullet. Behind the seventh rib.
It's in the lower part of the lung.
That's good news, honey.
She can't breathe. It's a collapsed lung.
- We have to release air.
- Tokyo, surgical kit six.
OK, surgical kit six.
There's air between the lung
and chest wall.
Hurry, Helsinki.
- She can't breathe!
- Hurry up!
There we go.
Get me out of here.
I'd rather be in prison alive.
I don't want to die.
hand me over to the police, please.
Hand me over.
Once they hand over Rio,
we'll begin stage three of the plan.
You can't get out
of the Bank of Spain alive.
It's impossible.
But I will get you out of there.
Once we begin stage three,
there'll only be one countdown,
the gold.
And our only goal will be to melt it.
Because the gold is the key.
Without it,
I won't be able to get you out.
The police
will react harshly, but it doesn't matter.
Whatever happens,
whatever they do
we need to be able to keep control.
Otherwise, our lives will be in danger.
Did we kill any officers?
I don't know, but they were on fire.
They'll come back all guns blazing.
We can't defend ourselves.
And Nairobi needs a surgeon.
We used an antitank gun.
They won't send one.
She's got a bullet in her lung.
We can't do it ourselves.
You've got to try.
We need the Pakistani surgeon.
- How much time do I have?
- She's dying.
He has crampons, dog deterrent,
and camouflage clothes.
He may be hiding among the branches.
Shoot up into the treetops.
Raquel, don't let them get you alone.
Tell them I'll surrender.
Get out of there!
Get out of there!
Get out of there!
I'm going to try.
Good little bull.
The Professor is attacking the police,
but nobody is leaving the Bank of Spain.
Demonstrators are in a state of shock.
Will this affect public support
for the Dalís?
For the moment, nobody can say.
But we may be witnessing
the Professor's first big problem.
That was unreal,
the best we could hope for.
Those men have
second- and third-degree burns.
As expected.
- We need another armored van.
- Don't you care about anything?
I won't send more men
to be permanently disfigured!
They fired rockets at us,
and everyone in Spain saw it.
I'm not starting a war
in the center of Madrid.
It's already started.
Don't make
the biggest mistake of your life.
My mistake was sending you
to torture that kid.
If we'd taken him to court,
we wouldn't be here.
We gave them strength and ammunition.
I won't do it again.
You're scared.
You're like Prieto.
You've got pills on your nightstand
and erectile dysfunction.
And you think the law will save you.
The law can't help us now.
I am the law.
And erectile dysfunction, my ass!
Maintain composure.
Let's de-escalate the situation, OK?
Dialogue and truce. Truce and dialogue.
Is that clear?
Crystal clear, boss.
Yes, Inspector?
You heard that, right?
He is the law, like John Wayne.
I want an ambulance and a surgeon.
Let's get them
to hand over their wounded.
The governor studied medicine in the army.
He's going to help us.
I didn't complete the course
or practice, obviously, but
I still know a few things.
- Put on some scrubs.
- I'll go get them.
Where's the damn surgeon?
I'm trying to reach him,
but they have to give me access.
Bogotá, anesthetic.
- Nairobi, we're going to put you under.
- You're not putting me under. Tokyo.
tell him it's my life
and I decide.
That's exactly why
we're going to operate on you here.
Tokyo, please.
She decides.
Helsinki, put her under.
That's a fucking order.
You don't give me orders.
You're not my boss, asshole.
You let the phone in.
You're supposed to protect us.
She can make mistakes, but you can't!
Shut up, big man,
or I'll fucking kill you!
Shut the fuck up.
You're my little whore, not my mom.
It's her fault she's in this state.
She's an idiot.
If she says she's leaving,
I'll walk her to the door.
And you'll keep your mouth shut,
you piece of shit,
because from now on,
you're no longer my boss.
Put the gun down.
If she talks, they'll kill us all.
We're treating her in here.
How are you going to treat her, dumbass?
Nairobi needs a surgeon.
Have you all gone nuts or what?
I swear on my son's life
I won't tell them anything.
You think you won't,
but when they torture you, things change.
I don't give a shit!
She's leaving.
I don't think so.
Do you think
this is a good time for a rebellion?
One of the gang is dying.
Stop fucking around!
- Another one of the gang.
- What do you mean, another one?
They killed Lisbon half an hour ago.
I could show you my democratic side.
We could vote and send her out,
but I'd be killing her.
Lisbon was killed
on her knees and unarmed.
They brought Nairobi's son
with a teddy bear
to shoot her in the head.
Do you think the Red Cross is outside?
You've got to be fucking kidding!
Palermo is right.
You'll have to open me up
and remove the bullet.
remove part of my lung.
All that,
without me bleeding to death.
You're going to kill me.
You're going to kill me.
It's too complicated.
It's too complicated for you guys.
Take me to the door.
- Take me to the door.
- Relax.
- Take me to the door.
- Calm down.
- Calm down.
- Take me to the door.
- I'm going.
- What are you doing?
I'm going.
Sorry, Professor. We had an argument.
I was going to sleep in Tokyo's room.
Are you sure you don't mind me sleeping
here with you?
It's all right.
But having someone in my bed
turns me on.
Do you mind?
Mind what?
Releasing some stress.
Rubbing our lamps.
I knew you were joking.
Can someone please tell me
why Palermo is in charge of the heist?
Because it was his idea.
- He's the mastermind.
- Mastermind?
The guy who was grabbing his junk
in the hallway like an ape?
Come on! Are you serious?
You know who should be in charge?
You. Yes, you.
I agree. If anyone has a lot invested
in this going well, it's you.
Don't egg me on.
I'm going to sleep.
Good night.
I'm going to talk with the Professor.
You'll see.
Professor, I want to be in charge
of the heist. I'm better than Palermo.
Can we talk about it tomorrow
No, not tomorrow, now.
- Why's he in charge?
- Let's see.
He is in charge because this heist
has been in development for a long time.
He's been involved since the start.
The plan's in his head.
I can learn it. I'm a quick learner.
Platero's a small, soft, hairy donkey,
so soft you could say he's all cotton,
no bones.
- Platero and I. By Juan Ramón Jiménez.
- We know.
I don't know if you realize,
but you're spoiling an intimate moment.
What is it?
Are you horny?
I was. Yes, I was.
Oh, were you?
I can't really imagine you two at it.
You'd be quite surprised.
Wow, really?
Want me to stay?
What about you?
Why are we talking about this?
Because I'm proposing a threesome.
Palermo, you, and me.
He can do the numbers and calculations,
you can do the strategy.
But I'm the best captain
you could have in there.
Because when the going gets tough,
I react.
That's not something you can study.
You're born with it.
Ladies and gentlemen
I'm taking command.
Let's operate.
She's taking charge, the mastermind,
the intelligent, level-headed one.
The crazy bitch who brought us here
and cost some of us our lives. Great.
I'll leave you all playing doctors.
I'm going to think about my next move.
It was our darkest half hour.
In 30 minutes,
the police had come back
with guns blazing,
and they had us on the ropes.
The Professor, under the trough,
was only thinking of those 30 minutes.
If he could've called
half an hour earlier,
Lisbon would be alive.
- Launch stage two of Hamelin.
- All right.
Alicia, empathy, dialogue, and truce.
Five minutes as a widower,
and you're calling other women.
Naughty boy. You're a ladies' man.
- Did you order her execution?
- I didn't have time. She did it herself.
Murillo violently resisted arrest,
opening fire on her former colleagues,
like a traitor.
The cell tower isn't in Madrid.
It's a national highway.
In Huelva.
He's gotten through the cordon.
That bastard's on the move.
42 kilometers from your position.
You sure? It may be another trap.
I'm sure.
The signal bounced off three cell towers.
Highway 435, northbound. Go get him.
Inspector Rubio to all units.
We're leaving.
The target is escaping
on highway 435, northbound.
Listen, Sierra.
Before we're out of the Bank of Spain,
we'll destroy you.
So boring.
You're not an ethics professor, right?
No, you fired two rockets
in the center of Madrid,
and now you're on Al-Qaeda's team.
Bada bing, bada boom.
I'll fix my mistakes. I'm offering you
the chance to do the same with yours.
- Nairobi
- No way! I won't send a surgeon in.
But I can offer access to medical care.
Bring Nairobi out.
I've got an ambulance waiting.
I won't put her in the hands
of a torturer who tried to kill her.
- Face the consequences.
- I'm trembling with fear.
As a gesture of goodwill,
I'm offering you a truce.
For the next 48 hours.
That way, you can assess
how serious the wound is.
Or let her die there.
I accept the truce,
but let me tell you something.
Nairobi will survive
with or without your help.
Let's catch that bastard.
And how will we get out of the epicenter?
Following the Hamelin plan.
Tell me more.
Marseille will play the pipe,
and all the rats will run after him.
We'll make them believe we've escaped.
We'll leave a false trail, but
a believable one, backed up with evidence,
and they'll leave the place
where we're hiding.
Then, when the predators have gone,
we'll climb down the trees like monkeys.
Don't you think
it'll be the most beautiful reunion?
Why'd you call me Mr. Potato Head?
I don't know. Your gait.
My gait? What gait?
Because you're sweet.
Are you calling me sweet or fat?
Don't answer.
I'd rather think I'm sweet.
You really messed things up
calling me that.
Word got around. Now Homicide,
Internal Affairs, and the court all know.
I didn't know about memes
until I saw the Mr. Potato Head ones.
I'm really sorry.
Aren't you going to ask me
why I got involved in this?
I know you did it for love.
When we get to Madrid,
they'll offer you a cooperation deal.
I know.
Armed robbery, breach of the peace,
assaulting an officer,
possession of weapons,
disclosure of secrets,
belonging to an armed group,
and abduction.
Abduction of the hostages
and of my own daughter.
So, no matter what deal they offer me,
even with the most
anti-establishment prosecutor,
I'll do at least 30 years.
So, I'm fucked,
Mr. Potato Head.
The instructions you give
must be clear and concise, OK?
How many blood units do we need?
Have three ready at room temperature.
How many are there?
- Three.
- OK, go and get more.
O negative and A negative.
Draw enough for three operations.
Ask if anyone's a doctor.
Bogotá, go downstairs.
It's our only way out of here.
Get melting.
Being in charge suits you well.
You lost the team's trust.
Do you know what your only way out
will be once I'm not here?
Walking out with your hands up, praying
that there are so many cameras outside
that they won't shoot you.
Messieurs au revoir.
Go ahead, Doctor.
A 15-centimeter incision
between the sixth and seventh ribs.
This time, if anyone gets injured,
we'll be ready to save their life.
We'll learn the protocols
for the most common gunshot wound cases.
In the truck,
apart from what we need for the heist,
we'll also carry medical supplies
to carry out any kind of surgery.
Dr. Ahmed will be the brains,
but he'll be 7,000 km away.
You'll be the hands.
And it won't be easy.
You can't hesitate.
You can't fail.
Because it won't be
a dead pig on the table.
It'll be one of you.
- Suction. I can't see.
- Bring the camera closer.
Always keep the surgical area clean.
- I can see.
- Next step?
We need to separate the ribs.
You may have to remove part of the lung.
Separate the ribs? Fuck me.
The rib spreader.
- Is this it?
- Yes, bring it here.
Those with blood types O negative or
A negative, raise your hands.
Are you going to make us
check your medical records?
You were a nurse's aide, weren't you?
Yes, sir. And a midwife.
Come with me.
Everyone with their hand raised,
come with me now!
- Marseille!
- Yes, it's me. Don't worry.
- The cops aren't here.
- Where's the bull?
- What bull?
- Help me up. I'm stiff.
That bull?
That bull.
Start walking backwards
very slowly, Marseille,
and don't break eye contact.
Does this remind you of something?
San Fermín?
When I met you, at the wedding.
Come on, farther back.
Isn't the bouquet thing for single women?
Do you see any single women here?
You're the closest thing we have.
Tradition says the bride has to throw it,
and that's what I'm doing.
Farther back.
Come on, move.
A welder, a gay guy,
a mute, and a librarian.
Fucking hell, this Italian wedding
I'm not a mute. I'm just quiet.
I told you, I'm not a librarian.
Please just call me Sergio.
Ladies, the bride's throwing the bouquet.
Come on, farther back, girls!
Just a bit more.
Farther back!
My little brother!
- Bravissimo, little brother.
- Congratulations.
Mrs. Fonollosa,
it's time for the first dance.
- But first a little surprise.
- What is it?
That's what I call a choir!
Like anyone with no sense of rhythm,
the Professor sat at the table.
There he wondered,
which carries more weight,
love or death?
Life carries the most weight.
Then there's me.
Dying but still getting married.
Isn't it a beautiful contradiction?
Does she know you're sick?
Of course she does.
She's very smart.
And if you look on the bright side,
we're lucky.
Most people don't know
when their time will come.
We get to stay
in the honeymoon period forever.
People buy a bottle of champagne
for a special occasion
and go back to their routines.
Tatiana and I will live life to the limit
with a barrel of French champagne.
Death can be
the best opportunity of your life, Sergio.
Sad, Professor?
If you want,
you can talk to me about feelings.
Should I put some music on?
Music cheers you up.
The car's stolen. The music isn't mine.
It doesn't matter, Marseille.
Keep driving.
Excuse me.
Who is the blood for?
Why the fuck do you care?
Two of you went upstairs with the bear,
but only one of you is here.
Then you already know who it's for.
Now let's stay quiet.
- Denver.
- What?
Thank you.
- What for?
- I came in just to tell you in person.
I know we didn't start off
on the right foot,
but what matters
is that you've raised my son.
- Thank you.
- What are you talking about, jerk?
That'll do, Paquita. Thank you.
At your age and with all that money
changing diapers
probably wasn't part of your plan.
That does you credit.
Because it takes a real man
to look after a kid who was born
from another man's sperm.
Look, freak.
Be quiet. Don't rile me up,
or you'll be eating my fist
till Christmas.
He isn't. He's not A negative.
Arturo is A positive.
What were you doing?
What were you doing?
I tested them by chance.
We could've killed her.
I'm sorry.
Sorry. Shit, I was wrong.
I didn't do it on purpose.
I know I'm A something. I didn't know
if it was positive or negative.
It's not something you use every day.
I'm sorry.
You're confused now, is that it?
- What are you doing?
- What do you mean?
Maybe he really was confused.
- Help him, for Christ's sake!
- Get up. He's OK. Get up.
You can't go around
punching people like that.
- It's enough that they're trapped here.
- It's over. He's OK. I'm sorry.
It's OK.
I know exactly why you're so pissed off.
- Why?
- I get it.
Mónica told you about the bathroom,
What bathroom?
What bathroom is he talking about?
I apologize.
For Christ's sake, I'm sorry.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I hadn't seen her or had her close
for such a long time
I don't know, I misread the signs.
And she told me
that we could meet somewhere
so I could see my kid.
One thing led to another,
and I went for it.
He went for what?
- What did he go for?
- Denver, nothing happened.
Let it go.
Were you going to meet this jerk
to show him our son?
He confused me, saying he was his father.
He was upset
OK, but what did he go for?
I don't get it.
It wasn't her fault.
Leave her out of it. I'm the one to blame.
We hugged I got aroused
- I held her
- Shut up!
Is that true?
Did this son of a bitch
rub himself against you with a hard-on?
I pushed him off right away with the gun.
Listen to me. I fought back, Denver.
So it's true.
Stop, Denver!
Stop, you're going to kill him,
Denver! Stop!
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck do you have inside of you?
All that rage
All that violence
You shot a hostage.
And now you beat him up
like a maniac.
I can't
I don't know what your trauma is
or where it came from,
but I can't, Denver.
I can't, and I don't want
I don't want my son
to feel that rage you carry inside.
I don't want that.
Correct. Continue.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Is it him?
- The car rolled several times.
There are traces of blood and no driver.
It must be him.
Or a dealer, or someone undocumented
The car was stolen just hours ago
in Salvatierra,
the town closest
to where we found Murillo.
And they climb trees.
I see.
Excuse me.
- Yes, Colonel?
- Was it him?
I think so. He can't be far.
He's lost a lot of blood.
Let Suárez deal with it.
I need you here with Murillo.
Bring her to Madrid.
That's more important. OK?
- Understood.
- Get Suárez to send units
to all the hospitals in the area,
to every vet,
to every nun with a first aid kit.
I want everyone alert. If we lose him,
it'd better be because he's dead.
My dog was called Pamuk.
Pamuk was with me during the war.
I know how you feel.
Are you making some kind of metaphor
with your dead dog and my partner?
She was a female dog.
After the war, all my friends were dead.
And I spent my nights in a bar.
One day, another day
Pamuk was always outside waiting.
Did you also fall in love
only to have her killed in front of you?
What happened to Pamuk?
The boys from the village
liked to play war.
After a while,
without an enemy,
they got bored of playing war.
One day they found some stones.
They broke bottles.
And they said Pamuk was the enemy.
I'm sorry.
She was a good dog.
Marseille, can you stop a minute?
I need to urinate.
Good piss?
Peeing is a relief sometimes.
However great the pain,
we could not lose sight of one thing.
Our lives depended on what was happening
48 meters below the ground.
The plan had a very simple rule.
Either we got all the gold out of there,
or we were all dead.
No matter what was going on above,
we had to get the gold out.
No matter what was going on above,
we had to get the gold out.
Move the lung.
I want to see the lower part.
Use your hand.
There's an increased flow
of electromagnetic signals
going in and out of the bank.
- Martínez, in layman's terms.
- They're communicating with the outside.
Move the image closer. OK.
OK, we need to remove
the lower part of the lung.
Risk of infection and necrosis.
It could kill her.
How are we gonna cut
part of her lung out?
- Do you have an electric scalpel?
- Yes.
- From its size, I'd say it's a video call.
- Can we watch it?
The signal is encrypted. I'd say
it's going through a Kazakh satellite
then probably through the deep web.
It's impossible to be sure.
Let's take it down then.
Let's do it. No time to waste.
Listen and follow my instructions closely.
- We'll go slowly. Understood?
- Understood.
Colonel if it were
a Spanish phone company satellite,
- we'd request a jam
- Don't tell me what we can't do.
I told you to cut off the damn call.
If you cut a vein, we stop the scalpel
- and close it with Kocher forceps.
- Understood.
We'd have to jam the signals in the area,
take down the internet
and anything using satellite.
Like in Egypt in 2011. Do it.
Let's make the first incision.
- See the lingula?
- What's that?
Lower part
- What?
- You've gotta be kidding.
What's wrong?
- There's no return signal.
- What?
There's no signal. Everything is down.
What do we do?
Blood pressure is dropping.
We're losing her.
No, fuck!
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