Money Heist (2017) s04e02 Episode Script

Berlin's Wedding

There are always happier days
to remember.
The more fucked you are,
the happier those days seem to be.
While hoping for a miracle
and hearing the beep
of Nairobi's vital signs,
I remembered those days,
like the soccer match at the monastery.
- Keep up the defense. One minute left.
- Come on.
- Hey!
- Come on.
Take this.
I never imagined the seconds before
a corner kick could be so much fun.
Ref, he touched my balls!
You saw that.
Please! Enough. There's a minute left.
Are you going to waste it arguing?
I was defending.
He was glued to my ass!
I saw you touching his balls, pig.
That's enough!
Don't touch him again anywhere, OK?
- Or you'll be sent off.
- OK, go.
Come on, go!
It's a goal!
- Let's see what happens.
- There's gonna be a fight.
There we go!
Penalty and a red card.
Get out of here!
- Tokyo!
- Go.
- There's no signal. Everything's down.
- What do we do?
- We're losing her.
- No, fuck!
OK, I have it.
A little bit higher.
You're doing really well.
Now remove the bullet.
Go on.
That's it.
Be careful. That's it.
There it is.
That is nostalgia
Finding out that past events
you hadn't even imagined were happiness
actually were.
We hadn't even
reached the end of the first half,
and Lisbon was 3 kilometers from the tent
and forced to switch jerseys.
Goal by Sierra into the top corner.
Meanwhile, like robots,
we removed a piece of Nairobi's lung.
We didn't know
if we were saving her life
or finishing her off.
A second teammate down.
And a second goal against us.
And the third was yet to come,
from Palermo.
But it'd be on our side.
He had been a good captain.
But he was an awful team player.
The only thing resembling the plan
was the Professor's arrival in Madrid.
But not even that was right.
A rider was missing.
we have to go.
By motorbike and along forest trails,
dirt roads, and cattle routes,
they crossed La Mancha,
avoiding checkpoints.
The knight and his squire,
defeat after defeat, advancing towards
a battle of fools in this unwinnable war.
Meanwhile, everything
was about to explode.
Can you believe this?
Me, pregnant.
Who would have thought?
Thank you.
you're very brave, you know?
I did what I had to.
Unless we make a stand,
they'll trample us like in Auschwitz.
If it stings too much, tell me.
Go ahead, put alcohol on it.
I can handle pain. I'm used to it.
Let's see
Keep going.
Have you lost your mind?
You beat the crap out of him.
- You can't lose it like that!
- How can I not? This is a pressure cooker.
That's why you can't come to blows
with people, like a spoiled brat!
You have blood Your top's
Don't worry about me.
I can't see with this eye.
Listen, Amanda
have you had any anxiety attacks
because of the heist?
- Well I think so.
- I see.
And I can't sleep
for more than 30 minutes straight.
Because I have a knot right here,
and I
That's normal in these cases.
There's a lot of tension.
A lot of tension. But don't worry,
I'll get you some sedatives.
We don't want you getting PTSD,
because it's so hard to get over.
In fact, sometimes
it lasts forever.
Let me help you.
You have some blood here.
Don't worry, while I'm around
you'll have everything you need.
You'll be my personal project.
We're holding up the Bank of Spain.
Maybe you've forgotten, but I haven't.
- We never acted like dicks before.
- Maybe I'm traumatized.
Maybe that's what's up.
We're all traumatized.
What the fuck do you mean?
What's my trauma?
- I'm not
- Tell me.
You broke up with Tokyo.
How many guys do you know
who would leave Tokyo?
None, because you don't leave Tokyo.
What do you know about Tokyo?
Tokyo is a fucking Maserati.
Everyone wants one.
If you leave one in the street
with the doors open and keys in it,
you've gotta be fucked up.
Look, Rio.
I'm gonna make this very clear.
Maybe your trauma comes
from them affecting your manhood.
Maybe they pushed you too far
with the torture.
You need to let it out.
That's why you left Tokyo, isn't it?
If one person did it or if it was a group,
the trauma it causes is different.
Let it out!
You can count on me
for whatever you need.
Ladies and gentlemen
I regret to inform you
that I must say goodbye.
I'm leaving.
- Keep up the good spirits.
- What the fuck are you doing?
I'm leaving.
Pleasure working with you, as always.
I would even say
that I love you a lot, Matías.
As for all of you
I hope my leadership
hasn't been too traumatic.
You can tell your grandchildren
and loved ones this story. Anyway
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's been a pleasure.
What the?
Calm down.
Palermo, calm down.
Let's talk calmly.
But you're not leaving.
Fucking hell!
You staged a coup d'état, you bitch!
What did you expect?
I'm in charge of the military side,
you're in charge of the technical.
The technical side?
Do I look like
some nerdy engineer with glasses?
What sort of orders would I give?
Now melt, now don't!
Bathyscaphe out! Bathyscaphe in!
Immersion! Emersion!
Who the fuck do you think I am?
I didn't come here for this shit!
This is beneath me. I'm off.
I'm activating the manual door,
and I'm doing you a favor.
Because if I stay,
I'll shoot the shit out of you
and the rest of them.
I'm not on your side anymore.
It's me who's doing you a favor.
Because I swear, the next thing I'll do
is kill you.
I don't think so.
I think so.
Claymore mines
which, as you can see
are pointing towards you.
They won't get me.
You know I have no qualms
about killing you.
You can't betray us like this.
Do you want to bet?
Palermo! Don't move!
Oh, good.
The mad princess came
to wave her prince goodbye at the station.
Have some dignity!
Where are you going? To prison?
To be shot in the forehead?
To sell us out?
I won't sell anyone out.
I have a safeguard, state secrets.
I won't betray you.
Leaving is betrayal.
Leaving us alone here is betrayal.
move, I don't want to kill you, big man.
You don't want to kill me?
You'll have to kill me.
What you're doing is crazy, Helsinki.
If you leave, Palermo
I swear
I'll go boom
boom ciao.
I'm serious, Palermo. I will.
I got you.
What the hell did you say to Rio?
- About what?
- You told him he's traumatized.
Call it what you like,
but something's up.
Something's up?
Because he left Tokyo?
- Because she's a Maserati.
- Look
The Maserati thing is the way guys talk.
What I'm saying is
something happened during the torture.
- They pushed him too far.
- They did what?
Forty sweaty guys opened his back door.
In his back door.
Rio was tortured,
and you go and give him all that shit.
It's true.
I asked if they crossed the line.
Know what? He went quiet
because he can't face it. A textbook case.
I can't.
You can't what?
You know? All of a sudden I feel
- as if the bubble has burst.
- What bubble?
What bubble?
No, I want to know
what bubble we're talking about.
What bubble?
It's as if a blindfold
has fallen from my eyes.
I don't recognize you.
I don't know what we're doing together.
I don't know who you are.
Mónica don't get me wrong.
Tokyo may be a Maserati,
but it doesn't mean you're a 600.
I'm sorry, Denver.
I can't stay with you.
When you see her coming at you,
angry like a hydra, shut up.
A hydra A Never mind.
Just keep your fucking mouth shut.
- And not defend myself?
- No.
Because you don't even know
why she's angry.
You, hush.
The less you know
what she's talking about,
the sorrier you are.
You say, yes, sorry darling,
to everything.
Now, that is a textbook case.
- From a textbook for the henpecked.
- No, for survivors.
You wait for the storm to pass.
When you work out
which way the wind is blowing,
and when she has calmed down,
then, and only then
you make your move.
Didn't you see me before?
We've had problems since the monastery.
That's what's going on.
- Well
- This has been building up.
And with all this pressure,
it all comes out.
That's what's up.
It's Tokyo.
- You just staged a coup d'état.
- Palermo's gone crazy.
He almost blew up the lobby.
- But we've got it under control.
- You don't.
You can't control him.
He's unpredictable.
He's tied up and under surveillance 24/7.
Tokyo, the plan is falling to pieces!
I'm still here, Professor.
So what?
Without Palermo,
we can't get the gold out.
Do you know how to do it?
And without Nairobi!
And without Lisbon!
Palermo was leaving
because it's the only smart thing to do.
you've been my guardian angel.
Now it's my turn.
How did it happen?
She died to protect me.
I'm really sorry.
was camouflaged
in a tree, and there were
soldiers and police officers everywhere.
She was on a farm.
That's where they found her.
They made her kneel down, unarmed,
and they asked her about me.
I ran and ran.
They asked her, where's the Professor?
I said, tell them, Raquel.
Tell them where I am,
tell them I'll surrender, please.
I don't know.
She repeated, I don't know.
And they shot her twice.
She was unarmed,
and they shot her twice.
I didn't make it in time.
Did you see it?
You only heard it?
did you see them moving her body?
I had to run.
Listen to me.
I also heard
my mother tell me to come home,
that I'd be safer there.
But 20 cops
were waiting in her kitchen.
And in the tent,
they also heard us fleeing from the bank,
but we're still here.
The only one who left
was a ferret with a hood.
Is there anything in the news?
The same as with Rio.
If they'd killed her, we'd know.
She's being interrogated.
- Where are you going?
- The Bank of Spain.
It's not a good idea. It's too risky.
I appreciate your concern,
but it's the only place I can find out
if my partner's alive. Move.
- No.
- I'm asking you.
- No, Professor.
- Move.
I won't let you get on the motorbike.
With what we have in those reports,
you'll be 70 when you're released.
Paula will be 40.
And your mother will be so long dead,
she'll be bones in a grave.
Stop, you don't need to go on.
The recommended sentence
depends on the prosecutor, not you.
And the final decision, on the judge.
But you know full well
that the prosecutor and the judge
work with what I write in these reports.
And I can write whatever I want.
What do you want me to write?
You're going to make me
resort to violence.
- I'm protecting the plan.
- It's my plan.
This isn't the plan. It's improvisation.
You always say, no improvising.
I won't give in.
You need to understand
that that's the only place
I can get answers.
In the Bank of
Very well.
Seriously, Professor?
I don't know where the Professor is,
or what he'll do.
Can't you think?
Has love clouded your mind?
The plan includes this kind of firewall.
It's nothing to do with love.
Of course it is.
But just think,
in prison, love drains away like water.
It disappears fast.
In two months, it's all dried up.
Two months of suffering
or a life in prison?
Even if you were reincarnated
seven times,
you still wouldn't understand
our love.
To protect the plan,
we need to see
if she's being interrogated there.
If so, it'll be Alicia Sierra doing it,
and she'll be at the Bank of Spain.
But you can't go!
Let me tell you
about the nature of your love.
One in jail in Soto del Real,
the other in Cádiz,
waiting for a yearly conjugal visit.
That's if you're lucky.
Because if we don't catch your lover,
you won't ever fucking see him again.
Choose between that or getting out in time
to be a mother to your daughter.
You're trying
to emotionally manipulate me.
I'm just speaking the truth.
As always.
To protect the plan, we must go.
How will you go to the tent
if your face is all over the news?
Like everyone else.
In a red jumpsuit and a Dalí mask.
Oh, good.
She won't betray us.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
How many times have you thought
you'd fallen in love before?
The same will happen this time,
and you know it.
Everyone is capable of betrayal,
You only have to know
That was quite a punch
I thought we were finished.
Were we?
I didn't know.
- Have some more to drink.
- I've had two.
You look so serious.
This is a weird wedding, Andrés.
It's a great party!
- Brother!
- I feel bad for her. She's young,
and she's in love, but you're sick.
Didn't you hear the priest?
Till death do you part.
Maybe for you it's the grand finale,
but for her, it's the beginning,
and it isn't a fair one.
She knows I'm sick.
Everyone knows I'm sick.
You're betraying her feelings.
I'll give her
the best two or three years of her life.
Yes, and after that
Actually, I will betray her in a way.
Betrayal is an inherent part of love.
Since we're on the subject, have a look.
What a legend! My best friend.
He's happy.
Would he betray me?
Of course he would,
in the right circumstances.
Tatiana would too.
You say you experience love,
but you only see traitors everywhere.
No, I'm not saying that.
I'm saying, betrayal doesn't depend on
how or how much you love someone.
It depends on
how difficult your dilemma is.
Would you betray your beloved?
In theory, no.
But what if you were told
that if you did,
you'd be given a drug
to save your beloved brother?
That is a real dilemma.
Sergio Marquina. Emotional coldness.
Compulsive narcissism.
Pathological shyness.
Psychopathic traits
- In short, a gem.
- Well.
A report written by a mock expert
without interviewing the subject.
He's much more fun
than what it says there.
Yeah, a psychopath can be so much fun.
Then there's your profile.
What about it?
You're the caring type that gets attached
to this sort of jerk.
You idealize them.
Gradually, you get smaller by their side.
Then, they use and manipulate you.
When did you give up on
your gut instinct, inspector?
Before the Professor came into your life?
Because Alberto used to beat you up.
How does this one humiliate you?
First you use my mother's Alzheimer's
and now domestic violence.
Tell me the story is not repeating itself.
Tell me at some point it hasn't clicked,
and you've thought, careful,
this guy could be a bastard.
Say it's not true.
You know about protocols and negotiation,
but so do I.
I beat you, Raquel.
I must be a fool,
because I thought we had fallen in love.
I didn't ask you to come.
It was a bluff.
She hung up,
and we didn't even play our hand!
She went for you
because you're the weakest link.
What's he done for you?
Would he go to an island
with his family for you?
Would he follow a plan of yours?
Have you ever been the protagonist?
Or have you always followed him
like a puppy?
I warned you about Alberto.
He was a son of a bitch.
And this guy's the same.
The question is very simple, Raquel.
Do you deserve to spend
30 years in prison
for an idiot in a mask?
I've been checking the reports,
and it may be my mistake,
but I can't find
the records for Murillo's arrest.
- You've been checking what?
- I don't want a technicality
Well, you know
it's a question of human rights.
What's wrong with you?
Did you join an NGO?
Amnesty International?
Cut the crap.
But according to the law
Do you know
when we start applying the law in here?
Can you guess?
Give me an answer.
- When you
- Fucking say so.
Specifically, whenever I fucking want to.
I don't give a shit about arrest reports
or procedural guarantees.
Do you understand?
Yes, I do.
So until then
Until then, that bitch will be sat there
with no sleep, peeing in a bucket.
Got a problem with that?
No no problem.
Good, Antoñanzas. Good.
This system does not represent us!
The Professor would've loved x-ray vision
to see if Lisbon was behind the canvas.
But he wasn't Superman.
So he had to make do
with being Sherlock Holmes.
He arrived at the bank
in search of a thread to pull.
And he found three.
The van.
What was it doing there?
And why did it have mud on it?
Pakistan found the answer.
The van belonged
to the police in Huelva,
near where Lisbon
had supposedly been killed.
If anyone should have been following
the Hamelin plan trail, it was him.
Unless he had
something more important to do.
Like transferring Lisbon to Madrid.
If anyone should have been mourning
a friend's death, it was also him.
And Alicia Sierra.
The truce had been declared hours ago.
But there she was.
As much of a workaholic as she was,
she should have been home
soaking her ankles.
Unless she got off on interrogating
one of the most-wanted criminals
in the country.
Lisbon might be alive.
But he needed to check
and let her know
he wouldn't abandon her.
The ambulance you used
as a communication center arrived.
Know who'll inspect it?
Alberto, your ex-husband.
Besides being the best CSI,
he's very eager
to fuck your life up even more.
There's another option.
I could go in there before anyone else
and get rid of all the evidence.
You won't find anything.
Shit, Raquel.
You should know.
We always find something.
We'll find a clue that leads us
to your mom and daughter.
You'll see.
Next five, get ready
to go to the bathroom with my colleague.
Hey, Gandía, now we're on the same team,
may I ask a question?
I'm confused.
Are we the good guys or the bad guys?
I'll cut your nutsack open,
pull out your balls,
and shove them in your mouth.
That'd be interesting.
But your hands are tied up, buddy.
Did you know the reliability of handcuffs
is based on one anatomical feature?
The metacarpal stops them coming off.
But it's very easy to dislocate it.
- Really?
- Well
they're ideas for freedom.
Like the sun at dawn
I'm free
Like the sea
Like the bird that escaped
from its prison
And can finally fly
Like the wind that gathers
My lament and my regret
I walk endlessly
In search of the truth
and I'll finally know
What freedom is
Go to sleep.
Four corners to my bed,
four angels round my head.
Luke, Matthew, and Joseph,
our Lord and the Virgin Mary.
Why are you here?
You're under arrest!
On your knees.
I was only testing the waters.
On your knees.
Please, my wife and daughters are in bed.
They'll be fine.
You just have to follow instructions
and answer some questions.
I won't speak to someone
who has a gun to my head.
You will speak.
We've got, one
The ambulance.
The dotty grandma.
Where am I?
I can't do it.
Three, the motherless child.
The Professor's love,
which will last two days
once you're in prison.
And now, the final scene.
You're assaulting an officer.
You don't know what you're getting into.
We called a truce.
A truce can be
the most important part of a war.
I can't
I can't breathe.
Pull yourself together.
Calm down.
I can't breathe.
If you cooperate,
the prosecution will request 12 years,
you'll get 10,
and you'll be out in five.
That's how your life could be.
If you don't cooperate,
you'll get 30 years.
That's how your life will be.
Your choice, Inspector.
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