Money Heist (2017) s04e05 Episode Script

5 Minutes Earlier

- Dad.
- Yes, I'll tell him now.
Of course, now when he
I don't know.
OK. Dad, here he comes.
Here he comes.
Professor, would you like some coffee?
Well, yes, that'd be great, thank you.
Good morning.
Here is your coffee.
And some cookies?
Yes thank you.
What is it?
Let's see.
- Just one thing.
- Yes.
A small matter.
- Do you have any siblings?
- Moscow, please.
No personal questions.
It's one of the first rules.
I have a friend
who's practically a brother to me.
He was with me in the mine,
on robberies, and in prison.
That's the problem.
I got let out,
but he still has five years left.
Five years, Professor.
Yes, well, sorry,
but I don't see what I can do for your
friend, brother, or whoever.
No, his son.
- His son?
- Yes, Juanito. My godson.
And he's like a brother to me.
I promised I'd look after him
when I got out of prison.
We haven't seen him for a while,
and we've heard he's not doing well.
He's out of work, almost destitute.
I thought I could get him back on track
and bring him here.
- Being in a heist is back on track?
- Well, this is a respectable heist.
Just look at this guy.
I've never seen him so focused in my life.
If it goes well,
there'll be plenty to go around, right?
- I'm sorry but
- Professor.
The guy's awesome.
I've known him since we were kids.
He's a pro at everything.
Cars, break-ins
Why do we call you Denver and you Moscow?
And him Helsinki? For safety.
No one can know each other's names.
We can't
- Yeah.
- Let's see.
I made an exception for your son.
Now your godson?
This isn't a family business.
We can't take on every cousin
What are you saying, loser?
- Sorry?
- He's the Professor.
We're talking about a kid
who's almost destitute, Dad.
We're saying we'd trust him
with our lives,
and he comes out with
that shit about city names!
Do you know what you can do
with the name Denver?
You can stick it up your ass.
My name is Dani, Dad.
I'm Dani, always have been.
your infallible plan for the Royal Mint
is really fucking shit.
Print the bills at a print shop.
It'll be cheaper.
Thank you for the coffee.
That better be the last time
you speak to him like that.
I'm ashamed of you.
Can't you see he's an intellectual?
Well, to each their own.
You have to trust that man
and respect him.
- Don't I respect him?
- No.
No, maybe the kid's right.
If we print them at home,
we'd save ourselves a lot of trouble.
And the cost of weapons
of ammunition
Denver, you bring the printer,
we'll download the bills on the internet.
A stroke of genius. No, even better
I draw the bills, and you color them.
Perhaps we can make two a day.
Look how good I am at drawing.
It's called Passion for Juanito.
Are you gonna keep this up?
Maybe I'll start throwing punches,
and you'll be printing new teeth.
Fuck off.
Denver, don't get mad. It's a joke.
I woke up in lockdown within our lockdown.
In chains, dazed,
and with a madman in front of me.
I'd lost my freedom,
and I was running out of time.
Within only 15 minutes
of me opening my eyes,
Gandía would've already shot
at most of us.
What are you doing?
I won't hit you
because you're tied up.
Let me go.
Then we'll see who's punching who.
Why didn't you kill me?
- I'm no murderer.
- You're not a murderer?
You tried to kill Nairobi and Helsinki,
and you're not a murderer?
Why didn't you kill me?
You're my guinea pig.
And you?
What the hell are you?
I'm the tamer.
And you're lucky.
I'm going to tame you.
The next time you kick me,
I'll beat you so hard,
your crippled friend
won't recognize you.
Keep still.
Listen to me. I'll explain.
It's very easy.
Son of a bitch.
My first card is you
They have no choice but to look for you.
And they're going about it like maniacs.
Divided and nervous.
I'm already winning.
The next card
break up the team.
Didn't you wonder how I escaped?
This is Gandía,
head of security at the Bank of Spain.
I'm hidden,
safe and sound,
and ready to undertake any action
that may be necessary to regain
- control and safety
- He wants to kill us one by one!
Stay together. He's watching!
As you've just heard,
I'm in wonderful company.
You need to start behaving better.
Otherwise, you'll end up immobilized,
tied up, gagged, and blindfolded.
Then we won't be able to
get to know each other, OK?
I just wanted to thank Palermo.
His tip on escaping from my handcuffs
by dislocating my thumb
made me a free man.
Thanks to him,
I hope to be able to help you.
And all hell breaks loose
Is that true?
If you prefer to believe a psychopath
over one of us, that's up to you.
Silence. You can speak at your trial,
son of a bitch.
- I need to use the bathroom.
- Later.
I'm telling you
my stomach doesn't feel good.
I need to go to the bathroom urgently.
What's wrong?
The museum is big.
And 60, 70 hostages
are difficult to manage.
The tiniest spark
could ignite a rebellion.
That would be suicide. In these cases,
survival instinct prevails.
Or not. Fear.
Fear and more fear.
They could do anything.
Like setting upon one of us
even though we have M16s.
- What have you got in mind?
- An infiltrator.
They wouldn't have any contact with us
unless there's a rebellion.
If there are no problems,
they'll leave with the hostages.
It's a job the smoking monkey
from the Ringling Circus could do.
And this Juanito guy could do it.
Here it comes.
Is that him?
- No.
- No.
- Well, that was his bus.
- I know.
It's a bad start. Let's go.
No, Professor.
Maybe he just got confused.
Or got off at the wrong stop.
Yeah, the wrong stop.
- And he's there
- He got confused?
My God.
It's me.
It's been too long, hasn't it?
You look stunning, my girl.
You've always been handsome.
Those eyes
that mouth, that smile
You're beautiful, Julia.
What's wrong, Daniel?
Is this weird for you?
No. Not at all.
I I think it's fucking great.
Everyone is free to do
whatever they want with whatever.
Well, I look you in the eyes,
and you're still Juanito, but
you look so hot!
Come here, give me a hug.
Hey, does your father know?
I saw him a year ago,
and he didn't mention it.
My father wholly supports me.
He says he always wanted a daughter.
He's sweet.
Who's this?
The guy behind the job?
That's right.
And what does the job involve?
Gandía's telling the truth.
Palermo helped him.
- How do you know?
- I saw him pointing at his thumb.
They were talking.
Palermo kept going over.
Why didn't you say?
I couldn't hear. I didn't know
he'd tell him to break his thumb.
Get closer. You're not tied up.
No, I'm here to watch the hostages,
not to watch you guys.
- You hear a lot of shit in here.
- I know.
How is Nairobi?
She's recovering as best she can.
With Tokyo captured, that's two down.
We're starting to look a bit screwed,
Julia. What do you want?
Let me go. Give me a gun.
Let me join the others.
My butt's going numb from sitting.
They need to think you're a hostage
in case it gets bad.
- Worse than this?
- Just go back to your place.
Matías is down there
with a gun he can barely hold.
No, orders are orders.
- You have to go back to your place.
- You give the orders. You're in charge.
- I'm not in charge.
- Of course you are.
Nairobi was shot,
Tokyo's been captured,
Palermo How can we trust him?
Think about it. You're next in line.
- No one else.
- You're stressing me out.
Start giving orders.
Give me a gun,
a bulletproof vest, whatever.
And call me Manila,
because I'm Manila, Dani.
You're not Manila yet.
You're still a hostage.
And don't call me Dani. My name is Denver.
Let's go.
And another thing
Don't stare at me.
People are starting to notice.
I was sending you signals, you idiot.
It's a fucking sauna in here.
Turn the AC on.
If I turn it on, they'll find us.
That would be a shame.
Of course. We have so much to talk about.
Without the AC, there's not much oxygen,
so you should ration your breathing.
Don't you worry about me.
They've broken into
the vault of the national reserve.
What do you think they'll do
to your shitty bunker?
You're dead.
You're sweaty. Shall I open your jumpsuit?
We can't have poor hygiene
Touch me, and I'll rip your arm off.
Hey, what happened with that boy?
The one with curly hair.
He doesn't turn you on anymore?
Like crazy.
I don't think so.
For you, kids and IT guys
I set up this heist for him.
What's the most someone's done for you?
Given you a drill on Father's Day?
Real men are more your type.
- Like you.
- Like me.
Of course.
You've even stopped kicking me.
Because you tied my legs,
you fucking idiot.
Well, whatever the reason
the main thing is, you're more receptive.
And your toenails are painted.
I love it.
Is it true you helped Gandía escape?
Yes, sir.
Are you aware he almost killed
Nairobi and Helsinki?
Collateral damage.
- Collateral damage? Bastard!
- Take it easy.
Why did you do it, Palermo?
Tokyo staged a coup, sir.
I felt morally obligated
to save the plan.
That's where my loyalty lies.
I had to restore the established order,
because you never relieved me of my post.
I did it de facto.
Besides, that has nothing to do with
freeing Gandía.
It does.
I had to create chaos.
It was clear he'd target her.
He could have killed her.
- I repeat, she staged a coup, sir.
- It's all lies!
He was going to escape like a rat!
He had the state secrets.
The kid is mistaken.
I stopped you at the door,
with the briefcase.
You were gonna negotiate, jerk.
That so? With the documents I stole?
The briefcase is there.
- Why don't you have a look?
- Denver, open it.
What's inside?
Whatever's in the briefcase,
it makes no difference.
You betrayed the gang.
You put everyone in danger,
and thanks to you,
Gandía has my commanding officer.
Listen, I'm going to give you
one chance to make amends.
But I won't forget what you did.
And of course, you won't be in charge.
So I go back to the lobby
with the hostages? What do I do?
First of all, shut up.
And no, you won't go back there.
Release him.
With a killer here, we can't be divided.
When all this is over,
then we'll decide his sentence.
Now, listen closely.
With a lone wolf out there,
the most vulnerable place is the lobby.
We need to evacuate it.
Palermo, Stockholm, Helsinki,
get the hostages to the library.
He wants to kill you, not escape.
The door doesn't matter.
Do not wear your masks.
He could do the same,
and he would blend in.
Bogotá, what's the situation
in the foundry?
The furnaces are off.
They're scared.
Take Nairobi to the library, then go down.
The foundry cannot be idle.
- Yes.
- You and Rio will act. Begin the hunt.
You will be the most exposed.
Equip yourselves well.
Helmets, ammunition, magazines.
Everything you need.
Sweep the first floor.
Once you finish a room, seal it.
And the other floors?
Helsinki and Stockholm will do them
once hostages are in the library.
Everyone know what to do?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes.
One more thing.
Good luck.
Be very careful.
Let's go!
- How are you feeling, little one?
- Fine.
I have a good nurse.
You like the big guy, huh?
Hang in there.
You too.
Wow, that woman is so drunk, Helsinki.
Do you know what she said? She said,
what a hunk you've got yourself.
She means you.
Everyone thinks we're husband and wife.
That way, no one notices us.
It's not better.
Neither of us will get any action.
Never mind action, Nairobi.
A day or two is OK, but at this rate,
we'll become virgins again.
Truth is, you and I
make an excellent couple.
You and I?
We're family, that's for sure.
Well, that's why.
I've been through more with you
than with anyone.
This, Helsi
is a love story.
One of those beautiful love stories.
No. Someday someone will show up,
and that will be love.
But this isn't.
You have to be free and brave.
Because believe me,
you need more courage for love
than for war.
And you
you're brave.
Put it on.
We're going to the foundry.
We're going to the library.
Those are the orders.
Don't fuck with me.
They're scared, right?
If so, they won't last 5 minutes
against Gandía.
I need to speak to them.
When did you eat last?
Two days ago.
- Maybe three.
- And the last time you slept?
I've slept twice since I arrived,
two hours each time. Anything else?
Before you eat,
I'm going to clean that wound.
Stay still.
Your hair is all stuck in it.
I hit you hard, didn't I?
- Library clear.
- Copy that.
Everyone on your feet
and into four lines.
Dear hostages
I am back.
As you know, a wolf's on the loose,
and you are the lambs.
So we're taking you into the barn.
You will be escorted
by my colleagues and shepherds.
Helsinki and Stockholm.
Let's go, now, quickly!
Everyone up! Come on!
Stay here with me.
You're my best shield against Gandía.
That's it, quickly.
Here. This works wonders.
It's not too strong, is it?
Amanda, right?
- Yes.
- Are you OK?
Are you sure?
I'm a bit dizzy.
It must have been
those pills Mr. Román gave me.
Hello, how are you?
I'm Arturo.
Arturo Román.
You looked very tense before,
asking to go to the bathroom.
I was worried.
It's my nerves.
It's tough being in here.
With these terrorists,
it'd be tough anywhere. I know.
It was just some anxiety.
I'm OK. Thanks.
We only have each other.
We have to stick together.
Trust me.
If you feel anxious again,
I've got something that might help.
Oh, really? What is it?
Veteran's privileges.
That's everyone.
We've brought you to the library because,
as the saying goes,
knowledge takes up no space.
In this case,
it could also save your lives.
In Search of Lost Time,
for example, by Marcel Proust.
Terrific. Beautiful novel.
I'm certain
that whoever finds it
and hugs it to their chest
will be able to deflect bullets
from an M16.
It's a joke. Relax.
We'll be in here for a long time.
These are the rules. Number one
Bogotá, Nairobi, where are you?
Don't move!
Are you all stupid or what?
Lower your weapons.
Are you scared?
There's a madman on the loose
who's armed to the teeth.
I'm scared too.
- Bogotá, are you scared?
- As much as anyone else.
Palermo, Helsinki, and Stockholm
are scared as well.
But they're taking hostages
to the library.
Denver and Rio are really damn scared.
Because they're after Gandía.
And Gandía
is the most scared,
but he won't stop until he kills us.
That's fine with me.
That's fine.
Everyone's doing their jobs.
And here you are, scared shitless.
Hiding in a makeshift trench.
- We didn't come here to shoot people.
- I know.
But there's no choice.
This is the easiest place to defend.
That's the only way in,
and from here,
any one of us could mow him down.
But what do you see when you enter?
The chicken squadron peering out.
I don't recognize you.
You are workers.
You are welders.
The toughest guys
I've ever met in my life.
My golden boys.
You're not chickens.
You know what else is scary?
Walking home alone at night.
But us women keep doing it.
Take fear by the hand and keep living.
Because you have to live, gentlemen!
You have to live to the end!
Fuck, believe me.
You made me come back from the dead
to nag you.
Aren't you going to give me a hug?
- How are you?
- I don't know.
Pumped full of drugs.
I'm not hearing any music.
- Are we going to work unhappy?
- Music, dammit.
Are we Latinos or Germans?
Nice wheels. Is it a Harley?
Don't start ribbing me now, hey?
How many tons have we melted?
Forty-three and a half.
We need to step it up a gear.
I want the furnaces on.
And two-hour shifts
to get the remaining ingots.
Bring me a sample of the shot.
Let's see.
Turn up the gas pressure
by two kilopascals.
The diameter's a bit big.
I want to see you working like always
with rhythm, with joy.
What's up with you?
What do you mean?
I'll have to say
that ten-foot pole thing again.
When I said that, at least
you flirted with me.
But now
it's like I've got typhus.
I don't wanna take advantage.
You're hurt.
Well, OK.
We'll wait until I'm better,
until we get out of here,
we find my father,
you ask him for my hand
If the fire's gone out, let me know.
What sort of kiss was that?
Help me up.
Better down here.
- Are you OK?
- Yes. You?
- Yes.
- Bogotá, Nairobi!
- Location?
- Elevator. We're OK.
And Denver and Rio?
- Library clear.
- Copy that.
About the Maserati thing
- What about it?
- I'd like to say something.
Now? What do you want?
Tokyo may be a Maserati,
but you're hanging off the back.
Like cans on a wedding car.
The office.
Do you like her?
- What are you talking about?
- The fucking Maserati.
If you wanna take her for a ride,
go ahead.
Can you hear the crap you're saying?
First of all, she feels,
thinks, and decides.
The thing is,
she's messed up about the break-up.
I'll tell you one thing.
Respect a friend's girlfriend.
- Ex-girlfriend.
- Same thing.
Ex or not, a friend's girlfriend
is like a radioactive town.
Even after 20,000 years,
it's still contaminated land.
You don't go there,
even with the ex's permission.
- That's stupid.
- No, it's ethics.
The most sacred kind of ethics.
What were you doing
on the sofa with Stockholm?
We were talking.
Barefoot? Come on, man.
- Well, yes, barefoot. What does it matter?
- It does matter, Rio.
I don't talk to Lisbon
barefoot on the sofa.
It would be fucking weird.
I'd feel uncomfortable. Do you know why?
That's the Professor's territory.
There's your boyfriend.
Want to say anything to him?
Rio! Rio, isn't it?
Rio! Denver!
Help me, please!
I'm trapped!
Friends from the gang, help!
That's what 70 centimeters
of reinforced concrete does.
It's like shouting in a submarine
at the bottom of the sea.
Third card
to draw blood.
I'm going out for a moment.
I was telling her I have PTSD, asshole.
I wasn't stealing your girlfriend.
- Talking to her calms me down.
- Talking to Stockholm calms you down?
Well, yes.
She is smart, nice, and she listens.
She empathizes. You can tell her anything.
You can tell me anything too,
but you don't want to.
I haven't been able to sleep.
Whenever I closed my eyes,
I had nightmares, anxiety,
palpitations, attacks, dude.
I've only been able to sleep
knowing she was by my side.
Do you know what I mean?
You sleep with her
and tell me to my face.
I haven't slept with her, Denver.
She was just keeping me company.
Are you my friend or not, damn it?
- I'm your friend.
- Doesn't seem like it.
Jesus fucking Christ!
Your helmet! Your vest!
Put pressure on it!
Denver, hold on!
- Bogotá, Nairobi, location?
- Elevator.
We're OK. And Denver and Rio?
Denver, Rio.
- Denver, Rio.
- I'll go.
No, you stay with the hostages.
Come on, Helsinki.
Careful, the bastard's here somewhere.
It was in the elevator
on the first floor.
He may be nearby. We'll stay here.
Come on, big man.
Stay calm. We're here!
- Get up.
- Denver.
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Get down!
We're taking fire!
First floor, elevator.
Reinforcements, now!
Third time's the charm, mutt.
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