Money Heist (2017) s04e06 Episode Script


Gandía was an animal.
He could've taken shelter in his den
after hurting two of his prey,
but that would've gone
against his nature.
He was a predator.
And he wasn't going to stop
until he'd finished off the whole flock.
Rio, Denver, come with me, now.
This links to the bathroom below.
Denver, are you up to crawling in there?
- Sure.
- I'll go too.
Go kill that son of a bitch.
Let's go.
Don't move or I'll kill her!
- Stay still all of you!
- Where did he shoot you?
In my hand.
The next one goes in her head!
- Merry Christmas!
- Why Merry Christmas?
This feels a bit like Christmas, right?
Here we are, setting the table
the family is coming
Family? It's the support team.
Manila, the foundry workers
- But it's good to get to know one another.
- Yeah.
They're like distant cousins.
Know why I came back for this heist?
Before you scattered us
all across the globe,
this gang
was the closest thing to a family
I've ever had.
I've never had a Christmas
like the ones you see in commercials
with the grandma
and the turrón and all that.
- With Axel's dad, didn't you celebrate
- No.
You know? I
I had already given up on
having a family. Completely.
But now I think
there's another way of doing things.
I really want to be a mother.
Do it differently than before,
and have a bunch of kids
and a dog and whatever else.
What you're saying is beautiful, Nairobi.
Would you?
Would you be the father of my child?
- Look.
- Sorry?
Genetics are very important.
I see you in class,
and I think
What a brilliant man.
He's so honorable.
So sensitive. So handsome.
And he has principles.
I believe in what you want to do.
That's very flattering.
And as for honorable
well, that's one way of seeing it.
But you're asking the impossible.
Why? Robbing the Bank of Spain
is impossible.
I'm not asking you to act like a dad,
unless you want to.
I'm asking you for a donation
so I can do things differently.
- No strings attached.
- Nairobi.
Look, I set up the Royal Mint heist
in my father's memory.
I've set up this one in my brother's.
I'm not the type to let go of attachments.
I'd never be able to stop thinking
that I have a child out there,
somewhere in the world.
- OK.
- I'm sorry.
You set this family up,
and you taught us
to do anything for each other.
- But what you're asking
- What I'm asking you is the same.
Family members help each other,
no questions asked.
Because it makes you happy
and your life depends on it.
You have your plan, I know.
Well, I have one too.
You've taught me that we help each other.
That's who we are.
- I've asked more difficult things of you.
- Well, a bit more, yeah.
And I've entered the lion's den,
no questions asked.
I know. I've asked you to do
some very risky things.
Very risky.
Riskier than what you're asking.
Is that a yes?
That's a yes.
Oh, my God!
Come here.
Thank you.
I swear, you'll never regret it.
We'll find the best IVF clinic
in the world.
Or we can do it the natural way.
- The natural way is out of the question.
- Fine.
- We'll leave it to the professionals.
- OK.
And once the heist is over.
This is going to be amazing.
You're doing really well, mutt.
You look like Jesus Christ.
- How's your hand? Does it hurt?
- I'm loaded with morphine.
- Did you find Tokyo?
- He still has her in the panic room.
We're making a lot of noise.
Let's take our boots off.
What was that?
Rio, Denver, you OK?
We have cover.
You can't escape.
Who says I want to escape,
you one-eyed queer?
All the fun is in here.
How many magazines do you have left?
Why don't you come in here and count them?
Bring the drills.
Start drilling holes in the wall.
For each hole,
I'll make another one in you.
He won't touch me.
If he kills me, you kill him.
- And he knows it.
- She's right. We have a chance.
He'll keep shooting her.
It's too risky.
Do you know what?
You're going to be killed by two queers.
What's worse? Being killed by the Serbian
or the one-eyed Argentinian?
promise you'll kill this bastard.
I promise, Nairobi. I swear I will.
What will your friends
at the shooting club say, Gandía?
You're gonna get killed by a little bear.
Nairobi, save your strength.
You're making my hostage nervous.
And I want her calm.
So we're going to sing.
I want to hear everyone
so I know where you are.
For each person I can't hear singing,
I'll shoot.
Right, Nairobi? Come on, you start.
Do you know, Lord, You Have Come?
Stop fucking kicking me,
for fuck's sake!
Have come to the shore
Come on!
Neither searching for
The wise
Nor the rich
I told you to sing!
And anyone who doesn't know it, hum!
Desiring only
That I should follow you
Oh, Lord
With your eyes set upon me
I can't hear the choir!
I left my boat
On the shore
At your side
I will seek another sea
I will seek another sea
That song had a funeral vibe to it.
Our own funeral.
And that slap of reality
began to wake up the Professor.
We're up against the ropes.
Nairobi, TKO.
Tokyo, TKO.
Lisbon, TKO.
I can't think.
I have too many emotional attachments.
I used to have
a gang with city names. Now
Now I could have a child,
not with one, but with two of the gang.
Mixing professional
and personal doesn't work.
Tokyo is in the panic room.
And that's precisely where
wants to get to.
We have to find the room
and ensure there's no way out.
Where would you put a panic room?
A place you need to protect.
Where the gold is.
Panic rooms protect lives, not gold.
Whose life is most important there?
- The governor's.
- Exactly.
It must be close to the governor's office.
But why isn't it in the blueprints?
- Perhaps they renovated.
- No.
Palermo, don't answer.
The panic room's
behind the governor's bathroom.
It's not in the blueprints.
They must have falsified
the room measurements, but trust me.
I'm sure.
They're singing hymns.
That's a bad omen, right?
These people are eccentric like that.
However, those shots before
could mean the gang is in dire straits,
don't you reckon, Governor?
How would you know?
I don't know.
The shouting, the grenades
Also, that guy watching us
I have no fucking clue who he is,
but he doesn't belong to the gang.
We should take advantage of this situation
and tip the scales in our favor.
Even a small push
could mean victory for us.
And if I may, Governor,
I think that small push
is our responsibility, yours and mine.
We must be the ones
to save all these people.
What we must do
is remain calm and wait.
Quiet! If you so much as sigh again,
I'll start shooting.
I'm sorry to disagree with you, Governor,
but it's your responsibility.
You are the governor of the Bank of Spain.
It's your responsibility as a man,
damn it.
Make some decisions, face the problems.
As I always say, sometimes it's better
to get up and die on your feet
than to live forever on your knees.
- Know what I think?
- Tell me.
You're a clown.
You put us all at risk
with your little walks
and your snake-oil salesman spiel.
Leave us in peace.
If you want to die on your feet,
get up and do it.
Grenades, shooting
All that in six minutes.
And here you are, so calm.
What am I missing?
- I know the same as you, Alicia.
- Liar.
- What's going on in there?
- I don't know.
Why don't we intervene?
If shots are heard,
protocol says we should intervene.
It's Gandía,
- the head of security.
- Shit.
He's on the loose,
armed and acting of his own accord.
Wait a minute. Did you talk to him?
Did you give him the green light
to wage war and kill everyone?
I officially ordered him not to do it.
He said balls to that,
he'd do it in self-defense.
If he wants to defend himself,
I can't stop him.
You're trash, Tamayo.
Out there, you're a saint,
worried about your public image,
holding an absurd truce,
while you send a lunatic
to do the dirty work.
If it goes well, you'll take the credit.
If not, you'll say,
I told him, but he was a nutcase.
Us nutcases always do your dirty work.
Do you have a problem
with Gandía waging a guerrilla war?
Or with him sabotaging,
injuring, or killing them?
You don't, right?
Then keep your mouth shut.
Are you thinking?
Yes, I'm thinking.
- What about?
- When was the first time we lost control?
When Gandía didn't go out
with the red boxes.
- The second time?
- I have a problem.
When Lisbon couldn't climb the tree.
Those two mistakes
have put us up against the ropes.
And we need to go back
and undo them.
I need to exercise to clear my head.
Hold on, you hear me?
Hold on.
Fucking hell!
Mr. Arturo.
I've got something
that may help with that push.
- A phone.
- Hide it.
It's Nairobi's.
The one the police sent in.
I found it while cleaning.
You'll know what to do with it.
What the fuck's going on there?
If I hear so much as a sigh,
I'll shoot.
Sir, I need to use the bathroom.
Now's not the time.
No one is leaving this place,
so sit down and relax.
After you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- What's going on, Daniel? I was eating
- No, not Daniel. Here, I'm Denver.
OK? Denver.
I'm sorry,
I'm not used to your new identity.
Well, about that
There are a few things
that I'd like to understand,
and it's not easy for me.
Ask away. I'm the same person.
You're not exactly the same person.
You have boobs now.
- Well
- You have boobs.
- Yes, I do.
- You're a woman, I understand that part.
Are you gay as well?
Or how does it work?
So what you're worried about right now
is whether I like men or not, is that it?
I like men, to be honest.
I like them very much.
Mind you, not just any type of man.
I like them strong, you know?
The kind that go to the gym.
Tough guys, but well-read too,
so I can learn from them.
The type that watch football.
But in a macho way, you know?
Beer in hand, legs spread wide,
and their hand on their groin.
OK, I get it. It's clear.
have you always liked men?
Or was this
a result of becoming a woman?
First of all,
I've always been a woman.
No, you haven't.
I did robberies with you.
You weren't a woman.
How does a woman rob?
By scratching and pulling hair?
I'm not a caveman.
But, I mean, at the end of the day,
you can spot a woman.
When I did a robbery,
I went with Juanito, not a woman.
Maybe this thing about being a woman
happened later.
Juanito would finish a robbery
with you
and go back home, to his room.
He'd put some music on,
he'd roll a joint,
and he'd put some red lipstick on,
a wonderful lipstick I had.
It was Ferrari red.
He'd take his joint
and lie on the bed.
And right there, in those moments,
all alone, relaxed,
and looking gorgeous
that was when I was really myself.
- You've always been a woman?
- Always.
And I never noticed?
Do you know who made me
really horny back then?
- Of course I do.
- Really?
David Beckham.
You talked about him all damn day.
Beckham made me horny too,
always has, but no.
You. You turned me on so much.
No, I didn't.
- I was in love with you.
- Don't joke about love.
Why do you think
I followed you around, doing jobs?
To be near you.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
I used to grope you on the bike.
You didn't notice,
but I'd grab onto your leg and back
And your scent drove me wild.
Don't you realize this is serious?
You were taking advantage of me.
I'm pulling your leg,
you dickhead. I mean
Fucking hell.
Give me a hug, come on.
Excuse me, sir,
but I can't wait any longer.
Nobody move!
I don't want to hear a sound!
Miguel, listen.
We need to establish communication
with the outside.
Here, hide it.
They've got me in their sights.
You're OK.
- What are you doing here?
- What the fuck?
What's happening? Where's Denver?
- He's fine.
- Who's there?
- It's a hostage.
- Take her away.
- Come on.
- Like hell, I'm staying.
Give me a gun.
You're not here for this, Manila.
You're in trouble. Give me a gun.
Get out of here right now.
Come on, damn it.
Stay calm.
From now on, you and I will be
the backbone of the resistance.
My mouth went dry just hearing that.
It's four seconds at most.
One advances,
the other provides cover fire.
And we save Nairobi.
Tell us what you want, Gandía.
Let's negotiate.
Look, let me explain the situation.
Option one.
I come out with the gun to Nairobi's head.
You stay up against the right wall.
I let her go, and nobody dies.
It's a good deal for both of us.
Zero-zero. A tie.
Option two.
Instead of me coming out, you come in.
I blow Nairobi's head off.
You shoot me.
But I'd still have a free hand
to shoot back,
and I swear,
I'll take out more than one of you.
You forgot option three.
Come out on your knees, unarmed.
You surrender and give us Nairobi. 
That's a tie too. How's that?
I won't kneel,
not even before God Almighty.
I'll give you one minute.
Then, I start shooting.
I may well win six-zero.
What an asshole.
Gandía, darling, you couldn't do that.
You're an idiot.
The other day,
I turned up with my friend,
and we got you good.
Shut up.
Tokyo really got you
with the water trick.
Nairobi, shut up.
- The door handle hit you in the face
- Shut up.
And knocked you out.
Why is she doing that?
Where are your macho balls now?
- So clumsy.
- She wants to save Tokyo.
You're useless.
She knows if he kills her,
we'll kill him.
You've spent your whole life
waiting for this moment, right?
With your well-trained little soldiers.
And two chicks show up
and get you real good.
- Should I shoot you now?
- Surprise me.
Should I put a bullet in your ass?
We have to get her out now.
If we let him out,
he'll do whatever he wants.
I don't trust him.
- We have to hold on.
- Why do you want to?
She's there because of you.
You freed that butcher.
We have to get her out.
Do you all agree?
OK, Gandía.
We're letting you out.
OK, good.
This is how it'll go.
You'll see Nairobi the whole time.
We'll walk forward with my gun
to her head
once she confirms you're all
up against the wall on the right.
Starting with
those two fucking kids up there!
Did you hear that?
You have to come down.
Earlier you asked me
if sleeping with me made my husband sick,
and I didn't reply.
No. I didn't make him sick.
Because I wasn't a bitch then.
But now I am.
And yes, we had sex.
And highly creative sex.
I guess you and the Professor are
more the type to do it once every 30 days.
Missionary position,
even though you're billionaires.
All that poison inside you
is eating away at you, Alicia.
I can see it in your face.
What's wrong with it?
You're a caricature of yourself,
going on about sex. What's wrong?
Is it the hormones?
Try downloading an app.
There are tons of perverts
who want to fuck pregnant women.
I like to get to know them first.
I don't go off with the first hipster
who comes along,
gives me his number, and says
Hey, gorgeous,
why don't you come to my storehouse
to try my cider? It's very tasty.
Know what it is?
No, tell me.
If your mask slips, you crumble.
You're in danger of collapse.
And I get it.
I'm not the one in a mask.
Let's see, earlier, we had a deal.
You were holding the phone,
and you backed out.
What happened?
I made you waste your time
while you were questioning me.
I pretended
you were slowly wearing me down,
that I was giving in.
In the meantime, the Professor
escaped your cordon.
It's called diversion tactics.
And it worked.
Do you know what I think?
Your little shepherd
somehow made it in time.
I'll find out.
Come on.
- Think.
- I knew we weren't in Spain.
- I could hear the call to prayer.
- Think, you can do it.
Fly with me.
Can you hear me?
Yes, Shakir speaking, Professor.
I need you to track Rio's flight to Spain.
It's a Spanish Air Force
Beechcraft Air King 250.
The flight landed at 16:30 on April 4.
Check all the air navigation satellites.
I need the exact point of origin.
Does it have battery?
- It does.
- And signal?
Yes, sir.
OK, go to the call log.
Miguel, you need to keep a cool head, OK?
They don't suspect you at all.
- Yes, but my fingers are sweating.
- Stay calm.
- There's a call from a hidden number.
- Go to contacts.
There's a number.
Call it.
I hope nobody answers.
It's Nairobi's phone.
- What are you doing?
- I won't talk.
- Fuck.
- They hung up.
I'm leaving my fingerprints.
I'm not calling the cops.
You just need to leave
the call connected
and hold a normal conversation,
between hostages.
They'll know what to do.
They're calling again.
- Speak.
- So
we're here,
in the library.
All the hostages.
Being watched by just one of the gang,
a guy called Matías.
- Turn the volume up.
- I think it's Arturo Román.
There's no one in the lobby, right?
No one.
I've lost my voice.
And since Gandía is free,
it'd be the perfect time
for the police to go in.
Because, I repeat,
there's no one in the lobby.
They've been decimated.
There have been shots, grenades,
shouting, and hymns, right, Miguel?
That's right.
- We have to go in.
- The Presidency says no more armored vans.
They're looking the other way.
We'll catch them off guard.
I can't.
What the fuck are you doing?
It's this kid.
He's very nervous. He's lost it.
Poor guy, he was praying.
- He seemed I don't know.
- Come on.
Over here, in silence and close to me.
You, hands where I can see them.
Lower them an inch, and I'll shoot you.
Move an inch, and I'll shoot you.
Say a fucking word
- And you'll shoot me.
- That's right.
- I might just shoot you anyway.
- Come on.
Suárez! Prepare an intervention unit.
We'll go in through the lobby.
Call Gandía in the panic room
to coordinate.
Thank God.
You're finally showing you have balls.
The Beechcraft Air King 250
that brought Rio to Spain
took off from Algeria at 15:03 hours,
from a town called Timimoun.
It's in the Atlas Mountains.
Minutes earlier, they'd have driven him
to the aircraft.
Find that car.
I see it's a desert. No trees.
So you can go back through the images
- to see where the car came from.
- OK.
We'll use the weather satellites.
Very good.
Go to Algeria.
I want you in Timimoun in four hours.
I can't fly with weapons.
I know.
You'll get backup once you arrive.
The plan was to not leave you.
The plan has just changed, Marseille.
I need to bring together
the Serbs and Benjamín's team
and go on the offensive.
We'll strike them everywhere,
so hard and fast,
they won't know which way is up.
How are you?
My stitches
have come undone.
Where is he?
I don't know.
Where is he?
I don't know.
We're here, fucking scumbag.
Where's the other one?
I'm here.
Very well.
I'll start cutting Nairobi loose.
Want to say anything before the dance?
No? Well
- Party time?
- Party time.
You're brave, asleep up here
with everyone at the table
waiting for you.
Come on, wake up.
He said yes.
The Professor.
He said yes.
- You're going to be an aunt!
- An aunt!
- I'm so happy for you.
- I can't believe it.
- What?
- You'll have a little genius.
We're going to name them
My God, I love it. Ibiza.
I love it.
Call them Ibiza
and you know
you'll have so much fun together.
Fuck, they'll be so popular at school.
But it's not a city, it's an island.
Do you know what other rule
we're going to break?
Not seeing each other.
You'll be their aunt.
Look, you know what?
You'll be their godmother.
Yes, darling.
- I'm so looking forward to it.
- So am I.
So am I.
I can't believe it.
- Ibiza, right?
- Of course.
No more spending Christmas
alone with Helsinki.
He doesn't know any Christmas carols.
From now on,
Christmas will be spent with family.
- What's going on?
- What are you doing?
Party for a single mother.
Are you pregnant?
- Yes! No, after the heist.
- I didn't know you had a boyfriend.
Me neither.
- What?
- It's a friend with benefits.
Want to know the baby's name?
- Ibiza!
- Ibiza!
I want you all against the wall.
Lower your weapons.
I'd ask you to put them on the ground,
but I know myself. If I see you unarmed,
I might get carried away.
So let's show some mutual respect.
Lower them.
Come on.
I'm aiming at her head.
I have a bulletproof vest.
She's tied up.
You won't get me.
Come on, let's go.
Lower the fucking gun, idiot!
Didn't you hear me?
That's it.
Shall we dance?
Come on, let's dance.
You're falling, darling.
Look at your big man.
Hello, big man.
That's enough.
Let her go now.
Take it easy.
I'm about to let her go.
Take it easy.
I'm about to let her go.
Here we go.
That's it.
I said I was going to kill you.
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