Money Heist (2017) s04e07 Episode Script

Strike the Tent

Any news on the rooftop?
All in order here, sir.
Colonel, it's Gandía.
Gandía, I'm here.
I've eliminated Nairobi and Tokyo.
I'm launching another attack.
- I'll take a radio. This is the frequency.
- Radio!
- I want all units on alert.
- Alpha and Beta units, get ready.
- Everyone ready and on alert.
- Go.
Everyone ready.
Colonel, they're shooting!
Gandía, answer me.
Gandía, do you copy?
Gandía here.
They're closing in on me.
I'm caught in the cross fire.
Where are you?
Can we give cover fire?
Negative, Colonel.
I'm going to the roof.
I request evacuation!
Suárez, send a helicopter, now.
- Come on!
- Delta 1, prepare for takeoff.
Rescue operation
at the Bank of Spain, now!
Taking off.
They're starting a fire. I can't see!
There's smoke on the roof, sir.
Hold on. The helicopter's coming.
Go to the roof. We'll cover you.
Exiting now. I'm wearing black
and a ski mask. Hold fire.
Our man's in black. Cover him.
Be ready for possible cross fire.
Come on!
Let's go!
They're on the roof. They're firing!
Cover fire!
No visual. There's too much smoke.
- Where's the helicopter?
- Delta, position.
Two minutes, fifty seconds, sir.
Delta, begin approach maneuver. 
Rescue protocol.
I want a quick, clean extraction.
Helicopter in position.
Get it down there!
Go ahead, proceed.
Target in sight.
I have one in my line of fire.
Permission to shoot.
Mutt, I said I was going to kill you.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three,
two, one
What happened?
Your friend Nairobi threw a grenade at me.
Is Nairobi OK?
I asked if Nairobi is OK!
I don't know if she's OK,
but she can certainly get up, the bitch.
Is she recovering?
I think so.
You were an awesome surgeon.
Are you aware
you're bleeding like a stuck pig?
Do you have to change your suit
in front of all these people?
This isn't a suit. It's the uniform
of a filthy executive
who checks stocks during dinner.
It got you an interview
with the governor of the Bank of Spain.
Isn't it good enough for a cocktail?
You should have parked the car.
Martín complains much less.
Of course.
Now what's wrong with Martín?
He follows you everywhere.
He's in love with you.
In love with me.
Does he write my name in his notebooks?
- Or did he confess in drunken tears?
- I see how he looks at you.
How he smiles at all of your crazy ideas.
How he agrees with what you say
about the plan.
He can't formulate a critical opinion.
He's in love.
That stops him being objective.
He's totally objective.
He's an engineer. He doesn't weigh in.
He does equations,
and no feelings are involved
in any of those calculations.
- We both know the plan's a disaster.
- The plan is fantastic.
It has some fantastic details,
but it doesn't work as a plan.
It doesn't work.
- Why did you call me?
- I want to share it with you.
It's the biggest job of my life.
I want my brother there.
You want me to be the brains
that he's not providing.
And you
you know how to get the gold out,
not yourselves.
And you have no idea
how you'll live the rest of your lives
with 90 tons of gold
without being found out.
An analytical mind, however small,
would work that out straightaway.
But not you guys.
Because you're in love with the plan
and he's just in love with you.
We're guided by passion.
You're blinded by hatred.
Hatred for romanticism.
Maybe because suicide
is one of its main characteristics.
This plan is suicide.
Still finding faults?
He'll get over it. When he's stressed,
he's all doom and gloom.
Well, I'm going to the bathroom.
Do you want to come with me, Sergio?
Have you ever had the privilege
of an experienced man giving you fellatio?
I'm joking.
Freezing up,
disorientation, a blank stare
and, above all,
the feeling of floating outside reality.
Those are the consequences
of emotional shock.
But you can also go the other way.
An unbridled rage
that only seeks
It's open.
We've found the panic room, sir.
Gandía is shut up inside.
He's injured and he has Tokyo.
Is he badly injured?
A grenade exploded on his back.
He'll try to negotiate.
Time's on our side.
- If he wants to live, he can't harm Tokyo.
- I'm not so sure.
He killed Nairobi.
Is that a yes?
We'll pay them back 100 times over
for what they did to Nairobi.
The Professor no longer felt any pain.
He was detached from his emotions
and was operating like a machine.
We'll destroy that tent in seven steps.
- All he could think of was his next move.
- It starts with the truth.
If you want to tell the truth,
you need to speak to Rio first.
There are things you don't know.
From that moment,
absolutely everything
would become a plan of attack.
- Professor.
- In the hours that followed,
he'd launch missiles.
You said getting out was impossible,
but we'd get out. Keep your word.
I said when we'd melted
and extracted the gold, I'd get you out.
And I stand by that.
Palermo, get Tokyo out.
I'll go to the foundry.
Denver, come with me.
Everyone on alert.
Bomb disposal robot is advancing.
Go ahead. Let's go.
Ready to deactivate
the bombs at the entrance.
Nairobi is dead.
From now on, I'm in charge.
We're going to be efficient.
How many tons have we done?
- What is this, recess?
- That's three less than the target.
Raise the temperature to 1,750°C.
We need to increase the production rate.
- Is there no one inside?
- No.
There should be. Let's get moving.
We have to get this gold out.
Get every last gram of gold.
I want to get the hell out of here.
Now! Quick! Come on!
No, we have a problem.
I'll create a firewall.
- I'll put you through.
- OK, hurry up.
Shame on you!
Beginning procedure to defuse
the first explosive. Take cover.
Units one and two, ready to advance
once the devices are disconnected.
Fucking firewall.
- Professor.
- Yes.
I shouldn't tell you,
but they're planning a massacre.
They're going to storm the bank.
They're trying to contact Gandía
to work together.
Did you give Lisbon my message?
Antoñanzas, stay and watch Murillo.
Don't let anyone in.
For God's sake,
why didn't you say anything?
What would I have gained?
A bit of pity?
Oh, Alicia
She got very emotional.
She went all doe-eyed.
If you had seen her
Thank you, Benito.
- Listen.
- I'm listening.
The cops and Gandía
are planning an attack.
Knock out the phone in the panic room.
Cut it all off.
One very important thing.
Don't kill Gandía, I need him alive.
- With Tokyo in there, it'll be difficult.
- I said alive. It's key to the plan.
Search for electromagnetic waves
and cut the cables.
When he's totally incommunicado,
without cameras, start opening the door.
Use angle grinders, hammers
Make lots of noise.
Make sure he knows about it
and won't look elsewhere.
Meanwhile, we drill a small hole
through the back wall
and pump in sleeping gas.
When he's asleep, knock the door down.
- Understood?
- Understood.
Bombs defused, sir.
Good. Get me Gandía.
That'll be my friends.
Now you really are fucked, you bastard.
Of course I'll do it,
however tough it is.
- Are you sure?
- You can count on me.
Thank you, Rio. Thank you.
- Did you find anything?
- Find anything where?
This is a desert.
You can't call a cab and say,
take me to the torturers' house.
I gave you local backup.
I speak Spanish, I speak German,
Italian, French,
English, Croatian, Serbian
But I don't speak fucking Berber.
I need coordinates.
Give me ten minutes.
Shakir, I need those satellite images.
You have ten minutes.
Palermo, they're coming in.
Special operations have been deployed
and armored cars
and assault vehicles are on the move.
Just as the police
were about to close in on us,
the Professor launched the first missile.
Open the doors.
Hold position!
What the hell is that?
A missile which was
a salute of honor in memory of Nairobi.
They're the governor's bodyguards.
A funeral.
The tent came to a standstill.
What's happening?
Get her back inside!
Let her. Out of respect.
Nairobi's departure filled the air
with a heavy silence.
It was the disappointment of those
who had believed the Dalí story
would have a happy ending.
But it was just a war.
And then, the Professor launched
his second missile.
He covered Madrid with posters of Rio
and sent his story
to the entire national
and international press.
I was illegally detained on January 20
by Panamanian police
Colonel, Inspector.
And transferred on a secret flight
with the CNI colonel
Luis Prieto.
We landed somewhere in the Maghreb,
and they tortured me until April 4.
They put me in a cell that was so small
that I could only stand.
They left me to shit and piss myself.
And they left me there,
living in my own shit.
One night
they took me out of my cell,
they took me to the desert
and they forced me to dig my own grave.
They put me in a box,
and they buried me alive
until I lost consciousness,
believing that I had died.
- You buried the boy alive?
- Of course we buried him alive.
What the hell gave you that idea?
Why do you think we sent him to Algeria?
For a slap on the wrist?
I would've preferred you put him
in a ditch, in quicklime, in cement
But buried alive?
A guy describing how he was buried alive
is a fucking horror movie.
In PR terms, it's like suicide.
The New York Times published the video.
Some are calling for
a commission in Strasbourg.
Even Amnesty International
is filing a private prosecution.
We're fucked.
Did that fucking place
have phones, CCTV, Wi-Fi,
or anything they may have used
to get proof?
It was an abandoned hovel.
There were no cameras, internet,
or roads.
- That's why we went.
- It's the middle of nowhere.
Not even Algerian intelligence
knows about it.
And there isn't a scratch on him.
No bruising or internal bleeding.
We were careful.
We're going to deny it like crazy.
It's his word against ours.
- And you're going to do it.
- Me?
Yes, you.
Give it your all. The full works.
Press conference and urgent announcement.
Transparency, Luis.
My sugar levels are down.
Where are the damn cookies?
Thanks for coming.
If Agustín, Moscow, trusted you
consider me your friend.
And my daughter, is she well?
Manila is fine.
- Are they all miners?
- All of them.
And all trustworthy.
this guy.
He's Polish.
Thank you.
Welcome, everyone.
Follow me, please.
Where are we going?
To class.
I'll explain what we're going to do
in the next 30 hours.
This plan would be written off as madness
by anyone with any sense.
So forget about sense.
- Fucking sauna, Christ.
- Do you go to saunas?
You're one of those repressed guys
who get horny in the locker room.
Isn't that right?
Did you know we're the same?
We're just on opposite sides.
I can offer you a job.
I'd rather you offered me a fuck.
Is there a rule that forbids
soldiers from different sides fucking?
That's not treason, right?
They should put it
in the Geneva Convention.
Time to fuck!
What is it that you want?
I don't want anything.
You turn me on.
I was doing a lot of thinking.
I don't really know
what's going on with me.
Or what's going on with you,
but I love you.
And whether we're together or not,
I'll look after you.
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
Nairobi is dead.
Things happen here
you think could never happen.
But they do.
It was easy in Indonesia because
you were with the only guy
who wasn't a local.
But it's different here,
and I'll put up with that.
And I love you.
You got here, started comparing,
and I was the loser.
- That's OK.
- No one's comparing you to anyone.
And with Rio it's not like that.
I want you to know
that if you need that,
if you need to be with Rio
go ahead.
That's not what I need.
I don't even know what I need.
Not right now.
We're in the middle of all this,
and I can't think or make decisions.
But you and I met each other
during a heist.
And we made loads of decisions.
Arturo, what did you do to me?
What did you do when I was asleep?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- You took advantage of me.
I don't know what you mean,
but now's not the time.
You drugged me.
You made me take
more sedatives than I should have,
and I basically passed out.
But before I did, I felt you up close,
touching my neck, my breast.
I was drugged,
but I felt you lowering my zipper, and
you kept on touching me.
You lifted my panties, Arturo.
I woke up, I drifted back off
But I keep seeing images,
and my bra was broken when I woke up.
You're just very anxious.
It's normal.
With all this circus, OK?
You must be confused
and seeing and believing things
that didn't really happen.
Or maybe
you had an erotic dream about me.
I don't mind being
the object of your desire,
but to go from that
to accusing me of something
You raped me, Arturo.
You drugged me and you raped me.
Listen to me.
You brat.
I didn't rape you.
I didn't take advantage of you.
You're accusing me
of something really very serious.
Something I loathe.
Something I detest.
I've always been
a defender of women's rights.
I've always advocated respect for women.
I won't allow this.
Nothing happened.
You were scared, you had a panic attack
It's normal, OK?
Can you believe it?
That's Bogotá.
Now you really are fucked.
It's the shrapnel in your neck.
Brachial plexus.
It controls muscles in your arm
in your hand in your shoulder.
You know all that?
- I learn this stuff with the Professor.
- Yeah?
Is it hard to breathe?
That's normal.
It's your diaphragm.
- Tough break.
- Do you want me to release you?
If you don't release me, you're dead.
If you release me
I'll treat your wounds.
I'll undo your hands
so you can remove the shrapnel for me.
But you'll still
be tied at the neck.
I'll have my back to you,
but I only have to do this
to blow your clever little head off.
19:45 HOURS
Good morning, everyone.
My name is Luis Prieto.
I'm a colonel
from the National Center of Intelligence.
I stand before you at the request
of the Minister of the Interior
to firmly deny the accusations
about the alleged torture of Aníbal Cortés
and to clear up any doubts
you may have about his arrest.
- Yes, here, please.
- Colonel.
How did Ágata Jiménez, alias Nairobi, die?
We are currently
still gathering information.
All I can say
is that she was killed in a skirmish
with the Bank of Spain's head of security,
who broke free.
Was Cortés illegally arrested in Panama?
The arrest was made legally
in accordance
with an arrest warrant issued by Europol.
- Excuse me.
- You.
No democratic country in the world
respecting the rule of law
would do such a thing.
He claims to have been buried alive.
Do you deny that too?
That he was left to defecate himself?
That they gave him 40 coffees
and cold showers?
Those statements
are as ridiculous as they are grotesque.
Prieto did what the Professor
expected him to.
Lie, lie, and lie again.
He did it better than the Professor
could ever have imagined.
With sarcasm and arrogance.
They'll be confident.
They'll be confident because they think
it's our word against theirs.
And that's what will make them drown
in the quicksand of their own dirt.
Because what the CNI
could never imagine
is that our intelligence could be better.
But we'll show them.
We're going to show them
because we'll be there.
This is the same old
conspiracy theory as always
that the police use torture.
We won't accept this kind of talk.
We tortured Aníbal Cortés
for around two months.
We were paid 200,000 euros to do it,
by Colonel Prieto
from Spanish Intelligence.
And that was his third missile.
Colonel Prieto.
Excuse me.
We're receiving documentary evidence
that contradicts your words.
Do you know a Turkish citizen named Osman?
I don't know who that is.
This e-mail sent from your account
to this Osman
in which you order
Use any means necessary
to obtain the information.
- Did you send this?
- I don't know what you mean.
Maybe these images
will refresh your memory.
This is where we buried
Aníbal Cortés alive.
You can see the wooden box.
We had him in there
for two or three hours.
He dug the hole himself.
Do you deny this evidence too?
Do you still claim that this grave
in a place called Timimoun, in Algeria,
that you refer to in several e-mails,
is a setup?
Of course it is.
Colonel, please.
Colonel, here, please.
I have nothing more to say.
Tamayo will be like a tennis player
in the middle of the court,
trying to return all the balls
that a machine is firing at him nonstop.
They put me in a box.
€200,000 to do it.
He'll be so focused
on stopping the balls we're firing
that he won't have the time or energy
to think about the heist.
Because his whole world
will be falling apart.
We're ready to resume the attack.
- We're not attacking.
- Colonel!
Can't you see what's happening?
They want to take us all down.
The finishing touch
would be killing a hostage on our way in.
- They're weakened.
- No, it's out of the question.
Do I have to remind you
that you've tried to go in 4 times?
What's going on in there?
Is there an open bar?
When you have a fire of such magnitude,
you can only think about one thing.
- Putting it out.
- Putting it out.
Not for Spain's credibility,
nor for the integrity of the CNI
but for your own freedom.
Listen, everyone.
I need all non-essential personnel
to step outside.
Take a breather, have a coffee,
and back to work in 5 minutes.
Oh, Alicia
We tried to get out there and deny it,
but that son of a bitch, the Professor,
was waiting with the evidence in hand.
Now the only way out is to take the blame.
And who's going to do that?
For the CNI, Prieto.
For the police, you.
We need you to create a firewall
so the institutions come out clean.
What should I say?
That I did it all without telling anyone?
That I did it
out of professional ambition?
To see if they'd give me
the police medal of merit?
They have Prieto's e-mails.
I'm sure they have yours.
You have to resign,
leave the negotiations
and take the blame for acting illegally.
If I'm taking the blame,
why don't you add that I killed Manolete,
the Kennedy thing,
the attempted coup in '81
shooting the pope
I'm getting blamed for it all, right?
You're going to take the rap anyway,
but if you help us,
we won't leave you hanging.
I'll have the CNI discredit the evidence.
The state attorney
and the prosecution are on our side.
You'll get a friendly judge.
Someone who we've got by the balls.
You'll be suspended without pay.
But don't worry,
you'll be paid from reserve funds.
I promise you won't set foot in prison.
I don't care about that.
It's not like I have much choice.
be strong.
We're with you.
Sierra and Colonel Prieto.
They will be the first to fall.
Because that's how
we'll paralyze the tent,
and by doing so,
protect our crew inside the bank.
Tamayo will have difficulty
maintaining control.
Once everyone in the bank is protected,
what do we do, Benjamín?
Huh? Well, you tell me.
Rescue another member of the gang.
We're going to rescue someone
who is being guarded
by a group of 26 police officers.
That's impossible, Professor.
It's almost impossible,
but there is a possibility
if you know these details,
where they are going to take her
and when.
And we will know that information
because I'll make them transfer her.
Now just the one in your neck.
How's it look?
It doesn't look good.
If I do it wrong, you could be paralyzed.
Pull it out.
Pull upwards, without hesitation.
Put your head down a bit.
The camera.
For fuck's sake, Gandía's dead!
Bogotá, Tokyo killed Gandía!
Knock the door down!
Then came the fourth missile.
Look at the screens.
Is that the Professor?
Is that the Professor?
Our colleague Lisbon
has been illegally detained.
She was captured and is being held
at the command post in front of the bank.
Without a judge being informed.
- With no right to a defense.
- What the hell?
And after the police faked her execution.
Here's the proof.
The recording of that moment.
Suárez, put down the gun.
Where's the Professor?
Tell them I'll surrender.
Buy time.
Raquel, tell him.
- Where's the Professor?
- I don't know.
Tell him, I'm on my way. Raquel!
- Where's the Professor?
- I don't know!
Get them out.
Get out of there!
I don't know where he is.
Wrong answer.
I'm on my way. Get out of there.
Get out of there!
It was self-defense.
Do you understand, Solana?
She shot first.
Take the gun, clean the prints,
put it in her hand.
I implore the authorities to investigate
and to confirm
the accuracy of these facts.
Tied up, and you still took him out.
Great. See if he has a pulse.
Yes, I have a pulse.
Sorry, you're more interested in Gandía.
There he is.
A bit under the weather.
- He's alive.
- Good.
Are you going to untie me?
How are you?
How's Nairobi?
The last missile
arrived at the tent in an official car,
with a badge and a judge's order.
Stop what you're doing.
- I'm Colonel Tamayo. I'm in charge.
- I don't care.
Internal Affairs Unit.
- What's going on?
- Where's Raquel Murillo being held?
Raquel Murillo,
you're under arrest for the crimes
of belonging to an armed group,
abduction, attacking an officer
and the institutions of the state.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right
to an attorney of your choice.
You have the right to medical care.
You have the right to make a call.
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