Money Heist (2017) s04e08 Episode Script

The Paris Plan

How do I look?
for years,
you've been going around in circles
feeling this way.
I think it's time you moved on.
We can move on to wine, if you like.
- Shall we have a glass?
- No.
I'm not drinking that with you.
I'm going to dinner.
With Tatiana.
- Right.
- You'll think about me,
I won't think about you.
You don't have to spell it out for me.
It's clear.
Oh, please.
Do you think I don't love you?
I also feel that what we have between us
is extraordinary, unique, wonderful.
I know about love.
I've been married 5 times.
- OK.
- What I've never told you is that
I've never felt anything
with any of those women
remotely similar to what I have with you.
Not even close.
You and I are soul mates.
But only 99%.
As you know, I really like women.
And you like me too much.
And what's 1% against 99%?
- Unless you're not brave enough to try it.
- That 1% is a tiny mitochondrion
but it defines my desire.
Where's your desire?
Where is it?
Don't worry. Relax.
Don't be afraid.
You're a coward, huh?
Where is it?
I'd give anything to feel that,
it's impossible.
It's impossible.
I love you, Martín.
But my brother is right.
We must part ways.
And we have to scrap the plan.
Your son-of-a-bitch brother
told you I loved you
to break up this house.
You're going to go and make photocopies
in the Royal Mint, right?
I suggested melting gold together.
You're hooked on something
that will never exist!
I have to leave you. It's
for love.
For brotherhood.
For the commitment I have to you.
and heal the wound.
Sometimes distance
is the only way to find peace.
Farewell, my friend.
I'm sure that one way or another,
time will bring us back together.
As Alicia Sierra
walked towards the slaughterhouse
she wore an enigmatic smile
that no one noticed.
It was not the smile
of someone about to throw in the towel.
Please, over here.
Is it true you sent for the daughter
of Ágata Jiménez, Nairobi,
so she'd go to the window
and you could shoot her?
- Did she die from that shot?
- That is untrue.
It was a boy, not a girl.
Nine years old.
And yes, I sent for him.
With the knowledge of my superiors,
of course.
- What are you doing?
- We shot her in the chest.
I didn't allow a doctor to go in
to operate.
Antoñanzas, turn the volume up!
Her friends saved her.
All for nothing.
She was killed
by the Bank of Spain's head of security,
with the backing of Colonel Tamayo.
- Fucking bitch.
- It needs to be said.
More questions.
Is it true that this Osman
I don't know if you know him
buried Cortés alive?
Yes, we buried him alive.
In Timimoun
Tamayo's world was falling apart.
Of course I know Osman.
He's a professional.
Capable of burying a man alive
and leaving him shaking like a leaf
without him dying.
His public image was crumbling,
and the worst was yet to come.
Inside the bank,
his big gamble was unconscious.
- How is he?
- We're operating.
On a stretcher and badly wounded.
Save his life.
Didn't you drug him?
Drugs? We drugged him.
Inhaled, to be precise.
We hung him up, threw cold water on him,
and he shat himself.
Everything the boy said
is absolutely and totally true.
And there are plenty of things
that he forgot to say.
Was the government aware of this?
The government gave the orders.
I didn't wake up one day and say,
I'll interrogate the boy hard.
No! I had everyone's backing.
The CNI, police commanders,
and the Ministry of the Interior.
Absolutely everyone knew about it.
And now you know.
Thank you very much.
Alicia Sierra,
negotiator at the Bank of Spain,
reveals all, and nobody is spared.
She admits to torture
but holds the government responsible.
The government gave the orders,
and she says, everyone knew.
We have to bury that bitch.
While all of Spain was glued to the TV,
in a former Chinese restaurant
in Madrid,
Benjamín and his men
were raising hell.
Arriving at extraction point.
One, two, three.
How many meters?
Four meters.
I need you to work faster.
Lisbon will be guarded by 26 officers,
split between seven vehicles.
Three behind
and three in front.
In the middle, the van she'll be in.
They'll go to the National Court first
and then to the prison.
What's the most vulnerable point?
On the road. From point A to B.
- No.
- In the courtroom?
- Are we going to tunnel into the prison?
- No.
But there is a place that is vulnerable.
We've all seen it.
On TV.
When the National Court's entrance is
full of journalists, what do the cops do?
They take the prisoner
through the parking garage.
Only the van goes in.
In 30 seconds, that armored convoy
goes from having 26 officers
to six. And from seven vehicles
to one.
And a parking garage is not a bunker
or a high-security prison.
- It's
- A parking garage.
From the National Court parking garage
to the basement of our restaurant,
there are exactly
11 meters and 68 centimeters of sandstone.
Sandstone. You are Asturian miners.
- The best.
- What's that to you?
Nothing. Pick, shovel, grinder.
Minimum noise, maximum efficiency.
Ten hours, Benjamín, to have it ready.
- And the extraction?
- Silent industrial machinery.
We'll take the rubble to the kitchen.
It'll be a clean and quick operation.
Five meters.
I'm listening, Professor.
How is he?
He's conscious.
General physical condition?
He can't move one arm. He's lost blood.
He can hardly breathe.
He's a total wreck.
But will he recover?
If I were his mother,
I'd be lighting candles.
I'm telling you that he'll recover.
I'll make sure of it personally.
Even if I have to be with him
for six months.
But I'll make you better.
I'll feed you soup.
I'll make you strong again.
And when you're as strong as an ox,
do you know what will happen?
I'll kill you.
I'll beat you to death.
Why the fuck are we saving
this motherfucker's life?
- Can he speak?
- So far, he's not saying much.
My name is Stockholm.
Do you remember me?
Let go of me, fucking bitch, scumbag.
Let go.
Professor, he can talk.
He killed Nairobi.
What the fuck are we doing?
- We have to kill him!
- That'll depend on him, Rio.
If he wants to live, he'll live.
If he wants to die
he'll die.
It depends on him?
You can't say that.
You have no clue
how we're feeling in here.
You don't know what it's like
to look him in the eyes.
- Tokyo
- Don't talk to me like you're my dad.
Do you know how I feel?
Do you know how Helsinki feels?
Helsinki is stitching him up.
He's treating him.
Do you know who he treated before? No.
You don't know.
Of course you don't.
You don't know anything.
You're hiding like a rat.
That's how you keep giving orders
after Nairobi's death,
without shedding a tear.
You feel nothing!
You feel nothing!
- Nothing!
- Stop!
Do you want to feed him soup too?
Tokyo, I would take him
and I'd stick a burning iron through him.
I'd take him down to the foundry,
and I'd put his head in the furnace
to finish him off.
You think I'm not hurting over Nairobi?
That the Professor isn't too?
Doesn't seem like it.
He's a prisoner.
And we don't kill prisoners.
As much as it pains us,
we don't kill prisoners.
Nor do we kill in cold blood.
But he did!
He killed Nairobi! She was sick.
She was unarmed. She'd surrendered!
We had a truce, for fuck's sake!
Now it's about saving our lives, Rio,
like we saved yours.
That involves collateral damage,
like swallowing the pain.
We've run out of time.
They broke the truce.
We have to turn this situation around.
Helsinki, no!
- No!
- Why did you kill her,
you son of a bitch?
Why'd you kill her?
Helsinki, look at me.
Look me in the eyes.
Come on, brother.
Rio, Denver.
Get to work.
He's alive, sir.
Son of a bitch.
Are you having one?
You're having an anxiety thing.
It was very tense up there.
It'll pass in a minute.
I already know I'm fucked, Commissioner.
You don't need to remind me.
- What I want to know is what happened.
- Call them.
I've been a negotiator for 15 years.
I know when a deal's been accepted.
Call them.
You'll be with them in 24 hours.
We won't come after you.
She was against the ropes.
She was going to sell the Professor out.
I'd worn her down.
I'd almost defeated her.
Then something happened.
But what can happen
when someone is incommunicado?
Maybe she wasn't incommunicado.
Antoñanzas, stay and watch Murillo.
Don't let anyone in.
What do you think
Should we go after Antoñanzas?
Smart creature.
It's really like a vacation.
I'll come back for you, Commissioner.
Court proceedings have been initiated
against Alicia Sierra
and a warrant issued for her arrest.
The police negotiator
could be the first arrest
in the Bank of Spain heist,
absurd as it sounds.
She's accused of false imprisonment
and torture
following the press conference
from the Ministry of the Interior.
The minister, the director of the CNI,
and police commanders
are preparing libel and slander lawsuits
against the inspector.
Interior requests her immediate arrest.
Go after her!
I'm sorry.
I'm directly responsible
for all this shit.
I didn't calculate the pain
it'd cause you. I'm sorry.
What do you know about pain, Palermo?
Pain is a loan shark.
It leaves you with a debt
that you can never pay back.
I can take pain.
A lot of pain.
Oh, yeah?
What about the pain you're feeling now?
It's different, right?
I saw it in your eyes.
It was like seeing myself in the mirror.
You have no idea
where you'll fall.
Get out of there now.
Otherwise, you run the risk of
becoming a piece of shit like me.
This horrible monster I've turned into.
A guy who destroys everything he touches.
Someone who's wanted to die
for many years.
And you can't get out of there.
You never get out.
Look, brother.
All that boom, boom, ciao crap
I treated you like shit.
I didn't dare. I couldn't.
I didn't know how.
But let me say, I'm by your side.
I won't let you fall.
I know.
I've known from the start.
I know who you are.
My name is Martín Berrote.
I was born in Buenos Aires,
but I live in Palermo, Sicily.
I'm going to get you out of here alive.
Even if I have to die doing it.
My name is Mirko Dragic.
I'm from Belgrade.
I lost Oslo in the Mint.
I lost Nairobi.
And I'm not losing anyone else.
You included, Martín Berrote.
09:34 HOURS
Lisbon will start testifying
at the National Court.
She'll give reliable, specific details,
earning the judge's trust.
And she'll do it meticulously
because all of this
is part of the Paris Plan.
What is the Paris Plan?
A rescue plan
in case either of us is caught.
But why Paris?
Because Paris is the city of freedom.
And of love.
Who hasn't strolled around Paris in love?
Right, boys?
What will Lisbon tell the judge?
The truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth.
And in fact, she'll start with love.
How did you reunite with Sergio Marquina?
Did you arrange it?
I met him a year after we escaped,
in Palawan in the Philippines.
He left me a puzzle with coordinates.
He might not look it, but he's romantic.
She'll tell them everything.
Everything, where we lived,
how often we relocated.
After an hour and a half,
she'll tell them the plan.
What do you mean?
- She can't do that.
- She can.
Truth is the basis of trust,
and that's a fact.
The plan's to steal 90 tons of gold
from the national reserve.
We're melting it.
- They're melting it in there?
- Of course.
By now, they'll have done around 50 tons.
We're using industrial furnaces
made by Hormund.
German. They're the best.
- Benjamín, how are we doing?
- Seven and a half meters!
We'll give them all the details.
They reach 2,300°C,
and gold melts at 1,064°C.
We'll overwhelm them
with technical details, so their brains
have to keep processing information.
We knew that the vault floods
at a rate of 7,500 liters a minute.
Very detailed information.
And we'll do that to
- tire them out.
- That's right.
The challenge
was the interconnection tube.
Can I have some paper and a pen?
I'm going to tire you out.
- Meters?
- Nine meters!
The vault door
14 tons of steel
We had to cut a circle in it
in just minutes
The bathyscaphe floods
The diver enters
We weld the tube
to equalize the pressure
it comes out the other side.
A bit like this.
Have some dinner brought in.
They say that pregnant women
have a sharper sense of smell.
It was perhaps the only thing
the Professor hadn't foreseen.
It was the first time
someone had picked up his scent
without him sensing it.
Antoñanzas's wife
had not yet seen the news.
- Marisa?
- Sierra took less than 3 minutes
to get the information she needed.
- I'm a colleague of Benito's.
- I know who you are.
Let me see, where do I begin?
Benito has been acting
- weird lately, nervous
- Antoñanzas had seemed anxious at home.
So much so,
he'd been swimming late at night
with two friends in the pool.
And it seemed like he was drunk.
Colonel, Sierra isn't at home.
She must have fled.
Fucking bitch.
All units, an arrest warrant's been issued
for Alicia Sierra.
I can't give you the footage
even if you are an officer.
I need permission from a judge
or the residents' association president.
Oh wait, someone's calling me.
It's the residents' association president.
How are you, President?
OK, thank you.
He says yes.
Give me the tapes of the entrance,
the pool, the parking lot, the street
All of them.
Listen, Amanda.
What you did before
Making unfounded accusations
against me
- I don't want to hear it. Leave me alone.
- Look
Didn't you hear her? Leave her alone.
Don't make me kick you out of here.
What are you doing?
Everyone quiet, now!
You're despicable. You make me cringe.
You're calling me despicable?
A banker.
A puppet of the system and of capitalism.
You're giving me lessons in ethics?
A man who didn't have the balls
to defend his workers
- and face the terrorists.
- Enough!
On the ground!
Hands behind your head!
Come on. All right!
You, over there!
- Arturo!
- Everyone on their feet.
I'll get you out, I promise.
All of you! That's the difference
between you and me, Governor.
I came to save all these people,
to be a hero.
While you piss your pants
at the slightest thing.
- Governor.
- Arturo.
She's got a gun.
You're going to put that G36 on the floor
in the next three seconds.
If you don't, you're dead.
Who are you?
If you don't mind me asking.
Undercover agent for the gang.
Well, look
Manila, I don't buy a word of it.
And that gun is one of the fake ones
they give us.
You don't fool me.
You have two seconds.
Put the gun down,
and pray it's not true you raped Amanda.
You're pissing me off.
I'm losing my patience.
- One.
- So
I didn't rape her.
I just gave her some anxiety meds.
I'm bleeding out.
I'm dying.
You're not. There's an exit wound.
There are no arteries
or anything important there.
Arturo, you're under arrest,
accused of rape.
may I remind you
that you offered me pills too, scumbag.
That night in the bank, no one slept.
But the worst news
was that, outside,
our biggest enemy was wasting no time.
Sierra saw Antoñanzas fall.
She saw him hit the springboard.
Seconds later,
the Professor and Marseille appeared.
It was 3:11 in the morning.
Minutes later, she had the license plate.
What's up, cutie?
- Fuck, Alicia, don't give me shit.
- Take it easy.
I have a license plate
from April 7 at 3:00 a.m.
It left a street off the M-30.
I need to know where it went.
You're a wanted woman.
I'm taking a risk.
How many times
have I taken risks for you, Raúl?
Should I remind you of the last time?
Don't fuck with me.
Nine and a half!
Lisbon's mission
is to buy us the time we need.
You see
people can concentrate
for about 50 minutes.
However important that information is,
there's a point
when you can't take any more.
They'll have no choice
but to continue the next day.
Do you know anything
about underwater welding?
Or about how to use
a thermic lance underwater?
In water, you cut metal with fire.
Fire? Underwater?
- How are we doing?
- Ten meters!
Fire underwater
to get to the state secrets,
key to the negotiation.
But it didn't work.
We had to use the dolphin.
A dolphin?
Ten and a half.
Flipper is the name we gave
the governor of the Bank of Spain.
It was the fastest way
to get the secrets and negotiate.
That's an act of coercion.
- I know.
- And disclosure of secrets.
We sent the secrets to an external server.
Lend me the pencil,
and I can outline how the IT system works.
It's almost one in the morning.
Maybe we should take a break.
If the prosecution
and the defense agree
She'll go back to prison.
And we'll keep chipping away
and chipping away.
And between 4:00 and 4:30 in the morning,
we'll have drilled through
the 11 meters and 68 centimeters
of our tunnel.
And at last
we'll access the parking garage.
- Questions?
- How do we get into the garage
without being seen?
Very good question.
In two stages. First, Pakistan.
- Pakistan.
- Yes.
And you'll give the order.
The mole is out for a walk.
- Shakir, now.
- Perfect, Professor.
From Pakistan, they'll change the signal
of the internal CCTV.
And from then on,
the guards will see a recording.
Stage two, Marseille.
Marseille will be
at that critical point on a night out,
when all the bars in Madrid
have closed, but
you want to keep dancing
with your new hookup,
- Benjamín?
- Speaking.
And that will drown out the noise
of the angle grinders.
Three, two
Good evening. Is there a problem?
What the hell are you doing?
Having a party.
All the bars are closed.
So we're having a little party
here in the car.
Marseille, hang on.
Hang on, Marseille.
One minute!
What sort of party is it
with alcohol-free beer?
Well, I want to make love tonight.
And with alcohol
And without alcohol
Turn off the music.
Thirty seconds!
Don't turn it off, Marseille.
- What?
- Turn off the music.
Twenty seconds!
- Turn off the damn music.
- Hold on, Marseille.
- Get out of the car.
- Hold on.
Ten seconds!
- Get out.
- Five seconds!
The burrow is open.
We're in.
Get out of here.
We're in.
Stage three.
Roger that.
The last CCTV sighting was
at kilometer 29, the Colmenar Viejo exit.
Eight in the morning on the second day
the last stage begins.
That's when Lisbon will leave
Soto del Real prison,
guarded by the same convoy
as the day before.
She's just left the prison.
Get ready.
Tokyo, get Gandía ready.
At 8:35, she'll arrive
at the National Court.
The entrance
will still be full of journalists.
They'll repeat the same procedure.
They'll go into the parking garage.
But there's one difference
you will already be there.
But nobody will be able to see you.
Because overnight
you'll have built a false wall.
Jeez, Louise!
You'll have three hours to build that wall
before the first National Court employees
arrive at 7:00 a.m.
That wall
will be just small enough
that no one will notice it,
but big enough for you to hide behind.
And then comes
the David Copperfield moment.
How to extract someone
from a van guarded by six other vehicles
and surrounded by civil guards
without anyone realizing.
How to do it so that life goes on
as if nothing had happened.
For that, we need to move
the next piece on the board.
And it's an essential piece.
The time has come
for you to decide your fate.
Life or death.
We've reconnected your equipment.
You'll call the tent,
you'll speak to Tamayo,
and you'll say you killed Nairobi.
Fucking son of a bitch.
And killed me too.
That we haven't found the panic room yet,
but that we're about to.
That you're going out
and that you've got a radio.
What's up?
Am I turning you on like
when I rammed the shrapnel into you?
Get to it.
Command center.
It's César Gandía.
Head of security
for the governor of the Bank of Spain.
It's a ruse. They caught me!
They're trying to set you up!
it's the Professor.
We fully expected you to do this,
but that was your one chance
to get it wrong.
The next call will be to Tamayo.
- Do it again
- Think of your son, Juanito.
And Tokyo will kill you.
You hear me, Tokyo?
- Loud and clear.
- Listen to me, Tokyo.
You'll hang up and you'll kill him.
I want you to understand one thing.
You can't win now.
You've already lost. Do you understand?
The heroic thing to do
is to see your wife and son again.
If not, they'll lose you.
They'll lose you.
Do you hear me, Tokyo?
Get to it.
It's Gandía.
Gandía, I'm here.
Colonel, I'm in the panic room.
They're about to find it.
I've eliminated Nairobi and Tokyo.
I'm launching another attack.
I'll take a radio. This is the frequency.
- I want all units on alert.
- Alpha and Beta units, get ready.
- Everyone ready and on alert.
- Go.
Four, six, two,
point, six, six, two.
Come with us.
If we don't get Lisbon
when she arrives, what do we do?
Wait in the wall for 10 hours?
This time, it'll take her
less than 20 minutes to come back.
They'll insist, of course,
but she'll be within her rights.
I've decided not to testify.
Mrs. Murillo, yesterday
you seriously incriminated yourself.
I advise you not to backtrack.
You could get penal benefits.
The judge will be forced
to send her to prison.
The same guards who took her in
will take her back to the parking garage.
But no one will be watching,
because the security control room
will be seeing the recording
from the night before.
The first time Lisbon arrived.
And then,
they'll cross paths with
a judge a prosecutor
a police officer
and two lawyers.
Well, maybe you should be the prisoner.
- Everyone ready?
- Ready.
- Benjamín.
- I see her.
Twenty-five meters.
Ten meters.
The signal will be
Good morning.
Three meters.
Good morning.
- Good morning, Ms. Lisbon.
- Hello.
Let's go.
We won't make it easy for them,
within 45 seconds,
they'll have explosives
strapped to their chests.
Within 55, two cameras and two microphones
will be watching them so that
if they change the route
If they attempt to raise the alarm
If you don't drive the prisoner
back to the prison
Are we taking the prisoner or not?
We'll give them another Lisbon.
Everything OK?
You're taking a long time.
Yes, everything's fine.
- We're coming up now.
- OK, understood.
And that's when
the great magic trick begins.
The climax
of the David Copperfield show.
- Who is this Copperfield?
- The magician.
- Wasn't that Harry Potter?
- It'll seem like nothing's changed.
But it won't be.
Because we'll have someone crawling
through the tunnel at top speed.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Lisbon is on the way.
Begin the countdown now.
Colonel, they're shooting!
- Gandía, answer me.
- Gandía here.
Gandía here!
- They're closing in on me.
- They're closing in on me.
- I'm caught in the cross fire.
- Good.
Up you go.
- Where are you? Can we give cover fire?
- Negative.
Negative, Colonel.
- I'm going to the roof.
- I'm going to the roof.
- I request evacuation.
- I request evacuation!
Suárez, send a helicopter, now.
- Come on!
- Delta 1, prepare for takeoff.
Rescue operation at the Bank of Spain,
Hold on, Gandía.
I have an M16 and 3 magazines.
I don't know how long I can hold out.
Fire. Now.
- They started a fire.
- They're starting a fire. I can't see!
Smoke on the roof.
Hold on. The helicopter's coming.
- Marseille.
- Marseille.
We have Lisbon.
Switch to blanks.
Let's go!
Where will you get a military helicopter?
The same place we got the vehicles
for the heist, the black market.
Not only that,
we'll intercept their communications
so that when they contact the helicopter,
it'll be us who answer.
Where's the helicopter?
Delta, position.
Two minutes, fifty seconds.
- Two minutes, 50 seconds.
- Go to the roof. We'll cover you.
I can't.
There's plastic explosive on the door.
- For fuck's sake! Bomb disposal!
- Bomb disposal!
- Describe the device.
- Blue wire to the primer.
There's a movement sensor
and a blue wire to the primer.
Cut it. It's a simple device.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- No!
- Cut it.
No. Colonel!
- Wire cut.
- Wire cut!
Denver, now.
I'm in black. Don't shoot.
- Door.
- Exiting now.
I'm wearing black and a ski mask.
Hold fire.
Our man's in black. Cover him.
- Be ready for possible cross fire.
- Copy.
Switch to blanks.
Let's go!
They're on the roof. They're firing!
Cover fire!
There's smoke. I don't have a shot.
- Tokyo, now.
- Palermo?
- Searching for target.
- No visual.
I've got them. I see them!
Target in sight.
Permission to shoot.
Permission to shoot.
- They're shooting at us!
- Motherfuckers.
We're exposed.
- They're exposed!
- Take cover!
We're retreating to cover.
Delta, begin approach maneuver.
Rescue protocol.
I want a quick, clean extraction.
- Arriving.
- Helicopter in position.
- Get it down there!
- Go ahead.
- Permission to descend, sir!
- Proceed.
Back in the helicopter, now!
- Denver!
- Welcome to the Bank of Spain!
Package delivered, Professor.
I'll be out in two minutes.
Where's the helicopter going?
Delta 1, what's going on?
Return to your position!
- Delta 1, come in!
- Fuck!
There's a problem with the helicopter.
We're gonna tackle them.
Where'd that agent come from?
What balls.
They're retreating.
Are you OK?
A call from Soto del Real.
The convoy that transferred Murillo.
I have a woman here who was kidnapped
as she left the hairdressers.
What do I care?
This is the command center for the heist!
Here, asshole.
Gandía, hold on!
Stay on the stairs
till the helicopter returns.
Where's the fucking helicopter?
- What?
- Colonel.
The situation seems to be a trick.
- Yes!
- Come on!
Fuck yeah!
- Yes!
- Professor.
Lisbon is with us.
I repeat, Lisbon is with us!
Fuck yeah!
Listen to me.
This war
We're going to win.
For Nairobi.
For Nairobi.
For Nairobi.
For Nairobi.
For Nairobi.
For Nairobi.
For Nairobi.
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
Don't move.
Checkmate, son of a bitch.
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