Money Heist (2017) s05e01 Episode Script

The End of the Road

[suspenseful music plays]
[Tamayo] Oh, Alicia…
Now the only way out
is by taking the blame.
[Alicia] And who's gonna do that?
[Tamayo] For the CNI, Prieto.
For the police, you.
[Marseille] Package delivered, Professor.
I'm out in two minutes.
[Tamayo] Shit's gonna hit the fan
in every possible scenario.
Be strong.
We're with you on this.
[Denver] Lisbon!
Welcome to the Bank of Spain.
[Alicia] The government gave the orders.
The National Intelligence Agency,
chief of police,
and Ministry of the Interior.
All of them,
absolutely all of them knew about it.
[tense music plays]
Where the fuck is the helicopter going?
[reporter] The official
magistrate of Madrid
has initiated proceedings
against Alicia Sierra…
and put out an order for her arrest.
-[Denver] Yes!
-[Rio] Come on!
[Tokyo] Professor.
Lisbon, we've got Lisbon!
[frenetic music playing]
[Professor] Listen to me. This war,
we're going to win it.
For Nairobi.
For Nairobi.
[Helsinki] For Nairobi.
[Palermo] For Nairobi.
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
For Nairobi!
[gun cocks]
[music builds]
Checkmate, you son of a bitch.
[music stops]
[tense music plays]
If you move an inch, I'll shoot you.
And trust me, I'd love to see you dead.
I'm the wife of a dead man.
I'm a disgraced police officer.
People who used to love me
think I'm a torturer. All thanks to you.
And the only reason
I'm not emptying my clip into your brain
is because someone's gonna need me
for the next 18 years.
But it's a really fine line.
And if you make me cross it, I'll do it
with a smile on my face.
This is where you've been.
This is your hideout.
In the most vile pit in all of Madrid,
of course.
This place fits who you are. You're a rat.
What are you going to do to me?
[inhales] You're gonna tell me
the whole plan
so I can deliver you on a platter.
I'm gonna make sure
that you're charged with terrorism,
sentenced to life in prison,
so you don't ever see sunlight
for the rest of your life.
Because listen to me.
Your sentence
will be our salvation.
[Alicia grunts]
[Professor shouts]
["My Life Is Going On"
by Cecilia Krull playing]
If I stay with you ♪
If I'm choosing wrong
I don't care at all ♪
If I'm losing now
But I'm winning late ♪
That's all I want ♪
I don't care at all ♪
I am lost ♪
I don't care at all ♪
Lost my time ♪
My life is going on ♪
[church bells ringing]
[lighthearted music plays]
-[Berlin] Look at the civility.
-[man] Sure.
[Berlin] The beautiful people.
And here we are together, father and son.
So poetic.
[man] Well, it's not like
our relationship has been ideal, Dad.
-[Berlin] Yes, but I forgive you.
-[man] You forgave me, for what?
[Berlin] For being born.
Your mother and I
had an incredible relationship.
Exceptional woman.
And you stood in the way of our happiness.
I wanted to take her to dinners,
go traveling,
make love to her
in the most beautiful places in the world.
And then you showed up and ruined it all.
You were like a nuclear warhead.
You completely destroyed our dreams.
-I don't know. Lots of people have kids.
-[man] You could've adapted.
-Look at those lobsters!
Oh, we should go eat here. Maître!
[Berlin, in Danish] Two Danish aquavits
and the menu, please.
we're here so we can have
a fresh start, hmm?
We're not here
to dwell on the past or our resentments.
[soft piano music plays]
[Rafael] You're right, Dad.
The past is the past,
and it doesn't really make sense to…
keep bringing it up, so, that's it.
[both sigh]
I'm really glad that we're here,
the two of us together again.
Oh, Tatiana. [laughs]
[jubilant music plays]
I'm here for a fresh start
with your girlfriend?
A little family honeymoon,
just the three of us.
[romantic music plays]
[Rafael clears throat]
I guess I'll go to the bathroom.
Something wrong?
He's just a little fussy.
He didn't know you were coming.
Well, did you tell him
he's here for a heist?
[laughs] My love,
the things that actually matter in life
always come unexpectedly.
And after that, what?
-After the Plan Paris?
Then we immediately begin Plan Rome.
[calm music plays]
-Rome? Seriously?
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.
-[Lisbon laughs] That's wonderful!
-What? [chuckles]
Hey, what's happened to you?
[laughs] You used to be stone cold.
You're not turning into a romantic,
are you?
-[Professor] Of course not.
And what happens after we go to Rome?
Plan Venice? [laughs]
I meant it as a reference of the burning
of Rome during the reign of Nero.
That doesn't sound very sexy. Go ahead.
If we release
the only person they were able to capture
and get them in the bank
right under everyone's noses,
it'll be so humiliating
that they'll try and destroy us
as soon as possible.
They'll resort to using maximum force.
Let's prepare to intervene immediately.
-I need to talk to you.
-Leave brainstorming for later.
I need backup.
I need intervention officers
from Catalonia and the Basque Country.
-I want Urruticoetxea!
-Great idea.
Get them and take them
to Puerta del Sol square.
I hear someone's dressed up
and picking pockets!
Only the army can fix this.
Wait a minute, this is a civil matter.
This is an issue for the police.
It's a matter of our national security.
I'm bringing the military in.
They'll come out victorious
or come out dead.
Martínez, get me Major Sagasta.
-One battalion, maybe two. I don't know.
And moreover,
they'll go in thirsty for blood
and the killing of hostages
won't matter that much anymore.
And so then what?
-How's it going downstairs?
-Fifty-nine tons are already melted.
Connect the pump, Palermo.
Let's begin extraction.
But there's 31 tons left.
The plan's to melt it all.
I'm here, so the plan's changed.
The priority now is to get it out.
Our only chance will be
to extract the gold
we've managed to melt
up until that moment.
I can't believe
you got me excited about Rome.
-And how long do we have?
-Three or four hours.
They're close to figuring out our plan.
The helicopter's still in the air.
[action music plays]
Where is that helicopter?
It's heading southwest from Guadalajara.
We're 11 minutes behind.
I can send an F18 from the base
in Torrejón and shoot it down.
No. That pilot's useless
to us if he's dead.
That helicopter's gonna land.
The moment it does, we'll be there.
Of course.
[officer] Bear 21.
Bear 21, this is Bravo 03.
Land at once. I repeat, land at once.
[music stops suddenly]
Don't even think about touching me!
The wound is next to the femoral artery.
[Denver] Stitch him up.
Make sure he shuts up.
[Helsinki] Okay, hero.
[Arturo] I'll only be worked on
by a surgeon in a hospital!
[limping footsteps]
What the fuck did you do, Manila?
You came in here under one condition:
You wouldn't reveal your identity.
Just a hostage with hostages.
Did you see the guy holding an M16?
Arturo had the M16 and he's useless.
Arturo with a bazooka is useless!
There was a protocol.
You know I kind of saved your life.
Maybe you could at least thank me for it.
If they caught us,
you'd stay with Cincinnati.
That was the deal.
You were given your orders,
and you blew it.
And now my son has no plan B.
-Manila did what she had to do.
We trusted her
with the mission of raising our child,
and she wiped her ass with it.
It's never Arturo's fault.
No matter what he does.
I mean, even if he has an M16,
or rubs himself against you
with a hard-on,
or abuses hostages…
It's always somebody else's fault!
if we lose Cincinnati,
we're the only ones to blame.
We came in here because we wanted to,
so cut the shit out.
And get back to work.
[sad music plays]
[shouts] Attention, gentlemen!
There's a change of plans.
I repeat, a change of plans.
Get all the ingots that are left
and plug in the extractor pump.
Let's go, right now!
[Bogotá] Come on!
Move it, move it. Quit sitting around.
Eight more hours at full blast
and we can melt it all.
The melting is secondary.
Now it's about extraction.
They said we had to melt 90 tons
so we could get out alive
but now 60's enough?
Lisbon's in the bank now.
That will force them
into an intervention we can't handle.
Either we take the gold out now
or we're done, brother. Understand?
Did you have that information before?
That Lisbon's rescue
would jeopardize our plan?
-Come on, I didn't know fucking shit!
-Of course not, damn it!
-Because we never agreed to that.
If getting someone out of jail
puts the plan at risk,
then they stay in jail, period.
And that goes for everyone.
I'm not the one giving orders.
You were before, damn it.
Now what? You run the errands?
looks like we're starting to improvise,
and that's how people
get killed in a heist.
[tense music builds]
Lisbon to Professor. Do you copy?
[chains rattle]
Lisbon to Professor.
Do you copy?
[chains rattle]
[footsteps approaching]
Lisbon to Professor. Do you copy?
How long did they keep you
under interrogation in the tent?
Thirty hours.
Why? Is that too long
to keep your mouth shut?
No, for me, no.
For you, I don't know.
Maybe you saw a badge
and you felt nostalgic.
And after that, you told them
how we're getting out the gold.
[clicks tongue]
At least I didn't shake my ass
at every man with a pulse in Panama.
[Tokyo scoffs]
Professor, this is Lisbon.
I need the response.
What is Raquel doing in there?
-[chains rattle]
He's probably working
with Marseille outside.
In 20 minutes
we should get a check-up call.
But if we have 20 minutes,
I need to take a shower.
And get me a jumpsuit.
I obey your orders, Mrs. Professor.
[tense music builds]
[suspenseful music plays]
How did Raquel get into the bank?
How are your buddies coming out?
[water drips]
How are you getting the gold?
Okay, either you talk… [gun cocks]
…or I'll shoot you.
[racing heartbeats]
It's not the first time
someone's threatened to shoot me.
Oh, okay. No threats then.
[strident music plays]
Jesus, the self-control.
[Professor pants]
We better talk now,
before I decide to shoot you again. Okay?
You're melting the gold.
[Alicia] What for?
We're going to turn the gold into ingots,
into pellets.
Two millimeters
so we can safely get it out.
I knew it.
How's it coming out?
Through the only way possible.
Through the bank sewage system.
It'll come out broken up,
mixed with the water.
[Professor pants]
You think I'm a total idiot, don't ya?
The sewers in the underground
are filled with police officers.
Tell me the truth.
It'll pass in front of them,
covered in mud, and they won't see it.
So then,
if you're gonna get it out
through the sewers…
why are you here?
What are you doing here?
Come on!
Sagasta, Tamayo speaking,
in charge of the Bank of Spain operation.
-[Sagasta] Is something wrong?
-[Tamayo] I want you to lead a group in.
[Sagasta] Hmm… Negative. I'm on leave.
[Tamayo] Sagasta, this is a really,
really bad time to be fucking with me.
-[Sagasta] You're familiar with me.
-[Tamayo] Yes, that's why I called you.
[Sagasta] Afghanistan, Yemen,
the pirates in the Horn of Africa,
Boko Haram…
Do you know
what all those missions have in common?
What? The mosquitoes?
[Sagasta] They're undercover operations.
They happen abroad.
There's no witnesses.
Why would I meddle in a civil matter
with Spanish civilians
and the prosecutor's office watching me?
First, because it's an order.
Second, for your country.
Isn't that enough?
They're attacking the national reserve.
You pledged allegiance to the flag!
Listen. Let me tell you
a couple of things, Colonel.
Actually, three things.
Firstly, I couldn't find
the right moment during this conversation
to tell you that I'm taking a shit.
And it doesn't matter now.
Secondly, I'll be there in 40 minutes.
And the last thing, I'll go in
with my operational team that I trust.
The ones from Afghanistan,
Yemen, and Mali.
I want them all.
-[chains rattle]
-[Professor pants]
[dark music plays]
Tell me what this looks like.
[metal clashes]
[sinister music plays]
[pants] Turn me in to the police.
If I take you to the police,
you'll escape.
If I take you to prison, you'll escape.
Wherever I take you, you've got
a fucking plan and you'll escape.
Tell me. Answer my fucking question.
Where are you taking the gold out?
If you push, you'll never clear your name.
How are you taking it out?
What will you give them?
A smashed corpse, full of bullets?
-They'll think you're completely insane.
Fair enough, bombs away.
[Professor screams]
[tense music plays]
[Professor grunts]
You get it now?
Do you grasp the situation?
You're the one who doesn't get it.
I'll never
turn my gang in. Do you get it now? Never!
Listen to me. The plan is designed
to survive any setbacks,
including my death.
So just do it.
So just let me fall!
Or even better, shoot me!
Empty the entire clip on me!
Come on, I can't wait! Just do it!
Come on!
[suspenseful music builds]
-[music stops]
-[whispering] I'd love to.
As soon as they know about Murillo,
and they will,
it'll be like a salad bowl full of shit,
the centerpiece on the table,
and someone will have to eat it.
We can share it. Each of us
would get our own nice little portion.
-Or we can make someone else eat it.
-Who, a cop?
No, Pope Francis. You fucking idiot.
Of course it's a colleague.
A former officer.
A traitor, Sierra. She ran away.
Obviously she's working for the Professor.
-How do we know that?
-I don't know.
It's likely there's a mole here.
It's going to be her.
-[Ángel] We can't assume without proof.
-Proof? What proof?
Proof can be fabricated
when it's for a greater cause.
Are we new to this or what?
Martínez, get a hold
of Sierra's emails, okay?
We need to prove
that she leaked Prieto's conversations
with Osman and the stuff about Algeria.
Create a fake location signal
from her phone, near the National Court.
Irrefutable evidence
of her agreement with Murillo.
I'll need the phone carriers to cooperate.
The phone carriers will do
what CNI tells them to.
Antoñanzas, go to forensics
and stop Nairobi's autopsy.
An army doctor should assume the report.
There should only be
a single bullet wound.
By Gandía.
We'll state that
when Sierra ordered to shoot,
Nairobi was wearing a vest.
Come on, let's set up a farce.
With all that,
I think we're gonna be covered.
Colonel, we're breaking the law.
More than they are.
And I believe in the law.
So I'm leaving.
Where do you think you're going, Calimero?
I'm leaving. If I stay, I'll report anyone
who takes part in this fraud.
Who are you going to report?
The only one who's a fraud here is you!
You found the Professor's hangar.
You could've stopped
his escape but didn't.
Don't try to play Gandhi now!
You better watch what you say to me.
I was waking up from a damn coma!
I have all of your phone recordings.
You seemed a little drunk.
[tires screech]
Your phone calls to Murillo.
After 15 years together,
by your side, like a fucking idiot.
She was arrested under your nose
and you didn't have the balls to cooperate
because all you were was her little bitch.
Yes or no?
Answer me, Angelito.
-I'm not answering anything.
-Then get negotiating.
'Cause if you don't, you'll go to prison
before Rio, Tokyo, and Albuquerque.
Okay, you're promoted.
Inspector negotiator. How does that sound?
If you do good,
you can become commissioner.
If I'm gonna be the negotiator,
we'll do it my way.
I'm not gonna do anything illegal, Tamayo.
[mockingly] "I'm not gonna
do anything illegal."
You just negotiate.
We'll do all the hard stuff ourselves.
The helicopter is slowing down.
[action music plays]
[Martínez] Ground units will be there
in seven minutes.
Hurry them up.
I wanna block all of the roads.
The air deployment continues.
[police sirens wail]
["Too Late To Turn Back Now"
by Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose]
What's up, Maserati?
[song continues]
[song plays over radio]
[knocks on door]
[Tokyo] Your jumpsuit, the towel, and…
a pair of Helsinki's panties.
It's a fucking joke. [laughs]
Thank you.
Sorry, I was out of line before.
I just needed to see your reaction.
Mm-hmm. And?
And how did I do?
You don't seem tense.
I know they're coming for us.
But I can't help thinking
this situation is also romantic.
[Tokyo] Oh yeah?
He dug a 12-meter tunnel
to get me out of the National Court.
He took me for a ride
all over Madrid in an attack helicopter.
And then, he got me
into the reserve of the Bank of Spain
while 3,000 cops watched.
That's really nice.
In heists, love can get multiplied.
Is that so?
What do you mean?
[melancholic music plays]
'cause every moment
could be your last one.
And all that adrenaline
makes you really feel alive.
You don't wanna leave anything for later.
It does feel a tad more romantic
than going shopping on a Friday.
I've known that ever since the first time
I was kissed in the moment before a heist.
[music booms]
Your heart pounds.
-I'm ready.
[tense music plays]
[Tokyo screams]
You walk in…
Nobody move, motherfuckers!
-Come on, wallets out!
-Fucking hands up!
-Come on, goddamn it! Do it!
-Hands up!
-Hands up!
-Come on!
…and you spread chaos.
Fucking goddess!
Open the fucking cash register!
Come on. Now, now, now!
Get out. Get out of here! Now!
And in the middle of the turmoil…
Come on, come on, come on! Move!
…you look at him in the eyes
and realize you're so fucking happy.
Wallets out!
Come on, come on, come on!
Faster, faster, faster!
Come on, come on, come on!
Leaving with a backpack full of cash,
screaming on the motorcycle.
[Tokyo screams]
[sighs] …indestructible.
And holding him
while driving at 180 kilometers per hour.
You cross the border
and you're in Portugal.
[Tokyo screams and laughs]
[both scream]
[melancholic music continues]
And you stop anywhere,
because you want him so bad
you can't resist it any longer.
[melancholic instrumental music plays]
You just want to devour time
before it slips away.
And that
makes every moment become so magical.
[melancholic music softens]
You're not talking about Rio, are you?
[sad music plays]
Before him.
He was killed during a heist.
I was there.
After that, I knew
I'd never find a love like that again.
[sad music continues]
Because he was the love of my life.
[sad instrumental music plays]
[chains rattle]
[seagulls squawking]
[Tatiana] Mozart's your favorite composer?
[Rafael] Well, I have to go with,
um, because I'm a massive fan,
uh, Robert Schumann.
Wait until you hear me play Schubert.
Well, I'll have to see that.
I mean, listen to that.
[Tatiana and Rafael laugh]
[Tatiana] Why didn't you tell me
your son loves Schumann?
He's so cute.
I'm going to the restroom.
Get me more champagne?
[Berlin] Of course, my love.
[calm piano music plays]
Were you just checking out my wife?
[laughs] What?
You think I'm that stupid? You've been
making passes at her all afternoon.
-I'm just being polite to her.
-You're coming onto her.
-Maybe you misunderstood something I did--
-Look me in the eyes.
-Do you think she's attractive?
-That's not the point.
-Yes or no, Rafael?
Well, I think she's very… pretty.
-Would you make love to my wife?
I'm your father.
I'll know if you're lying.
If the situation wasn't,
uh, like it is right now
and you didn't have a formal,
um, relationship with her, then…
It's flattering that a young man like you
would want to polish
my wife's beautiful thighs.
Would you look at that?
See how confusing life can get sometimes?
For example,
I could seem like a good parent
if I wanted to work with my son, but…
if that job were a robbery,
probably some prude asshole
would object to it.
I'll never steal with you
in my life, okay?
[background applause]
-I'm an engineer.
-I know.
Electronics, huh?
With a post degree in cybersecurity.
[lightly tense music plays]
MIT, Massachusetts.
I paid.
Why do you think I did it?
You are just…
absolutely disgusting
and selfish.
You want a boring life
with schedules, meetings, emails,
with those endless shifts
that will completely exhaust your energy?
Then give you a month-long holiday
so you can get a glimpse of some freedom?
You're gonna want a glimpse of freedom
when you go to prison!
In my job,
you don't get killed or go to jail.
Death is simply just a word, a priori.
It comprises everything
that doesn't exist.
On the other hand, once you're dead,
you won't remember you were alive.
So that's why you wanted to meet, right?
That's why you wanted to see me again?
You say you love me
but don't care if I get killed.
What I don't want is for you to die
before you've even lived.
[lightly tense music plays]
What I'm offering you right now
is a guaranteed path to liberty.
With me, you'll find authentic liberation.
And if we ever have to pay a price for it,
then we pay it.
[tense music builds]
Madrid is not the Bermuda Triangle.
We can't make
an 11-ton helicopter simply disappear.
And Marseille will be watched
by all their radars, their satellites,
even NATO's ballistic missiles.
So as soon as Marseille drops off Lisbon…
he'll have nowhere to go.
[Martínez] The helicopter's descending.
-Where is it?
-[Martínez] It's in the countryside.
Near Guadalajara.
It looks like a cattle farm.
-Helicopter's landing!
-[Martínez] Transferring coordinates.
[tense action music plays]
The coordinates, hurry up.
Forty degrees,
33 minutes, 47 seconds, north.
Three degrees,
12 minutes, 34 seconds, due west.
[rock music plays]
[police sirens wail]
[helicopter shuts off]
[police sirens wail]
[frenetic action music plays]
You'll be getting your wife out of trouble
but putting Marseille in a tight spot.
That would be the case, Benjamín,
if it wasn't for the continuation
of our astonishing illusionist act.
[police yelling]
Get to the helicopter!
On the ground!
-I'm the owner of the farm.
-[officer 1] On the ground!
-On the ground! Hands on your head!
-[officer 2] Get on the ground!
-[officer 2] Clear!
A guilty person
would never claim damages and losses
in such an indignant, obsessive…
-They've killed my lambs.
-Shut your mouth!
…irritating way.
On your feet!
Your colleague killed my lamb.
Who's gonna pay for it? Huh? Who?
[officer 1] I don't know who did this.
Just stay quiet!
-Who the fuck is that?
-Someone who lost a lamb.
[Benjamín] He landed on my flock
at a crazy speed. He's nuts!
He was alone?
In the helicopter? Yes, he was alone.
In the car…
Boris, in the car, how many were there?
Two, right?
No, just one. They both left,
but there was only one guy in the car.
The vehicle model?
It was like, uh, a funeral car.
[Professor] In that moment,
they'll have only one lead, the red Volvo.
The cameras back at the National Court
will record it when we get Lisbon out.
And that will be
the exact information you'll give them.
Ask him if it was
a Volvo from the '90s. A red one.
Was it a Volvo?
A red station wagon.
The make? I don't know.
Volvo, yeah, Volvo.
It left towards Albolleque.
That will be the climax
of our act of illusionism,
because from that moment on…
-[music ends abruptly]
-…everything will change.
We've got them. It's them.
All units, the suspect's in
a Volvo Polar 240, plate number 15318 VCM.
-I'm listening, Colonel.
-Get on the same route and stay on them.
-Copy that.
Miranda, you stay here.
Everyone, we're leaving. Go!
[intense music plays]
[music climaxes and ends]
Open communication.
["Concerto No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 8,
(Summer)" by Antonio Vivaldi plays]
[sirens wail]
[helicopter whirs]
[helicopter whirs]
Squad, update me on the situation.
-[officer 1] It's two kilometers away.
-We have to stop that car.
[officer 2] Attention, suspect vehicle
approaching at 1,500 meters.
Come on, come on!
Suspect vehicle approaching
at 1,000 meters.
Careful, everyone. This is the Professor.
He could have a smoke bomb
or God knows what. He's fucking Houdini.
["Concerto No. 2 (Summer)"
by Antonio Vivaldi continues]
[officer 2] Vehicle approaching
at 500 meters. Increasing speed.
[officer 1] We have visual. Ready to fire.
[yells] Stop the vehicle!
Stop the car, you son of a bitch!
-Shoot the wheels off the fucking car!
[officer 3] Exit the vehicle!
[yells] Get out, now!
[officer 4] Out of the fucking car!
[officer 3] Get out of the car!
-[man sobs]
-[officer 3] Explosives!
[officer 4] On the ground!
-[man sobs]
-What's going on?
[cries] They've got my wife!
-Is it the Professor?
-We were kidnapped.
We were coming out of the salon.
A woman was kidnapped
on her way out of the salon.
We should make a report
or else no one will pay for my lamb.
Just shut the fuck up
and go back to doing your work.
After, while you're pretending
that you're going back
to your work on the farm…
Come on, we should go feed the cattle now.
…we'll leave.
["Concerto No. 2 (Summer)"
by Antonio Vivaldi ends]
[scornfully] Looks like
we've been tricked again, Colonel.
[sirens wailing]
["Kingston Town" by UB40 playing]
The night seems to fade ♪
But the moonlight lingers on ♪
There are wonders for everyone ♪
[music ends abruptly]
[suspenseful music plays]
What about all this gold,
are we not gonna melt it too?
[Palermo] This gold was stolen once.
It can't be stolen again.
It belongs to the Quimbayas,
the Incas, the Quechuas…
If anything, we should give it back,
don't you think? It's a treasure.
Well, treasure is treasure.
My son could have made one of these,
and he's two.
-Think about it.
-Come on, Denver.
[clock ticks]
Lisbon to Professor.
-[Alicia] Hurry up.
-[Professor pants]
-[Alicia] Hurry up. They'll be worried.
-[Lisbon] Professor, check-up call.
[calm suspenseful music plays]
[Professor pants]
-[Professor] I'm here.
Hi, Sergio.
Plan Paris was a success.
We're launching Plan Rome.
In an hour, we'll start the extraction.
There will be no extraction.
[tense classical music plays]
It's possible this is the last time
I'll speak to all of you.
The stormwater tank has been discovered.
What happens
if someone finds the stormwater tank?
[classical music intensifies]
It's the finale.
[Alicia] Hi, Lisbon.
Hey, Tokyo, Helsinki…
Well, hello to every single one
of those cities you're named after
but will never have the chance to visit.
Who's that?
It's Inspector Sierra.
-She's in charge of the investigation.
-Something like that. What's up, Raquel?
I guess you're in the middle
of an emotional roller coaster, right?
Earlier… you were arrested in the tent.
Then you were flying around
like a little bird, right? Free.
And suddenly it hits you, bang!
Everything's over.
But we both knew all of this had a price.
the time has come to pay it.
The price could be really high, Dad.
Because when it's time to pay,
you're not here,
in a luxury restaurant,
eating a lobster, no.
You're in a police van.
And your life,
everything you've built, just…
Or worse, you're covered in blood, dead…
like your father, remember?
The things that are really important
in life, Rafael, have a high price.
Do you have any last words, Professor?
[sad opera music plays]
I'm sorry, Raquel.
I'm really sorry, Rio.
I'm so sorry, Palermo.
I'm really sorry, Helsinki.
I'm sorry, Manila.
I'm sorry, Bogotá.
I'm really sorry, Stockholm.
I'm sorry, Denver.
I'm really sorry, Tokyo.
-I'm really so sorry.
Hey. That's enough.
don't feel so bad, hmm?
There are no big battles
without big opponents.
And I mean, you guys,
I could talk for hours.
We could do a group therapy session
or we could talk about
all your clever tactics,
like the ferret through the sewers.
[chuckles] Hilarious.
But the thing is,
we have a lot to discuss over here.
Okay? Over and out, my cute gangsters.
[tense music plays]
[retreating footsteps]
[tense music playing]
There's got to be a plan B.
The Professor always has plan B.
Not this time.
There's no plan B.
He's so arrogant he doesn't have a plan B?
He has one for everything,
but not in case he fails?
I don't think he's that stupid.
What would you suggest?
There's only one way to get the gold out.
There's no plan B
because only plan A can work.
[tense music continues]
We're up against the ropes.
But we're not gonna end up in the morgue.
[Helsinki] The army!
[crowd boos]
[Rio] The military.
A lot of soldiers.
[Lisbon exhales]
[tense and somber music plays]
[Tokyo] In that moment,
it felt as if we were hitting a wall
at 150 kilometers per hour.
The end of the road.
[tense music builds]
[Tokyo] We all experience that
at some point in our lives.
One day your brother
is diagnosed with a terminal illness.
[baby cries]
[Tokyo] One day you realize
you won't ever see your child again.
That you won't see your friends again.
Or your unrequited love.
[Tokyo] Or that you'll never hug
your father again.
[shouts] René!
[Tokyo] Other days,
you're leaving a bank with your boyfriend
and a bullet takes him away from you.
[yells] No!
[Tokyo] Your family…
won't ever see each other again.
Everything we experienced
while dressed in red
was coming to a close.
This was the end of our journey together.
[music intensifies]
[somber music plays]
[music ends abruptly]
[tense electronic music plays]
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