Money Heist (2017) s05e04 Episode Script

Your Place in Heaven

[suspenseful music plays]
[tense music plays]
[Palermo] Helsinki, get out
of the dining hall. Go to the museum.
[Helsinki] I need
to build a trench in here.
[music intensifies]
[music ends]
[muffled explosion]
[glass shatters]
[crowd screams]
[wood cracks]
[building creaks and shakes]
Helsinki, do you copy?
[static crackles]
Helsinki, are you there?
[static crackles]
[coughs] I'm… I'm alive.
[Helsinki coughs]
Get out of there right now!
My leg is trapped.
[coughs] Open wound.
There's blood.
[pants] Lots of blood.
[Palermo] Don't fall asleep.
We're almost there.
I promise you
that once we get out of here,
I'll take you out to eat
three nights in a row,
and I'll show you why Argentinian meat
is the best in the world.
And then what? [pants]
Can you take me to the movies?
[struggles to breathe]
Of course, but only if you don't
fall asleep. Promise me you'll stay awake.
I'm still awake. [pants]
[Sagasta] Squadrons three and nine, now!
Move! Let's go!
They're here. [groans]
[dramatic music plays]
[reporter] We've seen the military before,
but we're not sure what this is about.
It looks like
they're planning to enter the building.
We've witnessed a terrifying explosion…
[tense music plays]
This is the Professor.
The stormwater tank is safe.
Give me a report
on the situation, Palermo!
They blew off the roof!
Bogotá, Rio, and I are on our way up!
Helsinki's trapped.
Lisbon, situation.
Second floor, with Stockholm.
Tokyo, situation.
About to go onto the rooftop. Denver,
Manila, and I. We'll get them from behind.
-Don't open that door!
-[Denver] What?
-And Helsinki?
-They'll kill you.
They're coming down!
[guns shooting]
[Sagasta] Cover the flanks!
Stay together! Keep the formation!
If you don't go out,
they'll kill Helsinki. Get out!
-Do we go out or not?
There are 100 snipers
covering the rooftop. They're soldiers.
You can't get to them from the rear.
They'll shoot you in the head.
Professor, you're sacrificing a man!
There's one way to save Helsinki.
We have to attack on two fronts.
We'll use the hole on the rooftop.
But to do that,
you have to be able to get out
without being killed. I know how.
Go get the hostages.
[guns shooting]
[Sagasta] Arteche, cover the right flank!
[dramatic and tense music plays]
-[empty chamber clicks]
[Helsinki speaks Serbian]
[tense music intensifies]
[gun cocks]
[Sagasta] Fire at three!
[soldier shouts]
[Sagasta] Come on!
Gandía, Gandía, come on!
[Sagasta] Come on! Move!
Take cover!
Fire right now!
Everyone take cover!
[rocket zooms and explodes]
[muffled explosion]
[dramatic music plays]
[flames crackle]
[Tokyo] We thought we were at war
so many times before this.
But only because
we didn't know what a war actually was.
[music ends]
["My Life Is Going On"
by Cecilia Krull playing]
If I stay with you ♪
If I'm choosing wrong
I don't care at all ♪
If I'm losing now
But I'm winning late ♪
That's all I want ♪
I don't care at all ♪
I am lost ♪
I don't care at all ♪
Lost my time ♪
My life is going on ♪
[rhythmic percussion music plays]
[Tatiana] Frederiksborg Castle.
The security is pretty tight.
You can't enter or exit the building
without going through two metal detectors
and two security guards with machine guns.
All that before even reaching the party.
[Berlin] It'll be the perfect evening:
luxury cars, tuxedos, cocktails,
classical music, and 12 kilos of gold.
-Tatiana's fingers will make magic.
And we'll basically
be spending all our time enjoying it.
Because the most difficult part of the job
will already be done.
In fact, it'll be done by you,
one day earlier.
-[Berlin] Mm. You, yeah.
You're the only one among us
who looks unremarkable and, frankly, dull.
In fact, you look like a piano tuner.
[rhythmic music continues]
-[Berlin] You know what this is?
It's a magnetic card reader,
a skimmer, a cloner.
[Berlin laughs]
[Rafael] This will be in the piano.
I'm guessing, right?
Yeah, this is the one they normally use
to clone credit cards and ATMs, I heard.
-Tatiana suddenly will be indisposed.
-Stage fright, you know?
I need some air. [sighs]
And that'll leave you on your own
before a monumental grand piano.
So you'll need help.
I need a break.
-Could you help him?
-[security guard] Sure.
[Rafael] To use one of these
magnetic card cloners specifically,
you need to wait 30 seconds
and be at least 10 centimeters
from the card you need to clone,
of course.
[Berlin] They wear them as lanyards
on their necks.
Please, don't move. It's very important.
But it's nothing
that can't be solved by a tricky B-flat.
Thank you.
Then your tuning tool cart
will be the next step.
It's where we'll hide our replicas.
[Bogotá] It'll be lined in barium sulfate,
which means that even if you go
through X-ray, they won't see a thing.
[Berlin] The guards will escort you
until the replicas are in a safe place.
[card reader beeps]
[dramatic and upbeat music plays]
[Berlin] From that moment,
our only concern will be Hans.
-The guard of the hall with the gold.
He's always by the door,
never abandons it.
That man, he has no wife,
he has no dog, he has no kids.
His father's mind has gone.
What's his weak spot?
I don't know. Um…
Maybe some other relative?
What are you talking about?
His dad has lost his mind.
His dad.
Lost his mind.
He's in a nursing home.
Sadly doesn't recognize anyone.
-[distant applause]
["Piano Concerto No. 21"
by Mozart playing]
[indistinct conversations]
-Bring in Cristoff.
-[Marseille] Copy that.
The briefcase.
[music intensifies]
-[card reader beeps]
-[door opens]
[in Danish] Thanks.
[in English] We're in.
["Piano Concerto No. 21" continues]
Liberation of Cristoff.
[whispers in Danish]
Walk towards the music.
Towards the music.
[in English] Cristoff is on the move.
-I'm accessing the system.
[in Danish] Music.
[Cristoff] Music.
[in English] I got it.
-It's a loop.
-[tablet beeps]
[in Danish] Music.
[Berlin, in English]
Imagine Hans's astonishment,
who thinks his father
is at the nursing home,
in slippers and watching Wheel of Fortune,
and all of a sudden… [laughs]
[Cristoff, in Danish] Music… music.
This is Bear 3.
Emergency in Room 1.
I need immediate replacement in Room 1.
Copy, Bear 3. On my way.
-[in English] Rock and roll.
-[exhales nervously]
[music intensifies]
-[card reader beeps]
-[door opens]
[music climaxes and ends]
Oh, there's one thing I forgot to mention.
I don't have the slightest clue
about what we'll find behind this door.
["Piano Concerto No. 21" continues]
[in Danish] Music.
[in English] You never know what
you might find in a hidden security room.
[cautious footsteps]
[mysterious and magical music plays]
Isn't it exquisite?
[machine clicks open]
[door closing]
Get to work.
[dramatic music plays]
The safes are blocked.
[in Danish] Excuse me.
[in English] In that…
is the key to opening them all.
Very well. Which one
of these boxes has the gold?
We can find that information. It's all
a matter of coding. I can hack it.
[distant piano music plays]
That box is attached to the wall.
It's a fixed structure.
Because it's the walls that move.
-[intriguing music plays]
This is the most fascinating
security system I've ever seen.
[dramatic music continues]
He just found his father.
Son, don't get distracted.
You only have one minute left.
I can't do it in one minute.
Jakov, emergency.
We'll need three more minutes.
I can't do it in three minutes either.
Okay, okay, no big deal.
If you can't do it in three minutes,
you can take your time in prison.
[in Danish] Excuse me. I'm a doctor.
I think this gentleman doesn't feel well.
He's disoriented.
It's nothing serious. Thanks.
Come on, Dad.
-[Berlin, in English] Come on!
-Found the gold. I'm cracking the code.
-Okay, how long?
-I don't know.
two more minutes.
[tense action music plays]
I got it!
[machine clicks]
[magical music plays]
[in Danish] Excuse me. Out there…
[Berlin, in English] One minute, Jakov.
[in Danish] He crossed the line
with some ladies.
The president of the foundation
almost called the police.
What did he do?
He said
inappropriate things.
What things?
Did you see if he was
with someone or how he got here?
Move aside.
Come here, Dad.
[in English] Andrés,
Hans is suspicious now.
He's coming your way.
[music intensifies]
[in Danish] Excuse me.
[machine clicks]
[in English] Jakov, it's finished.
[music intensifies]
[music ends]
-[piano plays]
-[indistinct conversations]
We're leaving.
["Piano Concerto No. 21" continues]
-[laughs nervously]
-The adrenaline, the endorphins…
[Rafael pants]
[piano music ends]
You feel powerful, don't you, son?
[laughs nervously]
What I'm about to teach you
is really the most important thing.
[Berlin] There we go.
What are you doing? No.
[laughs] Come on.
Dad, Dad!
[mysterious and magical music plays]
-What did you just do?
-Educated you!
You educated me? I can't believe it.
You just tossed 12 kilos of gold.
That's 15 million euros.
How that fuck is that educating me?
Look at you. [laughs]
Only a true thief feels like he owns
someone else's property.
Now you know that you're really one of us.
So, next time,
you can leave all of that arrogance
and moral superiority behind
and never call your father
a cynic ever again.
And now… let's enjoy.
Because I came here
to listen to Tatiana's concert. [laughs]
-["Piano Concerto No. 21" ends]
-[audience applauds and cheers]
[man] Bravo!
[Berlin] We'll be living
every thief's dream:
leaving the heist to applause,
with people taking pictures of us.
We'll be happy,
relaxed, determined,
and so in love.
[dynamic music plays]
[Berlin] And above all,
suspicion free.
We'll leave the country undetected,
in a beautiful small boat,
celebrating Tatiana's success,
towards Malmö, Sweden.
Is something wrong?
Just a tantrum.
I never know
if he's tired, hungry, or gassy.
[both laugh]
My love, are you prepared?
You know I am.
-[water bubbles]
-[buoy beeps]
[all laugh]
[Bogotá] Let's see!
-[Bogotá laughs]
-[Rafael laughs nervously]
Did you expect to take it
through the front door?
[all laughing]
I never took you to play tennis…
or to ride a bike uphill,
or to go rowing someplace.
Because doing those kinds of things
wouldn't teach you anything
you don't already know.
But here you learn.
If you really want something in life,
you have to steal it from somebody else.
That's the story of the world, my son.
[mysterious music plays]
[music booms]
[flames crackle]
[metal squeaking and swinging]
[music booms]
[Palermo] We're here, Fatty. Don't worry.
[Helsinki groans]
[Palermo] Don't worry, Helsinki. I'm here.
[Arteche pants]
[Sagasta] Arteche.
I can't hear anything, Major.
Tosco's injured.
His pulse is really weak.
It got to the femoral.
We have to make a fucking tourniquet.
Don't worry, Fatty. Just breathe.
We're getting you out of here.
Higher, higher. Put it higher.
Higher. Come on. Come on!
[Helsinki shouts]
Sagasta, do you copy?
-What the fuck is going on?
-It was… [huffs] …a hostile rocket.
I want a damage report now!
Shut your fucking mouth, Colonel.
I got wounded soldiers in here.
Canalejas, we have to make a trench
to secure this perimeter.
[dramatic music plays]
Hey, look at me.
This is gonna hurt. Are you ready?
Three, two, one. Now!
-[bone breaks]
Bring the anti-explosive robot.
We're going in any moment now.
[action music plays]
Everybody get up!
You're all in luck.
We're gonna do a fire drill,
like we did back in high school.
-Everyone stay quiet and form a line.
-You're now the infantry.
Matías, grab the bag with our gear.
We're going to the roof.
[Denver] Let's go!
-[stone drags]
[pants] Palermo,
cut that fucking leg, Palermo.
Cut it.
-Hey, look at me.
I'm not gonna cut your leg off,
you hear me? I'm not gonna do it.
I shattered my femur, shinbone,
my knee.
They're gonna cut it in the hospital.
You know that perfectly well, Palermo.
This will make you feel better.
We'll get you out.
So stop saying stupid shit, all right?
Don't worry, Fatty.
I'm here with you, okay?
You're gonna be okay. You hear me?
He's right.
It's a marble statue,
weighs at least two tons.
[Helsinki pants]
[sad music plays]
We won't be able to move it, Palermo.
[Helsinki struggles to breathe]
I'll cut it.
No, we're gonna find a lever
so we can move that fucking statue!
We need something big to move it.
[guns shooting]
We're at the back stairs.
The snipers have to think
you're all hostages.
Half of them
take off their masks when they're out.
You've got one minute to reach the top.
You're gonna play
the role of your lives, okay?
I want an Oscar-winning performance!
Is that clear? Come on!
[Professor] That's it.
[Tokyo] Go!
Ms. Tokyo, give me a moment,
my stomach hurts.
Keep going, we're almost there.
Pass me a bandage, Bogotá.
-Don't fall asleep.
-Hang in there.
-[Palermo] Don't worry.
-[Bogotá] Hang in there.
It's looking better.
-[Palermo] No?
Helsinki, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, you're with me, right?
-[Helsinki] Palermo.
-Open your eyes.
Keep your eyes open, Helsinki.
No, Helsinki. Look at me.
Look at me, Fatty. Please look at me.
[cries] Helsinki, look at me. Come on.
Fatty, look at me, for fuck's sake, Mirko!
-Don't go, Helsinki. Look at me.
-[Helsinki pants]
Palermo, what about that beam?
Cover us.
Thank you.
Lisbon. We need covering fire.
[tense music plays]
[Tokyo] Going out. Everyone ready?
-I'm not going. They'll kill us.
-They're not gonna kill you, Miguel.
I might because you're so annoying,
but they're not gonna kill you. Got it?
They won't kill any of you
because half of you are gonna
take off your masks. Is that clear?
Make sure
they clearly see you're hostages.
You'll take your mask off,
you'll take it off… and you too, hon.
Okay, great.
Get them on.
The bomb squad. They're getting ready
to enter through the ground floor.
[soldiers shouting]
[action music plays]
[Professor] They're getting ready
for an attack.
Why did you let the governor out?
Got something up your sleeve?
We hid a mic in the handcuffs.
I thought we had a chance
if they removed the handcuffs
before they went through
the radio wave detector.
We're getting him out.
And I'll tell you why.
[sound waves hum]
We've got Tamayo by the balls.
Contact Pakistan.
You're the sexiest woman in the world,
but I love you for your brains.
Right. Yeah. I'm a little busy now,
so let's save the flirting for later.
-Sounds great.
Benjamín, call your men.
We're going to start the foundry.
Marseille, I need you to get some things.
Buy, um… pacifiers, diapers, a crib…
Whatever she needs.
Are you breastfeeding
or should I bring a bottle?
Um… breast and bottle, right?
We're going all in here.
And get something for his foot.
I don't think he remembers I shot him.
By the way, Inspector,
maybe it'd be a good idea if…
you gave your cartridge rounds
to Marseille.
For the security of everyone.
[baby gurgles]
Thank you.
[Tokyo] Professor, we're on the roof.
Very good. Tokyo, it's important
they don't see you coming up armed.
Keep the intervention equipment
inside the bag with the weapons.
Tie the bag to the end of one rope
and the other to one of you.
You need to make it to the edge of
the hole while hidden among the hostages.
Matías, we need your help.
As soon as I say "stampede,"
you shoot from the door
to distract the snipers.
Then Tokyo pulls the rope
and retrieves the bag. Got it?
Palermo, Stockholm and I are in position.
[pants] Lisbon, smoke in five,
Good luck.
-[rocket hisses]
-[metal clinks]
[Gandía] Smoke!
[Palermo] Covering fire!
I have no visual!
Come on, Rio.
[guns shooting]
[Professor] Tokyo, now.
[tense and dramatic music plays]
[Miguel] Don't shoot!
I'm Miguel Fernández Talanilla!
I'm a hostage!
[sniper] They're on the roof.
They're taking their masks off.
If anyone goes near
the destroyed roof, shoot.
[sniper] Copy. We'll cover the area.
The robot.
Go in through the front door now.
They can't hold back
the commandos and the hostages.
-Now's our moment.
-Count on it.
[hostages] Don't shoot!
[hostages shouting]
[Manila] Everyone's outside, Professor.
Come on!
Bandage, right now!
We're running out of smoke. Hurry up!
-[Rio shouts]
-[Bogotá] Let's get out of here!
-Come on!
-[Bogotá] Come on!
[Rio] Bogotá! You okay?
Hang in there!
[tense and dramatic music continues]
Waiting on a green light for stampede.
[Tokyo] Palermo, give the order.
Give the order now!
-Not yet. We almost got Helsinki out.
-[Tokyo] We don't have much time.
Once he's free, we'll be the bait
to lure them out of the trench.
Don't get close to the hole
until I tell you to.
[hostages] Don't shoot!
[pants anxiously]
-[Tamayo] Be ready to enter the building.
-[sniper] Copy.
[soldiers yell indistinctly]
[guns cock]
[sniper] In position, sir.
[cell phone vibrates]
Sir. All units ready.
Give me a moment.
Who is this?
Go ahead, Professor.
First of all, don't even lift a finger
because I assure you, you don't want
anyone to hear this conversation.
Tell me, Colonel,
do you do yoga or anything like that?
So that's how you got your flexibility.
Your flexibility to dodge problems,
to dodge regulations and responsibilities.
You must be an excellent lover
with such flexibility.
Actually, I am. But I'm starting
to get disgusted by this conversation.
-Tell me what the fuck you want.
Go ahead.
[Tamayo] They didn't resuscitate anyone.
They killed him in cold blood.
The best thing that could happen is for
that man to die in the next ten minutes.
They gave us a gift. I'll use it
to finish them off. No law, no rights!
We'll shoot them in the back
even if they're on their knees!
But before we do,
I need everyone to believe
they're fucking murderers.
What are you trying to do?
-[inhales] All I want is a fair war.
-That doesn't exist.
Tamayo, you sent
eight elite soldiers inside the bank.
I have ten robbers inside.
I think it's quite balanced.
I don't wanna see any other movement.
You actually think
you're gonna stop me with that recording?
Colonel, you started out this race
to save yourself without scruples
or ethics.
All I'm asking
is that you keep doing the same.
Either you hold back the second attack,
or I prove that it was you
who fabricated false evidence
against Alicia Sierra,
who ordered the money transactions
from reserved funds,
and on top of that,
I'll transfer ten million to a company
in the Dutch Antilles in your name.
And I assure you that operation
will link you directly to me.
[breathes deep]
Put a hold on the intervention.
That's not the order I was expecting.
You don't get calls from the president.
You're not held accountable
before the government, right?
Then I think you should
go get some fucking cookies
and let me give the orders around here.
[tense music intensifies]
[breathes heavily]
-[hostage 1] Help!
-[hostage 2] Tokyo!
-[Manila sobs]
-[hostages shouting]
[Denver] What's wrong? Are you okay?
-I'm good.
-[Tokyo] What is it? What happened?
-Nothing happened. [pants]
-Are you okay?
This… This might be
a little too much for me,
but I'm okay, I'm all right.
I… I used to rob gas stations, man,
and now the whole army is after me.
Don't worry about it. We're together.
I know, don't worry about it.
We're together. It'll be fine.
Go, go, go, go!
[inhales and cries]
-[Denver] Hey.
-[shushes] Hey, hey, hey.
-[Tokyo] Look at me.
Don't close your eyes, okay?
Just look at me. Just look at me.
-Tell me something.
-[cries] What?
Whatever you want.
-Why'd you come here?
-What? [sobs]
Well, because… Because the other heist
had just turned out so well.
But not this one. [laughs]
And I wanted to spend time
with this moron, but…
But from the moment
I got into the monastery,
I swear, right there I realized
that this was not gonna go well.
What do you mean?
[hostages clamor in background]
[Manila sobs] Because you were there
with your wife, with a child, like…
like a perfect family, you know? [cries]
And I felt so naive.
Why would you say that?
Because I've been in love
with him all my life. [laughs]
Stop messing around.
It's no time for jokes, okay?
It's not a joke, buddy. [laughs]
It's not a joke.
The thing is, since we're gonna die,
because this is getting ugly, you know?
-[Tokyo] Listen to me.
-No, telling you makes me feel calmer.
[Tokyo] No, you gotta listen.
Nobody's going to die today, you hear me?
-[Tokyo] Say it.
-Today nobody is dying.
-Nobody is dying, okay?
[tense and dramatic music plays]
Life goes on, right?
-[Tokyo] Life goes on.
-Yeah, it does.
[baby cries]
-[Palermo shouts]
-[guns shoot]
Drag him the fuck out!
Professor, we got Helsinki.
[gun cocks]
Matías, prepare to shoot on my command.
Yes, Professor.
Tokyo, Manila, Denver, stand by.
Let's go, stay with me, okay?
Matías, stampede.
[hostages shout]
[Tamayo] By the door! Open fire!
[Matías grunts]
[Matías moans]
-[guns shooting]
-[hostages shouting]
[hostages clamor]
[music intensifies]
[sniper] They're approaching the hole.
Requesting permission to shoot.
You can't.
For fuck's sake, they're hostages!
[sniper] Orders, sir.
[tense music plays]
[sniper] Visibility's getting worse.
I need permission to shoot.
Civilians are running away
from the line of fire. Permission denied.
-[guns shooting]
-[hostages clamoring]
[music ends abruptly]
[ghostly music plays]
[hostages shouting]
[gun cocks]
[loud thud]
Bogotá, Rio, let them get close.
They're backing off.
Push them across the room, now!
They left their cover. Wait for my order.
[bullet casings clink on floor]
[hostages clamor and shout]
[guns shooting]
Not yet.
[heroic music plays]
-[Sagasta] Fire at six!
Let's go!
[music intensifies]
[music ends]
[rhythmic bumping]
[man moaning]
[rhythmic bumping accelerates]
Holy shit.
We get an hour break
and everyone just wants to fuck?
What is this place?
A summer camp for teenagers?
If Rio were here,
what do you think you'd be doing?
Think you need
a few more pictures of Jesus in here?
They're my boyfriends.
And also my bodyguards.
They protect Helsinki and me.
This guy shouldn't be allowed
to leave this room.
I'm sorry to say it, but if I die,
I don't wanna see any of these guys.
What do you think happens?
What, after they shoot us
in the head? [laughs]
Do you think we go someplace?
[loads gun]
You think so?
That everything's over?
Not everything, no. You leave your memory.
And how do you wanna be remembered?
[sighs] Well, I don't know. I guess, uh…
I think I'd like people to say that…
that they shared things with me.
But, you know, like something that's real.
I don't know, like,
for instance, friendship.
Okay, you know how people say,
"Yeah, I got a lot of friends"?
So what?
Just having friends isn't enough.
You gotta really feel them.
You think Helsinki won't remember me
every Christmas for the rest of his life?
I'll always remember you saying…
"I'm going."
I'm going where?
Going into the lion's den to rescue Rio.
Come on. [puffs]
Babe… [chuckles]
[nostalgic music plays]
I do think there's something.
I believe…
you keep on living in the final thought
you have the moment before you die.
So when the chaos happens,
I always think about when I was happiest.
So I'll stay and live
in those memories forever.
I think that's a beautiful plan.
-[rhythmic banging]
-What? Oh no. Not him. Who's that?
-Um, who do you think?
-Come on! No way.
-Of course it is!
Aikido in there, Professor!
-Aikido all the way through, man!
Fuck no! Oh my God. [laughs]
[dramatic music plays]
Who's in charge here?
Major Sagasta.
Well, Sagasta, you're surrounded.
Leave your weapons
in the center of the room.
You come and get them, you fucking fairy!
[Tamayo] Sagasta, situation.
Send in the second team.
The whole gang is here with me.
Even the mailman and his mother
could walk in the front door now.
Sagasta, you have to resist.
[breathes deeply]
There won't be a second team coming in.
They snuck in under your fucking nose
and now you sell us out.
Over and out.
[tense music plays]
Arteche, what do you think?
We're between two flanks,
we need to get rid of one.
[music builds and ends]
Sagasta, you've got ten seconds.
Gandía, can you activate
the museum's safety lock?
Affirmative. There's a fingerprint scanner
in the room.
Seven seconds!
-[soldier laughs hysterically]
-[gun cocks]
[Sagasta] Okay, four corners.
Wait for my order.
[quiet and tense music plays]
[Palermo] Five seconds!
[tense music builds]
It's okay.
All right, dropping the weapons.
Put your hands on your head!
Down on the ground, now!
[tense music builds]
We're going to drop our weapons.
[grenade clicks]
I don't like this one bit.
[Rio] Grenade!
[Tokyo] Take cover!
-[glass shatters]
[all shout]
["Will You Fight" by Klergy playing]
-Tell me what's happening.
-[Lisbon] Grenades!
-They've pushed us back into the museum.
-Don't lose sight of Tokyo's group.
Tokyo, keep going!
Not possible. No visual.
[Gandía shouts]
[soldier laughs hysterically]
[beeping continues]
[soldier laughs hysterically]
[Bogotá] They're lowering the doors.
There's a safety lock.
A safe lock?
There's no way, it's not in the plans.
Then they made them
after drawing the plans
'cause there's definitely a door
shutting in front of me.
["Will You Fight" by Klergy continues]
[Sagasta] Go! Come on!
[soldier shouts]
Make a trench in the kitchen.
Will you run or will you fight? ♪
Will you run or will you fight? ♪
[music intensifies]
Will you run or will you fight? ♪
[Gandía sings] Tokyo!
A little bird just told me
that Nairobi is saving you
a place in heaven.
Will you run or will you fight? ♪
[music builds and ends]
[mysterious music plays]
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