Money Heist (2017) s05e05 Episode Script

Live Many Lives

[thunder crashes]
[dramatic string music plays]
-[bullets impact body]
[bullet impacts body]
[dramatic music builds]
[sirens wail]
[music fades and ends]
[reporter 1] Three people were killed
after an attempted robbery
of a bank branch in east Madrid.
According to early reports,
at least one of the robbers
was able to escape.
Suspect is described by witnesses
as a female around 25 to 30 years old.
Sergio, come look at this!
[reporter 1]
…despite a large police presence.
[reporter 2] Two of the victims
were security guards.
One of the robbers, a 30-year-old male,
whose identity is still unconfirmed,
is also reportedly deceased.
The police are looking for
the young female who escaped
and have announced that she is
medium height, brunette, and thin.
[reporter 1] The state security
and police forces
have set up roadblocks
along all highways exiting Madrid.
They warn that the suspect
is armed and dangerous.
[sirens wail]
We should find her.
That's exactly the talent we can use.
I see it.
She's the most wanted person in Madrid.
I don't think it's a good idea
to involve such a decoy.
[sirens wail]
[tires squeal]
Four people with guns.
Three are killed, one is not.
What else do you need? It's clear.
That woman is a survivor.
And now she's a murderer as well.
And that heist was a mess.
[tense action music plays]
[brakes screech]
She was hanging from the ceiling
like Spider-Man. Who does that?
[sirens wail]
[Berlin] Instead of leaving those cops
tied up in the parking lot,
she took them into the patrol car
and got past the entire blockade
with the sirens on.
She got away like a queen,
riding on the back of the police.
Is it or is it not art? [laughs]
[unintelligible news broadcast]
Look, Sergio.
I just got out of prison,
and I can assure you
that there are only numbskulls in there.
People with virtually no brain waves, hmm?
With no talent at all.
What we just saw is
You don't find that easily.
Maybe she's talented. She is talented.
But that girl is too dangerous.
Exactly right, that's why.
Even more, she's got nothing to lose.
That's exactly what we need.
[reporter 1] …police presence was heavy.
Around the same time,
a patrol car was reported missing,
which is possibly related
to the suspect's evasion
of the officers on the scene.
[reporter 2] The police are searching
for a young female who fled the bank
after a failed heist…
In 72 hours if the police don't find her,
we'll start looking for her.
[reporter 2] …be aware that she is
medium height, brunette, and thin.
-I'm going to the library.
Uh, bring some pastries from San Onofre!
[thunder rumbles]
[Tokyo] Silene Oliveira.
That was my name when this story began.
Back when I was convinced
I could outrun the pain,
and the police.
close your eyes,
and endure.
[Tokyo] But eventually,
there comes a moment when you stop.
And all that pain washes over you.
[dramatic string music plays]
[Tokyo] And you feel like there's nothing
you can do to make it disappear.
[sighs and sniffles]
[music swells]
[Tokyo] I spent ten days hiding,
replaying in my head each and every moment
I'd shared with René.
[gunshot in rewind]
[Tokyo] Remembering how he always said
he didn't wanna hit a bank.
[Tokyo] And that we decided
to do the job anyway.
-[Tokyo inhales]
And just like that… my pain grew stronger.
[train rumbles]
[train whistles]
[dramatic music plays]
[Tokyo] And so did the grief.
For leaving him on his own.
Lying on that cold street, soaking wet.
Of course, he couldn't even feel it.
I knew I had to run faster
than ever before.
So the grief couldn't catch me.
[music swells]
[Tokyo] And I didn't stop.
Not even when I got to that dead end,
with an army at our back,
hell-bent on killing us.
At this point in my life,
I was never gonna drop my gun
and make it easy for them.
-[Tokyo moans]
-Take cover!
[rapid gunfire]
We're inside of a fucking rattrap!
-We need something to block the door!
-And how the fuck do we do that?
The countertop!
[rapid gunfire]
Tokyo, cover us!
[Denver grunts]
[metal crashes]
[Denver and Manila grunt]
Arteche, take down that door!
-[metal drags]
-[Tokyo] Hurry!
[moans] Son of a bitch!
-We have to lift this thing, okay? Hey!
[Denver] Two.
One. Let's go!
-[Denver and Manila shout]
[Denver] Tokyo!
I got it!
[tense music swells]
-[Ramiro] It's a grenade!
[tense music plays]
-[Tokyo] Push!
-[metal thuds]
[metal dings]
-[music ends]
-[Ramiro laughs hysterically]
Hey, you, in the kitchen! [laughs]
Next time, throw it with a little queso!
[laughs hysterically]
["My Life Is Going On"
by Cecilia Krull playing]
If I stay with you ♪
If I'm choosing wrong
I don't care at all ♪
If I'm losing now
But I'm winning late ♪
That's all I want ♪
I don't care at all ♪
I am lost ♪
I don't care at all ♪
Lost my time ♪
My life is going on ♪
[streetcar bells chime]
When I was young and I got back
from summer break, I used to think,
"One day I'll grow up and I won't ever
have to go back to school."
[René laughs]
Now I don't have to go back there.
I have to go back to something worse.
[nostalgic music plays]
Why can't we just stay here?
Because vacations have to end, baby.
You know, seeing you in our neighborhood
is just as good.
I'm always happy when we take
our little walks around Madrid
and have a cold beer in the square.
Come on, it's like we're royalty.
We spend our days working our asses off,
wondering if we can
turn on the heating or not.
You? You spend your days breaking
your back carrying those gas canisters.
And me, I'm always looking
for another shitty job.
I want to enjoy you all the time.
[René] In that case,
we need to rob something bigger.
Because you don't just want money
to buy things.
You want money to be free.
Freedom's expensive.
That's what I want.
Our freedom.
Why should we have to settle for less?
If we don't steal,
our lives are stolen from us.
What do you think?
I think I want to go
around the world with you.
-And I want to see you on a desert island…
-…in the middle of nowhere…
-…with two mojitos in your hands…
-Mm… [laughs]
…and say, "Fuck, I'm so lucky."
[whispers] If we have all this luck,
then we should…
take advantage of it, right?
Name a city.
Somewhere far.
I promise I'll take you there.
Japan won't know what hit 'em.
[Tokyo] The first time I chose Tokyo,
it was to travel with René
to the farthest city I could think of.
[street racket]
[Tokyo] I was the happiest I'd ever been
exploring our love in new cities.
[Japanese music plays]
Saint Anthony.
[unintelligible chatter]
[Tokyo] The second time I picked Tokyo
was to change my life.
[metal clashes on ground]
[tense music plays]
They're using
the stove countertop as cover.
[metal slashes]
They have a good shooting angle…
-[knife hits ground]
[gun cocks]
…and good aim.
[action music plays]
Cañizo, this is Sagasta.
They're in the kitchen.
Find an angle to shoot from the outside.
[Cañizo] Sniper unit in position.
Let's throw grenades, blow their
fortification away, and then burst in.
Let's just go!
Anyone sneaking in that corridor
is a dead man.
Besides, grenades won't do
anything for us.
The stove is made of cast iron
and I'm sure it's locked in place.
What do you propose?
We just sit here and wait for them
to feel like taking a leak?
What we'll do is drill that wall.
We open a path
and we go in from the pantry.
That'll take us ten minutes
at the very least,
and our only advantage is time.
We have to go in now before
they escape the museum and surround us.
That's a negative.
[metal creaking]
[Palermo] Push harder,
God damn it. Come on!
[Rio] I got it!
All right.
Can you hack this shit or what, Rio?
Yeah, I'm starting it right now.
It'll take at least 30 minutes.
Realistically, one hour.
One hour?
What? No, that's too much.
We need the smelters here right now.
First-aid kit.
[Lisbon] Bogotá.
How long do you need
to cut through the door?
No more than 11 minutes,
as long as there's enough gas.
We have to decide.
The system will lock when we cut.
We'll be shut out.
[pants] Bogotá,
get up there with the smelters.
-Can you handle it?
-Of course.
Come on, Helsinki. Come on, you can do it.
Tokyo, how long can you hold your ground?
As long as you need.
Start drilling.
Canalejas, give him a hand.
[Arteche grunts]
Major, you don't have any fucking clue
what you're doing here.
Captain, you know what we're gonna do?
Exactly what I just told you.
And you're gonna shut your mouth.
-[Professor] What's going on?
-They're arguing, Professor.
The guy in charge wants to drill the wall
and go through the pantry.
Gandía wants to attack
through the corridor.
Gandía's questioning orders.
Tokyo, that's their weak point.
-You know him, can you do something?
Then do it.
[ironically] Hello, Gandía.
How are you, sweetie?
Did you miss me?
[soft, tense music plays]
Only late at night.
But you didn't come back for me, did you?
You're back
because you felt like a little traitor.
You partnered up with the robbers
using a walkie.
You lied to the CNI,
and thanks to that, Lisbon got in.
That's why you're back.
Because you don't have the cojones
to go back home
and look your wife
and your son Juanito in the eyes.
Listen, you filthy rat.
I'm gonna go in there
and wash your mouth out with soap
if you say anything else about my family.
Here's what happened.
See, they saw you coming out alive on TV.
I'm sure they cried,
they hugged each other,
and thought you'd be coming home
in time for dinner.
[clicks tongue] But no.
Wait, did you even call them?
Of course not.
What would you have said?
"I executed a defenseless woman,
and then I turned myself in and betrayed
my people because I'm a coward"?
Gandía, stay calm.
[Tokyo] "Hi, Juanito, my boy.
You know what?"
"Daddy's a piece of shit."
"Why? Because I'd rather
go get myself killed
than stay home
and read you a bedtime story."
-What are you doing?
-Captain, don't.
Do you hear me, Captain?
"And tell Mama…"
That's an order, Captain!
"…I'm always coming home late
so I don't have to fuck her."
-[Sagasta] I'm talking to you, Captain!
[dramatic music plays]
[Tokyo shouts]
[grenade clinks on ground]
[Tokyo shouts]
Take cover!
[explosion roars]
[faint explosion]
[pants] What was that?
[Manila cries]
[breathes quickly]
[Lisbon pants]
-[Lisbon] Rio! Where are you going?
[Palermo] Get back here!
Bogotá, we need you here right now!
Two minutes, Lisbon.
Get out of the fucking way!
Against the wall! Let's go, come on! Move!
Hang in there.
-It's okay. It's okay.
[tense music plays]
-[moans and breathes heavily]
Stockholm, did you stitch him up?
Do you copy?
-[Stockholm] I'm trying!
I'm trying, okay? Fuck.
-[Helsinki moans]
-[stapler clicks]
-[music ends abruptly]
-[flames crackle]
-[Sagasta] Ramiro, are you okay?
-[Ramiro] Yes, sir.
-[Sagasta] Hernando?
-[Hernando exhales]
[metal clashes, falls to ground]
-[Canalejas coughs]
-[Sagasta] Canalejas?
[Ramiro] Torrecilla and Tosco,
injured, Major.
[breathes with difficulty]
-[Ramiro grunts]
-[Tosco pants]
[tense music plays]
You killed him.
[cries] You killed him!
[Denver] One casualty, Professor.
It was an accident.
[Arteche pants and grunts]
These things can happen.
-[inhales] Not here.
-What's going on?
-[Manila] They're fighting each other.
That buys us a few minutes,
not much more than that.
[Sagasta] Arteche, you need to calm down.
Cañizo here. We have a shooting angle
on the top of one of the kitchen windows.
There's not much visibility,
but it lines up with one of the pantries.
-Maintain your position.
-Copy that.
[music intensifies]
[Arteche moans]
[Arteche grunts]
[gun cocks]
-[Gandía moans]
[Arteche pants]
I got him, right?
-Did I get him or not?
-You shot him on the vest.
Nice work.
Arteche! Two members
of your team are wounded.
Go look after them.
-[Arteche pants]
-Arteche! That is an order.
You're doing so fucking great.
[Tokyo] Are we gonna see
another love story here?
-Just shut your mouth, okay? Shut it.
-What about earlier… The rooftop stuff?
I mean, I understand when you're scared,
you say stuff you don't mean.
It's all good.
You don't understand. I meant it.
Well, I don't think it's the best time to,
uh, talk about these things.
You know what, though?
I decided to be honest a long time ago.
What's going on with you?
Nothing. It's just how I feel.
I wanna set the record straight, Dani.
"Set the record straight"?
We're in a fucking war.
I'm with Stockholm,
so the record couldn't be straighter.
Are you really in love with her?
I'll cover you.
-[Arteche shouts]
[both panting]
[music swells]
You disobey me again and I'll put you
on your knees and shoot you in the head.
-[Manila] You're not answering me.
-I'm in love. Head over heels.
-Come on.
-"Come on" what?
I know you. I mean, I know who you are.
I know what you like. I know your dreams.
That huge nightclub you wanted to set up,
three stories, awesome stuff.
You've got enough money now, right?
It's just that Indonesia doesn't have
the typical Spanish discos, you know?
But dancing? Yeah.
I danced a lot with Stockholm.
Even, uh, in the vault too.
Okay, what about your martial arts studio?
They definitely have those in Indonesia.
You can't say they don't, you know--
Yeah, but I can't keep
hitting people my whole life.
I wanted to grow up.
[nostalgic music plays]
Tell me one thing.
You spent two fucking years in Indonesia.
In all that time,
didn't you have any doubts?
When I get up in the morning and…
I look beside me and see Stockholm,
the sun coming through our window…
My… My life is like a fucking commercial.
A commercial for cologne.
That's not you.
That's not your life.
It's a different life,
but it's still his life too.
We all have multitudes.
-I really don't think this is necessary.
-[whispers] Quiet.
Keep walking.
Anyone here?
-[keys clink on table]
[door closes]
Is this your grandma's place?
Well, it's… It's just a safe house.
[sirens wail outside]
[nostalgic music plays]
Who are they?
Well, they're people
in your same situation. They're…
potential members of the gang.
You're the first recruit.
This way I can stop you
from making a fool of yourself.
People who try to steal 2.4 billion euros
usually end up getting shot in the face.
So stop saying that you can.
You get shot when you don't think.
When you go into a bank barefaced
and you do…
the first thing that comes to mind.
But this heist
has been in the making for a long time.
Yeah, how long then?
Twenty years.
I'm offering you your freedom.
[whispers] I'm already free.
I can leave through that door
right now and disappear.
[door squeaks open]
So go then.
You're not going to leave,
because you have nothing
or no one waiting for you out there.
You don't do it, because your life ended
in your last robbery.
I'm offering you resurrection.
A second life.
Although, if you want,
you can continue to obsess
over the memories of the first one.
What do you think you know about my life?
Or about what I've done to get freedom?
I'll learn the only thing
I need to know about you right now:
Whether you're brave enough
to be born again.
To live again. To find another love.
A family. It's a "yes" or a "no,"
and today's the day.
don't you think
he would want you to be happy again?
[sad music plays]
[whispers] Who are you?
Welcome to the game.
[Lisbon] Go, go, go!
[Palermo] Hurry up!
They're gonna die in there.
Smelters in the museum.
We'll start cutting.
[tense music plays]
Let's go. Come on!
[Professor moans]
[tense music increases]
[Arturo] Give me the jackhammer.
[music intensifies]
Mónica, where's the jackhammer?
[music swells]
Stockholm! The jackhammer, where is it?
[Helsinki] There.
[breathes quickly]
[Stockholm pants]
[Helsinki] Morphine.
[pants] Give me morphine. I need it.
I recognize that look.
The first kill.
Keeps haunting your fucking head.
It'll pass. It's a shock. [moans]
[dramatic action music plays]
Get ready, Tokyo, freshen up.
I'm coming for you.
[Tokyo] A lot of people believe
we only find one true love in our lives.
[drill roars]
[Tokyo] But what they don't realize…
is you can have several lives.
[unintelligible conversation
in background]
[laughter in background]
[crickets chirp]
[Tokyo] Psst.
Rio, no?
What's up?
Just looking at the stars.
-What is it?
I didn't expect that.
Because you don't know me.
Look, that's the Dipper.
And that one there is Ursa Major,
and that one's Polaris.
[dog barks in background]
Hacker and astronomer. Look at you.
The Professor gathered
an eclectic group. [laughs]
Is it true that you can read
the future in the stars?
[peaceful music plays]
You know how?
Well, I do, uh… I do have some notion.
Then, read my future.
Okay, so, looking at the star arrangement…
[exhales] …it looks like
you're gonna meet a guy.
[Tokyo] Is he cute?
For that, we'll have to check
the angle of Andromeda.
Look. There it is.
-[Tokyo] What?
[Tokyo] Show me.
Look. There.
Oh, yeah.
Well, the guy is pretty normal.
He's a bit of a loner too.
An average guy.
But a good guy.
Well, I don't know how I'll meet this guy.
Since I'm stuck here,
taking classes with the Professor.
That's a question for Cassiopeia.
-Let's ask her. [laughs]
-Wow, that's weird.
Cassiopeia says you'll meet him dancing.
["I Wish That I Could See You Soon"
by Herman Dune playing]
I had to leave you and go away
But I think about you every day ♪
In the morning and in the afternoon
I wish that I could see you soon… ♪
So, do you wanna dance?
…held you I felt so fine ♪
It was like there was
Nothing left on my mind ♪
It was like Rockaway Beach
In the month of June ♪
I wish that I could see you soon ♪
I had no plans to meet you baby… ♪
[both laugh]
…things to do baby ♪
But you hit my heart with a harpoon
I wish that I could see you soon ♪
The angels go
"How long 'til you can see her?" ♪
And I'm like, "The sooner the better"… ♪
…really think she will wait for you? ♪
Well I have no way to say
And there's nothing I can do… ♪
[drill pounds]
["I Wish That I Could
See You Soon" continues]
[struggles to breathe]
[gasps for air]
How long 'til you can see her? ♪
And I'm like
"Well, the sooner the better" ♪
Do you really think
She will wait for you? ♪
And I'm like, "There's no way to say
And there's nothing I can do" ♪
There's no way to say… ♪
-[music distorts]
-[breathes slowly]
[music fades and ends]
[dynamic music plays]
It's fine.
Professor, we lost one of the lances.
How much time do we need, Bogotá?
[Bogotá] About six minutes.
[baby cries]
[baby cries]
Professor, what was that?
[Professor] I have something to announce.
We have, um, one more little human
at the stormwater tank.
Inspector Alicia Sierra
has given birth to a baby.
It's a… It's a beautiful girl.
She weighs three
and a half kilos approximately.
She's in excellent health.
A baby always brings joy.
And there hasn't been much joy
around here lately.
What's her name?
[baby gurgles]
[nostalgic music plays]
I was thinking Germán, like her father.
But since it's a girl, I just don't know.
And Danica?
In my country it means,
well, "morning star."
You're quite the poet, Marseille.
I don't know if you're open to suggestions
but, um… I always liked Lucía.
I don't know if she looks like a Lucía.
She looks more like a Victoria.
[baby gurgles]
[whispers] Victoria.
I'm gonna name her Victoria.
I'm gonna name her Victoria.
-Victoria is a great name.
-[Alicia] I'm gonna name her Victoria.
Because this girl is gonna be victorious.
She will.
And I'll be there by her side.
Hold her.
-[Marseille] Come here.
-[baby cries]
[Marseille] Victoria.
Everything you bought is pink.
Yes. Pink because she's a girl.
So what she's a girl?
First of all, there's no such thing
as colors for girls or boys.
[door slams]
[Benjamín] Second,
you're conditioning her.
How do you know
whether she's gonna feel like a girl,
a boy, or whatever she feels like?
She's not even a day old
and you're already traumatizing her.
Even the rattle you bought is pink.
Give me the baby.
[Marseille] No. She gave me the baby.
You've lost your head.
[suspenseful music plays]
[drill roars]
Cover the door.
[suspenseful music continues]
[fluorescent bulb flickers]
Lost the lance.
Professor, only two lances left.
Come on, you two. Hurry.
-[both moan]
Cañizo, they're inside the pantry.
Tokyo, run!
[in slow motion] Tokyo!
[dramatic music plays]
[gunshots continue]
[grunts] Tokyo, Tokyo, no! Hey, hey.
[struggles to breathe]
[Tokyo] The day I killed Gandía,
all the odds were against me.
Like a marionette
held together with bullets.
And those five bullet wounds,
reminded me of my samurai.
["Grândola, Vila Morena"
by Cidália Moreira playing]
Open it. Don't worry, it's not a ring.
It's a Japanese samurai.
I found it in a shop window.
It's a sign.
You think I don't know
what's on your mind?
What? You can read minds now
with a snow globe?
You don't wanna live the high life
and leave your mother behind.
But I thought about that too.
We're gonna give her a gift.
A pool boy to sweeten her life up?
We're gonna pay her mortgage.
If you and I decide to go to Polynesia,
then she can go to Rome.
Or Paris or wherever she wants.
She can have a good life.
She deserves it, right?
You deserve it too.
And where will we get all of that money?
Oh, ask this thing. Rub it a little.
Let's see what it says.
Let's see.
It says that…
It says that you've thought about it.
We already pulled off 15 clean heists.
We're really focused.
-We're good.
-We're the fucking best.
Let's go after some banks.
You know it's more risk, right?
[music intensifies]
[audience claps and cheers]
-[dramatic music plays]
Stay with me, stay with me.
Professor Tokyo's… Tokyo's really hurt.
She got shot five times
in her arms and her legs.
-[music intensifies]
Fuck! We lost another lance.
Enough. Muchachos, back to the foundry.
[tense music increases]
-Hold on.
-[drill roars]
Professor, we just ran out of gas.
[Bogotá] Help me, Lisbon.
Denver, listen to me.
It'll take a little longer
to open the museum.
Set up a defensive position
and cover any possible entry.
If you stay entrenched, we have a chance.
-[Denver grunts]
We're gonna make it.
We are going to make it.
[music intensifies]
Let's go.
You motherfuckers!
You're not going in.
You stay outside. Come on. Come on.
Go place the charges.
[Denver grunts]
Anyone crosses that door,
you gun them down.
Everyone else, take cover.
[music intensifies]
-[music ends abruptly]
-[faint drilling]
-[struggles to breathe]
[wood creaks]
[pants slowly]
[mysterious music plays]
[distorted drilling]
-[music swells]
[Denver] Can you shoot?
I can shoot
until my fucking arms fall off. [coughs]
[agitated] Manila, Manila.
Let's go, come on. Let's go!
[dramatic music plays]
[Denver pants] Professor,
we're behind the trench.
There's no fucking way out of here.
There's no way out.
There's no way out. There's no way out.
Denver, the hole.
[slurring] Denver, there's a hole.
The dumbwaiter.
The dumbwaiter from the office, Denver.
[babbles] The dumbwaiter. Denver,
the dumbwaiter from the office, Denver.
[Denver] Hurry up, son of a bitch.
[uplifting music plays]
[Denver grunts]
-[metallic echo]
[whispers] What?
It's six floors down.
[punches tabletop] The fuck!
[breathes deeply]
Come on. Go down.
-[Tokyo] You gotta go.
-Both of you.
-[Manila] No.
[Tokyo] You gotta go now.
-And you?
-I'm staying.
-I can't go down.
-No, no, no.
-Manila, listen to me. Manila!
I can't hold on to the ropes, okay?
I need you to get down there.
Get down there as fast as you can.
Then you lay down cushions, curtains,
cardboard boxes, anything you can find.
You understand? Okay? I'll jump.
-Come on, Manila.
Just go! Now!
Manila, let's go!
Come on! Let's go! Right now.
[Manila pants]
This isn't happening.
You're coming with me.
I'm not leaving you here. Come on.
-Let me go!
-Let's go.
-Denver, let me go. You're hurting me.
Hey, hey.
Listen to me, listen to me, please.
Listen to me. [pants]
I already lost my dad in a heist.
I'm not gonna lose my sister too.
I'm not gonna lose you.
I need you to go save my life.
-Everything's gonna be fine.
It's okay.
Go, go. I'll be okay.
-[dramatic and tense music plays]
[grunts and pants]
[Manila and Denver grunt and pant]
-Charges in place.
-Connect the fuses.
[music intensifies]
Fuses are ready.
[music ends]
[Rio] Tokyo.
Tokyo. I'm here with you. [pants]
I'm here with you.
Just hang in there.
I'm gonna get you out, all right?
-You're a handyman too?
-I'm full of surprises.
-[Sagasta] Take cover!
-[wall explodes]
[Rio] Tokyo, what is it?
What's going on?
Rio, they're here.
Move in!
-Manila, go. Hurry up!
[Manila yells]
-I'm opening the gap.
-[Tokyo whispers] Rio, Rio.
There's no time.
[dramatic music plays]
There's no time.
No, don't say that.
And don't smile like that.
I'm just really glad that you're here.
[both crying]
[sobs] No.
[whispers] Tokyo.
Do you know what I'm remembering?
Our first night in Toledo.
["Grândola, Vila Morena"
by Cecilia Krull playing]
When we danced together.
[Manila grunts]
Professor, we made it down.
Tokyo, they made it downstairs.
Hold on a little longer, 30 seconds.
Mónica, hey!
[distorted] Mónica!
-[Manila] Come on! Hurry up!
["Grândola, Vila Morena" continues]
[whispers] Rio.
Don't be so sad.
-Something ends today.
-No, no, no.
But now is
the first day of your next life.
[cries] You've gotta live
a lot of lives, my love.
-[cries] So many.
[Sagasta] Move in!
Now, get going…
because it's party time.
[shouts] No, no, no!
Fire, Arteche!
[distorted] Motherfucker!
[Sagasta] Fire!
[Denver] Tokyo, jump!
-[Denver] Tokyo, do you hear me?
-There's no time.
-Jump now.
Tokyo, jump now. There's no time.
It's gonna be tough, Professor.
Can you go on without me?
No, Tokyo. I can't. Jump right now!
You've always been my guardian angel.
Now's my turn to be yours.
["Grândola, Vila Morena" continues]
No, no!
[music ends abruptly]
[heart beats slowly]
[struggles to breathe]
[sad, soft music plays]
[Tokyo] Growing old in a prison cell
isn't for me.
I'd rather be on the run.
And if I can't run with my body,
at least let my soul be free.
[tense music plays]
[music intensifies]
Get back!
[gust of wind blows]
[faint explosion]
["Grândola, Vila Morena" by Cecilia Krull
feat. Pablo Alborán playing]
["Grândola, Vila Morena" continues]
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