Money Heist (2017) s05e06 Episode Script

Escape Valve

["Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks"
by The National playing]
Leave your home ♪
[Tokyo] According to astrophysicists,
nearly all the gold on Earth
came from a meteor shower
four billion years ago.
Live alone ♪
[Tokyo] Maybe this violent arrival
is the reason it's always been cursed.
Eat your cake ♪
[Tokyo] Because no other metal's gotten
so many people killed
Vanderlyle crybaby cry ♪
[Tokyo] as the one that we use
when we propose to someone.
Oh, the water's a-rising ♪
There's still no surprising you ♪
Vanderlyle crybaby cry ♪
Man, it's all been forgiven
Swans are a-swimmin' ♪
I'll explain everything to the geeks ♪
[Tokyo] No other metal
has caused this much pain.
- [Tokyo] And this much madness.
- [laughing]
- [grunting]
- Professor, please open the door.
- [sobbing] No! No!
- [Benjamín] You need to open the door!
Leave me alone.
What the fuck are you doing?
- [laughing]
- What the fuck are you doing? Hey!
[shouting] Mónica, stop it!
Why the fuck are you laughing?
- Leave her alone. She's not well.
- Mónica, Tokyo's dead!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I took a little morphine.
[Tokyo] I was just another name
in that endless list of casualties
where gold is the only survivor.
Because while everything else decays,
gold remains flawless.
Tokyo's dead?
Tokyo is dead.
Tokyo is dead.
Tokyo is dead?
I just wanted the pain to go away.
I'll explain everything to the geeks ♪
[sinister music playing]
[Professor sobbing]
[Benjamín] Professor,
you need to control your breathing.
Come on, breathe.
Hold your breath
and count with me. One
- [Professor sobbing]
- two, three, four
And let the air out.
Do it again, Professor.
Take a deep breath.
One, two, three
[Sagasta] Colonel,
we've taken down Silene Oliveira, Tokyo.
Ugh, finally, some good news.
Put him in the speakers!
Gentlemen, we've successfully brought down
one of the robbers.
[Sagasta] Oliveira held her ground.
Salvador Torrecilla is down.
Lucas Hernando, down.
Isaac Cobo, down.
Mateo Canalejas, down.
And César Gandía, down.
Ramiro Vázquez, injured.
Arantxa Arteche, minor injuries.
And I am unharmed.
[Tamayo sighs]
I'm sorry.
Your operation is aborted.
Prepare to be evacuated by air.
No, Colonel.
We are not going to withdraw.
We came in here to complete a mission,
put an end to this heist,
and that's what we're gonna do.
Sagasta, there's two of you
including the psycho.
Right now, this isn't even a possibility.
You're mistaken,
because this time
they won't see it coming.
So, Colonel, don't order
any other operation.
Over and out.
- Are you sure you're okay?
- It's nothing. Just a loose shard.
Give me your tag.
[Sagasta] Is anybody there?
I've got a wounded man here.
He needs to be evacuated.
- And the others?
- [Sagasta] They're all down.
It's just the wounded man and myself.
Professor, the soldiers wanna negotiate.
I repeat, they wanna negotiate.
Requesting permission to proceed.
Are you feeling better?
Professor, Sierra is running away.
She stole a car.
[hard rock music playing]
Benjamín, you stay in charge.
Marseille, with me.
For fuck's sake.
It's the Professor.
[engine turns over]
I need a private line
with Palermo and Lisbon.
[tires screeching]
["My Life Is Going On"
by Cecilia Krull playing]
If I stay with you
If I'm choosing wrong ♪
I don't care at all ♪
If I'm losing now
But I'm winning late ♪
That's all I want ♪
I don't care at all ♪
I am lost ♪
I don't care at all ♪
Lost my time
My life is going on ♪
- ["Symphony No. 9" by Beethoven playing]
- [Berlin singing along in Spanish]
And there's the platform.
Thank you.
[Tokyo] The adventure at the Bank of Spain
began a long time ago,
in one of the most remote places
on the planet.
Like basically everything
in Berlin's life,
it began with a robbery, and this was one
of the most surreal ones he'd ever done.
You ready?
[Tokyo] Stealing the extraction pump
from an oil platform.
It's there he met Bogotá.
That's our man, Santiago.
He's an underwater welder.
He's been working on platforms
for over 20 years.
Twenty years working
and now you want to be a thief.
With such coarse hands.
Well, yours are so soft
I think I'm gonna use them to jerk off.
If in 20 years you're too scared
to leave a prison like this,
there's only one explanation.
You're a coward.
And we can't bring someone
into the heist that's a coward.
[Bogotá] I think this sea
is for cowards, you piece of shit.
You came dressed in your mother's coat.
[Marseille] Let him go, unless you
want to fly with the cormorants.
[chuckling] Oh! Ooh.
Hey, hey.
Why didn't you ever get out?
Because I have seven kids.
Oof, your wife's hips must be
as worn out as the wheel on a mill.
Seven kids with seven
completely different women.
[chuckling] This guy is
an endangered species.
We thought we were
the only romantics left on this earth,
but looks like we found another one!
[both laughing]
[Berlin] Ah. It's wonderful.
Can it manage to move 90 tons of gold?
If there's one machine in the world
that could do it, it's this one.
It extracts the aggregates from the seabed
as if it were baby food.
Things upstairs
are starting to get really fucked up.
I want that extraction pump connected
in two hours! Understood?
[team] Understood!
There's still ten tons
left to melt, right?
We'll keep melting it
while we get the gold out.
Come on, dammit! Today is the big day!
We'll be home for Christmas dinner!
[team shouting enthusiastically]
Let's do it!
[car alarm chirps]
[engine turns over]
[tires screech]
- [Palermo] Professor.
- Sierra took one of the cars.
- What?
- But we're going after her.
You just let a new mother
with a baby in her arms run away?
Did you sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb"
thinking you were a family?
[shouting] So what the fuck happened?
- For a moment I got a little lost.
- Sergio. Sergio, listen to me.
You're gonna catch her.
You take care of that.
We'll stay here
and continue with the plan.
Good luck, brother.
[engine turns over]
- [tires screeching]
- [action music playing]
Matías, help us with the door.
We're gonna negotiate with the soldiers.
[Rio] Go ahead. Open the door.
I have a gift for them.
I'm gonna light them up.
Then you negotiate however you want.
Put the weapon down.
What are you gonna say?
That you're all here because of me?
I never even asked to be rescued.
Let it go, Rio.
Give me the weapon.
Give me the fucking weapon!
No one's gonna die here anymore!
That That's exactly our problem.
We keep wanting to be the good guys.
But in war, good guys don't exist.
Gandía killed Nairobi.
And what did we do?
Took care of him and let him go.
And what did he do?
He came back and killed Tokyo.
Now we wanna look after
these motherfuckers? What for?
So they can come back
and kill us tomorrow?
And you know why?
Because the truth is,
we don't have the balls
to kill someone in cold blood
like we should have.
When we had Berlin
he took care of those things.
You knew him, right?
What do you think
he would've done with Gandía?
I'll tell you.
Executed him
for killing Nairobi.
And Tokyo would still be alive.
[both grunting]
[Lisbon] If it was up to me,
you'd be rotting away
in the desert in Algeria.
And Nairobi and Tokyo
would still be alive.
As well as the six soldiers
that just died.
But here we are.
And you you're still alive.
So don't fuck with me
and try not to get anyone else killed.
[Rio shuddering]
Matías, take care of the door.
[saw blade buzzing]
[tense action music playing]
[tires screeching]
- [tires screeching]
- [horn honking]
[dashboard beeping]
Shit! He's even in the fucking screen.
It's a safety feature.
You can't disable the camera.
Alicia, we know where you are.
The car is geolocated.
This chase is absurd.
Yeah, no shit.
[tires screeching]
You can't get away.
If you did, you'd go to jail.
Wow, so now you care if I go to jail?
Or are you trying to clear my name?
Your name is beyond clearing.
All Tamayo's done is just throw
another shovelful of dirt on you.
Yeah, I'm up to my ass in dirt.
Hmm, kinda like you.
You're incapable of seeing that
because you think you're better than me.
Of course I do.
Tell that to Tokyo and Nairobi.
They're dead because of you.
If you found where we hid Rio,
this could've happened months ago
without making this whole mess,
without risking so many lives,
but of course,
that would be just way too simple
for an ego as big as yours, wouldn't it?
- [engine revs]
- [tires screeching]
[horn honking]
You didn't give a shit about that kid.
Or breakfast with the goofy grandma
or taking walks on the beach with Paulita.
It's great for a vacation,
but every fucking day?
Sounds like a shit time.
So one morning you woke up,
looked in the mirror, and said,
"Should I buy a minivan
or set up a huge fucking heist
to get out of
my terrible and boring life?"
- Am I right? Or am I right?
- [Victoria crying]
Son of a bitch.
It's okay, sweetie.
[truck horn blares]
- [car horn blaring]
- [truck horn honking]
- [panting]
- [gurgles]
And no further good manners.
You're going to spend what's left
of the heist tied up and gagged.
I'm sure you'd like that.
[tires screeching]
I'll follow the road
so I can block Sierra head-on.
[Victoria wailing]
Victoria went to Paris
Riding a pretty gray horse ♪
[tires screeching]
Trotting, trotting, trotting
Galloping, galloping, galloping ♪
[tires screeching]
[Victoria wailing]
Victoria went to Paris
Riding a pretty gray horse ♪
Walking, walking, walking ♪
Trotting, trotting, trotting ♪
Galloping, galloping, galloping ♪
Victoria went to Paris ♪
Marseille, out of the way or I'll hit you.
I'm not moving.
If you don't, you're gonna kill a mother
and her baby. You're not a murderer.
- I've seen how you hold her.
- Stop the car.
Don't act crazy, Alicia!
I'm not acting crazy I am crazy.
Professor, I've got two flat tires.
Professor! [groans]
I can't right now, Marseille.
I can't right now.
[storm rumbling]
Helsinki, how are you feeling?
If they'd cut my leg off before,
I'd be better by now.
who died?
[Helsinki] I heard four grenades.
Who else?
Six soldiers.
Could've been worse.
Denver and Manila could have died too
and you could've been a widow today.
Zbogom, Tokyo.
We should've gone in with them
in a simultaneous attack
with several contingents.
That's the way things are done.
- Contingent, contingent, contingent
- Suárez, Suárez. Suárez!
Tamayo, those five soldiers had children.
Hernando, three kids.
Canalejas, twin girls
who aren't even one year old yet.
- Cobo, one kid and another on the way.
- What did you say?
- That Cobo was expecting
- That's it! For fuck's sake, that's it.
I want photos
of those soldiers with their children,
eating bonbons, with their little
family pets, on vacation
What the fuck are you talking about?
Make it look like
a fucking Christmas movie!
We gotta show the world
those disfigured bodies
and how their asses
are covered in shrapnel.
We're gonna parade them around town
like the corpse of fucking Che Guevara.
The tears are gonna fill the streets.
What are you trying to do?
Are you trying to use the pain
of these families to make emotional porn?
Those Robin Hoods have just executed
five national heroes, all right?
And no one's gonna cheer for
a group of murderers.
By tomorrow no one's even
gonna wear a red shirt anymore!
Martínez, get Intelligence on the line,
personnel division.
Come on, are you fucking crazy?
One wrong move and we open fire.
[thunder rumbling]
[man laughing]
[thunder crashing]
You're wasting your time.
All of them are dead.
This is as far as you'll get, sweetie.
Let's see if what
your friend's saying is true.
[man laughing]
Easy now, okay? Do it slow.
[Sagasta] She was wearing this.
It's Aníbal Cortés's.
Okay, so what are your terms?
My man needs to get a blood transfusion
and a surgeon. He leaves, and I stay.
I'll be your prisoner
until the heist is done.
No. You stay, he stays,
and we bring in a surgeon.
[radio beeps]
Colonel Tamayo,
I need you to send a surgeon in here
to treat Ramiro Vázquez.
They're not letting us leave.
[Tamayo] We'll get it done.
Okay, give me the radio
and consider yourself my prisoner.
[slow, suspenseful music playing]
Do you smoke?
I quit nine months ago
for health reasons, but frankly,
it seems hypocritical.
[Palermo] What happened in there?
[Sagasta] Oliveira pulled
the pins on her grenades,
then she let us shoot her down.
When we went to finish her off,
her grenades exploded,
which in turn triggered my men's grenades.
She wasn't really one to surrender.
She would've made an excellent soldier
if she had chosen the right side.
You still believe there's a right side?
I think the world is chock-full
of fucking bastards.
Politicians are absolute fucking bastards.
But dictators are much worse.
Soldiers like us are
also big fucking bastards.
But terrorists like you are so much worse.
So here we are. Yes, there's right sides.
Paradoxical, don't you think?
That you need to use violence
to keep the peace.
Now you want me to sit here and believe
that you're fighting for a better world?
Is that right?
I'm here out of love
for a man and an idea.
You loved your commandos.
You and I both knew
it was gonna come to this.
And yet, we led them on to death.
Maybe we did them a favor, I don't know.
Or condemned them to something worse.
But there are no right sides
in the inferno, Commander.
[Tokyo] They say
that when someone dies tragically,
their spirit lingers for a while
in the place where they lost their life.
And that sometimes, for a few seconds,
the living can feel
the dead they once loved.
Rio felt it.
I wanted to tell him it was me,
and that I wasn't gone yet.
That I was at peace.
That I wasn't suffering.
And so much more.
[Tokyo] My mom invented a trick.
It was a magic door.
If I was scared,
I could open it and she'd be right there.
This door will always be open for you.
You can come in whenever you want.
[Tokyo] Thank you.
[ghostly noises]
[Victoria crying]
[dog barking]
[Alicia] Look at us.
It looks like a scene from a movie.
Pointing our guns
at each other in the rain,
like Liberty Valance.
Has anyone ever
challenged you to a duel, Professor?
They say whoever shoots first
has a better chance of surviving.
Don't force me to prove it, Alicia.
Put the gun down.
Saving Rio was just an excuse.
An excuse to rescue your life
from boredom, wasn't it?
Wasn't it?
I've lived most of my life
without an identity
hiding in obscurity like a ghost.
My life with Raquel has been a dream.
But I also have dreams of my own.
And by kidnapping Rio,
you made those dreams a reality.
I understand. So you rescued the kid
to arm-wrestle the State?
Some people dream of bungee jumping.
But me, I wasn't gonna die
without robbing the Bank of Spain.
You fucking narcissist,
egocentric son of a bitch.
- God, I love being right.
- If you don't put it down, I'll shoot.
You're not gonna shoot.
[Professor] Drop the gun.
You're not going to shoot.
You're not gonna shoot.
[dry firing]
[horse neighing]
[dry firing]
You bastard.
I didn't think you'd actually do it.
It's a good thing I emptied the clip.
Now we're tied.
We've both shot each other,
both emptied our clips.
Shall we play a tiebreaker?
To shoot or not to shoot?
What shall we do, Professor?
[thunder crashing]
[footsteps approaching]
Tokyo died
because she was fed up with paradise.
Because one day, she woke up
and she was tired of paradise.
And you know what? I understand that.
I had my paradise.
I lived by the beach,
really fucking far from the city,
95 km away.
But every Friday,
I came up with a new excuse
to go out partying
because I just had to feel alive.
So I haven't matured as much as I thought.
Dani, we used to go out every fucking day.
I think that we've matured a little bit.
I felt like I didn't fit in.
And that makes me sad.
[blows a raspberry, sniffles]
And you know what I kept thinking about,
even in my paradise?
The two of us.
I remember how we were
the last ones to leave the discos.
I even called you once
from a phone booth at 6:00 a.m.
but it rang once and I hung up.
You got a call from Indonesia, remember?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Denver chuckles]
I did get a missed call from Indonesia
at 1:15 in the morning. [chuckles]
That was because of the time difference.
So are you telling me
that, um, in paradise,
on a fucking amazing remote beach,
watching the sunrise,
you thought about me, Dani?
So much.
About Sundays when they turned
the lights on in the disco
- and our feet were stuck to the floor?
- [both chuckle]
Is that what you missed
while you were in paradise?
Well, that sucks. [sniffles]
Because now I don't know what to do.
I came here and I swear to you I thought,
"I'll go for it, I don't care."
Because you can't waste your life
wishing you were with someone.
But then I saw you,
and I said, "Uh, Mm-mm. No."
"Stop, Julia, because it's best
if you don't." [chuckles]
And now you tell me this and
I don't know what to do.
[sniffling] You're leaving me with this,
with all this responsibility.
What responsibility?
Of pulling away.
[Palermo on radio] Denver, Manila,
the surgeons are here.
Go open the door
and bring them over to treat the wounded.
- [Palermo] Denver.
- Coming!
- On my way.
- [radio hisses]
Hey, it's no big deal.
No big deal.
No big deal.
[Victoria crying]
- It's okay. It's all right. Come on.
- [sobbing]
Let me tell you something,
this time as a mother.
You were wrong to give up your life
in Thailand to steal a country's gold.
You know why?
Because at the end of the day, you're not
gonna miss the thrill of being a criminal,
but you'll miss the comfort of a family.
Think about it.
[Bogotá] Okay, so this is Emilio,
the oldest, he lives in Venezuela.
This one's Julián,
he lives in Mexico City.
He calls me "güey."
Now Hanna, a violinist.
Beautiful, right? She's in Finland.
This is Drazen, this guy's in Montenegro.
When I call to wish him a happy birthday,
he says, "Much obliged, sir."
This one's Ivanna.
She's got a temper,
but she's a great artist.
[Berlin] A blonde girl,
a Black boy, a redhead
I would say that
they're all from different parents,
but I guess they must
take after their mothers.
Here comes the foreman.
- [Berlin] Huh.
- [Palermo] Yup.
Emil Enberg,
foreman in charge of the platform.
Alberto Mendoza,
engineer, and his assistant.
Good to meet you.
[in foreign accent] Delight to meet you.
I just check the extraction pump.
Would you mind if I switched to Spanish
for the technicalities?
[machine powers down]
[in Spanish] We've sabotaged
this priceless pump to get it out of here.
Tell him we're going to steal it from him.
[in English] Well, seemingly,
it's about impelling capacity of the pump.
The axle, seal, and bearing
have been damaged.
It's impossible to repair it here.
It needs to be transported
to the mainland. I'm so sorry.
[in Spanish] Tell him that we're also
taking this gentleman here with us.
He spends so much time alone underwater,
breathing a mix of oxygen and helium,
that he's realized his wallet is full
of photos of the seven families
he hasn't had.
His children call him "güey" and "sir"
because nobody calls a stranger "Dad."
That's why he wants
to get involved in our heist,
to see if he can have a family
that isn't just on photo paper.
By the way,
tell the foreman we charge 50% up front.
He's going to have to pay us
to rob him. Translate, sir. [chuckles]
[in English] Well,
he's giving some instructions
about the sea transport to Stavanger,
we should cover the cost in advance.
But in eight days,
you'll have the pump back here.
Of course.
[in Spanish] This guy is awesome.
Ask him if he has a sister.
[all laughing]
[thunder rumbling]
[tense music playing]
[gun cocks]
Backpacks on the conveyor belt.
You, that way. Now.
Go on.
Double open fracture
of the radius and ulna.
He's got a bullet wound in the lower third
of the leg, with no exit.
And a puncture hemorrhage to the torso.
All yours, Doctor.
[Stockholm] Here's the second man
to operate on.
[Helsinki] My leg is crushed.
Femoral fracture and displaced patella.
Probably the tibia and the fibula
are shattered as well,
with femoral torsion.
And a possible tear, not too big.
We controlled the hemorrhage
by compressing it.
It's a disaster.
Hope your hands are steady, Doctor.
But he goes first.
- Colonel, something's happening.
- [keyboard clacking]
They're sending information from the bank.
It's a real-time video, a livestream.
I don't care how, just block.
I can't, I block one signal
then hundreds come up.
- [computer beeping]
- [keyboard clacking]
Then I want to see it.
Put it on the screen.
We're recording this video
to make an important announcement.
Today, seven people have died
inside the Bank of Spain.
[all murmuring] What?
Six soldiers and Silene Oliveira,
- [all reacting] No
- No.
[Lisbon] A few years ago,
I used to think that Tokyo was a person
incapable of self-reflection.
She hurt people.
I thought she was a killer,
that she had no feelings.
And then, I got to know her.
I remember I slapped her once.
We were on a beach and, uh,
she didn't trust me.
And I thought that her idea
of rescuing Aníbal Cortés
was nothing but an impulse
of a spoiled girl
who was feeling guilty.
Then I realized
she was doing it out of love.
[Lisbon shuddering]
Very few people in this world
are capable of braving the impossible
to save someone.
Today, I know
that we've failed.
- I'm hurt by the loss of these lives.
- [sobbing]
And I ask you for your forgiveness,
on behalf of all of us,
for having turned a rescue
into a war with casualties.
From today on,
we're no longer worthy of being followed,
cheered on,
or applauded.
It's likely that
we're not getting out of here.
So we ask that all those people
who believed in us,
that great red tide that's supporting us
outside the doors of the bank,
to please go home.
[crowd chanting] We're not leaving!
We're not leaving!
We're not leaving! We're not leaving!
[protesters clamoring]
We're not leaving! We're not leaving!
We're not leaving! We're not leaving!
We're not leaving!
[chanting] We're not leaving!
We're not leaving!
We're not leaving! We're not leaving!
We're not leaving!
We're not leaving! We're not leaving!
We're not leaving!
We're not leaving! We're not leaving!
We're not leaving!
We're not leaving! We're not leaving!
We're not leaving! We're not leaving!
They beat us to it, that fucking bitch!
The first to tell the story
is the one telling the truth.
Now if we go out there
with our Christmas annihilation story,
it'll be as useful as a pile of shit!
She beat us, the fucking crybaby
with her manipulative sentimentality.
With one small difference.
She actually believed what she was saying.
[phone buzzing]
Consuelo, what's wrong?
[door clicks open]
The surgeon just told me that
Arturo is alive.
I'm thrilled.
[thunder crashing]
I crashed.
I thought that was it for me.
But I'm here, I'm back.
- I don't know what you
- Wait.
[emotive music playing]
A moment ago, up there
you were on the verge of dying.
And I can't even begin to imagine what
it'd be like to live without you, Denver.
I can't. [weeping]
It felt like knives inside of me.
And I don't know.
I don't know
if we'll make it out of here, but
if anything happens, Denver,
I don't want it to be while we're angry,
or distant, or doubtful,
because I have no doubts.
I love you.
I love you too, a lot.
I know.
And nothing could possibly
be more important.
you and I both know
it's possible to love during a heist.
I fell in love during one.
Consuelo, it's me.
[suspenseful music playing]
[baby crying]
We've been waiting for you.
I really love your home.
Are you okay?
- What the fuck are you doing here?
- Shh! No swear words.
At this age, they're like little sponges.
I don't want you traumatizing her.
So, good vibes only. Just smile.
Touch one hair on my wife's head
and I'll wipe you off the earth.
[Alicia] You're threatening me? Really?
The coward who didn't
send reinforcements to the Bank of Spain
because the Professor
had him by the cojones?
I don't know where you got that false
information from, but it's not true.
I was there, in the lion's den,
listening to him blackmail you
with some recordings.
Let's just talk about that in private,
if you don't mind.
I'm sure your wife is well aware
of how disgusting you are.
[sighs] Okay.
Where is the Professor?
"What are you wearing, Colonel?"
He's in my power.
I could put a little ribbon on him
right now and hand him over to you.
[Professor straining]
[breathing heavily]
What do you want in exchange?
You shut your fucking mouth.
I want you to publicly take back
all the defamation you said about me.
Resign from your position
and assume full responsibility.
As is your duty.
And then you deliver
the Professor on a silver platter.
Like a hero.
For this great service to the nation.
And what if I don't fucking feel like it?
If you don't fucking feel like it,
I'll pull a Raquel Murillo.
I'll switch sides, with all that entails.
I'll run away with the Professor.
We'll drink some caipirinhas.
- [groaning]
- [fabric ripping]
[Tamayo] Assuming you have the Professor
and hand him over to me, which I doubt,
you really think I'd incriminate myself,
go to trial, and get thrown in jail
just so this man doesn't get his way?
No, Alicia. Come on.
I'd rather we're both free
than both in jail, don't you agree?
I'm even starting to like him,
for fuck's sake.
It's a figure of speech, honey.
The real dilemma here is this.
Either you go ahead
and you shoot me right now
and don't get out of jail
until your son's balls are shriveled
She's a girl, you piece of shit.
or you give me the gun
and maybe you get a reduced sentence,
because about three minutes ago,
I hit the panic button
on the alarm for this house,
and the police are about to burst through
that goddamn door!
[beeping rapidly]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [groans]
- [Consuelo] Oh!
[sirens wailing]
- [sirens wailing]
- [tires screeching]
Shut up.
[doorbell rings]
[neighbor] Who is it?
Hi. Good afternoon, ma'am. Listen, I have
a registered letter for 5C, Mr. Tamayo.
Would you be so kind as to open the door
so I can leave him the notice? Thank you.
[tires screech]
[officer] Vamos, vamos, vamos.
[officers shouting indistinctly]
[officers clamoring]
[indistinct chatter]
- [officer 1] Come on!
- [officer 2] Keep going!
[gun cocks]
I told you.
Now you have no choice but to trust me.
- Let's go, move it!
- [neighbor] Yes?
Ma'am, can I give you
the notice for Mr. Tamayo?
[neighbor] One second.
[Victoria crying]
[electronic music playing]
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