Money Heist (2017) s05e07 Episode Script

Wishful Thinking

[helicopter whirring]
[radio chirps]
[officer 1] Assault unit approaching.
- [radio hisses]
- Okay, I want a precise operation.
Suspects are armed
and extremely dangerous.
[officer 2] Okay, move, move, move!
First floor, clear.
[officer 1] Search every floor
and check the exits.
[officer 3] Come on!
[officer 2] Second floor, clear.
[Victoria crying]
[radio chirping]
[pounding on door]
- [Victoria wailing]
- [officers clamoring]
[sobbing] Please
[police dogs barking]
- [officer 3] One, two
- [loud thudding]
Let's go! Come on, come on!
- [officer] Police!
- [chattering indistinctly]
Colonel, are you okay?
- My wife My wife
- [gasps for air]
[officers chattering]
[sobbing] Luis
[police dogs barking]
How long have I been out for?
[panting] I don't know. A few minutes.
It's Alicia Sierra. She's carrying a baby.
No one has left the building.
Then check every apartment.
If nobody answers, break the door down.
Go set up a cage operation.
Get me a perimeter of two km.
No one comes in or out.
Bravo 41 calling all available units.
Operation Cage. District, Chamberí.
Limits, Valdebebas and Canillas.
I repeat, Bravo 41
calling all available units.
- [shuddering]
- [Victoria crying]
Listen to me, ma'am.
Everything's going to be okay,
but you can't scream.
[Victoria crying]
Give me the baby.
And my glasses. I need my glasses.
[officer shouting indistinctly]
[officers clamoring]
- [shouting] Open the door!
- Police!
["Ça Plane Pour Moi"
by Plastic Bertrand playing]
[officers clamoring]
[Victoria continues crying]
[music cuts]
You're bleeding so much.
You're not leaving?
I have to go back.
I'm ready for the final sprint.
But I can promise you one thing,
this is gonna be my last one.
- [song picks up again]
- Call the army.
This is now a state of emergency.
We're gonna search this whole
fucking neighborhood door to door.
[whimpering] No.
Be cool.
[officer shouting indistinctly]
[officers shouting]
[officers clamoring]
[Victoria wailing]
[shouting] Open the fucking door!
[screaming] Open the door!
- [whimpering]
- Shh!
Come on! Follow me! Let's go!
[officers shouting indistinctly]
Have a good night.
- What's going on?
- [officer] Out of the way.
No fucking way.
[shouting] Police!
Open the door! It's the police!
[officer continues pounding]
- Open it!
- The baby. The baby!
[Professor] She's sleeping.
[officers clamoring]
- [thuds]
- Shh!
The baby. The baby
The baby's fine.
Buenas noches.
- [cocks gun]
- [muffled screaming]
Let's go, let's go!
[officer 1] They climbed out the window.
[officers clamoring]
[siren wailing]
[helicopter whirring]
[indistinct chatter]
[tense music playing]
[officers clamoring]
- The glasses.
- What?
- They're sunglasses. It's nighttime.
- So what? Who cares?
- Just take them off.
- Shut up.
[tires screech]
[Alicia] They're here.
- They're here.
- Shut up.
- They're here. They're here. They're here.
- [tires screeching]
[officer 1] They're on the street.
They left through the restaurant.
[officers yelling]
[civilian] I think taking the metro
would be the best.
[Alicia gasps]
[officers yelling]
[music ends suddenly]
[whispering] Professor?
[dramatic music playing]
[whispering] Professor, do you copy?
[horses neighing]
Shh, boys.
- Professor?
- [voice echoes] Professor?
[horses neighing]
- Marseille calling Benjamín.
- I hear you.
The Professor's down.
I think Alicia Sierra
kidnapped him, again.
- [truck horn blares]
- My men are here. What should we do?
Like the Professor told you.
You're in charge there.
I'll take the three cars
to the stormwater tank.
We can't leave any loose ends.
[music ends suddenly]
Apartment 2B.
Let's go.
[whispering] Nothing.
[tense music playing]
[pounding on door]
[breathing shakily]
[whispering] Come on.
[sirens wailing]
[helicopter whirring]
- [glass shatters]
- [cat meows aggressively]
[sighs in relief] Fuck, just a cat.
"Plants, water them twice a week.
The cat, feed once a day."
"Thanks, Herminia."
They were watered today.
So Herminia won't be back until tomorrow.
[sirens wailing]
[soldier on megaphone] The government
has declared a state of emergency.
We're here to protect you.
Please cooperate as our officers work
for the safety of the State of Spain.
- Come on, come on, come on!
- Go, go, go, go!
This is starting to look like
the Warsaw ghetto.
They're going to search every house.
["My Life Is Going On"
by Cecilia Krull playing]
If I stay with you
If I'm choosing wrong ♪
I don't care at all ♪
If I'm losing now
But I'm winning late ♪
That's all I want ♪
I don't care at all ♪
I am lost ♪
I don't care at all ♪
Lost my time ♪
My life is going on ♪
["Guaijira Guantanamera"
by Compay Segundo playing]
[Berlin laughing]
Hey. Come here. Come here. Hmm? [laughing]
You're not starting to get
affected by my illness?
Hmm? Or are you?
- No.
- [laughs]
- No.
- Yeah.
It's just that, um,
I'm moved by this plan,
this marvelous plan for the gold.
But there's still
a couple of details that
- That what?
- Well, um
- Getting the gold out, for example.
- Little grains.
We're going to turn
90 tons of gold into rice.
And after that, propel it like a jet.
Yeah. We'll eject all of it
using a pressure pump.
- Using a pump?
- [laughing] Yeah.
- Through the pipelines?
- Mm-hmm.
Inside the Bank of Spain
is there a pressure pump?
- No, of course not.
- Of course not!
We had to go all the way up to Norway
to get it off an oil platform.
What do you think about that?
[laughing] I mean,
there was another one in Saudi Arabia.
- But I was too lazy to go so far away.
- Of course.
What matters, Sergio,
is that we're going to have a geyser
of golden light flowing through the pipes.
There's no margin of error.
Andrés, the whole plan, everything
you're saying is a margin of error.
How old are those pipes?
Fifty? Seventy years old?
How old are they?
A hundred.
And do you think
that they were built 100 years ago
to withstand pressurized gold?
No, but they're gonna hold!
Very well. Where does the gold arrive?
In a sewer?
[laughing] I just love this.
In the biggest stormwater tank in Europe.
In a stormwater tank?
What happens if it rains?
What if it starts pouring rain that day?
It would collapse, right?
And then bye-bye plan,
bye-bye your whole life,
because of a simple fact
that it started raining.
Andrés, no, it's not science, it's
It's voluntarism
It's scientific optimism!
What are you talking about?
- It's hopeful science.
- Who's talking here?
The mind of someone planning a heist
or the mind of a child? Come on.
The mind of a child.
And proudly so.
- I'm just like Peter Pan.
- Yeah.
No one can take away my enthusiasm,
not you, nobody.
Because only then,
only when you're willfully immature,
can you achieve great things.
The sort The sort of things that, uh,
uh, mature people, serious people,
could never achieve. No.
No, they can't even imagine it
because they're all too sensible!
And for those of us
who have to think about what we do,
is there anything solid?
Because I'd love to
I'd love to examine it.
Look, Martín has
all that stuff completely
He's crossed every T. Every detail.
And he'd be delighted
to share it with you.
[Benjamín] Guys, come on!
- [vehicle beeping]
- The waterwheel goes last. Come on!
The waterwheel goes last.
Benjamín, are you still there?
Yes. Go ahead, Miss Lisbon.
The Professor has disappeared.
[Denver] Wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait a minute.
What do you mean
"The Professor has disappeared"?
Is he in the fucking
Bermuda Triangle or what?
How should I know? I don't know.
Oh, for fuck's sake
What matters right now
is that we make a decision.
What are we doing with the gold?
I'm sorry, my dear, were you
planning on having a referendum here?
Because I don't give a shit
about democracy, okay?
The gold is getting out.
There is nothing to debate.
If you let this group debate anything,
they all pull out guns.
So I'm drawing mine first.
No bullshit, okay?
And what if the cops are already
at the stormwater tank right now?
[Palermo] The police are not
at the stormwater tank.
The plan is still on course, understand?
But if that were the case, this would be
the stupidest robbery in history.
Melting down 90 tons of gold
to hand it over to the police.
I said the police are not
at the stormwater tank,
and the gold is worth nothing to us here.
Do you get it or not, my love?
The gold is our hostage.
[sarcastically] That's great.
We take the hostage,
offer it to Tamayo, and negotiate?
Is that your master plan?
You're a real fucking genius.
Yeah, muchacho, I'm a fucking genius.
And there's a big machine down there
that'll prove it, so take it easy.
[Stockholm] Is that all you care about?
Proving that your wonderful plan
is gonna work?
It's also about saving your lives.
And to do that,
we have to get the gold out of here.
Palermo is right.
There are only two people out there
who can tell them how to get the gold out.
The Professor, who won't do it,
and Alicia Sierra.
She's gonna try to use the information
to negotiate and clear her name.
And I assure you
negotiating with the State will be tough.
It's gonna take hours.
In the meantime, we can get the gold out.
And that's exactly what we'll do.
This lady has sex appeal and cojones.
[shouting] We're gonna get
the fucking gold outta here!
We're gonna get the gold out.
[Tokyo] At that moment,
Palermo regained his passion.
The last time he'd had
that sparkle in his eyes
was five years earlier,
right after he was woken up
in the middle of the night.
I told him about the plan.
What did he say?
Let's just say he thought it was
so truly marvelous.
No, I'll be more precise.
He said it's the most beautiful thing
he's ever heard.
Stop fucking around.
Are you serious or not?
Of course I only told him the basics.
Now he wants you to explain
all the technical details.
So, it's your turn.
- I can't believe it!
- [laughing]
Oh my God, I can't believe you.
Let's see.
Houndstooth? Scottish tartan?
Something that exudes intellectualism.
I'd say that's a little sophisticated
for three in the morning.
A touch of genius, sure,
but, uh, maybe something more casual.
- [cackling]
- [Berlin laughing]
[Tokyo] "Maturity" meant the same
to Palermo as it did to Berlin,
the end of a life of passion
and the beginning of a life
filled with bitterness.
At the end of the day,
maturing, as well as growing old,
consists of gradually
throwing away dreams.
[Palermo] Bogotá!
Bogotá, the water!
- [shouting] Bogotá!
- What?
[Palermo] Get in the water!
You didn't have to
get him out of bed at this hour.
It would've been fine
to do this tomorrow morning.
Please, Sergio.
It's an enormous privilege to be here.
Now what exactly does your curiosity
and sharp intellect demand?
Tell me.
Okay. Let's say we've turned
the 90 tons into gravel.
- Yeah?
- Now what?
Now we put the diver back in the water,
but this time, he'll have two hoses.
After we completely ransack that vault
like the tomb of Tutankhamun,
the diver will make the key connection.
Connection that will allow us
to move the gold.
- How so?
- We have the vault right here, right?
120,000 liters of water.
That will be our driving force.
The water goes into this pump,
through this black hose,
where it'll be mixed with the gold.
And through this red hose,
the 90 tons of gravel will flow smoothly,
towards the drainage system.
- What caliber is the hose?
- Five inches.
A five-inch hose couldn't possibly handle
the pressure you need to get the gold out.
Because, for now,
the gold will stay in the sanitation ducts
sleeping peacefully.
The real pressure
that comes just a bit later.
[soldier on megaphone] This is a message
to all residents on the block.
We will forcefully enter
any house that doesn't cooperate.
Go, go, go, go!
Keep in mind that we're doing this
for the safety of our country.
What are you doing?
We're going to hide.
[soldiers clamoring]
[soldiers shouting]
[suspenseful music building]
[soldier] Armed forces.
Open the door, please.
[louder] Open the door.
[soldier pounding on door]
[shouting] Open the door!
[pounding continues]
[soldiers shouting]
[screaming] Armed forces! Open the door!
Open the door, now!
Open the door! Armed forces!
[panting shakily]
- [soldier 1] Open the door!
- [soldier 2] Or we'll break it down!
Go get the manager.
[soldiers yelling] Open the door!
Open the door!
- Come on, now!
- Open the door!
What's going on?
- No one's there. They're on vacation.
- Well, open it anyway.
[soldier 2] Everyone get ready.
[sirens wailing]
[panting nervously]
- This isn't it, it's 2A. Give me a moment.
- Make it quick.
These things take time.
It's not that easy.
Let's go.
- [Victoria fussing]
- [Alicia] The baby, the baby. The baby.
[soldier 1] Do you even know
what key it is?
[creaks loudly]
- [whispering] Get down.
- [loud thud]
[soldier 3] Delta Unit going in.
[cat meows]
[tense music builds then ends]
[cat purring]
- [radio chirps]
- [soldier 1] Alfa Unit in position.
[soldier 4] Bravo Unit,
first floor checked and clear.
[police radio continues chirping]
- [radio static]
- [soldier 1] Clear!
[breathing shakily]
[soldier 1] Delta Unit,
send the manager to the third floor.
[clicks fingers] Psst.
[soldier 5] Bedroom clear. We're leaving.
[Victoria crying]
[tense music playing]
[gun cocks]
It's all clear. Come on.
[door slams]
[whispering] They're gone.
[both panting]
They're gone.
Gentlemen! Today we make our mark
on the universal history of larceny!
Come on, muchachos!
Let's make history together, goddammit!
- Let's go!
- [Palermo] Come on!
[Bogotá] Let's go!
[Palermo] Then the next stage
of the plan begins,
which enables us to move the gold
that was resting in the drainpipes.
Well, that would cause
a massive clog in the pipelines.
[chuckling] That's why
we have a second pump, huh?
The one we stole in Norway.
Now! Connect the pump!
Let's go, muchachos! Let's go!
Isn't she precious? I'm in love.
It's a technical marvel,
5,300 kilowatts of power.
[drill whirring]
Do you realize what that means, Sergio?
We're gonna move the gold
3.25 meters per second. It's absurd!
There's one problem with that.
Now he's wondering what about?
What about the loss of pressure
due to friction?
The Darcy-Weisbach equation.
We got it down to the millimeter.
- The only problem we might have
- Is using too much pressure.
Okay, open the valves!
There's a pressure regulator on the pump.
We'll control it ourselves.
I'll activate the pump.
The pump will then start pushing the gold.
And 91 minutes and 37 seconds later
our loot will have traveled
across the 17,874 meters of pipe
between the goldvault and point B,
the space we commonly refer to
as the "stormwater tank."
[laughing] And then, right in that place,
there will be manna
raining down from heaven.
Sergio, am I crazy? Or do you see it too?
Bogotá, pressure!
[motor humming]
Three thousand kilopascals!
Thirty-five hundred!
Let's go, my love.
Four thousand!
That's it, precious. That's it.
Let's go, faster! Come on!
[Bogotá] Forty-five hundred!
Five thousand! Now!
[electronic surging]
[low rumbling]
[dramatic music playing]
- There's nothing.
- [beeping]
Relax, we still have a few seconds.
Relax, don't get anxious.
[Palermo] We're getting there.
[music ends]
- Benjamín, do you copy?
- Still nothing.
[Palermo] No, no
No, no, no.
I'm telling you, nothing here.
Maybe there was a miscalculation.
[screaming] God damn it!
Science shall not live on numbers
and calculations alone, Benjamín.
Have a little faith, no?
And a little love too.
[emotional music playing]
Come on, darling. Come on.
It's not just the gold.
It's all the nights
we spent planning it together.
[Palermo] Countless hours
absolutely stuck on the same problems.
The joy, the euphoria we felt
when we finally came up with the solution.
Those are the most
beautiful memories of my life.
I'm begging you, for the love of God,
don't let this be a mistake.
Don't let it be an illusion.
I'm begging you, for God's sake.
I'm begging you, my darling, come on.
Please, let's go, damn it.
Come on, darling! You can do it.
Come on. Come on, my love. Come on!
[screaming] Come on!
[all cheering]
[triumphant music playing]
Palermo, it's coming out!
The gold is coming out!
- Come on!
- Yeah!
[all shouting joyously]
[music drowns out chatter]
Set up the waterwheel.
Benjamín, start making the ingots.
Let's go! Let's start making ingots!
[all shouting indistinctly]
- We did it, Tokyo.
- [music ends]
[sighs quietly]
We did it.
A flow of 55,200 liters
of water and gold per minute, brother.
It's poetry. It's pure poetry.
- Huh? Right?
- [chuckling]
How was your shower?
- [Victoria gurgling]
- Hey.
Too bad there's no men's clothing here,
right, Victoria?
When was the last time you ate?
What day is it today?
I'm gonna go try to make something warm.
[narrator] This is the Harris Hawk,
a bird of prey, an expert hunter.
The moment it detects a potential prey,
it swoops down at full speed.
Eat this. It'll be good for you.
I don't think I can remember
the last time someone took care of me.
Actually, I can.
My husband.
I didn't shed a single tear
at his funeral.
I tortured Aníbal Cortés.
And I felt nothing.
They ruined my career. Still nothing.
[reflective piano music playing]
The only thing I've done since then
was chase after you.
Without feeling the nausea.
Or the exhaustion.
Because I
[sighs] I thought if I ran fast enough
the sadness wouldn't catch up with me.
And now, look.
Here we are.
[breathing shakily]
Here we are.
[crying softly]
Can we pretend
that you're a friend who came over
to cook and see the baby?
Because maybe this is the last normal day
we'll have for the next 25 years.
Let's imagine there's no cops out there.
And we'll eat,
and you can ask me stupid things,
things about the baby,
until she falls asleep,
while we watch TV.
What do you think?
[Professor] Yeah, of course.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm not your friend.
And I never will be.
[choking up] I'll never be your friend.
[sobbing quietly]
To me, this is a marriage of convenience.
No? Don't you agree?
Eat. Go on.
[sniffling] It's good. Thanks.
Say something.
Over the last few hours
I've lost two more people
who were very important.
Not for the plan, no.
Not for the heist, no.
They were important to me.
To my personal life.
And I'm not going to let
anyone else down
during this heist.
I'm not gonna let you down.
So, uh,
you'd better start
getting used to this kind of situation.
Because I'm not going to allow
Victoria to grow up
in a prison maternity ward.
[Alicia chuckles]
Okay, I guess I won't arrest you then.
Sounds good to me.
[Alicia groans softly]
- [narrator] Like a velociraptor
- [meows]
- it chases its prey on the ground.
- Sergio
We need to get you some new shoes.
[narrator] The kangaroo rat
makes a run for it, but the little rodent
We need to rebuild the bone
and anchor it to a titanium plate.
I have to put him
under general anesthesia.
[Helsinki] What?
[tsking] No, no, no, no.
I'm not going to sleep.
No. From the waist up, I'm a watchdog.
From the waist down, I'm a patient.
Doctor, you do your job, I can take it.
Use an epidural.
He's gonna be a cripple.
Well, scars scare the shit out of people,
and if we're going to jail,
scaring people isn't all that bad.
To be honest, I I can't even
really imagine what prison is like.
Being in a cell?
It's an awful experience. It's horrible.
But I think that the worst part
isn't losing your freedom.
It's losing all affection.
I don't know.
The lack of physical contact,
wanting to hug your daughter,
wanting your mother to hug you,
but they're not there.
And then there's Sergio.
I mean, now that
I've finally found a good guy
My God. Twenty-five years in jail
would completely erase all that.
Because no relationship
can handle that solitude.
Either that, or, uh,
maybe you spend 25 years
thinking that everything
will be the same and suddenly,
when you finally have a chance
to be with that person and kiss them,
shit, you realize
that too much time has passed, right?
And that at the end of the day,
you've spent years and years
romanticizing something that's not
That's not there, that doesn't exist.
I want you to know that I kissed Denver.
I'm telling you because, I swear,
because it really was nothing.
I know I shouldn't have done it,
but I just couldn't help it.
I was obsessed with him for years.
And I realized today
there's nothing there.
Do you have anything for stress, Doctor?
An antipsychotic maybe.
I just passed the service corridors.
I'm at the junction.
Okay, now take a left.
In about 20 meters to your left,
you'll find a vent grate and you're there.
[tense music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[Benjamín] Don't waste
a single ounce of gold.
- Any problems with the smelting?
- No!
Oh man! This is fun, huh?
Look at all this gold! Yeah!
[upbeat rock music playing]
[man] Here we go! Let's go, guys!
- Go, go, go, go!
- Good job, guys!
We already have the first batch of ingots.
Perfect, Benjamín.
There's not much left here.
Let's go, guys! Keep it moving.
- Is Lisbon single?
- What?
Lisbon. Is she seeing anyone?
Where the fuck did that come from?
It's just that I saw her
beating up on Rio, and
Chicks with that much cojones
get me hotter than a fucking furnace.
Hmm. Well, she went through
a really fucked-up relationship.
She needs someone
to restore her faith in men.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- [Bogotá] Mm-hmm.
You just really gotta go for it. Okay?
She's got standards,
so you've gotta go all the way.
Don't just ask her for, like,
a walk in the park.
- That's right.
- [Rio] Get it?
Exactly. Don't be too polite, okay?
Don't half-ass it,
knife between the teeth.
Look, Matías, here's what you gotta do.
As soon as you get a chance,
kiss her passionately on the mouth.
In the elevator, the bathroom, wherever.
Remember, she's just gotten out of prison.
Understand what I'm saying? Hey!
Go get her.
What's going on with you?
I was, uh, unfaithful to my wife.
With a hostage?
With Manila.
With Manila.
And did you go all the way?
Well, not all the way, no,
but we definitely made out.
And I started it.
Heat of the moment, it's not important.
Let's go, guys. It's time to shine!
Let's go! Come on!
Hold on. How is it not important?
A few seconds later, I made out
with Stockholm in the same room.
One girl's spit
ended up in the other's mouth.
She's shooting up morphine
to overcome post-traumatic stress,
and I'm here acting like an asshole.
I don't know what to tell her.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You're looking at it wrong, okay?
You should never, ever,
in your fucking life
admit you've been with another woman.
Especially not half an hour
after the fact.
If you're feeling guilty,
fucking deal with it.
Next time, don't think with your dick.
You're gonna keep your mouth shut.
Even if she catches you
naked in bed with the other woman.
You just tell her
that she's hallucinating.
You keep quiet.
Hey, look at me.
Because once you've admitted it,
then it's written in stone,
like a signed confession to the police.
And no one, my friend,
no one can fix that.
[siren wailing]
What are you doing?
I found a cell phone. I was charging it.
It's already at two bars.
It's a little old, but it'll do.
- Uh who are you?
- I'm Shakir.
The Professor's support in Asia.
Oh. Oh shit, okay. And I'm Benjamín.
- I'll connect you to the Professor.
- Sure, of course.
- Professor.
- Benjamín, listen.
We don't have time.
You have to call the Serbians.
They're already here.
I got them. I got them to come
and guard the perimeter outside.
I see. Great, Benjamín. That's great.
Well, you put me in charge,
and I'm just trying to do the best I can.
In that case, you have a new mission.
Marseille, let's go.
We have a mission. Tell the Serbians.
Boris, with us. Get the radial saws,
thermal lances,
welding machines, and some mops.
And a couple of guns.
You guys, keep making those ingots
like there's no tomorrow!
[all cheering] Let's go!
Come on.
[action music playing]
Get out of your truck
and give me your clothes.
["Then He Kissed Me"
by The Crystals playing]
[Tokyo] Deep down, Berlin
and the Professor were very similar.
They both devised their plans
based upon a single powerful feeling
[officer] Stop.
[Tokyo] The Professor's "thrill"
was to disguise the extraordinary
as something completely mundane.
Like a garbage truck.
Berlin's "thrill" was to believe
that the impossible was possible.
The Professor was like
his brother in that sense,
even though he didn't think so.
Because only with childlike wonder
can someone play hide-and-seek
on a street besieged by soldiers.
A garbage truck is asking for permission
to enter at control point 1-2-6.
[Tokyo] That attempt to escape,
the most important one ever,
was something Berlin
and Peter Pan would've loved.
We're all clear here.
[Tokyo] It was all or nothing,
and it'd be defined by a magical moment.
Just like the moment they realized
the heist was technically possible.
It was like knowing how to get to Mars,
but not how to come back.
Still, that didn't stop them
from celebrating with enthusiasm
that only children have.
He kissed me in a way
That I wanna be kissed ♪
Forever more ♪
I knew that he was mine ♪
So I gave him all the love that I had ♪
[Tokyo] One, two, three
ready or not, here I come.
That's how it all happened.
In an instant of crass normalcy.
The garbage truck swallowing the trash.
But there was a lot more to it than that.
[Tokyo] It was putting the mastermind
behind the heist back where he belonged,
with a new mind by his side.
And most importantly
the Professor realized
that his brother's enthusiasm for the plan
had now infected his entire team.
That while he had been in a technical KO,
lying on the canvas
[Benjamín] You'll see, Professor.
We did the best we could.
That's good.
the machinery had kept running.
The gold was out,
and the stormwater-tank foundry
was in full swing.
The dream was more alive than ever.
[triumphant music swells]
They did it.
They did it.
Palermo, you did it.
There's a foundry in the stormwater tank.
Of course there is, brother!
Isn't it the most beautiful thing
you've ever seen?
The gold is coming out.
["Take Another Little Piece of My Heart"
by Dusty Springfield playing]
The gold is coming out!
This one's for you, Andrés.
With a pump this powerful,
they'd hear the sound of the suction,
or pumping, it'd be very easy to assume
we're passing it through the plumbing.
[Berlin laughing]
Why wouldn't the police be waiting?
That's an excellent question, Sergio,
and we've got the answer to that as well.
And the answer is
the difference between a cat burglar
and us.
[Palermo] The difference
between being good and being a genius.
And we only aspire to pure genius.
[both laughing]
Take it ♪
Take another little piece
Of my heart now ♪
- Baby ♪
- Baby ♪
Break it ♪
Break another little bit
Of my heart now ♪
- Honey ♪
- Honey ♪
Have a ♪
Have another little piece
Of my heart now ♪
- Baby ♪
- Baby ♪
You know you've got it ♪
If it makes you feel good ♪
Yeah, out on the street ♪
You know ♪
And you know deep down in your heart ♪
That ain't right ♪
I know you never never hear me
When I cry at night ♪
Oh ♪
Tell myself
That I can't stand the pain ♪
But when you hold me in your arms ♪
I say it again ♪
So come on, come on, come on ♪
Come on and take it ♪
Take another little piece
Of my heart now ♪
- Baby ♪
- Baby ♪
Break it ♪
Break another little bit
Of my heart now ♪
- Honey ♪
- Honey ♪
You better have a ♪
Have another little piece
Of my heart now ♪
- Baby ♪
- Baby ♪
You know you've got it ♪
If it makes you feel good ♪
- You better take it ♪
- Take it ♪
Take another little piece
Of my heart now ♪
- Baby ♪
- Baby ♪
Break it ♪
[music fades out]
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