Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

["DNA" by BTS plays tinnily]
[song becomes clearer]
[woman] Fans of K-pop group BTS
are called ARMY.
[record scratches]
They have members all over the world.
[song continues on headphones]
[exhales, chuckles]
[breathes deeply]
[song continues clearly]
Of course,
there are ARMYs in North Korea too.
It was second nature for me.
Since I was a kid,
I've secretly watched K-dramas,
and I've always listened to K-pop.
[knob clunks]
[music stops abruptly]
But there'll always be one thing
that sets me apart from the other ARMYs.
- I had to join the real army.
- [indistinct shouting]
[gun firing]
[people shouting]
[distant triumphant music plays]
It's been years since the leaders
of the North, South, and the US
met at the Joint Security Area.
As time went by, hopes of unification
continued to die down.
That is, until something came
like a thief in the night.
[woman 1] You need to see this.
- [woman 2] What is it?
- [woman 1] The war's over?
- [woman 2] Do you think this is real?
- [woman 1] I said things were dying down.
[reporter] comprehensive
economic development.
Both countries
will soon establish an economic union.
The development of a common currency
What does she mean by common currency?
Does that mean
we can buy stuff from South Korea?
- Permits will be issued by the government.
- What?
I mean, does that even matter?
What really matters
is that we can cross the border
as long as we have a permit now!
[woman] As soon as I was discharged,
I left Pyongyang and headed to Seoul.
I didn't even give it a second thought.
To live the Korean dream.
[train horn blowing]
[man] Look over there!
[passengers exclaim and chatter]
[conductor] This train is now passing
through the JEA, or Joint Economic Area.
As you're aware,
this was once the Joint Security Area,
a symbol of division.
Now the area is used as a testing ground
for economic cooperation,
ensuring free travel and work
for every Korean.
This area is already home
to numerous organizations and companies
from the North and South.
Unified Korea Mint
and the Preparatory Committee
for Unification
will be based here in the near future.
[tranquil acoustic guitar music plays]
This is how North Korea's
gonna look like soon, you know?
I'm gonna make so much money
and I'll buy a house
in a tower like that one back home.
[passengers chat excitedly]
- [man] I wonder what it's like.
- [indistinct chatter]
[woman] It was obvious that everyone
on the train smelled the same thing.
It was the smell of hope.
[sentimental song playing]
And soon after,
a huge South Korean corporation
promised to make large-scale investments
in the North.
Those who claimed to have made a fortune
riding the wave
started showing up in both Koreas.
But for me
[breathes heavily]
the house and job
that my migration broker had promised me
was all a lie.
Welcome to capitalism.
[bustling chatter]
[grunts softly]
[breathes deeply]
[waitress] Hey.
You want a bite?
[woman] If it's so great,
why is that bitch eating garbage?
[reporter] After the second
economic cooperation,
an influx of North Korean migrant workers
have settled in South Korea.
This has led to growing social animosity
towards North Koreans.
Meanwhile, a BTS concert
being held in Pyongyang next month
has already sold out,
suggesting that the cultural exchange
between the neighboring countries
is happening much quicker than expected.
[somber acoustic music plays]
[woman] What is happening to the world?
[sings in Korean]
[music fades]
[melancholy piano music plays]
I just don't get it.
How did things get this way?
[man] Fifty-thousand won.
You know we charge a 20% exchange fee
for the old notes, right?
- [woman] What's all that stuff?
- [man] What do you think?
[man] Things I got instead of money.
You got anything valuable?
I'll pay you good money.
What do you say? [chuckles]
Look, I understand.
Hard times, right?
They call this "Ice" up North.
Ever heard of it?
I know you been through it,
so take it as a gift.
No thanks.
[grunts] Yeah?
It's better to work in a good mood.
You can always go all the way,
you know, with the clients.
Huh? When are you gonna
pay off your loan at this rate?
[woman huffs]
If you wanna make money,
you need to keep an open mind.
Try it.
Come on!
[woman 2 whimpers, yelps]
- Hey, what the fuck is going on?
- [woman 2 panting]
Hey, boss, we caught this bitch
running away without paying us.
Wanna take one of her kidneys?
[loan shark] Her junkie kidney
isn't worth much.
- [man chuckles]
- [woman 2 coughs]
You want a bite?
All this is thanks to bastards like you.
You're all just bunch of greedy fucks.
- [loan shark grunts]
- [grunts]
[breathes heavily, groans]
[high-pitched ringing]
[exhales, gasps]
[loan shark grunts]
[loan shark groans angrily]
[loan shark breathes heavily]
[scoffs] Did you release the safety?
TT pistols don't have safeties.
Hey. I'm sorry, okay?
Come on, let's talk, all right? Hmm?
- [woman grunts]
- [glass shatters]
[grunting angrily]
- [gun fires]
- [man whimpers]
[woman] Thieves were making money
in this new world.
And there's nothing stopping me
from becoming a thief.
[woman 2 yelps]
- [whimpering]
- [urinating]
What are you doing?
Grab everything and let's go.
[breathing heavily]
[theme song playing]
[rain pattering]
[reporter] Suspects wanted by police
have committed a series of robberies
in the last year,
specifically targeting loan sharks.
[breathes heavily]
According to what's been confirmed
by the authorities,
one of the suspects died at the scene,
The police
are currently after another suspect,
who is assumed to be an illegal immigrant.
- [thunder rumbling]
- [man 1 over radio] Come in, 1506.
[man 2] Copy. We've lost the suspect.
She moved towards the second avenue.
[man 1] Copy. Moving in that direction now
with four officers, over.
[light flickering]
[car horn blaring]
[breathes shakily]
[train rattles]
[woman] I didn't have anywhere else to go.
[thunder rumbling]
[gun clicks]
[breathes shakily]
[soothing choral music plays]
[footsteps splash]
[breathing heavily]
[footsteps approaching]
[thunder rumbling]
[man] Are you okay?
You look like you're badly hurt.
[woman] When I first saw him,
I thought the Grim Reaper
had finally come for me.
[train rattles]
It's you, right?
The little Miss Robin Hood
who's been stealing from people
who take advantage of immigrants?
I thought you would be a monster.
Turns out you're just human.
How was it?
Did you feel good
after you killed petty criminals?
Who are you?
I have a plan, an elaborate one too,
and I really want you to join me.
You're really asking me
to join your little heist?
After I was just about
to blow my brains out?
The thief who steals petty cash
either gets killed by a cop
or serves prison time,
but a thief who steals at a massive scale
can change the world,
and can even become a hero.
[hopeful music plays]
How much money do you have to steal
to change the world?
- Four trillion.
- [thunder rumbles]
If you were gonna
take your own life anyway,
how about you give me and my plan a shot?
[woman] He introduced himself
as the Professor.
Who do you teach?
When I asked him that question,
he introduced me to his students.
[Professor] Before we start,
I wanna make this clear.
From now on,
regardless of age or where you're from,
we'll all speak informally.
We'll use code names to call each other
instead of using real names.
I can do code names,
but what about respect?
- What's the reason for that?
- It's safer that no one knows.
It's out of serious precaution
for each other's identity.
How about we use city names?
It can be a city you wanna live in
once the job's over
or a name that you like the sound of.
It's up to you, so pick one.
[jazzy drumbeat plays]
All right! I've been dreaming of going
to Rio for Carnival my entire life!
and the highlight of every Carnival
is samba! [chuckles]
That guy who looks like
your typical K-pop star is Rio.
He's a horrible dancer,
but apparently he's an amazing hacker.
I'mma go with that one
since it's near the Rocky Mountains.
You guys know Rocky.
It's, uh It's my favorite movie
of all time.
Pow! Pow-pow!
Pow! Pow!
Just so you know,
that movie is set in Philadelphia.
Oh, really?
That's a bit long.
Denver sounds a lot stronger, right?
[woman] That himbo over there is Denver.
- He used to be a street fighter.
- [bell dings]
He fought at every illegal fight club
and never lost.
He eventually beat up the gamblers
who'd bet on him and lived.
My mother, God rest her soul,
used to wish that she'd
Here, here, here
get on a train from Busan
and pass through Pyongyang,
and all the way to Moscow,
here in Russia's capital.
Oh, Mother.
[woman] That man is Moscow.
He is Denver's father.
He used to work in the mines,
so naturally he's a digging expert.
That's why he's here.
And where is here?
The dead-end that is his life.
[clears throat]
Has anyone here
ever been to Africa before?
The cradle of civilization.
Words can only try to describe.
Did you know the area's famous
for diamonds?
[woman] Nairobi.
She's a pathological liar.
She's a forgery master.
She claims to have been part
of every major crime,
but I think she's nothing more
than a con artist.
Are you serious?
- You can't even use a map?
- Don't push me, you son of a bitch!
[men grunt]
[woman] That jolly pair
is Helsinki and Oslo.
They're fixers from Yanbian.
Word has it
that they wiped out their entire gang
and left.
[upbeat music playing]
He has this gift
for making people nervous.
He's from the Kaechon camp in the North,
where only the dead are free.
You're probably wondering,
"How'd he get here?"
Well, I guess that's why
he's the most wanted man
in the history of North Korea.
Out of all the places, why pick Tokyo?
Because we'll be doing
bad things. [chuckles]
- [Moscow chuckles]
- [Denver] Yo, that's really smart.
[Oslo chuckles]
She's right.
We will be doing bad things.
[suspenseful music plays]
We are going to pull off
the single largest heist in history.
The North opened up its economy,
and every Korean was promised
that they'd benefit from this,
but in reality, only the rich got richer.
It's time for us,
the ones left with nothing,
to claim what's ours.
That is why we've formed this team.
I'm going to make this clear.
Not a single person will get hurt.
Our goal is to steal four trillion won
and then we'll all disappear.
We're giving the public
the best show they've ever seen,
live and in their faces.
And they'll have no choice
but to root for us all.
There's no way that's possible.
[Nairobi] Okay, let's say
that it is possible.
Where are we gonna find that much money?
The target for our heist
is gonna be
the Mint.
[thrilling music builds]
[body scanner whining]
Please put your arms up.
- Hello.
- Oh, hello, sir.
Hello. [chuckles]
[machine whirs]
Hello there, Mr. Vice Director.
Anything in particular happening?
Students are coming here
for a field trip in the morning.
What? That's today?
Well, that's annoying.
Also the Ministry of Unification
has requested to finalize the details
of the commemorative coins
for the upcoming Inter-Korean Summit.
Yeah, okay, sure, I'll do it.
We need your approval
by three o'clock today.
All right then.
- Sir?
- [door closes]
Those guys from the North are so uptight.
It's hard to work with them.
[woman moaning over speakers]
[chuckles softly]
[knocking on door]
- [objects clatter]
- [woman gasps]
Oh, you're wearing the necklace I got you.
It looks so good on you.
What are you doing?
Can't you see it's broad daylight?
I was going crazy over the weekend.
All I could do was think about you.
Wait, I have something to tell you.
[frantically] Uh-huh, uh-huh.
I think we should stop doing this.
What, are you pregnant or something?
[woman] This here is the JEA,
the mint that produces
the common currency for both Koreas.
The creation of the JEA
has served as a symbolic structure
as this is the first public entity
cofounded by the North and South.
[girl] Hey, wait up! [chuckles]
- Me too!
- [boy] Oh!
One, two, three.
- [camera shutter clicks]
- This looks good.
- [chuckles]
- Let's go.
Um, later can you send me the photos?
- You have Insta, right?
- I don't.
Let's go!
Pixie's inside. [sighs]
He's a man. He'll understand what I meant.
Copy that.
Do a little warm-up while you wait.
[guns loading]
[dramatic percussive music plays]
Whoa, look at that view.
[pensive music playing]
Target is 500 yards away. Get ready to go.
[adventurous music plays]
[brakes screech]
- What?
- What the hell is that?
What, seriously?
Hold on for a second, there's a barricade
on the road. We're gonna go check it out.
There's no report of construction.
That's weird.
- [machine bleeps]
- [high-pitched whine]
[whining fades]
What is that?
What is that bus doing there?
Oh, shit.
[brakes hissing]
[suspenseful music playing]
What the
Is that a gun?
- [gasps]
- [gun firing]
[both breathe heavily]
[thrilling music playing]
[Helsinki] Get out!
- [breathing heavily]
- [Denver] Get out of the damn car!
[Helsinki] On the ground!
[Denver] Get down, now!
Fucking move!
[tense electronic music plays]
[Berlin] All right, then, listen up.
From now on, you'll follow my orders.
If one of you decides to be a hero,
the worst case for us is going to jail,
but we'll kill you all
before that happens. Got it?
[Rio] Get dressed and sit down!
Where the fuck d'you think you're looking?
You want me to blow your head off?
[music continues]
[whistles descending tone]
[woman] Does everyone have their passes?
[student] Yes.
[woman] Please stay in line
as you follow me.
We are now
in the monetary exhibition hall.
In here, you can see the history
of both South and North Korea's currencies
as well as the process
to develop the first ever common currency
that we use today.
Over here, we have currency
starting from Geonwon Jungbo
from the Goryeo Dynasty,
Joseon Tongbo and Sipjeon Tongbo
from the Joseon Dynasty,
followed by currencies used
by the Korean Empire and the colonial rule
after the independence,
and North and South Korean currencies
before the unification.
Now if you can all come along this way.
[kids chatter]
[camera shutter clicks]
I said there were no photos allowed
on the tour.
You can take as many pictures as you want
once we're done.
[kids chatter]
[sighs softly]
[brakes hissing]
[soft melodic music plays]
[gun clicks]
- Hello, sir.
- [security officer] Hey. How's it going?
I haven't seen you before.
Did Han quit or something?
Well, you know how it is
for contract workers.
I'm gonna need to see your ID card.
Mmm. Oh, sure.
- Come on, what's taking so long?
- Shut up.
[clicks, beeps]
[woman] Where are you going?
We're not done.
Let's talk about this later, okay?
[woman] I didn't expect you to be happy,
but I thought you'd
at least be a man of your word.
- What?
- All those promises you made me?
You said you wanted to get divorced soon.
You promised you'd marry me
and made me believe you'd help
get my family out of the North.
Yeah? Well, I had a vasectomy
ten years ago.
You're just sleeping around
and acting like a gold digger.
Gold digger?
This is why capitalism scares me.
- It's absolutely petrifying.
- Uh.
[inhales deeply]
Ah, where is
Yeah, okay, it's done.
Oh, that's where it was. Here you go, sir.
Thank you very much.
- [engine starts]
- Okay, go ahead!
A little bit of thrill makes it fun.
Stop fucking around
and turn off all the alarms.
- [sighs]
- [scanner beeps]
[girl] I hate it here.
I don't know why
I have to go to school here.
My dad is such an asshole.
[indicator beeping]
I'm not allowed to do anything.
Ugh. Look at this tacky uniform.
[boy chuckles]
I think it looks sexy on you.
Shut up.
[wand crackles and whines]
[whines, beeps]
Am I the only one who had a good time?
- Am I the only one who
- [thuds]
who lied? Huh?
[security man] Keep it coming!
Ma'am, can you please
take off your jacket?
You're right.
I was lying to you about being pregnant.
- That makes us even.
- [sighs]
Now let's end whatever this was, okay?
Misun, hey.
[Misun sobs]
You know you don't mean that.
Stop right there!
You're not allowed to enter.
- [Tokyo grunts]
- [guard yelps]
[action music playing]
Oh, oh, oh, shit!
- [guns firing]
- [all screaming]
- [gasps]
- What?
[woman shrieking]
[Helsinki] Freeze! Get on your knees!
- [both gasp]
- [Berlin] Hello there.
I'm sorry.
Did I interrupt a lovers' quarrel?
[all screaming in terror]
Baby, move any fucking closer
and I'll put a bullet in your brain.
[employees screaming]
- [Moscow] Everyone, shut up!
- [gun firing]
[Moscow] Get your head down! Freeze!
Berlin, get these kids to shut up,
or we're gonna have a problem!
[kids screaming and shrieking]
[Helsinki] Hey!
- [Berlin] Move it!
- [screaming in terror]
- [breathes shakily]
- [Helsinki] Get inside!
[kids scream]
[all screaming]
Go around!
Hey! Get moving.
[keys clacking]
[Rio] Oh, come on, you all need to go.
[elevator clunking]
[Rio] Check, check, one, two.
I'm so sorry to disturb the three of you
at such a busy time,
but drop your guns or I drop you.
- [elevator clunks]
- Oh!
[guard breathes heavily]
- [bell dings]
- [Denver] Come out!
Hands on your head.
[tense music plays]
[Rio] Hey! Move it!
- [kids screaming in terror]
- [Moscow] This way!
- This way!
- [kids scream]
[whimpering] Mom, please!
Please pick up!
[kids clamoring]
I don't see the girl.
[Helsinki] Hey, hurry up!
[Tokyo panting]
[door whirring]
[girl] Pick up, please!
[door whirring]
[door closes]
[girl whimpering]
[hostages gasp]
[gasps, whimpers]
[Berlin] Hello, everyone.
I'm the one in charge here.
I apologize for the inconvenience,
but you are our hostages.
[hostages whimper softly]
[Berlin] We each go through all sorts
of moments in life, both good and bad.
During the bad moments,
it feels like the sky is falling down,
but after some time,
you'll realize it was nothing.
This will all be just that.
Each of you will have that experience,
as long as you all follow our orders.
Many years from now,
this will be an exciting adventure story
that you can wow your grandchildren with.
But in case any of you
are thinking of causing trouble,
let me tell you just one thing.
I truly love when that happens.
Empty your pockets!
[woman breathing heavily]
[Nairobi] Give me your access cards.
[Rio] Hand in your cell phones
and other electronic devices.
[phone rings]
[director shuddering]
What is it?
[trembling] That could be
from headquarters.
[phone continues ringing]
If we don't pick up,
th-th-they'll know something's going on.
[phone continues ringing]
You know, I like your face.
I feel like I'll grow to like you.
Answer the phone.
- [Misun gasps]
- [phone continues ringing]
[Misun whimpers]
[Berlin] No need to be so nervous.
Now breathe in, okay?
[Misun breathes deeply]
[breathes shakily]
[calmly] This
This is the Minting Bureau.
We're experiencing network difficulties.
It's not like I'm an expert! Isn't it
your job to find out what the problem is?
[phone clatters]
[Misun breathing heavily]
So, was it important?
It's, um It was nothing.
Hmm. Okay.
It wasn't important.
[breathes shakily]
We won't have
any more problems now, will we?
- [Misun] Mmm. Mm-hmm.
- Mmm, good.
Ahh! Oh! Oh.
[keypad clicking]
Hey, uh, what's taking so long?
Dad! Dad!
How long until I can get a peek
at all the cash?
Hey, shut up. You think it's easy
to break into a digital security safe
with a triple-lock system in place?
Huh? What are you talkin' about?
- Oh!
- Whoa-oh-oh!
Is it done? Huh?
- Is it really done?
- [laughs]
[Moscow sighs]
- [clicking]
- Moscow grunting]
[clunking, whirring]
[Moscow sighs]
[beeps, clunks]
- [hissing]
- [mechanical whir]
[Moscow laughs]
[beeps and clanks]
[all laugh]
[Moscow] Ah-ha-ha! Yes!
[all laugh]
- [Moscow] It's all there!
- [Denver guffaws]
[all laugh maniacally]
Did you see that? My dad did that!
[all laughing]
[yells excitedly, laughs]
Hey, Dad, I'm gonna go ahead
and take a quick nap right here.
I've always wanted to sleep with money.
[Moscow] Look at my idiot son.
He's always had the heart of a child.
I wonder if he's ever gonna grow up.
We hit the jackpot!
One of you morons is gonna get hurt
by doing that.
There's money all over the place!
You're making a mess.
[both laugh and whoop]
[downtempo rock music plays]
[music ends]
Professor, we're going out now.
[key clicks]
It's okay.
I think they'll leave us alone soon.
Hang in there.
- [alarm blares]
- [buzzing]
What the hell are they doing now?
[director shuddering]
Ah! I didn't see anything.
- I swear.
- You can look.
- It's okay, mm?
- [whimpers]
- I said open your eyes.
- [whimpers]
Do you wanna know what we're up to?
Is that it, huh?
[whines] No! I swear!
I know absolutely nothing,
and I don't wanna know anything
[Berlin] No. I like you, my friend,
so let me tell you
exactly what we're doing right now.
[director whines]
We're going to have
a gunfight with the police,
and people are gonna die,
like in the movies. Bang!
- [hostages clamor]
- [Berlin chuckles]
- [director yelps, whimpers]
- [hostages clamoring]
[digital trilling]
[alarm blares]
Don't start freakin' out, dumbass.
You wouldn't be able to hit anyone
even if you tried. Am I right?
- [laughs]
- [scoffs]
[Tokyo] The Professor emphasized
from the beginning
that it was important
no one gets hurt or dies.
When the police arrive,
act as if you've been caught
while trying to flee, and shoot at them,
and retreat back
into the building to hide,
like a rat caught in a trap.
But why exactly do you want us
to fire into the air?
I told you.
Our plan is to not kill or hurt anyone.
But it's not like anyone plans to die.
She's right.
Who knows what's gonna happen?
Couldn't we just kill a few
if the situation calls for it?
Absolutely not.
- This is crucial for our plan to work.
- [laughs]
Our plan? Sounds like your morals
are getting in the way.
What's with all the comments?
Our job here
is to execute the Professor's plan.
If you can't, then leave.
[distant sirens wail]
[man over radio] The security alarm
at the Mint's main gate went off.
Nearby patrol cars,
report your current locations.
This is patrol car two.
We're almost there.
[Tokyo] It didn't matter
whatever the reason.
When the Professor told us to jump,
we asked how high.
Who the hell are they?
[guns firing]
We have a situation!
Armed robbery in progress!
Request for backup and get out!
Yes, sir.
Requesting backup! Requesting backup!
- [guns firing]
- [hostages gasp and scream]
- [Tokyo] Take cover!
- [Denver] What the fuck?
What the fuck is going on?
- [Tokyo] Guys, take cover! Watch out!
- [Denver] Why are they shooting at us?
[gunfire continues]
[Tokyo] Rio, what are you doing?
[Rio groaning]
[Tokyo] Rio!
- [groans]
- [gunfire continues]
[Denver] I'm gonna kill every last one
of these motherfuckers!
[Tokyo] That's enough!
We have to pull back!
[Nairobi] Hey, fuck you, pigs! Die!
- [tire bursts]
- [guns firing]
[Tokyo] Stop shooting!
I said stop shooting!
[Nairobi] Then what do you want us to do?
We're all gonna die here!
[guns firing]
[Tokyo] She was right.
We don't actually want to shoot them,
but that doesn't mean they won't shoot us.
[gun firing]
Why is this thing so fuckin' off?
[inhales deeply]
Hold your breath.
Now I want you to relax your fingers.
[atmospheric piano chords play]
[gun fires]
Do you like the Professor or what?
I mean, if he told you to,
you'd jump into hell
without giving it a second thought.
Do you think what we're doing here
is just for fun?
If you wanna have a good time,
go to your room and jerk off.
I mean, what on earth
did the Professor say to lure you in?
You wouldn't understand even if the answer
smacked you right in the face.
But I couldn't let
the Professor's plan fail.
[guns firing]
[Nairobi] What do we do? [screams, pants]
[Tokyo] Denver, fall back!
[guns firing]
[Nairobi grunts]
- [screams]
- [Tokyo] Let's go inside. Hurry!
[Denver] Those motherfuckers
won't stop firing!
Hey, Rio!
Hey. Help me pull him inside! Hurry!
Let's go!
- The door!
- [Nairobi grunts]
[Tokyo panting] Rio!
- Rio, are you okay?
- Is he dead?
[Tokyo panting]
- [coughs]
- Oh, fuck!
You scared the shit outta me. Fuck!
Hey. [panting]
You were worried about me, weren't you?
Only because your dumbass
almost ruined the entire plan.
[Tokyo breathes heavily]
- [panting]
- [Helsinki] Wouldn't you be
[Tokyo] Once news about an armed robbery
over at the Mint spread,
South Korean officials
immediately reached out to the North
to discuss the best way
to resolve the situation.
The two countries agreed
to place the Chief of JEA Police
as the head of a Joint Task Force,
which would be comprised of officers
from both North and South Korea.
If this impedes inter-Korean cooperation,
we'll be the laughingstock
of the whole world.
[Tokyo] The Korean Peninsula,
the only divided country on earth,
was soon to be unified after all.
An unprecedented situation was unfolding
inside a unique zone called the JEA.
Korea's neighbors
weren't the only ones paying attention.
The entire world was watching.
Oh no, we're being robbed!
We're being robbed!
Seriously? [sighs]
Look at your room.
It looks like
someone actually broke in here.
[woman groans] Today's my day off.
Do you have to do this so early?
It's actually lunchtime now.
[woman sighs]
- And school?
- I got back already.
We're in the middle of exams.
If you must know,
I did well on all my tests.
Please don't tell me you wear this
whenever you go on a date.
- [chuckles]
- Hey!
Hey, give that back now.
You little Hey! [chuckles]
Since you did well on your exams,
how 'bout we go out to eat tonight?
Yeah! Okay.
Mom, is there anything
you'd like for dinner?
Oh, I don't know.
I'm happy as long as someone else
does the cooking for me.
But does your husband
have time to join us tonight?
[phone vibrates]
I'm off duty today.
What happened at the Mint?
[Berlin] My dear hostages,
please take off your blindfolds.
Come on, everyone. You can take 'em off.
[Berlin] It's okay. Please take them off.
It's so good to finally speak
with you all face-to-face.
There's no need to be afraid.
We are all trapped
inside the same building together,
which means we have to work together, hmm?
[ominous music playing]
We have no intention
of hurting any of you, trust me.
Each and every one of you will return home
without a single scratch,
as long as you fully cooperate with us.
I give you my word.
Let's just have some fun.
[computer keys clack]
- [Berlin] How's the communication setup?
- [Rio] Oslo's getting the cable.
[lighter clicks]
[Oslo grunts]
[water sloshes]
[breathes heavily]
- [beeps]
- [Rio] Okay.
[phone rings]
[Berlin on phone]
Professor, can you hear me?
Are you all okay?
Anyone hurt? Are there any injuries?
Then you know what the next step is.
Remember, no casualties.
[newsreader] As an unprecedented heist
is currently taking place at the JEA,
it has been reported
that the North and South
have dispatched the Gyeonggi Police Agency
and a military unit under
the North's Ministry of State Security.
The two countries
have come to an agreement
and appointed Yun Changsu,
the Chief of the JEA Police,
as head of Joint Task Force.
South Korean Inspector Seon Woojin
of the Gyeonggi Police Agency
will take charge of negotiations.
[reporter 1] This is the first time
that the North and South police
have conducted a joint operation.
Any concerns?
[reporter 2] Given the imminent summit,
how do you think this situation will
shape discussions between the countries?
As the individual in charge
of public safety within the JEA,
I can say
that we are doing our best to resolve this
as safely and peacefully as possible
with the feedback
from the two governments in mind.
- [reporter 3] Here she is!
- [reporters clamoring]
[reporter 4] Do you have a comment?
Any idea how many hostages
I'm so relieved
to have you working on this with me.
- You had your overview, right?
- Yes. How did the suspects enter?
We think they were onboard
the currency truck.
We tracked them down
using surveillance cameras,
and we found a section
without a working camera feed.
We figure that's where they got in.
Why didn't the automated alarm go off
when the suspects opened the vault?
No clue. The manual alarm went off though.
I think an employee set it off.
[Woojin] How many hostages are inside?
We're not sure,
but the total number of employees is 35.
But the museum was open for visitors,
so there's probably more.
- Let's go inside.
- [sighs exasperatedly]
- [agent 1] Good to go?
- [agent 2] I'll report.
- [agent 3] Please confirm.
- [agent 4] I did confirm both earlier.
Based on empty shells,
they used a replica from the North.
I have a hunch
that the robbers are from there.
Oh, and, uh,
let me formally introduce you two.
I'm Captain Cha Moohyuk,
from North Korea's
Ministry of State Security.
Seon Woojin,
head of crisis negotiation at Gyeonggi,
in South Korea.
Thank you for coming all this way,
but this case won't need negotiations.
From what I've just heard, we have no idea
how many suspects are armed yet.
The number doesn't matter.
It'll all be over in five minutes
once our special forces go in.
We've selected some of our best agents,
and each one has plenty of combat
Any experience rescuing hostages?
There are at least 50 civilians
being held in that building.
If we engage,
how many casualties do you think
we'll have in those five minutes?
[Moohyuk sighs]
The culprits won't even have time
to pull the trigger.
Even until just a while ago,
our top agents were training
to infiltrate the Blue House
and slit your president's throat.
I'm sure you're familiar
with the Beslan massacre?
We're dealing with a national crisis
inside the JEA.
How are you going to control the situation
when you're so cowardly
That is why we have
this thing called negotiating.
So why don't you watch and learn?
I'll show you how a normal country
that upholds human rights handles
a situation as precarious as this.
Excuse me?
Uh, what do you think
you're doing right now?
I'm trying my hardest
to "resolve the situation peacefully,"
as you've requested, Chief.
Imagine what would happen
when news spread that we used force
on the first day and a hostage died.
Your efforts to end your term here
without a problem
and move on to Seoul Headquarters
[tuts] will probably
not work out for you.
[sighs, clears throat]
You're right. We stick to protocol
and follow the steps.
- [Woojin] Hmm.
- Let's go with the negotiations first.
We'll start with negotiations via telecom.
- Get ready.
- [agents] Yes, ma'am.
- [agent 1] Let's get started.
- [agent 2] Already on it.
I heard your nickname is "Sun,"
so I will observe how peacefully
you handle the situation.
So you know a lot about me?
I know your ex-husband
is a powerful politician in the South.
That means you also heard the rumor
about how I got to be team leader
because of him?
Are you admitting that's true?
You need to get better intel.
I'm in a custody battle
against that bastard and I'm winning.
Let me tell you who I am.
They call me "Sun"
because my enemies shrivel before me
while I smile over their corpses.
They're incompetent losers
who gossip behind my back and imply
my husband has anything
to do with my success.
[agent] Phone lines are ready, ma'am.
[phone rings]
[phone continues ringing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[phone rings]
[line ringing]
Hello there.
I'm an inspector
with the Gyeonggi Police Agency.
I'm Seon Woojin. How are you?
[distorted voice] Can't say I'm fine.
You know how everything got out of hand.
Voice is distorted.
Your voice sounds a little strange.
Can I hear your real voice?
[inhales deeply]
So it's working! I downloaded an app.
it wouldn't even matter
if I fled on a helicopter
if my identity is revealed.
Before we start the negotiations,
don't you think
we should get to know each other first?
What's your name?
[breathes deeply]
Call me Professor.
[Woojin] Professor?
All right, then.
Mr. Professor,
do you want a helicopter? For how many?
[Professor] I'll only negotiate
with a person who won't
drag on, someone who has power,
and who can call the shots,
not some powerless public servant.
Okay, well
That won't be easy due to protocol.
Let's start over.
Use your imagination.
All we wanted to do
was get some money and run.
But thanks to you,
we're stuck inside this building
with all
of these annoying, irritating hostages.
Now, if you were me, wouldn't you be
running out of patience too?
[Woojin] But that's partially your fault,
isn't it?
Since the Mint is located
between the North and South,
things are complicated.
[inhales] Why couldn't you have just
robbed a regular bank?
- [tuts] I know, right?
- [Woojin] You can talk to me.
I'll take care of all the complicated
matters in the middle and everything else.
I hate to admit it, but you're right,
I am a powerless public servant,
so you have to give me
something I can use,
so that I can persuade my supervisors.
[Professor] Such as?
How about letting the students go?
[Professor scoffs]
Then, will you send me a helicopter?
That'll give me some rationale
to make a case for it.
- [Professor] Are you kidding me?
- The hostages.
Don't you think there are too many
for your group to handle?
It's not like the situation changes
if you let some of them go.
[Professor] That's true,
since there are only four of us.
I'll think about it.
[chuckles lightly]
Were you able to analyze his voice?
We couldn't restore the voice fully
due to his voice modifier,
but he is in his early to mid-forties,
and based on his natural accent,
we are certain he's South Korean.
So, four thieves from the North and South
teamed up to rob the Mint?
What's on your mind?
Dongchul, hey.
The Professor
said there were four of them.
Do you think it was by mistake?
[lighter clicks]
What the hell?
What do you think you're doing?
Didn't you hear what he said?
There's only four of them.
Let's get it over with.
This isn't a situation we can rush.
He could've let it slip on purpose.
It would be one thing
to exaggerate the number,
but why would he try to understate that?
What if this is something he wanted?
This could be a setup.
[exhales sharply]
This is difficult for me too,
but consider the politics around this.
Both countries want this resolved quickly
before the upcoming summit takes place.
And you can go back home now.
What do you mean
He means that negotiation
was only for justification,
so thank you for your work.
Can someone please show
the team leader the way out?
[phone vibrates]
[inhales deeply]
[phone vibrates]
[exhales, tuts]
It's a long story.
[tense music playing]
[Moohyuk] The infiltration team
should move together simultaneously.
[turns off engine]
[bell dings]
[man grunts] Is that you?
It's chaos out there. Did you see it?
Ugh, I just came from there.
- Wait a second. Were you next door?
- What happened next door?
Yeah, you should've seen it.
They had a pipe burst.
It was a total disaster. [chuckles]
- Oh.
- Why? Is there Did something happen?
Never mind.
Wait a second. Have you had dinner?
- [Woojin] Mm-mm.
- Hmm.
All right, let's see,
what are you in the mood for?
- Uh
- Do you want to eat anything specific?
[Tokyo] The one with the true upper hand
was not the North or the South.
It was the Professor.
He developed plans
and factored in everything.
The Professor came up with solutions
for every possible situation
and then a backup plan
for each of those possibilities.
As for our negotiator,
she was an important part of his plan.
[Professor] The South is in charge
of keeping public order in the JEA,
but in case of a hostage situation
in a facility such as the Mint,
the two countries will form
a joint task force, just like us.
Then, each country
will send its experts onto the field
to try and catch you all in the act.
The North will probably bring in men
from the Special Operations Unit.
- It'll be quite the power struggle.
- Correct.
It's very important who gets chosen
to be in charge of everything.
And I intend to use that aspect.
I like your plan,
but, you see, not everything
happens according to plan in this life.
For example, look at us.
Who would've ever thought
we'd all get together
and pull off a bank robbery, huh?
[Denver] I agree.
Like Berlin said, as soon as
the Special Operations Unit barges in,
the game is over.
You know, it was Mike Tyson who once said,
"Everyone has a plan until they get
punched right in their fuckin' mouth."
Point taken.
The first step to winning a battle
is to wisely choose
the opponent you're facing.
You mean you'll be picking the negotiator?
[Rio] How?
Everything from the North is classified.
How do we know who they're gonna send
to be on the task force?
We at least know
who'll join from the South.
Seon Woojin, crisis negotiation
team leader from the South.
She will be our opponent.
She's pretty, I'll say that.
[all chuckle]
However, how can we guarantee
that she'll be our negotiator
when there are plenty of them
in South Korea?
Well, there are a few strong contenders
they can choose,
but all they have issues,
like sex scandals, bribery cases.
Right, Rio?
[gasps] That's why you had me
do background checks.
[Professor] Now, I plan on getting her
to assist us with our operation
without her knowing.
[inhales deeply]
- It's been exactly two months.
- Two months already?
Why are you even keeping track?
It's not like we're dating.
Don't make me blush.
I meant it's been two months
since I opened the café.
- [Woojin] Oh!
- [both chuckle]
But hold on a second.
I thought we were dating. Hmm?
[cutlery scrapes and clinks]
[inhales deeply, exhales]
[Tokyo] The Professor
could guess a number of things
based on only one simple line of text.
Her leaving the task force
meant one thing.
They'll be there very soon.
Proceed as planned.
A military raid was coming to get us.
- [man 1] Distraction team on the move.
- [man 2] Rescue team on the move.
- Infiltration team?
- [man 3] We're going in.
[suspenseful music plays]
There's almost zero possibility
that they'll willingly agree to negotiate.
They'll try to suppress us no matter what,
and they'll do it in secret.
There are a total of five entry points.
The main gate,
the rooftop,
the underground garage,
the emergency exit on the side,
and last but not least, the loading dock.
If you remove the main gate and rooftop
where they're likely to be seen,
they'll use the other three to enter.
Son of a bitch.
Those fucking bastards are everywhere.
Okay, so let's say we know
when they'll enter,
thanks to the information from that woman.
How do we stop the Special Operations Unit
when they have so many points of entry?
that's a good question.
[Moscow] Faster! Move! Hurry up!
Move! Move!
[Tokyo] Move your asses!
- Quickly!
- [Berlin] Run!
[suspenseful music fades out]
Is something bothering you?
Oh, no, I I just
You said you're a hostage negotiator,
but you're an open book.
negotiating's about being honest.
Isn't it better to be honest
when trying to gain someone's trust?
[inhales, chuckles softly]
That makes sense. [chuckles]
[man 1] Distraction team on standby.
- [man 2] Rescue team on standby.
- [man 3] Infiltration team on standby.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Moohyuk] You have the green light.
[breathes deeply]
[Professor] What do you think
is the best strategy
when we're surrounded by enemies?
Best strategy, huh? [tuts]
- We're so fucked.
- Why do you think we can't stop them?
No one can fight their way out
when they're surrounded.
We don't have enough people on our side.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Professor] But we have plenty of people.
In fact, we outnumber them.
[tense music playing]
[gun loading]
[man 1] Heavily armed suspects
are blocking the entry.
Take a look at this!
[man 2] It'll be impossible
for the distraction team to enter.
[man 3] Rescue team's entry also blocked.
- How many are even in the building?
- [man 1] What should we do, Captain?
- [agent] Captain, you have to see this.
- What?
- A YouTube live stream from the Mint.
- [man on video] Please, don't hurt us!
Please do not use force.
[director sobbing] The robbers,
we're all dressed the same.
[girl] The robbers and the hostages
are wearing the same clothes.
We are forced to hold fake guns
so you won't be able
to tell us apart from them.
- [phone vibrates]
- [girl] They're making us
- Yes?
- [girl] hold fake guns.
- [director] They wanna be peaceful.
- What?
Slow down a second.
Who did you say that girl's father is?
- [director] Please, we ask the police
- The US ambassador?
[director] to just talk to them.
So please continue negotiating.
Everyone, retreat.
[breathes heavily]
[tense music continues]
Now, my dear comrades,
take off your masks.
Thanks to your cooperation,
the police completely aborted
their mission to raid the building.
- [Moscow and Denver chuckle]
- [Moscow] Yes!
[Berlin] I want to applaud you all
for being courageous
and for your exceptional teamwork.
We could not have done this without you.
[Berlin slow claps]
[applause builds]
[Professor] You said the scene is nearby?
Come over whenever you're hungry.
Being busy isn't an excuse to not eat.
I already told you I was asked to leave.
They said they don't need me.
[Professor] Come on. [inhales deeply]
I think you're just waiting
for them to call,
and my café just happens to be nearby.
Oh, that's not true!
I came to see you, really.
Plus, it's not like they need me anymore.
Trust me, they're gonna ask you
to come back.
- [Woojin slurping]
- [dramatic music plays]
You're the best negotiator I know.
[chuckles] I'm the only negotiator
you know.
- Come on!
- You caught me on that one.
[phone vibrates]
[Tokyo] The Professor
didn't have to listen to the conversation.
He knew the raid had failed,
and, on top of that,
the daughter of the US ambassador
was one of the hostages.
So now that using force was off the table,
they'd need to go back to negotiating.
You have to go?
Yeah, sorry. [sighs]
Sunho, they called me back.
See, I told you.
I guess I'll be making food
for you from now on.
[both chuckle softly]
[downtempo rock music plays]
[Professor] Is everyone okay?
Did anyone get hurt?
Why? Did something happen, huh? [chuckles]
- And the woman?
- [Professor] She went back.
Just as we planned.
Now then,
shall we go ahead and begin our next step?
[Nairobi] Do they have that much in cash?
If it's the Mint, that could be possible.
Where else would they put
all that money, right?
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Huh? What did you say?
Come on.
You really think they'd be storing
four trillion in cash in some building?
Rio's right.
- They wouldn't.
- What are you talking about?
Stealing cash that doesn't even exist?
That doesn't make any
Stop interrupting,
and let him finish his sentence.
- Huh?
- [Professor] Thank you.
I'm not planning to steal the money
from somewhere
or from some specific person.
So, what's your fucking plan then?
[screams excitedly]
Oh! [laughs]
No way!
[Moscow] So what the Professor is saying
[Rio] is we're not stealing the money.
We'll print the money
using the actual equipment.
- That means it's no one's money.
- [Moscow laughs]
We'll print our own untraceable bills
worth four trillion won.
- [all gasp]
- [laughs]
And then we'll magically disappear.
[Nairobi] Oh, ah!
[squeals, laughs]
[laughs maniacally]
[all whoop and laugh]
This heist is going to change the world.
[printer whirs]
[heavy darkwave music plays]
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