Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Amnokgang is a river on the border
between China and North Korea.
Get down.
Some parts
are only 30 meters wide,
so many of the North Korean defectors
would use it to escape.
If you were lucky,
you could get to South Korea
or find your way to another free country.
But only if you were lucky.
Defectors are crossing the river!
Mom! Mom!
Mom! Mom!
Hurry up!
Someone once said,
"Work is sacred."
But the forced labor here
was far from sacred.
Take that!
The number of people
that were absolutely terrified of him
grew every time Berlin
was thrown into isolation.
And then
Let me go!
Please, don't kill me.
My friend.
Do you have a light?
You know, I'll even miss
the smell of this place.
None of his followers
could understand him,
but he meant every word he said.
What's the situation?
The ones in the factory
are working nonstop.
Now we have the other hostages
taking shifts, either cooking or working.
Keeps them
so they don't have time to think.
Getting control of the hostages
is what's most important.
We need to make them believe
that they'll be safe
as long as they cooperate.
Would that really be enough?
I mean, I'm just saying.
Anyway it's time for the shift change.
Come on, next group.
Next working group!
Stop dragging your feet
and get up right now. Come on.
The ones who worked through the night
need those sleeping bags.
Following the Professor's plan
we split the hostages into groups
and made them work
to keep them from getting too anxious.
The robbers are printing money up there.
What? They're printing money?
What were you assigned to do?
I had to dig some tunnel
in the underground storage area.
What, so they were
never really going to leave?
They really are crafty.
Hey, make up an excuse
so they put you in a different group.
- Why?
- Ah, just do what I tell you.
I like you, but
you're just too naive.
Oh, Mom, you're still awake?
Hey, you.
So where were you?
Were you out with that man again?
That's where you were
the last time you were out all night.
He owns a café, that right?
Uh, no.
I was at the scene.
Mmm. The scene.
What's going on with him?
Are things not going well?
He was so handsome.
Let's talk later.
I really have to get back, okay?
You know that it's my greatest wish
to see you meet a nice man before I die?
I want the best for you.
You shouldn't ask me for that.
You just need to live a long life
until it happens.
Are you going back to the Mint.
It looks like it's very dangerous.
Just be safe, okay?
You know, I can't answer my phone
when I'm at work.
Oh. Mm-hmm.
- Hey, Mom.
- Mmm.
Are you sure
you don't need to see a doctor?
It's nothing. Please don't worry about me.
You know I can take care of myself,
all right? Don't you?
- See you, okay?
- Okay.
can't answer
her phone
when she's at work.
Were you already aware
that the student in yesterday's video
is Anne Kim, the daughter
of the US Ambassador Marshall Kim?
We will be holding
an official briefing, so
Is it true that there was
an attempted raid last night?
The word is that members from the North
will assume responsibility
for the failed attempt
and will be replaced.
- If I could explain, uh
- That's not going to happen.
So it's true
that you've attempted raid?
No, that's fake news.
The safety of the hostages
is our utmost priority.
We'll have to find out more
about the suspects' intended plans,
but please understand that Miss Anne Kim
is just one of the many hostages
that we need to rescue.
Fake news? Can we say something like that?
There wasn't any exchange
of fire, and we aborted immediately.
We just need to state
that we considered a raid,
but decided against it
for the sake of the hostages.
Do you think that's okay? The reporters
will have us all under a microscope.
We have no choice.
The minute we admit
there was an attempted raid,
it's gonna stir up a powderkeg
of public opinion.
Then one of us is gonna have
to take responsibility for its failure.
This is a close-knit team
working flawlessly as one,
and all under the guidance
of the so-called Professor.
We also need to work as a team
to go up against them.
Do you agree, Captain?
From now on, I will be in charge
of making all decisions
in the negotiation process,
from the Special Operation Unit
to every piece of information
we share with the press.
If you all agree,
let's begin the briefing in ten.
Here's a summary of the information
received from the operation.
Thank you.
Let's summarize the situation.
Yes, the raid that we attempted
has failed,
but we were able to get an understanding
of their combat capacity.
They're excessively armed.
And they knew we were going to raid
and were already prepared for that.
And they've definitely had
some kind of military training.
Maybe they really do have
some kind of political agenda.
If they had an agenda, they would've sent
a clear political message by now.
They might show their true intentions
when things get tense later.
But for now we can't be so sure.
And the ambassador's daughter?
Did they know about the field trip?
We can't rule that out.
In any case,
we definitely know one thing for sure.
They are not just any bank robbers.
The sun has come up
on another day
and the Korean Mint
is still deadly silent.
In response to some media reports
on last night's attempted raid,
the joint task force stated
that is untrue,
and they will do their best
to ensure the safety of the hostages.
Are the hostages all right?
Of course.
Anyway, I have question.
When was the last time
you had sex?
Why aren't you answering?
You're not seeing anyone?
That is a very personal question to ask.
Too bad.
I thought having a conversation
about personal topics
was a good way
of building a rapport in a crisis.
Then how about this?
Have you ever faked an orgasm?
- What?
- Don't be shy.
Half of all women have faked an orgasm.
Well, I
Not every time,
but maybe I have occasionally.
Faking it can help smooth things over
in a relationship.
But that's just lying to your partner,
like the special forces
you sent last night.
You know you're the one who lied to us.
You said there were four of you.
That slip intentionally?
Must have been difficult
to bring costumes for all those hostages.
- I like to be ready for everything.
- Ready for everything?
Do bank robbers normally
come prepared to take hostages?
That's not the issue here.
The issue is that we haven't been honest
with each other.
Don't play with me, Inspector.
You'll put us all in danger.
I'm in charge of this operation,
so there will be no more lying
from now on.
Well, I can't just trust you.
The priority is for us
to get to know each other.
Build a relationship.
Just give me a call when you're ready
to tell me about your last orgasm.
Oh, that son of a bitch.
He's a lunatic.
He's not.
He's actually quite skilled
in negotiating.
Someone who doesn't say what they want
is always the most difficult opponent.
But he's gonna make a request soon enough.
Is there food inside the Mint?
There is a cafeteria,
and given the number of people,
it should last, um maybe four days?
So they're fine for now.
But it's not an easy job
to keep about 50 hostages under control.
They'll be thinking of ways to flee,
but they don't have a way
to cross the border.
They'll gradually get anxious.
But what if it drags on
longer than expected?
- We have the upcoming summit.
- The side that rushes loses this game.
That confident attitude of theirs
is bound to change soon.
So let's buy us some time.
But in reality,
we were the ones buying time.
The phrase "Time is money"
is the perfect description
for our situation.
Hey, are you not checking the ink
on the plate?
There's a misting because
the tack is too high. Go change the ink.
But Mr. Cheongmyung,
the robbers are forcing us
to help them print all of this money.
There's no reason for us to do it right.
Since when do we really care
about whose money this'll be
after it makes it out of this place?
There's misting over there.
I also see mottling
at the edge.
I think there's a problem
with the ink quality!
You're Ri Cheongmyung,
aren't you?
You got famous
for creating the superdollar.
I'm a huge fan.
You wanna make history?
Stop. Stop!
How many times have I told you
to aim for the center of the cross?
You've made a complete mess everywhere.
Hand it over.
So look, you stand in this position,
then you aim for the center, and
- Why can't you do this, huh?
- Oh man.
He totally sucks at this.
Okay, here,
why don't you try this again? Here. Here!
I, uh
I'm not the kind of person
who does work like this.
Hey, listen. Are you saying
that some of us
are meant for this job then?
I mean,
I'm the Director
of the Korea Mint.
What does that mean?
- Huh?
- Oh!
Are you saying that you're too precious
to do manual work? You little
Hey. Hey! Stop it.
Hey, come on.
Let me go, Dad!
I just wanna see if this smart guy doesn't
feel pain even when he gets beat up!
Stop! Stop!
You were just dancing
around a huge pile of cash
only a short while ago.
Why are you acting insane again?
He's just been fucking around
doing nothing,
trying to weasel
outta doing anything helpful at all, okay?
Damn it!
He needs to learn his lesson right now
at the beginning.
- Then you need to use your words, okay?
- Anything fun going on in here?
Oh, no, um
So what brings you here?
I just wanted to take a look around.
My director friend,
how's the work treating you?
Uh Well
Hey, I already told you
that I like you, right?
Seems like my eyes are always on you.
We're all friends on the same boat, hmm?
So be good to each other.
- Yeah, yeah, of course, of course.
- Hmm.
Hey, Denver.
A word?
I mean, that son of a bitch,
he spends all his time
looking down on me and my dad,
always acting out like an asshole,
pissing me off and shit.
- It's just fucking annoying.
- Yeah, fuck that asshole. Here.
Where's this from? North Korea?
This is the real deal.
He's pissing you off?
You're so naive.
You know, getting too swayed
by your emotions
can turn into your greatest weakness.
You're the expert on fights,
you should know better.
Why are you acting like this?
I I mean,
my dad hasn't been in great condition.
I don't know,
I guess I'm just starting
to get a little worried, you know?
About both of us
making it out of here safely.
I understand.
Denver, do you think I would get involved
with something doomed to fail?
- I don't.
- No. All right?
So stop thinking about all of that.
You just do your job
and this whole plan is gonna work.
Believe me. I'll make sure of it.
Ugh, this is totally gross!
What did he say to you?
I mean, nothing much.
- Hey, Dad?
- Yeah.
- That Berlin guy.
- Hmm.
He actually seems like a pretty good guy.
You silly
You're going to need to get your temper
under control, boy, okay?
You get worked up so easily over nothing
Hey, hey, stop nagging me.
You are exactly like your mom sometimes.
They going to kill us?
I mean, it doesn't really seem like it.
Just think about it.
We know all of their faces,
watched every single thing
they've been up to from the beginning.
You really think they'll keep us alive
after we print all of the money
and dig this tunnel?
When we're of no use to them?
Well, there may be one use,
as bullet shields.
- We can't just stay like this.
- What do you want to do then, huh?
We need to call the police.
If we can somehow
get in touch with the police,
all their tricks will be useless.
But they took
all of our cell phones though.
How do you suggest
we get in touch with them?
Well, have any good ideas?
Mr. Park, you remember what I emphasize
in every single staff training?
- Uh, what, sir?
- Making a sacrifice.
Yeah, I remember, but why
Vice Director, you hold onto his arms.
Wh What are you What are you doing?
Sir, please stop him!
Uh, wait, I
I don't know what this is about,
but if you need a sacrifice,
I can volunteer.
Don't you ever talk about that woman!
How many times have I told you that?
Fine. But how dare
you call her "that woman"
when she's given birth to you!
Well, I don't think of her,
the person who left her baby behind
and ran away, as my mom.
What are you talking about?
Hey, listen, boy, you know your mom was
What's all the noise?
What What happened?
Oh no.
What? What happened, huh?
The shovel, by accident
- The shovel?
- Fucking idiot!
- Who the fuck did this?
- You should've been careful.
It It was me, sir.
How did you do that?
That is not important right now.
Hurry, get the first-aid kit!
This is bad.
We need to stop the bleeding.
Bring it over here. Hurry!
you should've been more careful!
Damn it!
[grunts in pain
What are you doing, cleaning the floors?
He was caught on the first floor?
I mean, I only have two eyeballs,
and there are tons of screens, okay?
So please, tell me,
what was my director friend doing
wandering around
outside of his work zone, huh?
I I was just
Isn't he on the worker team?
Under Moscow and Denver, yeah?
This way. Come on in.
Huh? What's going on?
- What happened here?
- You tell me what happened.
Uh, well, the
Oh! Ah
Ah, this man, he was injured
while we were working.
Yeah, so?
He's not just an employee.
He's like family to me.
So I just ran out
to look for a first-aid kit and then
Are you all right?
Well, then why did you hide?
Uh Um
I didn't want to be punished
for going outside of my area.
I'm telling the truth!
You did leave your area.
and you were able to escape
because the surveillance was lax.
I mean
You have to understand, there was blood,
and it was total chaos everywhere.
And no one even knew
that he had disappeared.
How was I supposed to know? Damn it!
Am I right?
- Yes, you're right.
- See, I told you!
Okay. Well, I guess
what's done is done, so
Let's gather up all the hostages.
I was having fun printing money.
What's going on?
Attention, everyone.
Starting from this moment,
North Koreans, stand to my left,
and South Koreans will stand to my right.
Now move.
Come on, move it! Let's go!
I'm not really either of those.
You're exempt.
Rio, have her locked up
somewhere like the lounge
and keep a close eye on her.
We will continue
to treat you all humanely,
but just know that we will punish you
if anyone disobeys
or puts everyone's safety at risk.
If a South Korean is at fault,
North Koreans will be punished,
and if a North Korean is at fault,
South Koreans will be punished.
So what should you do
if you don't wanna be punished
for something that someone
on the other side did?
Keep a close watch on each other.
- Uh
- My director friend.
Do you have a question for me?
When you say punishment
Do you wanna know what it'll be?
Uh I just
- Uh
- [You'll find out soon.
Although you're really
better off not knowing.
Situations can get complicated
when there a lot of hostages,
so what's the most effective way
to take control?
I mean,
we should just lock all of them up, right?
Hey, stupid,
who's gonna print the money? Cows?
There's gonna be cows there?
The most ideal way is to make them believe
that cooperating with us
is beneficial to them too.
The second best method
is rewarding good behavior.
Lastly, the favored tactic
of Imperialists,
like the UK, Mongolia, and Japan.
The primary way
that each of them managed to control
and divide the people in their colonies.
So what you're saying
is we split them up, correct?
That's right.
We need to turn them against each other
so they forget who the real enemy is.
But I don't recommend this method.
Consider this last resort.
We need to do our best
"to treat them humanely
and coax them into cooperation."
That's what the Professor said.
- Isn't it?
- When did I ever treat them inhumanely?
All I did was split them
into North and South.
It's been that way for over 70 years.
Making them monitor each other?
You might as well have just forced them
to fight to the death.
Or this might bring them closer.
I mean, a North Korean hostage might cover
for a South Korean hostage's mistake
to avoid punishment.
Though I guess
that is pretty unlikely.
Is this fun for you, to play the games
that you used to play back at home?
I just decided that it was necessary to
have a little bit of tension among them.
Just like what we have.
If you wanted to set an example,
you could've just punished the Director.
What, should I starve him?
You think that will really change someone?
You know better than that.
Get yourself together.
This isn't a prison camp.
I just awakened
their underlying human nature.
The way we treat the hostages
hasn't changed.
Make them trust you
and treat them humanely.
Stick to the plan
and everything will be fine, right?
I really hope that's true.
This is a rookie mistake!
If you make a mistake,
we're the ones who suffer!
Hey, what's the matter now?
This idiot messed up the print again.
Why are you fucking blaming me?
Because I'm from the South, asshole?
You guys, come on. That's enough.
I never thought I'd live
to see this happen all over again.
Even if it's a little boring up here,
this would be a better place to stay.
- What's up?
- You're pretty cute.
I mean, for a criminal.
I'll be watching you.
Don't do anything stupid, understood?
Kids these days.
There are only a few
sniper teams on site for surveillance.
Others are on standby.
So now what?
Do we just wait for them to surrender
with their hands on top of their heads?
We're just getting started.
We can't try
to rush a positive outcome, can we?
So do we have anything?
There's no radio frequency.
We can't detect any communication devices.
What about the cameras inside?
All the networks seem to be shut down.
I think they cut them all.
Maybe they also have an IT specialist
on their side?
And how many cell towers
are near the Mint?
There's only one network service provider
that's allowed in the JEA.
So that means if we can work with them,
we can get all the signals
within the perimeter, is that right?
Effective immediately, I want everyone
to turn off their phones
and any other devices.
We will use radios to communicate on-site.
Evacuate any civilians nearby
and all the reporters
to outside the perimeter.
So, uh, remember that girl, Anne?
She said I'm I'm cute.
She, uh
She has really great taste, right?
So damn arrogant.
No matter how long the Professor
has prepared for this,
or how perfect or detailed his plan is,
a weakness is bound to emerge
as more time goes by.
The hostages
could do something unexpected.
Or the suspects
could have internal conflicts.
If there's even one drop of water
from the tiniest crack in a dam,
the dam can break, flooding everything,
regardless of how sturdy it is.
And that is the crack we need.
Do you have a minute?
They're watching us. Leave me alone.
There's a way
to contact the police.
Remember the smartwatch
that I only used to contact you?
It's inside a drawer in my office.
And if one of us gets our hands
on that watch,
we can tell the police these criminals
are stalling to print money.
Then the police will have to take action
and do something.
What do you think they're going to do?
Even if they get in,
they can't tell us apart.
Come on, just trust me.
We can turn the tables on them
if we can let someone on the outside
know what's going on.
So I was wondering, do you think
you could bring me that watch?
So you're telling me you want me to do
the most dangerous part?
No, it's not like that.
Do you think
I'm doing all this for my own sake?
We need to put an end to this
any way we can.
As both Director of the Mint and your man,
I've had a lot of time to think.
And faced with
this life-or-death situation,
I actually know now.
I do love you.
You're the only one for me.
I'm getting a divorce
the minute I'm out of here.
I don't believe you.
You don't have to,
but we'll die if we stay put, okay?
I'm doing this so we can live.
You're the only person
who can get the watch.
- The only one who can make the phone call.
- But how can I
Hey, over there!
What are you doing?
I, um, actually
she's pregnant, and I just
got really worried because she
because she suddenly started retching.
Is this true?
Mmm, yeah.
So can she take a break?
It's still so early.
She could miscarry if she overdoes it.
Oh, really? Okay.
Come on. Just follow me.
Good, I was so bored
all alone without my phone.
What's your name?
What? I don't belong on either side?
Why is that so important?
It's ridiculous they're spying
on each other
when we're all
in the same situation.
I don't understand.
Because you've never been
in a situation like that.
There are just some things that
people have no choice but to do.
Is anyone monitoring
the Director's office over there?
And probably this room, too.
Something's up, right?
What is it?
I might be able to help you with it.
Oh, no, it's nothing.
What? You think I'll tell someone?
You don't trust me?
What's going on?
Stop! Stop!
So, uh, I
I need to use the bathroom,
I'm on my period.
Oh, um Will it take long?
I'll only be a minute.
You stay put right where you are.
This card has limited entry access.
Are you a pervert?
Uh, no, um
It's because you're taking so long.
Please, be here. Please.
Let's go.
Do you have a girlfriend?
What if I don't?
Don't move, or I'm going to shoot you.
A signal's been detected.
I bet it's one of the hostages.
Open the channels.
This is the 112
crime reporting center.
What are you doing in here?
Put your hands up!
Come on, put them up right now!
Shoot me.
Shoot me!
Ah, shit
Put your hands up right now!
I said, shoot me!
Shoot me! Just shoot me!
Oh, for fuck's sake.
You! Get down!
I said, get down!
Come on!
Don't be too hard on yourself.
Tokyo used to yell at me
because I always forgot this too.
I was
starting to get really hungry,
so I was looking for something to eat.
Ah, I get it.
I wasn't sure what would be good
for a pregnant woman,
so I just brought everything
I could get my hands on.
Have anything you want. It's all yours.
You're the only thing in the world
that the baby has right now,
so even if it's hard for you,
you have to eat some of this
and keep going on.
So, what would you like?
- A little bit of the milk
- Okay.
Oh, well, wait a second.
This is a little cold.
I'll warm it up for you.
But this isn't
What's up?
You not feeling well?
Did that man
Did he hit you?
I knew it. That goddamn son of a bitch!
From the moment I saw him I knew that
fucking scumbag was totally full of shit!
No, he
It's not that.
The problem is he's married.
So, you and him, you're
you're having an affair?
Sure, okay.
Okay. But what about the baby?
Did he tell you to get an abortion?
I do
really want to have a child with him,
but I don't think he wants the same thing.
Why, that fucking son of a bitch!
That asshole.
That fucking asshole!
- What are you doing in here?
- It's nothing.
Hey, you, come with me.
You can drink this.
That fucking bastard.
Do we know whose number
the call was from inside?
It's a smartwatch model under the name
of Cho Youngmin, the Director of the Mint.
A hostage. Good.
That's what I thought.
- Why'd they turn it off so fast?
- They're probably under close watch,
or maybe they were found out.
I think I know a way to find out.
Inspector Sun,
you know how to play hard to get.
Were you waiting for my call?
I was.
You ready to talk about your orgasms now?
You asked me
when was the last time I had one.
I did.
two months ago.
With whom?
What kind of person was he?
I'd just met the guy that day.
One-night stand?
Yeah, that's right.
Was he good?
I'd say we were very compatible.
Are we done now?
Because it's my turn
to ask you a question.
What did you do with the hostages' phones?
Did you collect them and turn them off?
How do you know?
Are you watching us in here or something?
Detecting radio signals
is part of protocol.
If a hostage tries to call you?
Anyone. You never know.
A situation could arise
where they need help.
And it's our job to help them.
Don't you worry.
It's not like
this is some five-star hotel,
but everyone in here
is being well taken care of.
I'm glad to hear that.
You do have a lot of them to care for.
- Please let me know if you need anything.
- You know it won't be for free.
I'll get back to you.
They don't know about the watch yet.
This might be the first time
since the beginning
that things are working out in our favor.
The problem is
how do we get in touch with them
without the hostages getting caught when
they finally turn the watch on again?
You have any ideas on how to do that?
Since it'll be difficult for them to talk,
we can text them, let them know
we're the police and send a link.
If they click it, it'll create a backdoor,
and we can hack in.
We'll be able to hear everything
without having to talk to them?
Depending on the model,
we could get a video feed.
Let's do it.
Next group up. Time for your shift.
Hey! You!
- Are you insane?
- Huh?
How could you ask her
to do something like that?
And you think you can
still call yourself a man?
Uh, uh
I was
You need to step up
and take responsibility
if she has your child!
[chuckles I know.
I know that, uh
I know, but
Actually, I just, I was gonna
Why are you still talking?
I'll cut your tongue off.
Come on, please stop.
I know what kind of man he is,
and I was getting sick of him, anyway.
That's true.
A bastard like you
doesn't even deserve to be a parent.
And what the fuck are you staring at?
Up! Right now!
Hurry up!
You son of a bitch.
On the surface,
nothing seemed off.
But the Professor sensed
something wasn't right
after hearing how relaxed she sounded
on the phone.
It suggested they had an advantage,
whatever it might be.
- Yeah?
- Where's Berlin?
He's on inspection. Why?
- Is there something going on over there?
- Something?
There is something really big going on.
- Tell me.
- Fine. I'll tell you. I'm getting bored.
Looks like prepping to hack takes a while.
Maybe an hour or two?
That's normal, considering
we've been on alert this whole time.
You should go out
and get something to eat, Captain.
Yes. You should do the same.
You haven't eaten anything
since early morning.
Move your ass! Come on!
You weaseling out of work again?
No, really,
my stomach doesn't feel so good.
Ugh, you dirty piece of shit.
Go, and make it quick.
- We have a signal again!
- What?
- Let's hear it.
- Yes.
So two tangsuyuk, ten jjajangmyeon,
ten jjamppong
and one samseon jjamppong, right?
Make samseon jjamppong less spicy.
The Chief hates spicy food, okay?
- Chief, I ordered in.
- Okay.
You said we'd be waiting around
for a while.
I mean, we have to eat, don't we?
I heard jjajangmyeon is very popular
in North Korea.
I ordered half and half, of course.
Wha What is it?
- Keep the door open.
- Huh?
You're acting suspicious.
Very suspicious.
I understand
that you don't like me,
but if you keep treating me
this inhumanely,
I can't just keep letting this go anymore
since I represent the hostages.
Wow, you have a lot to say.
Do you not need to go?
What is this?
I thought you already had it made.
I thought you would come late
like you always do,
playing hard to get.
You know?
So if you're so busy all of a sudden,
does that mean something bad happened?
Ah, no, the opposite.
I think we might be able
to make something happen.
What is that something?
Well, I can't say,
for security reasons.
I'm sorry.
Here, food's ready.
Looks delicious.
Oh. Please, take the call.
Hey. Are we all set?
Yes. Took us some time
because the model was unusual.
So all we need is for them
to turn on the smartwatch again.
Once they turn it on
and click on the link sent,
the hacking tool will install itself,
which will then
automatically restart the device.
- How long does it take to hack in?
- 30 seconds.
The watch has a camera
so we can get video, too.
That's good.
- Did you finish your call?
- I actually have to go.
I know you're busy.
I'm glad I had a chance to see you.
I'll wrap this up.
Why were you eavesdropping on my call?
Woojin, let me
You owe me a good explanation.
I know that you're
not that serious about us,
but I feel
that I might be.
I'd like to get to know you more,
but we haven't gotten that far,
so I thought that
maybe there was another guy
I sound like a complete loser.
Right? I know I do.
But it's been so long
since I've felt this.
It's difficult for me
to keep things casual.
I really must be on edge
because of the case.
I'm sorry.
And, uh
I'm not seeing anyone else.
And this really isn't
because I don't like you.
But right now, I just don't think
I'm in a place to be in a relationship.
Wait, Woojin
- Uh
- I should go.
Everything good in here?
The Professor asked the same question.
But as you can see
Well, that's a bit disappointing.
- Professor, what's up?
- Listen.
One of the hostages
got their hands on a smartwatch
and they've been trying
to contact the police with it.
Okay. I'll handle it.
Hey, what the hell?
Time for the shift change already?
Berlin says to gather up all the hostages.
We're working
our asses off over here.
And he just gets to go off
and mess around, playing captain.
Hey, take a break, Dad.
- I'll take them, okay?
- Okay.
Okay, let's go! Come on. This way!
- All of you, follow him.
- Come this way.
- Where's Tokyo?
- She's helping Nairobi.
We have to keep the printer running.
Is everyone here?
When I was
about this little,
I was in a prison camp
working in groups of five.
Each group had to
consistently meet a certain quota.
or else we'd starve for days
and get beaten.
They gave us a homi to work with,
but it was all old and worn.
And so, one of the members broke theirs.
What do you think happened next?
The other four probably had to
work their asses off to meet the quota.
We didn't.
We made the one who broke it go
and steal a homi from another group.
If we got lucky and succeeded,
a random group of workers
would get punished.
But if we got caught
Well, I'll leave it
up to your imagination.
- Hide me, okay?
- Are you insane?
- If they catch us right now
- I have a bad feeling.
It's either now or never. Get it?
Looks like we're in.
Installing the backdoor now.
The system has rebooted.
Are we getting sound?
Cho Youngmin, step forward.
Step forward.
You, as the Director of this place,
have something to do
on behalf of the hostages.
Come up.
Uh, why are you giving me this?
It appears that one of our hostages
broke our promise to each other
and tried to contact the outside.
You are the Director,
so why don't you take the responsibility
and find the person with the device.
- What's happening?
- I don't know yet.
Where is the visual?
We have video, but I think
they're hiding the watch somewhere.
My friends
I tried my very best
to treat you all nicely.
But one of you
did something to put all of us in danger.
Leaving everyone else
who followed the rules
to suffer all the consequences.
Do you think that person is on your side?
My director friend,
that's not how you scan.
Do it properly, like this.
What's that sound?
- We lost the signal.
- I think they got caught.
Do you think
they'll leave the hostages alone?
He knows the negotiation is over
the minute they hurt a hostage.
We can't just sit here like this.
We should try to confirm the identity
and take action
It's the Professor.
Have you thought about it?
Do the hostages need anything?
I think that you already know
why I called.
I don't.
Why? Did something happen?
The smartwatch.
You said we should trust each other
and negotiate.
That's going to be more difficult now.
As I said, detecting
radio signals is part of the protocol.
And the hostages can act irrationally
because they're all scared.
Yes, I understand.
Humans will do anything
when they're backed into a corner.
But the same thing applies to us, too.
You know that if you do anything
to the hostages,
this will make
the negotiations very difficult.
That's why I'm calling you.
I'll let this go just once.
But remember,
No second chances.
I understand.
Ma'am, you should come see this.
This is a video taken
before the watch was smashed.
Execute her.
What the fuck?
Come on, stop joking around.
We need to set an example.
Hey, what about what the Professor said?
This is what you do in the real world!
Fear is the only real thing
that works to control human beings.
Hey, hey, come on, man.
Come on. This is way too harsh.
If you two had actually done your jobs
and monitored her,
it wouldn't have gotten to this point.
Am I wrong?
All right, which of the two of you
is gonna do it?
Ah shit.
God damn it, look.
This lady's pregnant.
Denver, I really think
that you should do it.
You You really don't get it, do you? Huh?
Come here for a second.
Just come over here. Come on!
We've done more than enough
to make the hostages scared.
Besides, how could you shoot
a pregnant woman?
What did I say to you earlier
about making sure
you don't get too swayed by your emotions?
Let me ask you.
Do you really think that she's pregnant?
Are you sure of that?
Don't worry about that.
Because we have another issue
to deal with.
You know, this smartwatch
looks pretty expensive to me.
Does this really belong to her?
If the watch isn't hers
and someone ordered her to do this,
wouldn't that be really unfair?
This was the Director's idea.
It wasn't her choice.
No, no! I know nothing about that!
Really? Because from what I hear,
that woman is pregnant with your child.
Shit. Fuck!
Listen, I heard something weird
from Berlin just now,
so you'd better
answer this question truthfully.
You're pregnant, right?
Like for real?
I mean, money just needs to look pretty.
They argued for months because
they couldn't agree on this design?
Well, still.
This new note, I do like it though.
We're in trouble!
That's all a lie.
Really. She's not even really pregnant.
Okay, my friend.
So you're saying
you have nothing at all to do with this?
Please don't kill me.
I have two kids at home.
I really can't die. I really can't die.
Please don't kill me. Please.
Okay, okay.
Since you're begging me,
I believe you, hmm?
But in the end, that poor woman
is going to die. Understand?
I said, is it real?
Ah, goddamn it! Fuck!
Do you
Do you think I'm some kind of loser?
Did you find it fucking funny,
me just trying to be good to you?
Fuck, right?
Answer me, right now!
Don't resent me for this.
I know it was you who did all this.
But, you know what?
I'm not going to punish you at all.
Why? Because that's your punishment.
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