Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[gate squeaking]
[gate closes]
[pensive music playing]
[car door opens]
[brakes squeal]
[sighs loudly]
[inhales, exhales smoke]
I really need you for my plan.
But once you decide to join,
you can't back out,
so please take your time
to consider everything I've told you.
[smacks lips] I've heard enough.
I'll do it.
But under one condition.
Do you have room for one more?
[man 1] Hey!
Get over here you little shit!
[man 2] Stop right there!
[Tokyo] Once he got out,
Moscow started looking for Denver
I said stop, fucker!
but he had to wait his turn.
- [goons yell]
- [grunts]
[Tokyo] Gamblers at illegal fight clubs
lost lots of money because of Denver,
so they sent their dogs after him.
- [grunts loudly]
- [ladder clanks]
[shouting indistinctly]
[breathing heavily]
[man] Hey!
- [yells frantically]
- [goon 1] Hey, stop! What are you doing?
- Let go, damn it!
- Move it!
- [laughs]
- [yelps]
- [grunts]
- He's gonna kick us off.
Just let go!
[goon 2] Hey, asshole!
[gasps] Oh shit!
[goons scream in terror]
- [goon 1] Let go of my leg!
- [goon 2] Move it.
- What do we do?
- [goon 3] Can anyone climb down?
Stop, you bastard!
[goon 4] Somebody grab him.
Keep moving.
[grunts] Don't they ever stop?
[goon 4] What are you guys doing?
Keep moving.
Hurry it up! All the way down!
[goon 4] Get down from up there!
- God dammit! I'm gonna die.
- You've cost our boss a lot of money!
[upbeat music playing]
Hey, who are these goons?
Dad? Huh?
You scared me! God! Holy shit!
- You are one lucky idiot.
- [breathing heavily]
[grunts] I'm gonna fall!
Ow! Hey, come on!
This way. This way.
- Oh, that's right! Dad, you got out today!
- How could you forget?
I didn't! I was going to get some tofu
when all this happened
Of course, you should
have brought tofu, boy! Ha!
- Come on! This way, this way.
- [grunts]
[both panting]
Wow, look at you, Dad!
I've gotta say you've still got it.
- I'm exhausted.
- [laughs]
[coughs, breathes heavily]
Hey, Dad, are you all right?
It's just because I'm really old.
[breathing heavily]
Dad, you just wait and see.
I'll make money soon
and let you live in luxury.
You deserve to be happy.
Stop saying nonsense,
and do this one job with your father.
Just this one, I promise.
[breathing heavily]
What is it?
Something that can put an end
to this shitty, shitty life,
once and for all.
It's about time
you start living a decent life too.
Am I right? My little
- [laughing] idiot.
- [laughs]
[both laughing]
- [Misun sobs in terror]
- [breathing heavily]
- [gun fires]
- [screams]
[yelping, breathing heavily]
- [whimpers]
- [Denver exhales deeply]
[breathing deeply]
- [gun fires]
- [gasps]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[theme song playing]
[Berlin] I know
it was you who did all this.
But, you know what?
I'm not going to punish you at all.
Why? Because that's your punishment.
[breathing shakily]
[breathing shakily]
- [hostage 1] They shot her.
- [hostage 2] I think they shot her.
- [hostage 1] We could be next.
- Did he really kill her?
It's a done deal if they've shot her.
Not once but twice.
How could you do that to her?
You made Ms. Yun risk her own life.
When she got caught,
you let her take the fall.
Get your facts straight.
I didn't put her up to anything.
She knew
what she was getting herself into.
[scoffs softly]
And you call yourself our Director?
How could he do that?
Didn't the Director make her do that?
[hostage] I knew it.
Stop it, all of you!
If anyone's a victim, it's me.
I lost the person I love most
in the world.
Those greedy bastards took her from me!
Loved her? Stop fucking lying to us.
Hey, Mr. Choi,
that's no way to talk to the Director.
If Yun was from the South,
would you have let her die like that?
How is being a South or North Korean
relevant here, huh?
Everyone back to their places.
[hostages murmuring]
[breathing heavily]
[Tokyo panting]
[breathing deeply]
[grunts in approval]
[breathing heavily]
[smacks lips]
- [faucet running]
- Good job
Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
Make sure the body is disposed of
and nobody sees.
[breathing heavily]
[grunts] We have to call the Professor.
What? Wait, hold on.
- [grunts]
- Wait a minute, Tokyo!
Wow, are you two having
a lovers' quarrel or something?
If not, you better explain to me
what you're doing in here without my
permission. Be careful with what you say.
The Professor ordered us
not to kill hostages.
So what,
you want to tattle on me? [chuckles]
That watch could've ruined
everything we've accomplished.
If we don't set the right example,
the hostages will do it again.
You're the one who's crossed the line.
Shouldn't the Professor know that?
I'll tell him myself
when the time is right.
[phone ringing]
[inhales deeply]
Could you leave?
- The grown ups have to work.
- [gun clicks]
[phone continues ringing]
[somber music playing]
I won't repeat myself.
[ringing tone]
[phone ringing]
Wow, is it tense in here,
or is it just me?
- We should go.
- [exhales]
[breathing heavily]
[ringing continues]
What happened?
Nothing at all.
We had a minor disagreement,
but everything's settled down now.
[Professor] It doesn't seem
that minor to me.
Tell me,
is the disagreement at all related to
Denver and a hostage?
Oh, that thing.
Apparently, that woman is pregnant.
We put her somewhere else
because she needed to calm down.
And yes, I may have threatened them a bit.
But the hostages know their place now.
Don't forget.
We're at a critical point that will
either make or break our plan. Understood?
We took care of the smartwatch.
So are we all set?
[smacks lips, inhales deeply]
Give Rio the phone.
Uh, hello there, Professor.
[Professor] Can you analyze the access log
on the broken watch?
It'll be a little tough, but I think so.
Can I ask why?
We need to know if they've found out
anything that can compromise us.
Just in case.
Don't get any ideas and just focus
on the task the Professor's given you.
[tense music playing]
[door closes]
- [startled grunt]
- [gasps]
Ah, shit. For fuck's sake, Tokyo.
You scared me.
And the woman?
[breathes deeply]
Where is she?
She's over there.
[exhales deeply]
[breathing shakily]
- Fuck, this is driving me insane!
- [gasping]
How does Berlin expect me
to shoot a person?
[screams angrily]
What the fuck?
[trembling breaths]
[breathing heavily]
Please don't shoot me.
If I don't kill you,
that bastard Berlin will do it himself.
What if you pretend you did?
Can't you shoot my thigh?
I can play dead.
Just say you killed me, please!
- But still I can't, what if
- [whimpers]
- Damn it!
- Shoot me here.
It's going to hurt like fucking hell
when I actually shoot you.
- Are you sure you can bear with the pain?
- Okay. Please hurry.
All right. Let's do this, okay?
I'll shoot here.
It'll be extremely painful.
Bite down on this.
- Hey, are you ready?
- [moans nervously]
Clench your teeth!
[gasps, breathes heavily]
[Denver] Thank God it was you
who barged into the bathroom.
If Berlin finds out that she's alive,
we're both dead.
- You know that. Right, Denver?
- Yeah, I know.
I'll be careful.
[breathing heavily in pain]
Take off your clothes.
[breathing heavily in pain]
Let me see the wound.
[breathing heavily in pain]
[moans in pain]
[breathes nervously]
[breathes nervously]
- Mmm.
- Oh, oh.
My bad. Sorry.
Go ahead.
I'll be outside.
[Misun moans in pain]
[moans in pain]
[groaning, sobbing]
[sighs loudly]
Make sure to keep an eye on her.
And remember to give her the antibiotics.
Yeah, I got it.
[Tokyo] I know it hurts,
but hang in there.
I'll do whatever I can to help you.
Hey, wait
Did you tell the Professor?
Right now even if I tell him,
Berlin will kill her himself.
[Denver] Fuck, what should we do?
We can't hide her like this for long.
She's seriously injured.
First, I think we need to
do something about Berlin.
Like what?
We need to remove him as head of the team.
But to do that,
we need to get rid of Helsinki and Oslo.
And then we can take out Berlin.
[breathes deeply]
[agent] Han Joseph, 22 years old.
A medical school dropout.
So is he one of the hostages?
He isn't on our presumed list of hostages.
Any criminal record?
He was let off with a warning
because he was a minor,
but he's been a skilled hacker
since he was young.
[scoffs] That explains why our
cyber forensics team struggled so much.
He has to be one of the suspects.
If they've put this much effort
into making this elaborate plan,
they must have come to the Mint
ahead of time
to prepare for every contingency.
Check all the surveillance footage,
secure what you can
from the cameras near the Mint.
Once the heist begins, I'll have to rely
on the security cameras and the phone
to know what's happening inside.
Since we don't know
what will happen then and there,
I need one of you to take charge
on my behalf inside the Mint.
Any volunteers?
I can be the leader
since I have experience working in teams?
Really? What did you do?
Maybe you've heard
of one of my big accomplishments.
- The Jeju-do Casino?
- What?
[Nairobi] Seventy big ones.
Are you really the one who did that?
- [Helsinki] Huh?
- [Oslo laughs] Wow!
What is that?
You don't know?
She was so good
no one knew there was a robbery
and by the time people realized
it was too late.
- [laughs]
- Oh.
[Rio] Damn, that's crazy. [chuckles]
'Cause I heard the ones who carried it out
were foreign and all got caught.
But I was smarter than them.
I set up all the plans for them
in the beginning
[exhales] but maybe it was because
they couldn't understand me?
It really was frustrating.
What is she even talking about?
You really do lie
every time you open your mouth,
[all laugh]
[Berlin] I'll do it.
Out of curiosity,
why are you volunteering to be our leader?
Do you enjoy being in command?
I won't lie and say no. But that's
[exhales] not the only reason
for being the leader.
[clears throat] The Professor's plan
is damn near perfect.
Perfect on the surface,
just like this paper house.
But what do you think will happen
once we are inside?
We'll have to face many obstacles.
Some of us will be struggling to survive,
and some of us will be blinded by money.
The place will be like a burning furnace,
with everyone's deep, dark desires
all tangled up inside.
And in the end,
this sophisticated, beautiful plan
will be reduced to ashes, to nothing.
And what can the Professor do
on the outside?
Not a damn thing.
What I'm saying is,
in the end, one of us
will have to establish order amidst all
the chaos.
And you're the right man for that job?
If you think you can do
a better job than me then come forward.
We could even take the democratic approach
like the Southerners do,
and we can all vote on it.
Hey, I think we should just go by age.
So how about my dad?
- [exhales] Huh?
- Will you shut your mouth. son?
- Sorry. Sorry.
- [Denver] What?
Sorry, but Moscow already has
another important task.
He will build us an escape route
and connect us back to the world.
The tunnel the hostages
will be digging is fake.
Once the time comes,
we'll free the hostages
and escape using the real escape route.
Of course, I'm sure
the police will be right on our tail
following the fake route
the hostages will tell them about.
[sighs loudly]
Is that the time already?
Stomach, you never let me down.
Let's eat first
and then we'll get back to it. [chuckles]
Oh, man
Let's go.
Where is that little idiot?
I haven't seen him at all.
[music playing indistinctly]
[breathes deeply]
[whispering] Oh shit.
I'm going to the bathroom,
but you all are gonna keep working.
And remember,
we're watching you with the cameras.
You. Especially you!
If you get caught doing anything,
you know what'll happen.
All right, keep an eye on him.
[door closes]
That fucking psychopath.
How could he have no problem
taking a dump
after killing someone in cold blood? Huh?
- I know, right?
- I hope you shit your brains out!
how much longer do I have to keep digging
this fucking hole right here? [sighs]
[gasps] Wha What is it?
We want to speak with the Director.
Step aside and don't get involved.
[Denver] You must be starving.
You need to eat,
if you want to survive.
So he
really thinks I'm dead, right?
Well, yes
- At least for now.
- How How did he
Nevermind, I guess it doesn't matter.
He doesn't even care
if I'm alive or not, right?
[sighs] Uh, no.
You don't have to worry
about that douchebag anymore.
I mean, what do you see
in that piece of shit, anyway?
Now here, you should eat.
Come on, open wide. [exhales]
[cries softly]
[inhales deeply]
Hang in there, all right?
Trust me
we have a plan.
I'll get straight to the point, Youngmin.
We're not going to allow you
to act on your own from now on.
What do you mean "allow?"
They made a promise
to treat each of us humanely and fairly
as long as we do what we're told.
Don't do anything stupid. Or else.
O-Or else, what? Hmm?
- Yun Misun had to die because of you.
- Hey.
Did I kill her, huh?
No, that bastard killed her.
And did you think I did
all of those things for me? Huh?
For myself? Just think about it.
We're digging a tunnel
so that these fucking thieves can escape.
I mean, they know
we'd go straight to the police,
so do you really think
they'll keep us alive?
They'll kill us on the spot if we run!
Will you stop saying "us"?
Do you think I don't know that
all you're thinking about is yourself?
Hey, you're the one putting me on trial
at a kangaroo court, all right?
Look at you.
All of you commies!
- I see you for what you really are!
- What was that?
Help! Someone help!
The North Koreans are revolting!
- [grunts]
- Ow! [grunts]
[breathes shakily]
There's really no getting through
to this guy, is there?
Let's teach him a lesson this time.
[stuttering] Stop it.
You guys are all m-making a mistake.
[breathing heavily]
The next time you put another hostage
in danger so you can save your own life,
you'll pay for it.
- [exhales]
- [Moscow] What's going on?
[gasps, shouts]
- Oh thank God. Help me! Help me!
- What? Huh?
Those commies ganged up on me
and were about to kill me! It's true!
- What's going on?
- That's a lie.
We were giving him a warning because
he was sneaking out during our shift.
Hey! Hey, Park! Hey!
You saw everything! Right?
Tell him everything!
Uh, uh, I
You should all really be
ashamed of yourselves.
Now, look. You need to remember
that you're all in the same boat!
Rather than helping each other
you all turn on
And you, Director,
need to stop being so sneaky
and everyone here needs to be smart
and use their fucking heads!
[clicks tongue]
Where is that little idiot and why is he
Come on. Put down your gear
and let's go eat something first, huh?
What are you guys doing?
Let's hurry up and get going!
[hostage] Come on, hurry up!
[dishes clattering]
I'm sorry,
but can I get some more, please?
- Get a new one.
- What did you say?
He's just a kid. He didn't mean
to drop his food on the floor.
It's somebody else's fault
I'll say it again. I was ordered
to never give out extra food
no matter the circumstance.
Stop being so cheap!
[hostage 2] Just serve the kid again.
We will be held responsible, if anything
goes wrong with giving out food.
What do you think you're doing?
Here, you can have this.
- You should stay out of it, old man.
- [bangs]
[Nairobi] Hey, what the fuck!
He's just a kid!
Give him some more.
[Moscow] So, what's with
all the hostages? They seem tense.
What really matters is our system
is working properly for once.
Tell me, did anything happen while
I was busy working on the escape route?
I don't know.
Why don't we ask Denver over there?
- Denver, come here.
- Yeah?
Where have you been lately?
I didn't see you at your post earlier.
I think I ate something bad.
My stomach doesn't feel good.
I don't know why.
And you're not
getting into trouble, are you?
[Denver chuckles]
I'm not a little kid anymore, Dad.
Is there something going on here?
Your father is asking if
anything has happened to the hostages.
Do you know anything?
No, I I don't know.
Do you think the hostages will get along
just because they're stuck in here?
When they've been at war with each other
for decades?
It's not bad for us, though.
They're too busy fighting among themselves
that they don't see the real enemy.
[chuckles] You're so right.
I'm dead. [exhales]
[pensive music playing]
[door closes]
[tense music playing]
You're all done eating, right?
You, right there.
Tie everyone up again.
[door rattling]
Damn it!
[startled grunt]
[dramatic music playing]
[groans, screams]
[grunts in pain]
[groans, grunts]
[breathing heavily]
Holy shit.
I thought you'd be nothing
without a gun. Hey
Teletubby, did you fight in Yanbian?
- You crazy bastard! What the hell?
- [laughs]
You're a fucking Teletubby.
Bring it.
[grunts loudly]
[both grunting
[screams in pain]
[breathing heavily]
[both panting]
[breathing heavily]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [moans in pain]
- [rattling]
[whimpers in despair]
[groaning, breathing shakily]
[moans in pain]
[groans, screams]
[breathing shakily]
[moans in pain]
Youngmin, I'm alive.
- [access control beeps]
- [gasps]
[door opens]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Minsun breathing shakily]
[muffled breathing]
Helsinki, drop the fucking gun.
What did you find?
There isn't any data left on the device,
but there are traces of a transfer.
Based on the size,
it's most likely that an image
or a short video was sent.
So that means what we were worried about
might actually happen.
Isn't it a big problem
if our faces were captured on video
and they ID us?
I'll do whatever I can to check
whether they've found out
anything about us.
[agent] We've got footage from
a convenience store outside the Mint
a week before the heist.
- Got 'em.
- Keep zooming in.
So it's just these two?
[agent] For now, yes, ma'am.
Then find out who she is
and see if you can find any other footage
around this time frame.
See who they talk to,
even if they just bump into someone.
- Am I make myself clear?
- Yes, ma'am.
[reporter] At the start of the heist,
the police,
for the first time in Korean history
The suspects' identities have yet
to be confirmed by the police department.
It has been three days
since the incident began at the Mint,
but the situation
continues to be in a lull
with no significant events occurring
between police the
[remote clatters]
[ringing tone]
[automated voice] Please leave a message
after the tone.
- When you have finished recording
- [disconnects call]
[brakes squeal]
[turns off engine]
- Bye, Mina.
- Bye.
[chuckles softly]
[car door opens]
She's not allowed to go with her dad.
[nervous breathing]
"Woojin can't answer her phone.
She's at work."
[nervous breathing]
[Berlin] Why? Are you scared
your face was captured by the watch?
Is that it?
W-What? That's crazy.
What information
could they have possibly gotten
in that short amount of time, huh? Right?
But what if they did find
something important?
What's gonna happen then?
Um, well then,
the Professor will handle it
Handle it?
How is he going to handle it?
The Professor's not a god.
Ah, but Tokyo sure seems
to be a devout follower, doesn't she?
Aren't you at least a little curious as to
why she hangs onto his every word?
Uh, do you know why?
Of course.
I also know it's very dangerous.
[Tokyo] You're the one
who is dangerous, Berlin.
[Denver] Get in!
[footsteps approaching]
Killing a hostage wasn't enough for you
so now you have us spying on one another?
Says the person pointing a gun
at her colleague.
Denver, what's with you?
I thought things were better
Shut up, you fucking asshole.
- Because of you, I had to
- [chuckles]
Give me that gun. All right.
- Rio, I need you to call the Professor.
- O-O-O-Okay.
[nervous breathing]
[ringing tone]
[phone ringing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[reporter 1] What is all this?
Looks like something happened.
[reporter 2] Reporter, coming through.
Excuse me.
- [officer 1] Please, move out of the way.
- [reporter 3] Here's my pass.
[cameras clicking]
[reporters clamoring]
[reporter 4] You can't do this!
My editor will be hearing about this.
[officer 2] No cameras allowed
from this point.
You're not allowed in.
- [reporter 5] Excuse me. Let me through.
- Put your phones away. No recording.
- [officer 3] You can't take any pictures.
- [car alarm sounding]
[indistinct chatter]
[alarm continues sounding]
Hey, check it out.
- [officer 4] No cameras.
- [reporter 6] Come on. What are you doing?
- [officer 4] You're not allowed.
- [reporter 7] Excuse me, officer.
[officer 4] You can't enter
beyond this point.
[officer 5] Are you a reporter? Excuse me!
Hey, you there! Are you a reporter?
[reporter 6] Give me something.
You over there! Hey, you!
Somebody stop him!
[agent] Sim Youngmun, 38 years old.
- She has been convicted of fraud, but
- Of fraud?
All right,
so we have identified two suspects.
Should we do a press briefing?
That will certainly put pressure
on those thugs.
Plus the higher-ups will like it.
Not yet. First we need to know
how we're gonna play our cards.
I say we keep this to ourselves for now.
What's really bothering me is
I can understand why they have a hacker
But why have a con artist?
[agent] We're getting a phone signal
from nearby.
Connect so we can all listen in.
[officer] Hey, you can't go in there!
It's off limits!
[Professor] You don't understand.
I have to talk to Inspector Seon Woojin
right this second.
Like I said, it's a personal matter.
I'll only need a minute. [grunts]
Hey, Sunho.
- What is this
- [Professor] Oh, Woojin.
Here. It's your mother.
I think it's something urgent.
Because she couldn't reach you,
I think she called me after seeing
my number on my business card.
[breathes deeply]
Hello? Hello, Mom? You there?
Woojin, is that you?
Mina was coming home from school when
her father suddenly showed up and she
Wait, Mom, hold on.
I'll call you right back, okay?
[disconnects call]
Please, excuse me.
Uh, please, excuse me.
[breathes deeply]
[man] How's your grandma?
How has she been feeling lately?
So where
are you taking me right now?
We're going to eat
some very delicious food.
[chuckles] Hey, what do you want to eat?
Do you want to go
to your favorite pizza place?
- Mom's gonna be mad if she finds
- Shh.
[phone vibrating]
Where are you taking my daughter?
You broke the restraining order.
I don't know what you said to Mina,
but you better
You better watch what you're saying.
I just wanted to see her.
It's been a long time.
That's enough. Take her home
before I call the police on you.
Right now!
I said I'll take her back home
after we go eat!
So you need to stop overreacting.
Take her back home right now
or you'll see what overreacting is.
This is your last warning.
[man] Hey.
- Hey, Seon Woojin
- [sighs]
[Professor] So,
your husband is with your daughter?
I'm sorry you had to see that.
[Professor chuckles]
Hey, don't be sorry. I just
[inhales deeply]
haven't heard you talk much
about your ex-husband.
Does he not get along with your daughter?
Your mother told me
Sunho, this has nothing to do with you.
So please just ignore
everything you just heard.
Right, I'm sorry.
I know I must have embarrassed you
by barging in like that.
But your mother was very worried
about the situation,
which is why I felt a bit rushed too.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for worrying,
but this is a secure facility.
[chuckles awkwardly]
I understand.
I'll get going now,
but if you ever have time
[inhales deeply]
[inhales deeply]
Who were you talking to?
None of your business.
[suspicious music playing]
[Tokyo] That could have been the end
of the relationship
between the Professor and the inspector.
Hello, Mom? You there?
[Tokyo] But the situation
was desperate enough
that he risked gambling everything he had
with Seon Woojin,
a card he'd worked very hard to get.
[solemn music playing]
But it was worth the risk.
The Professor got his hands
on the card he wanted.
[Woojin] I'll call you right back.
Please, excuse me.
Uh, please, excuse me.
[Tokyo] However,
- the result of this gamble
- [ringing tone]
was headed
in a completely unexpected direction.
What the hell?
Why the hell isn't he answering?
We need him right now. He has to hear
everything about what Berlin's done.
Oh God, what if something happened to him?
This is why the Professor put me
in charge of the heist,
in case we found ourselves
in a situation like this.
You don't deserve it.
I know that's what you think,
- but what about what everyone else thinks?
- What?
How about we gather everyone
and vote on whether I'm fit
to lead the operation or not?
Did you get shot in the head?
Are you crazy?
And if you refuse, it'll just be that
you're staging a coup
in the Professor's absence,
so really if you think about it
you are the one actually ruining the plan.
- [ringing continues]
- [breathing shakily, grunts]
[Denver] Everyone, get inside.
You don't have to rush.
It's really nothing at all.
So there's no need to worry.
I'm sorry,
but do you think you can
separate me from those hostages?
What kind of bullshit is this?
The North Koreans,
they keep provoking me
It looks like you're the one provoking me.
Isn't that funny?
It's not like that.
Please believe me.
If it's not like that,
then what is, you bastard. What?
What? You piece of
Shut up and move, coward.
Why would anyone care about
You fucking shit.
Go ahead! Get inside! Come on.
[breathing shakily]
[tense music playing]
[breathing shakily]
[inhales deeply]
[music continues]
Don't you even think
about asking for trouble,
unless you want all of us
to rip you into pieces.
[Professor breathing heavily]
What the hell
is going on in here? [exhales]
He's busy with the tunnel,
but I've asked him to come.
Do you know how much money
we could be printing instead of fighting?
I'd like to know what you all think
since Tokyo says I have no right to be
in charge of what happens from now on.
Berlin ignored
the Professor's instructions.
He divided the hostages
and pitted them against each other.
And then he broke the rule about
not killing any of the hostages.
If we continue to let him lead,
the Professor's plan will fail.
- And that's exactly what he wants.
- No need to drag this out.
We'll take a vote
since that's what you all want.
[suspenseful music playing]
You know I'm always going
to be on your side.
[scoffs softly]
Thanks, but I don't want us
to choose sides.
Remember when you volunteered
to take part in this.
It's because we trusted the Professor
and not this goddamn fucking psychopath.
Berlin, you know that
I'm normally on your side.
You know, this time
you've really crossed the line.
Well, my dad and I are obviously
on the same side so that means,
one, two, three, four. We win.
It's game over for you, bud.
Don't you know voting by proxy is illegal?
Accept the result, Berlin.
- [Berlin chuckles]
- [phone ringing]
Now tell the Professor
you killed a hostage.
Do it.
Hey, Professor.
What, are you busy dating? Huh?
Why weren't you answering this whole time?
What's going on right now?
Tokyo wants to impeach me because
she doesn't think I'm a good leader.
There must be a reason. Now explain.
Actually, I ordered Denver
to kill a hostage.
Was it her?
That pregnant woman?
[Berlin] She made up that thing
about being pregnant, okay?
It was all a lie.
How could you do that?
I've emphasized this countless times
and yet, you killed her?
On the bright side
[sucks teeth] everything is
operating perfectly over here
after we made an example out of her.
[Professor] What?
Did you really say perfect?
Oh right.
I forgot about that one thing.
I guess not technically perfect
since one of our identities
may have been leaked to the police,
which sounds like
a very big problem to me.
No, there was
a possibility,
so the Professor was looking into it.
And how did that go?
The police have identified Rio.
Nairobi as well.
[nervous breathing]
[screams in frustration]
A-Are you serious?
I think Rio was the only one
captured on the watch,
but they seemed to have found
surveillance footage
from one of the pre-visits.
They got Nairobi's face and identity
since she was with Rio that day.
Do any of you think
this would have happened
if things were done my way
from the beginning?
The hostages have been pulling this crap
on us because they don't fear us.
This is the sorta thing
I wanted to prevent.
[Berlin] Sorry for going against the rules
without reporting it.
But now look what happened!
Someone should've gotten
their hands dirty early on.
So this operation would be successful.
Your hands have always been dirty!
- It's time to stop joking around.
- Fucking bastard.
Hey! Nairobi! Rio!
Do you still believe
I'm in the wrong here?
I think you might have
had a change of heart by now.
Is that right?
When all is said and done,
the hostages
wouldn't dare try anything else
because they're terrified of Berlin.
Isn't that right?
- Nairobi.
- This is how things are.
- We all have to adjust somehow.
- [Denver] What the fuck are you doing?
Hey, Rio! You need to it together, okay?
You can't let
something like that get to you.
They ID'd you. So what?
[breathes angrily]
So what?
Fuck off. What do you know?
It's not like they have your photo.
You fucking moron.
Whining about it doesn't change anything.
There's nothing you can do, okay?
So cut this shit out
and take what happened like a man!
What, you think you're any different?
I'm sure your mom who left you
will be thrilled to see on the news that
her little boy currently robbing the Mint.
You shut the fuck up.
Fair enough.
Seeing as how you come
from a family of convicts
and killed a person already,
nothing scares you, right?
Am I wrong?
You fucking son of a bitch,
how dare you!
I've had enough of your shit,
- [Tokyo] Stop! Stop! Stop!
- [both grunting]
- Stop!
- [Denver] Let go of me!
Denver, stop! Denver, stop it!
[Moscow] Who
[both panting]
[Tokyo] Oh shit.
Who did you say killed a hostage?
No, uh, that's
that's not what he said, Dad.
I ordered him to. The hostages were
getting more and more bold.
If Denver hadn't killed her,
things would've gotten much worse.
We should be grateful for what he did.
[breathing heavily]
Is it true?
[Denver breathing heavily]
Ah, shit. Damn it.
[cries in fury]
Fuck! You little idiot!
Why did you have to kill her?
Who do you think you are,
taking someone's life?
Are you going to kill me
if Berlin tells you to?
- Huh?
- Calm down, Dad.
- Moscow, don't.
- Let me go. Let me go.
Dad, you need to calm down!
[Moscow] Professor!
Tell me what's going on here.
You said there would absolutely be
no deaths. These are your words!
[sobs] You said everything would
go according to your plan! Everything!
So what is the meaning of this?
Why did Why did my son have to kill
an innocent person?
[Denver] Dad! Dad!
Dad, are you okay? Dad!
- [Moscow gasping]
- Are you okay? Come on!
- Wake up!
- [groaning]
[Denver] Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
- [Denver] Ah, fuck. Seriously.
Let's get you up.
- [Moscow breathing heavily]
- [Denver] Damn it.
Ah shit.
[breathing heavily]
[Denver] Dad
[Moscow breathing heavily]
- [grunts angrily]
- [bangs table]
[breathes shakily]
You piece of
[sighs] And then this asshole.
Dad! Dad, wait up!
- Shit!
- [objects clattering]
Why can't anyone die, again?
Is it a matter of ethics?
Clearly, you forgot
that it was the key principle
for our plan to work.
You nearly ruined everything.
Do you understand me?
Well, that's a relief.
Thank God.
So all we have to do is hide the murder.
If it's not for your petty conscience,
then we'll make it
so no one knows about it.
And then it won't
affect the plan whatsoever.
Berlin [sucks teeth]
[Denver] Dad.
I swear it's not what you think.
- [Moscow breathes in despair]
- Dad, come on.
Please, listen to me for one second.
Damn it.
[Moscow] Listen.
Don't follow in my footsteps.
What do you mean don't follow?
This may all sound like an excuse.
I don't have any real money
or any profound knowledge to give you
and you're all I have
my only child, my little idiot.
[inhales] And it wasn't easy for me
to raise you on my own.
At least, not properly
[sighs] So are you saying
I didn't grow up properly?
[Moscow] That's not what I mean.
My life was messed up
a very long time ago.
But I'd hoped at least my son
would live a normal, decent life.
A life any ordinary person can live.
[smacks lips]
[inhales deeply]
Your mom, there was this one
You're doing it again! Stop, okay?
Will you just listen to me?
Do you know
what your so-called mom said to me
when she came to visit me in jail
for the last time before she left us?
She said that
that you'd eventually do
the same things I've done.
Do you know how hard I tried,
so you wouldn't end up a criminal like me?
Look, Dad
Like father, like son.
What's so wrong
with me being like my dad? Huh?
[smacks lips]
[sighing] You get into trouble
all the time,
and you go in and out of prison.
Your life has hit rock bottom
and it can't possibly get any worse.
I feel like I'm responsible for that.
[grunts] It eats away at my heart
all the time.
[breathes deeply]
Don't do that.
I've never thought of it that way,
I promise.
[Korean music playing]
[inhales deeply]
This heist
Let's do it right.
Once we finish the job,
let's live the plain, ordinary life
we've dreamed about together.
Just like ordinary people, for once. Huh?
All right, all right.
Dad, you're making me cringe.
Stop it, please! Okay?
I'm sorry.
- Dad.
- [sobs]
- You're crying?
- No, of course I'm not crying. [laughs]
[Denver] Stop. I mean it!
Don't start crying, all right?
All right. [chuckles]
[door buzzing]
[breathing heavily]
[door opening]
[door opening]
Hey, Dad? Dad, wait!
So what? There's no use crying over it.
What are you gonna do
if the police want to check if
the hostages are alive or not? What then?
We'll think of a solution if that happens.
Don't you dare give me that nonsense.
I asked you if you've come up
with a well thought out plan.
If you didn't,
you'll have to take the responsibility
for causing a setback to our plan.
[exhales sharply]
Then what do you want to do?
What's your genius plan?
Will it involve putting Tokyo in charge?
When the majority vote was in my favor.
Is that it?
[Rio] We're fucked.
Someone is opening the main gate.
[agent] The main gate is opening.
[suspenseful music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[door clanks]
[Moohyuk] Seems unarmed. A hostage?
I'm on my way.
All units, to the main gate.
[music continues]
[officer 1] We have visual
of one unidentified middle-aged male.
- Looks to be surrendering.
- [officer 2] All officers remain alert.
Stand by in case of emergency.
[music continues]
[officer 3] Unit one, main priority is
to identify the target from a distance.
Strategic unit.
Remain alert. You may approach.
Ah shit.
Ah, sh
- There's one more.
- [Moscow grunts]
[Denver] Dad. Dad, get down.
Hurry, you have to cover your face!
He is wearing a mask and is armed.
[suspenseful music playing]
- [Denver] You can't show your face!
- [Moscow grunting]
Come on, stay down!
It's better that you're here.
Son, let's turn ourselves in.
But we'll say that I killed that woman.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Dad, are you crazy?
Things didn't go as planned,
but they can reduce our sentence
if we surrender peacefully.
[sobbing] A good father wouldn't have
brought you here in the first place.
You said you want to live a new life!
You're right, I wanted to give you
a new life but instead,
I've made my only son a murderer!
[sobbing] I'm sorry!
Dad, I'm telling you
that I didn't kill her!
That one's definitely one of the suspects.
We have to save the hostage.
[nervous breathing]
They're both suspects.
If he wanted to stop a hostage
from running he wouldn't tackle him,
he'd use his weapon.
Snipers, on standby.
- [Tokyo] Professor, what should we do?
- [Nairobi] What do you mean?
Will anything change if we sit here?
I'll go get them.
[breathes deeply]
What are you gonna do outside
all by yourself?
Save the day like a Hollywood movie?
Are we supposed to leave them out there
by themselves?
We need to come up with a good plan.
- Isn't that right, Professor?
- Do you have an idea?
I do, but I don't know
if the Professor will trust me.
Do you really think I will believe you
if you tell me now?
But I really didn't kill her, okay?
- That woman's alive right now.
- [breathing heavily]
You can go and ask Tokyo
right fucking now! Jeez!
Ah, sh
What are these? Why do you have red spots?
[Woojin] Attention, you on the ground!
Three sniper units have their sights
on the two of you as we speak.
You can't go back in, or escape them.
So drop your weapons
and surrender immediately.
[breathing shakily]
[hostages screaming]
- Get out! Move it!
- Move! Come on!
Those selected will carry out
a very special mission, all right?
What is this?
Are you going to kill us all?
What's going on? Are the negotiations
with the police not going well? Huh?
Stop making a big fuss.
Anything stupid you do
will only decrease your lifespan.
Keep that in mind.
[Youngmin] Please! No!
[hostages whimpering]
[Youngmin whimpers in fear]
Get over here.
Do you think they've been
fighting amongst themselves, or what?
[sighs] We'll find out
once we arrest them.
If we can grab them we'll be able
to end the hostage situation.
Keep your eyes on the armed suspect.
Our priority right now
is to capture them alive.
There's more coming out of the gate.
[suspenseful music playing]
[thrilling electro music playing]
[officer] We can't tell anyone apart.
They're all armed.
[Berlin] Professor,
how do you like my plan?
I'll admit it's a good plan.
But it's a huge gamble.
If any of the hostages try to run
At this point
the hostages won't do anything foolish.
Now they know
what will happen to them if they do.
That's how humans are.
If you scare them,
they lie flat on the floor.
If you show weakness,
they'll come running to bite.
That is why the only way to bring humans
under control is to instill fear in them.
Of course,
I respect that you have noble ideas,
and I know Tokyo follows that.
But where there's light,
there will always be a shadow
and I've simply taken on
the role of the shadow.
So that you can shine.
[Woojin] You're not just putting
the hostages in danger
but you're also putting
yourselves in danger.
I'm asking you
to put down your weapons, now!
[Tokyo] We are not here to fight.
We will retreat in peace
so put your guns down now!
Are we just going to stand and watch?
We need to do something!
Things could escalate of we move too fast.
Ugh, dammit!
[Denver] Dad, Dad, Dad.
Put the mask on first.
Hurry, you need to cover your face.
Put this on.
[Youngmin breathing heavily
It's less than 100 meters to there, right?
[Park] But, sir, you could get shot!
[Youngmin breathing heavily]
[Moscow] Tokyo, is it true that
that woman is still alive?
[Tokyo] Yeah, it's true.
Denver isn't someone
who would murder anybody.
You're his father,
you should know that better.
[Denver] I pretended to kill her
then hid her in the basement.
I couldn't tell you
because of that bastard Berlin!
[Rio] Hey. What are you talking about?
Berlin, that thing you said
about ruling with fear.
Does that only apply to the hostages
or to everyone?
[Professor] After the video
leaked to the police,
our members seem to be
under your control as well.
Was that intended?
[tense music playing]
No way.
[music continues]
[Rio] Is what you said true?
[Denver] Why? So you can rat me out
to Berlin again like a fucking pussy?
- [Rio] What did you say?
- [Tokyo] Now's not the time.
- We can talk back inside.
- [Youngmin gasps]
[man] You want to see another person
die because of your behavior?
- [Youngmin] Let go of me!
- [Tokyo] Helsinki.
[Rio] Okay, but can you just tell me
if that's true or not?
[Denver] Come on, let's get inside first!
We don't have time for this whining.
- [Rio] What? Whining?
- [Denver] Motherfucker!
[Rio] Damn it! Are you serious?
[Moscow] Come on, stop it.
[Youngmin grunts] Freeze, you bastards!
I'll shoot if you move.
- [man] Is that
- [Youngmin] Stand back!
Be ready to open fire. Be ready.
[Youngmin] Don't come any closer!
- Drop your guns!
- [Tokyo] What are you doing?
Put down the gun.
[Youngmin] Shut up!
Don't come near me. Stand back!
[Tokyo] Put the gun down!
- [Moscow] Be careful.
- [Youngmin] No, you drop yours!
Put it down!
- Don't move!
- [Moohyuk] We have to shoot.
[Woojin breathing shakily]
[Youngmin] I said, don't move!
[Tokyo] Everyone put your guns down.
- [Youngmin grunts]
- [Moscow] Put down your gun.
- [Youngmin] Now! That's right!
- [Rio] Hey!
[Youngmin] Just like that! On your knees!
Sit down!
- We have to shoot!
- [breathing heavily]
[tense music playing]
[exhales sharply]
[music continues]
[gun firing]
[Youngmin grunts]
[theme song playing]
[electro music playing]
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