Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

If a bullet hits vital organs
like the brain, heart,
or any major artery,
there isn't really anything we can do
in terms of first aid.
It'll be good
to learn the types of first aid
you can do
when a bullet hits someone in soft tissue.
Let's say that Denver got shot right here.
You'd need to know
the major organs located in that spot
to understand the extent of the damage.
It's his liver. Am I right?
Can you draw it?
I actually pulled off a few cons
as a nurse.
So I know at least something about this.
- Hey, come on.
- Let me just pull this down.
It's either the appendix or
part of the small intestine right there.
Man, it looks like
your liver's pretty swollen there.
I'm a god.
Rio, you want to try?
Doctor, here's your scalpel.
So why are we even doing this again?
Because we're putting our lives
on the line.
We're just messing around.
Do you want us to just leave
the bullet in you when you get shot?
Better to leave the bullet in
than to have a newbie like you
digging around to get it out.
This isn't new to some of us, is it?
No way. Were you really a doctor?
I'm not. I quit medical school ages ago.
But anyway, I'm only doing
what you brought me in to do.
The rest of you can play doctor
all you want.
Ugh, that asshole.
He could use a punch in the face.
They can bleed to death just trying
to take a bullet out, see if I care.
Do whatever you want, everyone.
This looks delicious.
Do you want to eat?
I do.
What have you been upto?
Oh, you can see me now?
I thought I was invisible.
What I've been up to
is partying, doing drugs,
screwing around
with fucked-up girls, you know.
But I came back here because
I guess I finally ran out of money.
Mmm. Mm-hmm.
I'll go talk to the med school.
You'll be readmitted.
Should I run a bath for you, honey?
Wow, it's impressive.
How much does one of those even cost?
Around four or five billion won.
Where'd they get the money to buy that?
Are they criminals too or something?
If class is inherited in North Korea,
in the south,
it's wealth that's inherited.
You curious?
About why an immature kid from
a rich family decided to join us?
I guess.
Everyone has their own story.
Come on, come on, just one drink!
You're a pathetic asshole.
Then tell me why you came
all the way out here
to drag this pathetic
little asshole back in?
You think I'll take you back?
You didn't narc about our plan
to your family, did you?
Because if you did,
your family is gonna be fucked.
Oh shit, I
I mean, if I'd known that,
I would've told them everything
a long time ago.
That's a huge fucking bummer.
Such a bummer.
I told you from the beginning.
What we are about to do
isn't child's play
or some youthful rebellion.
Once you're in,
you're not getting out until you die.
Uh, you can go fuck yourself, man.
This may sound overbearing,
but let me give a piece of advice.
If you keep running away,
it'll become a habit.
And at some point,
you will have to face things.
- Confirm.
- Yes, sir.
Confirm identity!
- Was that a gunshot?
- It's the Director of the mint.
Put your cameras down.
Did you confirm who got shot? Who is it?
It's a hostage.
Mr. Cho Youngmin, Director of the Mint.
Why the fuck was he acting out?
- Hey! Hey, are you all right?
- Hey, come on.
- Rio! Come over and help us!
- Hey! Wake up!
Rio! Pull yourself together!
Considering where the bullet went in,
it's not life-threatening right now.
Well, it better not be!
If that man ends up dying
then every single one of us is screwed.
Get over here! Quick!
Come on. Here!
The kit! Bring the first aid kit!
Right now!
Here! It's here!
I think the bullet is lodged deep inside.
First aid isn't going to work.
He needs surgery.
Hey, come on, wake up! You can't
fucking die here like this, okay?
Come on, man!
- What?
- The phone
- What?
- I want the phone.
I just want to hear my wife's voice
before I die.
You! Shut the fuck up!
We're trying to stop the bleeding!
Wait a minute.
Rio, you'll have to do something!
- Hold still.
- He's bleeding a lot.
- Rio! Come over here right now!
- Rio!
Come on! Come on!
Rio! Come on!
You've done it.
You've finally done it.
How is the Director doing?
He isn't dead yet.
This is the kinda conversation you wanted?
You're the one who started
this whole situation.
Was there a fight between the suspects,
or what?
- We just tried to keep everyone safe.
- And it's you
It's you who shot a hostage.
There's no time for us to point fingers.
You don't want anyone to die either.
How about you be more honest?
Who do you think is gonna be in trouble
if the police kill a hostage?
It'll be both sides.
Especially if the media finds out
what happened.
So what exactly is your plan
to handle this?
The best plan is to transfer him
to a hospital.
- You and I both know that's not an option.
- Then
just let us send in medics.
We have to save his life.
I'll call you in ten minutes.
Over here!
- You can't pass this line.
- Wait, I can't see.
I'm sorry. I made an error in judgment.
But it was my decision.
The suspects can't possibly
be stupid enough to refuse medics.
I hope that's true.
This is not the time to blame yourself.
And this, well
This might be our only chance.
I'm also going to go in
with the medics myself.
We can't be played by them!
Who knows what kind of shit they'll pull
if we decide to let in an outsider?
We can't just let a hostage die.
If you die from a single gunshot wound,
I'd be a dead man.
That asshole has been begging us
to let him talk to his wife.
He's completely fine.
And even if he dies,
the police are the ones who shot him.
We have nothing to lose.
How about we let him die in peace,
and use what happened
to our advantage with the media?
"The police killed one of the hostages
on purpose
to make an excuse for a raid." Yeah?
Listen to me, Berlin.
Your punishment is only postponed.
And all of this only happened
because you executed a hostage.
I will not allow anyone else to die here.
And that's the bottom line, Berlin.
Very well, Professor,
let me be clear that I did warn you.
The Director wants
to talk to his wife before the surgery.
We will call her.
Does this mean yes?
In an hour, send only
the minimum amount of medical staff.
Is this really okay?
They were always one step ahead of us
this whole time
like they planned for every situation,
but they didn't anticipate
the Director of the Mint getting shot.
We have to take advantage of this.
Let's say we manage to enter
with the medics without getting caught.
What can Captain Cha do by himself
when they'll be watching our every move
like hawks?
The equipment is ready.
When did you have time to prepare this?
Our army is prepared for any situation
that might occur during an operation.
i mean, what are going to
As the Chief said, all of the suspects
are gonna be focused on the medics.
In the meantime, we'll turn their plan
against them,
and the SOU will invade.
In other words, it's a feint operation.
You've got a long life
ahead of you, my friend.
The medics are coming in soon.
Go ahead and take him
to the exhibition hall, all right?
Move along! Go!
What's wrong?
Go back to your positions! Now!
Move it!
What happened to him? Is he going to die?
He tried to make a run for it
all by himself and got shot.
Did the thieves shoot him?
Actually, it was the police
Come on! Move to your positions. Now!
How can you leave her like this
when this looks so horrible?
It was just the best we could do.
The Professor doesn't know yet, right?
That she's still alive?
It's because of Berlin, okay?
I don't think whatever the Professor says
to do would matter at all to Berlin.
Not as long as he's in charge.
Oh man. What do we do?
Hey, are you
- What's this?
- Ah, sh
Really? She's still alive?
Oh man.
- What is it?
- Is it that bad?
If she doesn't get surgery soon,
she might end up losing her leg, you guys.
- What's that?
- Then you do it.
You have to. And there are doctors
that are coming in soon too.
I'll swipe some surgical equipments
from them in any way I can.
- Yeah.
- Please, Rio.
I, uh But what about if Berlin finds out?
How do you suggest we deal with that?
I can't do this,
even if you're the one asking.
But I'll keep this a secret.
I don't want to complicate things either.
- Rio!
- Hey, hey.
Motherfucker! Let him go!
I'll do it myself
if that stupid fucker won't.
What are you gonna do about it?
Didn't you hear him?
He said she could lose her leg
if anything goes wrong, okay?
- You think surgery is a joke?
- Well, I'll do what I can.
I'm the one who shot her.
I'll take responsibility.
Oh man.
- What
- Huh?
What did you mean by that
The doctors are coming in?
Who's hurt?
Oh, that's
The police, they accidentally shot
one of the hostages.
Was it Youngmin?
Well, he's doing better than you,
so don't worry about him.
The medics will be getting here soon.
Dad, can you keep an eye on her
just until we come back, to be safe?
Yeah. I can.
Come back soon, okay?
What? What's wrong?
Can you give this to Youngmin?
What is this?
This might be our
both of our
last moments.
There's an underground vent that
leads to the kitchen of the cafeteria.
The structure will likely
take some time to infiltrate,
but this is the only route
that avoids security cameras.
Risky but worth a try.
If we can enter and blend in
with the hostages then maybe
- The medics are here now.
- Ah.
You've been informed that Captain Cha
will go in with you disguised as a medic.
Uh, yes.
I'm familiar with
the basic terms and knowledge.
Just treat me
like you'd normally treat an assistant.
How long do you anticipate
the surgery will be?
It'll take a minimum of 30 minutes,
but depending on
Take as much time as you can,
without affecting the patient.
- What's the status of the Director's wife?
- She's waiting outside, ma'am.
What is this, huh?
- What is what?
- I mean
If you think about it, that woman almost
died because of what the Director did.
But look at this.
She actually talks about how sorry she is.
Are you starting
to feel something for her?
That's crazy.
It's just that my brain can't make sense
of all the shit that's been happening.
- Okay?
- Does it need to make sense?
You're right.
You should forget about it. Okay?
Well, it is what it is.
Fuck off, you fucking murderer.
Shit, are you fucking crazy?
We're finally ready
to connect the wife of Director Cho,
the abiding hero of the Mint.
- Sweetheart.
- This is him, right?
So now that you're faced with death,
you finally remember that you have a wife.
What's the password for this?
One, two, three, four.
It's amazing that
you never got caught cheating.
Am I right?
Uh, yeah.
So. One, two, three, four.
All right. What's her number saved under?
It's saved as "my love."
My love.
- Mr. Romantic.
- Yeah.
You try to screw us one more time
and I promise you'll die
before the surgery. Got it?
- It's me.
- Honey
The police told me just now
that you've been injured.
Are you doing okay?
I feel like I can live
just hearing your voice.
Are the kids with you?
If I die, please tell them
that their Dad loves them very, very much.
You too, Honey.
I love you so much!
Captain Cha will enter with
the medics and relay the situation inside.
While they're occupied with the surgery,
our few selected agents will enter.
Then they'll
quickly neutralize the leader.
As soon as the hostages
have been confirmed safe and secured,
we'll mop up everything
both inside and outside.
Sure, the plan's great, but how are you
gonna communicate with us from the inside?
They'll do a thorough full-body search.
These glasses have a camera
with a wireless transmission function.
Everyone, listen up.
I don't want to see anyone else shot.
You all right?
Put your masks on.
And hold your guns like they're real.
Are you pissed at me?
You understand why I had to do
what I did in there, don't you?
Forget about it.
It's my fault for trusting a con artist.
You good? Is something bothering you?
They're coming!
Tell us how you feel
about going inside the Mint.
I guess I'm just worried that the police
would try to fuck with us again, you know?
Well, that's why you're on the team
in case anything like that happens.
So monitor them closely.
Mmm. Mmm.
- Of course, yeah.
- That's right.
Place all items on the scanner
and come forward three steps
with your arms out to the side.
We reported earlier that the sound
of a gunshot was heard at the Mint today.
And just now, our camera's have captured
a team of medics entering the Mint,
though we don't know details
of the injury.
The police are only repeating
that it's an urgent situation
and have not released
any official statements so far.
There are concerns rising over whether
the person injured was a hostage,
and if that's the case,
whether or not the suspects are inflicting
intentional harm on the hostages.
One of them is a cop.
Of course. What did I tell you?
Which one is it?
The tall man with the glasses.
I definitely saw his face
at the Task Force.
Those fucking assholes.
We do them a favor by letting them
treat a hostage they shot by mistake,
and they just sneak in?
Shouldn't we find a way to stop this soon?
Why? This is a good opportunity
to capture a police officer.
Listen. They wouldn't risk doing all this
just to see the situation inside.
We have to find out
the motive behind this move.
We'll take your personal effects
until you leave. Agreed?
Wait a minute.
We're going to do this properly.
Back to your positions!
Raise your arms to the side
and turn around.
Go on.
Passed the entrance.
A group wearing masks
is lined up in the lobby.
Based on the number,
it appears hostages are mixed in.
We're entering now.
You think it's a good idea
to let a police officer in?
What did the Professor say?
- We should start a bloodbath.
- What?
Don't like my joke?
Your acting skills are wasted on jokes.
Looking to change careers?
Even if they're all SOU Task Force,
they can't go head-to-head with us.
I'm going to need to find a way
to shake them up
and find out why they snuck in.
Hand me the forceps, please. For
Oh. I mean, tweezers.
So? Do you think
you can save our Director friend?
The bullet is lodged
in the pectoralis major,
but thankfully, didn't damage
any vital organs.
How long will it take?
- Probably about two hours
- Finish within an hour.
Uh, okay.
Isn't that guy the Professor?
No, he has a different accent
and different speech patterns.
The real Professor is probably
watching it all from somewhere in there.
Any one of them.
Hold it.
You think you can operate when your hands
are trembling like that? Hmm?
I guess you'll have to do it.
You're the only one who isn't trembling.
Nerves of steel. Are you not scared?
People generally tend to flinch
when there's a gun pointed at them.
I'm prepared for any situation
that might occur.
You have a Munhwaŏ accent.
This is my first time hearing
of a male nurse from Pyongan.
So who are you?
- I think they caught us.
- What? What do we do?
- I'm a police officer.
- What?
I'm only here to ensure the safety
of the medics.
No ulterior motives.
I'm sorry we lied,
but we had orders from higher-up
to not let civilians enter by themselves.
Is this operation
just going to end right here?
it looks like Captain Cha's
decided to go off script.
He's creating a diversion so that they
don't catch on to our feint operation.
That idiot, he revealed himself.
Guess Berlin can be intimidating.
It's too soon to relax.
From what I saw in the Task Force tent,
he wasn't just any cop.
Now the suspects
will just be focused on Captain Cha.
Infiltration team, can you get to
the cafeteria at the time we planned?
Civilian protection?
You expect me to believe that?
If we send in the medics by themselves,
and they also become hostages,
that'll mean trouble
for the higher ups too.
So what can you do when you're here
all by yourself, completely unarmed?
I was ordered to blend in
with the other people
in case we're held hostage.
Sounds convincing enough.
All right, then.
Let's get to saving our Director friend.
Denver, you keep a close eye
on this bastard.
Okay, got it.
You, police. Stand back! Stand back!
We've almost arrived at the target.
Keep moving forward.
Hey, why is this taking so long?
So Denver is
He's your son?
He's not He's not a bad guy.
He just happened to get stuck
with a bad father.
So if there's anyone that you were looking
to blame for this,
you should probably blame me.
It's okay.
I asked him to shoot me.
I've looked everywhere,
but there's nothing suspicious.
Maybe he's actually telling the truth?
No, I think there's
definitely something they're hiding.
You know, Professor,
if Berlin
if he hadn't decided
to kill one of the hostages
I mean, if that hostage had stayed alive,
we wouldn't be in this situation, right?
Yeah, probably. Why do you ask?
Uh, uh, nothing.
We have arrived. Preparing to enter.
- All that's left is to finish up.
- Is that right?
You can always stay here
if you want. There's plenty of space.
I'll leave when they're done.
I'm here for the medics.
So what,
it's all finished, right?
Okay, I'll help pack up.
Oh no, man, I'm so sorry.
- They're different.
- What are?
Is it possible
to insert something in those glasses?
Yeah, it's possible to have
a microphone, even a camera.
If they have a reason
to be monitoring all of our moves
as they happen in real-time,
then it must be a feint operation.
One of the suspects
left the room before all the others.
- Do you think he's catching onto us?
- Even if he did, it's already too late.
It's time. Go.
Entering now.
While a cop is there
to divert our attention,
there have to be others waiting
trying to infiltrate from somewhere else.
That's not possible.
I didn't see anything on the cameras.
There could be a route we're not aware of.
Then what do we do?
Just stay calm, and listen carefully
to what I'm about to say.
This way.
Follow me.
You look so surprised?
Oh, these?
Thought we'd freshen things up a bit.
How do you like them?
Now, give a warm round of applause to
the medics.
No. No.
Do not go inside. Retreat.
What? But we've already made it inside.
The suspects changed the masks.
if you go in, you'll be caught.
Stop the operation!
Stop it now!
- Come back outside, right now!
- Okay. Roger that.
They know it's a feint operation.
They're gonna comb through
the entire Mint.
Hurry, get out!
What happened?
We've checked everywhere
they could've possibly entered.
Mmm, yeah, it's all clear.
That's good. And how about the horse?
It's nicely gift-wrapped and sent back.
The Professor
immediately made a counter move
to oppose their feint operation.
Now, if the standoff continues
for a significant length of time,
it's likely they'll try to secretly
come in and hide at some point.
Like the Trojan horse.
Oh, good, yeah.
I know exactly what that is.
- The Brad Pitt movie.
- Hey, I saw that too.
Agh, those dumbasses.
- What?
- What?
Why don't we just track them down
and kick them out?
Well, yes.
But that won't be enough.
We need to use that advantage.
How do we do that?
What about taking the cops
who infiltrated as hostages?
No. We're going to use
a different opportunity.
The success of this plan depends on
You. Rio, here.
The Professor planned
not only our masterful defense,
but also found a way to pierce through
the enemy armor without them even knowing.
When do you think
they find out about our plan?
When I told them that I'm a cop?
Or did they know before?
That Professor guy. Sure,
he's exceptional, but to that level?
I don't know either.
But what we do know,
is that he has us completely wrapped
around his finger.
But by the time
the inspector realized this,
the Professor was already
in full control of the game.
Okay, everyone, inside!
Hurry, come on.
Get going!
And we also had something
very important to take care of
before it was too late.
But isn't it useless
if they just turn off the phone?
- Oh, you can't turn that phone off.
- Huh?
Even if you turn it off,
it only looks like you did.
But really it's still on, like a zombie.
We'll know everything that the cop does.
What he says, calls he makes,
even what the camera sees.
Oh yeah? That's awesome, man.
- Great, right?
- Yeah.
What's that look on your face?
Were you up to something
other than your homework, Rio?
The anesthetic
seems to be working.
Oh shit. Why the fuck are my hands
shaking so much?
Dad, the blood. Will you wipe it off?
Come on, just wipe it off! Wipe it off1
I'm wiping it off,
but it's still bleeding.
- Shit.
- It won't stop. What do we do?
You do something about it.
Just hold still. Okay?
- Agh! This isn't going to work.
- Huh?
- I'm gonna go get Rio.
- Rio?
That asshole won't do it.
He said he wouldn't.
Well, I'll drag him in here
if that's what we have to do.
- Now do something about all that blood.
- Okay.
But it won't stop bleeding!
Why won't it stop?
Damn it. What should we do?
How did
Youngmin's surgery go?
I didn't realize you were awake.
How is Youngmin?
The surgery went well.
The doctor said
he's gonna recover completely.
You don't need to worry about him.
That's good.
I'm gonna die.
No. What are you talking about?
Tokyo just left.
She's going to find and bring someone back
who knows how to do surgery.
So just hang in there, okay?
Let me go! WHat are you doing?
- Let go. What the fuck are you doing?
- Hey, hey.
I was just having
a very serious talk with Rio,
but I think this will make
our conversation a lot easier.
What do you mean?
I don't know. Maybe something
that you and Rio know, and I don't?
What is our Tokyo up to right now?
What do you think?
Don't be ridiculous!
Threatening hostages isn't enough
for you anymore?
Well, I didn't exactly expect you
to fess up that easily.
But Rio will tell me, right? Hmm?
Maybe if I threaten
to hand you over to the police.
I can't just let you two continue
to muddy the waters here, can I? Huh?
All I have to do is tie you up
and throw you out in front of the Mint,
and the police
will take care of the rest.
Oh, it sounds like fun.
But you really think you can do that?
What will you do if I go ahead
and tell the police everything?
Oh, really? You won't say anything.
You didn't come here
for the money at all, did you?
You came here because you really want
the Professor's plan to be successful.
Even if that means you get caught.
What are you talking about?
You can hear it for yourself when this
is over. But that's not important now.
What's important is that I'll hand Tokyo
to the police if you don't comply.
D-Did you give him my note?
Yeah. Yeah, I did.
What did Youngmin say?
Uh He
Uh, he was in tears,
saying he was relieved.
He also said he loves you.
What else?
He said that after this is all over,
he'll treat you well
until the day he dies, or something.
- They must be here.
- Did you bring him?
Hurry up!
Oh shit. Fuck.
I really thought
we made a good team, Denver.
Ah shit.
You really want me
to take care of it myself, huh?
Is what Berlin said true?
You're not in this for the money?
I mean, why's this plan such a priority
to you when you might get caught?
So are you like
into the Professor, or something?
So is that all you can think about?
What would a kid like you
know about anything?
Hey. Hey!
Come on.
The fear doesn't work
if this woman is still alive.
We threatened to kill her.
If that turns out to be a bluff,
do you think the hostages
are gonna listen to us?
- Berlin!
- Oh shit. Fuck.
Do you think you'll get away
with all of this if you shoot me?
No, because I'm going to shoot her.
You just need to step aside.
Well, then, uh,
I don't think
I'm gonna do that, huh?
I'll count to three.
And one.
Shit. If the Professor finds out,
he's not just gonna let this stand.
I'm dying to know, Denver.
Why are you doing this?
Is it that you developed feelings
for this woman, huh?
Why? Because I'm shy around this girl
I have to have feelings, huh?
- Yeah. Two.
- Hey, hey.
- Wait.
- Shit.
- Three.
- Berlin, stop!
Stop right there.
Put your gun down, Oslo.
- Oh shit.
- How could all of you do this without me?
Huh? Th-That's
How? Wait.
- I'm quick to catch on.
- I seem to remember you being on my side.
Enough is enough, Berlin.
Your side is killing a woman
who's miraculously still alive.
Even if i don't kill her,
looks like she's dying anyway.
- What's wrong?
- Huh? What's happening to her?
- What's going on?
- Wake up.
What is happening? Huh? Huh?
She's going to die
if you don't do something.
I just I I
Ugh! I'll do it myself.
Dad, Dad, do something.
Stop treating me like a little kid.
Why didn't you quit
before we started all this?
You're the one who brought me back.
Everyone, even fucking Berlin, is here,
risking their lives. Understand?
We're all here for our own reasons,
even if it's for the money
or something else.
But it seems like you're here,
but you don't wanna be.
That right there is what makes you a kid.
I'll do it.
Blood makes you queasy, doesn't it?
Ever since I was a kid, I'd throw up
or faint any time I saw blood.
How'd you end up in med school?
It was decided before I was even born.
My family's full of doctors.
Your dad doesn't know
that you're like this?
My old man?
He knows and still made me do it.
He says I'm just weak-willed.
And that I don't try hard enough.
I've always tried my fucking best
to be a huge disappointment,
but I guess he never gives up.
You'll totally disappoint him
this time for sure.
You're right.
Ah, now that my identity has been leaked
to the whole world, he's going to.
But I think I
I'm gonna stop acting like a kid now.
I spent so much time
only thinking
about ruining my dad's reputation
that I didn't even think
about what I wanted.
So what's different now?
Once we pull off this job though,
I'm going to buy a beautiful
and far off island for myself.
That sounds good.
And that's where I'll live
with you.
I should go.
No, I'm serious.
I want to live on an island
with someone I love. Just the two of us.
I can't have something like that?
I don't know.
You're free to dream
about whatever you want.
Oh, you're up.
So apparently,
even if you're a different blood type,
and I'm Type O I am type O,
I guess they can give blood to anyone.
That's amazing, right?
What you told me earlier.
- You were lying, right?
- Huh? About what?
I wasn't.
He never used that word,
when he and I were together.
Oh shit.
I'm sorry.
I was I was about to pass
the note to him,
but then things just got really fucked up
in between, and
That's okay. After all, I'm still alive.
That asshole
just wouldn't stop begging to talk
to his wife and his kid
before the surgery.
It was so fucking annoying
to listen to all that.
But in a way, well,
I can also kinda understand.
I guess when you're
looking death in the eyes,
faces you really wanna see just
just pop up like that.
And then, it got me thinking.
If I was ever in a situation like that,
who would I wanna see?
Well, maybe my dad?
Oh shit.
If I ever die before that man,
I'd be too scared he'd beat me up,
so I'd probably just not see him.
My old man is actually
super strong, you know?
Thank you.
You saved my life.
I mean, uh That's okay.
I, uh
- Yun Misun is alive?
- You can check the lounge camera.
This is good. This is really good.
Tokyo, you're in charge
of the scene from now on.
- And Berlin, what should we do about him?
- Put him on the line.
I know you understand, Professor,
why I did all that.
Yes, I understand.
But you know I don't approve.
You, of all people,
knew you'd be paying the consequences
as soon as you broke the rules.
Well, strict punishment
is always necessary when you take control.
I trust
that you'll understand.
So tell me what's it gonna be?
[chair bangs
Until I decide
you're needed again,
we're taking away your gun
and locking you up.
Sorry I called you a con artist.
Why? I am a con artist.
Enjoy it, friends.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
The hostage situation at the Korea Mint
is quickly turning into a scene
of extreme bloodshed.
According to our reporters,
the man who was shot by the police today
was not one of the suspects
but a hostage, Cho Youngmin,
the Director of the Mint.
The bizarre incident occurred because
the police could not tell the difference
between the suspects and the citizens.
Foreign news channels
have also reported on this matter,
and now that this story is becoming
an international embarrassment,
Inspector Seon Woojin,
the leader of the Joint Task Force,
is likely going
to have to take responsibility.
Some say Inspector Seon was not
the right person to lead a task force
handling such a serious crime.
But more so than that,
there is a growing consensus
that the prolonged standoff at the Mint
is largely due to Inspector Seon's lack
of proper, immediate response.
While some are suggesting a complete
restructuring of the Joint Task Force,
the police are also considering
lessening Inspector Seon's authority
in the Task Force and will
- Hey, I'm home.
- Oh, welcome home, honey.
Ugh. I'm starving. We have anything?
Of course. Let me set the table for you.
You're doing your best to save lives,
and all the media does
is speak badly about you.
Oh, please don't worry about them. Okay?
- Mina's where?
- Oh, she's in bed.
- She turned in a while ago.
- Mmm.
Oh goodness. There they are.
I was about to
put these back in the fridge.
Oh, damn
Huh? What's the matter? Are you all right?
Just a second. I have an important call.
I told you to stop the reporters!
No matter how much we try,
it's not enough,
especially with the foreign news outlets.
I'm worried about
Inspector Seon.
I haven't seen her in a while.
Things are a mess here anyway,
so I told her to go home.
This has been a thorough shitshow,
so Inspector Seon needs a rest too.
I'm sorry.
I mean
I felt like I owe you an apology.
Earlier today, I saw on the news
that's really nothing.
Things can get messy
at work sometimes you know.
So, I should go.
Isn't it exhausting?
Living like that?
Around all the macho police officers
or your family who depend on only you,
you can't tell them you're having
a hard time
and you don't want to seem weak.
So you're acting like you're strong.
Acting strong got me where I am now.
I don't care about
the gossip behind my back,
or if my horrible ex-husband
is elected President or whatever.
To protect my family,
I have no choice but to be
the smartest, strongest person.
But isn't that why
you don't have a shoulder to cry on?
- Sunho.
- You look exhausted.
Seems like you need someone to talk to.
You don't have to pretend.
Do you want to come in for a coffee?
Maybe a stronger drink?
Everything was
going according to plan.
What happened inside and outside the Mint,
even the inspector
coming to see the Professor that night.
But the Professor didn't know
that things he would never have predicted
would soon occur.
Stop dragging your feet and move along.
Even inside his heart.
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