Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e23 Episode Script

Episode 23

Wake up! Leave me alone.
Why are you still sleeping? Wake up! There's no way to deal with you.
Geez, this is not a hotel! Don't touch me.
Who do you think I am? Hey.
These belong to you.
Verify the contents and sign this.
Eva Heinemann I don't want to see you back here.
You were passed out, drunk, in that back alley.
You should be thankful you're safe.
Do you have a cigarette? Huh? I asked you if you had a cigarette.
The station's smoke-free.
Go outside and smoke.
Eva's Confession Lighter Where did I put it? My bag! Where's my bag? That's your bag.
No way! I was carrying another bag.
It was bigger.
Someone probably stole it while you were unconscious.
Why are you doing this? I had valuable things in there! Then why don't you fill out the stolen possessions form? I don't think it'll help, though.
You lost your key? My bag was stolen.
Let me in my room.
What's this? Oh, man! They really got you.
What a hassle.
I'm going to have to change the locks.
As I was saying yesterday, Miss Heinemann, about your bill The amount you paid is not enough.
If you don't pay more Even my suitcase was ransacked.
Are you listening? I'm talking about the money you owe for lodging and changing the lock.
I don't have any money.
Eh? I'll just leave.
That's really unlucky.
So that's why you're back.
You're the one who said that I'd never see you again.
After seeing each other again after such a long time, the least you could do is buy me a drink.
Eva, you didn't lose all your money just because your bag was stolen, did you? I've never seen a woman waste money like you.
No matter how much money you have, it'll never be enough.
Your bag stolen or not, you still wouldn't have any money left.
How much are you going to give me? I'll sleep with you.
I'm asking you how much money you're going to give me.
There isn't a man on Earth who'd pay money to a woman he's slept with countless times.
Buy me a drink.
Just stand out there on the street.
Someone who passes by might be willing to buy you a drink.
Maybe it'll even be a middle-aged alcoholic like you.
You definitely didn't forget it here.
Why don't you check the next place you went to? I don't remember anything after I went here.
You said there was something valuable in the bag.
If I were you, I'd give up.
It's not something you can exchange for money.
It's not money I've been looking for you.
When I asked at the pub, they said that you'd walked over in this direction.
Who are you? You don't remember? We had so much fun drinking last night! I drank with you? Your bag.
I wanted to give it back to you.
I guess I'll have to introduce myself again.
I'm Roberto.
Well? Would you like to get something to eat? Your hotel room was ransacked? You don't seem to be the one who did it.
Of course not.
I didn't even open your bag.
The key's in here, as it should be, though I have no use for it anymore.
I'm sorry.
If I had gotten your bag to you earlier, you wouldn't have had to leave the hotel.
It's not your fault.
I'm grateful that you got my bag back at all.
I'm grateful for that bag.
When you left the bar, you forgot your bag.
I'd thought that would be it, but thanks to that bag, we're doing this.
There was something important in it, wasn't there? I guess so.
This is the only possession I have in the world.
An album May I have a look? Go ahead.
That's my father.
What a splendid person.
He was a director at a hospital, wasn't he? Did I talk about him last night? Yes.
You respected him so much.
He's been gone for ten years.
You were talking about him so sadly.
And this was your fiancé.
Did I even talk about him? His name was Tenma! You still can't forget him, can you? What did I say last night? You should just forget about him.
I got jealous.
There's nothing on this page.
Oh, really? Something was here.
I can see where they were ripped out.
I didn't want them, so I ripped them out.
I see.
Hey Do you want to go have a drink? Sounds good to me.
So you were with a security company.
Nice, in South France.
The man who'd hired me as a bodyguard for years was killed That's when the company collapsed.
We've both been through some hard times.
Let's forget the past.
Now is what's important.
We have to enjoy the present.
This song Al Green Do you like this song too? Yeah.
Let's dance.
What's wrong? I'm not very good at dancing.
Put your arms around my lower back.
I knew a man who loved this song and couldn't dance.
Is this what you did with him? Yes.
This is fun! How about you? Want another? No, I'm fine.
You're pretty weak.
Want to go to bed? Sounds good.
But before that, there's something I have to ask you.
What's that? Where are the photos? What photos? The photos you tore out of the album where are you hiding them? I'll tell you once you give me the photos.
You're looking for him, aren't you? For Tenma I know you still have those photos.
Y-You know where Tenma is? Yes.
Those photos you're talking about have that little boy in them, right? His name is Johan.
l saw him.
He's become quite the handsome young man.
I saw him a year ago in Düsseldorf.
Kenzo, I want to make up.
You must be with me.
Kenzo You are mine.
I'll take you back You're mine.
Düsseldorf What are you doing now? I've been hearing rumors.
It's just as those rumors say.
I married and divorced three times.
I've been living off my inheritance.
How've you been, Dr.
Becker? Huh, me? I'm just as I've always been No future for my career.
Tenma is the head surgeon.
They say he's going to be the director someday.
It's fun, though.
Promotions aren't the only thing in life.
I say "no thanks" to a life like Tenma's, one without any women or fun.
Is Kenzo - I mean, Dr.
Tenma - still unmarried? Yeah.
I've been introducing him to countless women, but he always puts work first.
That's right.
I've set him up on another date.
She's the daughter of a state legislator.
She's gorgeous.
If she's not good enough for him, I don't know who would be.
Well, why did you call me out here today, Eva? You're the former director's daughter, so you never even looked at me once.
I never thought you'd call me for anything.
I understand.
Although you don't have any money worries, you're lonely.
If I'm acceptable, you can talk to me anytime.
Don't let him see her.
That state legislator's daughter Don't let Kenzo see her.
Don't tell me you still have feelings for Tenma Please.
This time's going to be great for sure.
I set it all up, after all.
I won't know until I meet her.
That's it This is the clock that Mr.
Junkers wanted.
Excuse me About the clock on display in the window What are you doing? You're going to be late! Hey! What a splendid wristwatch.
Who are you? Mine is just an accessory.
I can't tell time anymore.
I wonder why why time seems to pass by quicker and quicker.
Excuse me, but who are you? You must be Miss Angelica, the daughter of the state legislator Belger.
You're so young and beautiful.
No, not really Umm You think the whole world revolves around you.
You think there's nothing you can't have.
What do you want to say? Who are you? There's a mole on my inner thigh.
He kisses it.
He always kisses it Dr.
Kenzo Tenma.
Look! Because you had to waste your time shopping, we were late, and she went home.
Oh, I see.
I feel badly about it.
Could you apologize to her for me? H-Hey! If you call her now, you can make her feel better.
I'm going to the hospital.
Work again? Give it a break! Geez! You're mine You're all mine.
Junkers! Please wait! Mr.
Junkers! Kenzo What's wrong? Wait, Kenzo! We need to talk! Mr.
Junkers! Kenzo! Please wait up! Kenzo My high heels Kenzo Kenzo? I saw him, one year ago in Düsseldorf.
That was Johan, wasn't it? So she saw Johan I guess I have to kill her.
Of Men and Dining