Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e24 Episode Script

Episode 24

She saw Johan? I guess I should kill her.
I guess I wasn't supposed to see him.
That beautiful young man I saw that night, one year ago Those who see Johan must die.
Is that it? I heard three shots.
I got scared and ran off.
I thought that Dr.
Tenma had been shot, but the next day's newspaper said that a man named Junkers had been shot three times and had died.
It was his doing, wasn't it? I wonder if you should shoot me.
If you shoot me, you can't get them.
You can't get the photos of Johan as a child.
What do you think will happen if you shoot me? The photos will automatically be handed over to men from the confederate police agency.
If you want the photos, tell me where Tenma is.
What's so funny? Your legs are shaking.
You're showing quite a bit of guts, but in reality, you can barely stand.
You're a fascinating woman.
I'll tell you.
What is Tenma doing? Of course, he's a doctor, though he's an underground one.
There is a man who clawed his way up to Number 2 in the syndicate.
The boss there attacked the man, and he got away with just a few injuries.
Tenma is helping that man.
They're in a mansion near Füssen.
Of Men and Dining Why are you just standing there? It's going to be lunch time soon.
What are you trying to do? "What"? Hmm, because the weather is so nice, I thought we'd have lunch outside today.
Lunch outside? Dieter, bring the plates.
Your wounds are healing nicely.
You should get some sun.
Tenma, you really saved my life.
Your surgery was perfect, even in that run-down hospital in that podunk.
The wound on your head was just a graze, and your leg only had a piercing wound.
Your anterior tibial artery was fine.
You were lucky.
So I was lucky? Hey, look what I cooked up.
It smells great.
How is it? It's good, isn't it? Despite what you might guess, Heckel's cooking is pretty good.
What do you mean, "Despite what you might guess"? This is young duck cooked in a Marengo style, but the sauce is what makes it.
It's only made at the three-star restaurant "Le Petit Besson.
" Your explanations are always so long.
You don't know anything, kid.
I think it would be even better with some soy sauce.
What's with you and soy sauce? Do you have a problem with my flavoring? A dining table.
So this is what a dining table is.
I did whatever it took to get money.
I'd do anything to get more money.
I threw away my parents; I made my siblings into my enemies My wife and children were murdered.
But all I wanted was to have a dining table like this.
Money can drive people mad.
Have you ever heard about this before? Five years ago, there was a "bank" created in Germany that monopolized all the black market funds.
Their work was spectacular.
If money made from illegal activities was passed through the "bank," the money would become clean and legit.
You're talking about money laundering, right? Just like a real bank, they ran a business and allowed people to borrow money.
That organization became larger and larger in the blink of an eye.
They made millions in just five years.
However this year, the top man who ran the organization disappeared all of a sudden.
What do you think happened? Chaos.
Chaos beyond comprehension.
The people that were left started fighting over the money.
Most of them died, and that organization was destroyed.
If only they'd all sat around a table and eaten together So where did he go? Huh? That top man who disappeared all of a sudden He must have been killed, right? No, he's alive somewhere.
He might be a student somewhere.
A student? Yeah.
You'd be surprised.
The rumor is that the man no, the kid that created the organization five years ago was only fifteen years old at the time.
Fifteen? Don't make me laugh.
What could a kid like that do? But he did it.
It's as if he was experimenting in an adult's game of money, like a child playing with a line of ants.
Where? Where was it? This underground bank The organization was based in Düsseldorf, but the top man gave orders from different places as he moved from city to city.
Where did the last order before he disappeared come from? I don't know the details, but I've heard that the men who had their eyes on the money left for Munich.
Munich What's wrong, Doctor? You look pale.
Hey, let's invite the man at the bottom of the hill for lunch.
That's right.
I'm sorry, but his job is to be my bodyguard.
The world already thinks that you're dead.
Do you think anyone's still going to try to get you? Are you going to continue living a lifestyle that requires that you're constantly guarded? He's worked for me for so long Boy, go call Helmut.
So his name is Helmut.
Tell him that his duty as my bodyguard is over.
He's my last friend.
Tell him to come to this table so we can discuss what will happen from now on.
Okay! Mr.
Helmut! Lunch! Everyone's waiting for you! Tenma's up at the mansion.
You want to kill him, don't you? What is it? Something's happened to Helmut, my bodyguard.
He's probably already dead.
Is it the people who're after you? l don't know, but someone is headed for this mansion.
Helmut! Tell him to run away.
Tell him to run away now.
Hurry! Old lady! Hurry up and run.
But your leg Don't worry about it.
Go! Where did the shot come from? Did you get him? I don't know.
More importantly, you need to get out of here! No way! If you stay here, they'll get you! Don't worry about me.
Go! I told you, I can't.
You have to hide in the thicket.
What? That woman She didn't intend to kill him.
Are you okay, old lady? I'm okay, but that guy's probably at the mansion by now.
No, you can't make it to the mansion without passing through this route.
What do you mean? I've been all over this hill.
All the other paths are like cliffs, and you can't go through.
So if we stand guard here, he won't be able to make it any further up the hill? Who is "he"? Roberto.
He's after Tenma.
Tenma? Who are you? Are you a friend of Tenma's? What's so funny? Let me warn you I'm not an old lady.
Go tell Tenma to get out of here.
But old lady err, I mean, miss I told you, I'm fine.
But you're bleeding pretty badly.
Tenma probably heard the gunshot from before and is coming to help.
Don't you understand that Roberto is going to kill Tenma? That's just what he wants.
But if we run, you'll lose more blood and die, old lady.
I told you that I'm not old! How do you know Tenma? I'm his friend.
How about you, ol miss? You're his friend, aren't you? You have to be, since you're willing to get shot to help him.
You love him, don't you? Are you his lover? Keep watch over there! Do you like Tenma? Yeah.
I love him.
What do you like about him? What do you like about him? Roberto! If you're thinking of shooting me from the bushes, you should stop! I told you The photos of Johan that you want will go to the confederate police agency if I die.
If you want those photos, get the hell out of here! It looks like you've found his weakness.
It's a lie.
He might not fall for it.
Are you okay, miss? Of course I'm not okay.
Run and save yourself.
I couldn't do that.
Tenma will be here soon.
He won't come.
He will! Tenma will come! He would never come save me.
He wouldn't Dieter! Dieter! Where are you? Tenma, I'm over here! Just wait there! Don't come any closer! If you come any closer, he'll get you! He's after your life! Th-That voice! It can't be This old lady knows you! She's been shot and is bleeding badly! Eva! I don't want you to die! My dream is to hand you over to the police alive, so you can rot in a cell in shame, while you regret ever throwing me away! Don't talk.
Dieter! Can you hear me, Dieter? Can you tell where the bad man is? l don't know! I can't tell where he's shooting from! Don't come closer I don't want you to die Hold on, old lady! He won't come for me.
He'd never save me.
There's no way he'd come for me.
There's no way he'd come for me Ten-ma What are you doing? Lunch.
Your injury is healing nicely, so you're healthy enough to eat out in this nice weather.
You're lucky.
Lucky? The man who shot you was a professional assassin.
He was totally calm when he tried to break into this cottage.
There was only one way to get in, and considering how many security systems and armed men I had, it was obvious he didn't stand a chance in an all-out fight.
So he used you.
He used me He predicted that no one except a lone woman aimlessly stopping by to visit could ever get in here.
And then you betrayed him.
That's when his plan fell apart so he left.
He left? That's right.
He wasn't in the woods.
This is young duck cooked in a Marengo style.
Since I just made the recipe up from what I tasted, I don't know if it will be good or not.
The other thing that makes you lucky is that Dr.
Tenma treated your wounds.
Where is Tenma? He's gone.
He had some interest in Munich.
Munich? Now, let's have some lunch.
It seems that you, just like I did for a long time, have forgotten what it was like to have a meal like this.
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