Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e25 Episode Script

Episode 25

Oh, Corinna.
Why was your letter so short? Just like Eupolis who practiced, practiced, and practiced astrology, my heart is troubled by you.
Idas's gold faded, and Galonus the carpenter That's enough.
There's no need for you to read any further.
What's wrong? That's enough.
Go home.
I'm sorry.
Did I do anything to upset you? People who can't pronounce Latin correctly have no right to read a book to me.
I'm sorry.
I'll try harder in the future.
I'm telling you to leave.
Thursday's Boy Munich University Friedrich Emmanuel School You really got scolded harshly at the mansion.
Cheer up.
Business management major, Karl Neuman.
How do you know about me? What's your name? I'm Lotte Frank, a cultural anthropology major.
Are you also reading books to him as a part-time job? No, I just take care of the place.
Only male students read to him.
You're the person who reads to him on Tuesdays.
On other days, he has other students come and read to him since his eyesight has worsened.
What do you think of him? That mysterious millionaire, Hans George Schubert.
I I don't know.
I just thought that the wage he was paying for the part-time job was pretty good, so I jumped at it.
Have you heard the numerous rumors about him? They say there's a phone line in the mansion where he can manipulate the German stock market any way he wishes.
They call him the Howard Hughes of Bayern.
He has no family and no acquaintances, but his fortune just keeps growing and growing.
What do you think he does with all that money? I don't know.
There's an even bigger mystery than that! He is also called the Vampire of Bayern.
Vampire?! When the clock strikes two in the morning, he gets in a car that looks like a Hearse and goes to town.
It looks just like a scene from a gothic horror movie.
He was probably just going out for a stroll.
I'm going to confirm for myself whether or not it was just an ordinary stroll.
Confirm for yourself? What are you saying? It's for my research paper.
"Mental Activity of Medieval and Current Day Financial Figures in Bayern.
" He's a great sample for sure.
So you investigated me in the same manner.
I only looked up your name and major.
You shouldn't worry about his yelling at you.
He says cruel things to all the students.
I'm used to getting yelled at and beaten up.
A lot happened with my foster parents.
You aren't from one of the local high schools, are you? So you did investigate me.
I see.
You don't have any parents.
The truth is I was hoping to meet my real mother in Munich, so I transferred here.
So your mother is in Munich? Have you seen her? No.
I don't care anymore.
Huh? Why? You're finally close to her.
You probably know her name, right? What is it? I told you, it doesn't matter anymore.
Tell me! I'm interested now.
I'll figure it out eventually anyway.
Margot Langer.
If you know that much, it shouldn't be hard to find her.
Go see her.
She'll be happy.
I told you, it doesn't matter.
Margot Langer Margot Langer No way! The galloping of the chestnut-colored horse was like lightning striking the ground and large waves crashing.
I can't take it.
I only love beautiful things.
I can't listen to that anymore.
Why didn't you tell me? I looked up your mother.
What can I say? It's okay.
Just drop it.
Karl, isn't there anything I can do to help you? Thanks, but don't worry about me.
Karl Lotte, you said that you wanted to see what Hans Schubert does at night.
Can I come with you? Of course.
If you come with me, I'll feel a lot better.
It's true! This is my first big scoop.
Really? It's perfectly clear that one of the men who founded this school in 1502, Bishop Gropius, wrote this.
The most important part is this line here.
"In the second-to-last larger year, the Thursday Boy will come to this land, and the books shall be engulfed in flames, and the whole world will be wrapped in sorrow.
" So what does that mean? Will you ever get it? This "In the second-to-last larger year" It's 1996! So it's this year.
The "larger year" means leap years.
The only leap years left in this century are this year and 2000.
"The Thursday Boy will come to this land, and the books shall be engulfed in flame.
" "The books of this land in flames" means that this school will burn.
Then who is this "Thursday Boy"? Thursday is "Donnerstag.
" The origin of that is "Donner.
" In other words, "thunder.
" It must be the lightning god! What a whopper! This is no time to be laughing.
This will be the hit story of the next issue.
We won't have a problem writing this, but who's going to believe it? Who'd believe that a god of destruction would come to this school? Screw the "Vampire of Bayern"! Is this the truth behind the mysterious night out? What a let down! Shh! Here he comes.
How ridiculous.
I'm going home.
Take care.
Huh? I'm going to go take a look.
Go where? Let's give up already.
This isn't the place for a girl.
Go home.
"I only love beautiful things.
" I want to know.
I want to know how low a man he really is.
It's open.
If you're looking for a girl, this is the wrong place.
I retired a long time ago.
Who are you? You should introduce yourself first before you ask someone's name.
I'm Margot Langer.
You look like college students.
We work part time for Mr.
Hans Schubert.
What do you want with me? Why does Hans Schubert come here? "He comes for pleasure.
" That's what I'd like to say, but it seems that his thing down there doesn't work anymore.
He comes to give me money.
Huh? Naturally.
When I came to him and told him who I was, he cried and apologized to me.
He left me with a child and threw me away like trash.
Karl, don't tell me that you're Hans Schubert's child?! You're lying.
You're not Margot Langer.
That's right.
It was in the paper a year ago.
"Former" "Former Prostitute Margot Langer Murdered -- Killer Unknown.
" His mother is already dead.
You're using the name of Margot Langer to swindle Hans Schubert out of money.
He knows it, too.
He gives me money, even though he knows I'm not the real Margot Langer.
He knows that giving all his money away won't bring the real Margot Langer back.
It's his way of paying for his sins.
With money! Money! Money! A man who has lived only for money can't think of anything other than money.
It might sound a bit arrogant, but people aren't all that different.
There's a method where introducing yourself as his son gets you a piece of that dying man's ridiculously large fortune.
What are you trying to say? I might be a liar, but you know what I'm talking about.
There's another one.
Another boy who calls himself his son.
He came here with the same story.
No way.
You don't mean It can't be.
He's lying.
I don't know who's telling a lie.
You both look like imposters to me.
Who is he? He's the same as you.
You take turns reading to him on different days, don't you? That boy is also one of them.
He is the "Thursday Boy.
" Why didn't you tell her that you were the real one? I've been sent to live with many foster parents.
There were good ones and bad ones, but the ones I have now really take care of me.
I feel that I could never thank them enough.
But I've always felt that I needed to meet my real parents.
I wanted to know how low my real father was so that I could love my current parents with all my heart.
That was it.
Have you ever seen the "Thursday Boy"? I have Thursdays off, so Once I went to get something I had left behind, though.
Did you see him? What did he look like? He was blonde and had a handsome face Monday Who is he? Who is the "Thursday Boy"? There's a boy here pretending to be me.
Got it? Listen to what Momma has to say to you.
Take this money and get on the fifth train line.
Get off at the eighth station.
A lady named Marta will be there.
What about you? I told you that I can't go with you.
Are the police chasing you? I want to be with you.
If you stay with me, you'll be put into an orphanage.
If you stay here, people will call you the son of a whore.
So hurry.
My father is Hans George Schubert.
Who did you hear that from? Mrs.
Bella from across the street said so.
He's rich, isn't he? She said that I was abandoned by my father.
You weren't abandoned.
Then I'll go see him.
You can't now.
Then when? When you grow up.
If you want to see him, see him then.
But you mustn't want anything from him.
You must not hate him if he treats you coldly.
Why? Because I don't hate him.
Take this.
Your father gave you this when you were born.
Karl! I figured it out! I figured out who the "Thursday Boy" is.
His name is Edmund Fahren.
He's a philosophical literature major.
He reads books to Mr.
Schubert as a part-time job on Thursdays.
Edmund Fahren.
This is it.
The lecture just ended for this classroom.
Excuse me.
We'd like to see Edmund Fahren.
Is Edmund here? Edmund? He didn't come today.
That's what they say.
Really It's too bad.
But it's only a matter of time.
We'll catch that imposter.
You're the one who should inherit Schubert's fortune.
That's not true.
Huh? I don't care about the inheritance.
But I don't care how much money he cons out of him.
I just You just I just can't forgive Edmund Fahren for calling himself my mother's son.
Tuesday The petals of your silk flower petals flutter in the wind, and a mocking bird sang in my heart.
You haven't said anything today, Mr.
Why didn't you quit after I yelled at you so much? Was the money that good? That's not it No, it's not that.
Can you talk about anything but money? Just as you said.
Where are your parents? I have foster parents.
I see.
Forgive me for asking, but do you want to meet your real parents? The truth is It seems the boy who appeared this time is the real thing.
He doesn't want money.
He? Sorry.
I was talking to myself.
You can go home.
I forgot to mention Your Latin's gotten better.
Thank you.
Wednesday It seems like Edmund Fahren is absent again today.
He must have caught a cold.
Either way, tomorrow is Thursday.
He'll show up for his job with Mr.
I see.
He'll show his true colors in front of Mr.
We'll get him We'll get him good! Thursday He hasn't shown up.
It's been an hour! If he caught a cold, he might be staying home.
Hey, do you want to give him a surprise visit? You went so far as to look up his address already? This is it.
Well, go on.
Friday How horrible.
Everyone's talking about Edmund Fahren.
They can't believe he committed suicide.
His last testament is in the school paper, right? "I can't pretend any longer.
" He's talking about Yeah, after pretending to be Schubert's son and becoming close to him, he was consumed by pangs of guilt.
If he was going to be troubled so much that he would kill himself, he shouldn't have done it in the first place.
Yesterday was quite a ruckus, wasn't it? Yes, it was.
We were questioned by the police all day.
My reading was called off today.
Schubert was very troubled by the news.
Karl, I'll introduce you.
This is the Friday reader.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Karl Neuman, a business management major.
I'm a law major, Johan Liebert.
The Secret Woods