Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e26 Episode Script

Episode 26

Reichwein Psychotherapy Center (Munich) You haven't had a drink since then, have you? I haven't.
Not one since then.
As long as you stay away from alcohol, you can get a fresh start.
As long as I keep meeting with you once a week, I won't be able to drink.
I'm afraid of your thunder.
Thunder? What do you mean by that? This is counseling.
I don't even have time to drink.
I'm working on my first important case since becoming a detective.
First case? Doctor, what do you make of this man? What do you mean? [Note: Physiognomy is the prediction of a person's characteristics based on his facial features.
] With your famous physiognomy, tell me what kind of person he is.
Physiognomy? Richard, are you confusing me for a fortune teller? Well, it's widely known that you can determine a person's personality with a glance.
You can tell what type of personality people have just by looking at them.
That's because of my many years of experience talking to my clients.
So with that experience, can you tell me if he's a crook or not? A crook? He couldn't be.
He doesn't have the face of a swindler.
He's the type of guy who would break down if he ever got someone to go for his scam.
So he could commit suicide? He wouldn't do that.
He would not consider suicide.
Spoken so firmly I feel the great persuasive power of your mental abilities.
It's all from experience.
So what about that man? He's Hans George Schubert.
Schubert? You know of him, Doctor? Yes, he's rich.
The Vampire of Bayern.
He's the one who hired me.
The man in the photo, Edmund Fahren, called himself his son.
And he figured out it was a scam right away, didn't he? No, Mr.
Schubert completely believed him.
It was quite a clever trick.
It took me a lot of work to determine whether or not he was a fake, but there's still one mystery left How did he know so much about Schubert's son that he could make Schubert believe him? Shouldn't you ask Edmund himself? I can't.
He recently committed suicide.
The Secret Woods Come on, Martin.
You're an old friend.
Just show me Edmund Fahren's last note.
We've checked the handwriting.
There's no doubt that he wrote the letter.
There's no need to show it to an outsider like you.
The two witnesses, Karl Neuman and Lotte Frank.
They were Fahren's co-workers, weren't they? They were just friends.
"Just friends," you say How are you doing? Same as always? Yes, we don't have enough men.
I haven't had any rest ever since I took your place.
You've gotten pretty arrogant, Martin the Blockhead.
I've asked you to stop calling me that.
You're not my boss, and I'm not your subordinate anymore.
Hey now, Martin.
You don't understand the trouble we went through that time.
We spent all that time tracking down that serial killer.
And then you shot him in a drunken stupor.
You don't know the trouble we had after that.
Could I ask you to leave now? We don't have time to deal with a simple suicide.
I'd like to see the scene of the crime.
You've got the scene under control, don't you? Not really.
It wasn't a crime.
I've already given them permission to move out.
They're probably moving his belongings out this very day.
Geez! When did Martin the Blockhead get so pushy? I made it.
There's going to be a trader coming to pick up his belongings soon.
I'm just going to have a look.
So he hung the rope from this pipe.
He wrote his last words at this desk.
So he was writing an essay "The Birth of Tragedy.
" "Assumptions and Reality.
" "Psychology of the World.
" It looks like he was a philosophy student.
This must be what he was writing about.
This is "History of the Gaelic War.
" Why is there one unrelated book here? Spanish? No Latin? I can't read it at all.
Huh? It's as good as new and looks unused, but only this part is underlined Room 204.
Hey, go get some more boxes.
Let's put the books in the boxes first.
Keep up the good work.
What should we do with this? Put it over there.
Hello? Can I ask you about the person next door? I told them everything I know.
I'm not a cop.
I'm a detective.
I don't care.
It's still annoying either way.
I have a report to give tomorrow, but thanks to the ruckus next door, I can't concentrate at all.
I understand.
Let me ask just one thing.
Were these people close to Fahren? I don't know, but I've never seen them around here.
It seems that he didn't have very many friends.
I'm done here, aren't I? No, wait! Just one more thing.
What is it? Could you translate this for me? Where it's underlined You've got to be kidding me! I want you to be responsible for my bad grade.
Thanks for doing this.
Let's see "I can't go on pretending" What is that? How should I know? Isn't that enough for you? "I can't go on pretending" I've heard that before somewhere.
Do you like it up here, too? Hey, there.
You're Johan, right? Come up here.
There's a much better view of the scenery from up here.
Thank you.
It's a bit scary.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Hey, stop that.
I said stop it.
I said stop it! It's dangerous.
Do you come here often? Yeah.
Around this time, all the lights in the houses come on.
Families return to their homes and it smells like dinner everywhere.
It's what I've always wished for.
Yeah, I never had that when I was a little boy.
How is your family? I'm sorry.
Did I say something to hurt your feelings? The truth is, ever since I was a boy, I've been adopted by foster parents.
If you wouldn't mind, can I ask you? About your life What the hell? This is it.
"I can't go on pretending" They were Fahren's "last words.
" They weren't his last words at all.
He was just translating that passage of the book.
That's my life story.
It's a little morbid.
It's strange.
I feel like I can tell you anything.
What you just said your rich father Are you talking about Mr.
Schubert? Johan.
Are you crying for me? We have to do something.
It's only natural that I, someone who takes care of Mr.
Schubert, am worried.
Ever since Fahren's suicide, he hasn't been eating at all.
At this rate, he'll be the one to die.
Karl, why don't you tell him that you're his real son? I just wanted to see what kind of person he was.
If I told him the truth, he'd just think I was after his money.
That's the kind of person Mr.
Schubert is.
Money is everything to him.
He doesn't understand how I feel.
But you have to do something.
Your father is suffering in the abyss of despair.
I see.
That's how it is.
I have a good idea.
"I can't go on pretending.
" The letter that Fahren left behind wasn't a suicide note.
It was from this Latin book in his room.
He was just translating the underlined portion from this book, "History of the Gaelic War.
" It seems that this was not a suicide.
I don't have any proof.
This is just my opinion from working on police matters for seven years.
Are you listening, Mr.
Schubert? You don't seem very energetic.
That's enough I said that's enough.
What are you saying? That's not good.
If it wasn't a suicide, the killer might be after you as well.
He He was my son.
Wait a second.
I told you already.
His birthplace and personal history don't have anything to do with you.
He was a fake! It's true that he wasn't a bad person, and he's not the kind of person who would try to bring you misery, but he did try to trick you.
The master is tired.
Please let him be.
I'm not going to stop investigating this case.
It's not just because I don't want to solve my first case since changing occupations.
I feel something.
I feel that there's something more malicious happening here.
In life In life there are some things you can never make up for.
Do you understand? I do.
I do, so very well.
The search will continue.
Got it?! Over here.
A children's bill of rights? Yes.
It's kind of like an international guarantee of base norms for the protection of children's rights.
It's the theme I'm working on now.
I'm volunteering to take care of these children, too.
It doesn't have anything to do with that.
I'm just doing it because I like it.
Well, lets hear the rest of the story that you were telling before about Schubert going bankrupt three times in the past.
Yes, each of the three times, he disappeared for a little while, and when he reappeared, he came back with plans to aggressively start his business again.
I'd heard that kind of thing from him while I was doing my part-time job reading to him on Fridays.
Did you hear about where he went to when he disappeared? Yes.
So it would be good if we took him there.
There are places that can make anyone better Like when you watch people's homes from the school's rooftop.
Kunz, it seems that one of the sinks in the bathroom is clogged up.
Would you take a look at it? It's that sink.
Lotte, what's wrong with it? Hey, open up.
Don't mess with me.
What is she thinking? Hey, open up! Come on! What are you going to do with the master? His eyes are bad.
Open up! This is kidnapping! It's kidnapping! Okay.
The plan worked perfectly! All right! Let's go.
Where are you taking me? A good place.
I know you aren't Margot Langer.
I just want information on the late Mr.
He showed up here, didn't he? Which one was Fahren? Which one? There were two pairs.
They both called themselves Schubert's son.
Was it the blonde one or was it the one with black hair? Black hair? The one with black hair came with a girl.
I can't believe he brought a girl to a place like this.
He had black hair and was with a girl? Were they these people? Yes, that's them.
This young man claimed to be Schubert's son? Is it really this place? I'm sure it is.
Right around here.
Where have you brought me? It's, well Um It's the Obenberg Forest.
We wanted to cheer you up.
Let me out.
Can you see the lake? Yes.
Are the autumn colors of the forest beautiful? Yes, very much so.
What about the wrens? I can't hear the calling of the wrens.
I'm very sorry.
This is now a construction site.
Can't you hear them? Listen very carefully.
They are crying so beautifully.
Many apples have fallen in the grove.
Please come over here.
What a sight! The leaves catch the setting sun and look as if they are on fire.
The lake is so still that it looks like a mirror.
Can you see it? Can you believe it? Can you believe that such a splendid sight exists? I can see it.
I can see it! What did you just say? You said there were two pairs.
The black-haired one brought a girl with him.
So Fahren didn't come alone? The blonde one had someone with him, too.
Fahren didn't even talk that much.
The other young man talked in much more detail.
I don't know who he was But if he'd called himself Schubert's son, I would have believed him.
Who was he? Proof