Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e51 Episode Script

Episode 51

Are you crying? It's a letter from my friend.
My best friend.
When I was fifteen years old we tried to cross the Czech border together.
She was caught and sent back to Prague.
She said she's doing well.
She knows me better than anyone in my family A true friend.
Who knows what kind of censorship this letter had to go through before she could send it to me? "If we ever get a chance to meet again" "please come to this place.
" "Cedok Bridge, the Three Frogs.
" I want to go back to Prague Margot Hey Huh? Please call me by my real name.
Just for tonight, I'd like you to use my real name.
I am Helenka Novakowa.
Just for tonight, I'm not Margot Langer.
The Monster's Love Letter I sold my Reiser-Berger Pharmaceutical stock in the nick of time.
Then I bought some Kneuter Research stock and I hit the jackpot.
I just had to celebrate after that Did you drink? Yes, a little bit.
I'm appalled.
It was just one glass.
I've said this many times.
When you're an alcoholic it doesn't matter how much you drink, it's all the same.
And you've been ditching the alcohol rehab group I recommended for you.
By the way Doc, can you keep this secret? The thing is, there's a woman I want you to see.
Another one of your lovers? She's a really bad alcoholic.
She's waiting right outside.
Could you take a quick look at her? I can't do that without an appointment.
Have one set up for her.
A quick look would be fine.
I've got a house call to make.
For a very important patient, at that.
I went to Prague, in the Czech Republic.
It was beautiful.
Prague Castle.
The cathedrals, with their marvelous Gothic architecture.
The view of the old commercial district at night was also stunning.
It was like I was in a fairyland.
And Cedok Bridge? Did you go to Cedok Bridge? Of course, just as you asked me to.
And I found it! The Three Frogs! Was the woman there? No one was there.
To be honest I didn't find anything by going there.
Tenma, Nina, and even Dieter I didn't find anything that indicates where they are.
Take this It's a rabbit's foot that brings good luck.
It's for our child you're carrying Margot no, Helenka Thank you.
Prague Yes? Ah, excuse me I've come from Germany, and I'm trying to find a missing woman.
Do you know her? Margot Langer Ah, I mean Helenka Novakowa.
Helenka By the way, Mr.
Schuwald Your son, karl, mentioned this to me You haven't been eating again, right? I know that during the fire in the University of Munich Library you experienced something truly terrifying.
And I understand that you haven't overcome that fear yet.
But you still have karl who is such a splendid son.
There's no need to worry anymore.
Just eat properly! That monster As long as that monster exists, I will How did that monster know so much about Margot Langer? He knew more than my son did.
Margot had a friend in Prague who knew her better than her own family did.
The woman she exchanged letters with.
Around 1980 you went searching for the missing Margot and you met that woman in Prague.
I thought she may have heard something from Margot.
However She hadn't heard anything.
We talked about Margot for a little while in her doorway.
At the time they were listening to our conversation.
They were quietly listening standing behind the woman.
They were twins Yes, come in.
Have a seat over here.
You were referred by Mr.
You also have drinking problems.
Well, let's just have a casual conversation for now.
What's wrong, Mehres? I'm in the middle of a counseling session.
Just now, on TV Tenma! Dr.
Tenma! Excuse me for a minute! I repeat The Czech police have just announced the capture of the main suspect in the poisoning of three murdered doctors from Eisler Memorial Hospital in Düsseldorf, Germany the murders of the journalist Mauler and the Fortners in Heidelberg and the street murder at Heidelberg Castle.
The Japanese doctor, Kenzo Tenma, who had been hiding in Prague.
was apprehended on the afternoon of the 5th.
We're still waiting for more information on his arrest.
the details will be released later - during the police press conference.
- Tenma! You can't come in here! This is a private office so please wait in the other room, Ms.
Eva Heinemann! Kenzo Sorry I'm late, everyone.
Hess, you look ten years younger.
Maybe because I've been taking care of my grandkids too much.
How've you been, Hubert? I somehow made it to my senior year Mr.
Kiefer, I heard you've been doing very well lately.
I've been bragging that I know a script writer who's been invited to Hollywood.
I'm so honored Yes, I just happened to catch a producer's eye.
My mind's become very sharp and new ideas just keep pouring into my head.
That's great to hear.
Ever since that surgery If that brain surgery hadn't been successful right now, I'd be I wouldn't have been able to take walks in the park with my grandchildren.
That seat He was always drinking tea by himself.
Though there were other cafés where doctors met he always came to this one, in the back of Eisler Memorial Hospital.
When we the patients, would come here he would look up from over there and wave at us with a smile.
He was a kind doctor.
There's no way a kind doctor like him could do something like this This is the reason I asked you to come today.
No, even the people who couldn't make it here today must be feeling the same way if they were Dr.
Tenma's former patients.
Schumann, we've got trouble! Old man Merkel collapsed! All right, I'll be right there.
I'm in the middle of something right now.
Sorry, but please wait a minute.
Tenma wouldn't have done such a thing! Calm down and listen, Mom.
Hurry, go to him, honey! Yeah, but Petra There's no "but"! Dr.
Tenma's been arrested for crimes he didn't commit! If not for him, I wouldn't be here right now.
Are you going to pretend nothing happened, when your wife's savior is in big trouble? What about the village? What? In this village, I'm the only doctor.
If I leave, what's going to happen to the people in this village? Don't make excuses! You want to go, right? Hurry and go save Tenma! When a doctor has patients, he cannot leave them.
Tenma would do the same.
Doctor, please hurry and see me! I'm prepping right now, so wait there.
How long are you gonna make us wait? Don't complain! She's been going to medical school recently.
She still runs an unauthorized clinic for us at her own risk! If you stay in the darkness, you'll sink into the darkness Shine light upon it.
I'm sure, you can become a doctor.
I'm sure you'll be a good doctor.
Tenma All right, let's begin.
First patient, please come in.
Get a lawyer.
But we still don't know where in Germany Tenma will be transferred.
Pick a lawyer for each state The best criminal lawyers out there.
Only that man I feel only that man can do it Only he can obliterate the monster.
For now, let's gather more people.
Let's call out to Dr.
Tenma's former patients.
Alone, each of us may not have much influence, but if we all pull together All right.
Let's ask Eisler Memorial for their cooperation and create a rescue association That's impossible.
Eisler Memorial won't help with that kind of thing.
I've been listening to you for a little while now.
What a tearjerker! But think about it.
How are you guys going to prove Tenma's innocence? Dr.
Becker! He had a motive, and no alibi at all.
I heard they also found material evidence.
Even if you get together and make a fuss, or hire a competent lawyer it's impossible to prove Tenma's innocence either way.
It's unfortunate, but Such an eminent doctor It's unfortunate.
I'll ask you again, but what kind of relationship do you have with Tenma? Ms.
Eva Heinemann.
I don't know who you are, but I'm going to rescue Tenma.
If you're tagging along out of curiosity, I'd prefer you didn't come.
Eva Heinemann Heinemann?! Heinemann Could if be that you're related to Director Heinemann, who was murdered at Eisler Memorial Hospital? Dr.
Tenma is the man who ruined my life.
But you know I'm the only one who can save him.
I saw.
Saw what? St.
Jaromir Hospital Kenzo Tenma, who has been taken into custody in Prague will be deported to Germany within the next couple of days to stand trial.
He will be transferred to Düsseldorff where the string of murders began.
After an interrogation the police are going to inspect the crime scene with Dr.
No way! It can't be! That man That doctor This is Dr.
Suk, he's the man who saved your life.
It's because of his emergency treatment that you're alive.
Tenma is also being accused or crimes he did not commit.
He's in the same situation as you.
The man who saved my life.
And he's also in the same situation as me You're a detective, aren't you? If you're a detective.
then you have to calmly dissect the situation.
If you don't want to be betrayed anymore then start doubting the person you want to doubt the least I have to go Somehow, I have to get to Prague Station and talk with Dr.
We've been looking for you, Suk.
Detective Blazek Detective Stransky I You don't have to run anymore.
Huh? We've put you through quite a bit of trouble.
You've been cleared of all charges.
A letter was delivered to the station.
This is a copy.
A letter? It's a confession with the kinds of details regarding the whole case that only the killer would know.
All the charges against you have been dropped.
Who sent the letter? Someone by the name of Grimmer.
What did you say? We've already put a warrant out for Grimmer as the prime suspect.
W-Wait a minute! It's okay now, Suk.
Detective Zeman's murder, the commissioner's poisoning and the special task force murders have now all been resolved.
Where have you been, Lunge?! I've been calling your number all day! Sorry, Chief.
I went out sightseeing for a bit.
Geez! Stop playing dumb! Playing dumb? What are you talking about? Knock it off already! I bet you've heard the news! Yes About Dr.
Tenma's arrest, right? Congratulations, Lunge.
Huh? You knew, right? That Tenma was hiding out in Prague.
Good job Lunge.
This is the result of your thorough investigation.
We contacted the Czech police immediately and completed the deportation arrangements.
Tenma will be transferred to Düsseldorf tomorrow afternoon.
Since you're in charge of this case I want you to personally supervise his transfer.
Anyway, you did a good job, Lunge.
Can you assign it to someone else? Huh? Prague is a nice place.
What? Besides, right now I'm still on vacation.
Hey, Lunge! What are you saying?! Please let me see Dr.
Tenma! I've been telling you, you can't see him Why not? Didn't this country become a democracy Tenma is about to be deported back to Germany.
Before that happens, even if only for a little! Looks like we wasted our time.
Even though we came all the way to Prague Even just a quick look! Come out.
This way, come on.
When we interrogate someone what kind of person do you think is the toughest to crack? Someone whose expression never changes.
regardless of the question.
Someone who doesn't say a word.
That kind of person.
A love letter from a monster to a beauty.
It's like the draft for a novel.
"I've been watching you all this time.
" "To eat up every bit of you.
" "But instead, everything about you has devoured me.
" "I wonder what I look like to you, who is collapsing into ruin.
" "That which you left me, which is collapsing into ruin.
" "You left me with such beautiful jewels.
" "The twins, who are like eternal life itself.
" "The greatest sin" "is to take away a person's name.
" "Reclaim your name.
" "I return your name to you.
" "Your name is Anna.
" "I'm filled with sorrow now.
" "Filled with sorrow" "Filled with sorrow" "Filled with sorrow" It exists! The many people who died in that room And A terrifying monster was born! Yes Gazing at what is known now in this world Yes Your eyes believe in kindness Make it home to your land of harmony Make it home to your land of purity The Lawyer