Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e52 Episode Script

Episode 52

I first became aware of myself in a coin locker.
In that eerie darkness.
Blue The blue sky The blue ocean And The blue window frame.
I want to go to Tunisia.
Gunther Milch, arrested in 1988 for robbing an armored car from the Bavarian BASF Bank.
Did time in Badenburg Prison.
Escaped in '91.
Spent half a year cutting through the iron bars with a nail sharpened into a file.
Was caught three days later and was sent to kreiner Prison.
But in 1993 escaped through a drainage pipe in the bathroom.
The prison uniform, soaked with excrement, was found three days later on a nearby riverbank.
Arrested for attempted robbery of a Maximilian & Co.
paycheck delivery truck.
In '97, escaped from a shower stall in Ingeburg Prison after spending a year, and a half digging a hole with a spoon The toilet here stinks pretty bad.
I escaped through a sewer once, so I know.
Shut up and walk! What a gloomy look.
If I'm not mistaken, that's Dr.
Keep walking! I didn't think he'd look so depressed and hopeless.
I'll ask you one more time.
The Lawyer In '86, the poisonings at Eisler Memorial of Director Heinemann Surgical Director Oppenheim, and Dr.
Boyer Do you still deny any involvement? Since we started the interrogation, you haven't said a word.
Enough of this! Dr.
Tenma, what are you up to? Even if you keep silent, you'll still be prosecuted and made to stand trial and you won't stand a chance in court.
Talk to us.
Tell us everything and remove the burden from your shoulders.
What happened? Milch has stomach problems! Doctor.
Dürer! Where's Dr.
Dürer? The doctor's currently in the interrogation room.
Peter drank some sort of cleaning fluid.
Is he choking on his own vomit?! I I can't breathe Damn.
I guess we'll have to use him.
That doctor.
Please have a look at him.
Does it hurt here? Bring some hot water a towel, and a change of clothes! And get out! It might be contagious! Why are you pretending to be sick? Show some mercy.
You're the first doctor to see through my act so quickly.
Heh, I figured that if I got sent to the hospital I'd have a better chance of escaping.
Do you know how I rob armored cars? I jump out in front of the truck and pretend to be sick.
When the guards run out of the truck to help me my accomplices show up with guns.
I've never killed anyone.
Unlike you.
How about it? Wanna escape with me? You've got a gloomy-looking face.
Staying in a place like this will suck the life out of you.
I hate cramped places the most! I first became aware of myself in a coin locker.
In that eerie darkness When my parents went to work, they put me in there and I'd eagerly await their return.
"Let's go to Tunisia someday.
" My parents used to say that.
My dad said "If work goes well today, let's go to Tunisia.
" But I waited for three days, and they never came back for me.
My parents must have left me behind and went to Tunisia on their own.
I'm going, too.
I'll get out of this cramped place and go to Tunisia.
What a gloomy-looking face.
There's no hope in your face.
Not like mine, where hope exists.
What will you do if they catch you again? I'll just escape again.
No matter how many times it takes Now then Are you going to say nothing again today? The truth is even as we speak, something terrible is happening.
You need to hear the truth quickly.
But you won't believe it.
You won't believe a word I say.
But I have to fight.
No matter how many times The truth I have to tell you the truth.
Now I sentence the accused to twenty years in prison.
When my dad was found guilty my path in life was decided.
After the war my dad moved from Sudeten, Czechoslovakia, to Germany where he opened a small radio station in 1949.
However, during the cold war between East and West Germany in the 60s he was arrested for being a spy and for the murder of a Bundestag member's secretary.
His arrest was a huge shock to the West German society.
My dad pleaded innocent but was still sentenced to twenty years in prison.
My mom continued to proclaim my dad's innocence until she died in '71.
My dad died in prison in '72, filled with resentment.
In '73, while I was in high school my dad's innocence was proven.
After I graduated from Düsseldorf University I got a job at the Hoffmann law firm a major firm at the time.
I won my first case proving the charges were false and the defendant was innocent.
After that, I consistently won a not-guilty verdict in every case I argued.
I, Fritz Verdeman went from being the son of a spy, to a "star" in the legal world, overnight.
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
" The radio station my dad managed started and ended each day with this song.
To people like you who lived in the East this song may seem like a symbol of freedom.
My dad died in prison while asserting his innocence.
In order to let him rest in peace I want to take on every case in which there's a possibility that the defendant may actually be innocent.
Please tell me more about Dr.
Tenma's case.
Elsa, how'd your checkup at the maternity center go? It went very well.
They said I could expect the baby any day now.
You just passed a man in the lobby, right? Yeah.
Was he the one you mentioned before? Yeah.
Alfred Baul He asked me to represent Dr.
Tenma with him.
Didn't you turn down Dr.
Tenma's case the other day? Yes, because the client at the time was Hans Georg Schuwald.
I didn't know why a billionaire would want me to defend Dr.
But this time, the reason is clear.
What reason would that be? The clients who brought the case to Baul were the patients whose lives were saved by Dr.
This much is certain Dr.
Tenma was an outstanding doctor.
Why don't you take the case? If I won the case, the billionaire would pay me handsomely.
But not so with the patients.
If you were working solely for profit you'd have a bigger office by now.
Hey This is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
" Turn it off.
Please turn it off.
That aside, let's go get something to eat.
For the new life that's about to be born you have to eat enough for two.
The baby's kicking because it's hungry.
So, honey, which restaurant would you like to go to? Let's see How about that one place? And then he disappeared in the midst of the blaze.
That was the last time I saw Johan.
Should I start from the beginning again? I'll repeat it as many times as I have to.
As many times as the truth takes You're the fourth one.
The lawyers who wanted to represent me in court all suggested that I plead guilty to some of the charges to lighten my sentence.
That's all they could talk about.
I see.
It seems to me that you don't really care about proving your innocence rather, you want to prove the existence of a certain young man named Johan.
If that's the case, you don't need a lawyer.
Tenma When did all of this really begin? Like I said, when a boy who was shot in the head was brought in No, did anything happen before that? A Turkish woman Give my husband back! People's lives aren't equal.
Everyone's lives are equal.
I don't know if I made the right decision.
I can't tell if a patient is good or evil.
My crime was My crime was saving that boy's life.
But But Does a doctor have the right to choose to save a life based on whether the patient is good or evil? Lives aren't equal.
They're all equal.
I don't know Even now, I can't decide It's the same way with lawyers.
We don't know if the people we defend are good or evil.
Here is the list of people who asked me to represent you Mr.
Michael Hotter.
Stefan kramp.
Franz Kiefer.
Rudolf Huber.
kiefer Mr.
Huber Mr.
Horst Henschel.
Arnold Hoss.
Hoss, too That's right I wonder if he's living happily with his grandkids? I see That's good Dr.
Tenma I accept.
I will represent you.
Lawyers can't tell if a person is good or evil, either.
When we represent someone, there's only one thin we can do Have faith.
One more glass.
I said one more! But, ma'am Since when did this bar start refusing to serve customers? Wait! You just laughed at me, didn't you? N-No You did! You looked at me and laughed! I know you! You used to come to my house to kiss ass.
You're the assistant manager at Nordrhein-West Bank.
What's with that look? After going to the trouble of coming back here.
Eva Heinemann has returned to Düsseldorf! Thank you for filling me in on these important details Dr.
As soon as I heard you were going to be Dr.
Tenma's lawyer I started trying to get in touch with you.
I apologize for being difficult to reach.
I've been all over the place asking about the case.
Yes, asking Dr.
Tenma's supporters, his former patients.
Did they say anything? Dr.
Tenma seems to be an outstanding doctor.
Then did you get any important evidence? No.
I'm hoping to find a witness to confirm Dr.
Tenma's alibi.
At any rate, if we want to prove Tenma's innocence we need to be able to prove that this Johan person actually exists.
Huh? About Dr.
Tenma attempting to shoot this young man, Johan I'd like you to withhold that part of your testimony.
But that's the only event that proves Johan exists.
Whether or not Johan exists, Tenma is still innocent.
Hear me out, Dr.
All this country wants is a scapegoat.
My child will be born soon.
For my unborn child's sake, I want true justice The judges and prosecutors who want an easy solution have groundlessly sentenced innocent people for crimes they never committed.
Our unjust country must repent for its sins.
That's what's important, Dr.
I'm looking for a particular person right now.
Huh? She may know something vital.
She She? Dr.
Tenma's former fiancée Eva Heinemann.
Is something wrong, Dr.
Reichwein? She's here.
She came with me to this city That woman They're all laughing Everyone is laughing at me.
They take one look at me and laugh.
Eva, about what I said I'm listening! Shut up already.
Please meet with the lawyer.
For Tenma's sake.
I told you before, didn't I? I actually tried to shoot him, you know.
I was surprised when you first told me about that.
But you didn't shoot him.
That's right, I didn't shoot Do you know why? Because it would've been a problem if he died! I can't let the man who ruined my life die that easily.
I want him to rot in prison for the rest of his life forever regretting that he dumped me.
She fell asleep.
What happened? Did you have a dream? I heard three gunshots I didn't I didn't see him The blonde boy Eva Have you seen Johan? "Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
" A symbol of freedom Mr.
Verdeman, your wife She's gone into labor, and she was taken to the maternity center.
What? Really? Mr.
klinger, call Mr.
Baul immediately.
Yes, sir.
Please ask him to meet with Dr.
Tenma in my place.
Nice to meet you.
I'm your lawyer, Baul.
I was asked to meet with you today How are you doing? Getting enough sleep? That's good.
Oops I was originally right-handed.
I can't get used to holding a pen with my left hand.
My right hand won't move anymore.
Remember me now? I have lost quite a bit of weight Well, you know, I impressed even myself when I escaped that sea of fire.
You actually shot me.
My left hand may not be used to holding a pen but it can handle a gun just fine.
The truth is I'm thinking of killing someone.
Your former fiancée Eva Heinemann.
Yes Gazing at what is known now in this world Yes Your eyes believe in kindness Make it home to your land of harmony Make it home to your land of purity Determination