Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e53 Episode Script

Episode 53

Düsseldorf Federation ・ Holding Cells Please ask Helene and Gustav for me.
Ask them to record "Detective Forster.
" Huh? They show reruns Tuesday mornings at ten.
You've never seen it? It's a great show! Listen here, Milch.
This is no laughing matter.
Do you know how much trouble you caused the boss because you messed up and got caught? Even for an idiot like you he was kind enough to send someone like myself as your attorney.
So show him some appreciation.
He only sent you to keep an eye on me, to make sure I didn't spill anything, right? That's correct.
Listen, Milch.
You do know what would happen if you told the truth, don't you Don't worry.
I don't sell out my people.
Well, whatever.
Just follow my scenario and confess, got it? By the way I hope you already have the schedule for my next job figured out.
The next one? When do you think that will be? Think about it! You're the one who should think about it.
Who do you think I am? I am Gunther Milch, the Escape King.
I don't have time to waste on this nonsense.
If you confess like I told you, you'll get out in about five years.
Make sure you tell them for me.
I told you.
Tell Helene and Gustav to record "Detective Forster" for me.
Oh, but they're not really reliable Maybe I should try that again while I'm still at this station.
Try what? Determination You sure he's not faking it again? I don't know But there was blood in his vomit and his body feels so cold so Hey, don't throw up here? Oh, you're just in time! keep an eye on this place for a bit.
Just now, some new kids they brought in went nuts on the third floor and I heard that some people were injured.
B-But this one looks like he's about to die You again, Milch? Just put him on the bed in the back.
I'll take a look at him later.
T-Take me to a hospital! I'll be right back, so just wait! Man, they keep bringing them in one after another today.
Give me a break! I don't want to be next to a serial killer! W-Why does it have to be here? Stop complaining! I've got him on an I.
drip because he collapsed after not eating anything.
I feel worse lying next to a guy like him.
Just shut up and lie down! Doctor, you said people were injured.
Do you know how many? Who knows? I won't know unless I go there.
I'll make those kids pay! About what you said the other day I want your help.
I want to escape.
I'm thinking of killing someone.
Your former fiancée Eva Heinemann.
What do you think? Don't you think that's a great idea? After all, she knows too much.
On that rainy day at the building under construction she heard three gunshots and saw it.
Saw him.
We don't need people like that.
We don't, do we? Don't Don't! Stop it! She Eva would never testify about that! She only wants me to be imprisoned for life! All she thinks about is making me regret leaving her forever! She'll only testify to things that'll hurt me So That's why I asked if it was a great idea.
If she were to disappear you might not be sent to prison.
Her death would be beneficial to both of us you know.
Will you tell the police? Will they believe a story like this? Will you tell your attorney, Mr.
Verdeman? He might be one of my allies, you know.
We'll make sure you're found innocent.
"We" being the excellent lawyers, that is.
Once you're free and you step outside you'll he able to have a nice drink.
After all, by then, that spoiled, loud-mouthed, drunken bitch will be gone from this world.
I want to escape.
You've got to be kidding me! Stuck next to a murderer like this! Hey, Milch! keep your mouth shut! Why don't you just stay silent to your heart's content! Milch! I'm just going to confess and get transferred to prison in the next five days! Then it'll be goodbye to murderers like you! What are you shouting about? Milch! You're pretty energetic.
Come on! So you were faking it after all! Oh, that felt good! I'll just have to endure for five more days! Then I won't be associated with killers like you! Enough already Hey, shut up! In five days, huh? So, on that rainy night you heard three gunshots in a building that was under construction and saw a young, blonde man coming down the stairs.
Is that correct? That's right.
How about it? Do you still plan on tackling this case while denying Johan's existence? No Miss Eva Heinemann.
May I have you present this important testimony in court? No.
Düsseldorf Federal Police Station What does Dr.
Tenma want this late at night? What does he mean, he has something important he wants to tell us? W-Well he just asked to see the investigators.
What did you want to talk about, Dr.
Tenma? In Düsseldorf Eisler Memorial Hospital Director Heinemann Surgical Director Oppenheim Dr.
Boyer and my patient, Adolf Junkers I did it.
I killed them all.
A gust of wind came The thermos fell over The sandwiches were all dirty At the time, he just sadly smiled According to an announcement made by the police early on the morning of the fourth the suspect Kenzo Tenma, who had consistently denied involvement in a string of murders completely reversed his position and confessed to the murders of Eisler Memorial Hospital's director.
and two physicians in Düsseldorf.
as well as the murder of Adolf Junkers.
He has made a full confession.
T-That can't be! This just came in.
According to an announcement made by the police He confessed? That's impossible! early on the morning of the fourth the suspect, Kenzo Tenma, who had consistently denied involvement in a string of murder cases.
has confessed to all of the charges against him.
What the hell did you guys do to Dr.
Tenma? What kind of torture did you put him through to squeeze that false confession out of him? Could you please let go? Shut up! Just let me see Tenma! I'm going to talk to him myself and have him tell me what kind of treatment he received during his questioning! It's useless, Dr.
He even refused an interview with me, and I'm his attorney.
It would seem that his confession was indeed voluntary.
That can't be! I've looked into it.
I know the investigator myself.
He's not a man who's capable of torture.
It seems Tenma simply confessed.
It went surprisingly smoothly, I heard Mr.
Verdeman! Don't tell me you also believe his confession is real! I can't tell what his intent is unless I interview him.
I believe in him.
Tenma is innocent! I believe in him! Yes, Verdeman speaking.
Oh, Mr.
I'm terribly sorry for not being there at a time like this, but I had to attend to an emergency.
It's okay.
So, how was it? Did Dr.
Yes, he refused my interview.
Oh, dear.
Just as we were trying really hard to prove his innocence and have them drop the false charges he makes a full confession.
Your father, on the other hand, was quite an admirable person.
No matter how grueling the interrogation he never faltered one step and continued to plead his innocence.
His innocence what shall we do, Mr.
Verdeman? Mr.
Verdeman? That woman What was her name again? That important witness who can prove Tenma's innocence.
Oh, Eva Heinemann.
Where is she right now? At a hotel in the city.
I would certainly like to meet her in person.
She's a difficult woman.
For now, I'll try meeting with her myself.
My father was admirable? Please open the door, Miss Eva Heinemann.
I know you're in there.
The maids complained that they couldn't make the bed because you were in here drinking all day.
Miss Heinemann.
I fully understand that you hate Dr.
If your relationship with Dr.
Tenma had continued even after you lost your father, the Director your life would have been nice and easy.
But Dr.
Tenma left you.
It's true that Dr.
Tenma ruined your life.
My father My father was imprisoned as a suspected spy.
For the longest time I was shunned, as the son of a spy.
I also had my life ruined by my father.
But I didn't give up.
Why do you think that is? Why do you think I was able to keep fighting? Because I believed in him My father was innocent.
My father was innocent.
My father was innocent! Innocent.
Innocent! The people I believe in must be innocent! Now, let's get Tenma's false charges dismissed! Tenma has to be innocent! Just like my father My father had to have been innocent! My partner's and my contact information is written here.
Please give us a call when you're ready to testify.
What did you say? They're sending him to prison tomorrow? It's only been a few days.
Apparently, it's because Tenma's confession went so smoothly.
Can't we do anything, Mr.
Verdeman? The police are also trying to convince Tenma to meet with us, but By the way, how is Miss Eva Heinemann? She went out.
She's probably getting drunk at some bar again.
Everything looks so familiar.
I hate this town! Oh, you're here? I've been sitting here for five minutes.
I'm sorry.
This is a really interesting paper, so I was copying it down.
D-Do you want to go somewhere else? I know! Let's go out for lunch! Where do you want to go? Italian? Or how about French? Why don't you keep writing? Why don't you stay there and keep writing? Eva! Eva! Oh, I'm so, glad for you.
See? Isn't it delicious? What's this? What do you mean? If we put rocks down like this, the blanket won't blow away in the wind.
I wasn't talking, about that.
I'm asking why you're spreading it out here.
It's nice having lunch in a place like this once in a while.
The weather's nice, too.
Lunch? Who? Us, of course.
I made some sandwiches.
There are bugs.
This is so stupid! They're all dirty now They're ruined.
Do you want one too, lady? Hey, Franz! That's rude! Thank you.
Is it good? Start walking.
Get in.
Oh, hello? I can't get through to Mr.
That's why I'm calling you.
Oh, his wife just gave birth, so he's probably still at the maternity center.
I've heard about you, Miss Eva Heinemann.
Please, feel free to tell me anything you'd like.
I thought I'd talk.
About what? The testimony to prove Tenma's innocence.
I see.
We're very grateful! So what hotel are you staying at right now? Got it.
I'll head over there right now.
Yes Gazing at what is known now in this world Yes Your eyes believe in kindness Make it home to your land of harmony Make it home to your land of purity The Escape