Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e55 Episode Script

Episode 55

Eva Heinemann? Yeah, she was here.
Even though she's fallen so far, her personality hasn't changed at all.
Actually, she might have gotten worse.
Did she mention where she was staying? Yeah, she said she didn't have much cash on her so she was going back to her hotel to get some.
I wonder how long she'll continue to think she's a wealthy man's daughter.
Which hotel? She said it was the Hotel Staiger.
I wonder if she'll really pay her tab staying at a third-rate hotel like that and all.
You Aren't you that man she was engaged to? H-He was Hello, is this the police? I I just saw that serial killer who was Hey! Have you seen my coat? I hung it up on the coat hanger by the entrance.
Room 402 Hello? There should be an Eva a woman named Eva Heinemann staying at your hotel.
Yes, I'll connect you to her room.
Please wait a moment.
Hurry Hurry! I'm thinking of killing someone.
Your former fiancée Eva Heinemann.
Hurry! I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
I rang her room, but she doesn't seem to be answering.
What's her room number? Well I I want to send her a fax so could you please tell me her room number? Please, tell me! She's staying in room 402.
Our fax number here is It's no use.
Baul can't be reached at his office or on his cell phone.
No matter how long you wait your partner probably won't come.
His excuse will probably go something like this He'll probably say he became Tenma's attorney in order to prove his innocence but he made a complete confession.
On top of that, he even escaped.
He couldn't possibly defend a client like that.
He'll probably step down from being Tenma's attorney.
Are you going to step down as well, Mr.
Verdeman? I have no intention of doing that.
But it's true that Tenma did escape.
Before he escaped I wish he would've trusted me, his attorney.
Do you trust Tenma, then? Do you believe what happened in Munich? Do you believe everything that Tenma has told me? You Are you sure you believe everything? When I heard the news that Tenma escaped it reminded me of that time.
The time he disappeared in Munich and tried to kill Johan.
Something is about to happen again.
That's why Tenma escaped.
Please believe in him.
Like you believed in your father's innocence and became a lawyer.
The phone's been ringing off the hook! The media's in an uproar about whether Verdeman, the brilliant lawyer will continue to defend Tenma.
Just tell everyone that I don't have any comments.
B-But that won't keep the media away.
Then just tell them that we'll hold a press conference after we've re-examined all the facts and evidence.
Until then, don't let anyone into the office.
Oh, but there's already a guest here What did you say? You let someone in? I'm not seeing anyone today! Y-Yes, I told him that but he forced his way in and said he'd wait.
Just who is it, anyway? Oh, yes It's someone from the BKA The BKA? "Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
" What a wonderful song.
If I remember correctly, it was the theme song of the radio station your father managed.
W-Who are you? My name is Lunge.
Room 402.
That's the room.
Guten Tag.
G-Guten Tag.
What happened to the guest staying in this room? I came to see the guest who was staying in this room.
Huh? I thought they had checked out already.
See? There's no one here anymore.
Eva! Inspector Lunge.
While I was investigating Tenma's affidavit protocols and such I thoroughly examined your reports.
Your very detailed reports, that is.
I've heard stories of the legal circle's golden boy, as well Mr.
You must've come here after receiving news of Tenma's escape.
Unfortunately I don't have any information to offer you.
Escape, huh Actually I've been on an extended vacation lately.
Perhaps this extended vacation is also like an escape.
Umm, I'm sorry, but I don't have time to socialize, so However, perhaps it's a habit from my long years on the job but I just can't travel aimlessly around the world without any cares.
So I came up with a theme for the trip.
The theme of this trip is this picture book.
I'm really sorry.
I really don't have any time.
I'll have to ask you to leave.
No, let's talk for a little longer I already told you that I don't have anything to tell you about Tenma.
I didn't come here regarding Tenma's case.
After all I only heard the news about Tenma's escape on my way here.
Then why did you come here? Like I said, because of this book.
I've become extremely curious about this picture book's author.
However, this author had many pen names.
Of them, only the name klaus Poppe was German.
So while I was investigating it out of curiosity the name of a certain individual acquainted with Poppe came up.
A certain individual? Your father.
A program named "Fairy Tales of the World" aired on your father's radio station, correct? According to the records, in August of '66 Poppe's "Where Am I?" aired.
I've also looked through your father's trial records.
It was the greatest post-war case involving suspected spies and shook all of West Germany.
So what? Your father had visited Czechoslovakia many times.
Since it was simply to meet with a picture book author the prosecution didn't mention any of this.
What are you trying to say? Well, I just thought that your father may have been an old friend of this picture book author.
My father had many acquaintances through his work.
There were countless numbers of people he met with to discuss their shows.
Then you're saying they weren't all that close? However, when I investigated klaus Poppe would usually hold other meetings at his editorial company-owned house or at an old farmhouse in the Czech countryside that Poppe used as a resort.
However, meetings between him and your father were held at a particular mansion.
A particular mansion? It was called the Red Rose Mansion.
The mansion was never used under the name of klaus Poppe.
Whenever he used this mansion, he called himself Franz Bonaparta.
He was a man who held an extremely powerful position.
In the Czechoslovakian secret police, that is.
What What are you trying to say? Son of a spy! Son of a traitor! Son of a coward! Go prove his innocence if you're pissed off! If the father's dirty, so is the son! Son of a spy! All I want is to learn about the person named Franz Bonaparta.
I don't know anyone by that name! Your father met with the picture book author, Klaus Poppe, at a particular mansion, correct? In Czechoslovakia, in '66? A picture book author and a radio station manager.
That's all they were! While he called himself klaus Poppe the Red Rose Mansion was never used.
What are you trying to say? If he held a meeting with your father at the Red Rose Mansion that means he wasn't meeting him as klaus Poppe but as Franz Bonaparta.
Someone from the Czechoslovakian secret police.
with an extremely powerful position.
That means nothing! I have no interest in whether your father was a spy or not.
My father wasn't a spy! Your father must have known who Franz Bonaparta really was.
Perhaps your father was aware of what was going on at the Red Rose Mansion? No! My father is innocent! He's wrong! He's wrong! If you wish to talk, please contact me.
Like I said many times before I have no interest in whether your father was a spy or not.
I just want to know about the person named Franz Bonaparta.
Father was My father was Mr.
Verdeman, your wife is on the phone Is something wrong? Umm your wife is calling from the maternity center Hello? I see.
You're finally being discharged? That's great.
Okay, I'll come pick you up right now.
Tenma! Start the car! C-Calm down.
Listen to what I Hurry up and start the car! Hurry! Let's talk this out.
First, let's calm down.
Let me hear what you have to say, Tenma.
Where is Eva?! Where is Eva Heinemann?! W-What are you talking about? What happened to Eva Heinemann? Don't play dumb! I know what you guys are trying to do! "You guys"? Don't stop the car! Face forward and keep driving! I know you guys want to kill Eva! kill Eva? What do you mean by "you guys"? Don't play dumb with me! You and that man Baul are working together! He's the man I shot at the University of Munich library! I won't let there be any more victims! Answer me! Where did you take Eva?! Everything started when I saved Johan's life.
Many lives have been taken since then Countless numbers I've had enough! There have been too many victims! Don't stop the car! Is this true? I'm telling you to keep driving! Is what you said true? Is it true?! Can I believe you?! My father was suspected of being a spy.
Later, it was established that he was falsely charged, but he really was a spy.
I believed in my father's innocence chose to become a lawyer, and studied hard.
But I learned about it while I was still a student.
The absolute proof that my father was a spy.
Since then Ever since then, I couldn't trust anyone.
Who's the "brilliant lawyer who gets all his clients off"? "The legal circle's golden boy," my ass This is so funny! Crabbing a guy who doesn't believe in anyone! Because I really am the son of a spy.
When I found the notebook When I found the notes he'd taken in the 60's Everything that was written in there Every time I turned a page I saw everything I'd done out of belief in my father shatter before me.
Without a doubt, my father was a spy.
Indecipherable codes enumerated there Numerous records of communication with the Czechoslovakian secret police The mysterious people my father had come into contact with Like Franz Bonaparta Did he also mention the Red Rose Mansion in there?! How do you know about that? I see now That man named Baul probably approached you because he wanted those notes.
Where are they now? At my house.
How terrible There's no doubt about it.
He was after your father's notes.
It's a letter addressed to you.
He probably predicted that you'd come here.
"Help me, Kenzo.
" "Please hurry and come to the Red Rose Mansion.
" Does that mean that Eva's safe? No It isn't her handwriting.
He's playing around He's toying with me! It's safe.
It's in the pile of old records.
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
" This is the notebook.
Please take it with you.
But if it falls into the wrong hands, your father will be I don't need it anymore.
Frühling Maternity and Gynecology Clinic Can I believe in you? Everything you told me What you're trying to do I can't do anything for you right now, but can I believe in you, Dr.
Tenma? You shouldn't trust people who wave things like this around too much I want to believe Yes Gazing at what is known now in this world Yes Your eyes believe in kindness Make it home to your land of harmony Make it home to your land of purity The Never-ending Journey